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nni)AY TnB ROCIt -tXAND ARGUS APftlL 22, 1S20.
sis LiPTon
m ciiaiiiaii
sUtame Haw Ttt Ease Over Op
poeKtoa f Brall lager and
John Lipton wu reelected chair-
mnn of the -board of supervisors
dstertar afternoon without any
mot oppositten. . He wu opposed
vt w. h. Bcuumgcr ul M. A. Tu
tensgtoa. la the informal ballot
Upton received 24 rotes : Schit-
liagar e and Titterington 8. la the
formal Ballot upum retained bis
Jrirpport while Schllllnger lost three
3ges to Titterington.
Only other business before the
imm imvnwi wu lav KUUDilUtt
jof rale and the authorising of the
sroainnan 10 appoint a committee or
v lt mm m jmil VH1W1I1M com-
mittee. An adjournment was taken
"until this morning.
', t When the. question of rales was
. sup, considerable discussion result-
led in opposition to continuing the
'.practice of ceiling a session tor
" tuf, X o'clock and then permitting
y 5; lie members to stand around the
xorrMora of the court house for a
icoople of hours while various com
hnittees went Into session. The
same rales will be in effect bat it
rwas the express wish of the board
. fthat the chairman see to it that
ilons are called promptly on the
tgiven nour.
i Sapervisor Bradley of Bock Is
land acted as temporary chairman
uur yosieraay s session.
1 The most important business to
come before the board Is the ques
jtion of raising sufficient funds to
jcover the total cost of the new jail
land the securing of materials with
whlch to begin construction work.
besides the aamiag of the Jan
committee,. Chairman, Upton, will
appoiat the various standing com
mittees and report oa them today.
class go:.:edy
Talr ef Sixes," High School Fro-
aaetiea, Seat Sale ia
TtckeU for the Sock Island high
school senior class play, A Pair
Of Sixes," to be held May 6 and 7
in the Illinois theatre, are now -on
sale. The seniors were all given
tickets, as were many of the nn
der-claasmen as well.
Last year the senior play brought
about 50O clear profit to the class
or 11. as the expenses tide year
probably will be a little greater,
not quite so much is expected to be
cleared. The money made from
the elasr play will go to pay for
the Watch Tower pieturas sod oth
er senior expenses. Last year for
the first time the senior class play
really cleat ed a lot of money. With
this as an example the graduating
class this spring is endeavoring to
make its piay a naanciai success.
Work Hard.
Rehearsals are being held every
afternoon after school and several
evenings a week. The cast of this
year's play has so far worked hard
er than many of the costs of pre
vious years, and if work has any
thing to do with a play, "A Pair of
Sixes" ought to be a whirlwind.
I hereby give notice that I will
not be responsible for debts con
tracted by any one other than my
self after this date.
April 20, 1120. JOHN L. WOODY.
Maay Bepeeses Beeetred SabporU
lag Beys' Mevemeat Fand
Friends of the Boy Scouts of the
city are asked to remit as promptly
as possible to the letters sent
them the first part of the week ask
ing them to support the movement.
Men in the city are appreciating
the fact that they are not being ask
ed to go out and work in behalf of
the campaign, bat that they eaa dis
pose of the matter in the few min
utes required to All out a check or
note and mail it to Boom oeaoquar
tors. Following are the names of
friends who have already re
mitted checks or pledges: George
Davis, C. B. Johnson. Father P. H.
Durkin. Dr. A. N. Mueller, R. I.
Transfer company. 8. B. MeKown,
Lieutenant R. C. Mitchell, W. G.
Murphy. G. W. Mltchem, August E,
Lamp, William Jackson, Raymond
Walker. H, H. cieaveiand. Dr. r. ti.
First John J. Keating. K. T. Ander
son. C. P. Channon, Willis Woods,
Schocker Paper company, N. M.
Moore, W. N. Phillips, F. B. Looby,
Chris Koch, H. W. Crawford,-A. M.
Blood, J. M. Welch, Frank Mixter,
R. G. Pearce, F. H. Koenlg, W. R.
Allen, B. A. Stewart, G. A. Andreen,
Fred R. Polland, H. F. Hunter,
Florence Dempsey, Bedford &
Bartz, Rev. A. M. Bruner, Henry
W. Horst, George G. Perrin, Dr. S.
B. Hall. Miss Rosa Margrath, Dr.
E. M. Sala. H. S. Cable, George
Richmond, Sam Ryerson, Sr., H. B.
Hubbard. John Oberstaller.
Organizations Help.
The big organizations in Rock
Island who are interested ia the
boys', work are donating to the Boy
Scout campaign generous i ne
Rock Island Elks, always Interest
ed in promoting boys' work, started
things ok Monday evening oy w
nating $M to the campaign. Tues
day evening the Knights of Colum
bus donated 125.
The local officials in charge of
the Scout campaign feel highly
gratified to the above mentioned
ordera for setting an example
which the others are likely to follow.
Planning CeauaJefMa Gives In
gtmetie to Expert to Pre
pare Estimates oa Work. -
The Rock Island City planning
commission, ia special session at
the city hall yesterday, in
structed T. J. Moreau. secretary of
the American Park Bntlders, Chi
cago, to submit a written proposi
tion to the commission for the
forming -of a "dtp- plea for Bock
The planning commission met In
regular session Tuesday after
noon and upon the information giv
en by the secretary, Mrs. B. B.
Kreis. that Mr. M areas was com
ing to Rock Island today, decided
to meet this morning in special
session to hear him on the "city
plan" p reposition.
Mr. Moreau explained to the
commission that it would take
about one year for the American
Park Builders' engineers to form a
"city plan" for Rock Island, which
would Include proper methods of
procedure lor enlarging the city,
Horse-Sense. Contest
5 Prizes 5 Prizes 5 Prizes
Contest opens April 10th and closes May 6th
To win use horse-sense
Why is Kodak Headquarters the best place to come for your kodak needs?
Write the answer to this question on a plain sheet of paper using not more
than twenty words. Enclose and seal in an envelope bearing vour name and
address. Mark the envelope HORSE-SENSE CONTEST and bring or mail it
to Kodak Headquarters.
linking vp of streets, boulevard?
parks and a vast amount of othe
detailed information that would b
act forth 'as measures to. follow t
eventually bring this city to ;
point of perfection.
He v asserted that it would cos
he commission about $4,500 to
ave the plan drawn up, The cora
lission has about $3,600 in princi
il and interest of a sum raised by
iie Chamber of Commerce to be
sed for such a purpose. The re
mainder of the money needed will
have to be raised by means yet to
be devised. - - -
This evening's program at the
wtu D BMm
the auspices of St. pM g 77
Catholic church. it conrti
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of exciting episodes and uMtlz
one of the best staged draaml?!
helnr stwiarn nn th "0
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3) Pay't JL Week
- .
Records FREE for
One Year
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3rd best answer wins
4th best answer wins
5th best answer wins
Post card size folding Premo
IA Folding Brownie Camera
2C Brownie Camera
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2 Brownie Camera
See the prize cameras on display at our store.
Winners' names and answers will be published immediately after the close of
the contest.
Anyone may compete in this contest not regularly employed at
Kodak Headquarters
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