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IFORT snows
Ajj, fetal of U Caftes Froa
TUtitr to Kplf DMgerous
W pf Bord Fines.
" i total of 1442 easet were han
4 by the police daring the fiscal
SrcadiBS April 15, 1920, and fines
jiitil collected amounted to $21,-
filt'Thli uni is nearly twice cs
u my amount collected
f!rj 8um is divided with $19,
ift7( as the amount of fines col
Mtd, 129.84 as aggregated bond
Mfiitares, $39 as ambulance fees
JJj jl.307.60 as fees for dog li-
.iSftjie total number of cases haa
"m by tne plice- 605 wer triei
;j2j(f itate warrants and 737 un
r"v warrants. Tne report of
Uijf fotn Cox lists the recovery
J $18,677-81 worth of stolen prop-
I Th wer t,r0 murderers srrest
dt ilurins the fiscal year. 'Robert
;Ctek arrested fr the murder
: g( Mrs. Ida Woods and Cecil Nes-
jrtt, Davenport barber, at Mrs.
Wocdt' restaurant on Third avenue
ht(en Twenty-second and Twen-iir-thW
streets, the night of April
ft 1910.
S On June 12, 1919, Cook jumped
ta his death out of a third fctory
cotleetkm of late it thtt a good
numoer of boot 1 enters were round
ed up and assessed hearv flc
Then was a total of 69 bootleggers
Careless driving j
Dangerous dogs f
Sidewalks , ' i
Automobiles passing street cars. 81
tried. Persons arrested for drunk- Speed of automobile i
enness numbered 122, and four mea.; Assault and battery """ 27
were tried for transporting liquor r Dimmers - 51
through dry territory. Indecent exposure '.Y " 1
Violations of the motor vehicle J Bootlegging "'"59
law lead with the largest number ,.Vlo!atlnP the" health ordin'aace." '. 11
of caes with disorderly conduct Parking of automobile "
next The offenses cover the entire Clairvoyants
calender as shown In yie following: Operating auto without 'riceiii; 1
State Cases. ' jOperating auto without proper
Violating motor vehicle law.. 385 lights s
Disorderly conduct 35 ; Bathing in a public place with-
Obtaining lodging by false pre- j out a bathing suit 5
tense ... li Gambling 1
Violating dairy and 'food law. 2 1 Violating the "cut out" ordinance 25
35 Violating the traffic ordinance.. 5
25 j Milk and cream inspection.... 4
2Lj Transporting liquor through dry
2 ! trrftrirv a
Fugitive from Justice ....
Murder ...
Burglary and larceny 35
Assault with a deadly weapon. 8
Obtaining goods by false pre
tense 1
Assault and battery 7
Robbery 6
Violating the parking ordinance 7
peddling without a license 1
Violating the pure food law.... 5
Horses running at large....... 1
Short weights I
Trespassing 1
Selling mortgaged property l; Unsafe structures 1
Confidence game 1 j Allowing minors in pool halls. . 3
Bigamy 2 ! Operating auto while Intoxicated 1
Receiving stolen property 2 J Expressmen's license 1
Assault 1 Carrying concealed weapons... 3
Adultery 6 . -
Assault with intent to commit Total city cases 737
murder 4 j ' Miscellaneous.
Careless driving 2: Number of ambulance
Prostitutes l' Number of ambulance calls 241
wire abandonment 2; Number of wagon calls 442
indow of the court housa. after a ,;- '
: . a 1 .1,1 In ...,) i ,. 1 1 '6.'J
ilg tC" U12 ueaui peuan.v.
Obtaining money by false pre
tense ' 2
Passing a fraudulent check.... 1
Giving short change 1
Fornication 1
Assault with intent to commit
rape . . 1
Fornication and adultery 2
Making false material statement 1
Indcceni exposure 1
Romovins mortgaged property. 1
Violating the Mann act 1
i smith, up?, was sentenced
lu - - - - ---1 viormng tue iuann act l
'(life imprisonment last January Bastardy ,
-lor the murder Of Oscar Davenport, ! ' ; '
n. iho letter's hnmo at ROd ! F
Lodgers 90
Cases dismissed 227
Women tried 107
Ifleals furnished .643
Cost of meals $1S5.25
Number of lights reported out, 1,163
Total hours lights out 10,467
Amount of stolen property
recovered $18,677.81
Amount of fines collected. $19,922.70
Amount of bonds forfeited. .$629.84
Amount of ambulance fees $39
Amount of dog tax $1,307.60
Total collections $21,899.14
The student body of the Rock Is
land is expecting to torn out in
full force for the America day pa
rade tomorrow afternoon. An as
sembly was held Oris rooming la
order to arrange (or the details and
to acquaint the pvpils wttn ue
spirit of America day.
Students, will meet at the high
school at 1:30 and go from there
to Seventeenth street and Fifth
avenue. han tha Ant 4-
line for the parade. AUnMUatoad
ww appointed marshal of the high
cwvi section or ta) parade.
Dr. John MeOowaa Stareaaon of
the Broadway Presbyterian church
gave an address in the assembly on
the spirit of the day. He spoke of
tna foreigner's point of slew of
American customs and why we
should help him In every way. Rolf
Feteron, one of. the students, gave
oore iniK on the "Why of Amer
ica Day." The students were also
entertained by a stringed i?io com-
' posed ef Phillip Ucato and hit
small brother and sister.
OF $25,000 EXPOSED
New York, April 30 Another
i large theft of Uberty bonds be
came .known today when it was
'disclosed that Arthur Weigand,
; clerk, and Samuel Marra, a chanf
;fenr, had been arrested charged
, with grind larceny on the com-
i plaint of the Title Guarantee
Trust company, which alleged that
Weigacd while in its employ Dec.
1 had abstracted in Uberty
bonds from a safe deposit vault
- Marra, according to detectives,
assisted Weigand in disposing 'of
$5,500 of the bonds, and the bal
ance is said to be in possession of
a third
Anchorage, Alaska, April 30
Three men were killed in a snow
slide between Anchorage and
Seward.-. ,-
All the news an the time The
' . (Br Oniua pmm.i
Psw Paw, Mich, Aarll S0.-
Jury in the famous "Tabor
slaughter case were still out at A
a. m. today desnite the fact tat
they have not had any sleep tfctre ,
they retired to deliberate , early
yesterday. ir- v
Mrs. Sara Tabor, 9Syear-old de
fendant, spent the night at a local
hotel, while a deputy sheriff guard
ed outside her door.
nroi 1 1' -vitrYfT
uuo at the latter's home at 800!"""" I ... X. ? . V T . u
5gI...u ..... t h. afomoon t . I After this date 1 will not be re-
s , T or i Intal state cases 605 j sponsible for debts contracted by
;tM 3, . fHt Cases. !?.nv nne nthpr than mv!f.
Many Bwillegpers. I Disorderly conduct 310 April 2Sth, 1920.
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