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1 Uw Official Aid la Ires-
V e M Dlitensfea Oaly Few .
f Fail t BcBort ..-.
i pserts reeerred today nlitln
' meting of members of Lo-
IS, Switchmen's Union of
Lj America, at the Molina In
home Thursday nignt,
"TJ that the men hare ironed out
ITetlcelly all dlMemlon which led
27 aontber going on strlks dur
M the last few days.
jt wu learned that only three or
a of the irreconeUabtea are not
ZZtfmf today. All the rest of the
-a bii back and It was report
JTfrom TSXicmB quarters, that the
gxfot sitnation is completely clear
si gsk who hare not gone back to
grk are claimed to have practic
ally BOthlnf at stake and to oare
jnle whether they retain their
Ms on the road.
Outlaws" Fan. 1
Tie work of "outlaw" organ! 1
ttt hu been a complete failure
.mi a rrand Iodic official
mtds the entire situation clear to
tlM men yesterday and last night.
hi, ritit here was said to be re
ponslble for the settling of the
ilBcalttes caased by various ele
ments of dissension. ......
All switchmen in the qaad-city
commonfty are members of the one
anion, but only men working for
wi noes jsuura lines went on
strike. It was reported tlat 52
men were out at one time a few
days ago, hot some stayed oat for
only a few hours. The others came
back singly - until today when all
bnt three or four men reported for
work.' !" -.- :
Tnucs pcoDucrra
Boy Scout News
Home grown vegetable, the first
this season, were placed en the lo
cal market this week end. Rain
and cold weather has made the
season unusually late this year but
close-in truck farmers report their
onion, asparans and rhubarb beds
have now splendid crop capable
of' supplying the demands of the
market an spring. Top-notch
prices received for track products
are stimulating heavy planting.
Rhubarb sells for 6 cents a bunch,
onions for 6 cents, radishes for
12 cents a bunch and asparagus
for 40 cents a pound.
Dealers are looking forward eag
sVly to time when home grown let
tuce and cauliflower will be ready
for the market The present con
gestion of the railroads at Chicago
a wj tfew twttehsjBft's
ta sKksw-K admoet hsms-
slble to oKaln sue psttshaMerood-
stuffs. they say- Head lettnes re
mains at winter prices of 40 and
S cents m pound as eaulMOwsr
sHe ad the way from Sro 40
cents a pound.
New potatoesjnm'ped from 25 to
26 cents a pound last week, eoM
weather la the Sbwth
great scarcity in the swppry.
years crop continias to sell for
ll-5 a peck, an exorbitant price at
this season. Weather eonsltiona in
the sooth nav caased a great
strawberry shortage which prob
ably will continue until home grown
berries appear. The price remains
at S&. eents per pint box. .
TiAinr rT winy fTT.' -'
Aurora, I1U April 30.Wohn Pet
Iras of Lanaair. Mich., caaght as
114 pound pickerel ia the Fox rim
near the BvrUagtoa railroad bridge
here today after a six-minute tus
sle. Petkns says the pole broke
4ost a he waa about t land the
big fish, bat he was near the bank
and leaped out of the boat Into
- . - -r-.-ia
the water aa threw- hf arms 4 f
his catch ana held It - -The
fish, which Is S4H inctea
long, is the largest of the kindwer
eaaght n the Ftx river, so fijr as
is known: tt has been put os dis
play in a downtown window. -
Troop No. 5 at Longfellow school
last evening sprang a surprise on
their scoutmaster, Arnold Hauer
wa, by presenting Win with a 100
per wnt duty badge, which is given
for efficient service. Mr. Hanerwas
has been giving this badge every
month to the Scput having done
most to make the troop a success
and was completely surprised when
the senior patrol leader, Eugene
Loe .made his presentation. Mr.
Hauerwaa has been doing splendid
work at troop 6 and under his lead
ership it has come to be raoornised
as one of the most splendid of ocki
Paris, April 30. Miners through
out France will continue tho Ma?
amy demonstration into a general
sion of railroad workers and thes!
resolution of tho general labor fed- A Miffritlnna TM tnr AH Area
eration. according to an announco- ff"!!! l?5,SL5?t5
ment made today by the secretary VUiCX UtDCa K MOBW Or UuCSJ
of miners' union. kjM Im;tat0M Slwstitatel
toe's the answer.
at any good dealer's.
Mardunlav center, Cbocohtte nut mat
Candy Co.
No7P The 48 Final Specials for Saturday Last Day of the
In Addition to These 48 Specials, There is Another Advertisement Devoted
to Men and Boys Husbands will Also Please Note
Jhe Specials in This Announcement
Pictures, 68c
A big assortment of pic
tures, all good subjects,
PETERSEN'S, Basement.
Dinnerware, 28c
" To cl08e'0ut the remain
der of our Blue Bird Din
nerware Sugars, cream
ers, salads, platters and
tea cups and saucers, at
' PETERSEN'S, Basement
China, 18c
t Fruits and bread and
' butter plates at 18c.
. PETERSEN'S, Basement.
Cut Glass at 1.18
Choice of large vases,
bowls, celery trays, com
portes, etc.
PETERSEN'S, Basement.
Georgia Crepe, 1.48
36 inch Georgia Crepe in
Foulard designs. A cot
ton Georgette. Per yard
' 1.48.
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor.
Pillow Tubing, 82c
Bleached tubing, in
lengths of two to fifteen
yards. A very good qual
ity. While quantity lasts,
45 inches wide, 82c a yd. ;
42 inches, 79c a yd.
PETERSEN'S, Second Floor.
Huck Towels, 48c
1836 inch bleached
Union Huck Towels with
hemstitched end and Key
border design, at less
than the price of'an all
cotton towel, each 48c
Limit 6 to a customer.
PETERSEN'S, Second Floor.
Seamiest Sheets,
2 for 4.48
81x90 inch bleached,
seamless, hand torn
sheets made from stout
sheeting, suitable - for
hard wear. 2 for 4.48.
PETERSEN'S, Second Floor.
0. M. C. Cotton, S
, Balls, 1.44
. Saturday morning spe
o&I9tol0cA:lockonly. D. M. C. crochet cot
wn. regular 33c ball, 5
balls for 1.44.
, San Silk, regular 10c
"D. special 6 balls for
"PETERSEN'S, Second Floor.
Scarf,, 44c
Scarfs, cream and ecru,
r?kular 50c values, spe
cial, 44c.
P8TERSEN'S, Sftcond Floor.
Stamped Pillow Case,
1.44 Pair
42 inch pillow cases,
stamped for embroidery,
1,89 values, . special,- per
pair, 1.44.
PETERSEN'S Sead Fioor.
Woodbury's Soap,
2 bars for r 44c
Hughes' "Autograf ,
Tooth. Brushes . . . 44e
La Trefie, Azurea
and T lor am ye
Powder 1.48
Hot Water Bottle. . . 64c
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor.
Silkoline, 44c
36 inch Plain color Silk
oline, per yard 44c.
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor.
Housedresses, 2.94
Women's practical house
dresses of serviceable
materials of Amoakeag
gingham, linene and best
quality percale. These
dresses are made in large
plaids, stripes, plain col-
ors, light dainty shades
with white- pique collars
and cuffs, large pockets,
wide belts and some have
plaid vestees and collars.
Values up to1 5.50.
PETERSEN'S. Third Floor.
Silk Jersey
Bloomers, 9.98
Silk jersey, bloomers
reinforced crotch, elastic
fitted waist band, double
row shirring around the
knee in colors of taupe,
green, rose, flesh, purple,
Copenhagen and navy.
" 11.50 values.
PETERSEN'S, Third Floor.
Sweaters, 13.44
Women's wool jersey
sweaters made in the lat
est models. Slip-over
style with round neck,
belt and bell sleeves or
'Tuxedo fronts with large
pockets and roll collars
in the high shades of
rose, Kelly Peacock or
dark shades brown,
navy, ceil and purple.
15.00 values.
PETERSEN'S, Third Floor.
Corset Covers, 1.44
Nainsook or batiste cor
set covers in the well
known "Dove" brand
with reinf Qrceii arm
shields. Elaborately
.trimmed with lace or
dainty embroidery edges,
some with lace cap
sleeves." 1.75 values.
PETERSEN'S, Third Floor.
Tomorrow the Last
Day to Get
The Designer and
The Woman's
for 80c a. year
The regular price aft
er Maoist will be 20c a
copy ; the regular sub
scription price 2.00 a
Subscribe tomorrow at
the pattern counter for
80c a year.
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor,
Men's Athletic
Union Suits, 84c
Well made of cross
barred nainsook with
elastic strip in the back,
PETERSEN'S. Main Floor,
Silk Lace Stockings,
Women's pure thread
silk lace hose with lisle
top, seamless foot in
black and cordovan, all
sizes, per pair. 1.98,
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor,
Full Fashioned Lisle
Hose, 98c
Women's full fashioned
lisle hose with hemmed
top, reinforced foot, all
sizes in black only, at per
pair 98c.
PETERSEN'S, VabftTloor,
Women's Union
Suits, 94c
Women's union suits,
wide knee, open gore,
tight knee, open gore,
wide knee . and closed
gore, all sizes 94c,
PETERSEN'S, Mala Floor.
New Sailor Hats, 5.48
Black and colored sailors
with white and colored
. facings. 7.00 to 9.00 val
ues; now 5.48.
; PETERSEN'S, Third Floor.
Middy Blouses, 2.44
Slipova middy blouses
made of good quality gal
atea in all white or with
contrasting collars of
gold, green, rose, blue
and navy. Soutache braid
trimmed collars and
cuffs. Some with red or
navy shields on the
. sleeve. 2.95 and 2.75 val
ues. "
PETERSEN'S, Third Floor.
"Sewen" Keee Support
ers, pink and white, 2
pair for 48c,
Buttons, assorted sizes,
12 en a card, 5 cards for
i 48c,
Scissors, good quality,
lingerie Tape, blue, pink,
and white, 4 baits for
-PETERSEN'S, Main Fleer.
Playing Cards, 44c
Playing Cards Bieyele,
Rao-Bridges, and Freneh
Size, at 44e,
-PETERSEN'S, Main Floor,
Bread Trayg, 3.48
Sheffield Silver Bread
Tray in bright and dull
finish. Special, 3,48,
-PVnmsWS, Main Floor,
Oil Cans, 8c
Coppered Oil cans, 8e,
i-PWrmtSWe, Basement,
Candy, 33c
Satin AQnts. per box,
over-half pound, 33c.
'--PETERSEN'S, Basement.
Linen Hand ,
kerchimts, 24a -
Ladies' pure linen hand
kerchief a with colored
initials, each 24c,
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor,
Corsets, 2.19
3.00 corsets specially
priced at 2.19, A model
made of plain flesh color
contille, low bust and
fitted with 2 pair hose
supporters. Sizes 22 to
PVTBRfiEWB, Third Floor,
Floancings, 48a
Embroidery flomeings.
18 inches wide, special
per yard 48c.
PETERSEN'S, Maia Fleer,
Venice Edge, 24c
Narrow Venice edges,
special per yard, 24c,
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor.
Umbrellas, 2.48
Ladies' 29 inch uathreHM
made of finest Quality
American Taffeta, Tape
edge with black Pickwick
cord loop handles, 3.00
PETERSEN'S, Mala Floor.
New Silk Gloves, 2.58
Van Raalte silk gloves in
white, pongee and gray,
the flare twrist trimmed
, with contrasting pleat
ing, 325 value. .
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor.
Figured Voile, 48e
40 inch
per yard 48c,
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor,
Men's Muslin
Night Shirts, 1.48 ,
These- shirts are the
"Universal" brand from
makers of the highest
. grade nightwear. Tne
garments are roomy and
the seams are securely
PETERSEN'S, Main Floor.
Men's Derby Hats, 5.48
A real sale of men's stiff
hats. These hats were
purchased of one of the
oldest and best hat man- -ufacturers
in the coun
try, but came through
the factory slightly be
low the exceptionally
high standard which this
firm" sets for its product.
, The imperfections are so
slight that in most cases
you cannot detect it, and
it does not cheapen the
hat for practical use in
the smallest degree. The
hats are fresh new stock
never before put on sale.
Hats of this quality
bought in the regular
way are worth 10.00,
Special 5.47.
. PWTJEKSEN8, Main Floor.
Men's Shoes, 9.48
Men's black or tan Eng
lish shoes, hand sewed
and the latest models on
the long drawn out rak
ish lasts. A shoe that
" will be greatly admired
by all good dressers, at
PETERSEN SeooodFtoor.
Suitcases, 4.88
Going traveling? We
have a limited number
- of 750 fibre suit eases,
strapped, heavy rein
forced corners, that in
the sale will be festered
at 4.88.
PETEHtfKiflH eeeoaf Moor,
Trunk Special, 14A8
Heavy trimmed with
metal, "extra trays, strap
ped and studded with
heavy hob nails. Sells
regularly at 19.50. Very
special at 14.4$.
PETERSEN'S 8ecoa4 Floor.
Boys' Caps, 98c
Every wanted shade and
shape for the boys in
greens, browns and fan
cy cassimeres. Sizes (Vt
to 7. Specially priced at
PETERSEN'S, Second Floor.
Handeefwe nV&JIflTTfifil JT) 'DD A
t m jm r Jill mi it ii i?sfiifjrn
NOW dNWH muum
Waeh Fraeka
ring Ua
Your Pure
Wart Second St
For Storage
Present SplewdkSimaj Opportunities to Those Who Would
Econmaiae dm Spring AppareL
We do-not qaoteomparative prices, but promise some of the .
most intoestmfirsavm of the year. . It is ohe of those timely '
opportunitres trr seeare ultra modishparel at prices that can-;
not be duplicated, that have been featured by Newman's at reg-:
iilar and acceptable intervals. -
It is arrii-.ctanct? in which Newman's reputation for reliability
si staiemnt is the assurance to the public that this is a won- -derful,
opportunity for obtaining Dresses, Suits and Coats in
exclusive models in various materials at extremely moderate
prices. -
Spring Cloth
of Individuality & Charm
About 150 Models
Theee Batta are of onunal merit and
among fka handsomest that we have
w taown.
They lnctnde tailored, semi-tailored
and dressy mod sis.
Titer are mostly narf. 'wMea la ex
tremely popular tms season.
Ta materials are of the me
and finest fabrics.
in Modish Dresses v
About 125 Models
Some of the most expeastve end ex
cmsrre Dresses sad Gowns are featured
la this saia.
You msymake selections appropriate
for every boeasion, .iacludtag street, aft-,
rnoon, dtmur and evening wear a
coaplele eoDeetioa of stunning models
for taomsB'of fashion win be found
ia' thmeamdertnl aesartment.
Dollar Saving
119 l
The May Trade Sale of
Affords Remarkable Varaes in High-
Grade Wraps and Coats, at
Very Special Prices
Three types of Coats regulation
Coats, Cape Wraps and sports Coats
find -representation in our coat shop
Sports Coats in the shorter length
are of polo cloth and silvertone. They
are dashingly swagger, featuring blue
and sponge colors. f
The Cape Wraps readily announce
their own superior worth and are:
worthy of extravagant praise, espe
cially at the
Reduced Prices
A Splendid Showing of New
Tricolette and Georgette
Blouses $5.75
A Limited Quantity of broken styles In
Georgene and Crepe de Chine Waists
(some slightly soiled),
on sale at -
To Qor Friends and Palrons
In a few days we expect to have our new addition
complete. We thank you for the patronage given us in
the past and trust that in our new enlarged quarters at
the same location we can serve you still better.
Our stocks in every department are complete. '
Shoes, Clothing, Underwear
Earthing in wearables for the entire family at our
usual low prices.
Mail Orders Sent Out the Same Day as Received by
Parcel Post Prepaid. '
Tbt Dcie d Lower Prices
406-406 W, Ssnmd St' Open Uatil 9 p. m. Davenport, Iowa
, Money
Cheerfully ,
Our Motto!
We 6ell Jest

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