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otcii v;oaic on
Strause, 0. Wlckenbert, H. J. Wiie,
Ed Vogt, 'William H. Carpenter,
William F. Paul, P. R. W. Hecht,
C Arthur 8choessel, J. Mason and.
0.- Moore. - ; v , i-:.'t-
Girli bora to Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Lowry, T. Ferris, George Fischer,
T. P. Slnnett, R. V. Darts, J. Giam
moaa, E. I. Johnston, E. Lopez, T.
J. Ehmen, W. W. Boualough, W. H.
Krlck, K. Witt, A. Tanner, H. Mc
Rea and William J. Selbig.
i . -ufnwr tm Let rontrmrt For
y nweat Be pairs Small Plant to
r-i.i.ln'rnnilitlnii H.rraftpr.
jjiawM v. .
pitch work on all asphalt pav
iag m Rock Island is to be started
a s few weeks. All of the worst
uorts la the paving are to be fixed
uniedfately under contract, and
unsller boles in the pavement and
IJpgir work is to be taken care
2 by a small asphalt plant to be
Crebased by the city,
fon resolutions submitted by Com
niMloner Frank Wich, in charge of
At department of streets and pub
be improvements, the city commis
tloneri in regular session Monday
IJternoon voted to instruct. City
Engineer Wallace Treichler to pre
ndre specifications for the work that
, to be undertaken.
In what way the paving is to be
tut sround bad spots and the type
a mixture of material to be used
-mi k. Heriiled on by the city en-
jUKr and the city then will ad- j
wrtise for bids on the work, such
. rt.iufi on the Second avenue !
repair work last year, contractors i
blading on m wwa uaon.
charge of the tons of material
J There are two asphaltlc plants
In Davenport and these firms are
expected to bid on the work. The
material Is heated at these plants
and hauled over la trucks to be
There are a number of streets
mi avenues in Uoek Island that
ire in bad condition. The repairs
on this work will take some time
and will cost the city a considerable
mm of money.
Purchase Own Plant.
,A small repair outfit is to be
purchased by Commissioner Wich,
and will be used in keeping the
wphalt paving throughout the city
In repair after it is once placed
la good condition. The commission
r pointed out that to undertake
the present amount of repair work
with a small plant would call for
an almost endless Job, but claimed
that after the pavement is placed
in good condition the small plant
would be sufficient to fix up small
holes in the streets as fast as they
jk are made.
The Paige touring ear, belonging
to Robert Karlowa, which was sto
len from in front of the Young &
McComb's store last Thursday, was
located Sunday at Swedona, Ax
miles west of Sherrard. It had
been run about 200 miles, the belief
of the police being that the ma
chine had been driven to Peoria and
back that far by the thieves.
Desk Sergeant Harry Nagel of
the Davenport police force received
the J200 reward, having located the
machine through a tip given him
by a friend.
All expectations, marks the record
on the sale of ABRAHAM'S PECAN
ROLL. Oh, my, but they are good.
Frequent compkJns have been
mad within the last few days of
the destruction of the, early flowers
in lawns'and gardens in the south
central part of the city. A number
of beds of tulips, jonquils, pansiee,
etc., have been despoiled, plants
often being pulled and permitted
to lis, on the ground, showing ma
licious intent.
It is believed that the depreda
tions have been committed by boys,
for some motive not easy to ex
plain. Whatever has inspired their
animus the perpetrators are laying
themselves liable to severe penal
ties and indignant owner of the
flowers stand ready to insist upon
maximum punishment if guilt is
proven. "
On County Records i
Warranty Deeds.
Peoples Saving Bank & Trust Co.,
to J. M. Fletcher, lot 233, N. High
land addition to Moline, tl.
J. Lawrence Greer to Achelle
Feys, lot 14, block 6, Silvis, SI.
Rene &. Germanie Maddelein to
for every requirement
Dr. A. N. Mueller, city physician,
reports the following births during
the month of April:
Boys born to Mr. and Mrs. J.
lefchutz, H. V. Burns, C. Kolls, C.
Franck, H. H. Schladt, D. H.
Used inside at front of desk diawers for clips, pins,
rubber bands, pens, pencils, etc.
The House of Office Supplies and Equipment
Almon A. Niles, lot 19. block 15.
first addition to 8Ut1s. $1.
A. W. Parsons to George P. Par
sons, lot 3, block 3, Columbia park.
Rock Island, 1.
William Hour, et aL, to Gertrude
OdelL lou 3. 4. and 5, block IS,
Hampton, $1.
Ohne W. Looker to Daniel Robb,
part southwest one-quarter, sec
tion 32-18-1E.. $L
William H. Christison and wife to
William T. Craig, lot 12. block "A",
Prospect park, Moline, $1.
James F. Delaney, et al., to Law
rence Hnberle and wife, lot !, Col
umbia park. Rock Island, $1.
Anna Van Lancker, to Adriel and
Irma De Meester, part lot 8, block
8, Fairmount addition to Moline, $1.
Anna Van Lancker to Camiel
Carton and wife, north one-half lot
8, Fairmount addition to Moline, $1.
Willam M. Itetiger and wife to
Peter Kin. lot Mit,rr'i
Uon to Moline, $L
lucnard T, Anthony and wife to
Richard Pyle, lot 3, block 3. Hunt's
first additiou to Moline, 32,300.
. Quit Claim Deeds.
Camiel Goethals and wife to
Goethals and wife, lot 14, block 6.
SUvis, $1. ...
John Brennaa and wife to George
B. Taylor, west one-halt lot 4. block
1. Briggg' place. Rock Island, tl. .
Almon A. Niles to Rene and Ger
manie Maddelein, lot 19, block 18,
first addition to Silvis. .
William D. Taylor to Estelle R.
Miller, one-half of southeast one
quarter of section 5-16-3-W., SL
Herman and Mary Kakert to
Clarence H. Manic, lot 18, block I,
G. E. Blakesley Twelfth street ad
dition to Rock Island, 3L
Is Your Corset Correct
for Any Occasion?
Are its lines sufficiently good to enable you to wear it with the smartest
evening frocks? Is its comfort so complete that you can wear it day after
day, secure in the knowledge that its support is beneficial? Is it really
an "all around" corset? Not just a "dancing corset" or a "sports corset"
-or that "every day" corset, but one equal to any occasion?
I',1 '!y-?SS
A Gift
A 10-D.y Tube
of Pepaodent
eat to all who
ak. See coupon.
Your ThKIa I H '
WW VTO-V 0 1 "T II
si iiui i ill r ui '-jr s si a ni
ii li irt w 1 11 I Hi
I 1 LMl If Tl U f! I m I If I if I H
I H Ar For XMf I 11
n I m r r t? vU I
h i r ruriiy, vucuyt i-ccnomy vi ih
nv -m wi
If WW x-S. yiSiv tSk Sv xi A, W
n itci am sm mm a s i sr mr fi
11 TyJTTT mc
I Your grocer can supply you. A trial i n
will makeyou a constant user. I, II
Why Teeth Glisten
Millions of them a new method
All statements approved by high dental authorittn
You see glistening: teeth now wherever you
look, for millions clean teeth in a new way.
We otter you here a ten-day test, to show the
results on your own teeth.
The fight on film
Dental science has found a way to combat
film on teeth the film that dims teeth and
I destroys them.
Film is that viscous coat you feel. It
I clings to teeth, enters crevices and stays. The
ordinary tooth paste does not dissolve it. so
brushing has left much of it intact. And
very few people have escaped its damage.
It is the film-coat that discolors, not the
teeth. Film is the basis of tartar. It holds
food substance which ferments and forms
'acid. It. holds the acid in contact with the
I teeth to cause decay.
Millions of germs breed in it. They, with
tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea, which
attacks 95 m 100.
Now, after years of research, a way has
: been found to combat it. Able authorities
j have amply proved its efficiency. Leading
I dentists everywhere now urge its daily use.
And millions of people now employ it, largely
by dental advice.
The method is embodied in a dentifrice -called
Pepsodent Two other new factor are
combined with it And this tooth paste is
inaugurating a new dental era.
; Free to all who ask
A ten-day test of Pepsodent is sent to all
who ask. Also a book to explain the results.
The method quickly proves itself.
Pepsodent is based on pepsin, the digestant
of albumin. The film is albuminous matter.
The object of Pepsodent is to dissolve it, then
to day by day combat it.
Peosin Ion? seemed impossible. It must be
activated, and th usual spent is an acid
harmful to the teeth. But science has found a
harmless activating method, so pepsin can be
every day applied.
Send the coupon for a 10-Day Tube. Note
how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark
the absence of the viscous film. See how
teeth whiten as the film-coat disappears.
Do this for your own sake and your fam
ily's sake. Nearly everybody suffers from this
film. Cut out the coupon so you won't forget.
Ten'Day Tube Free
40? J
The New-Day Dentifrice
A scientific film combatant which, after 5 years' tests,
is now advised by leading dentists everywhere
S Dept. A, 1104 S. Vfabash Ave,
i ' Chicago, VL
i Mail 10-Day Tube of Pepsodent to
Only on tub to a family.
! -ene wail , per cleaner for
cleaning wall yaper and ' window
stu.de3. Regular 15c seller "j
for Thursday, 2 cans lor AC
jfv r a u
Heavr galrsntod parbdge enn
with dog-proof covers, 5-gallon
size. "I AO
very specU.: XtO
'Lasting Satisfaction With Every Transaction'
2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave. Entrance
Women's Modish ApparelPrices Assure Economy
The woman who spends a little time studying these reduced groups and prices will appreciate our extraordinary efforts to meet the
demand for lower prices. Consider our regular moderate prices and then take from them reductions that make the price, in many
instances, less than presenfmanufacturcrs' costs. From tliese special groups offered for this week only, many women will buy
garments that will be practical for many months to come and have the savings to invest in other much coveted apparel. v
Sale of Women's Spring Suits
29.75 3 39.75
Former values to 49.75
Former values to 6;.oo
You know just what you save on your suit. The original price ticket is on every one
of them. No markup' to make these prices possible. Buy your suit now while we
have your size.
On these suits you will save as much as 10.0015.0020.00
and even as much as 25.25.
Silk Petticoat Specials
LOT 1 Consists of black taffeta
petticoats with jersey tops. Or
dinarily they hae sold up to
5.95. A very low price O OQ
for this sale at, each JJf
LOT 2 Taffeta and jersey tops
in any assortment of pleasing
colors. Thtv are worth regular
price, many as much as 6 95
each. Now for this sale
priced ' each
LOT 3 Assorted colors of Jer
sey, taffeta and mefisaline with
jersey tops. Regular values up
to 8.30. These are good values
and should bring aiL. y r QQ
buyers at the price of eJtJ
A l See Window
A Display
Tailored Blouses of White Madras
. Suitable for camping and outdoor wear,
All colors in the lot and regular at 2.50
each. Very specially priced for quick
selling, each
Silk Poplin Dresses
Serge, Silk Poplin, Paulette Skirts 850
We have selected and placed in a special lot skirts of serge, silk poplin and
Paulette in plaids, navy, black and taupe, well tailored models, many shirred
and with pockets trimmed with tucks and fancy buttons.
These skirts are exceptionally good values. Any woman who has been
waiting to buy a skirt can now buy two for the price of one for on many you
save morz than half. They have been selling well up to 18.75 but Q KA
but for this sale pick your choice of the lot at only 00J
2nd floor, 3rd Avenue Store.
Skirt Section.
These pretty dresses are in navy, taupe, black and
grey. Straightline styles with shirred waistlines.
Others have tunics and belts. Sleeves are long and
neck styles varied.
Values up O HK Values up 1 A 7K
to 13.95, now 0iO to !695 now
All children's taffeta, serge, silk
poplin and silvertone. coats
Pretty stylish coats that in the regular way have
sold as high as 3975- Colors, navy, rose, tan and
black, novelty checks and plaids. Belted and
shirred waistlines, normal or high. During this
saler take your choice 25 DISCOUNT

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