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gatOpftx Sec to Iilmu of
778 Case BlrUi Ontnoatber
Deaths by 10.
There were total of 778 cases
M contagious diseases in Rock Is-1
April 15, 1920, 497 of which were
taguenza cases, as shown by the
report of Dr. A. N. Mueller, city
eslth commissioner.
Momps come next with 191 cases,
followed by smallpox with 152
minor epidemics. Whooping cough
cases numoercu uie&siea, low, i
chicken pox, 114; diphtheria, 45;
tuberculosis, S3; scarlet fever, 19;
typhoid fever, 11, and meningitis, L !
There were no cases of infantile
paralysis nor cerebro spinal menin
gitis. Number of contagious dis
eases investigated reached 249.
While the number of influenza
a8es did not reach as high a point
at during the previous year, small
pox, mumps and measles and the
like reached a higher figure. Vac--cinations
numbered 166.
Births during the year outnum
bered deaths by 109, there being 491
births and 382 deaths. Male chil
dren numbered 274, and female 217.
There were 201 male deaths and 181
Complaints investigated by the
health department during the period
numbered 292.
Intpwtor' Report.
The reports of Henry H. Harris,
health officer, and L. K. Eihl, in
spector of weights and measures,
Number of quarantines, 1,074;
number of releases, 984; number of
fumigations, 153.
Division of nuisances Number
of vaults inspected, 213; rubbish
inspections, 34; garbage inspec
tions, 62; cess-pnol inspections, 9;
miscellaneous inspections, 234.
Division of sanita.-y inspections
Grocery, butter and egg stores, 179 ;
dsn and meat markets, 88; restau
rants, - 11S ; hotels and rooming
houses, II; bakeries, 22; fruit and
candy stores, 48; wholesale trait
and produce stores, 8; drug stores,
9; miscellaneous, 269; wells in
spected, ; wells condemned, 5.
Division of milk inspections
Dairy farms inspected, 23; milk and
cream tests, 8; milk tests. 133;
cream tests, 72; inspections at ho
tels and restaurants, 11.
Division of rubbish Loads of
rubbish hauled, 1,259; loads of gar
bage hauled,, 2,204; garbage sold,
1958.36. .,:
Weights and measures Coal
scales tested, 26; light scales test
ed, 450; liquid measures, 3; con
demned, 26; scales adjusted, 49;
dry measures tested, 15; dry meas
ures condemned, 4; fees collected,
Show you our new models in
footwear. Also see what we are
Offering for special bargains. Bert's
Boot Shop.
Eighth Graders Receive Instruction
for High School Enrollment
From Arnold Lau.
We surely appreciate the favor with
ROLL has been received by the
dear public
After you eat always use
one or two tablets eat like candy.
Gassy I eeling. Stops indigestion,
foodsonring.repeating, headacheand
the many miseries caused by
the harmful acids and gases right ont
of the body and, of course, you gt
well. Tens of thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drujj
giot Cost a trifle.- Please try it!
All expectations, marks the rernrri
on the sale of ABRAHAM'S PECAN
ROLL. Oh, my, but they are good.
(onwrly 17164 Third avenue. 1
reeumed at 581 Twentieth arenoa.
Work ealtaj for nd delivered.
U li order, promptly attended to.
Mrs. C. E. Golden, Proprietress.
Citizens Asked to Pot Ont Cans
With Covers Tin Cans Bottles
and Paper Tabooed.
Argus, May S
Here Is Just
the Can You
Should Have
For Garbage
Preparation of the Rock Island
high school to receive next year's
class of freshmen and the prepara
tion of the prospective freshmen
for high school is already under
way. This week a bulletin, the
high school -News Letter," com
piled by Arnold Lau, principal, is
being distributed to all members of
the eighth grade by Mr. Lau, who
accompanies it with a talk to the
classes on their future school ca
"Every day spent in school pays
the child nine dollars," is one of
the points made in the booklet.
"Uneducated laborers earn on the
average $500 per year for 40 years,
a total of $20,000. High school
graduates earn on the average $1.
000 per year for 40 years, a total
of $40,000. This education requires
12 years of school of ISO days each,
a total of 2,160 days in school. If
2,160 days in school add $20,000 to
the income for life, then each day
at school adds $9.02. The child
that stays out of school to earn
less than $9 is losing money, not
making money."
The booklet further outlines the
requirements for graduation from
the high school, first year electives,
and various kinds or courses.
Enroll Tuesday.
On next Tuesday Mr. Lau will
take the enrollment from the eighth
grade, thus permitting the pupils
to have a week in which to study
the outline of courses and decide
on the subjects for which they wish
to register.
The cooperation of parents is
asked, and they are invited to con
fer either with room teachers or
the principal ot the high school in
regard to the courses for which
their children enroll, and to assist
in the making of
choice of subjects. "
un the enspllment made at the
present time, high school classes
and the securing of teachers for
next term will be based. It is es
timated that 225 freshmen will en
ter the high school next fall, an in
crease of about twenty-five over
last year's registration.
Boy Scout News
Troop No. 4 hiked to the woods
yesterday afternoon under the lead
ership ot Edwin Davis. A large
number of boys attended the hike
and a real time was had.
The executive committee of the
Kills Mosquitoes
Burn a teaspoonful of Black Flag
powder in your bedroom ten
minutes before you go to bed.
Kills all mosquitoes in bedroom.
Black Flag is non-poisonous.
Kills insects but is harmless to hu
mans and animals. Ask for Black
Flag in the sealed class bottle at
drug, department, grocery and
hardware storrs. Three stzea
15c, 40c.. 75c. Brack Flat,
Baltimore, Md
5 HV-V
Famo Makes Women's
Hair Grow Luxuriantly
four Order by Telephone Will
Receive Prompt Attention
Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
That is the joyful cry of thousands
since Dr. Edwards produced Olive
Tablets, the substitute for calomel. No
griping results from these pleasant
little tablets. They cause fae liver
and bowels to act normally. They
never force them to unnatural action.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
scothing, healing, vegetable compound
mixed with olive oil.
If you have a bad taste, bad breath,
feel dull, tired, are constipated or
bilious, you'll find quick and sure re
sults from Dr. Edwards' little Olive
Tablets at bedtime. 10c and 25c a box.
Beautiful, healthy, lustroua new heir
comes to the head on which FAMO
U used regularly.
Women have reported to us that their
hair grew as much as four to six
inches after faithful and conscientious
use of FAMO, which is the one hair
preparation which can be used daily
with beneficial results.
It also grows men's hair, even where
baldness is beginning to appear.
Unless the hai roots are absolutely
dead, FAMO will grow hair.
FAMO grows new hair because it
destroys the seborrhea germ which
is killing the hair.
The seborrhea bacilli go down into
the glands and attack the hair roots.
Unlets they are destroyed they will
eventually kill the hair.
With the germ at work the hair is
fighting for its lit
Nature fights against disease. But
it cannot conquer alone.
FAMO will give the necessary aid to
assure a healthy scalp.
FAMO will destroy the dandruff
bacilli and make the hair grow luxuriantly.
It stops all itching of the scalp.
FAMO is the result of three years of
scientific experimentation in one of
the recognized pharmaceutical labora
tories of Detroit.
Its ingredients have been well known
to physicians for years but have
never before been used on the head.
FAMO has accomplished wonderful
results. Every member of the family
should use it regularly. It contains
no alcohol.
FAMO is sold at el! toilet goods
counters and applications may be had
at the better barber shops and hair
dressing establishments.
It comes in two sizes a small size
at 35 cents and an extra large bottle
at $1. Your money will be refunded
if you are not satisfied.
Seborrhea i, the nmfi'cil nama for a
morbidly increased flow from tha
bacaooa glands of the acajp. Tha aa
borrheart excretion forma in tea lam or
nakat and is commonly known as
From the laboratories of F. A. Thomp
son & Company, Manufacturing
Pharmacists, Detroit, Mich.
local council. Boy Scouts, will meet
at the Rock Island club Thursday
noon at 12:15 to discuss and decide
important matters relative to the
Scout work in the city. Every
member is urged to be present at
this important session. .
Troop No. 9 of the Fifteenth
Avenue Christian church hiked to
the woods last evening with Scout
master Charles Schearer. The con
test being put on in this troop by
tne leader has aroused a great deal
of interest and new members are
being added to the already large
number of the boys enrolled in the
Troops No. 3 and 17 helped serve
the mother and daughter banquet
at the Y. W. C. A. last evening.
The boys proved to be real wait
ers and words of commendation
were spoken for them.
The committee of scoutmasters
appointed to plan the big field day
lor ine scouts tor next mania, cot.
Fisting of Steve Miller. Marc Kov
nig. Raymond Walker and Willis
Ri:ick, will meet at Scout head
quarters Friday even in? at 7:30 ta
plan events for this occasion.
Troop lA's band met last evening
i at the Central Presbyterian charct
land a large number of boys wen
jout. They will meet again Tburs-
day evening with Dr. Ostrotn ana j
every band member should b ouj 1
jat this time.
A. J. RIESS, 1S00 Second Avenue
Destroys the Dandruff Bacilli-Retards GmynesS
Tri-Cities' Most Popular Furnl
tare Store
1615-1617 Second Ave.
Rock Island, 111.
What Does a
Ton of Coal
Think About?
"I wonder who the next wise man will
be who won't let spring fever interfere
with his ordering me and more like me
right now ?
"I wonder if everyone realizes that buy
ing coal now means saving a lot of money.
"I wonder how many people are going to
keep on buying just "coal" instead of
getting the finest soft coal on the market
good, reliable PREMIUM (the comfort
coal). I wonder."
Rock Island
Fuel Co.
fourth Street Phone R. 1. 197
21 u
1IU1I1IIIII .1 i
andPresen Afakes theHome Care
of Shoes Quick andasy
mi i tim w i mm i i mu a aav'. i ' aaa
errr u V
' z ne name o
for Convenience.
It Adds a Wealth of Joy
to Family Life
The Cleveland Six adds joy and recreation to the family life in a
most unusual degree. It is such a conifortable car, so easy to drive,
so distinguished in its refined appearance, that the mother and the
children find real delight in it.
And the Man of the House, no
matter how critically inclined he may
be in mechanical matters, finds in the
Cleveland Six a triumph in motor
car construction, a car which he will
drive with enthusiasm.
The Cleveland Six touring car
seats five in comfort. The soft
cushioning and the low, under-slung
spring suspension, wipe out the road
bumps. The car is handsomely fin
ished and the upholstering is of
genuine hand-buffed leather.
And the motor! If you want to
know what a motor it is come in and
see the car. Ride in it. Drive it
yourself. Then you will know. There
are few motors indeed that can com
pare with it in actual performance.
Touring Car (Five Passengers) $1485 Roadster (Three Passengers) $1485
Sedan (Five Passengers) $2295 Coupe (Four Passengers) $2295.
(Prices F. O. B. Cleveland)
Rock Island Davenport Cedar Rapids, Iowa
TheMosi WelcomeTfre
That EverXame to Market
Men Who Appreciate Superlative Values Prefer The Branswich
In every great itire factory, tha
thief question is: "How much can
twe give for the money?" And tha
product depcadsjpn the policy
adopted. "
Every man"vK6 Hag become a3
" quainted with Brunswick TireS
knows that Brunswick standards
are again evident This famous con
cern noted as a leader in every
line it entered since 1845 has once
more proved that its policy is right.
A perfect tire is simply a matter
of knowledge and standards and
iskilL No secrets nor patents pre
vent making an ideal tire.
But standards come first. For Iri
tire making there is vast room for
skimping, for subtle economies, for
hidden shortcomings. Makers with
out the highest standards don't
build high-grade tires.
The Brunswick organization of
tire makers includes a brilliant staff
of technical experts. Not a man
THE BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER CO., 623 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 111
Sold On An Unlimited Mileage
Guarantee Basis
among them has spent less than
20 years in handling rubber.
Each is a master of his craft
And the new ideas they bring to
the attention of Brunswick direc
tors receive sincere consideration
Every proved betterment i$
adopted unanimously.
The Brunswick Tire is a combi
nation of acknowledged features
plus Brunswick standards of manm
The result is a super-tiro, the lfk'tf
of which you have never known be
fore. The kind of a tire you will
gladly join in welcoming, y
Yet Brunswicks cost no more)
than like-type tires.
Try ONE Brunswick. We prom
ise a surprise. And we feel certain
that you will want ALL Bruns
wicks. The,n good tires have a new
meaning to you,
Cord Tires with "Driving" and "Swastika" Skid-Not Treads
Fabric Tire in "Plain," "Ribbed" and "EEC" Skid-Not Treads
1623 Second Avenue
UNTIL you've hoard the new Brunswick, you've not heard
the latest and best. Never before have we heard such
faithful reproduction. All who come in and hear the new
Brunswick agree that it is the uluuiate phonograph, a super-instrument.
- '
It is the one vou knew was bound to come the one that over
comes old time handicaps. The Brunswick Method of Reproduc
tion includes the greatest phonographic invention in years The
t'ltona. With this remarkable mathod, all records are played ac
cording to their exact requirements. It is not an attachment
Come in and see The Ultona. Note its simplicity. See how
it frees you from the limitations of a one-record Instrument.
"Service That Satisfies'
We carry the largest stock of ma
chine ia the city and can rive yea
a wider range of selection. Per
sonal attention to each and every
sale. We sell on easy terms nnd
charge no intercut.
afoarlhvniusictQt tse
EStaDUsnea tu77 r
1623 Second Ave.
Rock Island

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