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JXb Armij ef
Itt HeaKa
1Mb XaeUer Vm
frevent tta freed, accordta t pr,
Maeller. - 4
Wei Vakit Aiieata.
? Drastic atopa tana be taken to
remedy thU condition. ;', the ..- city
physilcan said, and there will be
bo cecum accepted and no hesitar
tioa made in making arrests ot
those who violate to ordinances
regnlatlone aa will (tamp -out dle
eaae and promote public health. ,
. Set Prevalent.
The disease Is not now aa preva
lent In the city aa last year, ac
cording to Dr. Mueller,, when there
were nearly a hundred cases at
this tfane. The danger of Ita spread
ia not eerlons it steps for its con
trol be taken at once, and if the
public acta upon .the advice of
health authorities and .observes
Tba more to take imperatire ac
tion to enforce these regulations
was advise by S: Winner, in
spector on the atate board of
health, now in Molina, in a letter
to Dr. Mueller.
In pointing ont that the observ
ance of these rules and the exer
c'.siag of care on the part of indi
viduals in cases of disease ia a
duty of citizenship, and directed to-
for the control of the disease. The
public, he said, must be Impressed
with the importance of care in this
respect, and the danger to the pub
lic heal in or tno neglect 01 me
dlseass. . Baaptdona illness with
eruption should , be reported, and
the patient should remain at home
until s diagnosis la made.
,. The ordinance to be presented at
the next council meeting provides:
"Whenever smallpox exists in the
city of Rock Island, no child, teach'
3n campaign to
ad of smallpox, including
and penal ixtng of per
) 1 3ng to report cases of the4 nP mnioTfid in or
; will be becun in Bock Is-
" according to a statement of
; A. m. Muener, city phyatdaa.
further step in the effort to
rol the disease will ba the pre
itioa to the city council at their
Jng next week ot an ordinance
i wishing the contagiousness of
h Alienee by prevention of attend
J the public school.
Although there have been only
eases of smallpox reported in
ick Island this month, some of
' ve are due to the failure of per
a to report the disease so that
per measures could he taken to
about a school building shall
admitted, received, or retained in
any public, private or parochial
school in said city or shall be per
mltted to attend school who does
not ' present to the proper school
authorities m certificate signed by a
legally licensed physician to the
effect that he or she has had small
pox or that he or she has been
successfully vaccinated within five
Authority for the ordinance is
found in the, ruling of the supreme
court of Illinois that it is the duty
of all municipal authorities to en
1 force auch reasonable "rules and
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ag any. , sjj
ward the public welfare. Dr. Muel
ler quoted from the JUineia Health
News, wblch says:
"The American people aa a whole
are fair and clean and honest. They
may be thoughtless; but when made
to think of the moral aspect or tnetr
actidn they are inclined - to get
right, If the average citizen can
be made to aee that hia action in
evading quarantine and in flueac
ing .the physician not to report a
communicable disease, is an un
fair, dishonest aad cowardly act op
posed to every principle of good
cltiienship, we are satisfied that he
win niwi ufiugauoB iq j
jorlty ot instances without hentT
tion. '
"The placard of commBBJeAi.;
disease on the doorpost hoW?
that within the house In slrnak
ability there lives an honest ctrnw
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