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' t , r n . - . 7 i .-"'ill.-- -rl n, . .lt 1 -t 11 . . . . II t - a
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j tiro urrsxcz. -
'-jBfc Cfcteafo, Juae 8ta-f
, jaa Jonoaon 1a brn to
- klf veto powtr in Uw Re-
I . aaUoaal eosftatlMi. i
V l tnttmaM Wtnd and,
gwator Borah of Idaho,.
ncni sotte that tb peopl of
paitti - States would a bis!
sat oetaet tbe - Republican j
j gut NovemBer If it nomlnat
4 lUktr Leonard Wood or Gorer-J
wuwden. ' '' v - " "
V are not going to aell the'
Mridcacr ot the United .States,"!
ndatawa Senator Borah just after
Ith- Johnson had finished ad
B Wif a throng of delegates and
MMBtlos visitors and the general
teHenxnt ie vy iu iwu ww
tan waj that the Republican- party
. -M AvtMiPt f ha innnort nf I
Utter ens in the coming campaign
1 Wood or Lowden is namedU
Hiraat Johnson may not be able
t. t the presidency for himself
W be and his group now are de-1
fernlnM toai neuuer mra nor
Unritn shall get it and they have
hjm4 tnongh fuss already to make
g frabsble that the new ."old
para" will turn from both Low
im snd Wood to the dark horses.
Hugh. 4 Lenroot. Sproul and
Hoorer are the four most promtn
0t candidates after the big three
-Wood. Lowden and Johnson have
Inb eliminated.
Can't Take Stamp.
Senator Johnson hasn't given np
foe flgbt Senator Borah has an
IMBMd that he would light on the
ennntlon floor against the adop
boa ol any compromise1 on the
Lttne of Nations. No threat of a
f I (olt has been made but what is
' I a bama iVia torn "irpcr-nnnlla
tit" lenators have made it clear
Out tcey cannot go out and stump
lor a platform that favors the
Lrague of Nations with any reser
ntkras whatever.,. The upshot of it
V 111 may ba an independent ticket
KVT ail Willi Ult) upjwoinuu oganL
B treaty and the league as the
Mitral motive of it and with the
vet" sentiment of both Democrat
ic ind Republican parties finding
in outlet in that independent party.
Jmitor Johnson hasn't said he
raid lead such a movement but
Imsth the surface things ' are
tuning in that direction and it
mid not be surprising to find
Ncs sn overwhelming and spon
tuMui demand for Johnson to
Hi the big following which he
tu built un that he will find it
urd to turn them down. There is
talk also of a separate ticket with
Herbert Hoover on it if the Repub
lican party should by chance ac
cttt tbe Johnson view- on the
League of Nations. Certainly the
ckuces of an independent ticket
mm brighter as the differences on
ft treaty issue appear more and
nors irreconcilable.
Show Recklessness.
Bat the embarrassments ot the
atpabUcan leaders -multiply as
tkty observe the reckless tactics of
haatori Johnson anV Borah. For
tutance, here is a stenographic ex
am from Senator Borah's speech
f JHlivertd in the presence of tiena-
f tA Jnhnann kafna A mnlHttiriA t
aoliy delegates and supporters.
"Lit me tell you," he said,"' an
sclent story. When Pertlnax was
sliia in Rome, one gentleman
ttooght he had to be emperor and
H in our money, about 1900,000
tor it and another gentleman bid
HOODOO and they auctioned and
Me against one another until they
Pt it no to J2.50O.OOO in our money
ui it .was knocked off to Julianu.
si they actually sold the em
lranhlp of Rome for $2,500,000.
Vow, my friends, we are not going
Is tell the presidency of the United
Hues tor $1,500,000. That is too
(applause). Yon think per
W that 1 am a little severe about
sls matter but I am perfectly calm,
W 1 in moderate in my view
ostpared with what the American
electorate will be when they pass
Kit this question. We will leave
jjMs convention in three or four
4n snd we will go out to see the
b on the farm and in the factory,
sd men and women wherever they
tall their thoughts with their la-
w mo we will deal with those
WtO letleTB that th nl-a!rinrv at
a.ta dated States should be in its
cinH above any possible sns
ot corruption ol any kind. I
" a saying this because I have
JJT tear of the Republican conven
noe aaming either one of these
wtlemen (Wood or Lowden). 1
"Itag it because I think It ut
2"J eisereditable to the Republi
JJ cowentlon that it would per-
Wlr names to be considered
JJf mey had attempted to con-
that convention by the sheer
W-iuy differ' with me. as to
22 Johnson should be
But you certainly as Re
cannot differ with me a
" tact that the man you nomi
2 saoaid like Caesar's wife he
sospicjoa in these affairs."
We ui Lowden SUppUf.
2 5 w,ta such gentle thrnsU
Borah-Johnson are trying
r the conservatives at this
lytiOB. Governor Lowden's
pT?taaU stand firm but, as Re-
a vys? ,Iy Johnson to get his ac-
iZ!"1' "e wooa ana Lwaen
JJP i may be said to be on the to
The leaders will not im
JS?Wy give up but the drift is
EHT i0" Hughes, Sproul.
Jr. Unroot and the others
t. aurd leas prominently
e primary campaign and the
Rev. 7u.v . M
t"?ot Dallas, celebrates the
j ' 4'varaanr of UaonUnatloa
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