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' . . .(- ... . . v - . ,a-j
1 tmnZf ttnta reeele
af t K San f Place
to Ur Ia.
j the ieaersl : belief of tb
j Island ml titato men that
tow tor rent" is rapidly be-
;; a thing of the past, ai
1 More long, if ; there' to ;
jaf tn present conditions. It will
I srscticallr Impossible for a per-
to rent a house.
Ike present trend, it la pointed
by local realtor, naa aro-
jseisd to each an extent, that they
ulr if ever hare a houae Hated
ax rent, and if they do get one It
a nlr the matter of a day until
y la gobbled np. The renting slt
sjtton haa become ao acute locally,
to the real eitate men and other
a poeltion to know, of nanng a
tact to live in la to buy it
Dally more renter, tiring of the
aidless search for a house to rent
r becoming buyer. Honaea
kich are beinc rented by the Pre.
art occupant are being bought by
attars, and they in turn are forced
to eek a place elsewhere, and fin
ally, to bay In order to get one.
Eekhart Ghes Views.
There are said to be several fac
tor which ar regarded aa respon
sible for the present situation. - J.
B. Eckhart of the real eitate firm of
-mammmmmmmmtGmc- vssasssssissBaBSBssscBssBSsawssMssisssssBV I
- IOC " -V t-i'tM tLam.
' nij Czrzr at the rental
bzZJL fcaaaat; It Is a
saKtet a nmnailu tow. fceciaaa tt
a MC tniUi la tmJt m. km. mm
KU ail mt it m.i
that the aranc saw ew ear.
TIa taeaaaa mm mmt aiiM
awatk. ke eaaantaTof tm Jm
of it. or Sit war aaata, om
"How are aoaeat Bin tn h. tarn
to rent fr S40T A are room koas
cannot w auSft lor toss tasa $MM
aaa ue iram that, sad yoa cent
reat it Cor Sea aaa saak m
oa the iBTestawrt. allowfac 1 mmr
"w aapnaanoa, I per cent for
npam, a par eaat lor vacaaetee, 1
per eaat for insurance, water reat.
whs, etc.
Liaises ""' eaata Mm
down, a tenant with aa Income of
izoe per month caaaot lire tn a
cottage or bungalow. He wlU be
forced to lire la the compact two
ana. urea room apartment house.
"MT advise to every renter ia to
start aad buy a hoaee at once as
rents are going to be higher ai
soon there will not be any homes
built to reat.
"By the time a man reaches the
age of 60 years, his money earning
power begins to decline aad he
should own his owa home. Statis
tics show that M per cent of men
reaching CO years of age are not
able to pax their rent.
"So tt behooves every man to
start at once to own his own
Ototoi XiBtmtWmw - !ssst
, sf i sim s i
to the
Tea caaaot Jail aa
sot pat handnrff oa
Toa cannot seas a
electric chair.
Ton can send a maa with aa idea
to Jail, hat, llha Paul, he caa say:
i am aa amaassaoor it hoofs.
There may he castes aa his wrist,
hat there are ao castas aa his tav
partoi spirit. ';t .
Toa may put haaaraffa oa the
maa with a taoagat, bat yoa have
not fatered kla thlnaing. His mea
ts! process aa go oa, ai
Two out of every five men who
marry do ao between the ages of
20 and 25.
Tea may sead a maa with a
coavtetloa to the fallows, bat his
Ideal etades yea aad his great soul
goes marching oa.
Therefore tt to fooUsh to fight
ideals with force. It ia Om height
of folly for governmenta to assume
taat they can keep people froa
thinking by a ahow of the mill'
toiy. .-, .-
me only thing that wm kill at
Idea is a better idea. Toa mast do
more than shoot bullets at people
wno rank, you must low your
gaa wtth gray
something I
tt to .aat had IM
It to daaseroaa tor
aa. It to taa aUUtv to orodoee
ms which Ufts maa to the top of
aattoa. society made up ot peo
ple was do not think is headed for
A aattoa whose people foHow
tradttJoaa, whose etttosas are dom-
toated ar aarttoaaaaisv whose pow
er to physical aad sot mental, whose
laws dsssad tor their authority on
idtog army aad not on the
of right to tte hearts of the
people, to a nation scheduled for the
People must think. And yet la
thought enough? Are ideas all that
people need? Criminals have plen
ty of Ideas. Because a maa haa sa
idea, does that invest him with a
god-gtvea right to ma loose and
promote his Idea? Ideas must he
underwritten, aad the only thing
that caa do It ia a right life.
If a man's heart Is right, you caa
take chances oa his head; but if
hla heart ia full of hate, beware of
his Mess. "For as a man thinketh
la his heart, ao is he." '
Anto Hlmi 1tnf1 iwillm nf.
to think. Buk v .v- vi-
aot to dol -
am gouem ameer wno ever servea
to the PhiUppInea, as weU aa by
reason of his place as chief of the
aaove .city. : fi
The news of his expected arrival
preceded, him by several weeks, for
he was one of the figures of most
interest oa the steamer . which
brought him to San Francisco some
time ago, and sews of his popular
ity aboard ahlp found its way to
Rock Island and to The Argus.
He reached here, after some time
spent to the west, a few days ago.
and expects to make this country
and this locality, in which he spent
earlier day, hi -home from this
time on.
Mr. Hohman went to Manila dnr-
,tog the Cpsatok American war, aad
jraa stsaafly to his place oa the
I police eqaad to district captain, aad
ithea to chief at the force. He has
avea taroaga all the stormy periods
to the history of the istoada, and
having served efltetoetiy and brave
ly to his official capacity, haa now
come home to pass the rest of his
days on United States soil
. The annual banquet of the col
ored stadeats of the high aad gram
mar schools of the city will be glv
et by the Progressive Art club at
the Masonic haa, comer of Seven
teenth street and Third sveaae, oa
this evening at t o'clock. A pro
gram has been arranged,, -
the chief attractions of
the Russell Brothers' snowa,
which come to Rock Island ander
the auspices of the Trl-Ctty Feder
atioa of Labor next week, are the
RusseU brothers themselves.
These entertainment experta like
the crowd. They not only under
stand and apply the psychology of
entertainment, la planning their
shows, but like to mix, mingle with
sad "lolly" the people who patron
ise them. ' They are seen day and
aight about the grounds aa super
visors and aa "good fellow."
The carnival ia recommended by
f Csaar Csr ?" -
has ' beea ahowlcz t W v
"clean aad waolseome.stTcyc
which has not been vea to i
of the caratvals appearing to t
! dty la the past" . -t-v, , r-
Three huadred people are
ployed by the Russell brother"
2 can are needed to aaat t
exhibiUoas from place to. I
Thv offer as attractions bare-t
riders, sletght of hand peraw-- ,
dancing girla, wreatlera, eW; ,
many mechanical devices aad ow ' ;
feature a.
Whenever a large town ta t''
British tales changes Its source
water supply, a sample ie taken
the tea-blenders. In order that C.
right blend of tea may be made t
suit that particular water.
(Special to The Argua.)
Springfield, nu'June 24. Grant
L. Hughea of East Moline, a vet
eran of the World war, passed the
state civil service examination for
institution bookkeeper. It waa an
nounced by the commission today.
Miss Flossie Legg, Watertown state
hospital of East Moline, passed the
examination for registered nurse..
Automobiles Washed,
Polished and Greased.
Called for and
312 24th St R. 1. 163
' The largest meteorite actually
known to have fallen - to earth
weighed 427 pounds.
At 7 o'clock at 1011 P u Avenue
H. HEDRICK, Auctioneer.
You can't help saying it, after you've had a taste of this palate tickling, stom
ach satisfying Graino! The delicious snappy flavor which you can't just describe,
but which you instantly recognize as the "real thing," is there! The soothing
warmth which follows, the feeling of well being, are quite convincing you know
Sat here is a beverage which really fills the bill. v
Do you know why Graino is different better why it is preferred by those
who have tried it? Well for one thing
i Graino Was the First on the Market i
S The first "cereal beverage" to be introduced in "dry" sections.
That means more experience back of it. And experience certainly
S counts in producing a beverage like Graino. A beverage which
H' must comply with all government requirements, and yet satisfy
H the most critical taste. " "
j It takes time to acquire the knack of making .
S a beverage of this character making it RIGHT.
i S The Graino of today after years of expenence
rS is even better than when first produced. And
i hah. t tM K A .1 r A n .MA,,A rWnMA a .AM
ing into its own!
With the Real Taste
If you've tasted Graino we know yo u UrETTER If you ve not yet
tasted Graino, try it now-we know you 11 LIKfc. II Btl lUC, m
You'll like the tangy flavor of hops - the REAL TASTE You 11 hke
Graino because of its purity and wholes omeness-its hfe and sparkle-te fine
color and creamy foam its thirst-oendung and satisrymg quaUUes and, we
say it again, you'll like the REAL TASTE. .
Graino is the all seasons' drink the drink for cool days as well as for warm
days. The drink ior meal time and for aU cccasions. :
Drink it at the Club, the Hotel, the Cafe the Soft Drink Parlor, the Foun-tain-Jrink
itathome. '..Good for the whole family-young and old-and some
thing you can offer your guests without an apology.
Have a Case of Graino DeUvered to Your Home Order Today from Your Grocer
Phone Dav. 51 Dave-pert, Iowa
rtCfc A noi . iievaaicATirtB'Crr 5
VvMOr-CtlrtAL- mvis
iJoje or vouH jy EE
VSi "ev CO-
.S.Wf (Safes & Ss?
The Best Place To Trade After All.
1 Pay Sale of Boys Suits
This is your opportunity to buy your1
boy a quality suit at a price which,
cannot be duplicated. For two days,,.
may have the choice of any boy's suit ;
(blue serges excepted) at a reduction
From Present Prices
Which means that you buy it at one
half the present value. This sale is
arranged as a money-saver for our
patrons, because prices for clothing
will be higher this fall than they are
Take advantage of this sale, you not '
only effect an immediate saving, but discount the higher cost of the future.
1-3 NOW. .. .20.34
1-3 NOW... .....16.33
1-3 NOW...... .........15.87
1-3 NOW..... 12.34
1-3 NOW 9.67
1-3 NOW 9.00
1-3 NOW .
Juvenile suits for little ones from 3 to 7 years of age, priced
at 6.45, 6.75, 7.00 and 8.45
Men's Raincoats 13 Off
These rainproof coats are of 3-ply and rubber interlined.
You have the choice of tan, heather mixed and oxford
grey. Made so they may be worn as a light overcoat. The
regular low prices are 8.75, 9.75, 1 5.00, 1 7.50, 20.00 and '
up to 27.50.
Specially priced for Friday and
Saturday. Crepe de chine in at
tractive stripes and white jersey
silk shirts, 15.00 and 13.50 Q
values, special price
Broadway silk stripes, extra wear
ing quality silks, 12.50 Q OO
values, special price
Tub silk shirts in fancy stripes, val
ues to 10.00.
Saturday VIO
The finest assortment of silk knit
ted ties that you could expect to
find. Beautiful heather mixtures,
stripes and combination designs.
Have been selling well at 4.00 and
4.50. For two days, Friday and
Saturday, you may take your 1
choice at j.25.
Other silk knit ties, attractive de
signs, splendid 3.00 values, "J 7K
Friday and Saturday - As 1 1 t
She who travels with an
Indestructo knows real
trunk quality strength
plus comfort
Stength is of first impor
tance because security
insures service.
:q 1
are the only trunks so con
structed that five years trunk
service can be guaranteed. The
laminated wood construction
accounts for the wonderful
wearing-, quality.
1CC3 Second Avenue,
Rock UUnd, HI.
isf 1 il 1 f i --.'V.-T -
ym .
pOCKIVSO. MX., f ,
J?jL jra -7TTT
JrTVj suotaltl4t. .
M Vtaystal eL
e-SS J
i3( ,
aa-s-a , , -

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