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, ,r-:r..-"'",-'i",j
., MS '
1 I
' . ... S Wva- ta
to tM immi won re
ilv "other, Mrs. w. p.
V0 BffcMwth - inw,
rlow tajwrtea eaeteiBed
t . tzim ereshe am a hrtdee
Jwt aottft f Hnbotdt,
' iST SWordey. Rot. J. B.
ji tkto city ww also bed
f a the aine accident Both
TVui victims of the wreck
IB slttKWfh the
- - hir tntartoa fcaa not
k dttemined, ere resting mere
wreck eeurred when Roy
lKim on thu aflnneapolis-
f t. train from FX Dodire
n Md keen OB bOSilMM to
,mmmn, lows, where he la work-
!"ia the train waa crossing a
- g Jampsd the bridge and
tag down into the water. Roy
rUter In the smoker, only one
at wsfch ,nt0 tt water, 1
jggH UN ear was badly twiated
- damaged and the passenger
.led aad injured in the sudden
ih. Klna oerson were killed
rlgbt and 21 were seriously ta
iled. Including Morgan and
jt. krdback.
I lar ft Injnrrd Internally.
The injured lad was taken to Ft.
-Igi where he was placed In
w If rtir 'hnenltal T)a.
um broken left lee and fractured
tit finger on the rl,;ht hand, it is
-tred that the Morgan ooy sunereo
itraal Injuries in the accident, as
g other passengers were
Sown about the car when the
1b leaped from the tracks and
;h the air to toe stream neiow.
IAIOi run luvg.
Ittled b'ds will bit received at
w Mayor's office. Rock Island.
Mis, until 10 o'clock a. m., July
ilMOt for painting at the Cen
1 tire station, Sevententh street
yrifth avenue. Specifications
at the Mayor's office. City
fts the right to reject any or
)t Commissioner..
! ff-:3 cDlcsctcr Learned
Detail v. 4u.'atMl.
ft of Ou Rack IcteaO Brtdo on
IB H. 8 IraoBAte i
Ua t reeM. kfu .rf tl -ki-l
wtwktar of the Msmriot Beat ea
porauoav -Baf-Vx".
Tna Raek jtaiBiid Brtd, the
waa laniuaXarl fM. w.-. TT!
Nawmrk, K. T.. o Nor. U, nder
the avoaawablp of rlfc. Edward
.v711 atractural iron
Work of thaNhoat . A k Ji"
Rock Island Bride- and iJ
Worka of wnlok eompaoy Mr.
Manhard la SMeretar andtrMJT.i
BMBBfer. , .. ......
.tbo etory of the ramminx and
alnktnt of too Rock Island Bridae.
. "inJWpplnf Kaporto receded
- - - v pej v aWftai Ufa) FfJ
this year a very Buacr kmm
waa flrwi of V collisloo and ereo
tual foundering of the 8. S. Rock
la land Brldn in th s..n..
The arrival of a menatr nf
the crew In New York last week,
however, clarified the situation con
siderably by telling the story of the
accident with picture, which are
ahown herewith.
"The 8- 8- Rock' Island Bridge
sailed from Boston early to the
feal,rl" fuU wJ arrived
In Flnahlnar. Holland in th. .i.
did time of 13 days and 16 hours.
. waging xj w Knot! ner
hour during the entire voyage. ; i
sldertng the fact that her coni 1 st
apeed waa hot 10 knoU per hour.
the Teasel daring the abbreviated
venae, oi per bob are periormed
7 creoiuuny.
gawiad Off rtkaat.
'After diaeharrlnr har Mmjf
Flaabing the Rofik Island Bridge
left. the Netberland port for Fal
mouth. Whileofl Dahaat, on the
northwestern coast of France, she
was rammed by the 8. S. Iroqaoia,
a laden tanker. The heavy blanket
Of fb tha airrelnaiMl thm tnrtnw
Channel caused further confusten
ana, qve lo nusiacen signals, tne
tanker hit the crippled freighter
aarmin. ln1 than a m m Tm Am
Impact waa directly amidships, and
tn. Vim fcrs wa est waT T
The second aad third Wowa. fw-
ever, were fatal, the cmw;
uwieldT tanker pliejclaf htr pew
Bridge, cutting a gaping hole aw
the water line. '
IMaks m Maaeei wr.
"Despite her severe woenda,
Bitrk lalazul Bridae eUsffaytd I-
markafcle vitality. Her -2l
don settled down to we -level,
bnt her forward bkheada
kept her afloat The 8. 8. RJf"f
answered her distresa taA
i,.a bitn Valmnatk barBer.
where she sank In shallow wfcUr.
According to our inrormani.
lives were lost, and that the POsK
tion of the foundered vessel In the.
English port is such that her
vage la not a partionlany dUBovlt
"Tne B. B. kocb isiann
Carnations, doz.. ..'..50c
Roses, doz.. 50 and 75c
The Flower Shop
With a green house In the loop.
1616 2nd Ave.
jjH by the Case
NlU-155 Copa-Cola Bottling Works
3rd Ave. and 2.th St. P
9 Phone K. 1. 1822 j
O. jr-j. r-l --m to tJe e
ptng board bS?S
aor waa KTs. Edward KsakarC
wtti efaa eCal ef t, BoST
aaaa tweiaw ooaapaay, one ef our
denvery tjbe venal was aUooatsd to
irwrnaes e uo. or Boston, snip ee-
Washington, July I. A land
nay of lOsXOOO fane isustolre.
f5Jtod and orfaaisad by the de.
pwtment of agrlevlttre Is moving
wheat belt barveatteg the natioo'a
jrajnerep B better Msw than la
many years, according to .reports
today to the departaent -.
Ter the trst time to yea farm
ers have 'not 'been handicapped
threes labor saortacas." IXractor
Taylor of the farm boreea said. ,.
And tt- raphla, from the decks of
the steamer Capitol. Friday, lely
9. Day trip , to Cttatoa. l
Rock Island 9:l a. at. Fara
On the new ateamr CapitoU. I.K
day. inly . v Pack the ptatsr l
kets aad bring the family tor a coot i
breeey ride. Leaves Rock Iv d
8:0 a. W. : 'X
A threshinj job done by the INDIVIDUAL
) and a Fordson near Davenport, Iowa.
This Steel Separator Built
Especially for Fordson Tractor
Wood Bros. Individual Thresher is
built on csactly the same principle at the large
teparstori Wood Bros, have been building
for yean. Like the Model T Ford Chassis,
the principle ef Wood Bros, machines has not
changed because it is right and gets roaxi
. mum results. It operates with one-third the
crew a big threshing rig requires. '
Cylinder is 20 inches-rear 36 inches,
the right proportions to save vour Krsin.
You can't save train with a wide cylinder'
and a imill rear. That is where the big watte
comes with most small machines.. . Wood .
Brot. 31 yetrt at practical threshermen has
, told them exactly the right proportions to
save grain. That it why theINDIVIDUAL
for Fordtona it 20x36.
The heavy 12bar cylinder in the
INDIVIDUAL equalise the draft and holds
a tteady motion. Thit a very important
feature of the INDIVIDUAL for ute with
your Fordson. Thit heavy cylinder keeps
the feed from choking up, and the 63 big steel
teeth in it will cot the grain from ha heads
in the toughest kind of work.
Wood Bros. INDIVIDUAL Thfesh-'
er it built for the busy farmer who doesn't
want to spend a lot of time tinkering with
complicated machinery. It utet .only five
belts and has lest than half the number of
parts of the average machine.
Wood Bros, warranty gives INDI-
VIDUAL owners these guarantees: to thresh
grain clean from .the heads; to save the grain;
' to operate with less power than any tbnsber
of tame size and equipment, threshing the
time amount of grain; to thresh clover and
all small seeds; cylinder will not wrap in any
grain, wet or dry. Wood Bros., further war
rant all parts of the INDIVIDUAL against
defective materials for one year, and sbaft
t ings against b-eakage for five years. .
Wood Broa! INDIVIDUAL Thresh-
er, built of steel, is the beat machine for use
with your Fordaon. We've tested it aad we
know,. ' ...
Last year 150 Fordson owners in this territory
bought and used INDIVIDUAL Separators. Every
one of these fanners found the INDIVIDUAL sat
isfactory in every way. It operated easily with their
Fordson. It threshed theic grain dean. It gave
them no mechanical trouble.
The perfect performance of the INDIVIDUAL
with the Fordson attracted our attention. We
worked it out on a big threshing job of our own
we compared its work with other small threshers '
.and from our own experience satisfied ourselves
that the best thresher on the market for use
with the Fordson Tractor is a
1 wooo airae. ssrns., ois skmnks
It will save you many hard-earned dollars because It
Sa-M -our thnaber bill.
. Sa-a your grain bacaua you can thraaa when yea are
raadv. No mitint ' thraharnMn wao might a a
moath away tram vour alaoa, while your grain Uea out
m the fldd. blaarhlnt aad aprouttog.
Ss-at your graaa liKaw you can aat to It yourieB that the
lob la dan right. 11m work 1 not rutnad tfarongh by a
big thraahtag crew anxious to get to the nest Job.
Saves you that three or four weak of extra work at thrash
ing Mom that yau nave been required to xebans with
the whole neighborhood h order to get your threshing
dona when rnur turn cams.
assas the good wilt toe Jab of cooking aad reading a whal
Be independent of the weather free from worry.
A few bushels of grain saved per acre a threshing '
bill saved worry and disappointment that hurt a
man more than hard work all gone, will repay you
double fold in a short time. Your Fordson and
the INDIVIDUAL Thresher will answer your
threejung problems this year and for all yean to
come. w . i
' Note: The railroad situation is so serious that flat can
cannot be secured to ship separators. After two months' wait
ing; we received Just one separator the other day. We will
sell this separator to the farmer who is tn most need of it.
Price complete 12W.0O, f. o. b. Davenport ,
Rock bland!
P-tticMt. 11
I- v whs ' i , -
Bcrininji Tomorrov at 0:30 A. hi
n I
Ri bi I 1 'K - --
Every year we plan to make our July Disposal Sale one of our great ssfe vECts,
year many of the lots are limited and garments are without duplicate and this fact
urges us to advise early shoDDintr. Women who have deferred until now the jumrie
tioif of their summer wardrobe will find comprised m yhe anj!S5JCft)d idctionf ijfr
urauw w uu vtbtt neeu. ' '
ihfr Oitricej of Entire Stock
At One-Third
Newest dresses in Beaded Georgettes,
Flowered Georgettes, Silk Foulards,
Satins, Tricolettes and Taffetas. Wom
en's and Misses' sizes.
... Ap r-
Wash Dresses
Refwlarly Prieel t.E3f WXX'iti.W
And If res knew gvod
jea w stioUy rgflss
ss the saaat ajsadsifml sb have
ever sees at tl.M aad tilt.
Tsjerre fieaetssllr ef etaer
priBttd veflet m variel eater
. Strles that are salteMe far
the miss er mstrsn sal as
On speeial sale tisMrrsw at
tt.sg sad glS.tS.
" A Sale of New Wash Skirts
For Outing or Vacation Days Choice of Entire Stock
. r Wash skirts one of the most timely garments for summer wear are offered in a"
smart collection of immaculate white gabardines with fancy groupings of tucks and ' - j
A. buttons, natch and set in Dockets. The mice is remarkably low for aualitv skirta.
Spring Suits
Very Desirable for Fall Wear
., Choke ef Bntire Steefc
Make Tear Owa
I awl variel srleetson ef enreatse
m the beet ef sew
I iisdlfal jmm starts sWsssS as
ta. istees, rtte, ttr, Svsrr (
1 I . .. . , 1
a maetovM oue or ,
Georgette "
SBaafafaaSav BBafal
"""" - 5W-53itS'C A Cu :J
j' I r'J:'y "J "
2m 1 1 cSgg w
Augustana College
A Christian Co-educational Institution
V With the Highest Ofiidal Rating j:
coixses, acadcbtt. cojtsebtatort, school ' ,r
. aOOCCTIOI. ' . js
,78 Students
68 Teachers
The Colkse DepxrtmexA offers the follofwiiig
groups for the dtree of Bachelor of Arts
Lamfaage Orean, LatiBs
eroePi EnarllBh 6renn.
ftagfats Afjcast 30th, 1920.
wittato .
KKKKXat Of 90.
GUSTAV AlaDREEN, President
Bock Island, miaou
IndestTucto knowtieal
S it mi ilitn' "ail 1111111117 ,
uuauk p Hu""kr 8Mvin
plx conif Ott
Stength is c first - impor
tance because, security
insures eervice.
are the only trunks so con
structed that, five years trunk
service can be cuaranteed. The
lAininated wood construction
accounts for the wonderful
wearing quality. '
1003 Second Avenue,
Rock bland; IlL
1 '

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