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The Rock Island Argus and daily union. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1920-1923, July 16, 1920, Image 17

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Dee to Meyer; Meyer (naassittei).
jen oa aaaee hock uiaaa, a;
Tern Haate, 7. .Barn oa balls
Off IMnit, 7; off CaaeuJ, L
Straek ont By Stewart, 1 ; by
CB0id, 7. Wild altea Canoni,
2. Hit batoman By Stewart
(Kohls). Empire Jones, Ttane of
press Staff Correspondent)
New ; York. Jnly 16. Resolute,
AiaerlcalB cup defender; will sail
the second race of the series tomor
row against Shamrock IV, the New
Tork Tacht club announced today.
The broken UimtitiinMi v..v.
csosed Resolute to withdraw from
ino nm race yesterday with an al
most sare victory la her grasp, will
be repaired today.
Displaying sportsmanship char
acteristic of him, sir Thomas Lip
ton, owner of the winning sloop,
was reluctant to take credit for a
victory won on what he termed a
The New York Yacht club refus
ed to consider such a protest, how
ever, pointing out that the flrat
Shamrock was forced tn vittuira
by an accident In the race against
PntflMU. Is 1 Drift
-How Bace Was Lost.
Charles Francis Adams, skipper
of Resolute, explained the accident
which caused him to lose at the
ft.) :
m 1
by nearly Are miaetea.
halyard pars4 at
to wtoch," he said. Tke srJt eel
lapsed n the ssatoaaff faaT
aamtoed the break and when It
was found ttst repairs were impos
sible we withdraw .mi wmm .
tender to tow nh,".,- ...
. The first battle for the can res
torday was dlaeoaraging la assay
ways. The weather was a medley
of squalls, rain, thunder showen,
sBnahlne, ealms and blows. -BeoaajtofloUalMHV
Adams outgeneraled Barton and
got away more Qua mlnnto ahead
of the Upton yacht. The defender
increased the distance and held it
through varying weather conditions
until near tha haJramv imb
the race had developed Into I drift
ing maicn wna tne aerender about
six minutes ahead on aetaal time
and all mhrataa aA Cortv umiuli
ahead on the time allowance.
Just as Resolute started the tarn
around Corsair. - J. p. Kmui
yacht, which was acting as a mark
er, nor mainsau leu. The cnalleng
er was thus given a lead and sure
of victory if she could' finish the
second halt of the raea within ikm
hoars.' .
" Sacrifice for Speed. -Resolute
sacrificed itahltitv fnr
speed. She gambled, so to speak.
and lost She wfll gamble In each
of the following races.
If she cracked 4atm1 wWh
hardly more than a breath of wind
numg. nor sails, her chances la a
twenty or thirty knot blow which
kicks up often around Sandv Honk.
dont make Americans optimistic of
Keeping the cup in uncle Sam's
locker. .
Experts today were Inclined to
criticise the New York Yaeht club
for its Judgment In choosing Reso
lute over Vanitie to defend the cup.
The accident, wan t"h a tnnrth ma.
Jor mishap that has befallen Reso
lute since sne stanea ner trial
races with Vanitie. '
Others claim that it was mis
handling that ran the defender into
her accident.
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Toledo, Ohio, July 16. Pal Moore,
Memphis, won over Patsy Wallace
of Philadelphia In a 1 j-roond boat
here last night
The steamer Casltol can not he
beat Five hundred large rocking
chairs, plush upholstered seats, 100
electric fans. Leaves Davenport
2:00 p. nw Rock Island i:M. Re
turns 7:00 p. m, Saturday, July 17.
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Jenkins; lb II 0 0
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LtttreU, rt .......4 S ft
Teaar. a 4 0 0 1 4
AB. R. H. PQt A.K,
uraig. ec 4 0 1 J
Both, c 4
Nesser. lb 4
Brown, lb .......4
Newasha, rt
Danahar. If t
Macasy, p .......
1 10
Totals ....u tnu a
Oaiar RapMi ....01 01000 10-4
Peoria 000000000-4
, Two base aits Newasha. Straok,
ont Bv Macsra. a Taaar a.
Bases oa balls-Off liaekey. 1; off
Tesar, a. wild pitches Teaar. I;
Mackey, 1. First oa eirois Jeak
Ins. . Lett oa besee Cedar Rapids.
7: Peoria. 7. 8tolea bases Ltot;
Bvers. Double plays Drisssa to
Brown to Neaaer. Umpiree. Ds-
Lave and Weir. Ttaee of
1:35. Attendance tOO.
Beck Iskusl at B
: xeuae at Tern
JteeUsrd at F
Cedar Raaidi at
: i
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