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" : . ... i - .
jinm dy
133 CTIJ
r Ifet Irtt step to reorganise the
lLnaltr toT ue Pr,Bt tostaa
;wjaM stretch of the Three-Eye
togs derby m completed today
w presdent C W. Mueller, who
ggeoanced that Innelder Hoy Brawn
Ii4 ea purchased from Peoria,
M cub coniidentlon remalnioc t
rirowo, rated with Murphy aa
put of the ihort fleldera )o tbe
ifmt bd not been on good terms
iKh the Peoria, management, re
! ailtinf in hU being left behind
; waaa the Tractors took the road
i si the present trip.
t Xollao OatUd.
I j ostrs began to fly thick and fast
vtea it was learnea inai arown
! vat on the market Erery Three
! tr club placed bids for the ilay-
)) 0, but the choice of his delivery
tjatty narrowed down to Bock la-
i Ism ana uoiine. ine riows were
jtseciaiiy anxious 10 get urawn to
reslace Third Baseman Strasbangh,
wbote batting has been poor. ,
President Mueller, determined
to bolster . the islanders at any
t arice, succeeded in outbidding Man
ager Mack of tbe Plows, and Brown
'is expected to arrive in Rock Is-
.Jaad in tine for today's final game
WIU toe moomero. orown proD
gkly will be used at third base as
son as be arrives. Thereby bangs
Xtaether piece of news.,
, Martin Sold to Evas.
Thlrd Baseman Martin was sold
i vetterday to Evansville in return
tor Inflelder Rychner and a cash
Snideratlon; President Mueller
dosing the deal with Manager Ba
tting of the Evas, who replaced
MBroh sis manager last week.
' Some will be puxifed to know
1 why Martin was sold, recalling bis
i fa fcattlnr and fleldlne of late.
i The truth be known, Martin was
I tnt to break the Ice about getting
iwy from Rock Island. He told
1 Trtiident Mueller some time ago
tftat he was dissatlsOed. Mr. Muel
ler promised to see what he could
It to effect his transfer to another
dob in the league, and yesterday's
teal Is the result
"Also Get Ryebner.
With Roy Brown on the way, tbe
! Wanders will have an extra play
er on their hands in Ryebner. Tbe
I ktUr-has played about three weeks
j with tbe Evas and has shown
Hough ability to stand the gaff of
I lay class B team. He is young
Laid fast, and can play in the out
bid equally as well as in the ln
1M, specializing at third base.
Sow comes the announcement
Jmt .Harry Lane, the . Davenport
loolboy, who performed so well
) ittfhat the Bloomers on Tuesday,
j las almost decided to forsake a
' Wlegs career to play professional
: mi President Mueller and Man
i Hw Qlockson are to have another
toaference with the youngster to
y, and it might not be surprls-
y, and
X If be
(7 u
J Use dc
J tsesday t
i, tttion, sa
was signed to a contract
lane Pro tea Ability.
demonstrated in his tryont
that he has every qualifi
cation, sare experience, to make, a
i war uwmona jwriurmor, iuu un
! bltnders are especially anxious to
tcqulre his services at this time
whn ill ffnrt r helne nooled
i is pull the club out of the hole for
! I creditable season showing. ' -.
! The Peoria Tractors wtll invade
i Douglas park tomorrow-for. the
! ,WMk-end series, which will include
i ( double-header Sunday. The Trao
t tors fell Into a dismal slump at
I atoltne during the last four days
: lad are not expected to recover
their effectiveness here. . The Pe-
ertsns sppear to have been demor
alized by dissensions, as indicated;
. by the sale of Roy Brown to tbe
; Expect Crowd Records.
' the champion Bloomers, record-
breaking crowds are expected to
Borrow, Saturday and Sunday at
Douglas park.
me laianners now are piaying
the ton of their nma and de-
1 sVve everv lota of suDoort from
I lock Island random. They have
'iroved their class and there la
jjfaity of time during the remain
, Jl 47 games to pull up and out of
tat hole and finish either in fifth
;jrsistb place even higher. Who
, snows?
Ostend, Belgium, July 29. The
jtaerican polo team defeated tbe
, Belgians, 13 to 3, in the Olympic
K HOME RUNS by Wright Stone,
letcher snd Tragressor were re
JOBsible for the Phils winning tbe
i "coed game of a double-header
;JWk the Pirates. 6 to 4. Tbe Pir-
!"took the first, to 3.
jJlAGBY scored hU 21at victory
Teo the Indians won from tbe
, 8ot. 8 to 0. '
Ped bat the Robins to a 9 to 0
,uto over the Champion Rede,
Men and
- . ., " '
Tennis and
r.ov c:.:v;; c?
SOIi) TOliSr
' lint InhcT h
moomington: Kellerman . don
bled to . left Coltrin aaerillead.
Stewart to Gloi, Kellerman taking
third. Thompson hit a aaerilke
ny to w. Olox. scoring Kellerman.
Fothergill scratched kit to Mur-
pny. sykes walked. Snvder fan
ned. His pro tent waa overruled by
Umpire Llpe. One run, two bite,
no errora. . -
BOCK ISLAND Zefaer kneekei
down Marpbys' shxler snd threw
him out Wltk - Pnrpara batting,
lucnrr snyaer got into aa aiterea.
tlon with Umpire Llpe over the for.
mers prevloas strike-oat gnvder
uursienea 10 pnnce upe, Bat rieid
Umpire Wler ease la and seat Snv.
der to tbe benem, Xanager Dana re
lieving- nun DennM ue plate, rwt
pnra then singled to left aad stole
second en Dnnn's wild pec. Ben
son worked Zelaer for a pass. Len-
ahaa feU while fielding If. Glox's
foul pop, bat hold the ball. JTcIn-
ery en, toima te sykes, a nashy
pickup by Coltrm uvlag a hit aad
ran. ao runs, so bite, no errors.
Secoad Inning,
aioomington: w. uiox made a
great stop of Lenahan's teaser over
first. Jantzen walked. Zeiser filed
to Mclnery. Kellerman popped to
Purpura. No runs, no hits, no' er
rors. -
ROCK ISLAND t W. Glox pepped
to Coltrin. Martin doubled te the
clubhouse. Dixon walked. Stew
art fanned. Murphy forced Dixon,
l oicna io Jteuermaa, Ao runs, no
mis, no errors.
Third Inning.
Bloomington: Coltrin grounded
to Murphy. Thompson walked and
stole second. Purpura ran in be
hind short and pulled down Folk
ergill's popup. Sykee walked.
Dunn popped to Murphy.' No runs,
no hits, no errors.-
ROCK ISLAND: Purpura oat,
Kellerman to Sykes. Benson lined
to FoUiergUL N. GLOX HIT A
BOARD. Mclnery pooped te Lea.
ahaii behind pitcher's box. Y One
ran, one bit, no errors. . ".
Fourth Inning. "
Bloomington: Lenahan out Ben
son to Glox. Jantzen singled
through Martin and Murphy. It was
a wicked roller. Zeiser beat out a
bunt along third "base line, Dixon
and Martin colliding after Dixon's
delayed peg to first . Both runners
advanced on Kellerman'g but" Dix
on to Sykes. It was a bard bit ball
that dropped in front of tbe plate.
Coltrin fanned. No runs, two- bits,
no errors.
BOCK ISLAND: . Glox singled
through short Coltrin stood la his
tracks to field tbe ball bnt It went
through without touching his bands.
Martin skied to Thompson. Glpx
stele second en Dunn's low throw.
Dixon waa hit by a pitched bait
Kellerman raa back aad palled
dewa Stewart'a popup. Murphy
scratched a alt to 8y es, filling the
bases.. Pnrpara walked, forcing la
W. Glox. Beasoa fanned. One raa,
two bits, ao errors,.. : , t
fifth Inaiaga.
Bloomington: Thompson walked.
Fothergill sacrificed, Stewart . to
Glox.. Sykes doubled to the fence
in center, Mclnery's great throw-
in 'holding Thompson at third.
Dunn's sacrifice fly to W. Glox
scored Thompson, Sykes going to
third. Lenahan fanned. One run,
one hit no errors.
ROCK ISLAND: Coltrin averted
a triple by N. Glox by pallia dowa
bis wicked line drive in Us tracks.
The ball was headed tor the wide
open. fence corner a left center. Me
lnerv popped to Coltrin. Zeiser
lost control and passed W. Glex,
Martin and Dixon. Stewart drop
ned a single In left, storing Glex
and Martin, Dlxoa taking second.
Lenahan raa into the box aad pau
ed down Murphy's popap. Two
runs, one hit, no errors.
. Mxtn laniag.
Bloomington; Jantsen out Dix
on to Glox. It was a bunt hit ball.
Zeizer fanned, Kellerman lined to
Mclnery. No runs, not bits, no er
rors. .
BOCK island: rarpara wni
hit on the rlrht knee. Benson sac
rifieed, Zeiser to KeUersaaa, who
covered first. Thompson grabbed
KGlox's Texas leaguer, jaeinerv
imrioa tii left center, scoring rar-
arm. Stmt overrna nm m um
" a . -
tJirnwa-in. phi wh mm
Mvkmi aronnea me rewercui
Coltrin relay. Error for Sykes. if .
Glox neaped to Coltrbb Oaa ran.
oae alt, one error.
Seventh Inning.
" Rioominsrton: Coltrin fanned,
Thompson walked. FothergUl bit
ntn m double dUt, Murphy Boa-
son to Glox. No runs, no hits, no
hack ISLAND: Martta vtarM
LtkMMh th iiax aad went to
ead ea warn ,
flvkes. Stewart fanned. Murphy
.in.ijui dMB rhrht center.
lag Martin. Marpby eat staeliac,
Dana to Coltrla. Oae raa, -rwa ana,
ao errors.
. Eigatn inning.
Bloomington: Stewart showed
signs of weakening. He paaaed
Sykes, who went to second on
Dunn's single to center. Lenahaa
tapped a single past Martin, filling
tbe base. Stewart passed Jant
sen. forcing Sykea." Deania re
placed Stewart In the box for Rock
i.ind Zaiatir fanned. Kellermaa
kit ii.tn ifonble nlar. Murphy to
JUmmm ta GDOX. mnrffll UO
It waa the boat fielding play of the
Superb pitching Games Mediocre
; Club Along Road to Pennantville
On paper the Robins doat look
o good. Bat what la that ta your
Undo WUbert?
Thr old bor is S7 and fat bnt
hie heart is young and his diges
tion perfect. :
Laat eartng the axperta looked
bis athlatoa over and aaeaaed mar-
be bed be a first division dab, bat
too sever mentioned nnvthinc
abeat a Flatbaah pennant
TBea u aeemed that any team
playing in the same wheal with
the rapid-fire clicking of the world
eaampioa Reds would be aa also
ran. Yet the Buperbaa have tamed
oat to be the cream In the National
league crock they rose to the top.
' Monad Aces.
Good pitching baa turned the
trick for them.
Tbe failure . of the Cincinnati
barters to "bear down" bard enough
at times, coupled with some care
less ball playing, haa helped Uncle
Wilbert Robinson to breeze along.
The Robins have five pitchers
that came through the first half of
the race with averages above tbe
MO mark.
W'tth Burleigh Grimes, Rube
Marquard, Jeff Pfetfer and Al Ma
maux as a nucleus they are clock
ing games. Grimes is the real
leader of tbe National league burl
ers with an average better than
.00. Clarence Mitchell tops him,
but has not been on-thetnound so
often as his teammaD
Then Sherrod Smith and Leon
Cadore can be counted on to break
about even when they go . on the
bill. - - . .
Good Bead Team.
Brooklyn hasn't a great outfield
and it has a mediocre infield. So
there is but oae answer to Flat
bush pennant . noise excellent
pitching and , tbe leadership of
Uncle Wilbert .
They are a good road team, which
counts a lot in baseball. On their
last western trip they spurted and
copped 16 out of 22 games.
Already Proxy Ebbetts Is plan
ning tbe distribution of seats for
the world series this fall.
He says he is not conceding the
flag to the Robins by any means,
yet believes $hey 'have a" great
chance and that it would be foolish
not to look ahead. .
RaJn-Check ldea. .
Ebbetts plans to adopt the rain
check idea in disposing of the seats
that are left after the usual allot
ments are made. The regulars will
have first call on the series sales
that is, those who can show by
their rain checks that they have
Lose First to Braves, Win Second;
Fist Fight Rages Between
O'Neill and Scott.'' '
Boston, Mass., July 29. For the
first time this season the Braves
licked the Cubs on tbe old home lot
here. Vaughn was an 8 to 4 victim
in the front end of yesterday's dou
ble bill, which so surprised the in-,
furiated Hippo that he came back
in the second section and licked
tbe enemy, 8 to 2.
While the Braves were at bat in
the ninth of tbe last game civil
war broke out in tbe dugout The
home team made eight errors while
Hippo was subduing them and
somebody may have been trying to
pass tbe well known buck. Catch
er OTieil swung on Pitcher Jack
Scott, who walloped tbe catcher in
return. Then they clinched and
were tearing tbe concrete floor oat
of tbe kennel. Arthur Wilson was
coaching at third base when the
riot broke out Arthur rushed in
to separate the scrappers, when a
wild swing landed On his nose and
knocked it loose from tbe rest of
bis features.
to Celtrin. 5. Glox fanned. No
runs, one hit, no errors.
Ninth Inning.
Bloomington:. Coltrin out Mur
phy to Glox. Thompson popped to
Murphy. Dennis taned Fothergill,
ending the game. No runs, no bits.
no errors.
been steady visitors. ,
Ebbetts field will seat 27,000
Brooklyn has Just begun a home
series of 23 days, snd they ought
to play the kind of baseball that
will bear out President Ebbetts'
hopes. He accompanied the team
on the last western tour. His pres
once seemed to put the winning
magic into their playing.
"Welch Giants."
As yet the Reds have not taken
the spurt of the Robins seriously
and believe they will tame them.
Cincinnati is giving ear just now
to the warning from St Louis, Chi-
(By United Press.)
Frisco. The Giant third baseman
cracked a triple to left with two
on and scored on Kelly's single,
putting the Giant on even terms
with the Cards in the eighth in
ning. Victory came in the 14th, 8
to 5.
TERRY'S hitting again featured
the Boston-Chicago double-header.
He collected two doubles, a triple
and three singles, while his team
mate were winning, 8 to 3, and
losing, 8 to 4.
SHOCKER puzzled the Yanks
and let them down with five hits.
St Louis, 1; Yanks, 0.
Chicago, July 29. Eddie CIcotte's
pitching and the tact that the game
was played in one hour and twenty
one minutes were about the only
features that stood out in yester
day's 3 to 0 White Sox victory over
the Philadelphiia Athletics.
The afternoon was hot and sultry
and the audience did not display
tbe usual pep and ginger. At that
it was a White Sox victory and a
White Sox win over the lowly A's
counts as much in the club "stand
ing as a victory over any other
club in the circuit barring, of
coarse, the leading Indians, and tbe
runner-up Yankees.
Cicotte pitched a remarkable
game. He held tbe Mack kids to
three hits and walked only one.
Babe Ruth's Home Run Swing
cag and Pittsburgh, which,
"Watch out for the Gisats."
McGraw's pitchers have begun to
come through. Tbe whole tesm is
getting back to fighting form since
losing heart at the great favorit
ism allotted to the Yankees at home
early this year. '
The National league race has
been a' sort of wrangle between in
and -outers.
But if Uncle Wilbert csn continue
to furnish the necessary evidence;
Ebbetts will keep an studying how
to please the greatest number of
Flatbus'iers by his rain-check plan
m a world, series., .
Former Islander Hits Double, Triple
and Homer as Bex Beat Terre
Haute, 11 to 2.
Rockford, 111., July 29. Rock
ford bit Terre Haute pitchers free
ly and won an easy victory. .
The batting of Gallegos and
Brant and the fielding of O'Berta,
Brant and Foelsch were features.
Terre Haute AB.B, If. P,
Collins, 3b i 0 0 0
Dee, ss
0 1 1
Johnson, ef ...
schulte, e
Meyer, lb
Krehnieyer, 2b
O'Berta, If ....
Darrlnger, rf M
Norman, p ....
Kerr, p .......
Kohls, p
Totals 85 8 8 24 14 2
Rockford AB. K. H. P. A. E.
Pearee, ss 4
8 0
0 1
7 0
Jirennan, if 4
Brant, 2b .... &
BJgsby, e 4
Krneger, e ...... 0
Hank, 3b 4
GaUigos, cf.. &
Hoock, rf &
Foelsch, lb 3
Vergt, p i
0 .0
0 0
0 10
3 0
Totals ....Jt 14 18 t7 II 8
Terre Haute 010000010 8
Boekford , 141 M0 80 14
Cmplre nrn8We.Tlme 1 :4L
Si. fib1
fro:.i PEomniis
Cease Front Behiad aad Wte Beth
Gamea as Fans Ass'a Haa
. Booster Eveat
MoUae, I1L July it Molina mm
k double header from Peoria yea-
wmw. poanoing urea pitchera
from the mound in the first game
to win by a score of 11 to 4 aad
taking tbe finaPgame, S to 4.
Moline came from behind In
both games.
It was tha first time this nun
Moline has copped a doable
The scores: . y
Moline- AB,R.H.PO. A.E.
nnasor. ss a a s a a
airaioaugn, so ...a
Jones, cf ...4
Deufel. e .6
Shollenberger, If .4
Lord, rf .
Bay. to-.Z
Mack, lb
0 13
1 1
Craig, cf
,.3 11 13 87 18 8
Jackson, lb-p
0 13
vresseo, zb .
Both, c
Nesser, rl ...
Matthews, rf .
Baser, 3b ....
Bloege, ss ...
Lynch, p ....
Easier, p ....
Newasha, lb .
Totals 83 4 11 24 18 0
Moline ... Ou04O16Qx 11
Peoria 300001000 4
Home runs Nesser, Jones. Three
base hit Kunser. Two base hits
iiressea, Diegser, DeefoL Lord. Sac-
ritire hlte Jackson, Matthews.
Mack. Stolen bases Dress en.
ninege (z. vouDie pays nay to
Runscr to Mack, Bcser to Dressen
to Jackson. Struck oet By Beck
1, by Lynch 1, bv Jackson h Bases
on balls Off Beck 4, off Lynck U
Off Busier, 1 ; off Jackson, 1. Passed
ball Deuicl 1, Roth'L Hits Off
Lynch 4, off Busier 7. Umpire
ie uire. xime i:u,
(Second Game.)
Moline AB.ltH.P0. A. E.
Rnnser, ss .....
Strasbangh, Sb ..
Beck, rf ........
Jones, cf ,
DeufeL e
Shollenberger, If
Lord, rf-lb
Va.. it,
I Mark, lb ...
Matthews, p
Totals ...84 S 11 37 13 1
Cralg, ef ..
Jackson, lb
Dressen, Sb
Nesser, rf . .
Newasha, e .
Danaher, If
Butter, Sb ..
Bluege, ss . .
Bowman, p .
Matthew ..
Totals 80 4 7 84 t 8
Butted for Bowman In ninth.
Batted for Craig in ninth.
Batted for Jackson In ninth.
Molina 010001800
Peoria 110008000-4
Two base hits Runser, Baser,
Nesser. Sacriiice biia Craig, No
wasba (3), Buser. Doable plays
Blue pre to Dressen to Jackson.
Struck out By Matthews a,, by
Bowman 5. Bases on balls Off
Matthews &, oft Bowman & Umpire
DeLave, Time 1:4a,
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
Aboard U. S. S. Frederick, July
29. (By Wireless to tbe United
Press.) A rough sea and indica
tions of rain threatened to send
the naval athletes bound for tbe
Olympic games below docks for
their training today.
The Frederick was 700 miles out
with tbe Matoika foUowlng at 100
A message from Senator Hard
ing, Republican presidential nom
inee, carried greetings and wished
the contestants victory at Antwerp.
-! f. W-
aysawsaT.'ari ,rmvmmmiwmv&mmmmm&
ATT0P07 0AH3
Marpajr. ss ..... a I M t I
rarpara I 111
asea, s I t I 9
N. Gleckaea, lb ,11 IN I
Melaery, cf 4 1,1
W.GIeekaea.rt.. 8 S i l t
Martta, Sb ..... 1 1 1 I
Dixea, ....... i t J t
Stewart, p tit a
DeaaM, p ...... a
Taenia . . ... A .11 ""
keUonaaa,xb ... 1 1 I T l
Uiatt. ii
rewergui, ...
sykea, la
Sajaer, a
Dan, ,.
3b ....
Jaataea, If
UUar, p
Totals .88 8 T 84 11 8
Twcaaae hits KeUenaaa, Mar.
tin, rarpara. Heme raa Jf. Gtocfc.
son. Stolen bases Pnrpara, w.
Gloeksoa, Thompson. Sacrifice
bits Beasoa, CeiMa, Thempaea,
Fothergill, Daaa. DoeMe plays
Murphy to Beasoa to N. Gleckeoa,
2. gtrack oai By Stewar, t (Colt,
ria (8), Sayder, Leaahaa, Celser)
by Deaata, 8 (Eetser, PotherrUl);
ay Ztoer,s (Stewart (3), X. Glee.
sea). Bales ea balls Off Stewart!
8 (Sykea (8), Jaataea (), Taoap
tea roinerguii; eg reiser, a
(Dlxoa (8), Beasoa, Parpen, W.
Gloeksoa. Martin). Hit by nitcher
Dlxoa, Parpara. Time 1 1&.
laipires Llpe and Wler. ..... ...
Bunnies Leee Nightcap Through
Poor Pltehfcj and Faulty Jadg.
ant ta Digest
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. July 2S.
Cedar Rapids split a doableheader
with Evansville today, winning the
first 7 to 3, and losing the second,
3 to 8.
First Game. ,
Evansville 00X0000-008
Cedar Rapids ... .1 0 1 S 1 0 0 0 x-7
Two base hits Hardgrova. Three
base hits Larmore, Pruess. Stolen
bases Mann, 2. Sacrifice hits
Bashang, Loftus. Left en
Bases on balls Off LRtrelL 1: elf
Zeigler, 2. Struck out By Littrell,
8: Zeigler, 4. Wild pitches Zeig
ler. Passed ball Lothea. Umpire
Spade. Time 1:56.
Second Game.
Evansville 10020007
Cedar Rapids 00000 202
Two base bits Ued. Three base
hits Mann. Stolen bases Evers.
Hruska. Sacrifice hits Meyers.
Left on bases Cedar Rapids, 3;
Evansville, 3. Bases on balls Off
Lindeman, 3; Morrison, 1. Struck
out By Lindeman, 2; by Morrison,
8. Wild pitch Lindeman. Um
pire Spado. Time 1:40.
League Standings
Evansville -
Peoria .....
0 e
Terre Haute
Cedar Rapids
W. It.
Cleveland .,...62 32
New York .82 35
Chicago 58 36
Washington 43 44
St. Louis 48 47
Boston 40 40
Detroit 33 57
Philadelphia 27 67
' . W. L.
Brooklyn ...... ..55 40
Cincinnati 49 30
Pittsburgh 46 42
Now Tork 5 44
Chicago 48 48
St Louis 44 43
Boston 37 46
Philadelphia .......36 63
Taree-Eye League.
Rock Island. 6; Bloomington. 3.
Moline, 11-6; Peoria, 4-4.
Cedar Rapids, 7-3; Evansville,
Rockford, 14; Terre Haute, z.
Men vho hove worn both
No metal can touch you
end imitctlss?
fc::;-3 BliFi
Exeel la JJ9 rtm
Saves Stewart; X. Glex
MRs Aaetaer Heaao :
amis Toionoirv;; :
Paeria at Meek Uaaa,
te at Metlae.
EvaaawfUe at Meekferd. .
Blassalagesa at Cedar slaplda.
By Bruce CopeUnd :
Championship for la all depart.
meats aecoatpliahed the second
downfall of the leasae-leadlaa
Bloomers yesterday aad the la
unders, by superior pUytefi. rasp
ed home with the game by the
ecore of CUo 8. . " ' -;r
It waa a game that should have
tea witaeaeed by every baseball
fan in Rock Island, combining seen,
forceful batting. Holding and pitch
ing powers that the league leaders
almost looked foolish In attempting
to check the Islanders' onslaaght '
as the game progressed.
' Weakeaed By Break. '
It la true that tbe Bloomer war
weakened considerably by the re
moval of Catcher Snyder in tbe sec
ond inning, after bis insulting re
marks to Umpire Llpe over a call
ed strike on him (8nyder). who waa
the last man retired in the' Brat.
But nothing the Bloomers could do
had any effect in attempting ta
forge ahead of the Islanders. .i
Playing all the way at tbe top of
their game, with the possible ex
ception of tbe eighth inning whom
Sid Stewart relaxed, the Islanders
tied the score aad then maintained
the lead like real champioas. -
The sign of errorless ball aa
seen in the box score does not In
dicate the flashy fielding perform
ed by the whole team. The Inseld
rs performed like clockwork aadj
again. Qua Purpura, the Spa
ghetti Flash, tamed in hla dally
quote of star stunts that averted)
tbe Bloomers frosa scoring. . .,-
Gloeksoa Hits Hemer, t I
The Islanders yielded one raa taj
tbe first, which was cleanly earnedJ
a doable by Kellerman and aaert-t
flee nits by uoimn ana Tnompsom
turning the trick. . However, tkeyl
tougnt right back ana evened inei
count in the third when "Big Boy"1
Qlockson poled one of Seizor's test
high balls over the scoreboard la
center for a home run.
The Islanders forged one ahead
' ...rr 7. A, r.T rT
scratch alt. by W. Qlockaon. Dixon
being bit by Zeizer, Murphy's
scratch bit to short and Purpura s
forcing in Qlockson. Alter
that it was evident that the Bloom
ers bad snot tneir waa, aiuooga
their famous wrecking crew Kel
lerman, Coltrin, Thompson and
FothergUl menaced the lead until
the last man had been retired.
A oass to Thompson. FouergnTS-
sacrifice, Sykes' doable and Dunn's,
sacrifice fly, scoring Thompson.!
even the coant In the fifth. Stew
art had mastered control of his rait!
ball aad was pUehiag in fine stylei
as the Bloomers strove to overtakw
tbe lead. i
Pat Gams en lee.
The Islanders finally got to "Zei
ser, who bad been wobbling all
along, and in their half of the fifth
Stewart himself virtually won the
game. With two down, Zeiser pass
ed W. Qlockson, Martin and Dixon
in a row. Sid then dropped a short
fly behind Coltrin and too short for
Jantaen to field, Gloeksoa and Mar
tin scoring. ?
SU11 another ran was earned In
the sixth. Martin hit through the
box. took second on Dixon's infield
out and scored on Murphy's single
ta rieht after Stewart bad fanned.
The Bloomers nut au ueir
660f strength into drives in the eighth
and ninth Innings, hoping to crack
the Islanders' defense. Previously.)
in the seventh, a scintillating dou
ble play, Murphy to Benaon toj
Gloekson, Just about nipped a sv-t
entb-lnnning rally by the visitors.
i Dennis Saves Game.
In the eighth Stewart began tot
waver and passed - Sykes. Daani
and Lenahan singled, filling the!
bases. Sid then lost control and,
forced In Sykes on a pass to Jant
zen. Hubert vennis iuu wwiuu-i
ed the burden and craftily fanned
Zeiser. Then occurred Ue oosi,
play - of the day another doable f
play. Murphy to Benson ta Clock
son, Kellerman batting.
Gus Purpura was over-anxtona j
In the eighth after bitting a dou-j
ble to the clubhouse, and went out j
trying to stretch it to a triple. - :
Dennis was air-tight in the ninth. ,
retiring Coltrin, Thompson and i
Fothergill in order. 1
Bloomers again today; ePorta to-
morrow. "
game. One run, two inia, no r
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wi t. thm clmfahease. hat was
rW m aaaa third. ThawiM
hew ae beide
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