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jk islanders AM of
, ajrl Attorney to MNKr .
i , iatomebQes,
i iatlsUnce of the state's attor-
; office has been Invoked by
; yia&s r. weicn 01 ine uunou uii
mimiiT F. W. Sanennann of the
kMnnann Motor company, and a
Darenport man in an effort to.clear
up a tangle brought about through
aecepunce by them of some worth
leM bonds In payment for aulomo
- lilefc It is understood that the dif
ficulty, which lnvolres two Musca
tine men, is intended to be settled
sot of court, although it is said
variants have been issued for the
arrest of the Iowa men. The war
rauts have not been served
Recently the Muscat; men
esiH to this city and offoi - Rock
bland lines bonds to Welch Jauer
nann and the Davenporter, whose
asm would not be divulged, in re
tarn for automobiles owned by
urn. Acting upon advice of a Rock
island broker that the bonds were
food, the exchange was made. Lat
er when the new holders of the is
ioe attempted to convert them on
the New York market, they were
told the bonds were cancelled one?
The autmobiles have been re
turned to the orgininai owners, it
is stated.
A corset factory to employ more
than one hundred women workers
Is in prospect for Rock Island, if
negotiations now under way be
tween members of a well known
concern now located at Aurora, and
a committee of the Chamber of
Commerce, are successfully - concluded.
A suitable location has already i
tun determined u Don. and if ar-
1 7 ' rsngements can be made whereby
Vthe factory owners can take over
A A this building for their own use, it
f u s a practical certainty that they
Will come uere. .
Officials of the company have in
restigated Rock Island as- a loca
tion for their concern, and express
themselves as entirely suited with
Ubor. and other conditions.
They state that they may erect a
plant here after a period of two
years, if the undertaking proves a
Chamber of Commerce officials
feel that the factory should be
brought here, as it will add a new
industry to Rock Island's commer
;dal developments, and will afford
''employment to many in a large and
profitable concern. -
TQczrrc.Tru::zc7 ltjzzz txzzzz
1 eo i
. kw
cjt c? nm
tar Extnditfew t Trnrnk
XysUry Sterer BeUeved HM-jayatSaJUD.
Xtrett, Wch, Jnly 2.-tJnited
Preaa.) Formal request for ex-
tradKlon of" Ol J. Fernandea. alias
E. LeroT. alias O. J. Wood, sus
pected in the New York-Detroit
trunk murder, reported located at
Saltillo. Mexico, will be made
Omul ? Him
Wa-hingtOK today, polib
A Dttratt oflrar mtmA
Iwrwat lor :t ton ; arrest of Far-
w to appear before Qov
ernor ale m j,
The governor waa expected to com
mnnlrata mKk Washington authori-
wphbiii um to tan meaauTM
to accsra the fnctttWa extradition.
m A reward of from tS.OOO to 5,000
far Information leading to the ar
rest and convttckm of too trunk
slayer waa announced by local au
thorities today... -.
- Sewght iba Xexieew .
Detroit. Mich, July 29. Follow
ing the- elimination from their In
vestigation of the trunk murder
mystery ' of men detained at Law
rence, Kan, and Allentown. Pa,
authorities today centered their ef
forts on bringing about the arrest
of a man reported- at Saltillo, Mer
lon 'materia Wm! h.-
Bmssmj Leroy. hasbaad d Um slain
jwmwi kd uaed the muaeof "O, J.
Fernandex." .
Detroit detectives wfll leave for
Mexico as soon as headqwarters is
offlciallv notinari h
has been found, it was announced
woay. .. .- '.
Hew Angle Bared,
New Yorkv July 29. A new twist
waa given today to New, York's
mysterious trunk murder. The po
lice announced that they had dis
covered a marked similarity to Che
handwriting of E. Leroy, sought in
connection , with the murder of his
wife, whose body was found here
lammed in a 'trunk shipped from
Detroit .and that of the mysterious
"P. P. Polverer;" who disappeared
after the slaying here last August
of Cecil E. Landon, an Oregon sol
dier. It also was learned today
that laroy to sovrkd kr Nw York
county aathorkia (or vtelatfcm of
a parole grantsd htaa mttsr ko to
allegad to have been etisKad to
Tomba yrJaoa in July, for
stealing liberty bonds and Jewelry.
. zuiiiir union , 13
chacoxd mr nsAD
Charleston, W. Va July 19. In
a statement mad public here to
day, C. F. Keener, president of Dis
trict No. 1?, united Mine Workers,
charges that the report of Major T.
B. Davis, on his investigation of
Guy an valley coal field conditions,
is designed to "discredit our or
ganisation." In his report, made public yester
day. Major Davis said the armed
march of miners toward the Goyan
Mr I L.
U. ) s
f)sfswisn' w-tr-ig t,"
Mil ttM aanrtkyi f m i -tory
atop la tm nimt" - -'
tweea Govwwsb ConweU , , .
Tlrgtala and 0mm It- r v
Kentucky to dlecredJt arv '
ixation. it iissftli.i r l v
strike. In kastao
chance that tne
thoridea" eaaaed the Barak tJ
"permittins; coal operatora t ar
ate private araiea." .'"-ii J
wooDMn onii mxtt. ''
Cleveland Okto, Jnly M. The
northern district convention of tk
American Woodmen opened -day.
Delegates are bare froai Ck
Indiana, . niinoU, Michigan.; f
Kentucky. , . ' vabot v'
nilnoia State Fair. Aug,
Springfield Let's go
Prince Victor Napoleon and his wife, the Princess Clementine.
Prince Victor Napoleon and hi s wife Clementine will Inherit A
fortune of ex-Empress Eugenie, who died recently. '.During the last
60 years of her life the last empress of France was in exile; yet there
remains a goodly fortune for her n ephew and niece.
' Three automobile speeders were
arraigned before Magitsrate D. J.
Cleland in police court Wednesday
ifternoon and tms mornmg ana
Ined 15 each. Those paving pen
alties were Ross Muench. H. L.
Utee!) and G. W. Lawler.
W. H. Lelthner tried to keep it a
secret from his fellow knights, but
it wasn't a success.
He was married last evening at
9 o'clock to Miss Elizabeth KMul
Brandon of Chicago. Though trying
to be secretive and having a spe
cial license issued during the eve
ning, members of Allouez council.
Knights of Columbus, of which the
bridegroom is grand knight, learned
of the plans. A serenade resulted,
tendered as Mr. and Mrs. Lelthner
left St. Joseph's church.
Mr. Leithner is a member of the
electrical . firm of Leithner and i
Weisbar. '
.eating. I The tender shoots,; when
six or eight inches above the ground
may be eaten as a salad and are
also used in other culinary ways.
Another edible variety is tfie phyl
lostachys henryi.
Exclusively timber varieties in
clude the phyllostacbys puberula
(Japanese bachiku) and phyllo-
stachys quilioi Japanese man
drake) both of which were found to
thrive in Louisiana. They are said
to be adapted - for house timbers.
telephone and telegraph poles and
boat spars.
"The four varieties are hardy
and do well in Louisiana and will
stand a temperature of zero, grow
ing rapidly to perfection in south
ern alluvial soils, said Mr. Mcll
henny. "In my opinion these four
species of bamboo are destined -to
play an important part in southern
Louisiana agriculture.
w Automobile thieves purloined an
automobile out of the yard of An
drew Van Norden, 1418 Thirty-second
street, Wednesday night. Mr.
Van Norden did not discover the
theft until 6:40 o'clock this morn
ing. He telephoned the police and
20 minutes later was informed that
the car had been recovered by the
Davenport police,
H. Brondell was fined $10 on "a
charge of disorderly conduct by
'Magistrate D. J. Cleland in police
court this morning on complaint
of G. A. Bingham and F. Benzer,
pecial agents of the Rock Island
lines. Egnaties Pizuto, arrested
with Brondell, was dismissed. The
Allegation was made that the men
had stolen watermelons from a
treight car.
' New Orleans. Eight years ' ago
Edward A. Mclllienny of Avery Is
land was commissioned by the
United States bureau of plant pro
duction to experiment in the grow
ing of Chinese and Japanese bam
boo so as to determine the best va
rieties that may be grown in the
south. He ia now. about to make
his report to the government re
garding his forests. The bamboo.
Mr. Mcllhenny says, sometimes
reach a height of 60 or .70 feet in
three weeks.
According to the experimenter,
one of the most satisfactory
growths have been the phyllo
stachys pubescens, valuable as tim
ber and particularly relished for
The public is Showing Interest In
the special week night meetings
being held all this week at the
Rock Island Rescue Mission, 119
Eighteenth, street. This evening
there will be a musical program.
followed by a talk by G. H. Sturgis
of Davenport. Meetings open at
7:45 o'clock.
Chicago. Thirty-two downtown
banks of Chicago show an increase
of 127,639,981 in value of capital
stock, surplus and undivided promts
over last year, according to valua
tions entered by the board of as
sessors. The total of these items
was set down at $177,971,000.
You'll Like
This Corn
Omaha. Neb., July 29. Fred SH--lick,
fisherman, who last night
wounded W. H. Vincent, another
. liherman, with a knife in a quar
rel over religion on an island in
the Missouri river, north of Omaha,
tadty was maintaining his position
armed with a rifle. Vincent es
, Ped by swimming to the Nebras-
, nm im fcj a inn,!
Bwlin. July 29. (United Press.)
-Both former Kalsef Wilhelsa and
is wife u-b feeling the strain of
Mle and family trouble, and mem-
of the once royal family say
y doubt if either will Uve long.
3he kaiserln's health is so delicate,
wording to advices today, that she
S to be rarrinl tn th nrden
iPheu she wants a breath of fresh
NoT- uext there will be an
i Wioan who will he governor-and
wsident-elect.ior onew ho will be
, wted States senator and presi-t-iect.
This recalls the fact
40 years ago another distin
ibtd son of the Buckeye state,
; A Garfield, was a reprenent-
UVe in rnntntt ITnltMt RtatM
or-elect, and president-elect.
Jonathan Canned Corn U
a solid-pack no tough
husks, no strings tender
and delicious.
Ask your dealer for the
famous Jonathan Brand
when you buy corn.
It's guaranteed good or
you get your money back.
Many housewives a r e
wisely buying JONATHAN
Peaches at this time, buying
them by the dozen cans for
next winters enjoyment. .,.
3 The Store of Quality C
Large Women
AHkewk these Blesses are net shewn In
extra stess, stfll nuuiy stylet am ia slses
to 44, whieh will permit mHy kfewMi to
sake a seteetlen and toke ndvutoge ef the
exeeptteesU values fend ia tkls great seal.
No Return No Approvals
Thaw Blew sea are artaad very tow far
lausediate eteamee. HateraBy we nannst
eept retaru. Every sale anut be laaj.
Beginning Tomorrow at 8:30
3 K
i-Aiinual Blouse Clearance
4000 Smart Summer Blouses Offered at Almost Half
A Final C lean-Up Sale of All Summer Blouses Nets, Organdies, Georgette Crepe, Fine French Voiles
's Priced to Insure Quick Sales
V.-.-c a
$3.98 to $4.98 Summer
Blouses, $2.98
Dressy waists of organdy or voile, many one of a kind, lace or em
broidery trimmed, all sizes; were $3.98 and $4.98. Choice to clean up at
Sheer organdy blouses with new collar effect, embroidered and lace
trimmed, all sizes, fresh and clean; short sleeves; made to sell at
$4.98; on sale at
Fine voile waists with inserts of lace; cool blouses for the hot months,
with collars or collarettes, regularly $3.98 value, on sale at
Colored organdy tailored blouses, long or short sleeves, for wear with
tailored suits, high or low neck, regular $3.98 value, at...
$5.00 to $7.50 Summer
Blouses, $3.98
Georgette blouses. In round neck style with button side fastenings,
snow beautiful snk embroidery. Both long and short sleeved, in all
the attractive summer colorings. Made to sell tor $5 to $7.50. On kale at
Lace trimmed georgette crepe waists in flesh or white; low neck and
short sleeves, very good quality, all sizes, new color ideas copied OO
from high priced blouses, worth $cso, at........ tN.U
A French voile Blouse Is most effective with val lace trimming. There
are other voiles in round neck style, some with lone and some with CO OQ
short sleeves. Made to sell for $5.00 to $7.50 on sale at... v....... wOmOO
Sheer organdie blouses are especially desirable for summer. Some
attractive models are white with smart, colored trimmings. There are
other oollarless atyles. Made to aeft for $5 to $70 on sale Saturday
Many Other Style Not Deaeribed v
vr r.
$10 to $15 Summer
Blouses, $7t.50
Very new are the Georgette blouses trimmed with inserts of real fllet l
and edgings of Val lace; some overblouses to be found in this group $7 Kfl
also. Made to sell for $10 to $15. On sale at P tlv
Tie-on Georgette blouses of heavy quality, show silk embroidery, with I
effective touches of beading now and then. This style is obtainable (TA
in both white and flesh. Made to sell for $13.75. On sale at fDt .OU
Other smart styles In Georgette are elaborately beaded both back and
front with a touch of contrasting embroidery; in round neck, collar- IT PA
less style. Made to sell for $10 to $15. On sale at leW-
Tricolette overblouses in drop stitch style are made with round neck dMT CA
and Georgette frills; belt back model. Made to sell at $10. On sale at Jl 0f -t.
Many Other Style Not Described .
$15 to $25 Summer
Blouses, $9.95
Hand drawn work adds a charming touch to a Georgette crepe blouse
trimmed with applique lace. A twist of two-tone ribbon at the neck A Qff
is most effective. Made to sell for $19.75. On sale at.
A very heavy quality Georgette crepe is a blouse embroidered in an
allover pattern of chenille. It has a touch of beading also. Made to dQ Q"
sell ior $19.75. On sale at "' VftUOt
Circular motifs in silk embroidery trim another Georgette blouse both .
back and front. There are gold threads now and then and the shine
of irridescent beading. Made to sell for $25. , On sale at.... ..(
A square neck blouse of Georgette crepe ia beautifully embroidered
and features real filet lace trimming. It is tied with lady fair ribbon.
Made to sell for $15.00. On sale at
$7.50 to $10 Summer Blouses, $4.98
specially attractive are Georgette Blouses, made with hemstitched
mila, some models are beautifully embroidered. Pretty summer col- A AO
rs; made to sell for $750 to $10; on sale at - $4
Other Georgettes in this, group are made tie-on -fashion, embroidered
u Tft, lroaL, u,or nelfl- bisque and white; made to aeU for i AO
flM to $19; oa sale at ..
Another model of good quality Georgette crepe, features an artistic
beaded pattern of striking colors; found in white, flesh, and bisque; gi AO
made to sell for $7.50 to $10.00; on sale at
Still another style in Georgette crepe finished around the neck with . .r-t
applique lace and shows pretty light colorings. Made to sell for $10.09. J AO
On sale at hU
Many Other Style Not Described
2 Where Fashion Reigns C
f ? T

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