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&m$(2s, Rom
n , T7T7 : A
'- M
tssikall fa Om CtaUM Thaa
trar leee ta Beck lalaal to
MM If Batte af Wha.
ems tomobbow.
iHkfcrl at Beck Iskud. -(Mar
BaaMs at Keltae, - . '
Pserm at BvtMvfisn, '
, itesmmftoa at Tans Haute,
By Bruce Copelaad.
Dwrp McQull
tan. mound
muter, came
wnnia an ace
of abutting out
the rox with
nary a bit or
run yesterday
afternoon a t
Douglas park
because the
long arm of
pulled a bat
tery error of
omission that
opened the gate
for Rock ford '
fint and only ran of the 10-lnnlng
sscouster that the Islanders can
tarned, 8-1.
McQuillan, for seven Innings, had
lata pitching with Invincible
change of pace; mowing down the
Box almost aa soon aa they stepped
to the plate. Too many pltebout for
Urine in the third gave the Rox
aatflelder the only free ducat
George issued during the day. A
aurlfice hit put the runner on
tmnd. where be perished wheh
tie aide waa retired. Leyme wis
lie only Rox batter to get on baae
aatll the eighth.
Fluke Snofla Fame. "
The big Islander pitching ace lost
i Vis chance to enter the ball of basi'
a tame with Catcher Rigeby, first
to feat In the eighth. Before, the
flake, Rigsby had two strikes and
a ball. He bad awung wild at the
second strike. In- bis first attempt
la the second inning he had been
ta easy victim. In the eighth it
looked as If George would fan him
Rigsby swung wild and missed a
tut one on the outside. There had
keen an error of omission between
BcQuillan and Dixon as to the
pitch. Somehow, Dixon was crossed
if. The ball slipped through his
kinds, striking bis right abinguard
ltd rolling into the diamond. Be
fore McQuillan could field it, Rlgs
ky had reached flrat base.
Box Sean Bat One.
, Strong advanced Rigs on a eat
ncrlfice lo Purpura. Kid Hauk, the
ftppery nox mira sacaer, cnoppea
s long drive that too hard hit for
Hubert Dennis, to get under and the
ball rolled to the fence in left cen-
f jM tor a double, Rigsby scoring the
'Rox' one and only run. Things
looked glum when Leyme smacked
a single to left that aent Hauk to
third, but the aspect brightened
when Foelsch hit into a double play,
Benson to Murphy to Olockaon. It
was Benson's agility that made the
pity possible.
With the exception of the fifth,
when the Islanders touched Lefty
Anderson for stuff enough t break
the scoreless Ice, the Rox pitcher
kid them eating from his hand. The
core might have been different bad
Anderson displayed a change of
pace. v
What Might Have Bees,
Lefty had been slow-balling the
Islanders to death; moreover, with
excellent control. If the Athletics
cut-off had mixed his alow ball
with a good fast one, the Islanders
might have been helpless, despite
McQuillan's grand work in the box.
Hubert Dennis, playing in left
field, carried away the batting hon- J
ors tor the day, getting three hits, j
lacludlnc a trinla. in tour trios.
1 Dennis also scored both runs. He
to on in me urtn wun a naru
mash to left center that Strong
aisudged, the ball rolling past the
flagpole,- Dennie stopping at third.
McQuillan cracked one safe to
right, Dennis Coring. Murphy sac
rificed George along and he went
to third on Purpura'a infield out.
rWce threw out Benson, retiring
to tide.
Beason'a Great Work.
Another tine piece of baseball
strategy by Elmer Benson saved
tke game In the jilnth. ' Murphy
wred on Anderson's ' slow roller
tbroagh the box. overthrowing first
mm when badly hampered by a
nralned thumb on hia throwing
und. Pearce fanned on the third
anted strike. Brennan hit a faat
mm down to Elmer, whoae deft
top and toes to Murphy, forced
adtnon at second and flinched a
oableplay. i
The Rox' lost their final chance
to win on stupid baae running and
caching. Attar Benson bad made
another prenomenal play In throw
ing out Brant tor a start, Rigsby
Mnght a fast inside ball and drove
It over Dennis' head. The bajl rol
led clear to the corner of the f ancea
la left center. 1
t When Brains Counted.
1 Bi .. .. .. . . Vl
nice coum easily nave
third. As ha rounded second. Den-
ale got the ball and tossed it to Me-
Mtry. Mac pegged in to Murpny
M Rigs reached third and waa sent
home by the Rox coaeher. Murph
kssltated a moment and then abot
&e ball to Dixon, who tagged Riga
at by two tee.
Dennis' rare Judgment in tossing
ae ball to Mclnery for the relay
was accountable for cutting oft the
fan. Dennis know ho eouldnl
Mrve the purpose with his pitching
ana at stake. Hla old gray matter
taveri tnnthM him Dannii is be-
I Muting more and more effective
gMch day, both la th box and tn
aa new. He la in there always
waking thinking; and that la
aat wine ball ananas.
BmiW BilUll
," was Daub) who. started things
cire? rear xtET
Beck uUA-
arpfcy, aa ...
Beae, ...
eieckseok ik .
.'..-it t
i t 1 4
iaatj, e .,
f : A
souvri ...
IkaJs,lf ..
MeQuOlaa, p
11 0
Totals ...
2 It St 17 X
jm. aw a. ru. A. E.
atM aa ......4
Brentaua, If 4
Brant, S .......A
I 2 I
1 i 1
12 1
1 10
IS, 1
t. 6
Kfy, 4
Straag, cf .. g
Hank, Sb
tarae, rf . s
Feeisch, lb .....2
Anderson, p ......
Totals ... ....St i iaa i
One oat whoa wlanlsg run waa
scored. y .... -.:.:...
Bock Island ...00001 10001 8
Bockford ......OttOtttltO-1
Two base hits Murphy, Hank.
Three base hits Benson, Dennis
" j
DouMe plays Murphy (uaassist-
tw, iwnsos to mmrptij to Gioek
aon (rj, ABdenon to Feelsek to
. struck out By McQuillan, 7; by
Anderson, L
Bases on balls Off HcQafllan,
M on ABuerson, L,
Umpire Spade, .
Thne las. ' v
on the way to victory in the tenth.
He cracked the first ball for a clean
single to left. McQuillan dropped
one of the neatest sacrifices ever
seen on Douglas lea. The ball drop
dead In front of the plate, although
the Rox disputed Umpire Spade'a
decision as to its fairness. Ander
son slipped a cog and passed Mur
phy. Purpura acratched a hit to
Pearce, whose Jumble played no
part in the possibility Ipf throwing
Gus out at first -Thehlt was a
slow roller thattook anean hop
and a perfect throw would have
been too late.
Benson came up with sacks load
ed and the fans yelling for a win.
The hit-and-run. signal was flashed.
Elmer fouled one off and then came
two wide balls. On the next pitch,
all the runners started with And
erson's windup. Benson swung and
hit to Hauk. . Dennts had such a
good lead off third that he crossed
the plate before Hauk stopped the
drive. It was the winning run and
Hauk made no attempt to to throw.
Rockford: Pearce fanned, tipping
the third strike. Murphy and Den
nis narrowly averted a collision on
Brennan's short fly in left, Murphy
making the catch. Brant shot one
off McQuillan's glove, but George
recovered and threw him out. No
runs, no hits, no errors.
ROCK ISLAND t Layme got Xur.
phy'a fly. Pearce threw out Pur
pura. It was a slow roller and a
close decision at first. Benson
tripled to the fence In left center,
making third by a great slide ahead
of the relay, Strong to Pesree to
Hank. Glockson lined out to Strong.
It was a fine drive, but too low.
runs, one hit, no errors.
Rockford; McQuillan began to
pitch with easy grace and deadly
control. Rigsby fanned. Strong
lined out to Mclnerney. Dennis
made a fine running side-hand catch
of Hauk's line drive. No runs, no
hits, no "errors.
BOCK ISLAND t Hank -threw ont
Dixon. Brennan was overconfident
and dropped Mclnerneyg easy fly.
Beed forced Mclnerney, Anderson
to Pearce. The latter started too
late to complete a double play.
Pearce ran over behind third and
got Dennis' fly.. No runs no kits,
one error.
Rockford: Lay ma was the first
Rox to get on. It was a pass.
Foelsch sacrificed. Purpura to
Glockson. Murphy Ispeared Ander
son's drive and tagged Layme be
tween second and third, completing
a double Vly unassisted. No runs,
nohita, no errors. ....
popped to Hnrk. JIurphy doubled
to deep left center. Purpura popped
ont to Foelsch. Beaaoa lined oat
to Layme. It was a terrific imaah,
No raas, one kit, ma errors.
Rockford: McQuillan, began to
pitch great guns. He seemed In
vincible. Pearce tanned for, the
second time. Brennan hit one
through the box that hit McQuil
lan's glove, Benson scooped the
ball and threw ont the batter. It
was. a great play by Elmer. Mc
Quillan' threw oat Brant. No runs,
no hits, no errora. - k
BOCK ISLAND t Glockson lobbed
a slow pitched ball lata Laymei
hands. Dlxea seratrfced a hit that
was too fast for Hank to field.
Brant threw ont Mdaeraey, Dixon
moving up. Strang ran la behind
second and got BeeeTa Wgh fly. No
raas, one hit, no errors. -
fifth rorrjre. :
Rockford: The Rox seemed nelp
lee before McQuillan's masterful
boxwork. Beaaoa ran into center
field and pulled down Rlgsby'a fly.
It waa a thriller. Strong popped to
Glockson. Hauk fouled .out to
Dixon. - Ho runs, no . hits, ao or-
a triple t the teas Ja left center.
Strang misjudged tka drtve, Dennis
having to slide tat third.. Ha was
last ahead of tha rotay. Straw to
pname to Hank. MeOaXtlaa scared
the flrat raa at Hat gains with a
aleaa abuts to right, Murphy aae.
flrat. XcOafitaa went
tkM aa
DY 10-1 SGOnE
Kb batata in tke Coas and 01k-
on Can
Wta, 11 ta t.
The Argus' baaebatliata disposed
or the police nd city hall em
ployes at Douglas park Saturday
afternoon In abort and aweet style.
The score at the and of six in
nings ofA pastiming showed The
Argus 10 land opponents 1. The
game waa called before the '.com
pletion of seven innings to prevent
further Unnecessary slaughter.
"Sparks" McNealy had something
on the ball In the early rounds
that p aisled The Argus' batsmen,
bnt he weakened In a couple of in
nings and the game became a rout
tor the custodians of the city's wel
fare. "Vamp" Shannon pulled the star
play of the day for his club. An
Argus man bad slammed ont a
double and - Shannon fielded the
ball when It waa thrown into the
diamond. The runner made a break
for third and Earl puUed a Brodie
in the act of making the throw to
the base. This caused the runner
to exhibit violent signs of convuls
iveness and his power of locomo
tion gave out. Consequently he
was an easy -victim when Earl re
covered the ball. Score:
Looby, ss ....
Potter, 2b ....
Dahlen, tb ...
Hughes, cf . . .
McCarthy, If s
Osterman, lb
Kahle, c
Means, p
Hubbart, rf ..
AB.R. H. P. A.E.
4 11X10
Total ........25 10 13 18 S 2
City Hall AB.R. H. P. A.B.
Cox, 3b
Kennedy, 2b
Krueger, cf
. 3
. 3
. 2
. 1
. 2
. 1
Shannon, lb ...
Brinn, ss ......
Belke, c, p .....
McNealy, lb, p..
Lindros, If
Fitxeimmons, rf.
La France, It ...
Totals 21 1 4 18 S 1
Argus 220.02410 13 2
City Hall .010000 1 4 1
Two base hits Hughes 2. Struck
out By McNealy, ; by Belke, 1; by
Means, 8 Bases on balls Off
Means, 1: off McNealy. 4. Umpires
S. T. Reidy and J. W. Carse.
Postofilce Wins.
Getting to Ed Hause consistenly
for the first time of the game in
the seventh inning. The Argus
poufided in six runs to tie an 8-8
score. In the extra frame, the
clerks and carriers managed to
pueh across three runs, while the
newsmen garnered but one, and
lost. 11 to 9.
Hause in the box tor Uncle
Sam's men was invincible in six
innings, Btriking out 1? men in
eight innings of pastiming. Un
daunted by their defeat, The Argus
team is anxious to take the postal
men on for a second fiesta.
.Lineup of the postofilce team:
Reidy, c; Hause, p; Anderson, lb;
O'Hare, 2b; Nold, ss; Stapp. 3b;
Horst, If: Murphy, cf; Hedberg
and Lundquist, rf.
Score by innings:
Postofflce 023 201 0311 12 0
Argus 110 000 01 9 11 0
unassisted. Pearce threw ont Boa
son. One run, two hits, no errors.
Rockford: McQuillan also retired
the next threw in order. Layme
fanned. Foelsch grounded ont to
Glockson. Purpura threw out An
derson. No runs, no tilts, no er
rors. i
ROCK ISLAND: Aaderaea re
gained control and began to display
wonderful staff. Glockson swaag
hard, but the ball struck dead la
front of the plate, Anderson throw
ing him oat, Dixon popped to
Brant Mclnerney lined ont to
Brennan. No runs, no hits, no er
rors. . ;- ' .
Rockford: Pearce popped out to
Murphy on the first ball pitched.
Brennan fanned. Murphy throw
oat Brant Up to this time McQuil
lan had not allowed a single hit
and the fans 'began to predict a no
run, nc-hlt tor the big ace. No runs,
no hits, no errors.
ROCK ISLAND Band fanned.
Dennis scratched a kit to Brant
It waa a peculiar tost of Judgment
The ball was hB ever
Brant fielded K cleanly, bat a par
feet threw could not have
Dennis. ' Brant aiartkraw
baae. Dennis stopping at
Brant threw' out XeQuillaa.
nan got Murphy's fly. No
ae ait aae error.
Rockford: The Rox finally broke
their bitleae streak and got to Mc
Quillan for a run by one of the
strangest of flukes. . Rigsby fanned,
but a battery error of emission put
the batter on first The pitch got
through Dlxon'a grasp, tha ball
striking hla ahlnguard and rolling
into tha diamond. . Strong aacrt
fleed. .Purpura to Beaaoa, covering
first Hank doubled past Dennia,
scoring Rigsby from tha midway.
Layme singled to left Hank stop
ping at third. FosOsc, kit tato a
double ptar. Beaaoa to Murphy to
Olockaon. - Beoaoa'a thrilling atop
and toaa .made tha play poaatblo.
One run, two hits, no errors.
BOCK ISLANBi Aadaraa was
Jfcat aa elsvurly, KJs
oa a'
baat to Feekaft. A
tka box am
throw eat Gteak-
The Sportccops
By Brace
...I1. I -
Prsaiaaat C W. MasDar af tka
TsksatsiS aaaeaund tale anon
lag tka tka fna Mat to Itoaglas
wfU be gMBsasng iar
day, aaksflatil far wag.
tooav waaa taw ia
Frank Beyioa Co.
B a oeunie.
L7VERT man, woman and
with a dollar to spare and an
afternoon off oa Wednesday, should
grace the boarda at Douglas park
as part of the admiring throng of
blander fans, who have apprecianj
ad the splendid work of the duo
during the last three weeks.
Remember, tha Islanders have
won more than they have lost since
returning from Bloomlngtoa about
a month ago with 0 games still to
bo played. At this rate the club
ahonld have been around third or
fourth place had It not bean for
early season reverses. As they
stand now, the Islanders are one
of the league's most formidable
teams, despite the fact that they
are in last place.
The last chance to show your ap
preciation as a unit pulling for a
fighting team to win will coma
Wednesday, and a capacity attend
ance is all that will do it
Come on out and boost for next
year! ,
"pHE box scores of the Islandsr
Rox double header at Rockford
on Saturday went astray, it seems,
Half a score of famous auto race
drivers are scheduled to go to the
tape in the speed contests that will
bring the Mississippi Valley fair to
a climax Saturday afternoon, Aug.
21, exposition officials announced
today after checking up the list of
entries. .
Notice of the Davenport race
meet was spread broadcast among
registered dirt track drivers and
inquiries have been pouring into
the office of the fair board. Eight
ot the -most prominent drivers in
the country have already signed up
rto compete and several more are
expected to add "their names to the
Jjst within the next few days.
Race Stars Coming.
Among the drivers to come here
will be Sig Haugdahl, dirt track
champion, who has just returned
irom aamonran, wnere ne won me
Rocky . Mountain Sweepstakes and
shattered the world's record for
five miles and established four new
Canadian track records for various
Haugdahl is due to bring two cars
to Davenport his big Flat Special,
claimed to be the fastest racing
car ever built, and hia Essex ma
chine for the light car events.
Burr Lampkin, English star, is
also scheduled to be among the
starters in the Davenport races
and will probably meat Haugdahl
in a match race.
too deep on Anderson's slow roller
and overthrew first Murphy was
seriously hampered by the Injured
thumb on his throwing hand, the
heave allow ins: Anderson to stoo at
second. Pearce waa out on the'
third bunted foul strike. Benson
started another breathless double
play, Benson to Murphy to Glock
son, with Brennan batting. No
Mm ns, no Jjita, no errors.
BOCK ISLANDt Dixon sexatehed
a stogie to left Bronnaa rot his
kaads oa the ban, bat fell tSd loot
ft, Joe's toft kneecap was Injured
by the flop and the game was de
layed several adnntoa. Melnerney
sacrificed, Aadenoa to Feelsek.
Bauk kad left Ma baae uncovered
to field tke bunt Dixon broke for
third, bat waa thrown eat em toe
same play, Feeieak to Haak, eeav
plcttag a donate kfllmg. Btgsky
got BeeeTs feal near tka stead. Its
raas, oae kit ao arms.
Rockford: Benson throw out
Brant making a fine stop behind
second aad aa off-balance throw to
Gloeksoa. It waa a darn. Rigsby
tripled past Dennia to the fence in
left center, but waa thrown ont at
the plate, Dennis to Melnerney to,
Murphy to Dtxon, trying to stretch
tke drive into a home ran. It waa
Rockford s last chance and stupid
base-ruaamg aad coaching. Mur
phy threw oat Strong. No runs,
one hit no errors.
BOCK ISLAND i Dennis opened
tke frame wttk kk third safety a
stngled la deep Mb HeQufTlaa
dropped a pretty sacrifice to treat
af tka state aad was tkrowa oat,
Ktrsby to Foelack. Marpky walk,
ed. Purpara scratcked a kit to
it waa a stow ktt ban that
beahlad, bad a perfect pkay
oft wttk the paksk.
kdt to
wttk. tka
two kite, aa
tka wtaater
a m smh asauHsss mm
the Cardiaala. held tho Ptratas aata
ble header. 8-g. The Ptrates
BesHMB eaawwUktebam
and failed to appear ta yasterday'a
Sunday papara. The etna break.
arnea ty the Islanders after the
wn nan touched 8id Stewart for a
wta la tha flrat to worthy of men
tion. For elx of tka agreed aavan tn
ainga of the second game, Kid
Maun, tha Box box phenom, held
the lalaadara hitlees and: scoreless.
wbuo tno Rox had given their
Toung star a one-run lead ta the
second that looked as good as
minion. . v..t
Coming np in the seventh, Hor
nby and Purpura both scratched
bits. Murphy to short and Purpura
uirvugn me pox. Mann supped
wnen no saw a no-hit game alto
away. ' A paaaed ball advanced the
runners and then Murphr tied the
count on a wild pitch. Purpura
topping at second. Glockson hit
one past Leyme for three bases,
scoring Gus. Dixon hit to Pearce,
Glockson beating the throw to the
piaxe. mxon went out stealing and
sswnerney popped to Brennan.
"YVEBG,EEr weiss aaved the
game for the Islanders when
the Rox opened against Halas in
their half. Halas weakened in the
deafening din of the Rox tana, all
kicking the boarda and yelling for
a run. . He passed Foelsch and
Kroger, batting for Maun. With
two balls on Pearce, Glockson war
ed Walter to the bench. Weiss
went in. Brennan, the first to face
him. smacked a single to left scor
ing Foelsch. Brant then hit into a
double play. Purpura to Benson to
Bock Island AB.B.H.PO. A.F..
Murphy, eg
Purpura, 8b .
Benson, 3b . .
Uleekson, lb
Dixon, e ....
Mclnery, cf .
Beed, rf ....
Dennis, If ...
Stewart, p
S 0
McQuillan 10
Totals J 8 t 24 10
Batted for Stewart in ninth.
Pearce, ss
i Brennan,, If
I Brant 3b
j Rigsby, e
! Leyme, rf .
J Strong, est
Hank, 8b
Totals ...
Rockford ...
Rock Island
.V.33'S"9S7 It 8
.-..oooaoait 5
Twn-has kiln Wnrnhr Rlva.
; i,T ,a Stewart Hank. Pearee
Three-base kk- Glockson. Stolen
bases, Brant Strong. DoubJe play,
Pearce to Brant to Foelsch. Struck
out by Stewart, 4 (Hauk 8, Foelsch,
Leyme); by Voirt 6 Mclnery 2,
Dlvon 8, Dennis, Stewart). Bases on
balls, off Stewart & (Brant 2,
Pearce, Hank, Strong). Hit by
pitcher, Brennan. WDd pitch, Stew
art Umpire, Weir. Time, 1:87.
(Second Game.)
Beck Island AB. R H. PO. A. E.
Murphy, ss
Parpura, 8b .
Benson, 2b ...
Glockson, e . .
Dtxon. lb ...
Melnerney, cf
Beed, rf
McQuillan, If
Halas, p
Weiss, p
Peace, ss ....
Brennan, If ..
Brant 8b ....
Rigsby, e ....
Leyme, rf ...
Hunk, 8b ....
Ganegos, cf ..
Foelsch, lb ..
Maun, P .....
'Kroger . .,.
.84 8 3 21 I 1
..8 0 0 1 4 0
Totals ... ,
Bock Island).
Bockford ....
8 S 6 8118 1
Two base klt-Foelsck. ,
Tkree base kit Gleeksen.
Stolen base Gallegoa.
Sacrifice kits Brennan, GaDe-
ta -
Double play Purpura ta Benson
to Dixon. -
Struck eat-By Hallaa, 8 (Haak,
uaai i ay ausm. a t anaensasv dii.
aa, MeQuiOan).
Bases oa halls Off Hellas C
. Pearce, Btesay, Foelsch,
left oa bases Roekferd, C -
Wffld sdtah Jhsn.
.Passed balla Gloeksoa, 1; igv
empire Wetaw v '
Wato-liti, s
Detroit Mich, Aug. 11 Glea
aoa'e White Sex troupe went east
last night wall satisfied with the
Aaierlcaa league baseball situation.
Dfwnt ... ..V..I00110000 I
Chicago ........OOJlOtOtl 10
Tyler held tke Beds to
a. Mb'
Star Parfarami Iajnrai ta Tryamta
at Antwerp Classic Tanks
Aatwern, Aag. lt-(By As.
saetated Press) - Anterleau
kurdiers, ranking first aeosnd,
tktrdaadslxtkiaafMdof six
ta the final of tka 40t saatar
hardies ta tka Olympic games,
here today, scored 17 potato far
tka (Tatted Stotea.
Frank Leemfc, of tka Chica
go A. A, the wmner of the
record of 64 aeoaadt flat for tke
distaace, aentof the eld record
ay oi
Antwerp, Aug. 18. (United
Press) America's chance for vio
tory In the long running races In
the Olympic games took another
slump today when Joie Ray, vet
eran distance runner of the Illinois
Athletic club palled his leg muscles
while working on a grass track.
Ray probably will be unable to
participate in the contests.
Walker Smith, Chicago hurdler,
also injured his leg muscle work
ing out on the grass. Prospects
were he would bo back in condition
in time to run during the Olympiad.
Finns Get Jump.
The Finns -won the first victory
In the international contests when
Myrra established a new world rec
ord in the Javelin throw at 86.78
meters. The Finns also took sec
ond, third and fourth places. The
fifth went to an Esthooia, the sixth
to a Swede and the seventh to M.
S.xAngier, American, of the Chi
cago Athletic association.
The Americans showed well tn
the semi-finals of the 400-mtr hur
dle. Frank Loomis and Angus
Desch survived the seven heats and
a win for the Americans in this
event is assured. Desch beat
Georges Andre, the veteran French
runner, by a scant margin. Loom-
is took his race from Carl Christ
en sen, the Swede, by a yard. The
time" for both Desch and Loomis
was .055 2-5.
America, Denmark, Italy and
Great Britain and France qualified
for the finals in fencing.
IS la High Jump.
Twelve qualified for the finals in
the high Jump four Americans,
four Swedes, two Frenchmen, two
Britishers. .
Four Americans triumphed in the
100 meter dash. Charlie Paddock
won from Harry Edwarda, the Brit
ish champion. The time was 10 4-5.
The other Americans who took
their heats were J. V. Scholz of the
University of Missouri; Morris
Kirksey of San Francisco and Lor
en Murchison of the New York Ath
letic club.
The English had the' 800 meter
run .trials their own way. Moun
tain, Rudd and Baker won three
heats, the Frenchman. Gouilleaux,
the fourth, and Lundgren, Swede,
the fifth. Earl Ebby finished third
behind Baker, A B. Sprott of Los
Angeles second behind Lundgren
and Thomas Campbell second be
hind Gouilleaux.
Yankees Confident
Perfect weather greeted the small
crowd which gathered at the sta
dium today for the contests. , The
Americans were confident and
hopeful, after the Showings yester
The semi-finals of tho 100 meter
dash waa the first event : Edwards
of England and Paddock were the
winners. Edwards beat Schols and
Kirksey in 10 3-6 seconds. Allkhan
of France finished second behind
Paddock and Murchison third.
The Americans tailed to make
much showing in the trials for the
5,000 meter run. In the first heat
C. Furnas of Purdue finished
fourth, H. H. Brown of Boston
third in the second heat and C F.
Hunter of San Francisco fifth 'in
the third heat L C. Dresser ot
New York finished third In the
fourth heat Hunter was the first
of the Americans eliminated when
he finished fifth in his heat
f League Standings j
W. L.
Bloomlngton ...
Evans rille ....
Cedar Raplda ..
Peoria ........
Torre Haute . .
- 6S
Cleveland' .
Chicago ..j.
New York .
" A6S
St Louis
Boston .
o '
' ; W. ' I,
Erokolyn ..33 48
Cincinnati ..........63 48
New Tork ...63 48
Pittsburgh.... M 63
Chicago 33 67
St Lode ...61 63
Boston ...47 67'
PhUadelphla .......43 69
Tkree-Eye Leagwa,
RCXaC ISLAND, 2; Rockford,
(10 tunings.)
MoHae, 3-1; Cedar Raplda, 3-3.
rsaaawna. i; reasia. a.
-. rfftnmfira - at
CrataJ .
Jimiity Won't Make
"Bock Island, TJL, lag. It, lKk
Brace Copelaad, Sporting Ed
Bar Bask Island Arcast I am atv.
teg yea this 4e oa tke proposed
Stawkanar-Naaa fight after faJHng to
get Bass' aaaw to a eeatract to
box tke 9am.' Brum all appear
aacea, tt seems that Bass Is trou
bled wttk cold feet or back fever.'
Have conceded everything he want
ed to get him tato the ring again
wttk Stsjokawr, bat aa yet have aot
been saoeessfal, aa be kas tke alibi
that he kas everytklag to late and
aetkiag to gate.
"At this Ume 'Bum' weighs 146
Caads. We tried to get Mass to
x him en a winner-take-all prop
osition Jf he weald do 16t penade
at 8 p. aa, bat be .refused, saytag
ke did aot care to snake weight He
claims to be a welterweight but
c aot do 16t pounds.
"We then raised tke weight to
168 aad stfll 'nothing doing.'. Fin
ally I said 64 pounds on a straight
nrepoatttea, which ke agreed on
aad of course we tkoagkt tke match
was clinched.
"We then got togetker wttk tke
promoters and stated ear terms.
Suss deaaaaded 80 per cent of the
gross receipts of tke gate. This Is
Jnst 6 per cent less tkaa tke world's
ehaasplen, Pete Herman, wants to
box la this city. Bather aa unus
ual demand for a boxer, who claims
to have kad only five fights ; how
ever, I figure It Is Just another
symptom of burk fever.
"There Is oae thing about tkls
match, tf pat on, aad that Is tke
fans are bound to see some action
as 'Bast' Stoehmer will give any of
these so-called tough boys a very
bnsy evening. It Is apparent ke is
net tke most popular boxer ta the
world, but he never disappoints his
nndienee. Some of his admirers
say he kas never beaten either
Commlskey or Dote. Maybe aot
bat yea can ask either of these two
boxers what they think of 'Bum
and yea will hear he is considered
ao set-up for nay of them. In tart
a home town boxer around these
parts has to almost murder an op
ponent before he gets aa much aa
a draw.-
"I am aot writing this letter as
aa apology for 'Bum,' bat 1 Jut
want the fans la this vicinity to
know why the Nnss-Stuehmer bout
feu through and that oar preposi
tion to Noas stands for any time.
"All we ask is tke first chance at
Nasa as I am afraid some one will
atop him before we get a chance
"lour truly,
No. 82:17 Trot
Added Money 3800.
Asoff, Jr, ch. h. 2: 15'A (Ume allow
ance claimed) by Azoff. F. G.
Warden, Des Moines, Iowa.
Jeaaetto the Great bit m. by Ca
duceus the Great. F. G. Warden,
Des Moines, Iowa.
Tantty n, hit m. 2:164 by Tod
Allerton. S. S. Johnstone, Mem
phis, Tenn.
Tip Frisco, bit g. by San Frisco.
O. M. Smith, Omaha, Keb.
Lady Pine, b. m. by Battler M. Dr.
A C. Tillman, Earlville. I1L
Mlttelllon, ch. h. by Mitty Onwald.
w. Gorfll. Marshall. Mo.
Elizabeth Alblngen, b. m. by AI-
bingou. Uei't iiarna, Utkaicoaa,
Shawnee, b. g. by Azoff. Allen
Brothers, .Indianapolis, Ind.
Albln Look Sir, b. g. by Alblngen.
Charles Harilie, DeB Moines, Iowa.
Noble Aubrey, s. g. 2:UM (time al
lowance claimed) by Cap Aubrey.
Magnus Bros., Sioux City, Iowa.
Aab Taleb, bit g. 2:08 (time al
lowance claimed) by George A.
Fuller. William Pearsons,- Min
neapolis, Minn.
Dorothy Day, ch. m. by Peter the
Great Midway stock farm, Kear
ney, Neb. "
Goldworisiy, br. g. by Gold Bingen.
C. A Pratt, Kearney, Neb.
' 2:25 Trot
Added Money $800.
Baby Tedd, b. m. by Iowa Todd.
S. S. Cassidy," Des Moines. Iowa.
Bonnie Dillon, br. m. W. B. Greene,
Kane, IlL
Tke Consequence, b. g. by The Ex
ponent J. H. Bottger, Daven-
' port, Iowa.
Paasy Dewey, b. m. Major Dewey.
8. S. Johnstone, Memphis, Tenn.
Grace Camas, ch. m. Axtlen. Mrs.
Samuel Harris, Plymouth, IlL
Blltakerk Albinren, b. m. Alblngen.
Bert Harris, Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Enterprise Boy, b. g. Alfred G.
Frank Patty, Oakaioosa, Iowa.
Drololo, b. g. Dromore L G. F.
Mlsr, Alsdo, HL
Prlaaator, b.- s. ' J. Mai com Forbes.
Allen Bros.' stable, Indianapolis,
Triples by Shanks and Rice were
Instrumental In the Senator's vic
tory over the Yankees. 3-4, - The
Tanks were unable to bunch their
13 hits and dropped to third place.
Chicago kit Leonard hard and
from Detroit 10-3. Risberg
i homer over the leftfield
feaee ta tho third Inning.
Clark, a Ctewlaad rookie, keld
St Louis to four bits. Cleveland
held oa to first place by winning
6-o. "" - v-
Mack Wkeat threw wCI ta tka
ISth tnntma allnwtnr two Malum!
xo cross xae piaia,- urooxiyn won
freak tka Phillies, 34.
Keltac Haw ta SJxtk Ptaee A
Even Break Testerdaii -ffeetea.
-, 1-8. . -
Motine. TJL,"':' Aug. ll-klottoa
went Into sixth place la tka Three
Bye league- yeatorday by apiltting
with Cedar Raptda,wlnalnglSe first
game, I to 2, aad losing the teat
one, 1 to L Hard hitting la tke
pinches won the first game, while
inability to hit Teaar in tho acoond
game won for the visitors." Tke
score: y
: First Game,
Mottae AR.B.H.FOLA.E.
Banser, as 8 8 111 t
Stxasbaagk, 3b ...8 t 8 J fl 1
Joaea,-f 4 8 8 1 t t
Deufei, 4 1 2 I I I
Slwltenberger, of .4 1 2 0 .0 0
Lerd,rf ....... 0 t 1
Bay. 2b 4 t I S 4 1
Mack, lb 4 t 1 IS I I
Matthews, p ......4 0i 0 121
Totals ........84
Totals 34
. 11. 27.18 1
1 11 27 IS 1
Evora, 2b 4
0 18 2
Jenkins, Sb 4
itaragaove. rf ....2
ijarmore, ta
ilruska, e ...
Pruess, cf ..,
Jtrsvn. lb ...
LeBeaa, tf .,
LittretLp ...
38 2 7 21 I
Cedar Baplds
runs LeBeaa. Jeaea.
Two-base hJts DeafeL
Baaaer. Saorifleo
8traskaagfe.( Hard
aits Jianscr,
grove. Wolen hasps .
Double plays Matthews to Banner
to Back, Bay to Bunaer to Mack.
Struck awt By Matthews. 4; by
LlttreU, 4. liases oa balls Oft
Matthews- 2; .ff LiUreU, 1. Hit by
pitcher- Larmt re. Umpire Ban.
side. Time 1167.
Seeoad Game.
Moltee , AB. R. H. PO. A. K J
Kunser, ss ........ 0 9 0 8 1
Htrasoamra. in ...a a a
Jones, If .........8 t 2
Deufel, e 8 0 I
Shouesjberger, cf 3 0 1
Lord, rf-8b 8 1 1
Ray, 2b 8 0 0
Beck, rf 1 0 t
Mark, lb , r t 1
Altckisoa, p 2 I t.
Totals M l 6 8118 2
Cedar Rapids AB.R.H.PO.A.E.
Even, 2b ...,..8 1 t I I I
Jenkins, Sb .....3
Hardgrove, lb ....1
Lara ore, ss 3
Hruiika,e ....... .3
Praesa, of .......8
LlttreU, rf W...V..8
LeBeau, U ...... .3
Teaar, p .........2
7 0
...... . 1
Totals ........21 8 6 21 6 H
Cedar Bapida 1 110000 3!
MoUne 0100000 11
Home runs Lord. Two-base kJtsi
-LeBeaa. Jones. Saerlfiee alts
Jenkins. Struck ont By Teaar C
Bases on bails Off Tew, 8; on,
Aitchlson, 3. Hit by pitcher By
Altchison (Hardgrove). I'mplrew'
Burnslde. Time 1:26.
Evansville, Ind., Aug. 16. With
two men out and two men on bases
Loftus connected for n long hit
which scored Cotriss and won the
game for Evansville from Peoria,
1 to 0, in the last half of the ninth
inning here yesterday. Peoria out-
hit the locals, but Bowman hand-q
ed out six passes, and also rannea
eight men. Fielding by both teams
was brilliant The score:
Evansville AB.R. H.
0 0
Baahang, cf
Meyers, 2b .
Loftus, It ..
Wire, lb ...
Mann, ss ..
Morrison, rf
Martin, 3b,.
Lotbes, c ..
1 1
3 2
1 3
Cotriss, p
Totals I..'.. ...31 1 7
27 11 2
Peoria- AB. R. H.
Craig, cf 4 0 2
Jackson, lb 2 0 0
Dressen, 2b . ... . 4 0 2
Xesser, rf 4 0 2
Nowasha, c 4 0 0
Danaher. It 4 0 1
Buser, 3b 4 0 1
Bluege, ss 4 0 2
Bowman, p 4 0 0
Roth, c 2 0 0
P. AE.
0 0
Totals 3S 0 10 26U 1
Two out when winning run was
Evansville 000 0000011
Peoria 000 000 0003
Bloomlngton nt Terre Haute:
Game postponed on account of
rain. '
Sore Feet
If you have foot trouble allow us
to fit you our way. We will aot
fill your shoes full of arch 'sup
ports. Here Is Oar PrenosWon ;
If. after 30 days' trial we have
not convinced yon that the Dolly
system is correct we will refund
your money, and not solicit your
future patronage. -
Men's km '
1723-33 Second Are.

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