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we V
jiiritlr women of Rock Is-
tfartT wfll lather al the par
I f tt Kbck Island house
ndey evening at 8 o'clock in
w to tli call of Connty Chalr-
3 Mr, ft C. Berrr. -
.jjtaoefh bo woman's party or-
"&slloa.has heen announced as
t la understood that the per
tl of the precinct committee
's, woo will be In charge of
t aCtiritles of women of the Dem-
' itic party during the fall cam
ji will be named early next
,TI original navel orange tree
kmncht from Brazil more than
ytjr years ago and ia now in a
Mtsnouse oi me department or
jttsltnre in Washington.
tk long-lasting little flowers
glta1 "immortelles" in Prance,
Mri grown in popularity for dec
Unag soldiers' graves.
Three Vaya to Grectcecs '
Omrta al tiiiIii i
. Thr are three ways to grow
There la th n
Ther r People who grow aa a
.iu irewi-Hiy wnat sucks to
them. They are great in proportion
tf their possessions. They are dis
tinguished hy reason their things.
11 waa the method ol the rich fool,
who had so much that be had to
increase his storage place!. Having
done so, he aaid to his soul "Thou
haat much goods laid hp for many
years. Take thine ease." But In
stead of being on Easy Street he
was on Judgment Day Avenue, for
wu saia 10 mm: "This night thy
SOVl shall be rnnfreH r hoj u
owned everything but his soul.
Then there is the method of In
flation. There are people who grow
as a football grows. They are great
in proportion to their self-esteem.
They are swollen with conceit,
puffed up with hot air. A puncture
brings on a fatal collapse. It la
people who have achieved greatness
by? inflation of whom the apostle
speaks when he nays: "If a man
thinketh himself to be something
when he is nothing", he decelveth
himself." It is a laconic way of
calling such a man a fool. And so
the rich fool with the big ban and
the little soul la not the only fool.
Tha there ia the method of evo
lnUoa. There are people who
grow aa a tree grows tram withia
oatwards. They are great In pro
portion to their eoorictioaa. They
are distinguished sot because of
what they have, bat because of what
iney are.
v U Is of this way to greatness
that the apostle writes when he
says: -Add to your faith virtue;
and to virtue knowledge; and to
knowledge temperance; and to tem
perance patience: and to natlence
godliness; and to godliness broth
erly Madness; and to brotherly
kindness charity. For if these
(-things be in yon and abound, they
make you that ye shall neither be
barren nor unfruitful."
Neither this world nor the next
calls the man who is great In this
way a fool.
Today's Brents
Vermont keeps a holiday today
In celebration of the annnirersary
of the battle of Bennington.
Duluth today will begin a golden
Jubilee festival in celebration of
its 50th anniversary as a city.
James Wilson, for IS years sec
The Store of Quality C
Featuring Exclusively in The Trinities
Rosemary Dresses
For Fall 1920, priced at...
- .MimttaM rf taw Catted
Sutea, celebrates hie SStk Mrtktor
today. .
Wholesale caarry dealers itrom
many parts of the United States,
Canada and other couuirww -
an, international covaentkm at
Louis today. ,
la tl Day's Hen
u. former secretary
of agriculture of the United States,
who reaches the foar-soore-and-llve
todiT. has the distinction of hav-
ta eerve Ike loosest term oa ree
ort of any cabinet offlcUL Oa
March S, lt7. h entered the first
cabinet of President McKinley and
continued to aerve through the ad
ministrations of Presidents Roose
velt and Tart, until March 5. 113.
Aim- mo spent vanoosiy aa a
. and aa a eahtaot
this aatlvw Hmtrhmaa and
great Amerioaa. as spading kia do
elialng yeara la the qaiat of kia
home tarn m Iowa. Daring the It
yean that Mr.-Wilson waa- at iu
head the department of agricultare
IU growth e
proeaarttr ware hot. of cre,'S-i
solely to kha, he hie Is th trail;
for tar sights laMerakla, CM kai
been a kmc day. a wan tiled day
aad a day which has Ma good)
a for the ooaatry of kia adoption.
These ultra-smart
Frocks need no intro-
duction to Tri-City
We need only announce
theyre here
Read the dscriptions
All sizes, all new colors
Mississippi Valley
and Exposition
- mm
. ore coraifliiy Vt4tt uTht
L... . . uitm frock has
7f to Davenport's;
'J r- air . by -Mel
f roremott btore
or Women ?
men lwrr
In navy $lu,
k.iy.w or brown.
ID Kioto! 3i(tal ipw
pas ic Ii laTOiprt
Aqgnst 17th will mark the opening of the Darcnpcrt
branch of the WeU-Krtowrt New York Dental Com
pany whose home cSce ia located in Minneapclia,
Minn. This is an event that will be hailed with de
light by everyone since it will bring to them the serv
ices of the best dental specialists at prices within:
reach of everyone. v
Fair visitors are cordially invited to visit our offices during their stay in the city. We are '
proud of the fact that we have the largest and best equipped dental offices in the city of
Davenport Come and let us show you the wonders of a modern X-ttay Apparatus and do
not overlook the fact that our X-Ray service is free when a reasonable amount of dental L
1. I J s - C
wwa u urucrcu. , . '
6f 1 ' Heart 1S1 A frocl"W f fljff ? line- The touches
11 A of Bvr blue trtco- 1.J ' , 111 f i 111 of bronie embrald-
, 7L 104 tint with navy blue 1 HI hi Ml ery Rt neck "A
J met XW embmldery, while m H I 9 filH sleeves are augaee-
V the waim of novel f ttl 1 HlU tively French to ef-
i I -Xcut has a tiny bat- W II 8?S- 1 U 11 feet, and equally
. V i iste vrMee with the 1 1 5fe H II attractive whether M
favoreil EsJTtian I J IS 1 U il the frock is black.
colorlns. t.oe lit 1 II il navy blue, or
11 1 1 1 11 n brown. likM
f nrcriui a dv horccrc 1
v v mnJ fit- t.jjMmMM iniuwbw
tw Sr are featttred by
flPVlm ac Ftuhiont Criterion at I
ym I -Vogua Vanity Fair
Jjtj&jl J Fathion Fair
" m.' ILMu ' MtAtl 1M Correct , - j!J
tnSry emartly alen-
der Is this navy.. -TV5
visitors I f Jl If 1 II ; ; :
jVflhrfitrS La
, -f JS en bodice aad fjZ . I ..
KMt belt, the BUM or w " 1
Our Dental Policy
The New York Dental Com
pany is one of the old establish
ed and well known Dental insti
tutions of the northwest It's
well earned reputation has been
built throughout its many years
of faithful service to patients,
more than 100,000 persops hav
ing availed themselves of the
services of its corps of highly
skilled Dental Specialists.
The commendable policy of
Dependable Dentistry at Honest
Prices that has become a house
hold word with patienls of the
Minneapolis office will be rigid
ly adhered to by the Davenport
office, and all persons entrusting
their dental work to the new of
fice will be assured of the same
high character of work and
careful, conscientious service
that has at air tunes been ac
corded patients at the mother in
stitution. All of the advantages of the
largest city dental office will
now be brought to your own
city. The latest, approved meth
ods known to dental science, the
newest equipment and appli
ances of proved merit, will now
be at your command; with a
specialist for each branch of the
work who will be able to give au
thoritative, intelligent advice
regarding your dental require
ments and to carry your work to
completion in the shortest pos
sible time consistent with 100
. per cent-efficiency.
We do things in a big way,
and for, that reason are in posi
tion to positively save you money
on Denial Work, over the prices
charged by the average dentists.
We punchase our materials and
snppties in large quantities,
thereby effecting a substantial
saving; our organization is
thoroughly systematized, en
abling us to handle the maxi
mum volume of Dental work,
and the consequent savings ef
fected are passed on to our pa
tients. And withal, you have
tire satisfaction of knowing that
you are dealing with an institu
tion that has the financial abil
ity to make good every promise.
Artistic New York Dentures
Special Price for
Opening Week
You must see a sample of this set of teeth in order to
fully appreciate its bpauty and sterling quality. The
Artistic New York Dentures are constructed by the
latest approved method known to Dental Science,
assuring an accurate fit, without danger of tipping or
falling. They so closely conform to the shape and ar
rangement of the original natural teeth that perfect
mastication is assured, at the same time combining
great strength and light weight, allowing the maxi
mum of the comfort to the wearer. By careful selec
tion of the style of teeth indicated by the patient's
. type of face, the facial expression is improved and a
set of teeth that closely resembles nature's teeth is
the result We recommend this set, at our moderate
price, as one of the very best values obtainable. Either
upper or lower set for. opening week only $15.00
Cast Gold Plates
The greatest achievement of modern dentistry is
, represented in the handsome Cast Gold Plates, which
we are now able to offer to our patients at a reasonable
price. These are made by a new, scientific process
and constitute one of the finest fitting, most durable
and handsome plates ever produced. By this new pro
cess the plate is made to conform perfectly to the
shape of the month, thereby creating perfect suction
which retains it inplace, with no danger of misplace
ment or falling. These plates are lightweight, of 22
karat gold, with teeth of highest grade porcelain, mak
ing not onV a most durable plate that has a maximum
of strength for mastication purposes, but one in which
the teeth convey a most "natnTar and pleasing expres
sion. You most see asample of these popular plates
and you wiH then realize their sterling quality and
artistic appearance. Get our Prices.
100 Vital Dentistry '
Medical science has so clear--ly
established the connection be- ,
tween unsound teeth and various
bodily and mental diseases that,
in this day and age, it is folly
for anyone to be satisfied with
dentistry of questionable merit
We keep constantly in touch
with the latest discoveries relat
ing to the dental profession, and
the result of our findings has
made us strong advocates of 100
This , means that we do not ap- '
prove of filling or crowning ,
"dead" teeth teeth in which the
nerves have been killed.
Always eome-and get our price as a reliable
guidebefore you contract for dental work any
where. It will be your protection against over-,
charge. We guarantee lowest prices consistent
with the highest grade of workmanship and materials.
Dead teeth are a serious men
ace to one's health since they-al
most invariably form abscesses
at their roots and spread poison
broadcast throughout the sys- .
tern, setting up diseased condi-
tion in the various organs and
tissues of the body. ;
The X-Ray is one-of the mar-
velsyof modern science. Its im- -
portance in connection with Den-
tistry is everywhere undisputed ;
by the , well-informed dentist
We make extensive use of.X-Ray
nVinf rorronriw in riatintT narlrlan -
or "blind abscesses at the roots r
of teeth, having our own X-Rayj
apparatus in charge, of a eompe-
tent operator. The importance
ui una uuoae vl uui ww a vvm i
understood when it is explained
uiav uiuiu amwaKD ct v uic x uvu
of the teeth are the cause of a
large proportion of human ills, A
ig pain in the teeth and their
presence can only be detected
uneugn an A-oay poorograpa. t
rW nnr tare phaniw -flnm"nnr
health by neglecting unsound
. teeth. Have them replaced by
artistic artificial teeth that last,
our Vto. Vitals Dentistry,
Novocain Renders Dental Operations Practically
The use of NOVOCAIN, the modern anaesthetic renders
not only extractions, but also other dentaLoperations, such
as preparing cavities for filling, etc pftetksily painless.
We can insure our patients the TmiMirrHm of discomfort when
they have their dental work attended to at our offices.
and Estimate
SanitaHon ami Cleatdiness in Oar Operating
. Rooms
Our instruments are carefully and thoroughly sterilized
after each operation and every care is observed to preserve a
condition of absolute cleanliness and sanitation in all of our
departments. This is an important point to consider when
you select your dentist -
All Dentistry Fatty Guaranteed
Office Hoars
8:33 A. M. U
529 P.M.
; Monunxs
) JOUCr,
237V2 Drmdy Street
Davesportt Iowa
We hare special taefli
ttes wherewr we tar.
alsfc ee-4ar aelhiee U
ihawe ltrhw ealalae af
rVa, a. '
gold embroidery. . ., , V

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