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TTll-TKtc IsJ
Vfycarttad aceonataad mtsststo
it at the facta, ia the manner la
J13i Oafcawi H. & Jordaa, ooav
ziiaat ot i
a aitlcla ia
vtM'Ul whtea harts af
llahor enatawaaaaaatoa thavar
i' A3 mwiw im mrucM maw,
ft. 1. Corns rspressntativa.In Uia
I rAnmrtmvat ot the Hock lalaad
I .aa) employes, with advancing
ta Mir ration for a strtiee, namely.
'to save the govsrament money.
Comtek la quoted aa earing that
lia haste oC tha troabla is the op
aosltkra of tha general ataff of tha
'army to tha workers' council plan,
ad that ail tha men are asking now
Ja the right to save the government
'money by the continuance ot this
plan, which waa instituted at Rock
Island arsenal.
taM Ta XaOaw Dismissal.
ii Tha article, taada that this op
jposittoa took tha form of the dis-
,).!! oi u A. look ana jh. j,
'Aspengren at Rock lalaad and J.
:L. McCourt at Frankfort arsenal,
Mt of whom wens leading repre-
iastttatlvee of tha man in the organ
jlsatloa of the council plan. This
icaaassl the plan to be discontinued
tmj im own, uiv wp mu
jaifa consequence the men have re
traced to hare farther dealings with
-voionei Jordan. -.
Some time ago, tha arsenal em'
jployes put the question of the con
4iuuance or discontinuance of thi
council np to a vote ot their mem
her and the result Showed almost
two to one in favor of continuing.
which would hear out Colonel
Jordan's comment oa the Wash
lastOQ dispatch to the effect that
fth Statement la garbled, dlsln
kenlous, full ot inaccuracies and
Municipal Matters
f City Council Chamber, Rock la
land, 111, Aug. 9. 1920. The city
council met in regular aeaton at 3
o'clock, p. m. Mayor Schrlver and
all commissioners present
' The minutes of the regular
meeting held Aug. 2, 1920, were read
aad approved.
j-' Mayor Schriver ottered a resolu
tion that a permit be granted the
Sinclair Oil company to Install
raaoHne tank in alley In rear of
1710 - Third avenue. Carried by
aaaaimoui vote. ' ; s
': Commissioner Rudgren presented
tha following weekly pay roll for
wekrending Aug. 7, izo, wmcn on
Ma motion was allowed by unan
imous Tote:
F. Donaway ....(.,..
Charles Neeseier ....
.1 27.00
. 27.00
William Rica
Jilebrandt 27.00
t.-Van Maele
K. Vuller ,
R TJtke ...
Joe Buster
AK Rifle
George PetUt
H. Breanahaa
F. Gest
JL Jlarrs
8.-, Knox
R.-T. Connell
K South
I. Schaab
H. Bearle
Ooorge Hughea
B., Schmidt ...
Vk Brandmeyer
L. Scou
K Kowack .4.
Art Donaway .
Jeff Moore ....
8. Parrish
H. SchulU - 15.00
J. Fox ....
0, HalBline
J. E. Hyna
p. ZiffreV...,
James Brooks
Pose Wilson
Tom O Connell 26.00
Charles Davis
Morgue McDonald ,
Forrest Robertson
H. J.- Irwin
"Fraak Eastin
August Bodaker
George Hughes ....
Hugh McGeo ,
Lew Killers
Frank Brian
iotal ...............
ftreetand bridge 702.20
Sewer fund 60.00
Garbage system 230.25
Waterworks cxpeaae ..... 62.00
Total .,...t..i.........$l,034.45
i Commissioner Rudgren offered a
resolution that the following claims
be and the same are hereby allowed,
towit: The J. W. Potter company,
1715.64; Leine-Kane Motor Top
company, 39; The Times company,
tt-30: Mrs. E. D. Pearson, $1.60;
Sraillinger A Coo, 1200; Gamewell
Fire Alarm Telegraph company,
$416.68; George W. Gamble, circuit
clerk, $248.95. Carried by ansa
jreus vote.
lQommiaaioner Rudgren offered a
resolution that tha ordinance pro
elding for the levy, assessment and
Collection of taxes for the fiscal
year. A. D 1920. be adopted. Car
ried by unanimous vote.
I .Adjourned on motion 'of Mayor
Svsriven '
f , City Clerk.
- . y:
(Motion pictures ot domestic in
west have been found to be moat
SelUrgeatioatal area la the
'4 that U the city ot Loa-
' - ... v , , " S - i"r;r rt ZF ir-' '
.., , ,. , .....:, - W U'Xm.m. ,T7YT'
According to an official statement from the Polish capital the Russian pressure has been relieved, aad the Soviets' hold upon the gates of the town, which for days has
been threatened by the onrushing red armies, has been broken. A violent counter-offensive by the Polish forces under the leadership of General Pilsudski, is given credit
for hiving shattered the enemy'a hold upon the gates to the city, and to have at leaat tor the time befog, removed the menace of capture.
Railway Accommodations aai Ex
curskm Bates Befag Prepared ta
Joslln Grounds.
Daily special trains will operate
over the Burlington between Rock
Island. Moline and East Moline and
the fair grounds at Joslln on Wed
nesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday, Aug. 25 to 28, both inclu
sive. The trains will leave Kock
Island at 9 o'clock in the morning
and Moline at 9:15, and returning
from the fair grounds will leave
Joslln at 6:45 in the afternoon.
Excursion rates will be in effect
and ample equipment will be pro
vided to make passengers comfort
Mayor It M. Schriver of Rock Is
land, Mayor Charles P. Skinner of
Moline, and Chief of Police Thomas
Schaf er of East Moline, have agreed
to fulfill their part of the advertis
ing program. They will leave the
1 fair grounds in the aeroplane at
noon on the day before the respect
ive city dates accorded their mu-
niciDalities and will fly over the tri
cities scattering small aoagers,
calling attention to their special
day at the fair.
Plaa racoon oaya.
Some progress is being made with
the political days that are being
Dlanned. It is not definitely known
yet who the speakers will be, but
Floyd E. Thompson, president ox
the association, has been assured
that each of the contending camps
ia the Republican party will be rep
resented on their respective dates.
The plans now call tor two Repub
lican days with the Thompson camp
in charge on Wednesday, Aug. 25,
and the anti-Thompson camp in
charge ot Friday, Aug. 27. The
Democrats will have one day.
Thursday, Aug. 26, and effort la be
ing made to bring a prominent
speaker- here for that day. The
speaking will be in the grandstand
at 11 o'clock in the morning.
Mr. Pearson, the local grain man,
ia experiencing some difficulty in
securing grain cars for shipping.
Warren Brumgton of hear Alexia
was a caller ta surgssa Saturday.
John Morrow of Watertown, vis
ited several days -last week at the
home ot hla brother, S. O. Morrow.
J. L. Hamilton returned home
from Omaha laat week, where he
tailed to find feeding cattle which
auited him, ,
W. N. Hunter and F. B. Wens
were callers la La Harpe one day
last week.
Lawrence Waha of Aledo.waa a
business caller in Burgess Satur
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Laferty aad
Mr. and Mrs. Fred McLaughlin are
planning on leaving Wednesday for
a week'a camping trip on Rock
river, near Rock Island. : - 1
Alvln Laffarty and Clara Blmma
were victims ot aa auto aestdeat
Thursday when the Ford ta which
the youngsters were riding, taraed
turtle near the Frank Cola home.
Young Lafferty aaatataed a broken
ram waue amuse was walart. Tfea
Kma Wat Bveia Ee-
art - -O ff j
The tuck-in blouse bv no means
has passed completely from favor,
but there is no doubt but that the
overblouae is to be the moat popu
lar type for fall wear. The ad
vance showings favor georgettes,
crepe de chines and chiffons in all
the suit shades, as well aswhite
and bisque. Bisque is making a
strong bid for first place and It
is very noticeable that it super
cedes -white and flesh, in tact flesh
colored blouses are distinctly passe.
Here is a very pretty new fall
blouse which la shown with' a white
skirt only in order to show the
belt arrangement 'The unique
thing to be noted ia the use of
panne velvet as trimming. This is
a trimming note which will be seen
more, than once on the exclusive
blouses for tall wear. Here rov
ers, cuffs and the sash belt are all
made of navy velvet hi a shade
which harmonises with the navy
georgette of the blouse proper.
This trimming la finished with
fagotUng. Velvet buttons on. the
vestee form the only other trim
ming. Such a blouse would make
a simple suit a proper, afternoon
costume, or it would be a suitable'
accompaniment for a fancy silk or
satia skirt . ,
day evening with friends and rela
tives near here. -
S. S. Morgan was a business
caller la Alexia Saturday, being
there ia the Interest of the county
farm bureau.'
Mr. 'and Mrs. " Fred McLaughlin
visited Sunday With North Hender
son reJativecf
Mrs. Charles B. Wertx, who ta
la Monmouth hospital, remains
about the same.
Most of the threshing runs are
finishing their work this week or
have already completed the thresh
ing "
Mr. aad Mrs. 'Jerry" Casta are
bow making their home at the D. F.
KaUer homo during tha absence ot
Mr. aad Mrs. Keller.
Ia the manufacture ot locomo
tives, Philadelphia baa the largest
establishment ta tha United States.
A cataract bigger than Niagara w
located oa the Ixaaas river . which
partly arjatatas BrasQ Bran Ar-
(lfeylKM BfeNiagrapk af WaraawV
Noted Educators Will Come Hep to
Instrad Teachers at the K'-Bi-County
Meet J
' Announcement of the Instructors
who will conduct the Annual Teach
ers' Institute to be attended by both
Rock Island and Mercer county
teachers this year and which will
be held in Rock Island Oct 11 to 14
was made today by Justin Wash- i
burn, county superintendent ot
schools. The annual meeting of
the Illinois valley division of the
state teachers' association will also
be held here the day following the
closing of the county institute.
Those who have been engaged to
address the teachers re as fol
lows: E. E. Van Cleve ot the nor
mal extension department of the
Western Illinois Normal at Ma
comb; W. S. Campbell, supervisor
ot music at Peoria; Miss Edna
Keith, primary supervisor at Jo
liet; Dr. F.D. Sluts Of the Moraine
Park Experimental school in Day
ton, Ohio; Dr. Walter S. Monroe
of the educational research depart
ment of the University ot Illinois;
C. E. Avis, supervisor of drawing la
the Chicago schools, and E. C. Fish
er, superintendent ot the Rock Is
land public schools.
The complete program for the
institute will not be completed un
til after the opening of the public
schools, the first ot September.
Plans for Campaign to Put Asso
ciation Up to Capacity Sum.
her Are Made,
Preliminary plans to launch a
membership campaign for 600 men
were made at the regular meeting
ot the Y. M. C. A. board of direc
tors last evening. The board went
on record as favoring a concerted
effort to get more membership this
iaii so as to use ue building to its
full capacity.
The Y. M. C. A. is now entirelv
out of debt and does not feel jus
tified in its work unless it takes on
500 more members which it feels it
can take care of now. A. F. Sala
is chairman ot the committee in
charge ot the campaign. Other
committee members are Judge A. N.
Larson, A. E. Horst John Spilger,
Frank Lobby and LeRoy 8oady.
f Oa ta Septembert
Tha date tor the driva has not
base set, bat it will in all prob -
wnuiy w una b uh Man UUO as !
the state-wide . auomberghip ; earn-1
paiga 4a put oa from Sept XI to
Oct 1.. The local association has a
membership ot near 1,000 this week,
but teels that 1,600 men Is its ca
pacity number. . . -
Tha local committee wljl meet la
the hear future to lay plans for the
extensive canvass of the ctty. ' .
" Bed-hatrad persoas are saU to be
leas liable to baldness than those
with hair et any othst color. .'
'Fhrn, which has been preserved
by a trcataeat ot eleetrtcUy. said
Ita reauia edate-tor sevea ysaxa,"
jut .1
Scott Ferris, representative from
the Sixth district of Oklahoma who
defeated Senator Thomas P. Gore
by more than 25,000 votes in the
race for the Democratic nomina
tion for senator.
Mrs. Rebecca Rich.
Mrs. Rebecca . Rich,, 1010 Third
avenue, died yesterday morning at
Chicago, where she had gone for
medical aid. Mrs. Rich is the wife
ot Samuel Rich. Rock Island meat
market proprietor. Death was due
to heart trouble.
Mrs. Rich was married to Samuel
Rich three years ago in Chicago.
Since then she had resided in this
city. Surviving is a son, Harry
Harris, ot Chicago and two sons in
Detroit Funeral services will be
held at Chicago tomorrow.
i V I
Coats, Suits aiud Dresses
AurMmg ally at
224 17.
U ;
Wilton Minister Dies Before Son,
Employed at SeKegePs, Ar-:-
" rives at Bedside.
Word of the death of Rev.- Julius
Doden, acting superintendent of the
German Lutheran Orphans' home,
south t Muscatine, who was gored
against the concrete foundation of
the stable while trying to adjust
halter on a young bull early today,
was received by .Herbert M Doden,
a son; ot Rock Island, who is em
ployed at the , Schlegel drug com
pany in Rock Island, and Clarence
Doden, another son employed at the
Sundeen Drug company in Moline.
They left tor Muscatine after word
of the accident was received, but
arrived to learn of their father'
death. .
Rev. Doden died 15 minutes, after
the bull had seriously injured him
in the attack, which was witnessed
by a score of children and employes
who were powerless to give aid,
Rev. Doden was for 27 years pas
tor of the Lutheran church at. Wil
ton, lowa, prior to which he was
a teacher in the Muscatine paroch
ial school. Besides the two sons,
two daughters survive at Wilton.
The funeral will probably be held
at Wilton. -
Mrs. Doden died last spring. Her
bert Doden of this city is . well
known. He was aMhe Iowa state
hospital at Iowa City at one time,
The shah of Persia possesses per
haps the most valuable pipe in the
Kworld. It is set with rubies and
diamonds. '
Anre-Ftmptnto eonuin phoaphatM ach
as pnyweinia mn over tha world are pre-
Knuinr to ouua puajirun-oo nwn
ecnoinf to Dmia up mil run-down, anemic
conditions and cnancine thin, enemic worn-
en with tooelee tinuea, flabby nesli Into
the moat- beautiful, rosy -cheeked and
Plump, rouna formed women imaginable
NOTICE f Dr. Frederick Jacobeon aara
Arfo-Fboaphaic build up all run-down
condition! in few dan wonderfully. Dis
pensed or scuegeTs Drue stcrea.
2nd St.
f PerecrPcar.t3
i i
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. HamUton and
chlldrea aad Mrs, Hill of llariaaa
are gsesU at tha bos C Mr. aad
Xra. Charles E. Bryan, Utt Tenth
arenne. They are on- their way
home from- a motor trip to Mlchi-
Mlaa Mary Orear ot Uttletoa la
the house guest of Miaa Haxel Wil
Ha, 1MB SeTcnUeath street Miaa
Orear aad Mtsa Wlllia wore room
mates at Macomb Normal school.
Miss Lillian Kobe! of MM Twea-ty-ninth
street loft yesterday for a
Tisit with relatiTea ln Chicago,
Champaign and other points.
Mr. aad Mrs. C. W. McPlke ot
1206 Twenty-second street bara re
turned to Rock Island after a, two
weeks' visit ia Quiacy with Mr. Mc-
Plke'a parents. On their return trip
they. atoDPOd la Muacauna for a
Tisit with Dr. A. J. Greiner aad Miaa
Eliaabeth Greiner.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Gravea aad
Mr. and Mrs. Rezford Downing aad
daughter Dorothy, left Saturday y
automobile tor a 10 days' trip. Tney
stopped off for a visit at Cedar Rap
ids but will go on to Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy W. Robert
son of 1233 Seventeenth street are
the parents of a baby boy, bora
Sunday morning at St Anthony's
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L Biadei
announce the birth of a baby girl,
Betty Yvonne, born oar Aug. 11, at
St Antbony'a hospital. Mrs. Bladel
was formerly Miss Florence Mosher.
Charles D. RosenOeld left yester
day for a short trio to Chicago.
Mrs. Pearl Potts of Dixon is visit
ing at the home of her sister, Mrs.
J. Teissedre, 1024 second ave
Anold Lau, principal of the Rock
Island high school, has returned to
the city after visiting his sister in
Wisconsin and attending summer
school at the University St Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Fisher leave
this evening for St Louis, called
there by the death of Mrs. Fisher's
father, W. L. Boyer.
Mrs. John Dailey of Joslln, III.,
who underwent a serious operation
Monday morning at St Anthony's
hospital, is doing very nicely, ac
cording to Dr.- Joseph De Si'.va oi
this city and Dr. J. T. HaKer of
Davenport, attending Dhysicians.
Mrs. rienry uunoeix oi t uicaRo
who hasv oeen spending the last
week with Mrs. F. S. Schehbrlck
er, 4500 Ninth avenue. Rock Island,
returned to her home this noon.
John 'Sundeen, business manager
of the Moline Dispatch, parked bis
Cadillac coupe in front of the Put
nam building in Davenport this
morning. When he returned for it -a
taw mlniitpu later, the machine '
was gone. The police were - noti -
Bed, but no trace or tne car nas yet
been found. x
When a chameleon is blinded it
loses all power ot changing its col
or, and its enure noay remains oi
uniform tint : ; , ,
American safety razors are suc
cessfully competing with the Shef
field (England) product in the tat
ter's home territory. , . '-
Wednesday Morning
; Special -
Supplementing the. big 15, $10 and $15 season end clpar
ance of spring and summer, apparel with extra values in va
rious department at special prices for Wednesday morning
only. All stores close at noon.
Serge capes in many styles that formerly sold up to $10
reduced for tomorrow. Sizes from 2 to 14 years.
Good looking house-dresses fresh and new in light or
dark colors offered for half a day at this low price.
Excellent quality and styles dresses from our regular
$1.50 lines specially priced for tomorrow only. Sizes 6 to
M years.
Wash dresses of flowered
styles, suitable tor house,
A little special purchase lust enough for tomorrow
morning's selling. Blues and
SKIRTS .......
Five dozen wash skirts
inmmea wun novel poczeis
Jersey knit bathing suits nicely trimmed in colors and
white. Women's and Misses sizes a splendid value.
- A tableful of good white
- tomorrow at $1.00. .Some
Several styles, many yColors. button fronts and buttoa
back they are fresh and new and full size coveralls tomor
row $U5.
aa a
du;ldi;:g plau
BaaMrei That A. M. Hot
Head fempaay to Ceastrsst
Apartment Baf dlag. ' . , '
Erection ot a S125,000iapanaaBi'
building on the northeast cotmt
of Seventh avenue and Seveataslui
streeti is said to be the obtethai!
plans being -formulated by aa sr.
gaalsatioa expected to be knowau
the Victoria Apartment -cornmBV
A. M. Klove, said to be thektaa
ot the aew company, when an.
preached on (he subject today,, toll
The Argus that plans were not nt.
flciently completed for him
maxe any ueunite statements.' H
statea mat formal annouaceitsnt
wouia oe maae laier.
It is believed that present r,l.
provide tor a building 140 by H
feet to contain thirty apartment!
from three to five rooms each.
(Special to The Argus V
Coal Valley, 111., Aug. 17. A com.
munity picnic will be held Prlda-
at the Homestead church grounda,
south ot tns city. Rev. R. S.
Haney and Rev. A. Campbell Bailer, 11
both of ''Moline, will be the prig. W
gram wmcn Degins at z o'clock
Regular services will be held at
the Homestead church next Sunday,
with Rev. Bailey ot Moline in
charge. Sabbath Services will begin
at 10 o'clock in the morning, with
the sermon at 11 o'clock. The even
ing services will be held at 7;15
Brown's Business college. Rock
Island, will have its office open
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
evenings ot this week from 7 to
o'clock. Fall opening, Aug. 3D.
Plan to make your arrangements
Wrdaenaay aad
Thandajr, Aag.
18 and 19 i
E Hera He Corneal No
Mm s
The Isformatloa K14
j 2
1 Jack Reid
S Aad Bis All Kew
Record Breakers
S (Bnrlesqne) , S
X If yo mliis thli one wt Sott
Z lose, S
- Wtat It takes to get yoi veri B
z oU '
Prieea Me tfl I.M nloi U-c S
71 8eata aow. Phone Iai. 1 R9
and figured lawns in several
porch or street wear, tomorrow
rose shades, only $1.15.
at this low price.
White skirts
ana pearl outtons.
and colored stripe waists her
black cotton blouses also included.
r : a

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