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These atiOw o not tadnde that
oaUdlaga, which "went late offset
this morning. 1 ' n
bad caae i
ahoalder aa
On one occasion oe.lv w-
to ha seen on theNhead of a eardhsd
and that it whan. the aope pUeiei!
than aa a symbol of iu owaerv
elevation to the sacred collet.
When a cardinal dies H Is ahuS
apon Us cetnn. ,
id to
ta atuaroai of aovarai awaa-
Tort Eat t fchor ;! .
la all ribt aaaia
baslaeas. (Adv.)
atlvM'tit to
lay aaido their toola today Jf tkr,
tanw art aof'aaet, TUy isms'
H0 a Say atiahnoa pay. tar lotK
dan a year and tbo eartsthaeat of
raw owMMd nun,
MMa Hew York Bastilles ttrla Ml.
henna tfr wttrt today. -aaadtag
a Increase of Se.00 a irea
sad eeastoyea of the Brooklyn Raa
U Trans ooaaaaay. nor the "naif-
J. D. Unebeagb of Elwood, Iowa,
ton neaer-hanawra have
to nit work toanorrow to enforce
tattoos" of tin engtneere. nremea
wad has been taking treatment
from Dr. Walsh In Davenport for a
The seenllartty of tha eardJasTs
hat la that It Is not Intamded ta ha
Ustir MHMi nr iv a nay war u
and aa t-bomr flay.
S-hoar day and a flvtrdajr
ju argent
of im cuy a won
m. r- -
w J . .t
-sras f Sat
I BoMMBfaaMaMBBiBBB -.,' : I
Ifjftral Rock lataad follower of
t etee8hinis of the late Pastor
t "axil have takoa exception to an
eesad soggeotm that moonuto
on woald road tha work of the
lata eminent re!brJona man. '
It has been interred In telephone
oO received fey Tho Argee that
thla paper can detriment! susses
rasa won tho tartilngd of tho
MteK Paster RasaeU and apon hla
UMMn fa i tho aabllcetloa of aa
article la Tuesday tesee relatire
to a raid on a moonshine den in a
wooded hollow la tho heart of tha
dtr. ,
Steven Rodoaorich. formerly of
Kewaoee, wa arrastod at the dea
by the police Monday evening, and
tha biggest moonshine outlay in
tha history of this eommanlty was
v, r imi States' Facta, ' 1
...In chsonlcllDf the facta of the
case. The Areas gave a word de
scription of the boose. Its contents
sad aurroundlnn.
- It was stated that a picture .of
Christ and one of Pastor Russell
were found on the wall, together
with a number of cards with re
ligious printings, and that also a
bible and numerous Tolumes of re
ligious works were found. It was
, mentioned that, due to the find
ing of these articles, that Rodono
vich or his friends were evidently
' of a religious nature. In short,
The Argus handled the case Re
cording to information at hand.
J- , Beeelve Complaints.
. One complaint received today
was to the effect that this paper
- cast reflections on the religious
views of a woman. Neither The
Argus nor tha police were in pos
session of knowledge that a wom-
' an ever lived in the house-. The
person making the complaint, how
ever, asserted that the house was
Owned by a man by the name of
Thompson and that the religious
works were the possessions of his
wife. This paper was also called
to task on the charge of inferring
that a moonshiner would read re
ligious works.
little Learned of Thompson.
! A man giving his name as J. H.
Hayes called over the telephone
and registered a complaint. He
referred to Henry Frank. 1102
Twenty-sixth street, aa a man who
would be able to tell of Thompson
and clear up the alleged stigma.
A telephone call to the Frank
residence was answered by Mrs
Frank, who said that her husband
could not come to the telephone,
but that she really knew- more
about the 'Thompsons than her
She said that she did not know
Thompson's first name, but that he
and his wife and child came to
Rock Island about two years ago.
and he is a teamster and horse
trader. She said that he built the
house in the hollow with barn ac
commodations underneath the
house tor several horses. She said
that the Thompsons leave the city
. m la the summer to allow Thompson
to go on grading work, and that
uey return in the fall.
: - May Have Rented Home.
She said that they left last Anril
to go on some grading work, but
was unable to say whether or not
Thompson rented the house to the
men, one of whom was arrested
ior moonshimng.
Mrs. Frank said she knew Mrs.
Thompson and that it was the lat
ter's religious books that the po
nce round in me House. She made
no complaint of the article pub
lished in The Argus Tuesday.
No more arrests have been made
by the police in the moonshine
case. United States Commissioner
T. P. Sinnett has ordered that all
articles found ic the house per
taining to the making of moon
shine whisky be confiscated and destroyed.
ew Wattotts, Involving 20,000
Men Add to List of City's La.
1 bor Troubles.
New York, Sept. 1.
etrlaes, involving at
-Three more
least 20,000
Let Us Finish What
Your Kodak Began
r We are Just as anxious
as yoa are, to get the very
best results from each and
every exposure yon make.
Our tea years experi
f eace doing this particular.
Vork, combined with mod
ern equipment, .naturally
permit us to give yon re
, suits that could not other-
wise bo obtained. .
!u' Kodak
J Headquarters .
' ir t:T aw.
The store that
kee? the
. cost of ltviaf7
1:3x2 ILL.
a '
it tin t rttfnt
tell us.
Well make
it rfeht.
Clearance Sale of Sprinjr and Sxniimer
Dresses, Skirts, Silk Petticoats, WaiaU and Coata;
Derive cuU iii tihe Rcotdy-tWear Department. Most
make room for new fall lines.
Summer stock must go, and will go at -these greatly re
duced prices. Come early. You are sure to find just what
you need in this perfect avalanche of bargains. Come in;
tatte your choice. v ' "
A "Clean-Up" of Better Silk Presses ;
Taffeta, georgette, minuet cloth, tricolette, satin, combin
ations of taffeta and georgette, are, the materials in these cre
ations that can not be surpassed in charming styles, graceful
lines and contrasting combinations. You'll have to see them
to really appreciate them. Dresses ranging from $50.00 up as
high as $85.00, now reduced to $55.00, $49.50, $39.50 and
$32.50. -.,.' - - -
Remarkable Reductions in Gingham, Voile
and Organdy Dresses. i
Gingham dresses' for early fall wear, well trim
med with organdie collars and cuffs. Some with
patent leather belts, large pockets, overskirts, etc.
Dresses worth $12.50, $7.50, $5.98, $5.00 and $3.98
at Va off, , 33 off.
All voile, organdy and lawn dresses at half
Erice. ; At pnees cut m two, every woman snoum
ave a couple of these lovely dresses, worth $3.98,
$6.98 and up to $35.00 going at
One-Half Price.
Skirts for Milady. V
Real bargains in all-wool serge, velour and silk
skirtsskirts that are in great demand for winter
wear. Good styles, every one. Neat pockets, belts
every feature that could be desired ma good all-
winter skirU Going at these greatly reduced
prices: $20.00, $9.98, $6.98 and $3.98.
Sport skirts in fan-ta-si, baronet satin, georgette
crepe, pongee and tricolette, at 50 off, yes
they must go at 50. ,
Ladies' silk jersey and taffeta petticoats in light
and dark shades; also bright, contrasting shades,
worth $10.98 down to $6.50 at y3, 33i3 off.
Timely Reduction in Coat and Capet that Make
Welcome Wraps These Cool Evening.
Spring coats in good weight serge and velours,
splendid for fall wear; women's, misses' and chil
dren's sizes, prices ranging from $5.00 up to $45;
u. 33U off. '
- We have a number of capes left over from our
spring stock ; these capes sold for as high as $45.00,
and the lowest for $25.00. Any cape in stock, $10.
Newest Creations in Neckwear:
New barred organdy ratings, $2.00 a yard;
$1.23 a yard.
New attractive lass osiats ter cellars and oaffS
$1.2$ yard.
bandlnp ts sutrh.
Waists to Please the Most
Exacting Tastes at One
third, 33 Reduction.
Dainty, one whits sresndy and veils
walats with reoad sr. v-shaped aecks,v
tacked and eaaVeMerei fronts, leaVW
shsrt sleeves; sa desirable for salt
". .. - -
sldrts; abe celored ertandies, srieed
mt VIM, St.ea, SS.00 and 3 SS. Fer
thb sale they ge at H, HJ e
One-third Off.
Hosiery, Underwear and Gloves:
Children's fine ribbed cotton
hase, black or white, 59c and 45c
a pair. N
Misses' fine ribbed silk lisle
hose; black, white and tan: 85c
a pair.
Ladies' black cotton "Surson"
hose, 75c and 59c a pair.
Ladies' silk lisle hose, seamed
back, in black, brown and camel,
$1.15 a pair.
Men's cptton hose; black and
colors: 29c a pair.
Children's light weight vests,
high neck and long sleeves, or
Dutch neck and elbow sleeves:
all sizes, 39c a pair. ,
Boys' ribbed union suits, short
sleeve, knee length, $1.25 and
$1.00 a suit
Ladies' shaped vests, sleeve
less or wing sleeve, large sizes,
75c each. v
Ladies' -light weight union
suits, high neck, long sleeve and
ankle length, extra sizes,
regular sizes, 75c a suit.
New French kid Trefouse
gloves, all black or black, with
white stitching, $4.50 a pair.
New French kid gloves, pique
seamed, pearl clasps, fancy con
trast stitching; beaver, brown,
navy and black $4.75 a pair.
Genuine washable French' kid
gloves; pearl or - champagne,
$4.75 a pair.
Curtains, Drapes and Spreads. '
Now buy curtains for your new fall hangings. Here is a full line of every desired curtain material
dmi IritoliM aJtwm Sa -. I l I ! Ml .1 . r
&w pauiwr ucu, i pncea wmu wise women wiu laae bo vantage or.
36-inch curtain Swisses in small dots and figures:
65c and 39c a ard.
-36-inch curtain marquisettes and voiles, white,
cream or ecru :59c a yard.
Nottingham and filet curtain nets, from 36 to 48
inches wide; white, cream or ecru; small conven
tional patterns, also large floral patterns: $3.50,
$2.25, $1.95, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25, 98c down to 49c
a yard. '
Lace curtain panels in pleasing designs, white
or ivory: $1.25, 95c and 65c a paneL
36-mch curtain madras for side hangings, blue,
rose, green, brown and combination colors: $1.49,
$1.35 and 98c a yard.
Latest Terry cloth hangings in soft, distinct fig
urs that blend beautifully producing that much
desired iffect of theiich, luxuriant, heavy drapes:
36 inches-wide: $1.69 vard.
Made-up lace curtains in filet, 2U yards long;
some with plain centers, neat borders and lace
edges, others with artistically figured centers in
white, ivory or ecru: $6.00, $5.50, $5.00, $150,
$3.98, $3.50 and $2.50 a pair.
' White ruffled scrim curtain, 2y yards long,
$2.$Sapair. -
Plain hem crochet SDreads. $3.75 and 13.50 each.
Scalloped and cut corner crochet spreads: $6.50,
, u.uv aim 94.su eacn.
- Satin finish plain spreads ; scalloped and cut cor
ner : $14.50 down to $9.00 each. v
Crinkled dimitjr bed spreads with plain hem,
ana scauopea cut corners: $5.50 and $5.25 each.
Worth-While Shoe Bargains :
Children's gun metal
school shoes in English
and round toe, worth
$3.75, at $2.75 a pair.
Misses' gun metal
shoes in ' English toe:
11 to 2, worth at least
$4.00, for $2.3 a pair.
Boys' sturdy outing
shoes of brown; heavy,
well made shoes; sizes
11 to 5; ought to sell for
3.75; going hero at
lace shoes in English
and round toes; sizes
1 to 5: $2.83 pair.
Little gents' .gun met
al lace shoes in English
and round toe; sizes 11
to 13: $2.75 a pair.
Gun metal lace shoes
for the growing girl,
Grewntf girls' gun
metal English school
echoes: $4X3 a pair.
Growing girU' high
UiTe yourself a Thor Washing Machine. A lit-
Ue down and a little per month. See Mr. Frey.
Groceries. Thursdavt . : ;
(granulated sugar, ten pounds to each
wn a rair-sizea order, for 11.69..
Best creamery butter, one pound to each for 53c
-oawaai bwmt toffee. Sec
S Ac far tlML j
fast TeaeUes, taw
nfcaa. fer
as syr
Dried btsf, sBeed, half aonMI fer
se a. .
SSe pkc
batter. 3Sc lb.
Vayataals asaav SOe can. Jf
CbJehaa Saddle, S$c earn, if
mi aaraaaes. tear cane 3S
Delicious Coffee
They are specialties for which Shan
non's Dairy Lunches are noted and No. 2
store in the 1600 block was today opened,
entirely new with the upHto-tne-minute
' equipment which -will assure patrons of
quick service.
Shannon's is noted for its Sandwiches,
Salads, Pies and Delicious Coffee. Once
you partake of their lunches you will find
; that atjast you have discovered an eating
; house which comes up to your demands.'
The formal opening will .occur later
when more cafeteria chairs arrive, the open
ing today being earlier than arranged be
cause of the Knights Templar convention.
"A Better Place To Eat"
1600 BLOCK
- I f'
f anenani I
Moline, 11L
The New Fall Dress Goods
are here and we are showing a
much larger assortment than ever and cordially
invite your inspection. .7
Plaids and checks', especially are shown
in a wide variety of patterns and shades.
Georgette crepe and crepe de
chines, large variety M CQ
of colors, yard . . ..-1-07-
Beautiful broken plaids, 54 in
ches wide, absolutely all wool,
wonderful range of patterns
and colors to select from,
worth $7.50 yard, C Oft
per yard ; eDO.yO
56-inch all wool velour checks,
a very popular material this
fall; all the popular colors, an
exceptionally fine 0L QE
quality; per yard ; . wWw
A large assortment of broken
- plaids in all colors; just the
thing for school Qftr
dresses, yard ... . . ... . 7V'
56-inch all wool French serge
in navy blue only, exceptional
. value, djj jo
per yard . . . ... . . . veO
' 33-inch shirting
' crepes, $2.3 9and
Part silK crepes, jsuitable for
lingerie and negligee, 36 inch,
per yam,
98c and ... ... .
Washable satin, 36 in. wide,
flesh, brown and M QQ
black, yard .. 1.07
40-inch crepe de meteor in
Cheney's well known quality,
splendid navy, brown M QZ
and black, yard ;.. . V
40-inch charmeuse, beautiful,
soft and lustrous quality, sap
phire, navy, brown &a cn
and black, yard ....
36-inch all silk Skinner's satin,
sapphire, brown, ' - fl A ZCi
navy, black, yard . . 'JU
36-inch taffeta, navy, brown,
Belgium, 47 IC
at, yard ... ... .. L'LD
40-inch chiffon velvet, navy,
African and black, very much
in demandor dressy dresses,
bver blouses, etc, unexcelled
tfliality, eOQt;
rard ... ... ....
cr cun metai .anoest
- l'Uackemiisstsl C3ar$ir,

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