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Jtr' Ww vA.
A w I w W
. (COatlnaed from Pago Cct
Oo u)m promises to aatioaa.
wjim doe He record thear ' "
Sometbaeatkay iN'H',m
Hpa K wt, ta the) atir-
nils Miui i a..
eeafldeat of getting tnetetr'l- snmmona . Jr!
4 Of P.076,000. tie truth la Uo lire hlgneet tovUrt GoTaad U
-crsts ban raised about $30.- their countrm?
vJ iheM'Li ,B . Ood write. BtevrontoM
esf. e better quickly or , the will of foV thVUuwd
He snaaks Hie vobIm
la tba roar of traffic mad the baa
of tadaatry as the saoatot rtatag
power. It la thaa that God records
Hie Bfoatfae to Aaierica. .
- God oakee preeaiMs to iadMd
aalaas weH aa to oatkpa. Where
doea He record them?
They are to be foaad fa the bSNe.
It Is a book of hope, it has a con
aaarlng promise for every boar of
baaaa seed. . The Wble was built
tor the storm hoars of life. Our
Plight can never be so desperate
bat by tarajag to these exceeding
mi fa uiai ursKmama tin , iui aasaiii i . a . i
. nM.i .n iv ru-L smamam aaa hope araax ana precioni promises of the
rtUeS,.fiL ISwJS? Qod w,ote h5 aid book wo abaU find a way out.
"S-JIJL 7 ThLltR-7, ro5,., "cleat Jew. Thus God writes down the promise.
- Uaaan aaa uisaeaars stoov I , But mhAui k. In. r.,..
Mn aad Duaaaora stem. nm .v J .
Tif one caa sas tba bonora'n. "A" " 000
aw ata In the battla of wtts on Unm. H. record. . roilis7to
. tk itand, the one sida seakmg to the fertility of tba toil, to the Wni
Mrt the charge of an immense Unesa of climate, ia tba aoblaM.
3& fund the other try- tent of the naSonaTdaK
ftf to prore that they tried to get stretch of mighty foreataud wide
Sy one-third of what the Damo- plain., in the statnioan
o nom'nee claims was their tains. In the wealth of atti mines,
joal. so might it ba said that dla- Somatimes He speaka totta wtods
bwors were Men. too. that sweep the plains, in the rains
, W Republicans and Democrats that change the desert to a garden,
lou had something to bo ashamed in the Tolce of great rivers that
of after Tuesday's session of the run from high ridges to tba sea.
numuiaung naa nap-
Ha makes for tba common Ufa.
But sometimes, with' a man as
wltb a nation, he uses another pen
and page. . Sometimes He records
His promise on personality, on the
vision He aires you of life, in your
longings and aspirations and ambl
tionsv. in the special thing He has
fitted yon to do best Sometimes He
kecords Himself, in opportunity.
sometimes in responsibility. He
write His messages on circum
stance He ia talking to yon in
daily duties.
satsiSK so
MMd in a senate investigation as 'he himself Is opposed to the League
the trouncing given Congressman of Nations he saw nothing disloyal
jtm A. unnen oi uunois, nepurui- ia tne expenditure or funds by
em, wbn gave out a public state-1 American citizens to carry on a
aent a tew days ago saying the propaganda for the League of Ka
rltlsh government had sppropiiat- tlons and that it was up to Mr.
ti $87,000 for entertainment pur-: Britten to prove the connection, if
poies of the British embassy In ' any. between the British govern
Wsshlngton and that the senate ' ment ana the Democratic cam
conunlttM would prove that much P'" ,unl. This Mr. Britten ad
f this had found its way into the ,raltted ne couldn't do. but frankly
Democratic campaign fund to elect fBlu .UB aQ issueo nis siatement
Governor Cox. Mr. Britten was
In the hope that the senatorial
promptly summoned at the request porflittee would prove the connec-
' .... ti . . 1 1 DTI TOT him vhopaiinnn thn Tintn-
of George w nue, uemocratic na
tional chairman. He admitted un
der cross examination that he didn't
know whether the sum of $87,000
for entertainment purposes was
larger or smaller than sums usual
bardment started,
Britten Rldlcnled. '
Senator Pomerene asked Mr,
Britten if he was a lawyer and if
he knew that opinion and suspi-
lr appropriated by the British or I clon , weI? evidence nor
anvornmenf- h ..in , ' proof. The Ohio senator rebuked
aldrt believe it was for entertain- M,r- ?Jitht?n'0moeo?K by ?klnB
mt but publicity for the League asnf SS?". Ll
of Nations.
Has Tfo Evidence.,
gress, were not doing a serious
thing to charge a foreign govern-
Tnont w4t1i nadn mnnAw n Intn.
Asked to submit evidence, he sub-1, T
mitted a page of newspaper mate-!pajgll wltnont having so much as
wial hAlncr canr froa rt nouronnnaM : .....
' -- " n scinuna oi evidence to oack up
Walnlng a fiction article praising , hig charge. Mr. Britten winced
lie League of Nations. The story . under the chastisement of Rennb-
bad been published in a magazine ; .can an(i Democratic members of
owned at one time by the late Wal- the committee. Later some men
tor Hines Page, American arabassa- i lifgh in the councils of the Repub
dor to Great Britain, and although ; lican party Said they had felt
Chairman Kenyon brought out that ashamed of the performance. '
Mr. Page had been dead tor two i Democrats Get Bombshell,
years, Mr. Britten sought to convey But if the Republicans felt in
to connection that the British gov- dignant about one of their num
onunent was behind the thing. Iber, it waa nothing as compared to
Later in the day, Mr. White of the resentmenet of the Democratic
now-employed after be had en
deavored to sell his services to the
Republicans for a higher figure.
His asset was his knowledge, of
I how to get the Scandinavian vote.
Senator New revealed lengthy cor
respondence in . which HaH pro
tested that -although he was an
employe of the Democratic admin
istration at present he was really
a Republican in sympathies and
would gladly work for the Repub
licans at a stipulated salary. The
Republicans had originally solic
ited his services, but found that
he was playing with both sides and
dropped him.
Means End for HalL
The Democratic national chair
man, George White, was amazed to
learn that some of his subordinates
had hired Hall,' who claimed to be
a college professor. The feeling
was so intense after the revelation
that if investigation shall corrob
orate Senator New's letters, and
it should prove that the Hall em
ployed by the Democrats is the !
same one with whom the Indiana
senator negotiated, there will be
an instant dismissal of said Hall.
Instead of feeling sad over the af
fair, the Democrats may well be
glad they were tipped off by their
Republican foes that they had been
duped in this instance. '
the Democratic committee said on
the stand that the article had been,
offered them and that it was being
considered as a publicity venture.
Senator Reed remarked that while
leaders when they were apprised
through' the testimony of Senator
Harry New of Indiana that in their
own headquarters in New York
John O. Hall of Salem, (Ore., was
' . . a i -i-?-
How About Your Curtains
' and Draperiea?
You, no doubt, will want to hang
new curtains when'you house-clean
this fail. . If you anticipate new
window drapes you better buy them
new while L. S. McCabe & Co. are
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Release ftr V&me
nvho Suner
The multitude
and year after
V l. k fcvy - ...
some woman, ana oiten many, ao noresmc wuuus m Vav
to health from someof the worst formsof female ills,and oftenavoided
operations by taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
These Two Women Tell of Their Ezperience.
CarroUton, Ky.I Buffered almost Onahska,. Ws.--EvtiF month I
two years wita female weakness.- I had uch ;tim in my back and lower
could not walk any distance, ride or
take any exercise at all without resting.
If I swept the floor or did any kind of
work it would bring my sickness on .
I was weak and languid, had no energy,
and life waa a misery to me. I was
under the care of a good physician for
several months and tried other reme
dies. I had read of lydia E. Pinkham's
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try it After taking twelve bottles I
found myself much improved ana I
took six more. I have never had any
more trouble in that respect since. I
have done all kinds of work and at
present am an attendant at a State
Hospital and am feeling fine. I shall
alwavs recommend your Vesble Jn
pound." Ln-Lua Thabt, 834 South 6th
fit of stomach I could not lie in bed.
suffered so it seemed as though I
would die, and I was not regular either.
I suffered for a year and was unfit to do
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ment of what lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound had done for
other women ana decided to try it. It
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I will always praise your medicine as
I do not believe there is a doctor that
can do as much good for female weak
ness. u can lydn EL Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and you may use
' these facta as -a testimonial." Mrs.
Liana JL Waaaaa, B. 1,; Box a,.
Thouscndsof SiichLettei- fttOlhre Value of
I M k .w. i-Tt Ci O
i - mm m m u - ' mm .? - mm
. S" I 11 , , , I I , "
New Autumn
TS HERE with a refreshingly appealing charm
as distinctive, as each model is expressive of
the wearer's individuality.
THERE are rich black velvet3 exquisitely
toned duvetynes shimmery hatter's
11 'plush, featured into becoming, original lines. .
W. Hi snowing me small reatnerea nar.
the large and medium sized, picturesque
shape the clever ,tam.
Smartly trimmed in Taylor Mode, or delight
fully, softly draped, showing ostrich handsome
feather garniture and artistic motifs of Bulgar
ian embroidery.
All are priced most moderately
$5.00, $7.50, $10.00
"When the Leaves Begin to Turn"
..."" Our cool mornings remind us of Falltime.
M hats in Autumn models here generously provided are due
JL for present wear. v
Suits-- : 1
Styles never before carried such perfect expression of
that phrase, "Simple, yet elegant."' Not that decora
tions are omitted, indeed, they are a perfect riot of em
1 broidery, braiding and fur, all of which add to ele
gance without detracting from gentility.
Tricotine and similar plain fabrics largely navy and
brown, are converted by the applied art into most
fetching gowns; garments that radiate elegance and
taste while retaining genuine utility.
- !i - il
: nil Qggfela "iAMiS.
,1 BottBiif Works I
!' M Iva. sat fata gt, I
. fha K. Lim I
c 1 )
Shampoo with Eggol
And your bate will be toft, fluff? and eatv to do
up. -Aa tggM idampoo cleans tne tcaip or evcrv
particle of dust, dirt, dandruff and aaxm oil, and
gives tne hate a brilliant and hutroos aypcirsnf
that you can set from no other ihampoo. ,
' Twelve Delightftf Shampoos
y for Twenty-five Cents
Too wul be sutprited at the wonderful deansrni
qoalkiesof Etgol Shampoo. It clean the pores and
kts your hair breathe ao it will grow. fggolShaoK
poo is aold in 25ent package only at all drug
and depaitasett store. -Try Eggol today. ,
First The Fireplace; Then The
Furnace; then The Weir Furnace
The fireplace was a pretty thing to look at with its cheerful blaze and
crackle but it wasn't very efficient as a heater. Most of the heat
went straight up the flue to warm up "all out doors," and a little
managed to get out into the room and warm
up that part of the house. Pretty, yes but
expensive and wasteful.
Tijen came the furnace with its heated dome
which radiated more heat into the rooms,
but still allowed an appaling amount of
perfecdy good heat to escape at big ex-
pense to the owner. ,
And Then The Weir.
With Its Fuel Saving
Extra Heat Drum
was invented and it has been saving coal
ever since. In the WEIR the fuel has to
heat almost 30 square feet of extra radiating surface before it gets to
the flue and this extra heat used means a saving of 25 to 30 in
Fuel Expenses for all owners of The Weir Furnace.
With coal costing what it does, this is a matter distinctly worth look
ing into. Examination of the WEIR makes it perfectly easy for
anyone to see just how the saving is effected.
Manufactured by THE' MEYER FURNACE COMPANY, Peoria
Summers & Ringier
1416 Sixth Ave.
Rock Island, 111.

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