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JhioM 12'1 Gomckve at . Fort
'"" ' 1 I-. Hi I, . . ,, . : .
rmaois (Braad Cemmaadery la
Morning Sesslea Accepts Bid
f Cook County Knights.
; Fort Sheridan will bo the seen
of the next conclave of tbe grand
commandery of Knight Templar of
' Illinois. Tho knighU of the state
will be tbe guests of the command
: eriea of Cook county and the meet
will convene on the first Wednes-
day in September.
Naming the place of the next con-
clave was the moat important of
. the business transacted by the
trand commandery In second and
. last session of the convention, the
" election of Roland M. Hollock as
I grand commander, advancement of
other officers and the election of
, Frank D. Rock of Chicago, as grand
warder, having been done at yes
terday affternoon's meeting.
Past Grand Commander W. T,
Durbln of Indiana, former govern
or of that state, as ut special rep
resentative of Sir Knight J. K. Orr,
grand master of the Knights Temp
lar of the United States, spoke to
, the assembled knights, members of
the Illinois grand commandery.
Unrest Cited.
; After citing instances of the un
rest in the world and the dissat-
tsfaction which is so universal. Sir
Knight Durbin emphasized the duty
of the knights in this period of
stress. "The war is not alone the
V cause of this unrest," ' said ' the
speaker. "There is indisputably
: tbe evidence of the hand of Prov
idence in the events- which have
transpired to cause this unrest."
"Now as never before, must the
Knights Templar live up to the
principles fori which be stands, and
, to stand true to the higher pur
poses of the Templar." , . ,
Hear Reports.
i Following the reading of reports
'. by Grand Commander Louis I
Emmerson and Recorder Delmar D.
Darrah, Grand Treasurer Sylves
ter 0. Spring, and various commit
tees, routine business was disposed
' of in usual manner.
, More than 400 cars were in line
yesterday afternoon for the
enigma lempiar vour ui me
The procession left the Masonic
temple shortly after 2 o'clock and
went to Davenport where the vari
ous parks were visited. The trip to
Moline was made Tia the arsenal.
where the different points of in
terest were seen. From Moline tbe
lung line moved to Rock Island
over the August ana boulevard and
went to Black Hawk's Watch Tow
er by way of Twelfth street. Here
the many cars stopped to allow the
visitors to make a ten-minutes' in
spection of the grounds and tbe re
turn to the city was made over the
Twenty-fourth street roaa.
- The route was 25 miles in length
and had been carefully marked by
officials of the Rock Island com
Chicago, Sept. 2. (United Press.)
"Every man in Wyoming carries
a gun." Gerald A. Stack told a cor
oner's Jury in explaining bis part
ta a ratal roadhouse row here early
Tuesday. He was held by the po
lice today after admitting shooting
ml Williamson after, it was al
leged. Williamson Insulted a girl in
Stack's party. '
Stack said his party bad bad sev
eral highballs and that he was con
fused as to how the fight started.
He claimed he had been struck from
behind, that he used his gun as a
dub. Finally,, he said.' his arms
re pinioned behind him and while
n was so held the gun was .dis
charged four times. He exhibited
holes in the back of his coat to
ubstantiate the story.
Stack, a real estate broker of
Lander. Wyo., stopped in Chicago
with his wife and two children,
i1"8 tnenl Monday evening for
a "business conference."
Chicago. Sent t Marr TL nH.
Ms. secretary nf R W 9rn A
Co., New York, today was on a
koneymoon trip to Decatur, Ind,
bearing on his face and shoulders
marks of a horse whipping be-
vowea bv the hrldn'i mother ves-
terday la the crowded union station
aere. The mother. Mrs. Charles M.
looper. of Indianapolis, thought he
u going to elope with her daugn-
Daniels said he had brought his
ister, Mrs. C. C. Shafer ot Decatur
, to Chicago and had merely planned
brief visit with bis fiancee, but
"the marriage was' really presipl
Uted by Mrs. Cooper's action.
One of the excellent delegations
- the conclave parade yesterday
orning was the Cvsnston com
JjMdery No. 68, whose good show
f was nuca praised, :
John 6. SchilllBger,
. Generalissimo.
M. L Heairy,
Past Commander.1
Many Commandery Brill Teams
This Afternoon Are Presenting
Mlirhty Conclave Spectacle.
Drill teams of tbe various state
Knights . Templar commanderies
are this afternoon giving exhibi
tions on the drill grounds of tbe
Rock Island arsenal and full com
manderies are participating in the
grand parade and review as part
of the field day program.
Tbe feature of the afternoon is
the exhibition drill by the drill
corps of: Englewood commandery
No. 59, which under Sir Knight
Ben S. Wilson, captain, won first
prize last year at the triennial con
clave in Philadelphia. The exhibi
tion of this team is given by spe
cial request
The-complete field day program
follows :
Exhibition drill Englewood com
mandery No. 59 drill corps. Sir
Knight Ben S. WUson, captain.
Exhibition battalion drill Chi
cago commandery No. 19. Sir
Knight Henry R. Lnndblad, major
McNeal, captain commanding Co.
t ain commanding Co. H; Sir Knight
W. F. Yagle, captain commanding
Co. I; Sir Knight Fred Keating,
captain commanding- Co. A.
. Exhibition battalion drill Chi
cago Heights commandery No. 78,
Joliet commandery No. 4. Sir
Knight Fred . W. Pearson, major
Exhibition drill Peoria com
mandery No.' 3. Sir Knigbt How
ard Hongs, captain commanding.
Exhibition battalion drill St.
Bernard commandery No. 35. Sir
Knight B. S. Purlnton, major com
manding; Sir Knight C. L. Steb
bins, adjutant; Sir Knight N. J.
Kissick, captain commanding Co.
1; Sir Knight A. W. Rathbun, cap
tain commanding Co. 2; Sir Knight
D. A. Smalley, captain commanding
Co. 3; Sir Knight John W. Swatek,
captain commanding Co. 4.
Exhibition battalion drill En
glewood commandery No. 59. fir
Knigbt Ben S. Wilson, major com
manding; Sir Knight Mortimer H.
Mullin. adjutant. Sir- Knight
Charles A. Mayo, commanding CO.
A; Sir Knight David A. Campbell,
commanding Co., B; Sir Knight
James A. Loaier. commanding Co.
C: Sir Knight James T. Downey,
commanding Co. D.
Brigade parade and review Sir
Knight Louis Lincoln Emmerson,
right eminent grand commander,
commanding. Sir Knight Henry R.
Lundblad, acting brigade adjutant;
Sir Knight William E. Swansea,
acting brigade adjiftant; Sir Knight
Edward n. Swltser. colonel com
manding 1st regiment; Sir Knight
John Paul Hobbs colonel com
Rlchings t J. Bhaad, colonel com -
mftadfai srd xuiMUL
4 S
Carl L. Andersen,
Captain General.
L. C. Lasaphere,
Past Commander.
S. R Davis,
The Rock Island Elks have done
themselves proud in all they have
nTiiiortaV art In lh. anlrit if nnln..
x .
A '
7$ j
IS.nnl1' I tainment and cooperation and gen
In commanding Co. , ,0,,.,,i. . ...
clave a success. The band stand
erected in - Eighteenth street in
front of their club and lodge rooms,
where many bands have entertain
ed, has attracted a multitude night
ly, and their quarters have been
open to ail visitors atall times.
Members ot Englewood com
mandery, No. 59, are mora Aaa
thankful that the weather has been
i r. my oeen iivmg in
ttra CMs tyie oa the Watch Tow
X T7 ::.-
John D. Petrto,
Senior Warden.
IL A. Clevenstlne,
Past Commander.
"Millionaire Band" of Slloani Com
mandery Last ' ight Draws
Great umber.
Never in the history of Long
View park has there been as large
a crowd there as gathered last
night to hear the concert of the
"Millionaire band" of Siloam com
mandery No. 54 of Oak Park. Chris
jGaetjer, superintendent ot parks,
j stated last night that he estimated
, the number above 15,000. The hill-
sides were a solid mass of human-
ity. and eeating space was' at a
premium during th-program.
That the band was all that it was
heralded to be and more beside was
evidenced by the enthusiasm with.
which the many numbers were re
ceived by the multitude. Sir
Knight Oscar E. Granberg, director,
won instant favor with the hearers
by his easj and efficient directing
of the organization. His cornet so
los were a feature ot tbe evening.
Expert Drammer Pleases.
Sir Knight Harry Dowse, a man
ual training instructor, who also
can handle everything pertaining
to the position of drummer, was ad
mired for the dexterity with which
he handled the kettle drums and
various other spectacular instru
ments. Rock Island commandery No. 18,
and ladies, headed by Stroehle's
band, last evening attended the re
ceptions at the various command
ery headquarters. ,
The Tent Colony at the
er groanda. The taato tor the men
are in line west of tho merry-go-round
and the Old Mill structure
serves them as a stand on which
to prop their mirrors - while they
abave. 81atseeia a the frooads
V -
1- " -X
Emll A. Eka,
Junior Warden.
r. i. jjeosauua,
Past Commander.
After the grand ball aboard the
steamer Capitol tonigbt the 64th
annual conclave of the Knights
Templar of Illinois will be but a
memory. This is the closing event
of the 2-day meeting.
The ball is scheduled to begin at
8 o'clock, the boat to be boarded at
the. foot of Seventeenth street A
trip will be taken down the river
in the moonlight and the return will
not be made until late.
After this event the thousands
of visitors will begin to ve the
city and tomorrow Rock Island wilt
seem deserted in contrast to the
busy scenes of the past few days.
..At the time of the conclave here
in th rinsing affair wns tiAlri
in the rink building on Sixteenth ! with them their dependents, tie
'street, which has recently been 1 spoke directly from the shoulder to
j razed. Not being able to find aithe merchants in declaring that
suitable place for the ball this year ; their cooperation was necessary to
officials of tbe local commandery
decided that It would be a novel
idea to bold it on board a boat and
the Capitol was chartered for the
London. Sept. 2. Strike notices
calling for a walkout of members
of the British Miners' federation on
Sept 25, will be sent out today, ac
cording to a decision reached at a
meeting here this morning.
Tbe executive committees of the
Transport Workers' union and the
National Union of Railway. Men,
which have been holding joint ses
sions here for the past two days,
have shown a disposition to sup-
iport the miners.
have been maeh amaaed to see the
dignified knights in tho midst of
tbe operation thus exposed to the
public gaze.
Tent quarters tor tho women are
located between tho inn and tho
tiWt dip.
s ! i . ' T i s
James L. HJckey,
Recorder and Past Commander.
R. S. Clesvdand,
Past Commander.
Only Lower Prices Can Keep Money
la Davenport, Chiropractic
Bead Dedans.
Dr. B. J. Palmer, head of the Pal
mer School of Chiropractic, told
1,000 business men last night that
he could bring through the medium
of his school about 25.000 people to
' the tri-cities in the next 10 years,
' providing lower prices could be
j had as an inducement for students
tn mm a In flsTennort and hrinz
bring this about
The occasion was a banquet
given by Dr. Palmer in honor of
the dedication of the new P. S. C
administration building. It was
one of the biggest events of the
kind every held in tbe tri-cities
and perhaps the first time that so
many business men have been as-
' sembled under one roof in Daven
: port Tbe banquet was served, in
1 the cafeteria of the school and was
pronounced one ot the most delic
ious ever tasted by those present
Davenport Prices Up.
He declared that prices in Dav
enport today are higher than in any
other city in the country. He said
that this information comes to him
direct from his students, who come
from every place In the union and
from many foreign countries. He
said that the same story is heard
from all. Davenport Is the highest
priced city they have ever known.
He cited the fact that he now has
2,000 students, who with dependents
mean an addition of 5,000 people to
tbe city, while they are attending
He declared that these 5,000 buy
ers spend no less than $5,000,000
every IS months. It used to re
main In the tri-cities; now it goes
principally to mail order houses, he
Mail Orders Enomons.
Dr. Palmer called attention to
the rapidly increasing business of
the mail order houses in Davenport,
and attributed this Increase to but
one reason, vis; the high prices
charged by tbe local merchants.
This business has become so
enormous that one large Chicago
house has stationed a representa
tive in this city to look after its
basin ess hare. Others will follow.
They hav come to me and sought
to organise my students to buy
from them, but I have repeatedly
said tio.-
Tke Jfenakaaft rrioad,
Both at the concluaion and dur-
tag several periods ot his address.
Dr. PaUaer impressed apoa his
aadieaco tho thought, that only the
kindliest motives prompted him to
speak aa be did. He did not want
a single business man to infer that
he was antagonistic to them or
their interests On the other hand
aa was eadeavorlag to help them
hy yofetlu oat the complaint
i X
j ConcUre Consaent . 0 p
Tbe band of the Chicago eom-
saanderr. No. IS. win av a. con
cert at 8:30 tonight on the stand
la front of tbe KlkT bmlhting on
Blghtesntk stmt
There was sound of retelry by
nic-hi and rerrbody. wbetber
Knights Templar or a Mason waa
Sir knichta from all parts of the
state are carrying home with then
souvenir picture folders of Sack
Island and vfclnity. These will not
only help to perpetuate the memory
of the local commandery, bat will
also advertise tbe many interesting
views that are to be seen around
the conclave city.
General George M. Moulton of
Chicago, past grand commander of
the encampment of Knights Tem
plar of the United States, the high
est honor in the Masonic order. Is
attending the 64th annual conclave
One of the chief buglers in yes
terday's parade was George Hurts
enknabe, one of Chicago's moat no
ted organists. He Is assisting to
day in the exhibition drills on the
arsenal Mr. Kurtxenknabe waa
the first eminent commander of
St Cecelia commandery. No. 83, of
Chicago. He is well known to Ma
sons- throughout the state by rea
son of bis annual concert recitals
at the sessions of tbe grand lodge
in Chicago.
Attorney General Edward J.
Brundage came yesterday to attend
a meeting of the Judiciary commit
tee of Illinois Knights Templar, re
maining ror the day only. - He is
past commander of Lincoln Park
commandery. Chicago, and is grand I
of Masons. Although Mr. Brundare
is making a campaign tor renomi
natlon tor tbe office he holds he did
not linger long in the city.
The steps on both sides of the
Rock Island postoffice building have
been favorite places for the posing
of visiting commanderies, and
groups of sir knights and ladies
for the amateur kodakers among
them and the click of the camera
preserving mementos of Rock- Is
land, has been a familiar sound.
It has developed that there is an
other signincsnce to the . name
"Millionaire's Band" that is claim
ed by the organization from the
Siloam commandery. Not only does
it indicate that it is made up otparad and the great number of lo
those possessed of wealth, bat it Is Cal people who were to It." Mrs,
the band of a million airs at least
so they say.
Rock Island is better decorated
for the Illinois conclave than Phila
delphia was for the big triennial
conclave in Philadelphia last Sep
tember say members of the band of
Siloam commandery of Oak Park
who made a hit with the people of
the Pennsylvania metropolis.
Police regulations during the
time of the parade yesterday have
called forth numberless praises
from visiting knights who say that
the handling of the crowds and
traffic could not possibly have been
improved upon. The business like
methods ot the boy scouts who
helped the police have also been
favorably commented upon.
Officials of tbe Rock Island Plow
company, anticipating the wants of
the weary marchers yesterday
morning, bad seen to it that water
from the deep artesian well was
piped to Second avenue and young
ladles of the office force handed the
Knights paper cups as they ap
proached the oasis. Needless to
say the thoughtfulness ot the offi
cials was greatly appreciated by the
Knights and four thousand white
cups strewn around the fountain
aiier me procession nan passed
gave evidence that few lost the op
portunity to refresh themselves.
Specially erected stands in front
of the court house yesterday en
abled several hundred women who
are conclave visitors to watch the
grand procession from a point of
Philip H. Darling, son of Mr. and
Mrs. William A. Darling. 940 Nine
teenth street, whose musical ability
has long been appreciated in Rock
Island, is one of the musicians of
the Chicago commandery No. 19
band, which Is to entertain at the
Elks' stand this evening with a con-,
cert The band is composed of
nearly one hundred pieces.
The Argus was delightfully ser
enaded yesterday afternoon by the
band of tbe Peoria commandery.
Harry Bay, an Islander ball play
er when the local teams led the
league, is a member ot the band and
is bappy to be back on his old
stamping grounds again.
which is continually coming to bis
ears and to offer a remedy for this
complaint. He declared he waa
making his talk, not in his own in-
iterest. but in the interest ot the en
tire city. And ne wanted every
man present to receive it in the
kindly spirit in which it wss pre
Chicago, Sept 2. The waters be
gan today to run through tbe gi
gantic sculpture masterpiece. "The
Fountain of Time," carved by Lo
rado Taft It stands in the mid
way facing the University of Chi
cago. The sculptor has worked on
it six years.
Ia addition to the hoosed statue
of Time, there are on tho opposite '
side of the pool aasaoroas figures
ot heroic size, representing men,
women and children, passing la re
view before Time;
Taft said bis inspiration waa the
eauplot "Time dies, yoa sayT Ah.
no,Tlma stays, we foi"
Bra. Louis Emssersea, Wife of taw
Grand Ceatsaaaiei
With HospiUUt.
"We women have never enjoyed
any conclave so much and have
never witnessed a parade to equal
that of yesterday," Mrs. Louis m
merson, wife of the grand com
mander of the Illinois Knights
Templar and secretary of, state,
said to The Argus this morning la
behalf of the women attending the
The hospitality of the citizens ot
RockV Island and tbe local com
mandery especially pleased the vis
iting ladles, Mrs. Emmerson stated
The courtesies extended have given
the women every desire to attend
each affair and reception. The vis
iting ladies in Rock Island outnum
ber any attendance at state con
claves for years, Mrs. Emmerson
estimated, all due, she says, to
Rock Island's hearty welcome.
1,000 Women Gaestsv -
Nearly one thousand women have
come to the city with their wives
Portunlty the Rock Island com-
mandery has offered. Although on
ly 822 have registered at the head
quarters of the Knights Templar,
about two hundreds have aot reg
istered yet perhaps because they
are scattered at private homes and
have not had the chance. '
"The finest-conclave I have ever
attended, and the expression ot
many of the women I have talked
to have been the same. Is the Rock
Island convention. The women
don't usually turn oat in - such
large numbers, but Rock Island's
welcome hands have gone half-way
to meet them. We feel that tho
Rock Island commandery has com
plimented us. Grand Commander
Louis Emmerson and Marshal H.
u rivinfi h
the wonderful
Emmerson said.
AU Women Pleased.
; "Mr. Emerson's face waa Just
wreathed in smiles last evening
when he spoke of tbe parade and
entertainments. He said that be
never expected such a wonderful
demonstration. Mrs. Durbin, wife
of the ex-governor ot Indiana, Mrs.
McCrelg, Mrs. Louis Mills of De
catur and Mrs. Stuart Plerson of
Carrollton. all wives ot past grand
commanders, have also expressed
themselves as pleased with the
finest conclave ever held." j
The women have attended tbe ex- '
curslons and receptions given in
their and the Knights' honors. Prac
tically every visiting woman went
on the automobile tour through tho
tri-cities and the Rock Island ar
senal held yesterday afternoon.
They have shared all entertain
ments. '
Mr. and Mrs. Cleaveland Praised.
"The women are especially grate
ful to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Cleve
land, who have opened their hosue
to us and have helped to make the
conclave what it is," Mrs. Emmer
son said. Eighteen guests are be-,
lng entertaiped af the Cleaveland
home during the conclave. . ; -
, Bishop Granville H. Sherwood ot
Springfield is visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs.,W. L Gansert, 07s
Twenty-second street.
Harry Wakefield of Monmouth,
well known politician in the Four-1
teenth congressional district is vis
iting friends in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R- Hertrler
have returned from their wedding
trip. They visited Mr. Hertzler's
relatives in Harrjaburg, Pa., and
also visited other eastern points
enroute. . w
Indianapolis, Ind. Lawrence E.
Densmore told the police of a Jazx
burglar who stole four cowbells,
two drum sticks and a traveling
bag containing music from his car
nival -grounds. . '
Des Moines. Iowa. Noise, simi
lar to that caused by a machine
gun operation, attracted policemen
to a vacant dwelling. They entered
the building and sniffed the air.
Home brew.
New York Age is no barrier. S'a
hundred babies in a children's dis
pensary face eviction unless the of-
ficials buy tbe building.
Tne price
is prohibitive, official said.
New York Real estate agents,
attention! T. Coleman Da Pont
Julius Flelschmsnn and other fin
anciers will select a factory site on
Long Island today from an air
plane at low altitude. ' r".
The many people who were - so
enthusiastic in praise of the St
Bernard band which made such a
big impression by its parade, ap
pearance and baa entertained so de
lightfully at concerts at various
times during the conclave, will be
! surprised to learn that tbe band
. . v..t h..
nas neen . orgtuiumi
A racehorse was triad by eoart
martlal and sentenced to death by
the bolshevik) on a charts of haw
ing won a cup offered bf the lata
lew. aad so "havtag had dotsac
'with the old

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