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' K8 MMf
Mk teSntf UlMHl.
rCBnr Crss wfll he en
taltopattke through
Jjai will eemprlse the ft.
, XL There wTJ be about
Uety teterna MapMUato
asjavath, true puyers.
. rnrr wtiM -- viMim'
"iWt tut HrM lr Cuiw,
1 til, to attend tic aaawloM
kSniieB or Mjr prefessieaai;
r ImUmII teams, waose nprexa.
ItUves assemble mtr.mrt
ika tte eaapaln tor tha
wsriTi rteapleasuia, - Mum
nr Flaalgan left the la
' mhmIi hi chug ef Captain
ftosUa, who will have anther,
ft to conduct all nutters ef
todies while Naahrea I ah.
itat Sir Walter hopes to Ufa
every big tea tor gaatet at
BeefUs park and will open
ajttieUeas at the conference.
. Marcos Brough and his battery
F rabid Independent boosters are
, smblng the trl-dtlee todsy on the
' ant lap of their week's mara
Mkea to flu a apeclal booator sup-
: aisaent of The Argus a weta irom
' nuirdsy with adTertiaementa of
': metloally every merchant and In
I iutrial promoter In the commun-
With Brougn, tne rouowing are
anwclsted In the tenure that will
feast materially in decreasing the
tattial expenses of the Independ
atb: J. J. Rlmmerman, John Fo-
, Ity, Glean Klneaid, Tom Brennan,
wtttiam R Kale. Martin Klnner,
Mi Hawley. John Paridon and
; P. W. Applegate.
I J t To Preelade Cat-ln. '
f The aim of these self-appointed
i Heaters is to raiaaat least 1,500
iM defray all overhead ezpensea of
Mkt ttam and thus to avoid the ne-
C enslty of cottisc Hcto, the players'
St for funds with which to start
Independents on their way to
f Ik world's championship, the
' ata' got out today for the first
f tlx and by nightfall It la expact
i 1 that encouraging results will be
A week from SaturdayjAe Argus
will issue a 12-page Supplement
naiete with news aaa news ana
Mords of the Independents, past
tti preienti together with brand
action 'and "still" photographs
i ot all the Alayera snapped at Dou
h lu urk iv TtiA iivni ramflrl.
f am
The supplement will be de
nned and made up wiur tne ut-
aost tute and care, and will prove
attractive acquisition to the
bos' scranbooke. No better au
i thentlc review of Rock Island-foot
tair achievements could be obtain'
el for love or money.
- The campaign resultt will ap-
ptar In The Argus from day to day,
fferini special advertising Induce-
nts to every advertiser in the
M-clties to come in and boost the
uuepsnaenu and at the same time
call attention to his own wares
ere forcibly, perhaps, than
through any other advertising me
una. Reasonable rates will be
atksd for the advertisements, in
order that the smallest advertiser
ay come in for the same fee as
the largest and get value received.
To Lesser Deaora,
- Particular stress is nut on indi
TUnal cash donations of lesser de
nominations that from time to
thai, are positive to roll into the
Conn AT tha TndanAnanf m TK
A argaa wiH also cooperate with the
I 1 sIma ihm(i.i ,
tag sad receiving all such whole
oaled contributions that shall go
w increase Rock Island's chances
e bring the world's football title
here from Canton, in case suck a
tame can be arranged.
All these he-men and she-women
esters, who wish to contribute
ANY amount of cash to assist the
dab, so as not to force the players
o cat their weekly T"t -" com-
Bonicate With the Snnrtin Rriitnr
of The Argus, or Marscus BrougnT
t MDuson building; phone R.. L
bVraeuse, it. T., Sept. It-One
Jjwld's record waa broken and aa
'' equaled at tha Grand Circuit
"Whig sero yesterday. Prinoe
""f aet a new mark for double
Pjed bones when he paoad a mile
held by Harvester at LOW for
trot and 2.04 H for the pace,
"wee Loree's mark for the trot is
iUU. PrlnAA Tama lm mmiI
Uin David Ehaw of Cleveland,
WO, and wu Hrinn In TMrtontiT'i
wuon by Michael Devitt.
psaie equaiM we worm s
V? 7mVrL p,adnK ?t8
;04 in the 2:1 class pacing I
hI? Oeaeral Todd first eatab
"med the mark seven yean ago.
time equaled the fastest heat
J the Syracuse meeting, made by
ter Manning in thex first heat of
Empire State a take. The time
j the three hosts was the fastest
the Syracuse meeting.
kji office from Molina to room No.
Safety building, . Rock Island.
Pe hours. 10 to.12
i to 5 and 7 to p. i
l ana
v f Avi v ea rvwT
Va Moonlight Ride on the Steam-
. . w. BuL Friday, Sept. 17.
Ji nrby ef hkzx Ozlj
W. '
A mediocre ball club can swisk,
through the schedule for a pennant
if it gets good pitching.
Another thing aa a rule a team
that can boast of a pitch jt who
wins 30 or mora games in a sea
son' can count its chickens in.
There are a few exceptions, bow
ever.. The case of Cy Young, tfce
Ohio agriculturiat. Is on -of them,
Cy pulled this . feature pitching
stunt live different seasons, three
times for the Cleveland club and
twice for the Red Sox, but either of
these clubs came home In front
during his triumphs.
Hatty's Keeorl.
Christy Mathewson turned the
trick ot piling up SO- Or more vic
tories for the Giants four times.
New York won two pennants and
finished second a pair of times
while Matty was setting these rec
ords. The famous iron matt. Joe
McGinntty, helped Christy pitch, the
McGrawites to pennants in 1904
1905 by also winning-over 30 games
each fit these years.
Another veteran monnd ace.
Graver Cleveland Alexander, ranks
next to Cy Young and jChristy
Mathewson in accumulating atringi
of 10 or mora victorias in a eeaon.
Alex won at gama in 1P1S, llf and
1917 for the Phillies. Philadelphia
won Its first National League pen
nant in 1915 and came in second
the following two years. '
Jack McCombs won 31 games for
the nennant-wtnninc Athletics - in
1910. "Smoky" Joe Wood pitched
34 wins tor the Red Sox in 1911
and gave Boston the muslin.
Bagltr la Ace.
This year the theory tnat a dab
which has a pitcher who can cop
Henaaa-Kelly Match Bepi.fl fe
ntes Furore Ameaff twu 1
- Southern Tier.
Beardstown, Sept II. The big
gest event In the way of an athletic
exhibition ever presented to the
public in this part of the country to
scheduled for the Princess theatre,
in BeardBtown. Tuesday evening.
Sept 21, when world championship
bout will take place between Pete
Herman ot New Orleans, world
champion bantamweight and Jimmy
Kelly or Chicago, who has fought
all of the top-notch era, Including
Frankle Mason of Fort Wayne, Ind.,
whom he met three weeks ago in
Bast Chicago. The.match Will be
for the championship of the world
and will be the first world cham
pionship light staged in Illinois for,
- Kelly will meet Mason
atSouth Bend, Indent 13.
,w. hlh nriced el
This to the highest priced athletic
exhibition ever promoted for
ar anv nther adace in
thla next of the state. Three times
aa large a guarantee had to he post
ed as upon any previous occasion.
A world championship fight cer
tainly puts Beardstown upon the
sporting map. '
Kxpeet Bhr Crewd. '
pranarmtiona are betas made to
take cafe of the Ismost crowd Of
sort fans the city has ever had.
Hotels and restaarants will see that
their part of the program la waul
taken care of. Elevated seats at
the ringside win give those whode-
sire to seethe matehat does range
! i nenm 1 -
UvUt ef CsUi Louies
30 or mare games ganerally takes
the pennant may be tested by the
Cleveland Indiana. Jim Bagby had
but 37 games in the ice-box for
Tris Speaker np to Sept 13. With
two mora weeks to go tha Cleve
land ace should reach the 10 mack
If he falls down the Indians'
chance to lafid a pennant may go
atone with it. o , -f
Coveleskie and Caldwell have
helped Bagby carry tte Tribe's
pitching burden.
Cart Mays is the Yankees' best
winner, with Qninn, Shawkey and
Coiliqt training in the amount of
good accomplished.
For the White Sox "Lefty" Kerr
heads their pitching procession, al
though William, mar and Ci
cotte have all Won mora games, but,
also, tkey have lost more.
Brooklyn's bid for the pennant,
Which is becoming stronger every
day noWt is centered around a great
pitching staff. Wllbert Robinson.
Once a great catcher, knows bow to
develop and keep aia moundsmen In
ton condition. . v
Burleigh Grimes Is the Dodgers'
main tower, of pitching strength.
Ptetfer, Marquard. MitcheU, Ma
maux and Cadore are also all in
great form to come down tin
stretch. If the Flatbush toys do
win out they'll be 4 good betting
proposition for the next world's
champions wita auck an array ot
neavers. . , -
, Reds' Weakness. '
Poor pitching has made the Cin
cinnati Reds a questionable ' ball
club alt year. If their pitchers.
who vera such bright stars a year
ago, had kept it up this year Pat
Moran would already be dlstribut-
rlnxh Of the theatre la ample to seat
a touch more than ordinarily large
crowd. All out of town visitors to
the event will be well eared tor
and large numbers are expected to
be present ; ,
Atblette shows in Bearastowh are
meeting with the popular approval
ot women and lane iiunaoera of
them are attending the eahibitions.
No smoking is allowed and no other
activities permitted that will be of
fensive to the cleanest minded per
son. . The police department ot
Beardstown will be en hand to see
that nothing takes place to which
anyone could object
Tne nenram.
.Pets Herman of New Orleans.
world champion bantamweight vs.
Jimmy Kelly, Chicago's sensational
challenger, for the world champion
ship fh their class, will box 10
rounds to a decision. Bd Smith,
sporting editor of the Chloage
American, will positively he here to
officiate an. referee. The Sporting
editor of til Springfield State Reg
ister will he the official timekeeper.
Joseph Chamberlain of Beardstown
will he official nnnounesr and Andy
Dana, lightweight boxer of Men-
month will he at the bell. There
will be two good preliminaries and
a battle royal.
. TlePaWa.
Tickets will be on sale in Beards
tows at the Salon pharmacy, the
Park hotel. Hunters- cigar store,
James Hanks' soft drink parlor and
Shape's pool hall. In JaeanoaviUe
Springfield at Johnnie Cetmers and
Edite Knox's cigar store and In
RuahviUe at Fred Reed's hnroer
Prices wtu range II. 12, 13 aM
rincttde It. Bpirisl attention wni
be given te mall orders for tickets
and reeervettoat win he made upon
rseetpt ef nofles.
First hont will hegln at l:M p
ss and the main bout at t:30 p m
With Chance of 20 Wis
ihg tile fall series pateboards. But
his pitchers have fallen down mis
erably. At that they are giving
Brooklyn a fun for their money and
might yet Upset the Dodgers' dope;
Luque is the leading hill-top
performer for thy Redlegs. Eller,
Reuther, Fisher and-Ring have
had a hard time to win mora than
half thai nnill - A rant. rvf
youngsters, Napier and Breasler,
have each won n pair ef games for
their first starts, which an helps. "
Toney, Nehf, Barnes and Doug'
las have done most to keep the
Giants' stock booming. Benton has
been a losing proposition. The
team behind them is a young one.
and, though very brilliant -St times,
is hardly of caliber to cop this
year. Johnny Elvers has put a lot
ot hustle in them, but they hate
only an outside chance to nose out
the Dodgers unless Uncle Wilbert's
pitchers should all break their legs
or something else between now and
Oct 8. ."
Pennant Turnpike.
A club with good pitching always
has an excellent chance to pro
gress on the pennant turnpike. The
club that has one or more pitchers
who can win 30 games in a season
is an odds on favorite.
r But Bagby of the Indians to the
only pitcher of both leagues Who
has a chance to feature with such
a string this year. Alexander of
the Cubs is Bagby'a runner-up, but
the Chicago club is already out ot
the flag fight
With three clubs in 'both leagues
staging blanket-September finishes
the monad work from now on will
tell the story. The two clubs which
get the best ot it Will do the big
series advertising in October.
AdaptaMltty Heat
Expected to Favor Them In
Alumni Gnaw Satarday.
The grade are tetttha- organised
In fine shape and are expecting to
hahd the high aquad a walloping.
usual, next Saturday. . The
alumni hate one Of the beat teams
lined np that has played the open
ing game with the school boys for
some time. .
Carl Krbstoln is setting the hoys
lined np and after a look at his Itst
It appears aa though the high team
would have a bard time In giving
the old boys the K. O. -
One thing that will work asnlnst
tne alumni will he the heat Coach
Klinmel has had his men out every
night for lone practices and they
are, in a way, ased to it The alum
ni, en the other hand, have net been
out and will go on the Seld for the
first time on Saturday. The grade
say their individual prowess will
np for anything that they
may not have in the way of training.
Tentattre fJaoup.
Although the linen has not teen
figured out aS yet, a tentative one
waa given out last night Mercer,
who played 'center oh the high
Senad several years ago and on the
aiumnl tease fntan!te a while, will
Play tns same position again Satur-
day. Martin and Hendren are linedVmentkmed above, the following- are
up for . the guards and Kiefal and asked to be there, and Anyone else
roawlck at tackle. The ends will who wtahea to jHay: Brown, Lot
twesaal be Doe and JLstoey. gren. t?ttilseav4Mlia, tUrrii ai
in tne harsnela,
reea ran EaAarel ka Ts4ais fltfa
rqrasTestariay'a stoaaJta la
Four pairs are entered in tadr
championship flight tor the tri-dtr
ao" bus ever tne Hook island ar-
ssnai unks. - Tkey are: Artkur
Smith vs. William Allen. WUlard
Velto vs. K Peek, Robert Lea vs.
Leon Mitchell and. D. French vs.
W. Skinner. Velle.Vlakt vear'a
champion, is Dlavtac throswh la
excellent form and. to expected by
man? gnu entnosiaiu to repeat
Today's pairtnrs in Class A. are
aa roiiows: Van Patten vs. C.
Skinner, Holkrook vs. Nelson. John-
sen vs. Harrington, and Schmidt
vs. Akin. v
The tollowing wlll compete In the
Class B. rounds: Heuer vs. Sun-
dine, Roddewig vs. Enrlehart Bates
vs. Stark and SoverhlU rt Wilson.
ciaas c. pairing today arc: oilk
vs. Throop, Abraham vs. Stephens,
ana iwiana, nye. ..
V lesterday's Results.
A. Smith defeated H. LuakTl and
1. W, Allen defeated L. Arp, 4 and
3. W. Velie defeated G. Peek, S
and 4. B. Peek defeated L. Allen,
3 and 2. R. Lea defeated J. Cadv,
3 and 3. Mitchell defeated J. Han
sen, 4 and 3. D. French defeat&l
W. Mueller. 1 up. W. Skinner de
feated B. Mueller, 4 and t.
Class A. results yesterday were:
G. Van Patten defeated C. Heuck,
ana 5. C Skinner defeated U
Hanson. 7 and 5. E. Holbrook de
feated R. Mitchell. 6 to 5. H. Net
son defeated A. Webster, default E.
Johnson defeated L. Nelson, 4 and
H. Harrington defeated T. Roa-
enfleld, 2 up. H. Schmidt defeated
F. Fischer, 7 and 5. C. Akin de
feated Captain Bode, 4 and 3.
Class B. Flight
Class B results were: W. Hener
defeated M. Coleman, 3 and 1. J.
Sundine defeated C. White, 6 and 5.
P. Roddewig defeated A. FOerber,
2 un. R. Bnelehart defeated H.
Williams, 4 and 3. H. Bates defeat
ed T. French, 5 and 4. W. Stark de
teated O. Schmidt 3 and 2. H. Sov
erhlU defeated P. Schlegel, 2 and 1.
"Big Ten" Grid Rivals
All Eyes
- "
Chicago. Sept II. Thefe were
more notables absent than present
on Stagg field when Amos Alonso
Btagg lined up'hia forty candidates
yesterday afternoon for the start
of his twenty-ninth football aea
son Four ot the "Old Man's" let
ter men were missing and seven of
his other promising candidates were
not present to run circles wnen ue
tin whistle tooted. Hlton, Phoney,
ttana and Halladav were the let
ter men who did not check in, and
Hartung, Neff, Strobmier, palmer,
Stahr, Read and Smith also failed
to. show. '
It is expected that all of them
will come in ptety toon, u tjey are
to cdtne at all. tot "the Marodn
coach has a treses greeting for the
aspirants whO fajl to Come early
and Work late, the lineup present
yesterday would make a fair team,
but it would not be much of a
chamntanabiD contender, for it
lacked the bit oi ciaas wai ub
Big Ten leader la going to need this
season. "
Fair Strand Reports.
Tha irian Who retorted for work
r . - - .
yesterday were Capt Jackson, Mc
Gulre, Crisler, Hlnkie. Reber, Her
mes, Hutchinson, Heaisch, Cole,
Lewis, Redman, nmrne,
Newhall. Tatge. McQulag, Miner,
Schwab, McMaster, oeoer,
Math, Belk Hlrseh, Hedeen, Nor
gten. Trout Davis, Leggette, Omer,
Lambert, Kroah, Harris and Proud
foot I
rwr a first day Workout it waa a
hard one that the candidatos were
given yesterday. The not nay ana
the work told on the outfit, end
when they finished with the new
trick dummy arranged for interfer
ence practice, the passing ana
kicking and wind sprints, ue au-
letes were hardly equal w ue wa
of getting oft the field.
Stag? HeaeeauttaL
As usual, the "Old Man" was non
MmMiui ahont bis outlook. "Some
ot those whom I expected would be
here are not, and tnere are no men
hern who were not counted on be
fore the season started.
"I doht know exactly what kind
of n performance the men, can give
nnifl n have a real same, but I
have a fair idea of tte ability of
most ot thenu"
Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 16. Sev-ntv-two
Buckeye warriors headed
fcv Coach Wllce trotted on Ohio
field yesterday while several hun
dred students crowded the side
steth and Dufflh are candidates for
the enarterttaek posttmn. carl An
derson wiU ae doubt he neld cap
tain, aa he has for the last three
years. Stapp and Acklef Will prob
ably stay at the naives ana wmax
tor at full. '
Meet Fileay Ibrhl
There will be a meeting- of all
those who intend to plar in the
tame next Saturday at
school Friday nirht at T:30. Six-
nsls and plafs will then be gtrtn
out BeeMes the amen In the liaeup
Grid Plans :
of Staleys
Decatur. UL. Sent 1C With the
playing ef the LawreacevlUe Have-
Unas in ue anal game ot the 1930
tson here Bandar, the starch-
workers will turn their attention to
the gridiron game, the A. B. Statoy
company, expecting to have one of
the greatest teams in the history of
processional football.
For the last three months 0. aV
Chamberlain, general supermtend-
Leoi t the Stlr company, and
ueorge Haias, rprmer Illinois U
star, have been busy lining up
some of the best football material
in the west
Baekfleld candidates include Bob
Kohler, Northwestern; Dutch Star
unman, Illinois ; Jake '"t". Illi
nois; Walter Pearce, Pennsylvania;
Walter Veach and Charles Dressed
of last season's eleven; Kyle Mo
Wherter, Leo Johnson and Sidney
Gepford. former Mllukin U ath
letes. The leading candidates foe. line
positions are George Halaa. Illi
nois; Hugh Blacklock, Michigan
Aggie; Jerry Jones, Notre Dame.
aU former members of the Great
Lakes and Hammond elevens; Bert
Ingwereon, Illinois: Oeom Traf-
ton, Notre Dame; Roes Petty, nil-
now; A. Feichtlnger, Multnomah
Athletic club, Portland, Ore. Jack
Mlntun ot last season team, Ran
ney Young and Roy Adklns, for
merly with kOlllkln U.
NOW York, Sept 16. Extermina
tor, the -yeax-old gelding owned by
W. S. Kilmer, broke the American
track record for two miles at Bel
mont park yesterday in the race for
the autumn gold cup. He ran the
distance in 3:21 4-5. The previous
record was 3:26 3-5.
P. Wilson defeated Dr. Kyster, 2 and
L -
Results in Class C. were: C.
Gilk defeated F. Throop, 1 up. E.
Abraham defeated A. Abraham, 4
and 3. G. Stephens defeated F.
White, 3 and 2. C Noland, bye.
On the Title
line. , Tackling the dummies and
shoving the block Waa the order
for the- line, while punting and for
ward passing occupied the bacli-fieldera.-
Just before quitting time
Nemecek was placed at center,
flanked on the right by Trott,
guard; Spiers, tackle, and Slyker,
end. Od the jeft Were Welch and
Captain Huffman. Several were
tried at left end. Isabel and Work
men Showed ttp1' well in punting
and these two Sophomores will
make old timers in the Buckeye
baekfleld bustle. Besides Director
St Johs and Coach Wiles "Red"
Trautmin, Grant Ward and "Chic"
Harley were in coaches' uniforms.
ILLINOIS. -Urbana,
III, 0ept It. First foot
ball practice ot the season opened
oh Illinois field yesterday when
i five full elevens reported. The II-
Ilnl certainly loom up as strong
contenders for the 1920 honors with
so many members of last year's
championship team present 'Among
last year's Stars are: Line, Deppler,
Carney and Reichle; backs, Cran
gle. Bob Fletcher, Ralph Fletcher
and WalquiSt; ' halfback, Olander;
tackle, Mohr and Ems (17) guards.
The live elevens were given plenty
of exercise in signals, punting and
piece aiciing.
Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept 16.
Twenty-tour men, tour of whom are
veterans, reported to Coach Yost
yesterday and were given workouts.
The entire coaching stall was on
hand for the -afternoon workout
The first man to report was Cap
tain Goets. Others were Usher,
Steketee and Hugh Wilson, all vet
erans, and Bank, Hulser, Goeble,
Trout Sutton, Rice, Stipt, Van Or-
edn, Dunn, Avery, Walter, Searle,
Rowland, Cappon, Johnson. Hay-
den. Gustus, Haller, Richards and
Bailey. In a little lecture Yost told
the men there are going to be good
teams in the conference this year.
"lows City, Sept 16. Iowa uni
versity opened the football season
yesterday, with 27 men assembled
to hear instructions from Coaches
Jones, AShmore and Reedl All of
last year's eligible regulars except
three were back and participated in
the limbering up exercise. Jones
tried out old and new players sad
set the bell in motion forecasting
the initial battle of the year with
Indiana at Bloomington, Oct 22.
Slater, negro crack tackle, will re
turn Thursday, he wired Jones yes
terday,. r
Minneapolis, Sept 18. Three
dosen candidates trotted on the
field behind Captain Trygve John
sen on Northrop field for their first
foothaU. Dr. Williams, Minnesota,
ordered a workout consisting only
of skull practice end Umbering up
Prospects are for a
Johnson, Oss and many
other stars will play the first gams
with North Dakota Octet.
Notre Dame. Ind.. Sent It Con.
fronted with tha heaviest schedule
cameo xor a aotre Dame team,
' yaqs ai:d RCui;is ci Finns
Vew Terk, Sent IsW The peesfatllty ef taking- a torrtfte
while their
tne leaders ef the nsajer
than Ueir nearest rivals. That means that wdass they tej
acidemias whh the swaaist
hsmOiadea el mmg their rtrau ssejt kehtteaiy te the tape to fru
Despite that onager, Brooklyn leeked safer than anreterere. Taw
Robins sqseaked threagh the last gmrne yesterday with the Cabs, wto
Mtag 1 te . Aa even break for the Robins la the ranuhtlng 13 gaaaes
weald jemsel the CtaelMatt Reds to take 15 of It games te win. The
Giants weald have to grab It of 17.
The American league race costiansd hot. The Yankees, laving
wen three more gnaws than Cleveland, the nearest rival, were la
wad tactical positive. The Yankees have It mere gantes in which te
etseh the pennant. Oetetaad has 17 mere la whteh te cat dewn tha
Yankees kepea. The White Sex have bet 14 mere games te piny.
(United Press.) -
Chicago, Sept, 14. The Usjaplag White Sox were eat for Meet
today. - - - '
caeed by Bale Rath and his fellow slagfiaf Tanks, the Been
have their hack te the wall making a last stead far their peeaaal
Mplratlons. .
The Yanks and Sex Open their most important series ef the year
here today. Te heep In the pennnnt race. It Is ftgnned Gtoasou will
have to take at least two of the three games. A clean sweep by the
Yanks will eliminate CUeng. , Early indications today were Dlekle
Kerr would twirl for the Hose with Qulnn probably opposing. .,.
W. L. -Pet
Brooklyn .....84 58 J&S
ClndnnnU ... 7&
Sew York H tt Mi
Brooklyn, N. Y., Sep 18 This
was a vefy bum day for the old
men's home, even though the Dodg
ers did beat the ardent Cuba, 1 to 0,
in the final game here, But one
straw hat was thrown into the
arena, and it came in response to
Tom Griffith's one-hand eaten in
the ninth that .headed eft trouble
for the Dodgers. The doner ot the
hat had chewed his initials in the
brim, but that should make no dif
ference to the lucky guy wno oops
the kelly at the old man's home.
When it comes to giving away
something that has been thrown
,tt Mr. Kbbete wins the wire
tooth uruBh.
Martin held the Dodgers to five
hits and we nicked Smith for eight
The local man enjoyed been sup
port, in the ninth Grjfflth raced
across lots and speared O'FacreJl'a
harBh drive in one hand. O'Farrell
was the victim of another sad play
in thh seventh. He led with a pop
fly hit to right and tried for second
base. KUduff shot the ball to Ol-
Sson ana ne uroppea k aner lasgias
. u.v rvn llari
Bob out ? ; -'
Score by innings: '
Brooklyn ....0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Chicago ......0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 fr-0
Batteries Smith and Miller;
Martin and O'Farrell.
Philadelphia, Sept 18. Pat Mor
as' tottering Reda broke their los
ing streak yesterday when they won
their first game in the last six
starts, 3 to 2. Luque pitched the
Moran men to victory in the final
tilt of the series. A great catch by
Duncan robbed Rawlings of a home
run for the Phils In the fourth.
8 com by innings:
Cincinnati ...0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 03
Philadelphia .00010010 02
Batteries Luque and Win go;
With row, Meadows, Betts and
Boston. Sept. 1. Pittsburgh
closed its season in Boston yester
day by winning the first game of a
double header, 2 to 1. and teeing
the second. 4 to 1. Grimm's triple
scored Pittsburgh's runs in the
first game and Holke's triple brake
up the second.
Score by Innings (first game) :
Pittsburgh ...0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 02
jj0gtOn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01
Batteries Cooper ana Haeirner;
McQuillen. Scott and O'NeiL
(Second game):
Boston .......0 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 -4
Pittsburgh ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
Batteries Flllinglm and Gowdy;
Carlson and Schmidt
Wantnniva wwnn- fnmmv
firtfnt), Rmilrl-vn On a nf tha moat
spectacular catches in the hlstorja!
or Ebbets neld roDpea u rarreti oi
the Cuba Ot a possible homef and
a tnreatenea uud raiiy coiispsea.
BAGBT gained revenge tor ine
Tnrtlan hv hnldinr tha Athletics to
three hits and winning, 14 to 0.
GRIMM'S triple , gave nusourgn
the first game of a double-header
with the Braves. 2 to 1. Holke
broke up the second with a triple
in tne nitn, winning xor we craves,
4 to 1.
LUQUE struck out nine Phillies
while the Reds were winning, 3
to 2.
BHERROD SMITH had the bet
ter luck in a pitchers' battle with
Cnaad Martin and the Robins took
the last game from the Cuba, 1 to 0.
wctt.mak. Brown nitcher. led
his teammates at the bat with four
hits In their 18 to 5 victory over
the Red Sox. -' '
and handicapped by the absence ot
eight members ot Last years unde
feated eleven. Coach Rockne began
work: with his Gold and Blue ath
totes yesterday.. Prospects for i
strong line are bright hut the
baekfleld .outlook is swathed . In
Lafayette. Ind., Sept 11. A pep
session attended by the entire stu
dent body marked the opening1 ot
the football season st Purdue. In
rennonse to the first call for candi
dates issued ft? Captain Birk 9
men. turned
out Among are 13
behM their becks
the Hew Terk Glaato have fewer gaaeo e
awad wa they may he snbleet tethe
W. L.' vPoh
KewYork... ;.8 M Mi
Cleveland 85 53 JtSt
Chlcafe 85 U Ml
Cleveland, Sept. It The Indians
swamped the Athletics 14 to
cracking the offerings of Keefe an
Moore for 23 hits for a total of 34
bases. Jim Bagby - was in . ran
form and allowed but three hits,
one of them a scratch. Bvery man
em the Cleveland team, and there
were 13 of them In the game,
grabbed a hit for himself. -
Score by innings:
Cleveland ...14011110 14
Philadelphia 000000000
Battoriee Bagby and 0NelU.
St. Louis, Sept 10. In a battlnsj
orgy with a aide issue of the bur
lesque, St Louis overwhelmed
Boston, 18 to 6, in the latter final
appearance here this season.
The Brown's tied the score oa
WeilmSn's fluke fait in the seaandV
his first of four out of five. They
made a runaway race ot It scoring
In every inning but the fifth. : Weil
man, going all the way for the lo
cals, was invincible in aj taut the
first and ninth, in which the rls
ltors counted all their runs.
v Score by innings:
St Louih ...1 2 110 13 t IS
Boston 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 5
Batteries Wellman and Sever-
eld. Collins; Karr, Hoyt and Sshang.
League Standings
, i 1
a i
1' Ptl
New York .
Cleveland .
Chicago ...
St Louis ..
Boston ....
Detroit ....
53 I .62
56 .60TU
68 1 .6oor
74$ .4711 '
73fcj AW.
93 1 .33
Brooklyn A 84
Cincinnati 75
New York 76
Pittsburgh 71
Chicago ...68
St. Louis ..........64
Boston ....55
L. Pew
68 Jf9
61 .51
61 '4 .6551
64 $ .525!
72 I .4111
74 k .464,
76 ? .418.
83 i JJ4"
j Philadelphia
Americaa League. '
Cleveland 14 ; Philadelphia, 0.
: St. Louis, 18; Boston 5.
NO Others scheduled. k
Ka'Jbval League, i
. Brooklyn, 1; Chicago, 0. i
Boston, 1-4; Pittsburgh, 2-1;
Cincinnati, 3 ;, Philadelphia, 1
No other games scheduled.
Toledo. O.. Sent 16. Toledo bit!
Ferguson and Byrd for fifteen sate-'
ties and defeated the New York:
Yankeea. 8 to 7. in ten innings.
Ruth's two home runs over the fight
field wall accounted for six New
York runs. '?
- R.H.F-
New York 3004000000 7 13 2
Toledo ...01020002218 15 .
Fort Worth, Texas, Sept 16.
Jimmv Hanlon of Denver land
Ritchie Mitchell Of Milwaukee frox
ed 12 rounds here last night SThe
shade went to Mitchell, but Hsalo
nut un the best fight of, his life,
giving Mitchell a great battle all;
the way. .
Boys' Stoesl
That Wear ami
Dolly Subway
X7SC3 Stjcontl Atoj.

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