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ff i- f 1 a' '. i-1 a v
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.'tot Cute Small's lead to Dansev PomP P. FISCHER HELD
r ' - '-'
jxty Gains and Thomp
i j 'suite's Loss Tightens
1'; Eace for Honors. '. :"'
I falcate-, Sept 17. Returns from
precincts out of 5,737, In Illi-
for governor, give: Republl-jn.-
Cook county: 2,205 precincts.
-Jbr, 110.194; Small, 191,645. ' Cannon.
jtwUte: 2,977 precincts, Ogles-! Nineteenth district
Y,W32; Small, 147,476. Grand
v.: 1,182 precincts, give Oglesby,
Small, 339,121.
J Bjuirns from 5473 precincts, for
"5W States senator, give: Repub
ai: Cook county: 2,205 precincts,
jfclialty, 116.667; Smith, 184,674.
iley, 215,290; t Smith, 137,802.
kni total: 5,173 precincts, Mc
, JdV, 331,957; Smith, 322.476.
f QJcmo, Sept. 17. With 5,078
' m of (.737 precincts in Illinois
Ml 0. Oglesby in the Republican
M for the gubernatorial nomina-
X bu heen reduced to 5,429
I it error of 6,463 in the city news
MiS figures for tin 32nd ward
iCUago reduced Small's plural
ity that amount .
1 clerical error in Peoria county,
)i Is confusion in tabulating the
Ml sod women's . votes with
tftk, caused an error in the pri
: ifs count announced by county
' 4mm there. Its discovery today
.aswd McKlnley's vote for the
Is 5,077 precincts) reporting
0Rtor governor: . ( . .
Ojok countv 2.194 nreclncts. Oi-
kT,10M47: tmall. 191.374.
(-Imitate 2,884 precincts, Og-
u , K0.582; Small, 143,084.
Grtad total 5,078 precincts, Og-
by, 32A.029: Small. 334.458.
in TQie in a.vt i oui oi o.iii pre-
cts la the united States senator
Maett gives;
cook County 2,194 precincts,
IfcBaley,-114,897; Smith, 184,375.
Downstate 2,883 precincts, Mc
taly, 213,545; Smith, 136,438.
Orud total 5,077 precincts, Mc
aator, 328.442; Smith, 320,813.
ttlcago, Sept 17. Efforts were
sUDoed today to complete the un-
ehl count ot Wednesday's pri'
wy tallot in the closely contested
Wbllcan gubernatorial and sen
flil nominations and the Demo-
nc senatorial race. With 668
u of the 5,737 precincts in the
t mining, ot which 279 were in
BfofO, Len Small of Kankakee,
ported by Mayor, Thompson of
sto. tor the eubernatorial
JJWutlon appeared to have been
victor over Lieutenant Gov-
jor John G. Oglesby, Lowdeh
SjttiHste, by a plurality of about
jVU: jd t total vote ot nearly
CdBfrenman William B. HcKin
W. Lowden candidate tor senator,
fWd to have deefated Frank
?alta supported by Mayor
2BP,n. by a plurality somewhat
Pwm than that which decided the
WwMtorial contest Rectification
lrical error In the tabulation
Chicago vote put McKinley
je lead by about 4,000 votes.
f"wer downstate reports adding
2M gains, McKlnley's vote, with
V jreclncts outside Cook county
32M84. Smith had 317,-
KoottMed on Page Fourteen.)
J. JBept 17. (United Press.)
J Bourgeois, president ot the
Hmm 0X1 Tnuwday at th
f-JJiws palace to choose a suc
" to President Deschanrt. ...
l2CSept . 17. (TJnte
2yr-wTll H. Hays, Republican
nmiuee) auunnu,
c-g sere today declared "it is
B&possible tor e kaa to o-
J in
u ooostitutlon md In
J7 as It would have been to
ddressed a gathering of
i S workew at the national
Cvteta, heM in connection
Cannon and Wheeler Roll
Up Big Pluralitie
- Major Leads in 19th.
Chicago, Sept 17. Final revision
ot returns on the Republican bal
lots in the congressional primaries
outside of Cook county, today
showed no changes from the returns
previously indicated. The success-'
ful aspirants were as follows:
Tenth ; district Carl R. Chind
bloom.' .
Eleventh district Ira C. Copley.
' Fourteenth district William J.
Graham. "
Sixteenth district Clifford Ire
land, -i.
Seventeenth district Frank
Eighteenth ' district Joseph
Moore j
Twenty-first district Loren
- Twenty-second district-A.-Rodenberg.
William :
In the Eleventh and Fourteenth
districts, the Democratic party has
made nn nominations for the No-1
OI.o i.- . v,- . uuuie no nominations lor we
ZT1J? ZC lot lber election, leaving Represen-
tatives Copley and Graham op
posed by Socialist candidates only.
- Close Contest In Seventeen to.
i The closest contest was In the
tot from Len Small's lead over i Seventeenth district but with only
i..itt inM f iwii r i
had 13,277 to 10,292 for Arthur C.
Fort I
Representatives Cannon and
Wheeler rolled up big pluralities,
the former leading E. B. Cooley by
better than 7,600 votes and the lat
ter being about 9,000 ahead of Wil
liam J. Butler.
Of the Ave Democratic contests
for congressional nominations only
one, that In the Tenth district, was
definitely settled today. 'John H.
Haderling was e ejected to oppose
Representative Chlndbloont in No
vember. - - -.' i -. .
Xajer Has Safe Lead.
In the Nineteenth district, J. Earl
Major had an apparently safe lead
of 1.015 votes over Thomas L. Jar
rvtt, with 43 precincts missing, most
of the places still to be heard from
being in counties which favored Mr.
Incomplete returns gave leads to
Edward F. Poorman in the Nine
teenth district R. V. Gustin in the
Twenty -eecond, and Allen H. Grav
enhorst in the Twenty-third. Only
two of the 10 counties in Graven
horst's district had reported.
Mr. Nancy Cravens, Wife of Brk
r Suicides at Saint
- ,.' - Lonls. . ;
St. Louis. Mo.. Sept 17. (United
Press) Mrs. Nancy Cravens, prom
inent society woman and . wife of
Rutherford B. Cravens, stock and
bond broker, who was before mar
riace Miss Nancy Blake of Mem
phis, Tenn, shot and killed herself
yesterday afternoon. Ill health was
believed to have been the cause.
Chicago, Sept. 17. (United Press).
Lloyd Wilson Chicago broker,
was indicted today on three counts
on a charge of embezslement by the
state rrand Jury. His ball was
fixed at 50,000.' -
Wilson was arrested In Billings,
Mont. In connection with the dis
posal of stolen oonds.
If Germany Is Admitted to Fortfe.
, eemtBff QMm Coafemos,
Paris, Sept 17. (United Press).
The Kcho de Paris today amid the
French government has instructed
its representative to the League ot
Natkms council. Leon Bourgeois,
that Franc will withdraw tram the
league It Germany is admitted at
the forthcoming coafereace at
Fort Worth, Tex, Bept 17 (Uni
ted Press) Dr. Wallahe Smith,
prominent phyatdaa. waa Cownd
... M A . - fe
oiu in Gonoocuaa : guilty man senionwn w jvmrm u
M constitution day celebra-1 prison last night tor killing Ids
.7 , ' - ' 1 mother-in-law. Mrs. Rnhr White.
State Will Go to Republi
cans by Larger Majority
Than 4 Years Ago.
(Special to The Argus).
. Portland, Ore, Sept 17. Gover
nor Cox has been and gone and has
left in his wake, a trail of admirers
but not enough to carry the state
ot Oregon. For this state will go
Republican by a much larger ma
jority than it did four years ago,
when President Wilson lost the
state by 5,000 votes. That was a
c1om election. This year it is not
even a good contest. Democrats
privately admit tne situation is
hopeless unless by some eleventn
hour miracle or development, the
"" uv ,.an-
whole aspect of thenatgn shail
be changed nationally.
Estimates as to the sixe of the
majority which Harding will get are
varied. Some venturing the opin
ion that It will be as big as
Ifnlna'a Hut AHWHv nhUFT.
itIoIyt: it
swayed by hopes of partisan de-
sires, look for at least 20,000 ma
jority. Oregon is a rock ribbed Re
publican state on presidential matters.--
It even went Republican in 1896
when the western wave of Bryan-
Ism was sweeping the land. It
stood staunchly in the Republican
column when the cry of "He kept
us out of war". won the, electoral
votes ot California, on the south,
Idaho on the east and Washington
on the north.
Cox Will Cut Majerity.
Governor Cox was warmly re
ceived. Unouestionably : he cut
down what might otherwise have
been an : overwhelming majority.
Indeed, he won back many of those
Democrats who had strayed from
the fold. On the other hand he
failed to satisfy either wets or urya
by his statement that the liquor is
sue is dead. Most everybody in the
cities knows it is not dead and
that attemnts to weaken the en
forcement laws will be constantly
made and will he presented to the
next president ot the United States
for consideration. And the folks
in the country know it is not dead
chiefly because the prohibition agi
tators will not let them believe it
'dead. .
"Demmies" for "Dry" Man.
Then there is another straw that
shows the way the wind blows. The
western Democrats didnt bring
about the nomination of Governor
Cox. They were for McAdoo be-
(Continued on Page Four).
General Obregon Gives Retiring
President Foreign Pert,
San Antonio, Texas, Sept 17.
(United Presa.) President de la
Huerta, who will retire from the
presidency of Mexico when General
Alvaro Obregan assumes - the ad
ministrative office in January, may
be given a cabinet position by Obre
gon, according to unofficial reports
It is said he will be offered either
the portfolio of gobernaclon or for
eign relations. Either would give
Huerta great influence in tne aaut
tional reconstruction work planned
by the incoming administration, the
report declared.
Chicago, Sept 17. For the first
time In an important election la re
cent years, complete Chicago re
turns on the state primaries ot
Wednesday are not available to
newspapers for as official count
More than two hundred fifty pre
cincts are missing until the official
count is mad next Tuesday.
Heretofore ' Chicago newspapers
hate obtained the unofficial retains
from the pollee. This year Chief of
Police Garrity ordered Usee i
turns eat direct to the city hall,
where they were grrea oat by dty
officials, but not tabulated, Elec
tion officials ordered a special copy
ot the retams in each precinct tor
the newspaper count nt ami
areetnets the ballot bootea we
.sealed before this special eoay had
oeen taken aad these are the miss
ing precincts
Secretary Discusses Treaty
and League in Wat
, erloo Speech.
Waterloo, Iowa, Sept 17.-There
will be no peace In Europe until the
burden of armaments lifted and
the fear of war destroyed, Secre
tary Baker declared here today in
a speech devoted wholly to discus
sion of the treaty of Versailles and
the League Of Nations covenant
Challenging a statement from
Senator Harding's speech accept
ing the Republican presidential
nomination 'that the league was
so utterly impotent to prevent
wars that It has not even been
tried," Secretary Baker declared
the league's operation "has already
saved one war, though Senator
Harding did not know it"
He recited the submission to tne
league council by Sweden and Fin
land of the Aland Island dispute.
"Under the old order," Mr. Baker
said, "Finland would instantly have
occupied the Aland islands with her
military forces."
The secretary also took issue
with what hi described as Senator
Harding's assertion that some such
international court as The Hague
Tribunal with "teeth" in it, was the
sole agency necessary for the pre
sentation of world peace.
"All ot which sounds very sim
ple," ' Mr. Baker continued, "but
whose teeth is the senator going to
put into The Hague Tribunal? His
criticism of the covenant of the
League of Nations is that it may re
quire the use of the armed forces
of the United States. Now our
armed forces are our teeth, if The
Hague Tribunal Is to have teeth, it
is to have .force and the only kind
of force which operates among na
tions is armed force." -
Between the Constitution and the
Covenant Discusses Rape .
ot Haia
Marion, Ohio, Sept. 17. Pro
nouncing the League of Nations
covenant irreconcilable with the
American constitution. Senator
Harding declared in a "Constitu
tional Day" address here today that
the time had come for the United
States to decide whether it would
preserve or abandon the charter un
der which it achieved nationality.
"The constitution or the covenant.
that is the paramount issue," he
said. "The two are irreconcilible.
We cannot be governed from both
Geneva and Washington'. We can
not follow our present chief magis
trate without forsaking the Father
of our Country."
The. Republican nominee also as
sailed the administration's policy
toward the smaller nations of the
western hemisphere, asserting that
the executive had usurped congres
sional powers to carry on an un
constitutional war with Hayti and
San Domingo. '
The speech, delivered from the
front porch to delegations from sev
eral Ohio counties, reviewed the
circumstances surrounding the
making ot the constitution and out
lined the candidate s conception oi
the balanced powers of the execu
tive, legislative and Judicial
branches of the government Only
by preserving that balance, he said,
could the United States fulfill its
greatest destiny.
The United States is new waging
undeclared war with- "little, help
less republics of our own hemis
phere," the senator declared. He
quoted Mr. Roosevelt as saying:
The fact Is that I wrote Hayti's
constitution myself. Until last
week I had two totes in the league
assembly; now Secretary Daniels
has them" .
"To the best ot my information
this is the first official admission
of the rape of Hayti and San Do
mingo by the present administra
tion, 1 continued Senator Harding.
He also charged that "thousands
of native Haytiana have been kil
led by American marines." ,
Fair tonight ' and Saturday;
slightly warmer tonight
Highest temperature yesterday,
8: lowest last night, 64. .
Precipitation, none. .
- 12 m. 7 p.m. 7 am
jester, yester. today
Dry Vatb temp.. . 78 71 57
Wet balb temp... 57 67 53
Ret humidity ...25 40 80
River stage, Mr a fall of X in
last 24 hours.
Only aught changes la the MIs
siselppl will occur from below Du
baatet to Muscatine.
J. ht 8HKR11CR, Meteorologist.
II vote rem state ilature I
R. I.
Abbey ...
Wells ....
BeII .
. 8,512 1,902
. 7,245 . 793
. 2,900 374
' Democratic -
. 1,762 177
. 706 ' 529
. 217 41
Maucker .
Werts ..V
Schwartz .
Werts Creeps Up In Demo Race for
Legislature XcCaskrin, Ab
bey Retain Lead.
William C. Maucker, according to
late returns received from Hender
son county, will undoubtedly main
tain his lead in the Thirty-third
district race tor the Democratic
nomination to the general assem
bly. McCaskrin and Abbey retain their
lead in the Republican race, al
though a complete count of the
Mercer county ballots gave Wells
a substantial bnt insufficient boost
. Complete .returns from Hender
son county show that Maucker re
ceived 177H votes. Although Werts.
his nearest rival in the balloting of
Rock Island county, was accorded
529V4 votes in his home county, pos
sibility of his renominatioa by the
Demos of the district fade in the
shadow ot the overwhelming victory
ot Maucker in Rock Island county.
-Xaacker Gets 1,763 ta B. L -
" A total of 1,762 votes were thrown
to Maucker from this conn
ty, 10 precincts of Moline yet miss
ing in the unofficial count Werts
received 706 at the same polls. In
the two counties, Maucker has a
fairly safe margin ot 704 votes.
Schwartz, running poorly in both
Rock Island and Henderson coun
ties is hopelessly out of the race, al
though it is thought that he will
make a stronger showing In Mer
cer county. If the vote lives np to
expectations, it even enhances the
lead chances of nomination of the
Rock Island candidate.
Wells Takes Mercer.
In. the complete returns from
Mercer county, Wells, candidate for
the Republican nomination for
state legislature against McCaskrin,
Abbey and Ball, received his ex
pected plurality, although the show
ing made by McCaskrin in the low
er end of the district continued to
be surprising.
Wells received 3,338, bnt McCas
krin gained 1,558. Abbey ran well,
getting 2,878.
The total count for the district
gives McCaskrin an overwhelming
lead with 20,169, Abbey second
place and also nomination, with
13,288, Wells being third and out of
the race, with 11,376.
In Italian Premier's Decision Which
m bodies tae n oners' a
jjeauurat ,
Milan, Italy, Sept 16. Leaders
of the Confederation of Labor, and
workers generally, seem to believe
they have won a great victory in
the decision of Premier Giolittt to
appoint a commission to submit
concrete proposals respecting par
ticipation by workmen in the tech
nical, financial and disciplinary
management of factories, which
was announced at Turin today.
Thta commission's report will be
mite the basis for a bill which
will embody many of the demands
made by metal workers since they
have occupied industrial plants
throughout the country.
Stockyards aal Parker Interests
' j Detfare Federal Trade -CenmaHlea.
Washington, Sept 17. The plan
proposed by the "Big Five" pack
ers to dispose of their stockyard,
Interests to F. H. Prince Co. of
Boston win not result in the ae
aratioei of the stockyards from the
packer interests, the federal trade
commission declared la a report to
Attorney General Palmer.
Mayor's Wife Exhausted
and is Relieved of Bed
i; side VigiL
London, Sept 17. Lord Mayor
Terence MacSwmey of Cork,' who
today began the 36th day of bis
hunger strike at Brixton prison,
passed a somewhat better night
and had a little sleep, said a bulle
tin issued at 10 o'clock this morn
ing by the Irish Self -Determination
London, Sept 17. (United Press)
Terence MacSwiney, hunger strik
ing lord mayor of Cork, waa ex
ceedingly weak at last reports to
the Irish Self-Determination league
Mrs. Macs Winer's strength de
serted her and she waa relieved In
her bedside vigil by relatives. Mac
Swiney has taken no food since
Aug. 12.
Growers Perfect Orgaat
cation to Eliminate Profile
Oa "Shoddy" materials.
Helena, Mont, Sept 17. Montana
wool growers, through their organi
sation perfected at a meeting held
here last night will deliver finished
blankets and cloth for men's and
women's clothing, made from virgin
wool, from Montana, to the con
sumer, at a price which will elim
inate the profits which now prevail
between the grower and the con
sumer, it was announced, after the
A contract has already been
agreed upon between the associa
tion and independent woolen mills,
making possible the undertaking.
Edward Fischer Leave Toronto
After Mailing Mysterious
Toronto,- Sept 17. Edward
Fischer, described as a member of
an old New York family, who was
staying at a hotel here early this
week, left suddenly after he Is al
leged to have mailed a postal to
George Ketchledge, an Employe of
a New York brokerage firm, warn
ing him to "get out of Wan street
as soonxas the gong strikes at 3
o'clock Wednesday, the 15th."
Secret Service Operatim Begin
Investtgatioa of Hew Terk
Washington. Sent 17. Govern
ment officials here - today we
awaiting reports from their agents
as to the cause of yesterdays ex
plosion in the New York financial
Investigation wa began Immedi
ately by secret office operatives of
the treasury, department ot Justice
agents, inspectors of the postofflce
department and department oi ag
riculture experts. Extra precau
tions were taken also to guard gov
ernment property here, particular
ly the treasury building, at a re
sult of - reports from New York
that the explosion was the result
ot a bomb plot;
Washington, Sept 17. Extension
of credit by the government does
not seem warranted by present
eoodiUooa, Secretary , Houston
stated today, attributing much of
the popular clamor for more credit
to persons desiring to hold their
goods for higher prices.
Democratic Nominee
Lauds Johnson For His
Sacramento, Calif., Sept )7. In
an address here today, opening his
California campaign, Governor Cox
of Ohio, Democratic presidential
candidate, praised Senator Hiram
Johnson, Republican, who resides
here, as an exponent of progressive
ism and again flayed "big business"
and Republican leaders supporting
Senator Harding.
Although they differ fundamental
ly on the League of Nations, Gover
nor Cox said he admired Senator
Johnson for frankness and lack of
ambiguity or hypocrisy. ,
"He and I do not agree on Inter
national policies,1' said Governor
Cox, at a noon meeting, "but I re
spect the man for ''his candor."
"I have looked with admiration
on the fight which he has made
throughout the years against re
"As an Ohioan. I give yon the as
surance that the observations made
by a distinguished citizen of our
state to the effect that Hiram John
son was a blackguard and unfit to
associate with decent men, is not
the view ot our people.
"If the reactionary senatorial
oligarchy gains control of , the -government
la this campaign, it will so
manipulate the power ot patronage
that the progressive Republicans
will either be compelled to Join an
other party or to form one of their
own." . . .. I
Governor Cox then drew a paral
lel between the campaign of 1912
and 1920, saying that in each case
progresstvelam, as championed by
Roosevelt in the former and John
son in the latter, was defeated by
the forces of reaction. -
Reviewing the 1920 campaign, the
speaker said: v
"Doubtless, the retnrn ot Barnes
Is another evidence ot going back to
Leaving Sacramento at 1:35 p. m..
the governor was to speak tonight
in San Francisco auditorium, where
he was nominated in the early
morning hours of July 6, last
Murderer of Wife aad Child Refuses
to Talk Letters Indicate Men.
' tal Malady.
Muskegon, Mich.. Sept 17. (Uni
ted Press). Renewed attempts to
shake the nonchalance of Dr. Otis
W. Sedgwick, held herejin connec
tion with the murder of his wife
and three-year-old daughter, at
Whitehall, Mictu, were made by au
thorities today. .
Dr. Sedgwick, found in bed in his
home at Whitehall when neighbors
investigated the murder, has re
fused to talk. The Sedgwick'
baby was asleep in a crib when the
father was found. The infant is one
year old.
Police said they found letters In
the Sedgwick home indicating the
father suffered a mental malady
which caused temporary insanity.
Chicago, Sept 17. Two suits for
810,000,000 were filed today on or
ders of Mayor William Hale
Thompson against the Chicago
Tribune, and the Chicago Daily
News.- respectively. The suits, ac
cording to corporation Counsel 3.
A. Ettleson. allege that charges
made by these papers in the pri
mary campaign that ended Wed
nesday have injured Chicago fin
ancially. JURY INDICTS
Three Cants Against Alleged Xe.
-- cetm ef the State's
" Beads.
Chicago, Sept, 17. Lloyd H. Wil
son, arrested at Billings, Montana,
last Saturday, la connection with
the theft ot bonds in New York, was
Indicted by the grad Jury on three
counta charging receiving stolen
Warned Friend by Postal!
to 'Get Out of Wan St
When Gong Strikes.' ,
HamTitea, Oat, Sept
(Hatted Press.) Edward P.
Fischer, suspected of complici
ty in the bomb eatrage fa Wall
street yesterday, was arrested
la the Bank of Hamilton baOd
lngere this meramg by the
Hamilton police ea a charge ef
Washington, Sept. t Boports
from William J. Flynn, chief of '
the bureau of Investigation ef
the department ef Justice, re
ceived here today, point eon-"
dasher to the fact that the
explosion la Kew York was
caused by aa anarchist bomb, It
was announced teas at the
Justice department,
New York, Sept 17. Another!
"lead" was furnished the authori-l
ties by George F. Ketchledge, ao
employe of B. F. Schwarts A CoJ
who said he received a postcard
two days ago from Edward Fisch-i
er, formerly employed by the!
French high commission. j
The card, mailed in Toronto,
Ont, Sept. 11, read: j
"Greetings: Get out of Wallf
street as soon as the gong strikes:
at 3 o'clock Wednesday, the 15th.i
Good luck." , j
Fischer is said also to have wrtH
ten a warning to Lieutenant Aih
naud of the commission. It waa
contained in a plain white envelope
and dropped. Into the mail recepta-,
de of the commission. . ,
Thomas Delahaunty, caretaker;
of tennis courts, said Fischer told;
him two weeks ago "Wall street
will be blown up on the 15th."
"Fischer is a fine tennis player.""
"Did be seem to be really 14;
my mf I
ou noti
hauntyi f
a- thai
earnest when he warned you
to go to Wall street V Delahaunt:
was asked.
"You bet your life he did,"
caretaker replied. He was
friend ot mine for seven years, and!
be often told me that he was thet -friend
ot the under dog. He was
serious, all right and he didnti
want to see me get hurt"
"When did you last see him?"
He never came back here again,'
Delahaunty replied. "He came here
that morning apparently to warn
me and I never have seen him since.
When I heard of the explosion I
recalled his warning."
"Fischer said: 'Tom, I want to
tell you a secret,'" Delahaunty de
clared In an interview with the
United Press. "We are going to
blow up Wall street on the 15th.
We've got them where we want
them We're going to get England.
too. We've got England where wet
want them, too.' i
"Everybody around here thought)
he was kind of crazy. He always
took-sides with the bolshevik! and I
anarchiats, but nobody took hlmj
seriously." .
Toronto, Ont., Sept. 17. fUnlted
Press.) Edward Fischer, the man
alleged to have sent "warning" of
an explosion in Wall street, left
the Queen's hotel Sept 14 without
paying his bill of 311. It was said
here he had also stayed at the
Queen's -Royal hotel at Niagara on
the Lake previously, leaving a bill
of 34.75.
During his stay at the Queen's
he attracted much attention by his
violent conversation. To one of
the staff he said:
"There are four millionaires out!
there and I am worth more than)
all of them." - t
He is also said to have predicted
to one of the servants there would!
be "an upheaval" in New York on(
Thursday. v.i
Forest Hills, N. Y, Sept 17. f
(United Press.) Mrs. Robert A.
Pope, sister ot Edward P. Fischer,
former New York tennis star
sought in connection with the WaH
street explosion, said today she had
not heard from him recently and
she has no knowledge of his where
abouts. She declined to answer i
questions concerning her brother.
miladelphla, sept 17. tunned
Press.) The United States mint)
the stock exchange and the gen-
era! financial district were guard-i
ed today as a precaution against i
bomb outrages. Department of,
Justice agents said radicals were
uaaer surveillance.
Watch Chicago Trade Center, j
Chicago, Sept 17. (By United I
Press.) Plain clothes men were
stationed around the Chicago board!
ot trade and Rookery building to-,
day as a precaution against terror-.
Yesterday detectives patrol-.
led Chicago's financial section.)
The Rookery building contains the'
offices of brokers. ; ; j
New York, Sept 17 The finan-, '
dal centers of, Am erica's big cttlesj f
from coast to coast- are armed! -camps
today, with police and prt-i
rate sentries posted to guard)
against repetition of the myeter-,
ious explosion that rocked "Wall' .
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