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The Rock Island Argus and daily union. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1920-1923, September 17, 1920, Image 3

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JHr. tat.
yeatsreny. Devaty g&ertSs frnmraa
and Cokar. who ware wttk Adlar.
Wannlagtoa. Bant. -W. a kio
secretary f atata. kara kwM
tataad to reprsnent tatanatt .-
m Telaarana ana c-aaw ansa
Bnaorta that both had died wan
Adoo. former ascretnry of the
at tka inttraauonai
ary. aai
Specials (or Saturday
dnita tk wuk of 0e
n at
of tho Alabama, National
OorCaadtaanioalaat bt atgaatad waO tka atztia ana,
y Oordrapr trr for fcSr to taCsr. .? ,
whallaBoa"aarria" CiiCaiamfcal'"1 aaaic -aooa
on atrtko tor two, waiha. woro tram amknak aaTTSaatlj mil
w w
' v '
-katk of Paatteaoo vfll
5SThT Java ooav
, to naaarraii m w an.
ltIM aartna" the miHm
i as Beak Hn-Skanea, New
raw of ML aad Tnaeday
of mast waak kegtanlaa; the
. at jaw at. Berncee iu
at tka Baal Jaeak aad
h Israel iWW"
r cat Taplo Bojaaael. Brady
i Usranth streeta, Davenport.
I staning. RakM Joaapk L.
VviU ofletaU at tka Tasaate
Mt serrteee.' .- . j-
iJM Harks Brotton of ta He
r Vatoa eoUoga of Cincinnati
S dUrer tka iwaoa thie aa-i
f at tba temple. Servteas will
Vat I o'clock. BaUfkmalaaa
Ctt tka Both Israel eoaaragaUoa
1 epos Sunday morning with
Mration at tbo Tomato Kman
jtAll JwUh chlldroa of tbo
KattM ara vgad to attand tht
i JotHom will bo hold noxt Tnoo
y analog aad all day Wodnao
.Yob Klppor, tlta Day of Atma-
I oat charactoiiaod aa tba . day of
tka looal 'mmm t tto oouty, ta-
wtUi Um lnal dosatlaa. vfll
trCh EaadOork J. 0. Bay at
Doildiag tonight to
O lam at
pacta! Oawty Bart Oakmaa of
lOlwankoo baa bou aatlgaoi to aa
alat in tka coanty work, u eonjnno
aon wttk Dtotrtct Panty OoorgaB.
organiaad offorto hro boon'
to promoto a largo
m tola locality for
tko oommtttoo in ehargo wanta to
oondnet tbia campaign on a largo
acaM m ail eampa looatod la Bock
Island county. Tovtkat and tko
wmmHttoo baa nrgod n Jano at-
tondanco at tonight'a mooting to
consider and dodda anon tbo da
tallad nlana. Therotaro tt Modern
Woodman camps tn tkla county
wttk n combined membership of
MOO. ,;;,';','.,- 4 u'
I will not ba responsible for. any
bills of the.NoveltyPrintmg Co, or
A. J. Lokona, made after Attg. 16,
ltM. Parties owing or baring bills
against tba ahoro named, please
settle same with O. L. Lnkens. XEg
'Kane St, Aurora, TIL
Oosmf Out Entire .
Li&e at 3 Cents Each
regardless of former sell
ing prices. All new records,
right np to data. Nearly 2,000
to select from. Call at once
and fill np on these bargains.
Music House
.183 Second Am, Reck Island
Sugar Cored Bacon
whole or half Q 7
strip, per lb. c
Choice Chuck OC
Roast, lb. ...AOC
I? 15 c
Chuck Steak, c
Open kettle rendered
Choice Hamburger
Sausage ....AOC
Bulk Pork 9C
Sausage, lb..
Geld Medal Creamay Batter, lb. . v. . . . gQc
Prompt Delivery. ' Phone R. 1. 1497
We have 'removed the price barriers
It takes the best of everything to make a chair or a table that
will stand the dampness of Spring and Fall; that will stand the
dry steam heat of the modern home hi the winter and will nev
er crack, bulge or loosen. 1
Furniture that will stand the strain of modern use must be well
made; it must have the careful finish of hand work; it must be
made under the watchful eyes of experts and all these things '
cost money. . - i
1 -.
But there is one way in which you can have furniture of this
calibre without spending mW money than you would, spend for
pieces not worthy of being classed as good furniture. ' .
. Buy your furnitur&at Hadleys. Good furniture is the only kind
you will find here. And you will always find it priced consistently
low. This can be easily proved by an intelligent comparison of
bur furniture and prices with those shown elsewhere. -
is. 3
Patent Remedies, Etc .
50c Phillips Milk Magnesia . . .41c
$1.40 Sal Hepatica . . .... . .$11
50c Nature's Remedy . . . .... .41c
$15 Pierce's Favorite
Prescription . . . . . . . . , .$1.05
$1.25 Pierce's G. M. D. . . . . .$1.05
60c St Jacob's Oil ....... . . .49c
$1.10 Mill's Heart Remedy . . .99c
$150 Scott's Emulsion . . . . .$1.25
$1.10 S. S. S. for ttie blood. . . .95c
$1.15 Kilmer's Swamp Root ..;95c
$1.00 Wampole Extract i .89c
$1.25 Pinkham's Blood Purifier 89c
$1.00Peruna 89c
85c Jad Salts ................69c
$1.00Listerine ..... . . . . . . . . .89c
$1.00 Lavoris . . .89c
60c Glycothymoline ........ .45c
$1.00 Nujol Mineral Oil .... . .89c
S1.00 Squibb's Mineral Oil ...89c
$1.10 Nuxated Iron 89c
60! Pape's Diapepsin .... 47c
25c Phenolax Wafers 17c
50c Eatonic Tablets ........ .39c
50c Listerine .42c
6ttc Nujol Mineral Oil 49c
25c Aromatic Castor Oil 17c
50c Ozol Disinfectant 37c
Malted Milks and Foods
$3.75 Horlick's Malted Milk .$331
$1.00 Horlick's Malted Milk . .87c
50c Horlick's Malted Milk . . . .41c
65c Eskay's Food . ;49c
35c Eskay's Food . . . . . .... . .29c
1 Face Powders
60c As the Petals Face Powder 48c
$1 Blue Orchid Face Powder .79c
60c Jardin Powder .57c
65c Djer Kiss Face Powder . . .57c
50c Gordon's Lorayne Powder .39c
$1 Ambre Elite Face Powder . .79c
75c Kosmeo Face Powder . . . .57c
75c Jergen's Eutaska Powder .57c
60cDame Nature Face Powder 49c
60c L'Ame Face Powder .... .49c
50c Pussy Willow Powder ... .43c
50c Mavis Face Powder 41c
50c Chantilly Face Powder . . .41c
50c Luxor Powder 43c
50c Freeman's Face Powder . .43c
60c Marinello Face Powder . . .45c
$1.10 Marinello Face Powder .79c
35c Gordon's DeVora Powder .29c
25c Woodbury's Face Powder .21c
35c Jess Face Powder . , 24c
50c Java Rice Powder . . . . i . . .43c
$1.00 Frivole Powder 79c
50c Aubry Sisters Powder . . . ,35c
Hair Tonics, Shampoos
10c Warren's Shampo 8c
15c Amami Shampoo
, ; s ' bur furniture and prices with those shown elsewhere. - v II
fS The September sale of rugs continues I
All' I Tm IILiuummmImm Mmrfh At Am vm om hiMiiildif . II
Tea ana save freai It te MS ea every ream atss rag hi ear stock. The Tarter of law H I -.ir j
I i, I I iaaaanaaBker II III , ' !
WilHmnf Shamnnn 3Qr laiCUm
75c O-Ban Hair Restorer .... .63c 30c PompeianFragrance
35c Knowlton's Danderine . . . .29c
$1.00 Youthcraft for hair 89c
$1.00 Newbro's Herpicide . . . .79c
$1.00 7 Sutherland Sisters ... ,89c
$1.00 Famo for scalp and hair -. 79c
$1.00 Regal Hair Color
Sulphur .89c
$1.00 Famo for scalp and hair . 79c
$1 Kegal Hair XJolor Restorer .79c
60c Knowlton's Danderine 49c
50c Newbro's Herpicide .43c
75c Pinaud's Eau de Quinine . .69c
50c Sanitol Shampoo ....... .39c
75c Palmoh've Shampoo . . . . .57c
$1.00 Marinello Hair Tonics . . 69c
Piver's Powders, $1.39
Azurea, Le Treflle and Floramye
imported face powders. A plenti.
.ful supply in all shades, $1.39.
For Shaving , .;;
10c Williams Shaving Soap,
3 for 21c
35c Hall Mark Shaving Cream .21c
. 75c Williams Shaving Lotion .53c.:
35c Mennen's Shaing Cream .29c
35c Johnson's Shaving Cream .29c .
35c Williams Shaving Cream .29c
25c D. & R. Shaving Cream ... 19c
25c Lazell's Lather Cream .... 19c
50c Krank's Lather Cream . . . .41c'
35c Williams Shaving Powder 29c
35c .Williams Shaving Stick . . .29c
35c Sanitol Shaving Stick 27c i
25c Cuticura Shaving Stick . . .19c n
25c Florida Water ...... 17e t
$1.50 Roger and Gallet Lotions 83c '.;
Face Creams U
50c Sempray Vanishing Cream 39c T
60c Sempre Giovine 49c -
60c Marinello Creams ....... .45c
50c Pompeian Day Cream . . . .43c l
75c Pompeian Massage Cream 69c ;f
35c Pofnpeian Night Cream' . . . 29c j
$1.50 Graham's beauty '
Secret -...........$1911
s w-k i a a n m 1
duc rona s uoia uream ..... .oc
50c D. and R. Cold Cream . . . .43c
60c Mary Garden Creams . . . .43c
60c Ara Mara Cream .49c
75c Luxuria Cream ....... . .69c
30c Jack Frost Cream . . . .... .24c
40c Orchard White ...35c
$1.50 Oriental Cream .$129
60c Garden of Allah Cream . . .39c
50c Gordon's Freckle Cream . .39c
25c Plexor Cold Cream 19c
25c Pond's Cold Cream ..... .21c
25c Pond's Vanishing Cream ...21c
25c Luxor Vanishing Cream . .21c
50c Creme Tokalon 35c
25c Jap Rose Cold Cream ... .17c
Dental Preparations
30c Kolynis Dental Cream 27c ,
50c Prophylactic Toothbrushes 39c
. 50c Pebeco Tooth Paste ..... .39c
50c Pepsodent tooth paste 39c
50c Listerine Tooth .faste ... .39c
50c Chlorox Tooth Paste 39c
25c S. S. White Paste 19c
35c Forhan's Tooth Paste 27c
25c Euthymbl Tooth Paste 19c
25c Nichols Tooth Paste . . . ; . .17c
30c Sanitol Tooth Powder 21c
25c Dr. Grave's Tooth Powder . 19c
50c Platrifice Paste ......... .34c
25c Calox Tooth Powder 19c
Talcums ,
30c Djer Kiss Talcum Powder .24c
30c Mennen's Talcum for men .21c
30c Mennen's Flesh Tint
. 4 . . .21c
25c Chantilly Talcum 19c
25c Mavis Talcum 19c
25c Butterfly Talcum 19c
25c Vantines Baby Talcum .... 19c
25c L'Ame Talcum 19c ;
25c Joya Talcum 19c
25c Flowers of Paradise . . 19c
20c Babctfck's Corylopsis 16c
25c Squibb's Talcums 19c
25c Johnson & Johnson 19c
$2.50 Combination Water
Bottles and Syringes $1.69
$2.00 Hot Water Bottles . . . .$129
$1.75 Fountain Syringes . . . .$1.19
. Toilet Soaps, 4 for 30c
i Palmolive, Creme Oil, Jap Rose
and Olivilo. Limit 8 to a customer,
equally assorted, 4 cakes for 30c.
Announcement ; i
I have put a truck in service to handle -
; - ' Yours for Service . "
, . J.L. BRED AR, Prop, 1 "
Phone R. 1. 2917 Phone R. 1. 2917
... HERE'S
A Water Heater tor your cold
Bath Room.
No Water Connections. Noth
ing to Fraesa.
Will Heat a Bath for 1 Cents.
- Installed for only
h. Bosedielj
PlaaUnf aad Eaattaf
Prompt Berries
, . Ezpart Work.
. Jobbing
BU Faartk Av a. City ' -Pkoae
1. 1. Stt

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