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,tvW,,,--,f'' Jt '" VaVj ' ssaii
f v..
..v-J yt-irJU;,:
urf ane- . - -.
. erhspa v " trJi 1Ca
Mttr ta i-r an tm.
llN Ml 'iL ' X iflM btC
namt k tMh-i oa the era at
..II.. '
"WW . 'fWl'W
' Cox has attracted ao little st
ation. Is that
t flatly agaloat say
I the dry laws.
It has occulted to
that Brother at cAdoa dkU't eet
it a campatga mm forth Deaao-
bUc candidata without making it
ry clear that aa himself waa sat
I ha mlaaBdaratood aa furorlng a
candidate. - Tat "mat ander
iaaa sack atiaJetforwaxdaeee of
UaatasL ' ? '' w.i
aaek aaat It wlU be noted mon
m that IfeAdoo'a trteade ara aot
ntribatlng vary much moaey to
a Cos campaign faad 'and the
esoa for their reluctance ta aatd
i ba thair uncertainty about hla at
nda os prohibition. . ,-
' 5 ETadaabaat.
,Ot course it wss the wet atatea
at nominated Cot'. Meeera. Bren
M, of Illinois; hfurphy, of New
pray aad Nugent, of Naw Jersey,
ought the Ohio governor wcnW
feep thoee big atatea by hia wet
lee But the Democratic preat-
.jv -thas. JC-ra-t
-at t-J t C e3taU
Tvu ' ' -- v3tto
-tv r - -
l G4Wy
jax 'wPV- .ta
li f 7 f v x:-t- laaaaa. ..th
Cataa 'of l-4ta catting . aa
avu.f rt:t" tt -at thoatht
wwUtatho aaaa. Thla was pertly
da t tta akCai adaorial defeaaea
auaaaar th Vaatlaad Oregonlaa,
which haa bean a ataaach adraeata
at the Uaafaa of Nattona fram Yba
aegtaatac, bat. which baa aaatad
ta aoawy a aaat avpreaaaaarliat
Mr. Taft aad Mr. Wicherahaa ftaye
gtraa oat. Namely that aa boo aa
Senator Harding U aafely elected
aad there ta no chaaee far Hlraja
Johhaoa or anys other aatt-leacne
facto to rock the Ratablfaaa heat
ta btd-atrauD, . tha ,,. Republican
noaslnea will enter America in the
leagao with proper reaerrationa.
The taeetioa la ao techaical and the
principle are ao aablgaoaaly sta
ted by the partiiana of both caa
dldatea thai Oregon Totera arent
afraid that Harding will fail to do
th right thing on fvaatga policy
whatever it la. v ' .
. WOaoaJsm Baal baae. -
The real iaaue here, ao.far aa
there la any issue, U. wttlaoniam.
Raaeataieat against the Vflaon .ad
minlBtration runa high.. U ta per
haps better to aay it in resentment
agaitut the Wilson cabinet and. U
jj-ra M iLrsa
"Wiien the stomach
i isrOff. ''somotimes a t i
rfood way.tofiiwdthe y
. &oible is, to qnt of
fee and use yj
! Ten days' trial proves
andtheres a lot of sat
isfaction in knowing.
Why not order a tin of
- Instant Fbstum
from the grocer F
. nexL ume-ana
watch yourself
and your own
: feelings?
"Theresa Reason
Tta&oa CamI Co.kK,Btt) CreeUnca.
'hi iiUCwICeW 1
fM talMW, . J
End Specials
Barter's K & K Store
1823 Ninth St
Golden Rod Coffee,
Urge Pet Milk ... .
Campbell's Soup . .
Early June Peas, R.
Whole Rice, .
Lux ........ .aw..
Gold Dust ....:..
Flake White Soap . .
Navy Beans
Macaroni .......
Pillsbury Flour
Rock Island, 111.
.. .2 for 25c
...2 for 25c
.....i. 2for2Sc
2 lbs, for 35c
2 for 25c
....... .... . . .5 for 25c'
......... .5 bars for 40c
.3 lbs. for 25c
3pkgs. for 25c
24z lb. sack $1.98
16c lb.
aoac te t .
of tha enure rick aorth
Millee Oanmm Cat
Tka rararaor made Ca ClAda
hare. aole jay of atavJhat ha la
a rati t--l aad a afawaa caav
Car Wt a2l aaa )K3 ia ym
T pmX coaaMer aftr Oaz or
EarCnj traCJothU ama. The
trath of th aatfter af Kepahtteaaa
aaal DamOiratt araat aatlafM that
attaar partr aoailuatad that, beat
awa at Caloaao ar Ban Frandaoo.
Bat the Orecea Tote ought aot ha
mlaconatraed. It will aot be a rt
aadhUhia of th Laaaaa of Nations.
Kreryhody aeefaa ta be for that
wtth nroaer reaartatloaa. - Bat tt
wilt he a repudiation' of tha Demo
cratic oarti a record or tne uai
two years aa ezeaMlined by the
WUsoa oabinai.
a2ere m3a Wa Was Iajarai la
AmOmt Cay SaAhta la It-
teal BafawaA FawaraL
Funeral aerricea over tha body of
JaaaaahtcCaw of Bayolda. who waa
hCM wIm fha srtatiaa
arMawaa atrack va a
traiau K aailaa aat of Dea
town. wUl be held at J o'cloak
Saaday aftataaom at th htethodiat
ehnrch ta Raaraotda. with Raw. Sheav
aara ia caara. aww wui w w
Preamation cemetery.
htra. MeCaw. who, waa fajaras.
aat aotaa aerioaaty aa flrat thought
ia ta a hoanttal at Daa Mbteaa. It
fie taowaht that ahe will ho. able to
a afoagai aana so jwyaoiaa. to
morrow to be at the aenleea orar
tha body ot her husband, lira. Carr.
who waa ataa ta tha Maeatee aad
w batata to hara aan oa
a whom tha caanla netted ta
na IIoIdm. waa alao hart.
Mr. MoCaw U aarrrfed . by thai
widowruiw brothers, Haary. Hash
and Andrew, aad one aiater. htra.
James B. HcCoaaau. all or Key
aolda. . .' '
Ttwtm r it
For Ti eaata yoa eta take your
beat girl alee yoar neighbor's, on
the eaoonllght ezcarstoa oaV the
ataamer Q. W. Hill, Friday, Sept.
17, aa tha fare la only a eaata. . -.
rlinllhKillU.rf'ewTt Uka Trawtaf at aweVIIII"pi:liStTfr
' - -BARS.
Claad Bollaad ' of CUdnnati, s
Ohio, came here laat week to haTe s
Dr. GoCee treat hiaeara. He ia go-
lng to locate here this winter at s
the doctor thinks that tt will, take
several month ato reatore hla hear- E
ina4nit beUevea it can be done aa
tha flrat treatment opened up hia s
ears and mads him hear better. E
Dr. Coffee la in hia DaTeaport of-1 E
flees in the First National Bank E
Bldg. erery Saturday, Monday and
Tuesday. ' 'i ;" E
. . . ! .I.-. i E
Kight school at Brown's Business S
college opens next Monday, Sept s
z. jspron now. utnee open eve.;
atnga this week.
Advanced freight ratea
,i ,, ,.
and furniture; prices-
-y..l . i,W- IfclO'
s -
I II l I II II III II ! wrn .
Pr. Coon or, fannwlf ot Johns Hopkini
Hospil!. who Wt Vicotol ia his practice.
Hv: Tha Unihl emnar lor tobacco
in. viy form o?j be ouicklv oevveooie by
the aiwtle UM ol Kiootol. It is aat a nib.
titute. i shMiliiteijr hvnlaM in every
war aaii ooBlaina ao habit forming drups.
The tobacco uier dam not quit the habit,
but the habit anite hiai.tiK deain for
tobacco vaoishea aad the victim ta rs.
teaaad tram the alaverr ol Bieotiaa with
out effort or ieeonvenienee oo M part.
Bm4 Pr. Ooaaer'e full s.tatetaenP'eeod to
appear ia tbla paper. -
MOmw.Mital tahleta are eoM ia thi
city under aa iraa-elad nuiney Uca ruar
aotee by ail up-to-date dnufinta, isclud
inr John Bengston.
Doctor Tells Cow to
Strecalhea Eyesight
B the
nee o I
Ban. Opto.
sts Dr.
Lewi a.
nave aeaa
ti me i n
many inataaeaa.
f Lookino; six months ahe&d, it is going to cost the
manufacture of furniture 35 per cent more to get
liisjaw materials because)f the advance in freight
rates. Likewise, on top of that, it will cost its 35
per cent more to get the finished product from him.
The traveling salesman from the factory will
have t& pay 20 per cent more to, visit the' trade.
That will be tacked on to the price of furniture byl
the manufacturer. " ; v " ,
Tnis would indicate that furniture on our floor
today is cheaper than1 that wiU'be which will re
place it in six months, or less, from now.1
We still advise you to ifiake your sslections bow. Play safe.
We will deliver when you are ready for your goods, and will charge
you no storage or interest. ( ... v ' - -
. Many who will need furniture this Fall, and particularly those
who know us, will do this. It is your profit- or your loss.
Vicfcfbla Outfit
; . Only
Come to our store
tomorrow and select
one of these wonder
fully toned Victrola
XPS with. twenty se
lections of : music of
your choice (ten 85c
records)""and may pay
for it on our conveni
ent .monthly plan. Ira
ni e di a-ttrd e 1 i v c r y
guaranteed. Have
rmfsicvin your home
now. r .
This atata that sent
" Keeerda gfres yea
oaly Tletralaa sal
better serriee
Betwcea Third and Foarta aire.
Phone R.1. 3360 1 Rock Island, IlL
I Dandruff Surely
Destroys The Hait
Olrla If yoa ' want plenty of
thick, heantlfal, Kloasy. allay hair,
da hy all meana get rid of daadrnlf.
far H wUl lUrra your hair aad rain
It It yoa doaX k '
It doeant do mnch good to try to
brnah or wash It oat The only
sare war to get rid of dandruff is
to dlaaolTO It, then yon destroy it
entirely. To do this, gat about fonr
oanoaa ot ordinary' liquid arron;
apply it at Bight whaa retiring;-nse
enough to noiltea tha acalp and
rah It la gently with thd linger
By mortring, asost If not all, of
your dandraff will be gone, aad
three or four mora? applications
wUl eocopletaly dlSawlva aad en
tirely destroy every aingle sign and
trace ot it
Ton will flod. too, Aat all Itching
aad digging of tha acalp will atop,
aad yoar hair will look aad feel a'
hand red times hatter. Toa can get
lipoid arroa at any drag store. - It
la lnezpeBarra,aaa fear oaaoaa la
a? 70a wfll aaat, wo aaattar how
Bsach daadrnlf yoa hare. Thla ainV j
xla remedy aerer Cailar(adT.) : ,
A3 the News All the Tune
CR. 17. 0. COFFEE
In Davenport Offices
Erary Satarday, Meaaay aad
aurtat, la In hia DaTaapott ofueaa
oManiay, aionaay ana Tneoday of
each week in the first National
bank bulldingr- mono DaTeaport
7314. Hoara from a. m. to 3:S0
p. m. Practice limited to the4reat-
mant of all eye dleaaaea. falliaa
sight, deafness. Impaired hearing,
head aoiaea. ulcers of tha eara, ca
tarrh et the nose - haaa. Ihmt anrf
sinuses. He treats catarrif aa a
coastltutional condition as well as
a local dlaeaae. He treeta enlarged
toaalla.vtthotti a sorrical orteraiinn
aad aaya many caaea of partial
blindness cm be restored without
aa operation by hla apecial non
surgical method: He Straightens
erosa-eyee by hia apodal method.
usually at ana visit Ha mau
adenoids,' polypus tumors of the
noes without chloroform and pa
tients return home without danger.
He haa treated eye, ear, noae and
throat dlaeases far 3ft nm n.
Cotea ia in his Peoria offlcea at 309
soata JeBeraon street all the rest
ot tha ttme he U not sn Daenport
Batter aea him about yoar ease be
fore aataaittlag to aa ooaratloa.
Hla axparieaeo la treattag thea
aaada of caaea makea tt possible for
hiaa itimtmm raliaf aiaan ttmaa k
1 s
2204 WitThirSL
Davenport, Iowa,
aw 'ifif '"fit. ae
hrought ta inflamed, aching, itching,
burning, work trained, watery eyes,
ftaad the doetar'a full statement soon
to appear in this paper, Bon-Optoi 1 - 3
sold and recommended eveywhere by; s .. s
Ihweitiata. . i ; - i ; " ' -' 5
Mta amae.Ua ast Caaj Mwraiaey. ' , ..,.,.,....,........ ,v..m lib. Tw .4 c ' , ' ... E
N tTlw !Y!K Teuiatc loudly .acclafa ietr
- - aa, tL a T 1 a t it a. .1 . . 1 " a
e?eaaty totjrrttMef th
FeSfwVssa&fs Womm
Witt Admin Them
r .
Revealing New York'$
Newest Creation In
New Fall Suits Charming Dresses
leaad ht Ua
asr at kh M
itiail WeWaja at
v l t
hUaeb Vef iiailiil laaaw. aWeabaai
heat aria, awaa ill 1 1. iWna ia, trk
kaW" SrfMOaa..iekar aaS aawa, kaael
aaas- aaa I nil i Siapaa, alaaa, aad
Oar taackai af fcahieae whiaa) aaal
Odicr Umisual Values In New Coats,
Innuned Hits, Skirts, and Furs!
AtHntim! Men, Have
Ya,m Stem Thee
aw aam mm Uaia.aa
aweaeaaawwe eer.
afsat Oaa rlat j-- s
"iV-TT- - iaaae,aU.warM
aaaaS.a,ai.i, I
t6ti6ts SEConD AVE.:;,
ar 1 m 1 1 ki 11 ; v.
Cherries, peacHes, apri
cots, plums the list includes
most every wanted fruit
I Canned in thick sugar syr
up just as you would have
them canned at home were it
not such a bother.
r Ready to serve no trou
ble, no bother easy to pick
put at your dealer's look for
p John F. Kelly ?Co,
-- - . ,
Let One Little Word!
of Five Letters
Help You!
r ) r.-. Tjie difference between
- complete satisfaction and
possible disappointment
" when iiuving can $e your for- ,
getting to. say plainly: "I
wantKOHRS." -
Frankfurtew- c . Bologna
Minced Ham Saratoga Ham
Meat Loaf Jellied Loaf
. Hara - or , Bacon
f When ordering any meat
, products? for flavor's sake say
'-U.PackincCo.O' !
'Test the Taete"
otaera would taiL
are aot;

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