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" v: , 3 -
. r -i
.i 0 . I
I I . I
nhMk Ihrfclel Om
goat 11-17. .
.. ..
1 ' i - . . - 1
rr namnet Van Pelt, pastor of
' TiVit Methodist church of this
Mi Bs. J- T. Jones, MTlBr
- lint of the Rock Inland district
t ee sxeong the speakers at the
nir'" of the Central Illinois
jMtca oT th Metludlat Splf
: cbarch to be held at Dwlght,
Sept. 21-27, Of the four oon-
mcs In the state, the central
atertoce tf com pot ed of Rock U
I OelMburg, Peoria and Kanka
u districts. " ' .
VsnPelt will talk on "A Mes
mi from the Dean" at the pio
M0 at tbe undergradates dinner
S o'clock on Thureday afternoon,
fjet 23. Tbe meetinga will be beltl
Tt Flnt Methodist Episcopal
Iar of Dwit bt Rev. Jonee will
kre tbe Joint report of the district
jutrUitender.ts at tbe morning
aretrsffl, Wednesday, Sept. 22. -"
Xanr Attend. .
saatnra nf Methodlat churches in
' .
'" I
Tkosaas H. Hiv.u -
Washington, D. C. Sept 17.
Thomas H. HacDonald Is the
chief of the bureau of nnbtic roads
lark Island. Moline. and Milan are In the denartment of urirnltnre at
y bwiing on attending the confer-j washing on. This tsi one of Uncle
nee. i wo uuuu. "'-Bam i oiggeet jods. inromng tne
tig pastoral charges in this confer-! construction of new road .and the
a and about forty retired miniST ' rehuildin of M mim im h
iri are expected to be present,' federal aid" law, which pro-ides for j
kjt. n reii. w.. ; tne equal cooperation of federal
and state governments.
ft Stocking of the Spencer Mem
orial church, nd Ue. M. O. Weis-
aberger of Milan win auena. Her. - NOON LIGHT
Wenenoerger nas neen assignea lo q,, tbe Steame q,
tr;.fJ?lMi.-'-!S:W 17. Only 25c
fotsd to retain Rev. Van, Pelt, but
foal decision rests with the con
ference. .
Each morning at 8; 50. Rev.
Thomas Nicholson of Chicago will
etllver an address. Baseness sea
: sleni will be held in the. forenoons
' ui public meetings and commit
tes meetings in the. afternoons. Sun
ssV ichool institute will be held at
(o'clock each day. The conference
111 clone with 'the reading of 200
appointments tor the coming year.
Only 25c. Friday, Sept. 17, on
steamer G. W. Hill. Leaves Daven
port 8:15; Rock IslanJ. 8:30 m.
fcialto Jazx Orchestra. '
'. Hill. Friday.
; Make your evening - profitable.
Attend night school at Brown's
Business college. . . Classes start
sett Monday. GJce open evenings
this week for enrollments.
.... -i. Jk.atsV: Ak.V .
On all carpets and
. ruga sent to
. Kerler Rug Co.
And also the cheapest
place in the trinities
Furniture and
. -ft
We Boy Anything of Value
tilt 4th Avenue, Rock Island
Phone R. L
Vest End Storage Co.
(Not Incorporated ) " r
S. P. RALST05. Mgr.
429 Second Street;
Rock Island
Pbete R. L 194
After yon eat always us
? tt two tablets-t like eaadv.
r!J Peeling-. Stops mdlreatkn.
--wrnig.repeeang. neaoi
Addtomach :
ynl aodi and gaeea right out
: !L Teaaof thoassdwonerf5ry
7ted. Goaraateed to satisfy or
77 refolded bf your owa ttrjp
,Utta Vleaeattria
.Will Be In r
At the Harper House
Sunday, September 19th!
Uoont 10 a, m. to 8 P. is.
and .. . ..
Monday, September 20th
Uoont 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. :
Chronic Diseases of 'Men, (Women I
aid taildren are saceeslnlly
Treated as follows (No
money required): .
Stomach, Liver, Kidney, Eye, Ear,
Nose and Throat, Catarrh, Leg VI
cers. Abdominal Diseases, Varicose
Veins,' Deafness, Hard Hearing,
Rheumatism, . Neuritis, Neuralgia,
Skin Diseases, Ailments peculiar to
women. Ailments peculiar to
Men, Children's Diseases. We do;
not treat acute diseases.
kidney or Bladder Troable: Bring
a small bottle of urine along for
chemical analysts. -
lour Eyes: If your eyes are fall
ing,.same will be tested in a thor
oushly efficient manner and advice
'given accordingly. Glasses are
properly fitted where necessary. -!
Avoid ' Unnecessary Operations
Most' operations can be avoided.
Beware of the knife that is used
promiscuously without thought, of
the dangers, the miseries, tne nam
' ships that entail. Most of the cases
of tonsils, would-be adenoids, ui
cers. appedicitis, and other chronic
ailments will yield to honest, judic
ious and Intelligent medical treat
. ment under competent hands.
'.j . in. naiejrs nciervncesi uj nine
medicine: (21 Ten years In asocial
; practice of chronic diseases; (3) Li-1
sensed (by examination; to practice
medicine and surgery in the state of
Illinois, by the state board of
health;, (4) Twenty years' residence
in Illinois; (a) Ten years' penna
nent location, city of Feoria; (6)
rtonuer president, city board of
heaitn, - uemaere, ui. ; v 1 1 v is-1
(lted surrounding towns for tbe last j
(ten years; (S) Local and county!
bank reference cheerfully given to
anyone. . 4 : ' -
Remesibert You axe given a
' thorouxh examination FREE OP
iHAltbE. No matter if you have
' been treated before and failed to
'get well it might be of vane to
, you to see as get an honest opin
ion of the case before giving up all
hope. i .
j itRHS: No overcharge is made,
' nor do we do our work gratia How
lever, the EXAMINATION, CON.
too poor to receive treatment
Ueattni No word is more ncniy
spoken nothing la the world so
dear to us all. No money can boy
It is shared alike by rich and poor.
In all these worldly treaaurea,
nothing is so rich as health. Get on
the right road to recovery let
misery alone.
Dual Delay delays are danger
ous and may rob us of all that Is
near and dear to vs. An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of
core. Smile and the world smQes
with yoo gloom and yon gloom it
alone. Diamonds, and. gold may
glitter, but health shines above all.
Write r call
III 1 - ,V. k3? bif ' III
new ill 1 Vif, VZ$i2&FgS I
sa. M m i- a m m m m aes a ennmmmBnmaBSBl SB-sssa
I ..VI m&&A: ) w
- " .1 & m I -
fmm- v ' sf f mm mv ? , a av
I ' Cpyrght IMS to fcsad PN
- r
TOrf Well Dressed Men Ml :
TTTT F . rr7i7 TT1 1717
111 11 IT.ILIbT l AY fLILnS Jl U fLC fL,
D. E. E. HALEY, Md.,
' Specialist
CeUaMjilittuU Xta, WasieB and
HE STYLES for Fall and
. Winter are simple, but all
the more attractive on that
account. , s -
vvvv.-. !.; .: -' ;- '''-
I They depend for their beauty
on the grace of line and drape,
the turn of a lapel, the set of a
shoulder. : . V
Two and three button single
breasted suits will be favorites;
many double breasted models will
be worn also. You'll find no frills.
The coat openings are lower;
the coats are a trifle longer and
less body tracing; the waist line is
set a little lower; shorter vents.
Simplicity is the idea; that
takes real designing art; to make
clothes that stand out from the
others that are apparently the same
and yet so different.
Hart Schaffner iS? Marx know,
how to design; we have the clothes;
we'll be glad to show them; the
prices are right, $50 and up.
the Hart Schaffner & Marx "Prep Suit'' and
Varsity Styles for Young Men $35 and up
Men's All Leather
$4.95 - $6.95 and
Eh W
Edwin Clapp Shoes
$15, $16.50 and $18
A Guaranteed Saving of $2,50
v to $5 on Every Pair

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