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.a U J
.'la ' narwHwiTtjitff wto ia
w'ensmber m taVgoal wlU to
1 ised stela tba anttre ma oT
f 4laiaaa at a naatlna- laat
s at the maim
sster MMdfiiiML a Hack. Iflaall
.in 1 .JSII U fN HM
1 1 bring 8art OahaajL ft fwaslaj
ygcf. rrom Milwaukee to ouaai
am. guwiMumwiM
atetlaa ft fvttiac aero big
ia the we of BMftMr drivaaj
rta at W. A. and it la aredistad
tat k will anient wmitM en-!
tin la Beck Island county. Ha
.111 arrive aDut the fint of next
p aasoetatloa will organisation the
'a or attack aad b may ft?
teg atart Oet 1.
. flan Waafc, V '
An extensive publicity policy will
a adhered to ia carrying out the
irlve. Plana call (or one week to
designated aa eednian Week."
Wwf wMeh the merchants will
fe eaked to donate window display
to srmaoilc ramaenutwaa
woodareft. ak M ' camping
with woodmen at work.
A Ma feature of the campaign
will be a monster parade on Oct
H fallowed by a pro tram of apeak-
and entertainment number at
fie IUInoia theatre. Member of
fee eiaoatfve eouaelt of the 1L W.
i. will ba Invited to be present and
fk part la the epsaUng.
E fmea aaMlaaiaTBl Will MHAIIIrlA aanrn
blf elaaa eaaaUea oa Nov. 4. at
f bleb a baaqaat will be spread.
rase arliaf gonads Veto of
Waning Against Hyphen
blartoa. Ohio. Sept IS Warning
3Iast the dangers of a hyphen
id cltlaenahlp, aSanator Harding
told a gathering of Americanborn
fttiaaaa here today that the United
Itatea must avoid "meddling" In
la the affaire la the other nations,
H these classes of Americans are
to be united in loyalty to the gov
7t .
4Th Republican nominee declar
A that be did net blame the tor-
agBhera for eeaaiotlng aympa
slea during tba World war and
asserted that the fault belonged to
tie nation Itself. The task of thor.
yoagbly Americanising tbosa of for.
aagleetad and must now be taken
m with aew 0 termination.
" want America on guard
akaiast that eourse which natr
ally unda to array American
ftalnit each other. I da not know
whether or not Washington fors
saav ihis menace when be waned
against entangling alliances and
meddling abroad; but I se it, and
I ear to you that all America must
suae nrm agaiast this dangerous
nd destructive un-American pol
ley. Meddling' la net only denser1
one to us, because it leads us into
ua entanglements against which
Waaalagtoa warned us, but it also
threatens aa America divided la
her own honeehold.
"For Americana, who lore Amer
loa, I sound warning, it is not
beyond possibility that the day
might come and may God fprbid
tt-x-when n organised hyphenated
vote ia American politic may have
the balance of voting power to
elect our goTarnment Jf this ware
trae, America wpuW be delivered
out of the hands of her citisensblp
aad bar control might b transfer
red to a foreign capital abroad.
"Let ae all remember, however,
that 'America first' doee not mean
that thesAmerioa which we all love
and aader whose lag wa must al
ways remain a people united, is to
aa an America blind to tba welfare
of humanity throughout -the world.
But oar ability to be helpful to
mankind and our preparation for
leadership lies in first being secure
homy add. mighty g our Cltleeg-
MiP. N. X
. XMTD 07 WAIl CrAfl,
Hvrr W. Unge. aged 11 years,
Who died last Monday -afternoon at
, a government hospital. Port Bay.
ard, N. M.. from the effscte at be
tag gassed (a Pranee la 1111. will
be barled tomorrow aruraooa.
Ttoerl aervieef wUI be bald at
tba Waitf Ipiaeopal ehnreh at I
e ejotg auaaay anernoon with Rav.
W. fc. Essex la charge. Intertaeot
wui oe maae in wnippiaaaock cem
etery, Mr. Uage, before entering the
aervlce oa Sept W, WI7, realdad
at mi Seventeenth treat Hevwas
enlisted in the ambulance cdlrpa.
wa nner a year's serviee to
.mace, returned to this eoaatry
, n atarci at 1111. ua bad been ill
ftact and bad been at Fort Bayard
far aUmoataa.
woKXJPwa a jiiCTr
.Taa? spare time thla wiitar to
acltoal will aJays be af grW bane,
ttatawa. OQce epea evealgaa this
' - - ' : ' i y " .
orr worn
lako ersfaras Acid PagexJute
to fssti the aema. A daUelea
W ( O
This Is the last picture made of
Tb6mas, famous movie star, who died
Parts hPSPltal, taken belore they sailed from America. Miss Tnetnaa
first won renown as one of iegfe)d's beauties.
State to Face Men Preblsms A
Seaalt of Foreign
Chicago, Sept 18. Immigrant
trains are once more arriving in
Chicago bringing foreign passen
gers whose number is H&st ap
proaching the pre-wr level. Miss
Orace Abbott, executive secretary
of the Immigrants' Commission of
Illinois, said here recently.
"Th state is sure to have new
problems and new aspects of the
old problems to deal with as a re
sult of the present influx," Miss
Abbott' said. "The people who are
now arriving come from suffering
and devastated regions of Europe
and Will 90 doubt bear the impress
of what they have endured during
the past six years."
The Illinois commission expects
to achieve results by study of h
changing conditions, by keeping n
touch with immigrant: groups, and
by making accessible to them Of
ficial and private agencies which
can be Pf assistance during their
period of readjustment, Miss Ap-
"Wt axpiiunea.
At present social study of coal
mining towns is oeing made and
the educational heeds ' and oppor
tunities offered the Immigrant who
Is above the age of compulsory
scnooi attendance are being investi
gated. :
"Somewhat of the scope of the
work before thl commission can be
seen," said Miss Abbott "when it
4s explained that in 1910 there were
40260 foreign born residents in
Illinois, and that from ltlo to 1S1T
there were OT.tM immigrants who
gave Illinois aa their destination."
Of the approximately half million
Immigrants who came to Illinois
during the last feeade only, about
9 Per cent were, English speaking,
IT Per cent were Polish, 15 6 per
veni itaiian, a per cent Heprew, 7
per eeat 8ava from the Balkan
States, 4.1 per cent Lithuanians and
Letta. 4.1 per cent Greeknud 3.1 per
cent Russian."
p0Pinn holders'
General No. 634.
Notice is hereby given to all per
aonanjlnterestedNhat the board of
local Improvements of the city of
Rock Island, III, has died in the
county court of Rock Island county
a certificate of the cost of Ihe im
provement entitled in said court
"In re petition of tba city of Soak
Island, Hi., to eases the coat of
th paving with aspbajuo concrete
of Thirty-first street from Four
teenth to Eighteenth avenue, and
aald certificate also shows the
court costs, the amount of aecraeJ
tnterast and the total amount of
saw aweaemeat. and said certifi
cate also states that the said im
proveajept conforms aubstanUally
. ErrcM Ct Tnsxfm
lltlttSt PbeaeR.L477
MlilaHia. ,
Jack Pickford and his wife, Olive
from mercurial poisoning in a
to the reqnirements of the original
ordinance for the construction of
the same as required by law. and
that final hearing on said certificate
will be had on the fourth day -of
October, A- D- 129, at the hour of
9 o'clock a. m., or as soon there
after as the business ot the court
will permit All persons desiring
may file objections in said court
before said day and pay appear on
the hearing and make their defense.
Dated at Rock Island, 111., this
llth day of September, A. D. 1920.
Beard of Leoal Improvements qU
me city or nock Island, 111.
Tom Smfley, proprietor pf a meat
market at Third avenue and Four
teenth street, is In St Anthony's
hospital today as the result of i
juries received; la a light with 84
"Windy" Simmons at the letter's
second band store. 1311 Third ave
nue, i at 10 o'clock Friday nteht.
Simmons, eocording to the police,
administered a beating to Smiley,
and the latter is eaid to have re
ceived a badly sprained ankle in the
scrimmage In addition to the fistic
Little could be learned aa to the
cause of the affray other than the
two men .were said io have been
drinking. Smiley was also said to
have slapped his wife, which led
SImmone to ehastise him. It', was
claimed. Polka Chief Ton Cox
said that warrants probably will be
issued in the eaae.
waaniugiea, ssepi. is a pro-
neuucea erop in tne general level
ef wholesale priees during Auauat
Was reported today by the depart
. a i i. -
jnooastuffs showed the greatest
price recessions, the decrease aver
aging more than 13 per cent Farm
products declined nearly fl per cent
and clothes and clothing a la ner
iceni. mei ana lignung materials
OonUnned their apwgrd tread, bow
ever, with an inuraase of more than
44 per eeat while metal and
bona famishing goods also shewed
an increase over July.
Call SPARK'S Taxi
R.I. 230
lata AT
Ard OWib AM Eaaaara.
gaaat To Be Held at ladjaav
. gftlii Xxt Weak. .
Abemi twenty members af the
John Bnford post. Ma 243. of the
Grand Army of the Republic and of
the Woman's Relief corps, will leave
tony rr ow evening fof Indlanayolia,
iBd., to attend tag patlo&hl aa
aamament of tba 0. A. It. to bo held
axt week. Tba deleajuioB will go
ay tne way Of cnieago wnere uey
will board a special train to the en-
The ooavenpoB wui opes Moaaay
and last throogh Thursday. o
olfieja! deiegation naa been named
either by tba poetic tba relief
corps, but members are voluntar
ily going to attend- As far aa can
be learned the follnwini will at
tend with the addition of several
other members s Mr. and Mrs. John
Bedford, Mr. ana Mrs. Andrew
Bled el, George Lee, F. H. Anthony,
Q. W. Larson, George Zeigler, Mrs.
Rase qoehran, jura, ussia ataman,
Mr. Bessie Parth,Rlchardson, Mrs.
Oeerrs - Saandere, Mre. Martha
Mason, Mrs. Bertha Bruhn, and Miss
Florence Bruhn." '
Mr. ant Mrs. Boy Pease. Mr. and
Mrs. James piungett, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Fasaaacht and daughter Lu
cile, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Laagford,
and Misses Ilo and Mearle Pitman
attended the circus in Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Will McAtee held a
reception at their heme east of
town en Wednesday evening in hon
or of their aon Robert and wife, who
were recently married at Cedar
Falls, Iowa, -x -
Dr. and Mrs. Lipton spent a few
days last week in Chicago.
Rev. and Mrs. F. I. Stevens went
to Pert Byron on Monday to visit
relatives. They returned Wednes
day evening accompanied by -Mrs.
Sterepa' father, Dr. Lytprd, who
will visit a few days.
vW. E. Briggs was a Davenport!
business caller Fridayr
Mrs. Bernice Terrey spent Labor
day with R. S- Terrey and family-
jgy Fisher spent Sunday with
friends In Coal Valley.
Miss Alice Morris and wife went
to Macomb on, Saturday, where the
latter Will attend school this year,
Oral Han-ison ef Keitbsburg
spent Saturday witb his sister, Mra.
& L. Greenwell.
Mrs. A. Winstem and children
wept to Rock Island Monday to at
tend the celebration ef the Jewish
New Veer. . v
Clarence Spicer end ' daughter
Genevieve . of Rock Island, spent
Sunday with Rjibe Spicer and fam
ily. ' .-
' C. J. Enatrom and family arrived
home last week from in auto trip
to aigerent paints in tne east
I Mrs. Roisbeek returned to her
erne in Peoria Tuesday after a
brief visit witb her sister, Mr.
Duncan Thompson.
B. D. Baxtefmade a business trip
to Chicago on Tuesday.'
Dr. Walter Moles and Sherman
Wathon were Galesburg callers
Ralph Breekenridge ef Chicago
visited last week with his mother
here. ' "
Lyall Christy and Flpyd John
ston who re attending school in
Galesburg spent the week end at
thetr homes here.
W. L. B. Jepkmsan was a Kew
Windsor visitor Tuesday.
Mr- a4 Mrs- John McWbirter re?
turned to their home in Molina
Tuesday after a visit with the lat
ter's sister, Mrs. Jessie Patterson
and family.
Mrs. Wyatt MHUkan and daughter
Lerena were Galesburg shoppers
Saturday. -
Jqe Elliott of Woodhull called op
frends here Sunday. '
A large number from this vicinity
attended the North Henderson fair
on Saturday,
Mrs. Roy Baxter and two chll
flren of Prairie Du hien, Wis., r
rived Monday for a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. John Baxter,
William Batoman and family left
last week for their home at Zanea
ville, Ohio, after a visit wjtfc Mr.
and Mrsvjohn Pinkerton.
Mrs. C, L. Breekenridge ot RM-
wood Fang, Minn,, arrived last week
naNuaiy-a Daw aroaa.
w-r. V . ' 1 ""
3i U SYiK35iSS
I1 i. it uu i i an a t i mm, nu mmfm.,m mi iaaa
Broadway Presbyferian Church
. .. Huuuttjr OVUQUi
A COfUl wftlcoro, U extended to tkofte net iwfnlwly worahipbj ebewhere
tx vtJtWitb bar moCar, ara.' B.
M, BiKdrtdga. ) . . x
lira. Lena Bissau aad daughter
LCiaai retnrnad bona Friday from
twsi psamthif .vtstt twu reianvea
and Maada to Ooiorado aaa iua
M Cttf, Ubv Tbey alat visited the
Phillipa familiaa at Baton. N. M,
Miss Laara Hopkins, spent the
weak aid at hT born bere. ,
Mrs. O. J-Wlan of Ckampalg
vwlted laat fAaf with bar aistar,
Era. Laaa Lawlaaa and so.
h Praad Mra. OC Upton spent
9Tiday to QaJetfturg.
Mia Bertha Saatoa return ed
Moaday pvaainf from ft visit with
friends ia Molina.
A. Wipstein spent a few day last
week buying goods in Chicago.
Mia Edna Allen returned to bar
homo ja Des Moines, Iowa, last
week., after viiiOngV three week
with friend. -
Mr. and Mra. Tbnrman Warder
and, baby left Tuesday for a visit
witb relatives at Ottumwa, Iowa.
8. K. Qreene of fttorliag. 111.,
spent several days last weak Witb
friend here. -
Mis Gertrude Kennedy and
Walter Russell went to Monmoath
Tuesday where tbey will attend col
lege this year.
Miss Ho Pitman departed Satur
day for Bloominston. III., where
she will attend Normal university.
Mr, A, Elliott aad Mrs, Sarah
Bailey spent a tew days last week
with relative In New Windsor.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Frakes of
A. ft Frslrps And family.
Monmouth spent the week end with
Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Sevenringen
and baby, and William Langferd
and daughter, Miss Kate, motored
to Peoria Sunday and spent the
day with Eddie Langtord. who is in
the hospital.
Mrs. Frank Morris, Mr. Tim
Plunkett and Mrs, v, A, McClaaa-
ban returned Saturday evening
from a efevedal days' visit with
friends ,apd relatives in Rock Is
land. Mrs. Susan Brown arrived borne
last week from months visit with
her son, Francis and family at
Osceola, Iowa. Her grand daugh
ter Miss Mary Brown, accompanied
her heme to visit relatives hare.
Miss Theressa Peters went to
Propbetstown last week to visit her
niece, Mrs. Park Thede and family.
pr. and Mrs. W. Miles were Dav
enport shoppers Friday.
Sisters af Visitation Facing Serious
Problems Arising from Larg.
est Attendance, ,
The accommodations of the Villa
do Chantal, which have been taxed
beyond their capacity for students
the past three years, are crowded
to an extent this year, with the
largest attendance in the history
of the institution, that the Sisters
of.ithe Visitation are face to face
Willi Bvriuua nrufi?u4. jvcty
available part of sgacg in the pres
ent building has been converted in
to dormitory purposes, and yet
there ia hardly sufficient room.
This condition bring the build
ing project, a campaign for which
waa started last spring, up for im
mediate and imperative attention,
and af renewal of the drive fof
funds to build the essential addi
tions then inaugurated, must be re
sumed without delay, if this beauti
ful school for girls is to continue
to grow.
The Sister were much pleased
with the generous response that at
tended the campaign of last spring, !
so far aa it progressed and tney
have reason to feel that a renewal
of their efforts will be attended by
results which will measure up to
their fondest expectations. The
sum rhiob must be realized In or
der to complete the contemplated
improvements, ia 9900,009.
J5ir Knights: You are requested-to ap
pear at the Masonic temple, Monday, Sept.
20, at 9;Q0 a, m.f to act as escort at the fun-
era of Sir Knight John A, Gustafson.
Attest; James L, Hickey, Fec. 1 v
at. xu;ov A. m.
Plan Fnaeral ef WeO-inewn Baek
Iala4 OCjer aa4 La3t Bk
Wbe Wed Taftoraay.
Funeral aarvicas of John A. Oua-
tafaon, wall knowa , Rock Island
clothier sftl lodge man, who tied.
yesterday afternoon at his home.
113 Twentieth street, will ba bald
at 10 o'clock Monday morning
at. tba home, with ftev. Lanpoelot
naoaway omctaung at m" sr-
vtoa. IntermeaT will be in CbJP'
plannaek cemetery. ' v
Mr. Gustafson had been 111 three
week with typhoid fever and for
the last week his condition b4
been serious. ' His condition
eritiaa) tor the last II boar,
Mr, Gastafaen was born to ftwi
den on Jan. 5, 1864, and came
thia country and Cable III. when
18 yearp ef age. He was employed
at the Cable store, a merchandising
business, where ba received bis
first business experience.- He
cams toTtock Island later and was
aasociated for 12 year witb the
London Clothing company. In 1902
Mr. Gustafson and B- I. Hayea op
ened the Gustafson & Hayes store
on Second avenue. After 14 years
Lot business together, Mr. Gustaf
son sold out to Mr. Hayes and in
1917 opened his present place of
business at l&l Second avenue,
V Married ia 1890..
Mr. Gustafson was married to
Miss Ida Schmidt of Muscatine on
Nov. 2, 1890. "Mrs. Gustafson. died
in 1903, and Mr. Gustafson was
united in marriage to his wife's sis
ter, Martha Schmidt, at Morris, Mi
lan. 5, 1910. She survive with
three children of the first wife,
Mrs. Ray Myers, Davenport and
John A., Jr.. and Helen, at home;
three sisters. Mrs, Chris Borgrtfn,
Rock Island; Mrs, Emma Johnson,
Rock Island, and Mrs. Fred Nel
son, Moline, and a brother. Gust
Gustafson, Chicago.
He wa one of the oldest mm
Send for this beautiid
Miller Library
Lamp $1 C
Only LD
YOU'LL net find the equal
of this hsndanme Library
Lamp at this low price.
Wa "luanMd out unit tot Ait
Uffwuh amis! W big Obb.J
acanom mrainnaiif ae couoanr. ibat
map oi inn tugi quay
(anas enee,
6tsst Vftlw of the Ywr
You'll am v4 ua who. inu th
i. it
. WrforprGalT
ECommoowrtlth Fdlsoaj O
Clwcago, IB,
Preacher f
: John McGowa
. Stevenaon
"Tt9gi6 Proximity"
Text: "Thou art not far
from the kingdom of God."
Mark 11:84,
f Evenlaf
"The Judgment DayZ
"He hath annotated a daV
ln which He will judge the
worm m ngntaouaness.
- ' Act :.
Kvealng feniee: . Evangel
istlc Good singing.
wah aiuala af oVxras mbf si.
ehwMh. -Me waa a g Tiber af Trio
lodge of the MaaoaaTkalgbta Temp
lar, wlfbhows, sua aaa au w.
Tuf Knienta Tempiar wui
at tba laaarai.
have mm
Ot Xmpty CftHra4 Can ta lasv
' Winter Fael Bapply far
.. latlaa,
Washington, Sept 18. .(TTnited
Press). Coal mine will continue
to nave flret gait on empty railroad
cars to injure a supply af wlntor
fael, under an order ot tba inter
state commerce commission, which
want into effect today,. Tba order
extended for an tndaflnjto period
the Ufa of the emqvaloaa raoeat
priority Hat which waa to have be
come void today.
Extension of th priority ust was
mad necessary by the gtrike of
anthracite coal miners which re
duced the output ot that fuel and
decreased tba supply of bituminon
coal. Anthracite production toll to
nearly 600,000 tons last week a a
result ot ft strikt, it waa estimated
bare today.
Brown's Bnsinea College will or
ganise night elasses, Monday, Sept
10. Register during the day or
evening this week.
- , v .
Dr. Jama F. Myer baa removed
hiaofljee from Moline to room No.
4Qfi Safety building, Bock Island,
orsce hours. iO to 12 a. m, and
J:30 to S and 7 to 8 p. m. i
The Big Opportunities for
Men and for Women ,
Are in the City
Where else are such possibilities for congenial
work and rapid advancement open to men and
women who nave the vision of better salaries and
bigger responsibilities?
is one of the leading retail mercantile houses of the country,
. known far and wide for its popular prices and for the excellent
quality of the merchandise which it handles.
. To women and to men of intelligence and ambition this great
house offers a very definite opportunity to rise to better things.
Instrengthening onr organisation for fall and winter selling,
splendid openings ot a permanent nature are created in various
departments throughout this great city store positions open ta
f -Salesmen and saleswomen In all departments
Clerk for general office, work
Comptometer operators
Billing atacbiae operator
Floor manager
General merchandise packers ,
We offer work that is congenial, work that can be done in tk
midst of pleasant surroundings, work that is repaid with good
salaries aad commissions.
Address Your Application to the
General Superintendent '
State, Adams and Dearborn Sto.,
- . Chicago, Illinois
1 Jr, II i
Prepare winter quarter tor your ear before the snow flies. I
offer special prices ef 1260 for garage 12 by 16 feet. This in
cludes bothmeterial and workmanship. Satisfaction guaran
teed. N
An honest price on any kind ot building work.
i9i$ jotb Street
Attention, Members
Trio Lodge
No.57,A.F. & A M. :
You are requested to assemble at
Masonic templev Monday, Sept. 20, at
Qa m 1a .U.JiL. C 1 C lfa
, ' a., i.u aiiciiu II IC lUIlcral VI UUI lav
brother, Joln A. Gustafson. By order of i
C F.
Baal Campietoi for Laeitbn ,iw
, raet Factory lairs ef Btf,
paay, ,
Annonncement ef ni.
erecUon of a new gtrage ham?
oa the sRe at 2015 Fourth avaaTk
made today by the Chimb 71
Terms of agreement htvi bl
reached between the Baick AaT
mobile company throagh CLaT
kins and B. T. Murrin, owner ota.
property, whereby the for,
comes into possession of the has
on the new structure when em
pletod. Mr. Hopkins is the Z
factory repratentotive of ths
wwawj mm 9 uaa pacn n hja
Island- for some time. At pirn
agency are at 1916 Fourth trmm.
i ae euuaing is to ne m by u
feet and 1 stories in hslgbt ft
is to ba constructed with tt,.
Ject in view of making it one of o
onest sates ana service station h
this part of the state.
llev. Thomas Hughes will spat
at the Rock Island Rescue mtutn
this evening. The men's bible elan
of the First Baptist church will
have charge of the services at 1
o'clock Sunday afternoon and it
7:30 in the evening, O. H. .Sturia
of Davenport will speak, i
Phone R. 1. 39

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