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CATiCTAfi-Trn: noes ciakd AEoussEPimpsR is, lc.
Arattar Vmm fcatavai ai
j Takes, frtCf Wkk
, t Wai ta Staflaf ,.
'-rtsrs but ; evening entered
. ' Wlter Foster Jtoae. MIS
Math ftreet,.ud scaped with
ut 1 250, a part of which waa
from a dreuer drawer in a
where membehi of the tam-
were asleep. . .-: ' -" ,;'.
i majority of the money waa
w from iu hiding Dlace under
nth the cover of a) piano in a
" mm to the front of the house. I
xit success of the burglars in
i (Staining all funds in the house
' not awahening anyone Is oen
VjSnd ancanny by the family..
rii the thieves had to work
w exceptional stealth is shown
w their success In getting $11 be
t's jMiDg to a small son or Mr. ana
, jjf. Foster, snd which he had
km. In a dresser drawer In a
Aias'Fos?er" said that She was
in eliD we" ana wu awaks at
''.....t Interval Hnrins- the nlrhf
-wA Bid aif no time nesra any bub-
j0doasi souna in me nunse. t -.
, . flM burglars either gained en-1
Moee through the basement or
, throagh a kitchen' window. The
window was found open by the
Wy this morning, when the rob
was first discovered.
tThe police believe 'that the gang
at veggmen that took the;" safe
4 from the Jasper meat market last
I light might have perpetrated the
. robbery from the Foster .home.
Tbe plausibility of this theory is
shown by the Foster family having
aoticed an automobile near their
kMM at 1 o'clock this mqrnlng,
. which time coincides with that be
tween the time that the yegg-men
t get their automobile from the Eagle
tail line and the time the car was
" returned. ,
Miss Mary M. HoQuUd.
Miss Mary M: McQuaid, sister of
C r. McQuaid of Rock Island, died
?et :3v this morning at Mercy hos
pital, Davenport Her horn waa in
the Iowa flats, Davenport She had,
been ill a week.
1 Mitt McQuaid wu born ia Scott
' Mmr.tr Tnwa Jan IS 1HS1 whera
he lived her entire life. -she as
sever married. She waa a member
of the altar of rosary society of the
Sacred Heart cathedral. Her father
and mother preceded her In death.
t . Survivinr ar two brothers. Jo
seph M. of Chicago, and C. P. Mc
Quaid of Rock Island, and one sis
ter, Mrs. Andrew W. O'Brien of
' Barstow. Yhe body will be removed
te the home of her aunt, Mrs. Jo-,
'seph Qulnn, 101 Le Claire street,
Davenport, pending funeral - ar
tangements when the brother ar
ftves from Chitwo. . . ? . .
J V Funeral el Henry Schick.
I. Funeral services for henry
iBuack. who formerly lived on a
n - Ut1 .. kA AIaA at
1 Plata, Mo., Wednesday after
Boon, will be held at ft:45 tomor
row morning at the Knox chapel,
with Rev. Fred J. Rolf in charge
of the services. Interment will be
Icq a l it jdUstr y
l'iJabanut May Appoint Com mis slow
As, on Regulation Operators
h: .
5 '. Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 18.
J' Appointment of a state commission
with absolute power to control and
itsgulate the coal industry of Ala
I bama is recommended in the re
J port of Governor Kilby's commit
v(ee, which has been investigating
thw strike of union miners in the
Alabama bituminous fields. '
Providence, R I., Sept 18. The
"entire mill property of B. B. and
JfJ Knight, incorporated, was sold to
.Frederisk R Rupprecht of New
Tork. at a price believed to be be
Mween 15,000,000 and 120.000.000.
Paris. Sept 18. (By the Asso
ciated Press) Finland and Sweden
nave agreed to accept the interven
tion of the League of Nations for
the settlement of the dispute be
tween them as to the possession of
the1 Aland islands. '
,r . ' ' ' -l
au.tt state aatterwty. , t
t. v., a ,. ..... .
aa Lsft yeatertay by jpotar for
v thay wEl take ap
i. "T" wor the tim-
oea cetwya maactu BTU ofi
ws., who wpem tne past
week visiting at tic tumn of her
Mde and aan,t, Mr. aa Mr. eTS.
Roberta, 1 Fortieth street an
her eonatn. Mrs. Roy Brasher. 1224
Twenty-second street, baa gone to
usamwoea, lows, for a abort stay
with relatives before departing for
her -netnev '-. - ,r ... '
Lowell B. Granger' of 811 JKf-
teenin street, left at noon-todav
for Evanston, where he will resume
am wore bi nonnwestern urtiver
aity. Mr. Oranger Is a Junior. -,
Fred W. Mitchell baa return
from Chicago where he has been
en business. M-
.W, F. McCombs of Young ft Mc
Combs, left yesterday for Chicago,
where he wlH Join a - group of
prominent middle-west etail mer
chants.' who are to be guests of
Marshall Field and company of
Chicago en an Inspection tour Of
textile mills In Virginia and North
Carolina. 'The party left Chicago
this morning and the trip was to
ne mafe via Washington, D. C.
Mis! Marie Williams of 831 For
ty-tnira street nas accepted a po
sition as. teacher of English an
Wstory at the Bast Moline trig'
school. Miss Williams is a gradu'
ate of Emmerson college, Boston,
having finished her course last year'.
Mrs. G. G. Larson and Robert
Hardy, 618 Thirty-sixth, street left
this morning for Centerville, Iowa,
called there by the serious illness
Of Mrs. Larson's mother. ' Before
returning to Rocki Island they will
go to Kansas City for a short stay.
Mr. and Mrs,. Charles E. Schaef
fer and sons. Jack and Charles,
Jr., of Bellingham, Wash., are vis
iting with Mr. Schaeffer's brother,
W. A, Schaeffer. 1234 Twenty-first
street, for, several days. Mr. Schaef
fer is a clerk in the Bellingham
Mr. and Mrs. George Pewe, 1728
Twenty-sixth ctreet have returned
from an extensive trip made to
Seattle and Spokane, Wash., and
Portland, 'Qre., and-other points in
the northwest
., ., ., I. I ""W
, Tho Day a i Davenport
State Deaarfacat It
' Evswaattea by TJattei Mates
Marlme Fere. .,
V ' BBsaisaeaSiwaBwa
Washington, ,Sept. 18." (United
Press). Withdrawal of the Ameri
can military forces from Haiti and
Ban Domingo is being considered.
it was revealed today at the state
department .- v -.
No definite date has been net,
however, it waa said.
One of the , principal causes of
the unsettled conditions has been
Inefficient t electoral laws. It was
said, and these laws are being re
vised. Beoretary Daniels today is
sued a statement on the occupation
of tie Ja land, in answer to Senator
Harding, Republican presidential
candidate, who recently denounced
it t . '
Daniels said he had ordered Ma
jor General Lejenne, commandant
f 'the marine corps, to make an in
spection of both Haiti and San Do
mingo, investigating theroughly
charges against the marine occn
pation and act against anyone vio
lating instructions of the navy de
partment. .
Leleune had visited every Dart of
; the .island and his report will be
under the sunervision of of
ficiate from state headquarters of
the T. M. C A. will be held la Detv
enport and snrroanding towns Sept
20 and 21, according to a schedule
given out ;,v t ' ;
Fbw Bases Five Pafldiagti Cher
ished dreams 'of a Ufetime were
blotted out ia a fire that wiped oat
five buildings, including two homes
and which for a time threatened to
clean oat aa entire residence dis
trict In West "Davenport A gaso
line stove started the fire. Tne
home of Rudolph Stellrecht Fair-
mount- and Boles streets, waa re
duced to fine ashes and the dwell
ing of Verne Rnssett on the adjoin
ing lot waa gutted and so badly
damaged that it'ia doubtful if it can
be repaired. The next residence
Tw leU 1 Bnis A big so-, BweJalfttB to Bar Greeery-Im-rlea
of rally meetings and confer-1 pending purchase of a big Daren-
pore grocery store is announced by
the Socialists through the Daven
port Tribune. City Assessor Mi
chael T. Kennedy, chairman of the
committee to arrange the purchase,
said yesterday afternoon the deal
had not been consummated and
tnat ne did not wish to name the
store to be purchased until all de
tails have been arranged. -
St Katharine's School Opens
Sept SX st Katharine's school
Is actively preparing to resume its
work with the opening of the fall
term Tuesday, Sept. 28, and repairs
and improvements and a thorough
nousecleaning have put all the
buildings in splendid shape for the
winters residence.
WARD r:.ETH03S :
CeelMgw Charges ' Okie Gereraer
Wttk AttcsaptJaff the stole el
. . ' la liealiat . t
Death ReeordV-Mrs. Minnie L.
west of the damaged homes, owned Mittelbuscher, 1436 Clay street
by C. A. Theesen was badly scorch- succumbed to a lingering Illness at
ed. Two large sheds used for gen- ne Tamlly home Thursday hfter-
eral storage purposes with, their
contents were destroyed,' the one
occupied by the Stellbrecbt family
being, like the house; reduced to
cinders and fine nst . ,
noon at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Mlttel
buscher was the wife of Edward J.
Mittelbuscher, for the past 25 years
principal of Taylor, school and well
known resident of Davenport
.... , - :: . f ,' - N L
value' of the sheep will probably
reach 1500, as a number of the
Clare Close show sheep are inclnd-
made public as soon as completed, ij , the number fanners of
DanlelS Said. ' :hl nllilinrlil kin nnt In thrir
time watching their herds at night
and in chasing dogs, but have not
Women Refnted Admission to For.
; elgn War Organixa-
, , ' tJOB,
Washington, Sept -18. Veterans
of Foreign Wars, at the closing
session of their annual encamp
ment here today, voted down a res
olution disapproving the adoption
of the- prohibition amendment to
the constitution. There -were few
rotes against the rejection. - .
As submitted to the encampment
the resolution neither commended
nor condemned the amendment,
hut objected to its adoption when
many men were absent from the
country 'on war duty.
The veterans also voted against
admitting women to their organ
isation, and 'likewise refused to
admit any resident of this country
who served in the allied armies
during the World war.
m The first meeting in connection
with the coming Community fairl
was held Thursday afternoon, and
was attended by a good sized
crowd. Much enthusiasm was cre
ated and frotai all reports the fair
will not belacking in any way thia
year. Besides many smaller de
tails which were worked out the
exact date was settled upon, which
will be Saturday, Oct 2, with pos
sibly a double-header baseball game
the day before. S. O. Morrow was
elected head of the horse depart
ment, which place was made va
cant by the death of Bunt Lafferty.
Frank Werts was also elected to
fill the vacancy in the machinery
department caused by the absence
of D. F. Keller. One thing settled
upon .at the meeting, ' which will
come as good news to' the ladies
of the community, was that a big
dinner would not be served this
year, but that the large crowd
would be nicely taken care of at I
the dinner hour at five or six large 1
hot lunch stands, which will be
properly scattered over this vil
lage. None will be disappointed re
garding the dinner, because there
will be plenty for all to eat The
exhibits promise to be even larger
than last year.
After waiting all summer,' Bur
gess at last received a car of oil,
and it will probably be applied to
the main road the week alter the
Aledo fair. Owing to the large
amount of travel next week, those
in charge thought It best to wait
until a time when the roads were
not being nsed 'so extensively.-
The dogs made another raid
Sunday night on the sheep of this
locality, tearing to pieces, five "head
of the flock of Ed Hines. ' This
makes, 16 head of sheep killed re
cently in eight raids on the same
road within a mile and a halt The
been successful as yet in getting
the dogs which are doing the dam
age- - ' .
There was hardly a Burgess vi
cinity family at home Saturday, as
almost everybody was at North
Henderson attending the big' town
ship fair. The North Henderson-
ers are certainly a bunch of boost
ers and their fair was a success in
every way.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell UcFarland
of Aledo visited Sunday with Bur
gess relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gladson
visited Saturday and Sunday with
North Henderson relatives.
We failed to announce last week
the arrival of a baby boy at the
Clare Bradford home.
Clare Close's string of sheep
still continue to win at the county
fairs, taking many of the prizes at
the Kewanee fair last week. They
are at the local fair in Aledo this
William N. Hunter was again
called to LaHarpe last week as a
witness In an auto theft case which
is in progress at Carthage.
Roy c. Stevenson was a cauer in
Monmouth Friday.
F. M. Morford recently complet
ed an addition in the form of a cat
tle barn built into his large corn
crib. This arrangement will elim-
Telephone Operator, Deserted
the Alutr, Thrashes Former
McKeesport, Pa., Sept. 18.
(United Press). Jilted' at the altar
Miss Mahals Harrison. 24, hunted
her intended! groom and adminis
tered a , sound thrashing to him,
using only her fists. . Today Carl
Swaoson was nursing bruises and
Miss Harrison will return to her
post as telephone operator. No ex
cuse waa offered by Swanson.
. . II
r . j i
- Invited
Brown leather grip contain
ing large envelope, ' papers
'and clothing. Return to 1003
Twentieth street R, 1. 4138.
' Report of the condition of
First Trust and
Savings Bank
Located st Rock 111 and. Statt of niinou.
at the olose of buaiiiew on the 8th day of
September. 1820. as made to the Auditor
of Public Accounts of the State of Illinois.
pursuant to law.
Loans and Discount-..
Liberty Loan Bonds
Other Bonds and Stacks
Bui. king House. Furniture and
Fixtures v .
Due from Banks
Exchanges, Checks and Collec
tions i
Other Resources
inate a large amount of choring
this winter.'
Chester Armstrong of near Little
York spent several days last week
helping his brother, George Arm
strong with his 'fence building.
An announcement which will
come as a surprise to the many
friends here is that of the mar
riage of Roy Morrow of this place'
to Miss Ruth Vertrees of Green
field, 111 which took place Aug. 17.
The happy young couple had plan
ned to keep their marriage a se
cret but as it always happens,
"the cat got out." ' Mr. Morrow is
a promising young farmer of this
locality and served two years with
Battery B overseas. Since return
ing from France he has farmed his
father's place, making his home
there. - Miss Vertrees formerly liv
ed in Monmouth and taught last
year In the Sea ton1 school, later
coming to the Grant Brown school,
at which time the two became ac
quainted. At the close of the
school v year Miss Vertrees moved
with her mother to Greenfield,
where she is now residing.
. Mrs. Charles Wertz and George
Morgan both returned last week
from the Monmouth and Galesburg
hospitals, where they both had
been for some time. George has
almoEt recovered from his opera
tion, and Mrs. Werts is reported to
be feeling much Improved.
Boston, Mass, Sept 18. Gover
nor Cox, after attempting the role
of an idealist has turned to the
coarse methods of ward politics, re
sorting to wilder;, and wilder
charges. Governor : CooUdge, i Re
publican vice , presidential ' candi
date, said today. .. .
' The governor, addressing the Re
publican state convention, said the
Democratic nominee tor the presi
dency was named by convention
in which "idealists had very little
influence." -
"Yet," he added, "after receiving
a baptism of idealism at the White
House, he attempted for a time, the
role of an idealist ' He was to be
the apostle of the "Great and sol
emn referendum.' His address of
acceptance started that way.
"But the success has not been
marked. Soon the methods of ward
politics prevailed. To that eminent
valetudinarian In the White house,
a master of logical expression, cor
rect of style, always dignified, as
he has beheld his exponent resort
ing to coarser and coarser methods,
wilder and wilder charges, the ref
erendum must for him become sol
emn and more solemn."
The Democratic administration
for the last eight years was termed
by Governor Coolidge a "chapter of
accidents," and a "m'rage of false
hopes and false security. He pic
tured the country as "turning with
admiring eye to the matchless fig
ure of ' Washington, portrayed not
as secreting in his pocket an act
relieving him from war powers, his
country had bestowed on him, but
gladly standing before congress
and voluntarily sun-ending those
powers, which belong in time of
' peace only to the people."
Mexico City. Sept ll (United
Press ) The American embassy
baa received, a letter from Vera
Crux declaring a German named
Janken has arrived there intend
ing to ass 'that city as a base lor a
campaign of sabotage against the
United States.
During the war it was learned
Jankea was accused of partici
pating in various plots against the
United States. -
Embassy osnefala were-Kfc -at
to believe Janken might kaaw
something about Thursday's Msaa
xploeioa la New York, -i
-.. ' '
Hatelton, Pa- Sept 18. WhOa
all the colleries la the ffliaxaoWa
district eoatinneo to remain idle to
day, due to the anthracite mlaers'
"vacation" increased productioa
was reported ia the Haaeltoa dis
trict where 10 mines resumed op
erations. This is aa increase of
six over yesterday.
Fam sua tor Coats arte guite
Items for Tonight
Specially Under priced
Brown's Business College offers
an excellent opportunity.
Trio lodge No. 57, will hold
special meeting for work on the
it degree Thursday evening, Sept
23 at 6:30 at the Masonic temple.
I will not be responsible for any
bills of the Novelty Printing Co., or
A. J. Lukens, made after Aug. 26
1920. Parties owing or having bills
against the above named, please
settle same with G. L. Lukena, 356
Kane St, Aurora, 111.
black, white
and field
U Men's 4
fine lisle
white, black
navy, tan
and -
, cotton
V , hose
band and
Women Pure Thread Silk
. Hoae, Mock Seam, Black,
White, Cordovan, pr.
pink, laven
der and light
blue hand
kerchiefs, embridered
"2 for
( fine
arid lace
edges, -each
extra length,
One Big Group of Fancy Silk Ribr
bona, Stripes, Floral and Plaid
Designs, Splendid Quality, yd
S446.357 .89
s:u 00
2t.0j0.00 I
18.106 47
Total Besoureea . .
Capital Stock Paid in
Surplus Fund
Individual Profits tnet) ...
Due to Banks
Bills Parable and Rediscounts. 29.100.00
Total Liabilities
I. C. A. Beers. Cashier
. 25.000.00
of tlw First
Trust and SaTinrs Bank of Rock island,
do solemnly swear that the abore state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
; , 6. A. BEERS.
State of Illinois. County of Rock Island,
Subscribed and worn to before
17th day of. September. 1920.
Kotary Public.
The Scott County Home
v :f: Chester White ale ;
K v : and Picnic
Vt tmHe eorwponizncM
en Stock Monad twimtf-
menfci end all Imminent t
tubfect. Fnqutnt dhalyti- .
eo Kporii U$mJ and
mikd grotti.
LW.Wgnai Co.
. ", EstanSshsel 1M7 if '
' ' . ' ' i
Friday 9 Octo 8
1 Icimiliii
309 Baat EUg.
Rock laland, EL
i There will be 46 bead in una onerag consisting or 9 junior
yearling sows, 10 tall guts, iz spring guts, iz spring ooars, 3
fall boars.. Every animal guaranteed to be a breeder. All
animals immune. Double treatment All animals sold will
be recorded by sale day.'
People From Out-of -Town When you get in Davenport,
call Dav. 1489-W. We will be on hand to take all to lunch at
11:30 at the home. ' r , r
Send for catalogue. ,
COL. A. SATRE, Auctioneer. R0BT. MOORE, Fieldman
. Assistants.
- p. S. JBrg your basket and cups foriiicnie dinner,
fee free to alt' ' .
Ivory Ivory Women's
hair powder cotton knit
brushes, box union suits,
good and hair band top,
bristles, receivers, flesh and
2 styles, neat styles, white,
each each garment t
45c 21c 59c
27-inch Cotton Challies, Choice
Range of Patterns, Desirable for ,
Comforter Coverings, Special
. The Cheney Reproducer
a which searches out. hidden
treasures in records and
restores them tdthe world.
Equipped with an unusual'
ly sensitive and flexible
diaphragm which responds
perfectly to every needle
vibration. The scientific
construction of the .repro
ducer fliminatfs "blast,"
Needle scratch is reduced
to a minimum and repro
ductions come forth pure
and clear., .
Hidden Treasures
In every' phonograph record there are delicate
tones and overtones which heretofore have
been lost in the reproduction. The overtones
add tone color to the music and enrich indi
viduality of voice and interpretatioa
The Cheney is endowed with a method of
reproduction radically different from that used
in any other phonograph. It brings out the
most delicate tones in all their purity and gives
to records a mellow quality as lovely as the
original itself.
Cheney cabinets are period furniture of exqui
site design, patterned after the works of master
craftsmen of Europe. , . . ,-
CW-l 1 I If I I H (
group of
top and
back strap
fitted .
Ivory hand
2 styles,
One Big Counter of Jewelry Nov
elties, Beauty and Bar Pins and
Brooches, Large variety, each
Men's '
cotton vests,
V-neck and
' suits,
Women's Silk Jersey Petti
coats with Deep Ttaffeta
Flounce, All Colors,
Very Special Tonight
1 dresser
' each
a yard
64x72 inch
finished '
cloths, ;
value, at
18x36 inch Fancy Bath Towels,
; Pink and Blue Border, Very
Special, Each
Men's blue
s shirts,
percale and
soft cuffs
All Men's and Boys' Sweaters, cotton, cot
ton and wool mixed and all wool, in navy,
gray, cardinal and khaki, the entire stock
20 Percent Off

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