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rnnro on 'li - . 1 -
1941a! aavtaa etarted' 26. with SJOL The Majestic of
rn mnS Wlahard Haas.
. Goiinty ; Election
its schedule oa May IS. The St the Wlsherd Una canted 966. ,
Paul carried 6171 sad the J. &. Arrangeieats for a big season ta
of boats And overhauling wU
done bafare the beginning of aj
which opaaad its satsoa later. May 121 are being made by the Strech-
jOtthuM, Yean CU, Street
sraay Afeneea, -
; Tee Halted metre H'st-lot "
ith.......;,a i,sm j.mo
McJfclaley .. .
Kor Batted Rates
Hurt. 111
MS . tarw.iu. . u ''
,fl!crHara IIS
- ------ w,aor VfWAB J
" i FoT Lieutenant Governor
Miner iwa 1 mi s.74
41 J
V mi
'vTiar hours after Mai Gellmaa,
par-old sob o( Mr. and Ural EM
; CjHP0' 730 Hsrrisoa street.
import, tu ran dowa by maJ'8trlin
' gHa at 3:15 Saturday afUrnooaj" For Secretary of State
title playing near Eighth and EmnMraoa .....J.07J 2.640 7.C13
Harrison stree.s, death t came to Rw '? -f ,-fS0S 1 12 ' 3.931
ua. Tbe lad was layio la the 1 ' For Auditor Pnhli imoiti
street, wBen ne wae-inrows to tne Jonnson ;,, .,,7SS 2.02J
', mend and run over br the ma- Russel ......... SJ03 1,793
' skew driven , oy Tea Hen gbaam. j - for State Treuarer
H-rear-old eon of F . 0. Henlgbanm, t Keys 3.403 2,163! 5 jag
ft7 rest Locust street, Davenport . Miller .,..3 998 1.360 6 ESS
''JrXr. X W ' ''r- Tor Attoraa, General .
two beU-brother, and three half- Barr"....;......i57 1.644 6,80i
,sajwr iu Brundaa .. . S.M7 K2M
Jjaeterman. ..
Tb Gellman lad, together with
fred McCarthy and Jack Learner,
two other boyi of about hla own
eft, were oa the north aide of
ligeth itreet, when tha Henlgbanm
"achioe turned weet-from Harrt
ob. The driver iwung out into the
car tracks to avoid the playing ch!l-
, iren, but the Oellman-lad pursued
' by the others, ran directly in front
, '(af the machine. The lad lay on the
nvemem oiweea mo irooi ana
1 &
Leo'G. Hana.... 222 .55 377
Williama ....... SM 96
Kor Secretanr of '.State. -;
i u ' u . -,-inariea ........ ( in
r I . i mci wmm ..... 11 . - w
For Auditor of Public Accoanta.
Brady 401 85 481
McCaffrey ...... 171. 56 227
For State Treaeurer,
Roth ......;... 258 55 , 484
Ryan, Jr. i 327 87 414
For Attorney General.
Burns ......... 539 133 . 672
For Clerk of the Supreme Court
Johnson 623 130 653
For Representative in Congress
- State at Large.
Schneider .348 89 437
Baltc ......... . 262 , 61 313
Murphy ........ 365 75
O'.son .......... 91 37 128
For Representative in General
; semDiy Tnirty-tnira urn net
4A41Werts 646 : 2421 848
4 994 ' Meucker 137 716 1 1.953
For Clerk of the Sunremo Court
Vail ....... ..3,522 2,166 5,688
ButU 865 137 1,143
Schneider ....2 026 1,143 4,169
For Repreaeutatlva in Congress s
State at Large
Brown w ..3.240 1J78 6,118
uay Z.6Z7 1416
9 fOI
f . 0,07 A
For Catted States Senator..
. M. W. Tot
naaakal ....... ISO s U 171
Vtae Oavaraar.
......... 168 10 lSSM
For Uautenaat Goramor.
........... US U , 156
For Sacremry of State.
Owca 1U v 0 161
For Auditor of Public Accounts.
Brooks 141 10 151
For State Treaeurer
Peeblee 144 9 153
For Attorney General
SalUal 13 9 148
For Clark of Supreme Court
Bryan 148 8 150
For Representative at Large.
Hall ..... 147 8 155
Hubert .s.. 124 9 133
For District Representative.
Hartllne ........ 144 8 152
For State Repreaentative.
50,652 FERSOnS
OafSMaf gtnekfaa Us Ac
m T
' Dr. Jamas F. Myers haa removed
his office from Moliae to room No.
406 Safety building. Rock Island.
Office hoars. 10 to 12 a. m. and
2:30 to 6 and 7 to 8 p. m.
One of the biggest excursion
sons in years. In which 68,662 fas
sengers have been carried by Sv
steamers, is Just cloaingv aesnrdiag
to the report made by R. G. Pearce,
government inspector of boats.
Mv Pearce say that in the way
or excursions tna 1930 saaana
been one of the biggest yet, the
Streckf us company with its Capitol,
steamer J. S. and steamer St Paul
and the Wisberd tine with, the W.,
G. Hill and the Majestic, carrying
over 58,000 passengers. The season
opened with an excursion on May
8 by the steamer St PauL
The Capitol, the newest of the Ova
steamers, carried the greatest sum
ber of passengers, recording 27,198
for the season. . It opened its sea
son on May 30. The G. W. Hill,
also of the Wlsherd line, was aeo
ond in the number of people carried.
rear wheels when tne car was
stopped. - '
r -Struck on the shoulder by a fen
der, he was borne to the pavement
' and the front wheel passed over
, his body across the abdomen, His 1
' pelvic bone was crushed , by tbe
' weight Pf the motor car, and it was
this Injury together with a frac
' hired skull which caused the boy's
' death.
, , Badly Battered.
t, V Other injuries sustained by the
t." little fellow were a fractured right
' leg above the knee, a broken right
arm. ust above the elbow and nu-
nerous cuts and contusions about
the head and face, besides a frac
ture of the skull.
. The boy was taken into the store
i of his mother, at the corner of
Eighth and Harrison streets, and
the ambulance summoned immedi
' stely. Speeded to Mercy tyospital,
: the wounded and unconscious boy
- was placed on an operating table.
1 Death came at 7 o'clock in the
: evening.
1 The Dispute Continue.
Rock Island, 111., Sept. 19, 1920.
Editor Argus: In my former leu
ter, answerinfl that of Ken
neth Miller, I referred to his
- epistolary efforts attacking me; as
"amusing,' and "entertaining." In
' the mouth of two or three wlt-
nesses shall every word be estab-
lished. In his contributions to the
gayety of Rock Island, the conduc
, tor of the funny department of The
. Argus quoted from Mr. Miller's
. reply tomy reply. .
"Secret laughter tickled all my.
, soul" at the spectacle of Mr. Mil-
-.ler's attempt to quote from the
. bible. The verse that with such
- unction he claims to be from the
. sacred writings is not found there.
' It is delicious, my young lriend's
shnultaneous omniscience and ac
tual ignorance!
Then again consider his ipse dixit
that "Tom Paice did far more for
America than did. Theodore Roose
velt!" It is to laugh. a
I As defective as is Mr. Miller's
knowldege of history, and of the
, , scriptures, so defective ia hts logic.
', I will not waste time nor typewriter
ribbon lu meeting it
: It will charitably assume that
when the immaturity of his high
school days is past his argumenta
tive processes will have been im
Moved. Mr. Miller will probably try to
reply & this. I doubt not that he
tnjoys seeing his name in print But
I feel that it will not be worth
while to answer any further affus
ions of his. .
Closing, I would suggest that he
look up in an unabridged diction
ary the secondary meaning of
"Sophomoric, and the 'etymology
of "sophomore." He might med
itate with profit on the definition
and the derivation. As he considers
tha root words from which the noun
ron.es. I would urge him to read
(tomans 1:22.
Yates ...,.....3.572 1.565 5.137
For Clerk of the Appellate Court
Second District
Johnson 4,224 1.907 ' 6,631
Snow 2 410 Ull 3.621
For Representative in Congress
Fourteenth District
Graham 5,111 2,985 8 096
Cleaveland .....2,654 - 614 3.268
For Representative General
Assembly Thirty-third District ,
Abbey 5.201 4,129 9,331
Ball ........... .2,444 - 633 3,0?7
McCaskrin 131874,223 17,410
Wells 4 397- 3-620 8,017
For Clerk of the Circuit Court
Gamble ...I. .-. : .6,943 3.083 10,026
For Recorder of Deads
Ryerson 6,685. 2573
For State's Attorney
Bell .6,918 3 043
For Coroner
Maberry 6,585 2,803
. For Surveyor
Trelchler 22 15
Benell ..." 39, 11
j For Sheriff
Miller ..4 986" 2,869
Goben 3.689 1,277
For County Treasurer
Richmond ..'....6 816 2,975
For Clerk of the Probate Court
Munspn 6,394 2,770. 9,164
Schwartz 209 : 512 261
For Clerk of the Circuit Court
Mrs. Brough .-v. . 4 6
For Recorder of Deeds.
Caldwell 508 , 121 629
For States Attorney. . 1
For Coroners
: 2
For Surveyor.
....... 503
For Sheriff.
. . UuU
121 636
131 634
Schafer p 142
. For County Treasurer.
Elliott .. 617 132
For Clerk of the Probate Court l
Hughes ...:..: 644 t 135, 679
For Senatorial Committeeman.
Applegate ' 11 15 28
37 &0
ou 1
Today's Birthdays
Sharpens Vision
Soo ties and he aUtheeyesnrdBtrength
ens eyesight quickly, relieves Inflam
mation in eyes and lids; sosrasni
vision and makes glasses nnnecewarj
in many instances, says Doctor. Dreg
gists refund ycr money if it fails.
A aflHSjlleBr
lia t !
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in fW Com
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favorite store should have it 50c the box.
Grand Rapid. Mica,
Ex-Princess Cecilie, wifA xf the
former German Crown Prince, born
in Mecklenburg, 34 yeara ago today.
Most Rev. Samuel P. Matheson,
Arcbbishop of Ruben's Land and
'Primate of All Canada, born at
Klldonan. Man., 68 years ago today.
-Herbert Putnam, librarian of the
Jbrary of Congress, born in New
fork City, 59 years ago today. ,
For the
That is how they are
made and that is why
they fit. Our stock of
includes your own
particular model a
corset which will feel
like a . part pf you,
comfortable, restful,
light and 6h, how
smart!' .. 5
227 Eighteenth St.
In Daren port Offices
( Every Saturday, Monday and
Tuesday - ,
Dr. W. O. Coffee, the oculist and.
aurist, is in his Davenport offices'
Saturday, Monday 'and Tuesday of
each week in the First National
bank building, rhone Davenport
7314. Hours from 9 a. m. to 3:30
p. m. Practice limited to the treat-!
meat of all eye diseases, . failing '
sight, deafness, impaired hearing,
head noises, ulcers of the ears, ca
tarrh of the nose, head, throat and
ainuses. He treats catarrh as a
constitutional condition as well as
a local disease. Ha treats enlarged
tonsils without a surgical operation
and eaya many, cases of partial
blindness can be restored without
aa operation by .his special non
surgical method! He straightens
cross-eyes by his special method,
usually at oaa visit He removes
adenoids, polypus tumors o the
Inose without chloroform and pa
I tlanta return home without danger.
I Ha has treated eye, ear, nose and
I throat diseases for 38 years. Dr.
I Coffee is in his Peoria offices at 309
South Jesaraoa street ail tne rest
of tha time ha ia not ia Davenport.
Better sea him about your case be
fore submitting to aa operation.
His experience in treating thou
sands of rasas makes It possible for
htm to five relief many timea when
others would fail. Many operations
are not necessary. - -
thtp Scattd Coughs
to Stelp
"Of all gasoline manufactured in the
United States 67j6$ is used by auto
motive vehicles." (Oil. News, Sept S,
1920, page 42 .) - c
"Of all the motor vehicles in use in the
Middle West, 65 of the total regis
tration are farmer -owned." (Arthur
Capper Address, 1920.) Gasoline is tak
, ing the place of vanishing man -power
on the farms; and not only does it re
duce. the ixian-hours required to pro
duce a given amount of food, but it also
reduces the actual cost of production,
and this despite the advancing price of
gasoline. (H. W. Quaintance "Influ
ence of Farm Machinery on Produc
tion," Power Wagon Reference Book
1920, page 56D
Authorities agree thatCaaotine 1a a most im
portant factor in tbe production and diatribu
, tion of food products.
Whan gasoline is employed oniTersalljr to in
crease tbe efficiency' of man-power on tbe
farm, we may look Cor vastly increased pro
duction and, a consequent decrease in the coat
of producing Good.
In tbe eleven Middle West states served by
tbe Standard Oil Company (Indiana) more
Jthan. 100JD0O tractors are in use, and -the
"number is increasing rapidly. .
,'-'; . . .
In the states served by the Standard Oil
' Company (Indiana) the number of farmer
owned motor tracks is as follows:
' 1 '
a P. L ! wnM H.
i. arn Ta. Co.
it ought to htlm to
lis oitvro of bo
finl aorfcis rifht
aloof tiro the big
mm -CoomT liko
thiol aoro idoas
Remember Ratty Waters who tied the dish-
Em under Prof. Bunn's car at Princeton?
e's more seriously inclined now sells hijh
crade bonds! ' Ran smack into Ratty as he
was hustling for his a. m. fodder with a
Camel cigarette perched between his lips and
looking aa happy as a turtle on a log I It's a
pretty art this opening up the morning
with a Camel! y ...
Well sir, Pete, what Ratty rattletTinto my
rafters would supply Camel selling stuff for
a year! "There's nothing to this cigarette
game but Camels," said Ratty. Their mel
lowness is a. revelation and I never did run
into such mildness in my life! And, when
you 'figure that Camels have ALL the "body"
any smoker wants well, I just marvel that
such a cigarette could be nude! Ever get
such refreshing Savor f -
For instance. Ratty spread this! "Shorty,
I can't stand the usual unpleasant- cigaretty
aft'rtaste and unpleasant cigaretty odor!
Camels are free from both! (100 per cent.
O. IC, Pete!) And, they never tire my taste!
When you pass by Camels you have slipped
by your smoke signals!
Tried to get Ratty to put, some of that
sales talk on paper, but hetame back: "You
.tell 'em, old kettle you've got the spout!
Pete. Camels won Ratty's favor like they've
won thousands of others! They'll win- any
man who gives them a chancel
i a iaaj $
f V
Tiyfioroi .
North Dakota-
South Dakota..
fit 5. Dfwtmmt f ApiaOtmn
l 7S
fast ewAra
The distribution service of the StarMard 03
Company (Indiana) brings petroleum products
quickly and cheaply to the farm when they
- - It is the plan of this Cceapany to make fas
ciatribotion faciltties tbe most perfect system
of its kind in the world, To do this, largely
increased equipment is being inatalled. To
. supply tins vast network of stations, trncka, -tank
wagons, etc the MariofacTnrmg Depart
- meat is tending its eneigies to devise means
" facprodod
. gsaoMpa from the crude oa! obtsmable. ancf at
the earnr time to keep users of other products
of petroafium aoppned with their needs.
Sicrdcrd Ofl Ccr?ay
- (aaWsa) '
910 Saw Ificlagaa Avsw ChicmQ. Biswis
xfi) 8 Wl
7.fJ'JS X II Skffled labor is not required to lay it properly. I
MYP Y 1 You
w ii n i all
U Z A of such men.
m fAL(sl II In addftion, Certain-teed roofing is weather. I
tit it,l
Certain-tesd Rt
Costs Less to
date the low cost and ocarve-Certain-teed
Dot required to lay it ptmst!y.
cf tbe expense of hiring tramad
But this is only one of the Certain-teed econo
mies. , It also costs leas to buy and less to
maintain than any other type of good roofing.
In addftion, Certain-teed roofing is
proof, fire-retarding and spark-proof. It is .
guaranteed for five, ten or fifteen years, so
carding to weight Experience proves that it
asuafly outlasts its guarantee by years of satis
factory service.
See your dealer about Certain-teed Roofing,
If he can't fill your entire order from stock, be
can get what you want quickly from nearby
Certain-teed distributing center.
Certain-teed Products Corporation
Gaooral Offices, Saint Levis
Officio oaS WonhooMO hi Priaciaol CioSoo
Certain-teed Products
For Sale By '
THE WHITE YARD, Davenport, Iowa.

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