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your skmh
'.r 1 "1 T, hr. V' " ' y ' V " , -.t.V . . . ' '- . f " ' ' ' .1-1. 7 11 - ji.
DO YOU ever! feel dbsitisflcd with year
appcarence-wish ffaiiorHfaatweredifterent,
cad lens to chsnie it? .
One thing you cai change end that is your skin.
Any irl csn iniorove her eppesursnce by improv
ing her complexion With the right care you
can mske your skjn so lovely in it3 softness, its
smooth, fine texture snd brilliant color, that it will
outweigh almost any other advantage you could
Remember that your akin changes in apite of
you. Each day old skirr'dies and new skin takes
its place. No matter what defects your completion
has suffered from in the past by regular treat
ment you can give this new akin the loveliness
and charm it should have. -
Read the four treatments given on this page.
Each one of them tells you some special way of
improving; your complexion. If your skin is too
oily you can make it smoother and drier by using
the famous Woodbury treatment given here. If you
are troubled witir , blemishes with conspicuous
nose pores use the special treatment indicated
for your condition, and see how quickly your skin
gains the clearness it has lacked. Is your com
plexion pale and sallow? By the new steam
treatment jrou can make it glow with radiant color.
1 Don't neglect your skin begin today to make
it as smooth, dear, and flawless as it should be.
In the famous booklet wrapped around each cake
of Woodbury's Facial Soap, you will find not only
the four treatments . given here but additional
treatments for all the commoner skin troubles. " ,
Find the treatment your individual type of skin
demands, and begin Using it tonight -
1 , .The very first treatment wh Woodbury's will
leave your skin with a slightly drawn, tight feel
ing. This craly means that your skin is responding
to a more thorough and stimulating kind of cleans
ing than it has been accustomed to. After a few v
treatments this drawn sensation will disappear, and
your skin will emerge with such a soft, clean, ,
healthful feeling, that you will never again want
to use- any other method of cleansing your face.
Woodbury's Facial Soap, is on sale at all drug
stores and toilet goods counters in the United
States and Canada. The famous booklet of treat
ments, is wrapped around each cake. Get a cake
today and begin your treatment tonight A 25
cent cake lasts for a month or six weeks of any
treatment orpr general cleansing use.
j . 1
Sample calce of soap, booklet of famous treatments,
How to cot fid ffcm
Tint deanse yoor skin tborootfaly bj wishing it ia yoitf
usual way with Woodbury's Facial Soap and warm water.
Wipe off the aoiphw moiature, but leave &e akin alifhtly
damp. Now with warm water work up a beary lather of
Woodbury's Fadal Soap in your hands. ' Apply it to your
face and rob it into the pores thorootfJy always with aa
upward and outward tnotkn. Rinsewitfawann water, then
with cold the colder the better. Jf possible, rub your face
for a few minutes with a piece of iee.
This treatment win make your ska fresher and deajer
thefirst time you use it. Ifake ft a nightly habit, and be
fore long you will eee a marked improvement promise
of that lovelier complexion which the steady oe of Wood
bury's ahrays
and samples of Woodbury's Facial Powder, Facial '
Cream rand Cold Cream sent to you for 15 cents.
For eVcents, we will send you a trial size cake (enough
for a week or ten days of any Woodbury treatment)
together with the booklet of treatments, "A Skin You
Love to ouch." Or for 15 cents we will send you the
treatmenbooklet and samples of Woodbury's Field
Soap, Facial Powder, Facial Cream and "Gold Cream.
Address -The Andrew Jergens Co., 000 Spring Grove
Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.
It you lir9 in Canada, addraas The Andrew .
Jergens Co., Litnitcd, 000 Sherbroobo Si., Perth,
' - K s J - c. -
How to reduce them
' Dip a doth in very hot water; lather it with Woodbury's
Facial Soap, then hold it to your face. When the heat ' '
l has expanded the pores, rub in very gently a fresh lather -of
Woodbury's. Repeat this hot water and lather ap
plication several times, stopping at once if your nose
feels sensitive. Finish by rubbing the nose for thirty
seconds with a lump of ice.
Do not expect to change in a week aa condition result
ing from long neglect. But use this treatment persist
until they are inconspicuous.
: How to get rid of them
Just before retiring, wash in your usual way wrtii
water and Woodbury's Facial Soap and then dry you
face. Mow dip the tips of your fingers m warm water
and rub them on the cake of Woodbury's until they
are covered with a heavy, cream-like lather. . . Cover
each blemish with a thick coat of this soap cream and
leave it on for ten minutes. Then rinse very carefully,:
, first with dear, hot water, then with cold. ;, '
' The regular use of Woodbury's to deeming ;youf
skin win discourage the tendency for! new blemishes
-to forra . ' . r- ' :
The booktat oontainht4 the
tamotm Woodbury tnmtattnta
emkm of Woodhorr't Facimt Soao.
Wmi the treatment tor yeut
The new steam treatment f &em
Otm t in niahta a week, fill your wash
boffin; hot. Bend over the top of die bowl and cover your head end
the beam with a neevy Data towel, so issvan-eaaui can escape,
Cteam your face for thirty seconds. ,ny . wii'
! Now lather a hot doth with Woodbury's Facial 8oap. With tins,
wash your nee tborongbly, rubbing the lather well into the skia
, wo an upwaH and outward motion. Then rinse the skin weu, first
with warm water, then with cold, and firh by Tfitbmg.it for thirty
. secoads wtt a piece of fc. . ' . .
The odwr nights of the week, wash yottr Ceos thoroughly in ths
TToodbury way, with Woodbury's Facial Soapand warm water,
ttaswitiia dash of cold wateri l' ; , .: ' ;
Tlsfjerytbjwyatfjpae tSiis trtatmeri yow stln w3 pa bv
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