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Ml JUL v..J V . I
f fwtfcm Tss tt E
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rjCaasrfaj. -
imI otv supervisors ' this
'Hi VI )
Tin. i ct
- -i;-:. tl' -prf.lv!
V a rt T i troiL
Ws to eUtro Co
Walsh ail that n m tt tafc at
that Unas aims Ttthtr tkwt hat has
not followed attssrtaiiav tha aw.
ee uw win oi las
anthonaeu iawow iAp
. a MOW tW CjeiOgaiSS UXHB
j the wmkHi to attend the
iiaTthe Untorattr t III
vOet, 1. J sad The action
takes noon auction of Super
- . M.( - " IV -
afflfu mTnanoB
-a tat moTcment. - -
1 mi acned that Rock lataad
ad iheold not oa toand lackinc
t "7 alY rnurttlir in UlD that ttT hT. baa.
-- ?! '."IJ! pn, riiowad that W toJZk
v"v "-tt at t&nai wnlla flia other two era.
tn tod thcmsalTM wtta a tika nom-
Dor 01 Imaginary aapportara
twean them.
': Tha Totinc ltota
by tha Jodfts. .
Tartt-Threa tadna ta tha la-
hud. of Martiaiova 4rart alactad a-
eeaUy ay majorttlaa thai tar
eeaded tha nnaabar of roUra la eir-
tor Ute
aa hy tha trio of
ZaaaQI aad Maa Qraca Wanr oa
Oct It, ara mow ta tha hand of
tha hoard aad OMmhara of tha Tri
CUy Maatnl aaaoclBtVw.' which la
hriat tha thraa aotad atogm to
Rock Ialaad. Tha ooaeart wfll ba
at tha Aagaataaa eoHoga
" to all boarda. . ;
Tha conference will dlaenaa plana
mi dar conference at the
astr aMt'of all countlea ta 11H-)
' during the first halt of Do
; aaoar. : The plana hare the en
i Moment of Chamber ot. Com-
ajica, Rotary clubs and other cine
astjoa ot the board today were 'of
1 natine nature. '
, Chteato, Sept 22 In a atatement
tened today in a reply to the con
- , r a-V
They An Also Eatfar Rich Pastry
aaa lugaiy seaaaaeer Feeda
That Call for StaarTg Dys
pepsia TaMeta.
la the big, palatial reataarasta of
the large crtiea their principal pa-
tronace cornea front' tha out-of-
town risltore. No lunch counter
mi h Sick TO
hljarian BW Tea
Hnndreds of thousands of auffer-
from stomach, bowel, blood and
1 Itwmatic ailments hare been hen
V ettad and made healthy and happy
mm mn.a fpnm 1nat nnt trial ni1r.
Kt of this remarkable pure herb
ttparatlon. For constipation, gick
havlache, loat appetite, aleepleaa
ism, biliousness, lirer, blood ' and
tkhwy troubles, no remedy can
eoapare with Bulgarian Blood Tea.
Irary family should have a pack-
aft always on hand to protect the
bally health. To assist nature to
Ull a cold take-It steaming hot, add
a little lemon Juice. Guad against cause acidity with sour risings,
talMnza, grip and pneumonia. Ask gassinesa, a feeling of fullness and
sandwiches for them. They like
the entrees, salad, rich pastry and
a cup of black coffee with rich
cream. This combination is likely
to orercrowd the stomach, to
your druggist or grocer today.
j kt. Davenport .Office
TlTery Saturday, Monday and
' Dr. W. O. Coffee, the oculist and
aarist Is in hia Davenport offices
Sataiday, Monday aad Tuesday of
euh week In the First National
auk building, fhone Davenport
1114. Hours from 9 a. m. to 3:30
a n. Practice limited to the treat-
Mat ot all eye diseases, falling
dttt, deafness, impaired hearing,
awd noises, ulcere of the ears, ca-
mrrli ot the nose, head, throat and
BDjuei. He treats catarrh aa a
ewtitutioDal condition as well as
'a local disease. He treats enlarged
wills without a surgical operation
tad says many cases of partial
oUndnesa can be restored without
aa operation by hia special non
eutical method. He straightens
'nts-eyea by his special method,
anally at one visit. He removes
tenolds, polypus tumors of the
m without chloroform and pa-
uasta return home without danger.
Bt has treated eye, ear, nose and
ftmat diseases for 38 years. Dr.
teftM is in hia Peoria offices at 309
south Jefferson street all the rest
at the time he is not in Davennort
litter see him about your case be
tes submitting to an operation.
Bis zperienco in treating thou
euds of cases makes it possible for
ant to give relief many times when
, Ihtrs would fail. Many operations
not necessary.
other such distresses due to'indl
gestlon or dyspepsia. Wherever
you go in any city in the U. S. or
Canada you will find Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets on sale at 60 cents
a box.: Take one or- two after eat
ing as they relieve the acid atom
ach and at the same time helpdi-
gest the food. (Adv.)
Xaagl, Crarpl aaaj; Oaee gMr
caaearttoha gt-
artitta taithrj
MriKers and Breakers
Thia la the flrat of a aeries of art-
leta to he heweght to the three cMee
durlag the winter asontba by the
u LassarL contralto and
Zanaili. baritone, are known hare,
aad win be greeted enthasiasticsUry
oa the wonderful impression made
last season whoa they appeared
with the Metropolitan quartet Miss
Wagner, however, is now here, btft
local followers havs heard of her
necesses throughout the
mostly in the east' The
trio la to be accompanied or Frank
iAFOrge, a pianist, -whoae reputa
tioa Is his lntrodnction. He will
give aeveral solo nambers on the
To whiem chua do yen hetong?
Are yoa.a saaher os a btsakerT la
a broad way. paopla may be divided
Into these two classes, with a lot
left over who haveat ginger enough
to get into either class. ;
There are the makera. They are1
the people who put things across.
They are the' promoters, the pio
neers, the path-finders and road
builders, v Thiy drem dreams aad
see vlstons, and then they get busy.
They throw out a line of positive
energy, and, when .they go on, they
leave something behind them. They
make an institution, a town, an age.
They make men. . They touch their
fellows with an electric contact,
and evoke. "They are dynamic. It
la a graat thing to ho a Banker, to
trek ia Us wake of divinity, to look
oat oa caoaa, as oou dM, at dawn,
aad any: "Let he!" . t
Then there are tha breakers. Taer
are the people wad pile things ia
the way. They depress aad dis
courage and tear down. They can
scent anything that is wrong, aad
there to always something wrong:
They have the critical instinct ab
normally developed. 8ach people
can ruin any enterprise. They can
spoil any picnic They can break
up any Eden. They stop progress
sna prevent enterprise. They par
alyse faith and dlscredjt hope. They
ar the butchers ot dvUlsaOon.
If I cannot build up. God forbid
that I should tear down! If I can
not make the day brighter and the
way easier for some fellow-traveler,
I have missed my chance.
0bsM& flf a-0Vltt 1
.Discover Weak
Spots, . .
Is to
. Moscow, Sept 22. (Soviet Official
Wireless.) Wireless instructions
"to all political sections" have gone
forth from the bolshevik central
committee here that an all-Russian
census is to be taken, which, tt la
explained, "is essential with a view
to discovering the weak, places in
the soviet social fabric and to re
lieving sack others want aad dlsor-
"As ta private property, the cir
cular aaos, "so in the property of
the whole state, each JadiTidaal
part depends oa the other parts."
"Latterly the decree proceeds.
"the tow populations have move,
la large numbers to the country.
Regarding the workers, tradesmen
and specialists, we do not know
how many there are, nor where
cover and reckon up this working j
force. When this is done, there
will be a possibility of correctly
distributing them'. ;
It is further explained that a
census of children is necessary in
order to know how many schools.
kindergartens and creches should
be opened. The illiterate must he
Mrs. Dora E. Hlnsberger, age 52,
702 Fifth street, broke a large bone
in her left leg at 8 o'clock last
evening When she fell on the cellar
steps at her home. Dr. Joseph De
Silva attended her. -
Licensed to Wgd ! J
Rudolph J. Peterhoff ....... MoUne
Ruth Willis Louisville, Ky.
Arthur A. Aldeno ........ ..Moiine
Ehnma Anderegg . . . .Rock Island
Jamea L. McNamara
Washington, D. C
Norma Josephson . .Molina
Harry E. Hlnes Muscatine
Mildred A. Brown Muscatine
The Bee Hive Features Gat"
ments That are Practical and
Serviceable As Well As Smart
and Fashionable
v We exercise tKe utmost care to maintain our reputation for
wsJuefull merchandise choosing the most desirable styles,
minus the most extreme features. Such garments are correct
when you buy and equally presentable afterwards. It means that
you always obtain more than one season's wear. Isn't this the
sort of walue that appeals to your sense of real economy? .
Coughs ad Colds
Catarrh, Croup, Sore
Throat Banished By
v Hyo'mei '
he senna of aurrh do not exist la
the ume otmoapbera ' with snttnpU
Hyomet (pronounce it tllfn-o-rae ) .
Breathe Hromet and relief from catarrh.
concha, aore throat or cols will coma ia
two minutes. '
Breathe Hjromei and that otoouch
ttrainiuc hawklna; in the morning will
quickly disappear.
Breathe Hromet and kin tha catarrh
renna: heal the inflamed membrane, atop
the diseharro of araeua aad pf rent ornate
lrom f amine tat the nose. '
Breathe Hjromei tor a few minutee each
day and rid yourself of conUmoUble ca
tarrh. Breaths Hyomel ti i It faithful trial
and theoif rou an not, titlinwl. you can
have tout aoaar back
Hromei le sold , by
It relieves stomach misery, sour
stomach, belching and U stomach
disease or money back. Large box
ot tablets at all druggists in alii
J ; - ' - ' J
"Look Up"
5,000 In the Air At One Time
The Rock Island pair of Pigeons In the great Intertiational
will be released by Mayor Schrlver from the Rexall store on
th corner of Seventeenth street and Second arcane, Satur
day morning. Sept, 25, St 10 o'clock. .
They will carry a message from the mayor to the gov
ernor of Missouri, v-
At the same hour 5.000 other pigeons will be released
from Rexall stores all over the country. They have all bees
In training in St Louis for the past year. Bo at the store
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock to see the start of this great
race. ' . .1 -
A prite of $3.00 worth of Kodak Finishing or Supplies
will be given for the best picture of the Pigeons, as they
are put to flight ':
. Answering the popular demand this week with - -
Stunning New Serge and Tricotine
- Wear
Carefully; selected from New
York's' leading makers come
these new. dresses with all the
charming new style features of
the season. Plain tailored mod
els most attractive in their
straight-line simplicity; others
with tunics, and panels elab
orately trimmed with golden em
broideries and beading. .
$20 $25
A Most Interesting Showing
of Black Satin Dresses Included in These Four Price Croups
regiatared ia order to kaow J
there are sway, aad to asasi A.
artthore. OW. crippled aad Itt--;
wise disabled people aiast kltir
Istered ao aa to know how tt r
be asststad. aad how to prc.- L
them. : , ' ... .
Agricultural ; returns , y. U
ao as to know the -
people working oa the land; wheOv
or they are provided for. what taey
are eslUvating jwd where, Care
art waste and uncultivated, leads.
It will then be clear where hat)
must he sent, what seeds and ssa
chinery mast - be ordered ftoss
abroad, how mack cattle ia awees
saryv etc aad the same apoUfarfa
factories, mines aad all industrial
plants. The point is to diacovsrtte
weak spots, and how they may-be
healed, says the circular, , -rc
Hot water
Sure Relief
One Bushel Pears
i 10ib. Sugar 1
(Pure Cane Granulated) ! IftJL
Plenty of Sugar and Fruit Jars
Phone R. L 2107 ; "
More New Suifs
37.50 47.50 57.50
Getting right down to the matter
of dollars and cents value, compare
these suits with any youll find else
where at these prices. We know'
this that women are this season
demanding the utmostin style and
value their money will bring, and
these are the sort of suits that satisfy.
Surprising Coat
Values, $20 to $7 5
That good coats can be had this
season at reasonable prices is em
phasized by the many smart mod
els we are showing within this
price range. ; Of splendid materials
and showing a perfection of finish
and workmanship unexpected at
these pnees.
Corner Second and Brady
Shirts of Stunning Plaids
Stare e i
fad Ara, 17ak tt.
17 .
So many different kinds of plaids and
so many different sorts and combinations
of colors. Some have accordion pleats
manyt are box . pleated and of course
there are also some without pleats. -
$25 . $17.50 $25
Velour Chech and
Wool Serge Shirts
at $5.75
A group of new skirts that deserve spe
cial mention as an example of the moder
ate pricing in1 this department Splendid
wool fabrics in smart, P9
SaSrfS8 dther
pteatea or piam. - -
:Jln :A II Ms Splendor
Staged at The Bon Ton H
A Large Selection of
Smart Dress and Street Hats
featuring. Velvet and Plush, black predominating; also the
newest combinations of colors: "Henna "Copper," "Rust,"
"Orange," "Marine blue," "Pheasant," "Negre Brown" and
navy., .,' '. . . , r J
Trimmings are mostly of uncurled ostrich, "Jet," "Coque"
and French Ostrich Tips and Plumes; also chinex and oriental
ornaments. Thousands to select from. ,-' -
338 i 50.00
tThe Bee Hive, Ddvsnport
Special Thursday
300 Trimmed Hats, Values
Up to $10.00
o o
. . . - - .'
50 different styles for women
and children tomorrow,
to 10.00
Feather Hats
Tomorrow -
Watch!!! For the Opening Day
of Our 20 New Departments :
To Be Announced in a Few Days
Srd aad Brady,
W. tad 81.
Vtfa,sWmW sVwWWtrsfs

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