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, will! I1"!1 1 iiililV.ip" S ' " .
a" -iMHBsnEBSsnBE)Baa
XmHm mtmmif te' Ua aaaa CSlaueue to
(U Mnl ewaes wesafs.- .
nnlfffli srs keeping bney P
trtTTT -Of ltMM CtSMM BVCto
. ;. Sfcss feas
,Jt o lt MA thaa la ssjesr swgfcpa
f C svjstft- JiBei,trsetttsu to
ts attM ' tola farts, v.
V rotors ttiw.WtiwJi
3Ur Jet3fMfwoM
3 gvar. Tb AMrtm art rtmt
la s to to poUses felwf tefr srefsTeaoe
far iltsl iFsttosnttol aHU n4 Wtfl the
J augment of ths eOustry hM bw tohas, tto
sgaitiaorit abuld gtoa W MMI
to tt feganses gpswrsstont. .
vttk Tokt should to earrted
along U3ttl after the etocttea sad the sueoess
fsl waStoto sbsuU then to lwnttM to tore
part to detersatotog ttopoliey to be pursued.
Amartoamast elttomtelr accept the prteetoto
of jUMito to foreign affairs and so Mtor
opprtesJw tor.insagureuag this poller h
MottottoM wtttcMMV'- , ; '. 5-
Bwvbiica or Itooortl, tow of'te bo
faea la Atowieaa poller to Tltol InUma
tioud tuwttkau, it t VMtol Itato to going
to ment naiud front to tto foriMga .affair.
A country dMdod at bato nnnot 1m tncoaatfal
tofondlto ova .boidorai
ftiantt to Matoa,
r&'a iufa doing; oanatog to Lm Jkn-
lr f lraolo plato to mow oat on
' ' Weaa toMgine that own too ttrndag oC a
CatoV'Dakoa a New York banktr JumBtaoM
bard coal miner will not conrlnoa tat
franfia that 41 a not a ttrlke. but meroly a
taxation." Thy aattoVaent one Moronlr
Mtuicarl 'p. 1.-' r "
",f Bock Intend la today honored by UHt preo
aaca of 2N riattlng ltoaoa here to attend the
. aumai graad oonTocation of the Illinois gran
I ooMdl of Royal and JUct ltaatom ot too
Haeonte order. The city well rememhere 1U-I
! aleunre is eDtartainlnc the KnicnU Tern Max
to the early part of too month, and It ooonid
era itaelf doubly fortunate to be hoau te an
other group of tola order wlUin ao ahort a
A Clow at Americev '
Sweet and hia reacUoaary ooi-
leagnea for too aacond time within a year hare
euited the SoolalltU from their aeaU la the
Kew Tok aaaeaably- The aetien eamea eloae
upon the reeleeUoo of ttae man by lnreaaed
majortttoa to each of their dUtrloto and tola in
face of the faaton of the Republican and Demo
cratic party organlaationa. y ' V
They have once more dealt a blow at
Amerjfa and American instltutiona and hr Utelr
steam-roller methods hare defeated the will of
the people of these nre New York districts that
Uey be represented by Socialietet
Snch action tends to defeat ita own and.
It strengthens the arguments of the discon
tented, the disloyalists, the bolsheviks, and It
a eakaaa the cause of Americanism.
We do not defend the-acts or words of these
Sodaliato, but we do defend the right of toe
people of New York to be represented by the
men whom they bare duly chosen by the pro
cess ot selection as prescribed by American
law. -
I;' A grand Jury was convened In Chicago to
!,6ay V Investigate charges that major toagoe
! baseball games have been "fixed" by gamblers
; and that large sums ot money have been won
tad lost throagh irregular manipulations. The
charges are the moat serious that can be made
aaniast the game and If It is to continue to en
Joy ita present popularity and success. It moat
wtiafeetlon nf tha aort-loviaa' iMlt -i
una, van n, ivvs
etfeBea. to fact, wa feel anawtullMoW
Us eoL eosdactoa. Thta wa toot tho urge "
ivvnuk uwq
And' eeoatime wd succumb
Ta that feU ufae. Basalt; oar Dae an bus
Our roaaars anaxo uwi oaaan m p7
t f
That Wrd has gea to pot.
He each to can that
That Jtavau bunt and give u funmataff!"
Yep. that's tho way they feel toward a bard J
. 8aJ feuera, ant lire aarur -
Bassathmoa. blroan. I think
Our Joba u wanten wast of printer's ink; ; -SometJsaM
I think nobody giTea a dam ,
For vam or epigram. - ,S
' - , -fl
For eomettai we indttd '
A naraaranh that brings US keen delight;
Then othersjread it and they frown, b'Jinf!J
0 Death, where IS tny sung:
Then-hls to stranger still
A wheeze we fashion minus care or skill
Vina, wild acclaim and they, hilarious.
Gasp, "Oh, the funny cusa!"
f I tla IK TlTrHI
"TulaUoa and a
i - -
Better Hakes..
For nearly four hundred years married men
fiave referred to their wires as their better.
! halves. And with good reason; no doubt.
. Bat it is intehaeting to know Just when this
I colloquialism for wife -made its , appearance,
j Bookish people declare that the phrase is ant
found in English literature at least in Sidney's
j'Urcadla.' That is a publication of the six
;Uenth century. ' . ' , -.'v.. ,. '
i Here, Angus aaya to Parthenia: "My dekre,
lay better halts, I find that I must now Mare
thee.-' : - a , ?'' " , ,.
j The compliment on the part of Wend hus
band mast hare made the parting on the part
jet the missus, leas painfeL But ; seriously,
where is the mas who will gainsay what the
iahrewd Sidney started ao many generations
f ' II
For a Continuous 'Foreign Policy.
Negotiations are said to be is progress be
tween the state department and Japan relative
to settling several points in dispute between
The Crime of Violence. ' .
The Wallatreet -explosion has much more
serious implications for America than the mere
fact which it reveals of the continued activities
of a small body of craasd aad embittered out
taws la the midst ot tho citissnsbip. '
It the explosion was actually the result of a
boms plot, it adds simply one more proof of
the futility of violence to accomplish' the re
sults which: Its authors-might be supposed to
be aistfag tor. j.- '. -f . . . '
' The mors eriou's fact about such occur
rences la the tremendous handicap they place
ou the libersl sad progressive forces la the
nation who are seeking fundamental economic
and political changes by constitutional and
lawful moans. .Such men and movements'sTe
always attacked as "radical,'' "socialistic," "an
archistic," and more lately "bolshevistic.''
-Any group which resorts to Slolenoe
strengthens the hands of the reactionary and
makes tho taatTof the liberal and- progressive
hardsr. - -i ' . .
The man in the street hears the Non-Parti-aan
kwgos speaker denounce tho Dpsratiosa of
"tig bis" and "Wall street" Row comes an
explosion in front ot the Morgan offlcea in Wall
street Presto! , 'Tho connection between aa
archlsm and the Moa-Partlsaas la established
in ths mind of the unthinking.
, Tho single taxer talks of ths power of con
centrated wealth. Wall street again.
And ao it goes. , , r
Violence begets violence. It wfll not be
aurpristag If the whole' series of raids, arrests,
deporuttoss, searoalngs, "asU-rsd drives,"
creasing up or political meetings, and ao on.
begins again. ".
la rants
las rrrn
tain that hs oaa, sat thesssrs Urn
sad hot vsjt wen iafonaad cos
msa aaetsasussB, ths
of Ufa, Oood health is
mors thaa mars to
porary frsssoa. trato illness; , by
good health we mean "feeing bul
ly." Undine Joy to mere sxlstsnce.
r lias to dsm us sedentary
auufrcoaala who sever takes any
sxsretos pot enjoys good health, fox
for hw deiactattos. a lot of A. Ho. 1
symptoms h nerer reatued he had.
a oertain amount or muscular sx
day seams to be
f generally best
wataS mr daily
Wast the tired mstabollsm sseda is
and? la Uttla mors oaTgaav sod ths way
fto absorb that is py means oi gon-
sral sxsrclss, . . -.r
tial la matotoiatog an sfllaisat sir-
LILLIAN KUSSELL called on Warren Gam
aliel Harding in Marion. Ohio, yesterday. Mr.
Hardins in the versatile gentleman who, accord
ing to Critic Cox, has played sight different
narto i the League of Nations drama. That al
leged histrionic talent doubtless endears him
to tne Thespian nean or suss jiosaeu.
Btesajsi," (With toe Exception of too Straw
Bat) It Himself Agala." - .
(From a United Press dispatch). -'
As the convention adjourned Richard
-Yates, nominated for congressman-at-large.
drove up in a spring wagon. Hs
wore a straw hat and a smile. He waai
v given a vociferous welcome and mads a
short speech while standing on the teat
' of the wagon,
"THE Lork Mayor of ork,M as ths Washing
ton Times calls him, has probably fallen from
the good graces of the Sunday editor of the
Chicago Tribune by his persistent hold on lire.
Y'see, the Trib's rotogravure spread of the
MacSwiney family tost Sunday, with ita accom
panying comment, had been arrangea on the
assumption of "was" instead of "is," '
W-eJl, la This Cass It's ths Little
Knocks That Count
(From The Argus).
. . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Knock wfll
make their home In Kewanee, where1 Mr.
Knock to employed at the Kewane Boiler
vcompsny. ,
"WHY," whys an Inquisltlvs" eoileague,
"does ths sign in the street car shore the mo
te nnan-read? 'Safety First! Don t Talk to
the Motortoaa't The motorman," hs protests,
"is not at all dangerous; perfectly harmless;
wont bits or scratcn." : , . , -
' Whispers. , 5 .'
M. F. H.: One mustn't even hint at rime in
vers lihre. That were sacrilege Indeed!
A. B.; We Join with you in hoping Tom is
satisfied, satisfaction la so difficult of attain
ment la it not? , .
' lemtoWassWho.
(From the Oalesbnrg Republican-Register) .
Mrs. Lutes, the bride in this event is .
the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Algol
- Anderson.
Mrs. Lutes, the groom, la the eldest
son of Mrs. Frank McDowell of Victoria,
. 111. V k - m . ' V-
costnlete bomhastion ta ths body.
It may be true that with s good
running start an lodividusJ can get
along lor months or even years
without any exercise at all, and
without calling in a
nurse. But that individual does not
enjoy good health, and hia inactive
la prow sure to fail
hint at the first emergency, for in
stance an acuta Illness like pneu
monia which plaees a sudden strain
on metabolism.
On the other hand, it is exceed!
lngly unscientific to look npon ex
ercise as a cure-all. Exercise is a
potent remedy, but at the same
time a two-edged weapon capable
of doing serious harm in various
disease conditions. It is the height
of nonsense to imagine that extra
ordinary muscular -development
makes one stronger in resistance to
disease, for it rather tends to4imIn-
ish resistance. The freak develop
ment many uninformed young per
sons acquire tsrough "physical
culture" not only adds nothing to
physical health but what is more
striking, it does not increase endur
ance or agility in athletic contests.
"Physical culture" development
never wins a race; it fits the cred-
uloss young person only to pose
ror treax pictures.
The purpose of dally exercise for
the sedentary individual to sot the
development of enormous muscles,
for that would prove a handicap ta
every way. The purpose to merely
tne improvement or circulation and
metabolism. Indeed the aedentsrH
man or woman taking exercise for
the sake of enjoying health should
eschew anything resembling extra
ordinary muscular development as
snhealtM ui, and strive rather to ac
quire that normal muscular tone ot
the whole body which insures good
posture and good carriage and pre
vents tne numerous ailments and
weaknesses attributable to faulty
posture. - x
Brain-fag, that tired feeling.
jumpy nerves, and the various mani
festations which are hypothetical!
v poimsrmcAtuAiGNs.
Wf-f - I "I L I II II . I . , . M ;,
Lr Hm MurirhunX'.nwfcirA-CSaij Race of 1
SOMKWHBRE we read ths other day ths
question: Why are pants a "pair" of pants?
way not jusv a pantr we dont know, but
weii obuuuub jo wear pants ana sot "just a
pant" union Dick Yates, we're not running si
large tar congress or anytning else.
THE price of llsxtes ssd henrra la Wlr tn
the pre-war status, thanks to the princely gen-
erosiiy ui mr. rwu. , lie ougnt to be a king.
; LETS crown him "Henry the Fordth"!
v . . R-.ELMU
' ' Wf Mht aartos Kfdsl Frest -'
(Copyright 1120, by ths Inter
i ; national Syndicate.)
I The little while bungalow stood
&elf-hldden by tress at the edge of
jtae wsod. In front roses grew
.wild and at one aide s haav
tmsck hung, invitingly, beneath two
spreading oaks. Vary attractive
t looked to the stranger toiling up
the path In ths July heat
i : Around the corner earns a young
.woman In pink morning dress sad
say from beneath which peeped tit
tle taodrila of golden hair. -
"Were you looking for ths Wor
Ithtogtonsr shs asked, going down
las path to most the traveler.
; "Yea, I am Mr. Wortotogton'a
Mother. Kindly ten your mistress
X lnvs ejrlvsd." "
S"Mra; Worthtngtoa to out mad-J
baa." and she led the way to ths
pretty Jiving room. j
i "I've ooms from Vermont" said
thw guest wesruy. "I am tired aad
fjUnalts teaa remedied." 1101101
ths mAht "Let me take your
yrspcthen yos stt in this big chair
aad jke yosrselt comfortable
Jsafi get yoa sarseailng to eat"
i ndegaa apesdily setting the
Ktotog' room tshie; then ta a short
law: '; V :-v -
. - .. 1
I TBMtjasos,.
vwtl". aald the wearv
Uaaasy brtghtssing at ths tempt,
lac iwrtotxisamsB chicken, maas.
,tositea.-. , .-
f it tldea 70a credit" she said
titer the meaL "Are yoa the
ee, madam; aad isnsral tnsid,
but I etoep st boms, alghts.-
"Thafs laekr. TBS house does
Jook-large enough to sceommo-
assis, Wast la yos asmer
"Thes, Rose, it you don't mind.
I am going to lis down awhile." 1
"That will be nice, madam, sad
perhaps you caa sleep. The llflng
room is very comfortable, and I will
apread aa afghan over you. Mrs.
Worthlngton will be homo to din
ner, aad her husband, too. We hare
ltst:P0- v ,
"Shs is s jewel." mssai the guest
as shs lay watching Rose clearing
thstabto. ''She reminds ass of ths
old song. 'O tell me, pretty maiden,
are there say more st horns like
yos? 6hs Is too cultured for a
household drudge."
As shs washed ths dishes Ross
began to slag. It was just s popu
lar air, but the voice, so soft and
soothtog, had ths effect of a lulla
by. .:r,--v - '-.v :?.
Whoa Mrs. WoVtatngtsa awoke,
Ross was sitting st a tabls mend
ing. .. . . .
"Ton have had a good rest' She
smiled. "Do you reel better r
"Very nraoh, thaak you. What
urns to ttr
"Four o'clock. Almost tome for
me to be thmktog ot dinner."
The visitor drew a chair up be
side her. ., "Do you have to am
too?" aha asked smpathetlcatly.
"Why, I like tt" and Rose fitted
the heel of a silk stocking over A
china egg: .
"But what does my. son's
dot 4 shoulda t thmk there would
be any work leftr -
"Shs keeps the house.
bus is a assy
"to she wholly tepoesftler
"Impossible, aadaael. la
"What at Itr
"Oh. yoa dont
Mrs. Wcsthtngtoa wnrag her asses.
aajaaiy asa!sdae pa amrrtilia
i,wi"aaiii 1 1 Ni.u,i-Msvn.'-'-------. jmr'-i-.
woman of that type. I said I would
never own her, and I meant it; hut
oh. I am so lonely, sad I want my
boy ao! I Just had to come here
"Perhaps you wfll like vast
daughter- interposed Rose.
! She stole eav bov. aaA
I oant fontos that U would mea
have beaa estte as had . if she had
had been a star; but a poor little
low-dowa actress that palata her
toes aad smokes . , "
"She does neither,' interrupted
Ross. "Nor wss she s low-down
actress, I happen to know that aha
was Us leading lady to a fine stock
they argued while Rose
staunchly defended young Mrs.
Worthlngton. At length her work
took -her to the kitchen, sad her
guest stationed herself st ths win
dow to watch for her idoL
Boon she saw ami comlnx down
ths street la soother moment he
does this meaar she casned. "un,
ami emus .
pwnra of your
wife's maid dossto your heartr
-Tnere, mother, ws d i. .
maM. That to Xllsabath h.if -
"But, aha said shs did ths work!"
-Shs does.'
"And that aha
"Very true." f
"And she told ms JUsabata was
aJWhere was sjs when shs said
alept at
Mr tour to 15 months old and . I
aaaaaae aha eosht to ba taking
mua rrom -a cap. insissw h wi
hottto sow. But shs refuses to do
so. How csa I make her take tt
fromaoupT - (Mrs. B, D.) '
, Answer A baby ahooid he taught
to drink water from a cup by the
time shs to six months old. -Tour
baby will take ths auik from we
cup If you take the bottle away ones
sad for alt aad simply fight the
battle oat with her until shs eoa-
eladea that ahe to going to save
pretty poor picking unless she takes
food from the cup.
So tUM oa las ansr.
Ws have Ws children, ranging
la age tress two years to 14, and as
you mar Imagine, they tre pretty
hard oa butter, not to mention
sad things. Will yoa be gooa
enough to tell me the relative
nutritive values ot creamery batter.
dairy batter, vsgsteble otoovargar-
ine. ordinary oleomargarine anu
psaaut butter? tW. J. H.) -
Answer The state should pay
comfortable royalties to a family
like yours and collect the cost
from unmarried men of 30 or eider.
Creamery and dairy butter are
equally nutritious and wholesome,
We'll mark them 100. ordinary
margarine (made largely from ani
mal fate) would stand aoow ou.
Vegetable - margarine and peanut
butter each about 65. Ueacnortne
children drinks at least A pint of
fresh milk dally for the fat-soluble
and water-soluble vitamins or
growth-elements which fresh milk
contains it is immaterial whether
they have butter, animal or vege
table margarine or peanut butter
on their bread. Animal margarine
contains some vitamin, . but vege
table magarine contains practically
none. . About one-tenth of tne
weight of butter or of oleo as pur
chased to water, and about one
thirtieth of the weight of either is
salt. Butter fat is probably more
completely assimilated and utilized
in the body than the cocoanut oil
which constitutes three-fourths of
the vegetable margarine.
The Soda Habit
I hate found a teaspoonful of bi
carbonate of soda, dissolved In a
glass of water, three times a day,
before each., meal, beneficial in
treatment of sore and stiff knee
joints. How long may this be con
tinued without harmful results?
(Mrs. K. T. M.)
Answer Perhaps a week. Small
er doses of soda taken internally
for various purpose are usually
harmless, but yon are taking enough
to maintain alkaline urine reaction,
designated .t autointoxication, art) and that may rot be wise.
1 What's In A Name?
D iOaaii'sut. ltia. w a WhMhr SreAoi. W)
Beloved of the gods is the name
Zenaida. It comes from the ancient
Greek and means "daughter of
Zeus." Though it has belonged to
other than pagan deities and has at
no time named a saint It to very
popular in all European'countries,
especially among the Russians. Of
late years, France has made it one
of her favorite feminine names and
it has crossed the channel into Eng
land and thence to America.
Zenaida has a distinguished an-l
cestry which Includes the Isaunan
Emperor Zeno. - At the: beginning
of the fourth century, it suffered a
set-back te popularity since the
church forbade the bestowal of
names coming from heathen gods
But there was a. saint nameT Zeno,
BT ' I
martyred under Gellienus, who re
stored it to Christian nomenclature.
Of the feminine versions, there
hate been many beside Zenaida.
The brilliant Queen of Palmyra
waa named Zenobia. Her romantic
history, spread the use of all names
descending from Zeus. When she
waa brought a prisoner to Rome,
her name was perpetuated through
her daughtera and one descendant
the Bishop of Milan, carried the
name into England. ,
The star sapphire is Zenaida's
talismanlc gem. It is indeed fitting
to adorn one who belongs to the
gods. Ancient superstition claims
that good fortune of every kind
shall accompany the wearer ot the
star sapphire through life. Satur
day is her lucky day and 2 her
lucky number. r
! sArgus Inf onnation Bureau !
dams SBS aam ! nmm mm mn unmet, w b
conadMUUriipUM mm MS SliMt MeS ladiTfcfcuu.
e ear qvwtfaa by wrtttaf The Arro bhwa
v. v. m ran nana aai
it. All tanniitaa mmm
X swtitta will
"Out on the emeu
But her name " . . .
Oh. X ' ess.
was la bar arms.
"If this tout one grsad
he ejaculated when he could re
cover his breath. "I knew you'd
capitulate, motner, u you qnee
Elisabeth. Isnt she the dearest
thing? Dont yoa love her?"
"I dont know. Barts. BssSss
bees away all day. -Bat Roes-la a
treasure: ahs would make aa ideal
oompsaloa. Let mo know tt your
wits ever wants to give bar up."
"WaOT";v. - VV:' " . "
"Tap awls. Shs ass been so
thoughtful of my comfort aad
mads sss aata sack a pleaasat
"Who oa sarthl" Tbea Carle so.
gsa to laugh. "Has sheUgtaswa
eyes sad sotosa hstrT'ke askceV
- '."Of course. . 1 . - ; , -"la
thia her Ukenese" sad he
opened ato-wataV s-
Barely yoas
beta Rose
"Please forgive me," sad Svpenl.
teat little figure stolelnto
roam. Ths sink nn
of clinging white
nexertol with a silken sash? and la
ths sunny hair wss 4winesev spray
of wild rosea. "I thought you didnt
know, at first. I was JSUsaheuu
tost you might got to Uktox msa
little Dont you think you could."
shs pleaded, "whsa I wsatamotaesl
v nwa 1 suae is 1a ass ism. -.
Mrs. Worfhtngtoa. aenlar. hmM.
tated, then slowly, opening her
srmsshs drew the little creature
Taaa arr sea's wife.
ne'er drew
I 01TE YEAB.AQ0 v j
.aa great'
strfks in the Vsited
The prises of wates
Isstieslly welcomed ta
Italy ssked the
wss enthus-Vancouver.
to drive
a What is meant by "gag ruler
D. V. L." ,
A. In American history thia
name wss given to oertain rules
passed by congress from ttms to
time to provost petitions with refer
ence to the abolition or restriction
ot slavery. Since then the name
has been applied to similar proced
ure in congress, legislatures and
Q. What to the origin of honey
dewf J. H.
A Honeydew is a term spoiled
Its ths sweetish secretion which
under certain conditions drips from
the leaves ot some trees. - it la a
form of bleeding whleS appears
only when an abundant supply ot
stoiespherto moisture sad s high
temperature permit the develop
ment of a considerable sap area-,
Some kinds oc manna are the
dried honeydew or saccharine exs-
tttoas of certain plants. ' y-
Q.' What Is ths world'! dlstasce
record for throwing a baseball? M.
M. H. 7;
A The world'i dlstasce record
for threwtag a league baseball to
Ml feet ti InchSa made, by R. C.
Campbell, of North Adams, Mass,
OB OCt S, 1887.
Q. Who waa called the Watch
dog of too Treasury? M.B.C.
A. This title was first given to
Congressman Ellhu B. Washburss,
oa account 01 bis insistence upon
ecoBOsny. i
Q. la there anytoina-that can be
I sat oa milk sows to keep the stable
A There are a number of fly
repellents on the market The best
method of combating ths iy, how
ever, to ts get rU at the breeding
puces,, by using every sanitary
preesution. The dairy aad milking
barn should be screened. Traps
SattaS with aaAtaaaaa 41l
Stoa v
Q. How can the weieht of mania
uawr pe esomateaT v. M. A.
A Ita weight mar be ascertain.
ed from ita measurements, assum
mm um ov cuoic ieet eaual one
ion. 1
Q- What fish or animal strings
or sprays a liquid on bathers cans.
lag the flesh to burn and smart?
Si. is. m. . ,
A Jellyfish, also mown aa aa
nettles, frequently annoy ocean
bathers by stinging them. The Ir
ritated areas should be bathed with
diluted household ammonia or bi
carbonate of soda.
Q. Please gtvs me some infor
mation about ths thermal equator?
A. Ths thermal equator Is that
region of the earth enclosed within
ths annual isotherms of 80 degrees,
including the northern nart at
South America and the greater part
01 autc anu mam.
u. how far to' Mars from the
earth, and to there enough oxygen
la the atmosphere of Mara to keep
t wm man aiive; a. k.
' a. On July 14, Mars was
SOP ssues from the earth. The
amount of oxygeaavaflable for rea
plrsttoa la that planet's atmosphere
hae not been determined even ap-
pmaimaisrjr. '
Q. How much grain will
Chicago elevators hold? E. T. U,
A, The elevator warehouses otUjre
uaucago navs a capacity of 50,418,
Oes bushels of grain.
Q. How caa mildew be removed
from table linen? C C. C.
A Wash clean and rinse
thoroughly. Put linen lntub of
elesa cold water. Tto a small
amount of chloride of lime la a
Ptoes of amslta aad dissolve the
lime m. lukewarm water by squees
mg the bag. Pour the liae water
on linen in tab. Stir, and leave
soaking tor 24 hours, Binta to
(Editor's Noto: Ths fofagotog to
the arst ot a series of S4 srtteles
by Mr. Haakin in which he will dis
cuss the most totofasttog teaUres
of each of ths prssidsntlal cam
paigns fiw 1M4 to 1S. This series
of articles . will be ' Tslasble to
everybody totsrestod 1a the present
campaign for president and wilt
contain much interesting historical
information of ths kind usually
overlooked in the histories ths In
cidents sad the stories of the eam
ea! ens. Taken, as a whole, this
Series will form a complete history
ot the quadrennial struggles of the
American people to cnoos a presi
dent Cut them out and paste thsm
la your scrap book.) ,
Washington, D. C Sept.
When the clUzens of Blount county,
Tennessee, held s mass meeting et
MsryviUe early in the year 1123
they little thought that their action
to revolutionise the methods of
choosing a president of the United
states; that they were to be re
sponsible for ths beginning ot po
litical party organizations in this
country; 'or that they were to take
the first step in the movement
which succeeded in obtaining fecog'
sition of the fact that a man haa a
right to aspirs to the office of pres
ident whether trained or untrained
in statecraft. These vitally im
portent things which directly re
sulted from the Blount .county
mass meeting became lasues in the
campaign ot 1S24 and caused that
contest to be the first to which the
American nation selected a pres
ident according to the general metb
oda still obtaining.
This Blount county mass meetinx
started all the trouble. It refused
to be bound by the then recog-j
Sized rules' that a president must
be selected from among those!
schooled In statecraft and exper
ienced ta administration. Every
president up to that time had been
a msa directly connected with the
separation from England and the
formation of the republic under the
constitution. Each president had
been either vice president or a cab
inet officer in the administration
preceding his selection. The people
had practically nothing tosay in
the matter ofhoosing electors and
such a. thing as popular interest in
a presidential campaign was un
known. Furthermore, with the ex
ception of the four years of John
Adams' administration, the head of
(the government bad been a Virgin-
Ian- and a representative of an ex
elusive clique which set much store
by knowledge and culture, however
democratic they may have been in
their theories of government.
The Fear Candidates.
The idea of the succession to the
presidency was firmly fixed in the
minds of tho politicians. It hap
pened that four candidates appear
ed on the horizon. They were John
Quincy Adams ot Massachusetts,
seeretary ot state; William H.
Crawford of Georgia, secretary of
the treasury; John C. Calhoun ot
South Carolina, secretary of war,
and Henry Clay of Kentucky,
speaker of the house of represen
tatives. So it appeared , that the
country was safe, whatever the
outcome, for every one of theas
pirants waa a trained statesman of
prominence in the administration.
Then thia Blount county masa
meeting appeared oa the scene. It
pow-wowed awhile one "first Mon
day," and then adopted a resolution
formally nominating for president
of the United States, Andrew Jack
son of Tennessee. Thus originated
what would be known in 20th cen
tury political nomenclature as the
"Tennessee Idea." Andrew Jack
son had been a great soldier. Ev
erybody recognised that fact and
everybody praised him for the
strategy of the Horseshoe and the
military genius of the battle of
New Orleans Bnt he had little or
no experience in statecraft not
withstanding a ahort service in
both houses of congress. The con
servatives all over the country
held up their handa in holy horror
and cried out: "This man ia not lit
to be president He ia undignified.
He cant apeak French. He doesnt
know the classics. He wouldnt
know how to act at a dinner party.
He is unspeakable."
For a time the three members of
Monroe's cabinet and the sneaker
of the house who were running for
president declined to pay much
attention to the Jackson candidacy,
which was regarded as a Joke. At
this time, .it must be remembered,
there was only one party. Ths old
Federal party organisation had
disappeared and Monroe bad re
ceived every vets la the electoral
colleges of 1S20. The Democratic
party had everything ita own way.
King Caaeas Csssed.
The Tennessee idea wss crystal
lized in a set of reoolutlous passed
by the state legislature, and sent
to the legislatures Ot other states
for approval, denouncing "King
Caireus." Presidential nominations
had been dictated by the congres
sional caucus, but the method was
already becoming unpopular. The
Tennessee idea spread, and with
Its spread the Tennessee candi
date "became stronger. The hero
ot New Orleans appealed to the
popular mind, even if he wgs on
popular with the statesmsn.
Early Is 1S24 King Caucus made
his last stand, only ( of tap 261
members ot congress attending the
meeting which solemnly declared
William H. Crawford, secretary of
tpe treasury, to ne the regular
Democratic -Republican nominee
for preeldent Democratic-Republican
waa The official name ot the
party, although either name
seed popularly. The old conaerva-
orgasjastloa mads a firm
stand for Crawford. Hs had ths
support of Thomas Jegereon. the
founder of the party, ot TtiaMsal
Monroe, snd of all the altrs-con
servstive forces. Bat - Jackson's
strength began to be sosarest sad
some of the practical poWlclass at
the east -were sot stow ts rscog
atos ths fast A Jsckseu conven
tion waa held at Hsarleburg. Pa.,
which adopted a resolution de
nouncing the scheme ot succession
to the praaidsatj by a cabinet of-
Whereupon Calhoun, whom
strength had been te PseisyhJ?
withdrew from ths race aasZ
accnviau oj everyoosy as.
saw ror vice president
Jackson was hailed as a w
pie's candidate" on the eat Z
and denounced as an rv?
sad prsssmptsous Igaoraamiri,
the other. There were thai a
stotos la the union. In 1! offta?
presidential electors were eawZ
by popster vote for s gesenuTZ
et ia the fashion sow saivenu.
W ' -- w.vh. wa
were voted oa by districts. Ami
ths other seven ths sleeton ueZ
chosen by the legislatures ansa,
people had no vote tor preaaaZ
st alL These states werejk
York, Delaware, Georgia,. ffST
ana. South, Carolina, Vinosutmi
Pesslsr Tata..
The Jackson people beau
great hue and cry against tat i
polntinent of electors by iar-T
tares, and demanded that thi'mv
pis bars a voice In r llaSi?
elections. As a matter of faetu
to that time, the people had sew
anown any vital Interest is owl
presidential elections. Eves iaOs I
totes where electors wert etoM I
by votes, the suffrage was aft as- 1
-j i"uF11 - w vuiwquVB
cations aa to make the result say
thing but popular. Tbe coniern.
tives controlled tbe . ltgaietam,
however, and Indiana was the eah
state to yield to the popilar eu
cry and change from legiaiativt to,
popular selection ot electors 4ir
ing that campaign.
In the New York legislator 1
Crawford-Adams combination s
formed and the bill providing , for
popular election of electors m
defeated by 17 to 14 is the semtt
wneu me Mew York legiiUUrt
came to choose electors there vu
another great fight At the taUtt
ths Crawford people had a bai
but not a maioritv. and a ion.
fight ensued. Then the Adams at
Clay supporters formed a coalites A!
oncuin woo gave IBMr
votes: zs tor Adams, s for Craw
ford, 4 for Clay and 1 (or JaekNa.
Three of the electors who wan
chosen aa Clay men divided task
votes between Clav. Crawford aai
Jackson. If these three eleeten
had stood by their acracmant m
vote for Clay, John Quincy Adieu
would never hsve been president
When tbe election was over s
was found that Jackson was tar ii
me ieaa in the popular vote, bat,
as everybody had known lor
months, the house of represeata-'
tives must choose the president la
the electoral colleges, Jackson hai
received 99 votes, Adams 84, Craw
ford 41 and Clay 37. As the horn
of representatives chooses troa
among tho three highest easdi
dstes, Claywas dropped from fur
ther consideration. If the three
New York electors had obeyed
their instructions Clay would hare
Been turd in the race and Craw
ford would have been dropped. ,
The Chans of Com alien.
uisy was speaker 0
of representatives and
ed the election. There
bination ot Clay and
which gave the votes of 13 state
to Adams, 7 to Jackson and 4 to
Crawford, thereby electing Adass
president This combination vu
the basis of tbe "corrupt bargaia"
charge that Clay had bartered away
the votes of the states he oontrolleJ
In return for the promise of th
premiership in Adams' cabinet
This charge of barter and bargaui
was seised npon by the friends of
Jackson, snd the campaign ot 1UI
waa Initiated within a week after
Adama waa inaugurated and day
was made secretary of state.
The campaign had been auei
ceedingly bitter one. Jackson hai
been pooh-poohed and laughed at!
in the beginning, and fiercely de
nounced as s murderer and adven
turer later on, when his s trust!
became apparent
Adams was accused of traiurou
connections with the British gov
ernment of treachery in the war
Ot 1812 and of desians uoon tot
republican - form ot government
He wss s Unitarian, and the epp 1
sition press made the most ot bt
unorthodox' . convictions, declaring .
that, he didnt believe In Jew
Christ In reply, the Adams peo
ple published a correspondence be
tween John Adams and bis son,
John Quincy Adams, discussing re
ligions subjects at length. On!
Crawford newspaper, a fair sta
ple of the others, solemnly pro
tested against bringing religion
Into the campaign and then wtnt
on for two columns to characterlM
Mr. Adama' religious views as be
ing inimical to true Christianity.
Yet this campaign brought into
prominence the first popular can-
didate for president and he tecstv-j
ed s ptevallty of both popular ant
electoral votes, although losing tto
election. The . people or Blount
county were forced to wait another
four years to aee their idea tri
umph. '
boas to Pennsylvania and he hand-'
ed the -state over to Jacteon.;
of the boss'
id he conduct-1
re was a coa- I (7
Adams forcei 111
ir 11 rt,iM U I
I Today's Anniversariei s
1515 Anne ot Cloves, the fotrtk I
wire or Henry VUI of sag- 1
i tend, born in Cleves. Diet V
la England July IS, 1557. 1
1192 Seven women were exeental
at Salem, Mass., for witch
craft 177 Nathan Hals was execute!
aa a spy at New York by of"
der of General Howe.
114s John White, speaker of tto
27th congress, committal
suicide at Richmond, Ky.
Usl general McClellan, in cas-
maafl at the army ot tbeP-
tomacp. occupied Harper
W7s Sevres, two snd s half mv
t .from Parla, surrounded W
ths Germans. to
lttC The French worn a setobW
victory, over the Hovas P
Madagascar: .
1IM Tbe Russian emperor and
empress arrived ia ScoUas
, e a Ttatt to Qaeea vTensrih
' i.

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