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. - . 1 r -r -
,r ,0
fcr CsXz
jwy eleeHoa tar the rep--ar
and jntfor cUasee,
j last alsat at Ugh fcheot
Jest year, nomination aloc--t
ha Veld av week before
jif election. Bw boys
i gfrli are aomlnatea from
aad tram this nmnhar
S and Uvea boy an finally
, in Lion t nf ih
4 tMu of -his offlea 'la ma
t fapresentaUvea on the coon-
"'-$d council of Uat year It
5 office ud will bo until aft-
' i flrtt of tne month. One of
ii jt tblngi put on by the coun-
- ryear will bo an exceptions
f kmrat on Oct. 6. This per
. i take the form of aalf enow
JH dance. In the paat it was
Hitm to hold' the reception in
jna of a dance but this year it
'decided to bare a ahow In
Nk aa Tery few of the first
ttadents dance. ;
.", Senior nominees. '
tiltoirlng are the atndneta nom
lal by tbe senior claaa last
jt: Celeste Olson, Anna Cleave
1 Jean Huntoon, Mar jorie Close,
nav Orere, Nell Elwell, Louise
lashe, Helen Treman, Deward
fcjke, Frier McCollUter, Elvln An
ftMB, Bennlo Rosenfleld, Leonard
f SavUt, : Walter Schaefer . and
fMkBoaenkranti. - -laaMae
of the tie among the
Kja, atfbt were named instead f
mm m the Junior claaa. Follow
m are those named by the third
mf class. Mardelle Williams,
ppnt Miller, Blanche Williams.
tM Knorr, Myrtle Clark, Malvina
Uttaa, Elizabeth Stewart, Arthur
. rsiaatrand. Wilson Payne. Har-
M Stevens, Carl Nelson, Sam Ry-
. . . . r-n
mm, arcnie. Anaersun, 1011
hsaa and Leroy spangier.
ma annha and (freshmen held
Mr elections thla afternoon aft-
C?.-1 rn. 'f- ' " V - aa.1
fc. Bw3fRW and
tucj, C Wet LGt?-. :iowsL m
Tfcn Oram relattvos and Meads,
O. B. Cartaea la la Benaa. Win.
for atoMV Mt with Mevea .
r. H, H. Long haa retarned Iron
aa. ezuaoM vwt ttf hai 0I4
a Peeuy'aaia, Wednesday.
v OasUfaoa, Jr, and tamOy,
haye n-ored from their farm, west
of town, to Ortoa. harinr' taken
room t the resideace of Mrs. By
ron Jordan. '
Rer. Sidney A. Onthrto, paator of
the M. B. chareh, is to Dwigbi, at
tending the Central UltnoU con
ference. Delegates to the confer
nc are Messrs. L. R. Walta. Vrmd
noKinna, naryey uatm and 'My
ron una, 'n - -.ui 4 -
Miss Gail South was hostess
Monday night, at a Jolly slumber
party, the guesta being the Misses
Gertrude and Mildred Dusenberry,
Nellie Kerr, Etta Bailey and May
Culton. Late In the erening a de
licious lunch was- served.
Mr. and Mra. C. H, Fox of Chicago
are guests of their daoghtar, Mra.
81dney Outhrie. " " .
Mr. and Mrs. Bolles were week
end guests of Qeneaeo trleads.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Oabrielaon
were pleasantly surprised Sunday,
by 25 relatives, the occasion being
their 20th wedding anniversary. A
spienoio owner was served and
they were the recipients of a num
ber of lovely gifts.
Mrs. Susan Cooper has returned
from at visit .with relatives in
Oquawka. : :t
The 50th " anniversary of the
Orion Lutheran church, was cele
brated on Sunday. Communion
service was held at 10 o'clock. Rev.
Fred en gave the address of wel
come and the sermon was given by
Rev. J. Johnson of New York city,
a former pastor of the church. Rev.
J. Forsberg of. Travers City, Mich.,
the first pastor, gave reminiscences
at the afternoon ' sessio . Rev.
Forsberg is a wonderful man of 86
years, and has , three charges at
present. Others on the program
were Dr. M. J. Laure, who gave
l AsJ fer; Dr. O, Arreenv c jta-
psic e-jse. Beak Island, aad
jjja Pen A
Hi ereatex, aad the roll eall was
rerpeaded to ay one or more, for
eearr, year atnee U7t Rev. Peter
Peteraoa, a Dv gave th evening
ddreee. aad Bar. Freden, the clos-
wa mnarn. oomar aad aoper
waa aervao w the ; ladlaa of. tb
enrca, att being eerfed at noon,
ad S7 I a the evening.
..." - VwTICX.
Dr.'Jamea F.Myen hag removed
hie office trom MoUae tooom Net
05 Safety bnildlag. Rock Island.
Ofloa hoars, 10 to II a., m. aad
9:M to t and 7 to I n. m.
Hew; Preeeai , Makei Castor
Abselate!y Tasteless.
Doctors have always prescribed
castor oil when a real laxative la
needed, and all mothers know how
much trouble it is to get children
10 taxe n. Tnere need be no
more trouble, for doctors are now
recommending- Kellogg'a Tasteless
Castor OIL from which absolutely
all nauseating taste haa been re
moved. Children take It readily.
They need not even know it is cas
tor oIL Thla splendid new form
of tbe good old family remedy, is
the result of a remarkable process
perfected by the chemists of Spen
cer Kellogg ft Sons, Inc. In
strength and '- purity . Keflogg'a
Tasteless Caster Oil ia exactly the
same as the old-fashioned disa
greeable kind. Nothing has been
remover but the taste: Do not ac
cept substitutes, if you want a real
ly tasteless castor oil. At all good
druggists. Two sizes, 35c and 6 Sc.
(Adv.) y
Al nYe order books vea an
em samaJims as to how BAP
Msai3 Order Books and atbsr
tftPnaatfoU foratacaabeaaed
iayearbaaiaaaa. 3accaiafDy 4
reaaaof the largest
417 Uth 7
Phoae Molina tA.
k vQl dr. Age De ferre d
boom daring these days after the wax must 'recognize the neces
sity of keeping fit. When mind is befogged, when you have -dull
headaches or feel logy, when not "up to snuff," keep the bowel
tree with a mild laxative. In the morning take a tepid sponge batt
(cold water may be used if it does not chill), follow with a brisk ml
down; a sufficient "setting up" exercise in good air until you are it
a warm glow. Have you tried it lately?
Don't let the poisons accumulate in the intestines either, but try
a dose of castor oil the first thing on arising, or a pleasant laxative
occasionally, such as one made up of May-apple, aloin and jalap, rolled
into a tiny sugar-coated pill, and sold in every drug store as Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Then a cup of hot water before breakfast,
and you'll feel better than a king! If you continue in life thus, you
can pass a life Insurance examination at sixty.
If you wish to prevent old age coming on too soon, or if you want
to increase your chances for a long life, you should drink plenty of
Soft (rain) or distilled water daily between meals. Then procure at the
drug store Dr. Pierce's Anuric (anti-aric-acid). This "Anuric" drives
the uric acid out and relieves backache and rheumatism, as well as
coney trouble. Anuric dissolves uric aad. Try it note!
Careless Shampooing
Spoils the Hair
less should ha naad verv earo-
(Uy. It you want to keep your hair
klBg It beet Most soaps and
Ktpared shampoos contain too
aca alkali. Thla dries the scalp,
ikes the hair brittle, and rains it.
JThe best thlag for steady use ia
iUlded, cocoanut-'oll shampoo
(which is pure and greaseless),
Md to better than anything else
la can use. -
pneortwoteaapoonfnla ofMulsi
MvUl cleanse the hair and scalp
"roughly. Simply moisten the hair
hb water and rub it in. It makes
M abundance of rich, creamy lath-
which rinses oat easily, remov-
. "C every particle of dust, dirt,
adng ud excessive oil. . The
v dries quickly and evenly, and.
at leaves the scalp soft, aad the
, J" nd ailky, bright, luatroua,
and easy to manage. .
Tot can get Mnlsined eocoanut
shampoo at any pharmacy. It's
cheap, and a few ounces will
JWr every member of the family
ttonthi. Be sure yoor druggist
gLroB Malslned (Adv.)
Get Irontone, Pizaro
Uniment and my other
Remedies at Bengston's
drag store." tM,
wtoaa. for blood, stoinaea,
kidneys and nerrea, the
yT o many Bock Island people
- ww lor aaie at Beagstoa a
'rag store on Second avenue.
Expert Car Wuhins
DayorNisit I !
Galbraith Motor Co.
i Etspiro CoiUins
Boa Ami JPowgsty
. ertft's Pride
I jp MP ae e en !
- Crepe Toilet Paper,
roU .............
Qrape J sice Glasses,
-optle, each .............
Lax Soap riakaa, .
000 pkgv
Jelly fllasaee. tin top.
2 for
,''..Cak Turners,
Can Openers,
Slotted cako spoons.
in (v flSn 2.1 fcte!
I . -rr iSSEL Tr doelopet la . tm0M$M
AV rd, el fo.' yeats of
A priaclalas by laglniin wha hw the &$fe?$
I Bajert aasttmsea, s tsaaroaiai
I kSselkarsalk 'J-,
I . 324 West Fourth St jM-
arewser,- . .f,a,
....i. er
2Sc Page's assorted,
talcums ...........
z5c Hllto v
tooth powder
25c Ma Cbeiie .
face powder
Air Float talcums,
2 cans
16e Jergen's
bath soap .'.
15c Kirk's Witch
Hazel soap
86C Jess Face
26c Tetlow'e face
powder . .:
25e assorted creams
: and ' lotions
1 i x
I Tuesday ' Wednesday Taetaday
" -Maaannnn MBMBM t
ZmZp 30
- ,AJ'k-'
lgeVaalUohamag - '
hair aeta
tie Bare tovtac, V - O
vachdaa oil ,. a. ee
lo Worloe drees
faateasra, t cards ......
'fci Begat 'star;; i i (S0
binding. S tor ..........
Sc Invlalble hair pin fim
tabes,! for v"
lte 8tlcari trimming. 4;
Sc Hump hair pins, (km
1 nkca. ............J.. -
Se Aluminum hair
pins, t cards
15c Duplex safety Q:
Dins, assorted
Be Royal Beldlng
Boss, S skeins
Ic D. at. C. floaa,
2 akelna .4
7c Celesta floss, v
odd shades, t for ....
16c Dexter knitting
cotton ,
6c Elgin crochet
cottoa, X for
15c Boye crochet
Wc Boye tatting
shuttles, 2 for
10c Boye ribbon 7 Q
leaders, 2 for '
15c Woven initials, A
bolt W
r i.
i Patent Remedies, Etc.
50c Phillips Milk Magnesia . . . 39c
$1.40 Sal Hepatica . . . . . . . . .$1.19
50c Nature Remedy .... .39c
$1.25 Pierce's Favorite
Prescription . . . .... .$1.09
$1.25 Pierce's G. M. D. . . . . .$1.09
60c St. Jacob's Oil .'. . .. . .49c
$1.10 Miles Heart Remedy . . .99c
$1.50 Scott's Emulsion $1.29
$1.10 S. S. S. for the blood 99c
XI 00 Wamnole Extract . ,89c
$1.25 Pinkham's Blood Purifier 89c
$1.00 Peruna ... ........... . .89c
85c Jad Salts 69c
$1.00Listerine .89c
$1.00 Lavoris ........ . . . . . .,89c
' 60c Glycothymoline ........ .49c
$1.00 Nujol Mineral Oil ..... .89c
60c Pape's Diapepsin . . . . 49c
25c Phenolax Wafers 19c
50c Listerine vU.. '. ......39c
60c Nujol Mineral Oil 49c
25c Aromatic Castor Oil : . . 19c
50c Ozol Disinfectant 39c
. Malted Milks and Foods
t $3.75 Horlick's Malted Milk .$3.29
. $1.00 Horlick's Malted Milk ..79c
50c Horlick's Malted Milk ... .39c
65c Eskay's Food .49c
35c Eskay's Food 29c j
Face Powders
60c As the Petals Face Powder 39c
$1 Blue Orchid Face Powder .79c
60c Jardin Powder 39c
65c Djer Kiss Face Powder ... .49c
50c Gordon's Lorayne Powder .39c
$1 Ambre Elite Face Powder . . 79c
75c Kosmeo Face Powder 59c
75c Jergen's Eutaska Powder . .39c
60c Dame Nature Face Powder 49c
60c L'Ame Face Powder ... .49c
50c Pussy Willow Powder . . . .39c
50c Chantilly Face Powder . . .39c
50c Luxor Powder 39c
50c Freeman's Face Powder . .39c
60c Marinello Face Powder . . .49c
$1.10 Marinello Face Powder .79c
35c Gordon's DeVora Powder .29c
25c Woodbury's Face Powder . 19c
35c Jess Face Powder . 9c
$1.00 Frivole Powder . . . . ... .79c
50c Aubry Sisters Powder . . . .39c
Hair Tonics, Shampoos
10c Wanous Shampoo ....... .9c
15c Amami Shampoo .9c
50c Wildroot Shampoo ...... .39c
75c Q-Ban Hair Restorer . ... .59c
35c Knowlton's Danderine . . . .29c
$1.00 Youthcraft for hair . 89c
$1.00 Newbro's Herpicide ... .79c
, $1.00 7 Sutherland Sisters ... .89c
V$1.00 Famo for scalp and hair .79c
$1.00 Regal Hair Color
Sulnhur 89c
$1.00 Famo for scalp and hair .79c
$1 Regal Hair Color Restorer .79c
60c Knowlton's Danderine . . . .49c
50c Newbro's Herpicide . . ... .39c
75c Pinaud's Eau de Quinine . .69c
50c Sanitol Shampoo 39c
$1.00 Marinello Hair Tonics . .69c
Piver's Powders, $1.39
Azurea, Le Treflle and Floramye
imported face powders. A plenti
ful supply in all shades, $1.39.
"' , For Shaving
35c Hall Mark Shaving Cream . 19c
75c Williams Shaving Lotion .59c
35c Mennen's Shaving Cream .29c
35c Johnson's Shaving Cream .29c
35c Williams Shaving Cream .29c
25c D. & R. Shaving Cream ... 19c
25c Lazell's Lather Cream . . . .19c
0c Krank's Lather Cream , . . .39c
35c Williams Shaving Powder 29c
35c Williams Shaving Stick . . .29c
35c Sanitol Shaving Stick . . . .29c
25c Cuticura Shaving Stick . . .19c
$1.50 Roger and Gallet Lotions 89c
Face Creams
50c Sempray Vanishing Cream 39t
60c Sempre Giovine 49c
60c Marinello Creams 49c
60c Pompeian Day Cream . . . .49c
75c Pompeian Massage Cream 69c
k 35c Pompeian Night Cream . . ,29c
$1.50 Graham's Beauty .
Secret ...$1.29
60c Pond's Cold Cream ..... .49c
50c D. and R. Cold Cream . . v.39c
60c Mary Garden Creams . . . .49c
60c Ara Mara Cream -.49c
75c Luxuria Cream 69c
30c Jack, Frost Cream ........ 24c
40c Orchard White .35c
$1.50 Oriental Cream . .$1.29
'60c Garden of Allah Cream . : .39c
50c Gordon's Freckle Cream . .39c
25c Plexor Cold Cream . . . 19c
25c Luxor Vanishing Cream ... 19c
50c Creme Tokalon 1 ......... 29c
Dental Preparations
50c Prophylactic Toothbrushes 39c
50c Pebeco Tooth Paste ..... .39c
50c Pepsodent tooth paste . . . .39c
50c Listerine Tooth Paste 39c
50c Chlorox Tooth Paste . 39c
25c S. S. White Paste 19c
35c Forhan's Tooth Paste 29c
30c Sanitol Tooth Powder 19c
25c Dr. Grave's Tooth Powder . 19c
50c Platrifice Paste . . . . . ... .29c
25c Calox Tooth Powder . . . .19c
30c Mennen's Flesh Tint
Talcum .19c
25c Chantilly Talcum 19c
25c Mavis Talcum 19c
25c Butterfly Talcum ,-. . .19c
25c Vantines Baby Talcum . . . . 19c
25c L'Ame Talcum 19c
25c Joya Talcum 19c
25c Flowers of Paradise 19c
25c Squibb's Talcums .,.19c
25c Johnson & Johnson . ..... 19c
$2.50 Combination Water
Bottles and Syringes $1.69
$2.00 Hot Water Bottles . . . .$1.29
$1.75 Fountain Syringes . . . .$1.19
Toilet Soaps. 4 for 29c
Palmolive, Creme Oil, Jap Rose
andOlivilo. Limit 8 to a customer,
equally assorted, 4 cakes for 29c.
$1.25 Pinkham Vegetable
Compound $1.09
15c American Green Castile
Soap ........ .9c
15c Jergen's Bath Tablets .9c
50c Mulsified Cocoanut Oil ...39c
15c Air Float Talcum, 2 for . .9c
Knitted Silk Ties, $1.29
Men's knitted silk four-in-hand ties. In the
, new fall colors. Made to sell at $3.00. Special,
: $1.29. 1
Men's Four-in-Hand Ties, 69c
, Men's silk four-in-hand ties in many patterns
and designs.' An unusual value. Special 69c
Men's Silk Hose, 89c
Wilson Bros 'fibre silk hose for men, in white,
brown and lavendar. Note this reduction, $1.5K0
' value 89c v ' 7 : 7
Men's Hose, 59c
Chain knit, fibre hose in plain and fancy pat-,
I terns, reinforced heels and toes. , Men's wear
special 59c.
Men's Unionsuits, 99c
Light weight, short sleeve, knee length union
suits for men. A good range of sizes, in white only.
Men's Overalls, $2.39
Union made overalls for men. 4 Choice of plain
blue or -pin stripe material. Full-cut, double,
stitched, a remarkable value.
Men's $3.50 Shirts, $2.69
1 Men's dress shirts of percale or madras mater
ial, French cuff, conservative patterns. An excel
lent value. Special $2.69 -
' ' N '
. Men's Nightgowns, $1.99
Men's full cut, Fruit-of-the-Loom muslin night
gowns, round neck, pocket. Nine cent Sale price;
. $1.99. m
Men's Silk Shirts, $8.99
Regular $15.00 shirts, made of high quality,
silk fabrics in desirable striped patterns, French
cuffs, neckband style.
85c Brassieres, 59c
Bandeau style, cotton mesh, open front or back
Children's 75c Lisle Hose, 49c
Children's fine mercerized ribbed hose with
double knee, heel and toes, black and white only.
Boys' 50c Hose, 29c
Boys' heavy black ribbed hose with extra re
inforced knee, heel and toes, excellent values for
school wear., . j ' '
Infants' 25c Hose, 9c
Infants' lace ribbed hose with linen heels and
toes, in black only, 9c the pair. .
Women' Sweaters, $2.99
$6.50 values. Women's heavy knit sweater
coats in grey and in rose and copen with collars of
contrasting colors, two pockets. 1
' $13.95 Ripple Sweaters, $4.99
Ripple skirt slip-on sweaters, n copen, Amer
ican beauty, old rose and other popular shades.
Trimmed Hats, 99c
, These are $3.50 and $4.00 values. Wing and
ribbon trimmed hats for only 99c.
Motor Scarfs, 99c
Angora brushed yarn motor scarfs
for; misses and children. These are
offered in a wide range of colors and
are rejralar $3.50 values. .
Women's Waists, 99c
White voile waists, some with lace
trimmed collars, others in collarless
styles. Sizes up to and including 38 only,
$3.00 and $5.00 values.
Women's Bloomers, 99c
Lace silk mull bloomers with lace
cuff and elastic top. Flesh color only.
The regular selling price is $2.50.

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