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- 4 4 fx'
am-the. asw WasUsig
al hopea to
lttdra( It it
Teaat ia yeaat and hope to hope
aa aa'ar tha twahi ahail aaeaw-if
prohibition oaVtola caa 'aavaat tt.
oftearalaed in a keg than -hi a
Of yeaat to-th
Urn echccVEtaenSh avoaae and
Thirty a sad street, fty Mica EUaei
Cale, .ariaa. Miss Gale thia
tooting eoapleted sxraagemeats
ta have tha aefaool Ubrary -opened
tra to I o'clock oa Tmeaday and
fact that M wataunfloa of hoa
baked bread aacraaaaa tie "rhda"
aaaat tocreaaaa . tnr pBiarttr
the aewa'aa tta thaa-T
, -p
c; j .us
that MM Pooka wflt he
Tha is
that a
hi ao keen
thar re-
pteoad totte library when it ia to
Ml iMlag order. The fbUe U
hrary fcaa opaaad braach Ubcariea
la all of tha aehaohHk tha etty.
Btiho terrific
"yeaat Ihw'
forme at
la Etotoa
ia aach that tboaa otv
atorea Mara ieUreriea of tha trash!
toaajujf the rataffjnrticla are jnada dally.
Boatoa, Sept 4. (TJaHad
of life'' coaeoeteaVhore ia not
One phenomenon , in connection
Jftcaw U Cad
rr Ke Enu
eCarto f Ca Carv
morns in(l tha oefcl
cress, taercaaal payioc
asldiers taktag special
kv Rock Islaad tt .
jbm obtained :rTWiav'
i amount to $20 tor both
t.aad swgto mea, .aad are,
bscsase of Agar pre
i ft too chamber showing it
- to lire bora than the fwr-
L-aie covered. ' Henceforth
mb will receive $1M er
v tat married mea 1M par
1 was brongbt to the attention
- lad Crow sometime ago that
jdsass Rockford, Joliet and
k were being allowed f 2 par
c tjora than Rock. Ialanfl tor
t aarrlce men taking advaa-
tha government's offer of
i training. An investigation
wed the (act that coat ol Hv
Vie rated higher In those dt-
ChssiBer Make Snrrer.
K mrfUor til Immediately
ran with the proper author
i showing that ' Rock Ialaad
jl , be included in the higher
H. A request to inr vnaaroer
(Commerce to conduct a survey
t (Mag conditions followed.
Itaatary O. F. Hildebrandt in
listed and set a minimum flg
t tor Rock Island and Moline in
I setter of lodging and .board.
(Red Cross received information
t morning that favorable action
been taken by the federal
si. ; " ,
ftt exact number of service men
string training in Rock Island
Moline is unknown because of
(tact that the work is not
Jtd through a centralised
xy. ? Applications are received
lenly through the Red Cross,
t through the American. Legion,
y arsenal and other organiza-
FFICE x 1 Btt
ttlon' iFcran
Fonnioet DepuUintl
Store. - i
1 , -
V bfowa ' hlgh
BaauKia ramp
aatia tap. ; It U cat
rrench hlacher pattera
lacea atyie, ana haa
ed oppteta. ft.
to a
lfT handled araa at Shef
A held plate rareaaa baraara
for purifying the air of tha bed
room ar living room and ahoi
tohiag the odora of ecokiag.
Three aiaea, and tha destgna
are aanaaally pretty." qdto
Through a
:.V eyes
2a)U City, JIo Deiecbvea Take
A, D. Hardy and Earl UoKell
tfack to Face Trial. .
t Dttectlves Carroll andVlifford of
h Kansas City, Mo., police depart
Wl arrived in Rock Island thia
wniag and. took in custody A. D.
Mr and Earl McNeil, held since
today af ternooa tor the theft of
a tatomobile. The officers start
s' vita their prisoners in the anto--ta
for Kanaaa City.
toinen ware arrested by Detect
Charles. Oinnane of the local
at department wnue making an
It to sell a brand new touring
10-Harry Sitrick, used car deal
at 311 Twenty-foUrth. street
T were arraigned before Mag
jte D.3. Clelan and held to
( tonnty Jail unfer f 1,000 bond
J pending a hearing Saturday
l charges of larceny. 'However)
itht theft waa committed in Kan
POity the local police turned the
toners over to the two detectives
that city. The machine is the
Nprty of Oscar Delmer, apecial
Mat for the Northwestern Life In-,
anutce company of the Missouri
Live la 8L Lento.
Hardy told the nolice that hli
k U at 4016 Olive, street, St.
Uiis, Ho. vMcXeil gave hia address
aaowhere, but ha, is also believe
b a resident of St. Louie. After
Waging the stolen car to Rock Is-
at they made several attempts to
11 the machine.
OF a f aa Navy .bine Trice
tine ia a practical dress ia
the. coat style. tne Jacket ef
fect ia belted and ripples over
the v hips, and there ia a trim
.veat of tacked bine Darefyhe
with a aide trimming of fancy
buttons. tSS. '
" thli Ina
PHONE screens of small flow
mrnA Crfnnn4W and UnrM
ailka clamp firmly on to the
phone stand, and leave only the
mouth piece visible. They are
fitted with an indexed pad that
haa spaced for nam,- number
and message. 4Jt to fdJS.
Baokahep. .Street tleor
CHENILLE bandings embroid
; ered in wools in 4 to 8-inch
I widths., The richest shades of
I brown, blue, Wine, Wistaria and
Rose are beautifully blended In
! flowers, veipiags ; and square
i patterns designs. To be used as
trimming for wool dresses; and
with a silk lining of the pre
dominating shade, they make
very smart veatings. Yard $LSO
Trlaailaca, Street Sock
' - ,. 7. -.N
jTtHOSE .who enjoyed BaSil
- King's "City of Comrades"
and "Wild Olive" will find his
new novel "The . Thread of
Flame" well up to the writer's
..standard. It is a' tale of mys-
tery, a big problem and plenty
of action. Decidedly worth the
reading. t&
step, street floor.
Teoteraay a lady not of this
locality stepped ap to one of T
war ftoomea and said "Sir.
I want to compliment you oa
'the appearance of yoar store.
I have traveled moch daring the
peat several years !aad have,
been in many cttlea the else of
DaTaaport bat have never
seen a prettier atore Jhan this'
one. I came in to make a ppr
chaaa on first floor; bat I became-
carioan? to knirw if the
other floors were aa ttrettv aa
the first ed-t took the -elevator
to the filth floor antf walked
down. Bach floor Is' la keep
ing with the main floor, and I
believe the third? is evjta pret-tier-
... . 7-v :,. j
This ,1s particniariy gratl- ;
fylas; ta os, for a have
. spared aethtag tar trylnf. to
.give ear patrons a store they
ceald Jastly be proad of. The
aew iztarca aajd earpeta are '
all la pteee new and yoall
eajoy making a trip threhgh
.the store, as did the woman
qaoted above, .v r
80 to 5:80
Meet your friends .
- in our Balcony
Rest Room.
Saturday. v
' Over 50 styles of
brooches 59
The bar and circle pins
with whiter atone setting that
are ao popular this Fall. HadTtN
we paid the importers regu
lar price, they wonlll be
priced 75c and $1.10. .-j"
Jewelry;, Street fleer.
Saturday's wall
Ifcper specials
ISc Striped bedroom
patterns, roll
Cut-out 'border to match.
yardv .....
15r7, striped living
roll ....
Beautiful embossed plain pap
era in various colors. . Roll
35c .nd 40c
sale of rugs
is gaining in momentum '
as tt goes
Today's Anniversaries
which is a sure sigh that the Values are excep
tional, for most of those who corne- now, come as
a result of seeifig a rug bought by a f rienck There
is still an unbroken 'assortment for tomorrow's
visitors to choose from. r
Room size rugs
news : ..
or oUr 'Patrons
u We arc pleased to inform you that the manufacturers
' of a number of linesof merchandise sold in this store
have announced decided price reductions on their prod
uct : .'zV: , "t
I7e hope and believe that these reductions are perma
nent. -
In accordance with our policy during the thirty-three
years we have been in business, we, in turn have educed
the retail prices of the affected lines. Our patrons will
immediately receive the benefit of the manufacturers re
ductions in prcie.
Among the lines which have been reduced arl i V
Ghtgfu, percales, prints, tennis flannels,
.. muslins, cambrics, shirtings, sheets and pit
i low cases, dress serges? dress flannels and'
wool dress fabrics. " N
A general reduction has been made'in silks and satins
owing to the recent "break" in the-raw silk market, and
the financial panic in Japan which was immediately re
flected to every silk manufacturer and jobber in
-'America. " -' -.-'-j--
Various lines of women's shoes and hosiery hajre also
had their prices lowered.
' In every instance- where the manufacturers prices
. have been reduced, youll find our prices lowered in pro
portion. , t V
(5"ed) Haraed & VoBk Maur
byR. H. Horned, Pres.
Who sells "Old Bleach"
pureJiisn linen?
eneralty speaking, the best store in anygiven
locality not only in America but throughout the
world, In Davenport, Harnejd and Von Maur's is
the only atore in which genuine' "Old Bleach" may
be had. "Old Bleach" table damasks not only have
a reputation for excellence among all who know
linens, but they have the quality, artistic beauty
-and substantial value to support and spread theix
aa af orders placed a leng tne ago, women stay
m "Old aOeaeV llneas and nay It to M per cent
wa caaM tmpert them for today.
scarfs, $1.98
Thia apecial price la effect
only while about 20 beautiful
American-made Filet lace scarfs
last A good choice of patterns.
Second floor
-Seepa4 fleet
Special, $7.98
' M-inch round centerpieces of
extra fine quality with a deep
(-Inch border of Filet-weave
lace. A really ' remarkable
value. Second fleer
Virtually every yard of material and
every pair of curtains Ave own are in this
Sale pi draperies and
lace curtains
Extra fine quality Body Brus
sels rugs in 9x12 size. Scroll
and neat all-over patterns.
Regularlytriced at ?7$ For
laL ... .;
Seamless Wilton Velvet rags A
in heavy pile. There is a
. good choice, of 'color- in
pleasing patterns.
. V.7' 'siseixlsX
Regularly priced at $103.50,
reduced for thl fiQO CA
"K-Wohn Marahall. tor 34 years
enter justice of the supreme
court of the United States,
born at Oermantown, Va.
Died in Philadelphia, July C,
W-Rohert T. Hayne. United
States senator and governor
of South Carolina, died at
Ashevlile, n.C. Born in St
Paul s parish, & C? Nov, 10.
-Ro8a N. Carey, nonular Bng-
1UH nnnll.1 iW-A 1,1
An unsuccessful attempt at a
revolution waa made In the
i-Elii Cook. English noet ail'
I . thor of the popular "Old Arm
Chair," died. Born ia Hit.
iwenty-five Uvea lost In ai
7; railway collision near Bur-1
s?fifi BmI rv-" ' i
-Chaancey H. Depew attended
'v "th linvaallitiar m fltskwliah tt
himself at PeeksUll. N.Y I
VThe Men's Brotherhood class of
a First Baptist church wilt ob-
rally day next Sunday morn
VProtessor John W. Casto will
Jer tha principal address, which
waa. All men not affiliated with
I other class are invited to hear
fspetch. t
aplewood, N. H. Seat 24. The
eiaatty for export trade la the
mduatry of thia coma try waa
M today by speakers at the
nual meeting of the National
"Kiation of Cotton Maaatactur-
mgtoa, Sept I4.-Ewtabllsh-
of a aew aapervUnoa prohibi
' ageau' department eoastating
a Mates of Arisoaa, New Max
Regularly priced at $75,
Regularly priced at (5, re
duced for the 7 CC
sale ..P)J
Regularly priced at $57.50,
ReguUrly priced at $47.60,
reduced for the
aale ..
9x12 Axminster rags with
long deep nap-and rich color.,
ings. Floral and small Orien-
i. tai patterns. Regulary priced
at $57.50, but reduced for the
. eale . ffdO OC
9x12 seamless Wool Tapestry,
a good rug for bedrooms.
' Good choice of patterns. Reg-
. ularly priced at $35, bnt re-
.saTeedtof?:.!!?... $27.50-
Good heavy quality of seam
less Tapestry in 'the 9x12
v size. - Regularly . priced $45.
Sale ; . .- r: (BQQ
price ;.iJ.;jDOf
i '
Printed "Japestry Brussels
rugs woven without eeam. 9x
12 sixe. i Regularly priced
Printed Linoleums, ((l MS
Small and extra-size rugs also on sale
7 j . Fearth floor
i rym. classes
have started at the T
'Gymnasium ahlrta light
weight, being cotton woven ee-
pecially for athletic jur poses;
Sleeveless. eev...... ...
7 White Silesia track pants, 78e
aad$Ufc- X . "
; Athletic shoes for basket ball
or general athletic wear. tUt
It's new and different!
The Circlet
v ' ' I ' , " .
-does far the apper fart of tha
gara what tha corset does he-
K U selfadjBstiag--I '--tb.
ply sUp tt wear yoar head and
taataa ai tta walat There are
ao hooka, eyea aor battona.
7 Just the thing to wear aader
frocha aad dlaaaaaoas
atylea priced at
$1.50 and $2
,V V, X
: 1 J
Flashlights .
Two-oeU flashlights with
Taagsten - lamp and battery,
" Large double cell valoaalsed -flher,
flaahlighta with nickel
trhnming; complete with lamp
aad battery. $18.
: Two-cell BashlighU in fiber
aaaa; aew wireless type. Im
proved contact: sua.
v PYaaco nickel tubular flaah
lighta; ana-abort circuit. Com
jeta. with lamp aad battery.
. Footballs
SPECIAL Boys $3 footballs
carefully mada of hrowa taaaed
leather with pare, gam bladder;
standard alaey tt, - . . ,
Boya $2 foathall head haraees
of good quality dead Holeskin.
black leather top. wall padded.
adJaaUMe ehla strap aad deep
eat erowa. , ftla .
4 aVwiUatr;q
TriaGity homes will be happier, more cheerful
r and livable this winter for this sale
' ; having been held
The desire to make the home the most beautiful place in the world
to one's family is a part of every woman. - Just before the long eve-'
nings of winter this desire becomes more insistant than ever. This sale
Eoints the way to its gratification, for surely with prices so'loVno
ome need be without beautiful draperies' and curtains. Most impor-
tant of all, there's not a curtain or material in the sale but what any
woman would be proud to have in her home. , N .
Seldom-pportunities like these!
Filet weave nets 49c yard I 50-inch poplins, yard $1.75
An assortment of handsome Filet nets in I One lot of 60-lnch popuna lor over orap-
a pleasing coatee ot large ana email patterns. I eries; a gooa range oi com iur imiwm
Onr regular price on thia quality ia 65c , I living rooms and libraries, some figured, some
,i plain colorings. a.20 qwy, ym
Filet and fancy nets $1.75 r Kn:ir. i
One lot of Filet and fancy weave neta in uv-utw. w
$2, $2.25 aad $2.50 qualities that are beautiful One lot of Kapok, silks, 50 inches wide. Fine
for window draperies. v ; . , v ; for for living rooms and dining rooms, and
I . la thoee oeanuru snaaea aao weaves uw mm
Figured Voiles and marquisettes made the Kapok Co. tamoua. Yard $4.25.
45c yard I Sectional Hands $U9
Sectional panels for the very small win-
e dow or the extremely large one, aad all the
sixes in between. $1.65 to $1.85 qualities dnr
. lag the sale at panel $1.49.
Madras paneWeach 55c
Two patterna of Madras that are very suit
able for dining rooms and living rooms. TJsn
- ally sell at 75c, but during the aale are marked
at panel 56c,
,i-! ' "v" "r "' ' . 7
7 Lever lace panels 85c
One lot of Larervlace panels in fancy pat
terns that are quite anitable for dining rooms
aad living rooms. The nanal price ia $1.10.
Daring the sale panel 86a ;
One lot of figured fancy voiles and
quieettee ia 6ee to 85c grades.' These are
pretty alone, or need with colored drapes.
-'j inch net, yard 45c :
A fine evealy woven net ia a good firm qual
ity each as many women want for dining
room aad living room curtains. 6.0c and 60c
. ,.3R .
dS-inch scrims, yard 21c
Good quality scrims with faacytborder pat
tera; Jast the thing for bedrooms and for,
dining rooms. 30c quality.'
' 5XMnch colored madras $35,
Beautifal. patterns ia Rose, Mulberry and
bine. Regularly sells at $4. bnt limited
ameaats are marked at this price.
r-and these for the woman who wants
to save on a patr, of lace curtains
Fancy net ctutains
i A lot of Pilot weave, and fancy net oartaina
with plain or fancy centers; "overlook" edge.
$4 25 to $4 76 valaee, pair $2.T6. ' ,
$5 to $5.50 curtains $4.50
One lot of Filet weave cnrtanla "with . simo
latad triah Point lace degtag. Thoao are vary
pretty to asa ta dtaatag rooais.r- N
Net and fOet weave curtains
Oahle aad taaey net eartaias aad Pilot
with plaia or figared eaatera.
10 s.v
aad with lace edge or faacy border,
valnea pairs jaVJS.
$7 to $8 curtains at $5.75
A lot of met weave aad aimaUted Irish
poiat nets with "over-lock" edge or lace edg
iag. Real $7 to $8 values, pair tf.76. ;
Cable net enrtains $9
Cabi net aad Filet weave eartaias with
plaia aad fancy centers. These vsaally aetl
at $10 to $11 per pair.' Not many leftDar
ias aala-aair $9. . - - r '
Meuqnisette "IMT oiTtams
-Jfaawaisettb eartaias la tha rDateh style"
for bedrooms and dining roosts. These are
mach aaed with colored drapes. Usually $2.50.
Sato price, pair lit. F fleer
'''' ' ' " ' I"
A free phbto of Baby with
every purlhdse of $1 during
Baby Week
The photo will be made by the Eckerman Studio
at 12iy2 E. Third St, who are famed for the nat
uralness of their pictures of baby. .
Displays of cold weather
$ apparel for Baby
featured, 'and many new
ideas developed with baby's
comfort in mind- ace making
their initial Tri-Citr appearance.
Provident motheVa are outfit
ting their little ones right now
ao that -when cold weather comes
(and it usually comes suddenly)
Baby will be ready tor it Then,
toor assortments are mucfi bet
ter now than they will be later,
Two' layette specials
S Vaata vests la cotton-and-
weoL ,
t Tanta baTders. f
8 pairs cashmere hose
1 Beacoa blanket in pink or
blae. v
1 dosen Bed Star Blrdseye di
apers 27x27.
3 heavy flannelette open or
closed gowns.
1 lace trimmed aafaseek Ger
trade. S heavy flaaaelette Gertrades.
4 faacy dresses.
tl ataces whteh If
arately weaM cost $210.
S Tanta vesta In cottenand.
. I Tanta binders.
S wool flannel Gertrades.
2 lace of embroidery trimmed
aaittseefc Gertrudes.
4 plain slips.
2 fancy dresses. '
2 dosen Bed Star Blrdseye dl.
apers 27x27.
2 fancy flannetette wrappers.
2 heavy tenuis KaiUes la des.
ed or open style.
1 Beacoa blanket ta ptnk ei
5 pair wool hose, .
pair knit boetees. , I
UTieees which if hewrtrt eepi
avahsiy waald cost $29.
-j-j . . i i-TSbd fieea
SSSS 10231
aq5 roiV u 7ro7r
Several thousand new
V Fall; Blouses :
comprise the assortment from which the woman
may cnoose who cornea to our Blouse Section to
morrow. Every good style of the season is among
them from a simple but attractive little wash
blouse at $2 up to the wonderful one-of-a-kind
models at $35. - - 1 ..
Tailored blouses
' of satin, taffeta, Qeorg
. ette la a bewildering var
iety of atylea and every
conceivable colore. fMfc
. totti. , ' ;
WastT blouses
hfadras. batiste and
voiles ia tailored, lace and
embroidery trimmed
atylea. All the aew col
lar atylea aad full length
or three-quarter sleeves.
$e to tie. -
crepe do chine and
are particniariy
,. charming. They. i me ia
Flesh, white, Ksvy, brown
and blacky IS to Hi.
Dress blouses
" of richly colored and In
comparably fine Georgette
adorned with artistic,
beads, embroidery, insets '
r of real Filet lace and gold
thread. $5J to $35. ' '
- Third floor
A fresh shipment of thoee delicious Qn a box
Whipped Cream Oiocolates . f OL
has just been received. They're so 'delicious that they 'sell out
almost aa quickly aa we caa:get them. Cefm box or two to
morrow. . " . Street fleer
Ties was aajreat h
S-v. .
....... ..

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