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The Rock Island Argus and daily union. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1920-1923, September 24, 1920, Image 18

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3 Ea fcSrjCTWfry,
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jm fhtrioi
M ft stsr to tt frm -
mmtU a tt ft.
I tt tlM tt. Uwy CMkotle
J te Koek Ulaad ant Waas
t. ta order to fats amr to d-
, r ta mw of too BaUkmal
l V wWest win to IwM la Da
,-t.l Tho mpm mmmu win
I kOI at tfeclit. JoMoh's Mhool
I Jw'lMd. a Uuatrtcal agent ..
i. Jo Camleaael
rt, ofle kor Jrans Keller
1 wa Tot do Torro, Us atsoog-
father ....... ;.AntMa Schooler
Ceftiotn Carr, his ouam
riM4 vv ujw
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afK?V SlhrttaV..BtfBM
raiaait itft-r
Mrs. AMonawi OatJr i
'........ .J3o KoatUa Biowa
Cwet fMon
Woltom BJr-
Hotst. Qoetts Edna
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talocb a Iir We-"
rra. Kaa. l tu. twos.
I : Evsiya LivJ.
Uss Manarot Uaoat. Tloto.
rV ' , : . -" ft
L On County Records j
t -. , . ' o
Ooefl Jordoa aad aaebaaSTto
Hatrlsm 8. Benson, aorta J tost,
lot 4. block M. old town. Molina,
Jt4 CL Loocka aad vif ta Ho
lla Boaldoaeo eofopaay. lot SO.
North Highload, Moltoo. flJOO.
William H. aad lion Martins to
Nell OtrtstUnsen aad wife, tot .
Mock 1, floata'a first addJOoa. Park
Bldfe. Moitao, II. ,., .
Nela aad Era Carlitlaaan to W
H. Xartto. aad wtt. aoatb 1 feet,
loU aad 7. block 1, Bmtta'a first
addition to Park Wdga, atoliaa, II.
Honor Not aad Julias Van
DmIo 'to Friends' . Circle, lot .
Woekel's Camping Ground, South
lfoltne townsUp. $1,800. '
Alphoat Cla7 aad wife to Cy
rtol Tan Lenbert; and wife, tot 7.
Blank' first addition. Moltn. $1.
Cvrlel Tan Lenberx and wlto to
Alpbonso Claeys and wifv part
floB)17, 17. 1,$1.
' mis. J. Bechtelbelmer to
Morrison, lot 7. block IT Onyort
second sdditioa. Rock bland. 01.
Gutav A. ifauras and wife to
asxeace O. QuIgK and wife, tot 10,
AdamsTlllo addition. Milan. $L v
Louisa Weiss to James EL Dagan,
vast half, northwest quarter, sec-lot 14, oeorge nuners bod-utu-
ter section 35, 18, zw, 1.
- Almirsj Ja. Lancaahlrt to Oost A.
Meissner and wife, west 90 fat lot
18, block) 1, Jobs Deers's additkm.
MottM,ls,M. ;
AdsdsJstntor Deed.
Jolins Da Calgfiey. 'by adminis
trator, to Mannfactarors' Stat
Bank of Cast Molln. lot Ifi, block
Us. Bast Moline. late
Alte Mosbr and hasbud too .
rt a ScailUnser. louu H
Hy Twenty-fourth mimJi-
Uon, Bock Island, $L .
AH the news
..i.A ...Pre
fTaadoTill artists; r
r?a, Susan Saffrono lUset
Angola Scheblef
C ZiOSJBeu trio ......
i Marrtterit. Alice aad Marcella
; P. O'Hern, Robert Kleoer, WI1-
Uaa Bitter, Louis Genre, Er-
Eruotions of the Skin I
Cause Tortuous Itching
If yon ar afflicted wttk any form
of sWn disorder, yon ar well ac
quainted with th flaming, baralng
neouMoMssdebt of sMfisdets
oftheaow fsmoaa MtRMdafte
ripUiaDdhatm mace fcvkbtel tcrtfae
C after eat oiael sod at
leoaoeyeur 50801, too uree or
Mne oea
vseDOsa week, eso Mne
1 iSenMUoa TebWssSaew be cSSSrt
afalmBT tot ffi aattxl iaW XlmWWOM
e "eop saejeeeeo eHew bpoi pwp
tubing that those diseases prodoos.LejBa m th treatment of these dis-
80 many people eontinn to suf
fer from ocsema, tottsr aad other
forms of skin disease because they
do not seek th soare of their sut-
Uaring, aad no disease can bo sno-
cessfuiiy comDsnea nniess aaacaoa
at its source.
8 kin diseases are eansed by an
Impurity or disorder in the blood,
and there is no real and genuine
nUet"wtthin your reach until auch
itmDurlties are removed.
Aula vAy.au w 117 . .yyviH
meat comes from the use of lotions.
salres. elnUnents and other local
S. 8.-8. bas giren great satlsfao-
orders, because It Is such a thor
oughly satisfactory blood purifier.
It cleanses th blood of all impuri-
tls. and thus counteracts th ef
fects of the germs that attack the
Begin taking & 8. & today, and
if yon will write a complete history
of your case, our medical ad riser
will giro you expert ad rice without
charge. Address Chief Medical Ad
riser, 822 Swift Laboratory, Atlan
Caterrh Germs
Mowe Oat When Hyomei
Mowet In
abiaOr el oU el
(be ranlyptue (Ofeeta of Bleed Aae
treHe. and oomUnad with ether axeeltant
In inland Anitralia the atawaphare
la as impracnated with Balaam thrown
eat by the euralrptaa Inaa that earaia
do not thriT. and in conaaaoanee eoofha.
eolda. .catarrh and other noat and throat
aBltoUona ara practically onbBowa.
Braatha Hjomtl and set the aams
plaaaant cenn UlUnc aflaet as rev would
t in the euesiTPtne loneta.
Hromol it aold by drotfiaie eerr
whera on a rnarantaa of aatiafaeUoB or
asooey refunded.
1 r
It relieves .stomach misery, sour
stomach, belching and all stomach
disease or money back. Large box
of tablets at all druggists in all
aillllUIIHIIinillllimillllllllllllllllllllllYoirtl Uk Trading at Spofieor'aaillllllllltlUlllllllllIIIIIUIIIinniltliniliS
I II 1 m 1 r- 11
To Fixture
jr Brides and Groomi
! Thereisharflyaweekpassesinthisstorebuttha
at least one young couple come in here--sometimes
the girl alone and sometimes the man alone pick
out a piece or two of furniture antf commence pay-,
ingonit v ,
' Naturally it costs more to furnish a home these
days.' While furniture did not advance, propor
tionately, as much as other commodities, still so
much must be bought if the home is to be properly
furnished, that the sum total runs into considerable
money.: ;::j;;f,. ..v,-..,
1 The purpose of this ad is but a suggestion. For in
stance, there are more than a .half dozen young
ladies paying for their Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, but
we have no instructions, yet, aio where and when
the cabinets are to be delivered.
':f It costs a lot of money to get married, and it cer
tainly helps when you Own a good part of the fumi
ture you are sure to need.
If you will take a walk tin the store your eye may rest on
some nice piece that yon will was to start to buy right away. Yon
are welcome to look around all you like, and you need not have a
salesman accompany you, nniess you wish one.
220 Wis Third St
DalTCDpOlii, '
Uk TiMing t Uy ,vr"iBiBiuniniminrHnrrsia;
:m : ' FTriTl
1 JL
Your Money Bock, If You Con Buy Cheaper Elsewhere-Cash or Credit!
:. TV Shop avotmrl!
III feyliSyfw .
-m wju mm at W 1U J II n ST - STW V. .aasawK jm
! Only - then can you remBae the extra value of
then wifl yon realize how decidedly different and varied our stvU
of Brace, beaut j,
whims shown at
and appeoJmsr this bewutienng assortment ' of Dam,
this popular credit store! Come, be craving
ladies9 Nev Suits
- Tricetlae, Velear, Serge,
Bresdebtb, Safertene, Dwwt d Laiae.
TotrUiful antrann raodeh of charm and dlstinetJoa,
ery toeeraing, cleverly revealing the newest faror
ite atyie vcraions, of many elaborately fur-trinuned;
bninfa are of flowered Uk and the auterials all
the wanted edora
new dreesei in the tma m .n
styles that the wonen and miss wm bi dtUghtei
KsdnshoBCss is emphtiiied and quality of the
highest; aatin. cnaraMoae. tricotina, etrgt, ttt, in
mmj, brawn, black ana Uupe.
lien Alive - Listen!
BigYalues in Men's Suits
large arMle ef thit 1
la einrte sad deoMe breasted ef eels
spedsl line far the yeeo'g fellow wearing kia trst
long trotuera. Serrieesble wersteos. dieriaU,
Serges, sad ether rsU-weigbt auteriaavaiik er
meiistr assav toe new aatsma mats, ameag
waxa Brawns, an greens nreaeiai
blaaj, striaaa, checks and mixtaras.
7h73mrmtut Stores CtL.A
1611-1613 Second Avenue
Our Credit y
Opening an sonant at this store is s meat pleasant
transaction! There's not the least bother or red
tape! No extra charge, either for the convenience 1
Yon promise to pay! We believe you! Can any
thing be more fair than that? Yon pay while yoa
wear-thstSs why ear saluas must be the best!
Coma, bt owvlnetdt
Smoke Too Much?
Let Nicotol
Help You Quit
Do yon emoka too much? Thousand!
of men do and know it. They want to
smoke lesa or quit altosether hut will
not ponton ttaenuelTea to endore the
craTtnc that followa leavinc oil. Such
men need Kicotol which kills the crayinc
aad makes cutting down the use ot to
bacco or quitting altosether easy and
pleasant. Kicotol cures the era vine lor
tobacco, tones up the ernvea and keepa
you feelina rine and At. 60 to any drue
fist lor a package of Micotol tablets aold
under a steel-bound guarantee of aatie
1 action or money refunded.
. Mote: Ask your drunist what others
say about the wonderful power of Kicotol
to break the tobacco habit. He knows
and ha can be trusted to tell you (ha full
Broken Out Skin aad Itehlag
jsesema Helped urer Sight.
For unsightly skin eruptions,
rash or blotches on face, neck,
arms or body, you do not hare to
wait for relief from torture or em
barrassment, declares a noted skin
specialist Apply a little Mentbo
Sulphur and improrement shows
next day.
'Because ot its germ destroying
properties, nothing has ever beeji
found to take the lace of this
sulphur preparations, The moment
you apply it healing begins.' Only
those who have had unsightly skin
troubles can know the delight this
Men tho-Sutphur brings. Even Sery,
itching eczema is dried right up.
Get a small jar from any 'good
druggist and use it like cold cream.
You Can't Brush Or
Wash Out Dandruff
The only sure way to get rid ot
dandruff is to dlssolv It, then you
destroy it entirely. To do this, get
about fonr ounces of ordinary
liquid arron; apply it at night when
retiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with, the
nnger tips. -
Do this tonight, and by morning.
most if not all, of your dandruff
will be gone, and three or four
more applications will completely
dissolve aad entirely destroy every
single sign and trace of It. no mat
tar, how much dandruff you may
You will find, too, ' that all itch
ing and digging of th seals will
stop at one, and your hair will be
fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky and
gott. and look and feel hsndrod
times setter. -
10a can get iiqma arvon at any
In Davenport Offices .
Every Saturday, Monday and
. Tuesday .
t)r. W. O. Coffee, the ocfrist and
aurist, is in his Davenport offices
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday of
each week in the First National
bank building, rhone Davenport
7314. Hours from 9 a. m. to 3:30
p. m. Practice limited to the treat
ment of all eye diseases, tailing
sight, deafness, impaired hearing;
head noises, ulcers of the ears, ca
tarrh of the nose, head, throat and
sinuses. He treats catarrh as a
constitutional Condition as well as
a local disease. Ho treats enlarged
tonsils without a surgical operation'
and says many cases of partial
blindness can be restored without
an operation by his special non
surgical method. He straightens
cross-eyes by his special method,
usually at one visit. He removes
adenoids, polypus tumors of the
nose without chloroform and pa
tients return home without danger.
He has treated eye, ear, nose and
throat diseases for 38 years. Dr.
Coffee is in his Peoria offices at 309
South Jefferson street all the rest
of the time he is not in Davenport.
Better see him about your case be
fore submitting to an operation.
His ezperienco in treating thou
sands of cases makes it possible for
him to give relief many times when
others would fail. Many operations
are not necessary.
Kills Pesky
Bed Bugs
P. D. Q.
Just think. 35c box of P. D. Q.' (Peaky
Derila Quietus) , makea a quart, eooush to'
kill a million bedbuta. roaches. Seas' or
cooties and stops future Fenerations by
killing the ess and does not injure the
Liquid firs to the bedbun is what P.
D. Q. is like, badbuea stand as food chance
as a snowball in a justly famed beat resort.
Patent spout free in eTery package of
P. O. Q- to enable you to aUU them and
their ess nesta in the cracks.
Look tor the devU'a head on every box
then you'll hare what Hospitals hare found
to be the best inaeeticide known to sdanee.
Special Hospital aixe. S2.60, makes five
gallons contains 3 spouts either siaa at
your di unlet or sent prepaid upon receipt
of price by the Owl Chemical Co.. Terra
Haute. Ind. Genuine p. D. Q. is never
peddled. Sold by Buss' Drug Store and
other leading druggists.
' lasj.
mat as? aaai. aeerkia
rrtc. 2S40V73
vtoi av ecorr
: ioejuma or
mi facts:
The recentreport of the Federal Electric Railways Cotnmis
ssion to President Wilson contains the following:
"For the purpose of restoring credit, it seems to be the gen-'
eral impression of all witnesses that the first necessity is for the :
industry to put into effect such economies of operation as will en
able it to give good service atthe lowest cost Generally speaking,
this can be done by the elimination of deadheads and other free
service, the abandonment of non-profitable lines, and where prac
ticable, the substitution of one-man cars for heavier equipment." :
. As previously stated, this company is willing to render any I
service which the community desires and is willing to pay for, but ;
it believes that it is its duty to point out possible economies which
will have the effect of preventing further increases in fares and
possibly later reducing them, and at the same time increase the
service. With the thought in view only of giving information r
which would assist the public in forming its conclusions as to wha
t it desires, the company is giving some information in regard to .
safety cars. '
Wages of trainmen have increased from 29 cents per hour in
1914 to 70 cents per hour in 1920, an increase of 141 per cent
During the same period coal has increased over 300 per cent. -
A person receiving the same wage as a trainman in 1914
worked 10 1-3 minutes to pay for his five-cent fare, while in 1920,
if he receives the same wage that the trainmen receive, he will
only have to work Sy2 minutes to pay for a ten-cent fare. ;
Tri-City Railway Company
5 -
fans ta do th worhv tadr)
an- acor. ' is is inipiisii tM

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