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SfjJ OB ecittfr-wld
t M4 districtittf of taeso-
l a vow
. U.U tUl i .f.U--'SVJ-
OB ' VMttW
wffl be Ukm nt tl Or
(.(MTMlUOB of tM Roe Js-
sjat7' snnasy
,to be held at the First Bp-
-ga, mount, rnaj,u. .
iicMlona trill bo part of
tint session. At which tint
BnrnJe, state enecntrVn
jyr, and Mlaa Peart Wearer,
, children's division . superin
jl will alw fpoak. Ralph
I Jt East Molina will lead In
--tiat Divisional conferences
j action of officer will .be the
.easiness of the afternoon
m, Ud after, the convention
a the evening will be given
.mi booster program, with
Pucoe of Rock Island pre-
ft:M a. n-Gallba cwder
t? rla trt 1 1 tier: B. W. Babcock.
UCTto by CeorteX
feature eectwanr. Aofeea, luiaa
Hart -Weneer, state 3dtw.'f t-
tbwa enpenntendent
la) Ooagtry-wlde Martina. (W
Distribiting the Const?. Report of
KSeent --v . ' ' '
. t:lt pkm.-taKtBc. led by Ralph
Btolx. LVroUonala,
1HS to J: Conference on bas
in! sod ' finance of the eonnty
Sunday school association, led by
I nr. unrnie.
by veorgn H.
Era r.O Notoon has bonttte
Inar Winbolt property and wUl
nsva panesealoti Oct. 1. - 'L.
Rev. R. A. ten w
Mniw tn attend the ear
anal Central Illinois conference.
There will be no scene
tees at the Metbodiet chmrch Baa
day. . .
Mr. EbM E. Reck of Rents
is rieftins her grandntother, lira. L
U Chlktos , : .
f Mrs. o. "W. Allison of Derry.Pa,
b a gneet at the . O. Allison
Mrs. T. J. Wood retamed
Tk rnday from sereral weeks rlstt
with her sons. . Mr. and Mrs. Panl
Wood came with her, remaining
until Sanday treitiiig.
t Dr. and Mrs. C. T; Shearer and
son Gerhard are at larttsns polls to
nis parents, who are in at-
n at tM mu nnnwu wb
lent of the Grand Amy of
the Repnblle.
-. Oxford township school had a
raeatioa Wednesday when moot of
the teachers and pnpila went to
thy Henry" county fair at warn-
iiMtna fiarker nf I lb
111, la rUlting her hother,
- ; ., I' 1 . ' tit
. t -nAMB te(s
In the ScottUh Highlands, ien
more than 25.000 acres. ; - x-.
2:4S to :! Dirialonal confer
ences: a ChUdmn'a nlrlelon. led
by Mrs. W. H. Marshall. Rock Is
land: (b Young People's division,
led by MisT Georgia Pint. Rock
Island: " c Adult dtrtston, led by
H. 3. Banta, East Mollne; Educa
tional dirlsion, led by E. C. fisher,
Rock Island.
4:20 Report of nominating com
mlttee nod election of oScert.
6: SO Convention supper at Pint
Baptist church, in special charge
of the "Boosters;" Mis Georgia
Pint, toastmistress.
- 7:45 "Booster" program; Violet
Pucoe presiding. This program
BuwawnnnannwanHnHnunnBHHnnnnwannwaw - - - f
)7 DQgT " 'JD SoQL
Fine Cabinet Machine and Eight Doable Faced
", ;' x .Records-
Equipped with the Exclusive Columbia Non-Set
. . . e j fi c :
AUTOmauc wp ana wot spring ivswvr
' ' ' - Tft "v1 0 V 'fL
ray uniy ,asn
and $2.50 Weekly
And no interest charged.
This outfit consists of a
cabinet style Columbia
drafonola. as shown, in
quarter-sawed oak, gen
uine rnahogany or genuine
American,, walnut; three
hundred assorted needles;
sixteen selections, (eight
double face $1 records, all
your own choice). Let us
demonstrate this machine
to you tomorrow. ,
. ,-;i.''.:( .....
We carry the largest stock of Columbia Machines
. ' and Records to select from. :
Bowlby's Music House
1623 Second Avenue.
Rock bland
Keep Your Furs
Up to the Minute
Financially would be an imppssibility for
most women to keep abreast of the times if
they were to buy new furs every year. Still
; it is possible for every woman to b in style
at a far smaller cost by, having us remrfdel
? and renovate her last yeaVs furs. ;
Bring us your Coat? Neckpiece. Muff or any article of Pur
-J wearing apparel you; may hare and let us Remodel It The
cost Is trivial compared with the satisfaction, f
. , v ?
A ctuivenient credit plan is al
ways at your disposal.
" Probably no muttr and more practical ronyenitnc
was ever devised than the system of credit Today
fully DO of sll household necessities to purrkised
through the 1 nfeans of credit A most dignified, liberal
credit plsn, st the disposal of every patron of this
store enables everyone to own end enjoy better fur
iture that kind of furniture which makes better
homes'! , With thia system you can afford bett furni
' tnre and any amount of -it too. ss only s' small de-
pasit delivers it to your home. We invite you to eotne
in and let as explain this convenient credit plsn in de
September sale of rugs
Every room size rug in our, stock is included in this sale
1 . . '. J I
Attend this sale because the va
riety is so unusual! .
- We are frequently told that our assortment
of fine quality wilton, body brnssels, azmin-
rter and velvet rugs is not surpassed in the
trinities. There are indeed so many beautiful
colors and patterns, in, such an unlimited va
riety of combinations, tat we believe every
taste and requirement can be perfectly satis
fied. This sale does not only include a few
"drop patterns" it includes, st a reduction'.
every room-size rugs in our store.
Attend this sale because the
values are so extnaordinary!
We believe this is the biggest rug sale, in
point of vstue, - that has been held in the
tri-cities for months. This sale has been
planned in a big wsy. The entire nadley 14
store organization is behind it We never speak
of extraordinary value unless we are able to
proi-e evidence, which we certainly are in
this rag sale. Come tomorrow to make yonr
selection. Don't let this real opportunity alip
by. Decide now you'll come.
Attend this sale because you
needn't pay cash to save.
Every one can snd should profit by this -sale.
Nothing adds quite so much beauty and
"newness" to a room as a new rug.aodUf it's"
the right kind, it's besnty will last tor years..
That's the kind of rugs we have Included la
this sale at sale savings rugs of the better
sort and a small deposit is si Jthst Is re
quired tn own one. You will surely ant miss
the small weekly psyments enough to deprive ,
yourself of this opportunity, which may never
come again. ,
9x12 Worsted Wiltons -9x12
Wool Wiltons - -9x1
2 Seamless Velvets -
9x12 Heavy Axministers
9x12 Medium Axministers, $67.50 ;
9x12 Body Brussels - A $69.50;.
9x12 Seamless Brussels - $49.50 ;
9x12 Wool Fibers - - - $14.85
Library. tables $39.50
Period furniture is admired by every one but it s not al
ways svsilable to alL Here is an opportunity, however, to buy
a real Queen Anne library table, in genuine' mahogsny. per
fectly finished, at a price no higher thsrf yoe usually see the
ordinary kind selling for. These may be bought on convenient
payments, if desired.
Sturdy rockers $19.75
$2.00 cash,
$2.00 monthly
There are few homes iso
completely furnished but
thst a good-looking comfort
able rocker could not be
used to sdvsntage. This one
is made entirely of selected
quartered oak and it is fin
ished in a beautiful nut-
' brown fumedv The slip-seat
is of real grained Spanish
leather, stretched over long
coil springs.) insrisg com
fort Specially priced.
1 K '
Simmons bed outfit
Including all three high grade articles shown above (
Every on, knows that Simmons beds l3frf founts S 'JatS 1on"TKS
.ix. Ton h. vour choice of ivory, whit or bronze. Now on displsy. Complete, fb.M.
Terms :-$3.50 cash, $3.00 Monthly.
i - -
, White Kitchen Tables.
x With white, porcelain tops.
These tables are white all over., with ae
turnings or crevices fo catch dirt They
can be eleened in a jiffy. A label on the
top. bears the stamp and insignia of sp
'proval of the famous .Good Housekeeping
Institute. While a limited qeantity lasts,
they will be specially priced at 911.75.
Bed divan suites $119.50
In genuine oak golden or fumed finish.
. Three handsome pieces, all to match, and at the aingle, low price of I119.t
The bed -di ran alone is worth nesrly ss much ss this. We know what suites
of this quslity are selling for in most tri-city furniture stores; that is why
we tell you it is ah unusual value, snd only ssk thst you prove this for
yourself by sny eompsrisoa you cars to make. In both finishes, these suites
are bow n displsy. ' )
Gas Ranges $59.50
$6.00 cash, $5.00 monthly.
These csbinet style gas rsnges were
bought months sgo! Since thst time.-fhere
hsve been two substsntisl sdvaneea in price.
Hence this low price. These ranges ere
made throughout of guaranteed materials.
They are slso guaranteed tn bske perfectly.
Priced this month. ZHM. Sold on rtnven
ent payments.
On sale tomorrow ouly.
No deliveries made of
these. One tn a rnsinnwr.

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