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?t the fresk&sft tUd. Mr.
I fchwKUkatwhe hadBereo
1 'A ii'lf .Te
sis r I to t a rrtn r ijma i
. ttfMMk as .the on)
tatei MfiaCttS Mel
what Uaaucas ran
fcag dawa ty fMKk
trtAil e:j; trsasiatod Jatd
Cany, (mm Sew. ,-.
JZJ ectr wale BafitoV tz
s;' s etois3 (reav Preeh
K treat afcd.the eiJeteoee of
Aericaa vhrsien tM ankwewa tn-!
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of how ame. of Hrt jkj
nann tat hTiiiiiwi antra wui
om&sm to I a fe-sho test
uVsTyeari "t: PA&. toBXf-J
long, indeed, m Europe ewes Amer
ir tan WHlnna nf 4allara ud ac
lor a lite' riafsrifrai of taiesM
Astorfan 'depends age aid
MBlBl U DS OtMtM tram a
-ayJ'a stenographer, loM that
XJk Wm Vf jHWtosntoge) ta
vort fcssa iHlJrN torwargiag a
f to OS The-glS-
ft) MCWM a
iTwilsoiFS l&dMi fr-K,nit
'feast Ksarcf ft x
X arise ud meet ta
-y memory almost verbatim bat
factually, of course everythin;
tjad been laid tn BncUita. The
Jntr reinforced bit neaorr
Ji lonx-bjud etw u ta Uaaeir
Unoxrftpntf, but ui
uy ta to BMMsai i tM Mod-
fkC o no to Hf opft reoort-
vBBMorL0penear M t in-
uwr ii worm
.1 taot
f aa ztraordinry pleco of
. Jt ioinotimoi reyaJax p ehetl
i iofUlt boor's length wtMmrt ln
"tton bo did not got Ow ftro-4
4 vnoaningt of many or um sng-
ord. - j '
lltn tne prealdent himself aald
Hood's P
tej UlaKCS 1-003
Hialli an apptlt& alda dtsoMon.
ikriftea tbm WW, and thus raUeaa
ftvila, eatarro, tha palna . and
Jab; of rhaamatlml aad glraa
Mifth to Ue Whola ayatem.
iKaarly 6 yaaw phenomenal aalea
U9 ha etoty of the great meritrand
Meeaaa of Hood's . Saraapartlla. It
tha medietas yon need no.
Ptlla help One cathartic
ahftft do tiMblaA again aa it wag
ta l.il and iBoertaMl righta warn
Ttotetad Uo UnltM States vonid
not bealtata to send a fleet and an
army to Europe once more to sava
atakllinad and aaaeafal
Tha weaaent is fotng oat of of-
Sm Wmk 1 ku li 11 tm tHO Hit
S- IgM, bata Ik jatt'ofimw itauaa
. -t"-- I I II
aaaanajBIWiWma)aBppaaBaisBa ..
y-Jtaa whim not
ly torytUssi on auction day
ant altar um as Nog as as is saw
to saaak r wrlU tha ras thai
rlnaiat to Me heart. na ares
it sffort Is to draw to Us aU
BsaaMtcaas who favor tha lamgae.
Ha may not aapecc isu w tch
tor Cm hat ha la trrteg to vavnt
them from helping Harding. That's
tha Democratic atratetT- :f . -
1 tiaana, Oct il-Tha fioattart
Tytol. allottod to Italy Wf ta Aaa-
trtan peace trentri formally
l t
Oaa of ua wdaasa sJllsd at a rail
ersaamg near oeaerd fMday night
hag hew Identified as Lime Heo-
nar, according to Information t re
eetred by The Argna from theNAa
ror Beaoon-Nfwn, tertfrhig the
saftoaiUoh of Mrs. & H. Hendren,
M Porty-thlrd atreet J. A. Wel
ter, by: whom aha was employed
selling soap, has headquarters at
WARNING! Unless you see the name "Bayer? on
army to Jsnropa once more to awa;. - -vy - . . . ; - . . . . c-
driiuation.' This is practically the tablets you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescriDea oy
aunaweasi aingav ahssT " Kwmai mtsra aaTaiMm' , nda- . . l h . - 9
eiadeff u us famooj parapnpn j physicians for'20 years ittid proved safe by millions.
ranb!t&7!r1the3len0 Name "Bayer" has same meaning as 14 Karat .on gold.
Befatatiea af Charge. ; '
Bat the Isansnce of the doca-
ments showing how President Wil
son was in frequent cable com
munication with former President
Taft during the peace conference
Is plainly Intended by the Demo
crats and by the prealdent himself
as a refutation of the, oft-repeated
enarge that he never consulted
anybody or that he wanted the pact
ratified without the crossing of a
"f or the dotting of an T exactly
as he wrote It
The White House has plenty ol
letters from Herbert HooTertoo,
which if published may place him
in aa embarrassing position before
the country.. The fact of the mat
ter is that while the Democratic
atrategy may not oaase Republicans
to depart from Harding In sufficient
numbers to he decisive, the Demo
crats have begun to build a record
for the future so that even if they
lose the present campaign they will
SAFETY FIRST! Accept only an unbroken package" of
genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin,' which contains proper direc
tions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheuma
tism, Neuritis, Lumbagoand for pain generally. Strictly American!
Handy tin boles of IS tablets cert hut a few cents Larger packages.
be in better shape in 1922 and 1924 j istli. tn).oirk f btt Mtator at Moe!ito8!lCT'ne
Fjor hdigestion
KM'Na Is Guaranteed to Prompt
ly Believe Stomach Distress.
People go on suffering from little
stomach troubles for years and Im
agine they have h serious disease.
They over-eat aad force on the
stomach a lot of extra work.
But they never think .that the
stomach needs extra help to do ex
tra work.
If these people would take a Mi-O-Na
Tablet with or after meals
it Would be a great big help to the
Stomach in its strain of overwork.
Ifi-O-K'a helps your tired-out
stomach to do its work and ban
ishes the cause. :
No matter what you est or driik
Mi-O-Na will aweeten your sour
stomach and atop gaa belching io
five minutes. The heaviness dis
appears and the stomach Is greatly
aided in ita work of digestion.
And Mi-O-Na not only promptly
relieves all distress but if taken
regularly will banish Indigestion.
Druggists everywhere Sell Ml-O-Na.on
the money back plan.
Slough,. Bag., Oct. U. The mon
tthmmt 4a. Tkoraaa Orav. the poet.
on which are haacrihed some veraea
of the MEIegyw and which to attaat-
ed in some telda ssjolniag the
Stoke Pose churchyard, failed to
attract a wai waaa put w tor sac-
tkm hers. - - - t.s
Tha smmMf. mi
large sarcophagus and tL
in 1799.
II u
Sada Cstaxxh or SBoorv back. Inst
Ireatheitia. Ontt inclodcs inhaler,
trtia beetles at auaxnggwa.
Uris Week Onty
' "
At any drag store named below,
a 10-Day Tube f Pepsodentv
Simply preset the coupon.
Gatlikfmtnbsj. Itaaiewiabe
a reweUtioD. Tb ycnland yeura
tha results will open a new era
in teeth cleaning. Learn nowv
what they mean to you.
This new way to beautiful teeth
d a '
Your druggisi today has a new way
teth cleaning.' And a ten-day tubs
tUulions of people now employ it.
Mading dentists everywhere advise it
Vat would never gevwithout it U you
mew. . i "
fOb tsk for that free tube. There are' s
few things more important than weuV
Egistected teeth,
iRcmove the film-coat .
l.ou brush teeth now, hot yon leave
kehofthefilm. A viscous nun clinga
1 the teeth, enters, crevices and stays,
ordinary tooth paste does not end
t? So teeth too often discolor and ae-
tists now know Oat the reason
In film. That causes most tooth
tumbles. And. until one ends it, brush
KjSfaila to save the teeth.
I XI is the film-coat that discolors, not
lie teeth. Film is the basis of tartar.
ftBolds food substance which ferments
1 forma add. It bona the add in .
pBact with th teeth to cause decay.
Millions of germs breed In it. They,
with tartar, are the chief cause of pyor
rhea. And pyorrhea wrecks countless
Uvea today.
, An aJarming situation
Tooth troubles have been constantly
increasing, Very few people escape
them. So dental adence has in late
years studied to combat that film.
..New 'we know how. The methods
have been proved by careful clinical ,
; tests, ' made . under able authorities. !
Now millions of people employ them,
largely by dental advice. A new era in s
- teeth deaning is fast spreading the
world oyer. .i
These new methods axe combined in
ej dentifrice called Pepaodent. A 10
JJay Tube is given to everyona who
asks. Now ell who will may quickly,
know that film can be combated.
' What you will
A test of Pepsedent brings quick and
tmiqoa effects. One seea and feeia
V them clearly. And a book, which comes
with the 10-Day Tube tells the reasons
One "ingredient is pepsin. Another
'multiplies the starch digestant in the
saliva to digest starch deposits that
cling;. Each application also multinlies
the alkalinity of the saliva to neutral
ize the adds which cause tooth decay.
Two factors directly attack the film.
One keeps the teeth so highly polished
tnat mm cannot easuy aanere.
Day by day we fight Ahe film and all
its ill effects. You see the Yesults in
whiter teeth. You feel them in cleaner
teeth. But the great results are such
protection as teeth never had before.
You owe yourself a knowledge of
these facts. Old ways of brushing
have proved sadly inadequate. ' Nearly
everybody at some time suffers troubles
caused by film.
Now science knows how to combat
film, and in ten days you can know.
Never again will you trust the old
ways when you know the new.
Preccnt thb Free Tube Coupon tha
Teeth will glisten whoa
the film-coat goes
- Get this free tube and watch tt. Note
how clean the teeth feel after mis Varfe
the abaence of the slimy film. 8ee how teeth,
whiten as the film-coat dlaappears. . '
You will instantly knew that Pepsodent
ww douuib; eiaa naa one. in a few
says yon wut realize what dean teeth
I "If
with year name and address filled
It Is a geed far a ie.Bay Tahe sf
T 4- -v-rmm
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" '
a -
; hi
) V
X 9
( 1
1 1
.'ainil.'tT.VT.TS.IIaSI. !.... .
abosdd mall this
to The
lies aw Wabash At
I -OmW-town
sad the tabs wii
I Os teas a tmm ar

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