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The betting mnii la tb world series Is
bair, bet the betting arerage to altt.
The Turkey Gobbler bM one chance for bit
h2-ttMr may keep his price too high.
The hungry Russian ia beginning to
Vera Oat the et la eorttt 4a meaningless. ,
A maadled ia a Chicago taxlcab the other
liar, , Probably bo bad Jus been banded faia
2are bill by the drirer.
, - . ,
Spela'e aw premier promises a program.
lot aoelal reform, bat one wonder If Spain's
fjateatkms are Ilka her oastlee.
' What America Cost.
Fear hand red and tweutyiaight yeara ago
Aagaat there tailed from Palos, a Spanish
port, Christopher Columbus and hie gallant
v And 428 years ago today they algbted
(the dore aad Um floating greea branch that
it land. Talk about "Sailing, tailing, over
ie bounding main," Chriatopher Columbus aad
bit sea bad their Ml of it on their trip.
And th coat of discorenig thla land of
bow the reeearchera and atatlatlciana
fore to roll the flgarea under their tongues
ire just seren thousand Iron men,-" cold ail;
rm j4o11i re. c, & ,- ---,
li'.And, Qaeea Isabella, report tometimea to
trary, dldnt pay all of that; not eren
tvblggest vart No. Two brother, Martin
incente Pihaon, real i porting gentlemen.
y supplied two of the fleet of three Tee
the Plato aad the Nina, bat paid for the
deJpment, too. Columbus, yon know, oom
Caaded the SanU Maria. WU1 the world erer
ierfet hls ship? Merer. ,
V'VSU , to pay. Tew' soldiers - or sailors or
Tjld-be discoverers seem to care to work
Joat that Well, Columbus was paid at the
fata) of-$300 a year, the Plnzon brothers $180
j7ar. and the crew about $2.50 a month each.
moua paia out in pay alone about $4,400.
expenses, including the cannon on three
3. ran the total outlay ud to 17.000.
! j JU the trip lasted from August of one year
ata March of the next, with the discovery of
s)ifw world as a feature, it may be said that
ia history waa $7,000 expended in a bet-
laee, no matter who supplied the ducats.
art JC rat? ta wltw of e e-oe at tie
tor avywr of CLia The Arxae
toek Ce poetoe that the people of Oaota did
tu tr atata gorenei by a aa tt taa
TV Urpe. Kt. Ogleaby declared U.the
xe lW iaet n, aV aaau iw ibmm
raor evoU take ale ardera-froai wa
riu MMieTfca aWu taaat heard
Kt the jetlremeat of Mr. Taompeoa from yUt-
taal C3a Be la etffll attttag pretty.. jt aoaat-
Mr, CmalL Taarre be fa atffl Mr.
1'a be. And If Mr. Small reachea the
eiweatire chair at Spriagfleld be.wiU take bia
ordera froaMr. Thompaon. Taat'a the way
rae Argaa laaiaaaoat n. ana n aeoerea uw
tta ylew b abared by Ibnasaada of ihe good
BapabUeaaa of Illlnola. The Argue la eome-
wka tarpriaed at Mr. Dgleaby. It waa Inclined
to tkia bte made of different ataff. It waa
right tor Wm to ejutt whoa ha found that the
aaiamry reeat were against aim. but be went
too far tM bw came oat ana tau ae waa
wUling to swallow the entire ticket, ueladlng
the Thompson - Small pUL ' Wlltam Hale
Thoofpson it seeking to control the goyera-
Imeat of Illlnola. ' Mr, Ogleaby baa aatd that he
la wuuag tnat ae nave pia amDiuon aaosneo,
Mr. Ogleaby would bare been a bigger man 4
faia party if he had stood aat in bia altitude
toward the Thompson-Small combination. He
baa not made many rotee for Small by bia
eaaage of front
' Plotter Paroled.
' Dispatchet from Learenwortu prison tell of
the unconditional release of Frani Ton Bopp,
formers, rice consul of the imperial' Genbaa
gorernment at Saa FraBcisco, conricted of.
plotting against the neutrality of this U. St
gorernment in wartime, and sentenced to serve
Are yeara la tbe federal prison. Another Ger
man plotter, Eckhardt H. ran Schaack, who
waa paroled with Bopp will be released aa
soon aa the necessary papera are received.
, : Eugene V. Debs, who made a speech con
demning war and waa sentenced to 10 yeara in
the penitentiary for "obstructing recruiting,
etc, is still la J1 11.. Sl are many men who
had conscientious scruples againat war.
Which was the more dangerous ' to . the
Vnited States goTernmentr the active German
plotter, or the "conscientious objector?"
, If the government can now, with safety,
release convicted German plotters and spies,
can if not afford to release also those Ameri'
cans who, for conscience sake, preferred prison
stripes to an abandonment of their deep con
yip jT
Hre tics
When I bare mid UfVaheary burden down.
When my soul takes its ajgut irom uua poor
i . .. .,
When deata? with soothing touch, baa smoothed
And all the cares of earth are brushed away:
if u h rrantad me to leare behind
One thing. 111 fare forth with untroubled, mind.
One boon I crave. It seems not much to ask;
For here among the busy folk of earth
Each one engrossed in bia allotted task
Is top much grief sad not enough of mirth.
So many things there "be to make men aad
And O! ao rery few to make them glad.
So, when at laat m called to Journey .where
The Ferry waits, whens Death and I are mot
la that encounter when I must forswear
-All earthly ties, Til go sane all regret
If men with me this thought might reconcile:
"He waa a chap who made bia fellows smile."
J :
Ogleaby Flops.
tm: n1v". ,.. .
I,!' uuuuncra ne win rnaae no
ttyjjhn contest, legal or otherwise, to obtain
nomination for governor of Illinois, and
pales that being a Republican, be will aup-
lfl his party ticka in November. Mr. pglesby
a willing to help Tammanyiae the state of
IWaoia. At least that's what he said before
primaries would happen in the event that
Small, the Thompeon-npirant, became
fawaraor. The Argus urged Republicans to
fafport Mr. Ogleaby in the primaries because
j oeUeved that he would make a better gor-
Splendid Examples. . 7
i, It la a good thing to stimulate the Imagina
tion of young people with tales of heroism,
and if they are discouraged it la good to en
courage them with examples of success after
failure. But it is not good to leare the arerage
boy or girl with the impression that he or she
also must be great In the way in which these
heroes were great '-
Two or three boys now in school may per
haps some day become president of the United
States, but not more, and if all are urged to
atrive tor this distinction and they take the
lesson to heart it means that all but two or
three are bound to be disappointed and carry
through life a sense of .hopeless failure. And
so with other alms of the sort "
It Is given to rery few to be distinguished
in any line, and, if all aim at distinction, nearly
all must end in failure. And that means bit
terness of soul after a .fierce and hopeless
struggle. . '
The bitterness is not entirely undeserved,
for the desire to stand out as superior to others
is not entirely generous. , And -even when it is
gratified it cannot make one happy if it has
stunted the reat of life.
- One should not strive too much to be a
hero. It is better simply to do one's part
Sometimes that leads to heroism of the out
standing sort More often "tit does not
Simply doing what ought, to be done, and
taking what comes one's way without a fuss is
heroism also, and heroism of a better kind,
for it ia reached without aa applauding audi
ence to urge one on, and success is not achieved
athe expense of someone else's disappoint-1,
ment ' . '-' ' I J
" THE Serb-Rumanian world series in the
League of Nations appears to be settling down
to an extra inning pitchers' battle between
Messrs. Wilson and Spencer. Personally, (we
snitched that from B. L. T.'s cannery) we shall
continue to give all our attention p the In
dians-Dodgers' classic. ;.
Sir: For your consideration: Upon passing
the March cigar store we see In the window a
Police GazetU with the following advertise
ment underneath: "A Variety of Shapes at 10c
2 for 25c or 16c." . , F. J. M.
OVERTURNS." Blpomington Pantagraph.
n . , 1 ll.
une guess at ui nuoaie nans.
X They Aatoed And Kot Oae Deplored
Tkat Each OaeAatoed leaf d
(From the Aledo Times-Record).
Mrs. Roy Sharer, Allie Pitman, Elna Loqtrlst '
and Mary Pitman autoed to Alexis Saturday
evening. . . .'
' Mrs. Violet Gladaon and Mrs. Pearson of
Burgess autoed here Tuesday.
' Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Ashley autoed to Wood-hull-Monday
and called ou Mrs. Ashley's rela
tives' there.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mathers and children
autoed to Gladstone on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cravens and baby and
some friends of Peoria autoed here Sunday
afternoon .
Forest White and F. A. Mead autoed to
Gladstone Monday to get some apples.
Mr. and Mrs. John Holmea and children and
the Holmes sisters autoed to the John Baker
home Sunday ....
Miss Edna and Florence Nelson and Maud
Peterson autoed to Alexis Tuesday afternoon.
. Bat These, So Haughty and Up-Stagel
They Motored Motored ia a P ! f
Floyd Meeker and 'Kenneth Lnndgren mo
tored to Kelthsburg Sunday and called, oh
friends. v '"-..' i , . I
- ' ' f
"IT was a fortunate day when we hit upon
this clever idea in men's clothes!" exclaims an
ad in the New York Tribune. If you (we're
addressing the men) are feeling unusually
reckless this evening you might read that ex
clamation to your wires with the pert follow
up that most clever ideas ARE in men's
clothes. We, however, shall run no risks. ;
Sir: Josh Billings said, "I like to see chil
dren fight; it indicates a lively disposition.'
Those who are lamenting the G. O. P. as a dead
one, or are perturbed over the Lowdeu, Thomp
son, Harlan and Small set-to. should swallow
a large and indigestible crumb of comfort by
nrtivinav Oil iiticre)' AkaaawatiA it.i.
' B. B. S.
Eerrt a Seetda YergSe1. - ,
Letter frota a reader:'
"A Mend of mine was taken with
serere pains In the upper abdomen
oa a Wednesday night She felt
aaaasated. but did not romit She
bad also aerero beadanbfc She
refused to call a phystdaa because
aa old womaa of the aelghbOdbood
assured her thai the Umeaa waa en-
1 . . Mit iTbn k X
uray uuv w 4nuijf w wvw
i waraea aw inai u was au non
sense to imagine that wet. feet
could ban any one. Bat she be
lieved what the old woman sa
about It aad would not let me cafl
the doctor . . . " WelL it proved
husband used to believe all aorta
of rubbish about changes of
weather, getting wetstu, giving one
colds. But he got rid of all his
foolish notions after he Joined tbe
Canadian army and endured all
kinds of hardships m France, Many
a time he waa wet through and had
to let his clothes dry oa him. He
slept ia dugouts and in the mud and
snow and never had a cold.
"I como from Glasgow, Scotland,
and there were, eight children in our
family. My parents bad not tbe
means to giro us many cloth ea to
wear, and we received only the
plainest rood and sot too much or
it Yet we all grew up strong and
well . . ."
What did I tell you?
Will some old fogy doctor who
still thinks It is a btt of aa adven
ture getting feet wet or one of any
age, chronologically speaking, point
out for our benefit why the soldiers
suffered no alleged colds while in
the 'trenches, exposed to the sever
est wet aad cold as they were?
Frpdcric HcqlW,. Lclt
. - sbbbbM ettntjaBsmeief mm Asms). -
Movies aad the Eyes.
-Please Inform me whether mov
ing pictures are harmful to the
eyea In any way. (E. F.)
Answer Moving pictures of the
better typo (mechanically! are not
harmful to the eraa. There are
Ulla few exhibitors who inflict oa
the audience flickering pictures, as
ml. m .Mii ia nil a
"relay" effect on the screen, and
these are Indeed bad for the eyea.
Cadhsa er Waiskv.
' Ia order to settle aa argument
kindly adrtoe which Is more harm
ful, coffee drinking or whisky
drinking. B likes a cup or coffee
forfreeAfast and J says this ia
harmful. But J likes a glass of
whisky (when he can get it) and
declares thla. ia good for anybody.
-. -y , . , (B. & J.)
Answer One or two cups of cof
fee a day rarely does anything but
good to an adult One glass of
whisky a day may produce serious
Urer or kidney oiaeaae. -
t'leaalns; Teem.
It soap good for cleaning teeth?
. (H.H.)
Answer Soan is the best thing
we hare for cleaning teeth. All
tooth Bowdors.- pastes and lotions
coasiata largely of soap. Plain soap
is my own preference. '
Mwauowea a aau.
A four-year-old boy swallowed a
small nail Are daya ago. Some say
the acid in his stomach will dis
solve it. Have heard that dry botieu
potatoes are good to feed in such a
case. Please ten me wnat 10 ao.
(E. M. L.)
Answer Do nothing. Of course
the add in the stomach will not
diasolre It The nail was probably
passed from the bowel within 48 to
72 hours. Gire no physic In such a
case. Such foods as baked pota
toes, well ripened bananas, and
thoroughly cooked vegetables of
any kind may be given, in order to
leare a large residue In the bowel
to cover the nail, but this is only
for the -first day or two. If any
trouble develops, an X-ray exami
nation . would probably show
whether the nail ia still in the ali
mentary tract
XIX. The McKmW-Bryan Race of lg
they had bolted the i
MCKiniey. A nation.
publican convention
Hanna, chosen chairtnaa efs,
tlonal committee, knew tkav
a great Job ahead of himZX
tn work.
T1m TTnwp.H.
Washington, R C, Oct IS. Thai
hardest fought political battle of
American history waa the campaign
Of 1896 ta which William McKmley
of Ohio" vanquished 'William Jen
nings Bryan of Nebraska. The tact
that McKinley waa reelected with
ease In his second campaign against
Bryan, aad that the Republican ma
jorities of 1896 look so great oa
paper, has caused many men of
short memory to believe that Mc
Kinley won his first election with
out great difficulty. '
In that year the Democratic nom
inee, Mr. Bryan, made the moat re
markable speaking campaign ever.
undertaken by any man. Ia the
same year, the Republican cam
paign manager, Mr. Hanna, apent
Lever been apent before ia a presi-jdent of the United Statea. i
- log democratic COOreMfa. !
in Chicago. The QeveituTj'
committee, but the reco-
of that body were sweptiT
the first rote and it was t2j
the silver men controllej
venUon. A resolution cosa?
the then present DemocnOi
venUon waa voted down umV
ful hoots. No man wu nlT
more than the Democratle a
Clereiand, the Democrat
dential race. The Republican cam
paign was conducted with such
consummate skill that the name of
What's In A
It leaked out at the convention of the Na
tional Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers
that dealers are now putting alcohol into many
kinds of the Sunday school refreshments and
rum in the tutti frutti brands. Oh. boy.
"MAILS was as cool as an iceberg and took
nis time ior eacn oenrery." united Press.
, With that name he couldn't logically be ex
pected to hurry it.
Hew Odd! 1
v (From The Argus).
Seventy-eight infanta were born to
Moline mothers and fathers durina- the
month of September, according to re
ports compiled by Dr. A. E. Kohler, city -physician.
- , . ;
SINN FEIN BAND." Dubuque Times Journal.
cord, of course.
A Name?
Lieaamg iree silver uA J
Richard P. Bland of MW
John R. McLean of OhioZIl,
Story of their defeat isaiii
miliar bit of political ah,
11am Jennings Biyan, wkjliul
ported the St Louis egnLV
which nnmlnatH uu-i-i..
Where Lorraine originated ia dif
ficult to say. That particular form
has no etymological history. " But
it is possible that It Is the modern
outgrowth 'of the names arising
from the old Roman nares," the
little twin gods wjio presided over
the household and were decorated
with wreaths on festival days.
The special feast of the lares
was on the 22nd of December and
it waa immediately followed by that
(ft a feminine deity called Lara,
Larunda, Larentia, Laurentta or
Acca Laurentia, who was termed in
old Latin, "good mother." It was
ahe to whom prayers were made
that no good slare might depart
(What a comfort her presence
J : ;
would be to the modern house
wife.) When Greek mythology came in.
poor Laurentia was turned into a
nymph whose chattering annoyed
Jupiter to such an extent that he
ordered her tongue cut out and
sent her to the lower world in
charge of Mercury. Be that as it
may, her name was popular among
Roman matrons and existed in
various forms. Lorraine is geaer
ally regarded as the, French inter
pretation of this popular name
which slipped over the border from
Italy-. ,
Jade is her tallsmanic gem It
will bring her health, riches, long
life and happiness, according to the
extravagant, promise of 4ho .Chi
nese. Monday ia her lucky day and
1 her lucky number.
Mark Hanna will lire for years asl testing tor the
that of the best political general
the country has produced.
The year 1896 waa a year of po
litical revolution. Both of the
leading parties underwent great
changes, and the number of inde
pendent voter waa increased a
thousand fold. Mr. Cleveland's sec
ond administration began with the
country on the verge tf a financial
crash: The blow descended and
panic of 1893 -was on. The money
question, which both parties had
so carefully sidestepped for many
years, was presented in such a way
that tbe administration could not
avoid taking a position. Mr. Cleve
land and his cabinet decided to
place the country squarely on "the
gold standard, and to disregard the
petty sops which had been thrown
to silver. The treasury regulations
accomplished this purpose long be
fore the McKinley administration
came in.
Democrats la CeatroL
. For the first time since the first
part of Buchanan's administration
the gorernment was in the control
of the Democrats, that party hav
ing the presidency and a majority
in both houses of congress. Mr.
Cleveland called congress together
and urged the repeal of the silver
purchasing clause of the Sherman
act which would finally "demone
tize" silver. His party did not
agree with him on that subject, and
1 "I- JL . V Je sV MAKLJ
I X I '
Dear-Mrs. Thompson: My moth-
er and I cannot agree in regard to
fixing up the house. I am a work
ing girl and have many invitations
out to the homes. of the girls I
work with and. hare been to my
employer's home more than once.
Perhaps if I had never gone any
where I would hare been satisfied
at borne, but now the stuffiness of
so many dollies and large portraits
on the wall makes me sick. In our
parlor there ia a large- picture of
father, a large one of mother, a
large one of grandmother, a large
one of each of the three children
and a lot of smaller photographs.
Can you Imagine how I feel?
I hare argued with my mother
tm. ll.. A m
they make such a violent dls-frefuses to change a thing. I hare
finally decided to leare borne if
she will not gire Into me at all. It
shows that ahe does not really care
for me and would be happier with
her things than to bare me
around. Don't you think it would
be all right tor me to leare under
- .AAA I MM-
,vr7i iui, iwiv, bj -nueeivr
it Syndicate. Inc.)
lr waste gray, faded aVd sign.
rtag 'from huge beam, and
ac the trayer and more faded
$!he accusing ray of sunshine
jag across n. rierre - Bad
the trim figure, 'listening for the
firm step, waiting for their boy to
return. A pitiful-little bundle of
letters, worn with much reading,
a few poor little things their boy
had touched; these were the only
things that helped the little old
man to whlatle at bia work, and
care a consolation to the silver.
Uf i it, after a portentous selection 1 haired figure, always in the chair
car ttaint, boards and hinges, and
Lfa bad buag it oa .the alacient
raa,- "La Place de Bens' Sur-
S-ta," held a great meaning, for
rrjaet Pierre Faatoreaa the prince
8 1 "wtry eooka. "saaa rivals," aa bia
.' a - Jlag customers sajd of him? -j
ltathe cheery little shop on the
" rrW of Rue Royals aad La Cham
. I ' the cheery little "marmitoa"
'i i.la cheery little wife conducted
t iCrwet8 that had made them
' f 7 as. Great long names dal
I - a apply to his masterpieces,
rail leceodantsucre" - waa. - the
: air I of a marrelous pie, aad Ixm
t 'erelllaace." thla fat litUechet
la' s bant of inspiratiotuhad called
J-rTteaus tart 1
:k t oaatomers accepted each new?
tt", wptece rarer ently, aa oae
1 w I . regard Tng aaered.
- r r . Viae, bia wife, aa aba eat la
I I imalr by the wiadow, would
r : each customer with a "Boa-
) ' .madame." or a "Belle Jouraee.
t u." She greeted everyone with
a Je, but maay there were who
, 1. t that an effort wee behind tt
J T. more tbaa two years ago,
-1 i aoa, their Jean, bad clasped
- 1 head agala aad again, aad
X - .iet prewdly oat of the little
a aowa the aaam street arouad
. t"i uraer, aad te the war. Erir
Lspl they bad beta watching tot
bythe window, watching for the
day when the same sun ray which
had shone upon a departing, figure
should caress the form of a son
returning to his mother.
"PerhaDS he ia dead." said Mad.
lefne solemnly, when word from
their lored one had ceased. "But
until I hear that my boy has given
up bia life I will pray that le Bon
Dieu will bring him back to us. and
after that I will .prey for hla aouL"
A swirl of dry leares rattled at
the window of "La Place de Boas
Surprises, bringing with -them foe
tidings that a great wind storm
was -coming. The sign creaked ta
the wind, but up above there waa
an ominous cracking; the - great
beam waa gmng way la the gale.
aad from tile ancient old watt! to
watch It was attached, a stone fen
aad then to . the pavement
Pierre bad been preparing to mend
the walk aad reen force the ancient
timber for some time; aad aa be
surveyed it now through the win
dow, he had half a mind to fix it
at oaee. Hie d sties called him,
however, and without reluctance
he went back to, his work.
Be waa recalled to the treat of
the shop bp a cry from bia wife:
"Pierre! Come! A letter!" and
the esetted KadelefBe thraft a pa
per mio
it. ..v-.;ctf- -r is-1 .
"Peste!" he cried, "my classes "
He adjusted them and excitedly
read the letter.
"Chera amis." he soelled out
nervously. "I must tell you that I
hare something at once painful aad
comiorung tor you to know. Yes
terday there waa brought to us a
young man, a victim of shell-shock,
who does not know his name or hla
past life, and who is exactly like
your son. -1 had determined to
summon you here that you might
learn the truth, when I discovered
this morning that he had wandered
off in the night I can find no trace
of him, but I feel tt my duty to tell
you or my criminal carelessness. I
will never cease searching for him.
My aear menas, tome day I will
find him. and it tt is in my power
I will cure him of hla terrible af
- "Ihospital dee soldats. Parts."
' After a long while Pierre breathed
neamy, then stooped to pick up the
paper which had fluttered to the
floor. -' -.- . '
, Aad tSen the two old people were
together oa their knees by the win
dow, offering silent prayer for their
boy to be cent back to them.. Tor
a loag while they knelt there.
The Tear of. the gale outside and
the narrowing of the gray patch of
light told them that night,
comlnsr aad tbe storm waa on.
They listened dumbly' to the
furious wind, until Madeleine said
slowly: - -
"It ear boy should be out in thla
somewhere near as .
A auddea wad crack, as of over
strained woof firms; way. aad then
Nebraska newspaper,
vi we oeaa oi a eostak
rfstantinn N.
" 1
Then came the great debit -.
. i
iiwuurui, iog eaBiern D
m . , . , ...
ug anas nara against ths DabaA
In that debate, Mr. Bryan, then
3 years old, slim of figort,mtt
of mane, leaped into awkw
fame in a moment The bW
"crown of thorns and cmn tj2
speech, whether the flrursiriiej
rowed from Represents Ut
of Massachusetts or not mbu
conrention wild. Mr. Bryu.
nominated. . i
A little later the Popnllan
the Silver Repoblicaus tlMta
inated "the Boy Orator et
Platte." The Clereiand Deaon
called a conrention at Iniluq
and organized the "Natkmilt
mocracy." General Joan-!,
mer of Illinois, a soldier of tsifi
ion, was nominated for pnak
with General Simon BoliTerhx
ner of Kentucky, a soldier si
confederacy, for vice preok.
They polled but few votes, thta
jority of the gold Democrat! i
ing straight for McKinley.. )
Bryan soon began his unwa
dented and unequalled cunt
'' 0ei
era d
it was with the greatest difficulty tour. He dia not then posssui
purpose was accom-
I feel that you will be doing
wrong if you leave home. Your
mother would grieve more than
you realize. Her rery loyalty to
her beloved possessions shows how
dearly ahe cherishes what is hers.
Make your own berdoom as modern
aa you wish to, but leare the reat
of the home aa your, mother wants
to bare it f
Sweetness of character will count
a great deal more for you than the
most modern of living rooms. If
your clothes are attractive and
your mind keen, you will be ad
mired for yourself and not stamped
by the appearance of an old-fashioned
parlor. ,
Sometime, doubtless, you will
hare a home of your rery own,
where you can .express the artistic
in your nature. Wait for that time
to come and do not make the laat
yeara of your mother's life sad be
cause you want to tear down what
she baa built about her during the
most active years of her life.
that his
President Clereiand had been an
exemplar of civil service reform and
was opposed to "pernicious activ
ity" in politics, but he went to the
extreme of the use of patronage as
a club to drive the repeal bill
through congress. Even then, it
was done only by the help of east
ern Republican votes. It left his
party hopelessly divided.
The Democratic landslide which
reelected Clereiand was the result
of popular disapproval ot- the Mc-
iKinley tariff bUl of 1890. After the
terrific fight on the silver purchas
ing clause repeal, the Democratic
congress endeavored to enact a
Democratic tariff bill. The party
was already torn asunder and could
act with no unanimity. The result1
was the passage of the Wilson bill,
which Mr. Cleveland permitted to
become a law without his signa
ture. As tbe people had condemned the
McKinley bill elx months after it
waa passeji and before its effect
could possibly have ben felt by the
election of the Democratic house in
1890, so the Wilson bill, charged
with responsibility for a panic
suavity of his later years, ii
was mightily in earnest. No
man has ever aroused the
asm which he created in that
paign. He spoke to over firs i
lion people, making over i
separate speeches. In ths
part of the campaign he tmM
ordinary day coaches, the
making it as hard for him is mm
ble. n Toward the end of Um oh
paign the railroads relented iniu
was enabled to get: a private fc
He waa without money and tab
great canvass waa sometimes lorn
to borrow the price of a ticket a
the next stopping place.
Against this terrific caoaw
which seemed to be sweeping
country for the Democrats,
Hanna planned the great
of education." The farmers oi
agricultural states east of th
sissippl were induced to bel
that the election of Bryan wouj
mean bankruptcy for tbem. ills
the wealth of the country was W
of Hanna he had million! to ipa
and he knew how to do it
Careful canvasses taken t
months before the election (how
that such states as Ohio and bet
ana were for Brvan. The vm
as 1
which was on before the bill was j that was done to turn that deled
a muffled thud from outside their
"TBe beam!" cried Pierre. -Tt
has iven way at laat! Qod help
anyone wno nappens to be near
gale roared more furiously I
than erer, and suddenly stopped for
a brief moment And then the two
rushed to tbe door. Could they be
mistaken, or had they heard a hu
man voice of someone in pain? . :
" uie aiepa, lying across the
pavement, was the treat heam. anii
under It the form of a man. They
raiseo- una up and in tbe black
shadow of the corner struggled to
urag um unconscious figure Into
the shop! They laid him rerx
gently upon the couch in the back
room, aad then Pierre brought la
a light - a 7
The stood transfixed and atam
at the face of the man before them.
Madeleine uttered a piercing cry,
and then ahe was on her knees by
the side of the bed.
"Water, brandy . harry!" aha
Gentle flngera undid the find
rested for a moment over the heart
"He is alive! Qod be (banked !"
ehe sobbed. Aad as Pierre rushed
la she took the things be held out
aad did an that a yearning mother
tor could do.
The man stirred snidmi a
struggled slowly to a sitting pos
ture. Strange, the bewildered way
the hand groped to the bandaged
head the auddea dawning look la
his eyes, as of a man who baa h
groptag in darkness aad is sudden
ly confronted with eaasltag sun
shtaa, Thea he uttered a cry hat
spoae ea suae) recovered, aisasory
'"aataeti. ; , ...
(aar twdsr sat (ha nw to aw
Hnm Bnraaa. fimdmia J. ITmWs Director, r
otaSituf U'iepQSsTtsVTswS
Argus Information Bureau
by mttlae TIm areas InSMaM.
ft. D. O. Gin Ml mmmrn aa
tor ntora pastas. Ba brief . AU laquiriM an
rae ta aaek uxttrktak. Km alUaUoa ui u
Q. What Is meant by Roman
law? v . O.R. j
A. The term "Roman law" la
used somewhat ambiguously but
most commonly at the present day
In reference, to the body of dm
law. It Includes all of the laws of
tbe Roman state from Romulua to
tbe time of Justinian.
Q. What was the amount of ma
rine Insurance written by the gor
ernment during the war. F.J. P.
A. The bureau of war risk in
surance says that according to
their records the net amount of In
surance written on hulls,, freight
and paaaage money, cargoes and
personal effects between April C,
1917, and Nor. 15, 1918, amounted
to S1.S38JS8J2S. . -
Q. What ta the true retaooa oi
the north star ta tbe north pole?
A. Tbe north star revolves la a
circle about ltt degrees In radius
so that part of the time tt is ltt
decrees weat of north and at times
1 degrees east of north aad also
It la exactly oa tae mermiau twice
a day.
Q. How do crabs breathe?
A. As a rale, crabs breathe by
gills, which are lodged ta a pair of
cavities at the aide of the earaface,
batata tbe true laat crab the earl-
written, resulted in the overwhelm
ing Republican congressional vic
tory of 1894.
A Year of Split Parties. I
All through the three yeara ofthe
Clereiand administration leading
up to tbe campaign of 1896 there
was constant strife in both parties.
For a time it seemed thai the Re
publicans' would declare for free
ailrer and that the Democrats would
follow their president in advocacy
for tbe gold standard. Then it
seemed that both parties would de
clare for the gold standard and the
silver hosts would enroll under the
banner of. Populism. The Republi
cans felt certain that they could
into the overwhelming victory A
November was due to the poliua
saeanKv nf Marcus A. Hanna.
Bryan's appeals to the peoP1,t:
every section, the enormoui pop
lar interest in his personality W
the nicturesaueness of ni
naia-n nn iha nna. side, and tlU
torts'" of the Republicans to resci
erery roter with campaign Utera
ture and personal argument on B
other side, resulted in a widespre
popular interest in politics suca
had nerer been known.
While the campaign rai fA
siye, and while it practicauj
the money question for all ".":
teat did not diminish us pw.
win on the prosperity issue, and bytty othe Dmocra" ..Tit
denouncing the Cleveland admlnis-1 hearer, who has ew sbw
ration ior its issue oi zo,s,uuv,uw "". " - .iiient am
mcmniey waa v-
U19 OUUllUIOliouu" j
return of prosperity, the P
the country has ever ksown. w
all, not the least among the WP".
that the panic of 1893 came BW
a Democratic aaminisirau
ties become enlarged aad modified
so aa to act as lungs for- breathing
ear. , .
Q. Is there a book In the bible
tnat does not contain the word
UOdI . F. H. B.
A. in the Kinc Jamva varaion
of the bible the word God does not
ippear in tae book of Esther.
Q. Is there a town in the frnit.
ea states named O. K.T W.K.L.
There Is an O. K. "in Ken.
tucary. an Okay In Arkansas, an
Okey in Ohio, and Oka ia both Mon
tana and West Virginia-
Q- How many bllhf baa Presi
dent Wilson vetoed? S. A. O.
A. In his two administrations
President Wilson baa mtoan aa
bills. Thirteen of these were In
hla first administration.
Q. .What Is the greatest depth
that has been located In the Great
- CB.H.
T olcalxsarreyays
that the greatest depth is 1.011
feet, according to the lake surrey.
This is found la Lake Superior.
Q. Are Moatessort schools pub
lie or private? B. P
A. Montessorl achoola hava Wn
started all over the world, mainly
through Orivata effort, hat 4
Swttaerlaad they bar beeuesUb- country there
of bonds in "time of profound
peace." But they didn't want to
split their own. forces by taking
sides in, the money fight
Mr. McKinley and Speaker
Thomas B. Reed were the leading
candidates tor the Republican nom
ination for president Mr. McKin
ley had the good fortune to hare
Mark Hanna for his political cap
tain. Hanna organized the states
and took eren New England away
from Reed long before tbe conven
tion met Mr. Hanna waa afraid of
the money question and Mr. Mc
Kinley was committed by bis rec
ord to "bimetallism." So the Ohio
leaden attempted to "straddle" the
Issue once more. The Ohio state
platform contained a delphic ut-;
terance oa tbe money question
which said nothing.
But whan the national conrention
met at St Louis, MY. Hanna found
that the question was one which
waa too hisr to be straddled. Sen
ator Thomas C. Piatt of New York
forced 'Hanna to accept a gold
standard platform It waa later
modified by a pronouncement in
faror of international bimetallism,
which permitted Republicans who
had bean abouting for ailrer to come
dowav gracefully. Senator - Piatt
may not be regarded aa a great
statesman; but ia 1898 and 1900 be
did things that left marks oa the
history of the country.
Westeraers Betted. :
Whan the gold plank was adopted.
s western Republican delegates,
headed by Seaator TeUer of Colo
rado. Seaator Cannon of Utah, aad
Senator Dubois of Idaho, walked
out of the convention and into the
Democratle party. All over the
were ; Republicans
PahUely by law at mi. .. who loudly proclaimed the fact that
Today's Anniversaries
1845-The first industrial eosp
' in the United Stales v
In New York city.
1850-The first college in tM"'
regularly organizes
education of wmeVL
medical profession vfaaoy
i ihiiarfAlnhia.
1870 The Southern Pacific raflf
was formed by coosouu-
1880 Anna Howard Shaw w
dained a minister -."
Methodist Protestant
at Tarry town, N. Y.
18V-Dinah M. Craik (MiMjJJ
lock), author of "John
fax Gentleman," died.
a aan 1C4
j April a6V, AOaav. fVtllft
1890-General William W. Benow
secretary of war in o
aecouo Kin-'-- mi
in Washington. V & if
at Newburg. N. Y- Sept
1895 United States maHne
in Korea to protect the as--
ican legislation. J
. m - mm.- annarOT
empress departed fro
aa- akalo wHslit to 1
I ID OH U1W1 r-a-
Eagland's war
marrying at the
. '
widows aJ f.
rate of

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