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innate for Fiscal Year
i-Aincricans Cany Im
v' mense Sums.
fublngton, Oct 20. Govern-
-at expenditures of tour billion
Xtn during tbe next fiscal year
Citorecast by Secretary Houston
An of the American Bankers' as
gditloa in which he covered a
Ui range of financial and eco
KBle problems of the nation.
kli secretary outlined the treas
jy1! program for handling tbe war
febt, liquidation of which, he said,
gut (0 on steadily in order that
'til redemption be accomplished
Jvttbout disturbance to national life.
,Hi iipealed for "the strictest econ-
sot act on'y in our expenditures,
Menl. ttate, county and municl
W but also by thrift on the part
U W people," adding that tbe pro
'pia necessitated tbe maintenance
'sf taxation "after this fiscal year
a i level ot not less" than $4,000,-
YOW annually.
Mi, nuuauju iiu Luere were mui-
citieu of falling receipts because
Here vu bo means of predicting
to none ot business or incomes
d profits. The receipts for the
prwent fiscal year, he reported,
would be materially lower than the
TT . 1 J . I. - 1 11
ncord ot $5,500,000,000 last year,
aprming tbe belief that tbe re-
etipts would dot greatly exceed the i
iaimaged, the secretary said, by
J tbt "kuvy burdens imposed by the
1 IflBIIIArt.tlna art "
at Kr. Houston predicted raoid re-
flducUon ln tbe gross national debt
Ithrough the coming year, particu
larly u iz,350,ooo,000 short term
jttratcatei outstanding. The treas
m program, he added, would re-
m in reducing this below $2,000.-
H0,000 and perhaps to $4,500,000,-
wrai interests for government
. IP, Mr, Houston said that "scarce
.VTluda reduction in the cost of liv-
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ELATES 6. 0. P.
VMatts Harding's Position and
CeiMres Article X of the -,
Xew Tnrlr rM
aw vw. ,v, V
HA a( V. : , a (i m r i
VitX wera- nlnvAd. eninr into his home.
Wll I O v W.. T fc-A
Or Chall Ka aJJAa.
i ! "ke such changes as
I't'JscSons.0 m6t the Ameri
kt "son "by the changes
Mr r!dy been considered Is
i hrforThetn -Ply wouldnot
r Pw!y reTiB"l nd amended.
L.!!iarton. rwt n i...
aX. 1 uvwt . .
Uta " V. 1 UQ 111 1CI "
fcordSfT! com:-8on yester-
Hlt t u OMr'n8 Nov. 8 at St
investigate refusal of the
E Public service commission
t Increases in freight rates
rami "iate "lm:l"' to the ad
' ttthorued for interstate ser-
Plebiscite thrnnahnnt tha
ibiti- ne Mtween
Vm ,. M 't exist bow and the
"Wor under government
Distinguished Writer Pro
' posed League of Na-.
' tions Change.
Chlctfo, Oct 20. The letter re
ceived, from France , by . Senator
Joseph I. France, of Maryland, pro.
poring a change In the organization
of the present League of Nasfene
were rrom a woman ana NOT a
man, the senator said today.
The proposal dealt chiefly with
desirability to calling "an Interna
tional convention of. friends of
peace, ne said.'
Senator France, however, said
the offer was very much the same
as those made to Senator Harding
ana mat attuougn tne writer sua
. t-.urv denartment todav sh believed he was expressing the
H - , v4aw. a. K. - U
.A before the conven- .1.'
..-.-- .tA : : '
su-uuiutui ui witn otner pro-ieague oi nauona -.n-rt tins reached the Dan
France was in no way connected Republicans in supporting Governor . niU? that T state of sie-e
with the affair. . , Coi and why he confidently believes " Jfliktl in 12 Russian
"A dinrinmiishM wnmn v-it c-.,-. ..,,, has been prociaimea m iz Russian
of France made tbe offer to me"! will mean Americas entrance into SKSST U1C1U,UUB a,U8tuw Ml
he said. "She is a member of an 'the present League of Nations. , retTO8r- '
organization which is working Here is an excerpt from a steno-i ; Issiee naaueste.
quietly among the thinkers of her graphic copy of the address: - I . Warsaw, Oct 20. General FU
nation in order to form a body, in! "Mr. Harding's attitude upon the'Mdski, president of Poland, has
rnnnnrtiim with h. Vn'tmA stato. ! i ...... ,.. Tk.t in an addressed a manifesto to the army
which will 6ive subject nations -a
oennite chance for self-government nations he was willing to vote tor nosunues wua Doianea triple alliance. In parliament it
as soon as they have proved their ; the league with Republican reser- t midnight Monday, after nearly was hinted the miners will be loin
capability. - . j rations and he did so twice. In an-! two reara of war. He urges pa- j ed ln the strike by the other wings
"There does not seem to be gen- ticipation of executive responsibil- tianee as the actual treaty of peace of tne aiiiance tf trouble is not
erally known in this country that 1 ity, however, and initiative, be does i not yet signed, and expresses the t adjusted quickly. However, with
the Labor party of Great BriUin 'not wish to submit- the Wilson hope that the. soldiers will develop the prospect of a resumption of ne-
and the workers of Prance are
strongly opposed to the League of I
Nations, as it is at present consti-1
tuted. I
Various other bodies in other
European nations endeavored to
have inserted a ciauM in th vr-.
sallies treaty which would give
Ouhipct nntinna a nnaitinn in rot.-
tion to tbe great power to which it
belonged analagous to that existing i
between the Philippine Islands and
uib uuueu Dimes. i
"The Imperialistic officials who '
ilMliNd 14000000 000 .under thel Ionneo me great council mat arewitue wuson league to wnicn ne naa
i'vtNstkvT ' up the League of Nations refused 'made objection. His Insistence is
Li" . to permit the change in that clause, that the league should center!
II "r"7 DBraens Mnposea. ite proponents of those day are
im treasury s program nas Deeninow. workinc auietlv to secur aRoot'a international court of iustloe
new league. I have had letters i
from the Lawyers' Association ofi
Calcutta, many persons in Ireland,
and other centers of subject na -
tions indicating that the movement
is growing for a new covenant that
will really govern the world."
Senator France said that he did
not wiah to make known the name
of the woman writer, as it might
make trouble for her with her own
Mrs. August Llppert of Aurora
Jamps In Cistern When .
Liases is Discovered.
Aurora, 111.. Oct. 20. August Lip
pert, arrested Monday night after
the body- of his wife, Minnie, 24,
was found in a cistern at their
home, waa released after the In
quest today. A coroner's jury held
20. (United ; the wife committed suicide.
were At tbe inquest Llppert testified
" today over a speech by Elihu 1 he had suspected his wife ot receiv
,wnicn he elucidated Sena-' ing visits from another man while
Harding's oosition on the he was at work. He hid at the
iraii tK I . . j ia v j ii i ine Slump was causeu oy apvuuia-
th.f.P OVls!ons of article 1nnMd"aI7MKe?,la.11' ?ie":tors. He declared that speculators
TLTMnt- I pariment head in the plant of the;orce(j tn rf down 6 cent8
"v ' s. ms am pvpriv rpn- nomn or. & neiEaoor inuiiuav aiier- 1
. aW.UW lI rullll It NIIIWt.II. -" , -aa. a
lc his first durine tha where Mrs. Llppert had been em-
"Tk isue is not between a I "When Kendall went away," Lip
of natinnc ..j - i a a. nert testified. "I went over to the
uuij E1VJ ICafiUC XfL r
Wu. Th ,i il hmiEB and Minnie threw her arms
ui --c 4utiiiuu is wueioer , - .
frHreement creatin- ,v, i around me and kissed me. I told
I. - ... t iic.UUv lilt; Iraeuc " 7 . ,
be accepted absolutely un- her wnat 1 nad Been' and she con"
She said Kendall made love to
L.Hardtog u elected 1 hewiU eT factory' and tnen
to sav to 2? JSS to the house. She told me she was
who are nirea in thai0 become a motner. - i tow ner 1
Su: -m. . "! a.lr,ead? .ln.th8 , was through with her, and she told
ht.,.i ccnain oojections ,i , win
L-J" ' nd in the way of Amer- V,.LV . '
i- wuenn t, t ,a jui , lh .....
. . ""S""- 4n,naJ in,, tha oiatarn " . I
m:CJM0r kearadmitt"iolng to the
Llppert.home. but said he went
Then would there to inquire why Mrs. Llppert
g ordinal. i tnere to mquiro way rare. uivvi :
Ws m vmon sen? dlB" had not appeared for work. It is
m-h best way t0 H customary with his company to in-
Tm rar. , - ! qulr after the welfare or absent
otw . """.-iuuo employes, ne sua. me to
were to have celebrated their fourth
wedding anniversary tomorrow.
Saval School Officer Disappear
Front Great Lakes Faads la
His Charge Xissiaf.
Chicago, Oct 20-Federal officers
today instituted a search for Lieu
tenant Frank De Clarke, ot the
naval aviation school, who has rV--appeared
from his post at the Geat
Lakes naval training station- Funds
of the station's athletic association,
amounting to W.600, which wereW
Lieutenant De Clarke's cuattrr,
have also disappeared. .
4'Lo4don. Oct 20. Forty-eight ene
my sieamahipa, aggregating 241.040
tens have been sold. . v
claim Nominee never ;
RmnnH Pant, hut. Vol
T"r7 "
vors Revised Covenant
(Snecial to The Argus.)
Port Huron. Mich.. Oct 20. Wll-
i Ham Howard Teft in his first nollti-
ri meech in this camnalcn cave
to bis audience here a lengthy ex-
piananon oi way ne a mn. joi
. , - . . . . ji
Joined '
... :. - "
th election of Senator Harding
earnest desire to help the other
league to the senate. He prefers to ,
negotiate with the leading powers
now ra the league to revise and"
amend the league by an agreement '
with those powers before sub-
mittina the matter to the senate, ittv
hi. .nooh rf in, 9t .nit in htarho served the young repuouc
speeches at Indianapolis and
n,..nKietl. TnH hla l..t waslr ha!
has made it clear that this country
should help in an association to 'General Zellgowski. holder of
avoid war and that he is willing tojvilna, has defied the powers to dis-,
Dnng aDoui a mouiuea or reTiseu
league avoiding those features ofi
around a court of justice, and Mr.
furnishes a basis tor his proposal.
Grossly Unfair. I
f "Expressions that Mr. Harding '
ihas 'scrapped' the league or has '
Tepudlated' it are grossly unfair
expressions. He has vigorously op-1
posed article ten and the Monroe ' learned today, insists that it has; The government has accepted a
Doctrine provision but be baa not i no intention of violating any agree-! motion by Arthur Henderson, La
repudiated other provisions and j ment with the allies In permitting i bortte, censuring its attitude to
purposes. All inference that .he op- zellgowski to rema'n in control j ward police reprisals in Ireland,
posed any league or waa opposed to of Vilna, and will endeavor to have Premier Lloyd Ge ge expected a
the present league when tnese f ea- the city determine whether it shall ' substantial vote of confidence to
tures which he deems to be objec-
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Federal Commission Investigating
Operations of Chicago Board
i of Trade. '
fchlcago, Oct. 20. The federal
trade commission today began an
investigation of the operations ofi
th rhirn nnani nf Trai. in an I
Undeaver to determine the cause of
the recent depression - in wheat
hearings follow complaints
of Governor Allen of Kansas that
.t , j i 1.
bushel in one day, and later at
tempted to design a "farmers boy
cott" on selling.
A principal witness at today's
hearings, was President F. L. Gates
of the Chicago Board ot Trade. Sen
ator Capper of Kansas, a member of
the leading grain dealers .on. the
board of trade and representatives
ot the various farmers' organisa
tion will be -called as witness be
fore the bearings have been com
pleted, t was said. . '. ; ''
.. Francis Walker,' chief- examiner
o fthe federal trade commission, is
nillrt,, ,i h,j., . ,
-"o B-
CoaneH of Benevolences Anneonees
Several Important Appoint.' .
meats. - -
Chicago, Oct 20. Dr. B. J. Wade,
corresponding secretary for the
council of expenditures of benevo
lences of the Methodist. Episcopal
church, today announced the follow
ing appointment: . ..
Rev. Jesse Bogus of Indlaaapo
Ils. as area secretary, with head
quarters at Indianapolis; Rev. B.
M. Martin, pastor at Knoxvllle,
Tenn as secretary of the Chatta
nooga area, at Chattanooga; Rev.
J. H. Jenkins of Mitchell, 8. D.. as
director of stewardship of the cen
tenary concervatloa committee at
Caicago. -- - ...
Five bishops, general secretaries
of all the Methodist boards, .and
elerrvmeh representing "'
members of the M.E. church, are
attending the executive meeuag ox
the council here, planning the pro.
gram of the centenary toad of
Troops and Rebels Clash
in Moscow Defies
Power at Vilna. '
. Copenhagen,' Oct 20. (United
Press.) Martial law baa been de-
including the" cities ot petrogTad
Moscow, according to a report
published In the Prevde today.
Rumors of anti-bolshevtk . upris
ings in Russia have filtered through
the frontiers at frequent intervals
during the last tew days. Clashes
between red troops and rebels have
been - resorted in the streets of itos-
- .'
" State of Siege.
I 4 ".- OA 4 slier A
. .-12 "Si. "
xiavas agency iruui ireuiuij
connection witH the cessation M!workerg witn the minerg form
the same energy in works oi peace
as upon the battlefield.
He has already proposed to tne
government that past of the terri-1
tory for wh'.ch the soldiers fought
should become the property of those j
while she waa fighting for her llfe. j
- . ttoflaa Pnwm. I
Defies Powers.
London, Oct. 20 (United Press.)
loflge mm. i
"No force can compel us to re-1
tire; we would rather race aeain, ,
zellgowski told a correspondent of
the Post -. I
w, came here as civilians rath-
r than anUiiar. We ara here as
the owners and defenders of our
own land. Nw force can compel us I
to retfre a(i4 -tsw-eople of Vilna1
themselves " determine tbeir des-j
The Polish government, it was
be Polish or Lithuanian by a ple-
bescite. '
j Senator Harding Gaest of Honor at
jaexiea niu spea nnugm
- la Baftalo.
Marion, Ohio Oct 20. Betiatpr
Harding left Marion on a special!
train today for Jackson, Ohio, the
first stop in a two day -speaking
.trip that will wind up tomorrow
night with an address at Buffalo,
At Jackson, the Republican nomi
nee will be guest of honor at a bar
becue, which Is expected to attract
One of the largest crowds ot the
Ohio campaign. More than 20 spe
cial trains have been engaged to
take the crowds from this and
neighboring states, and thousands
are expected to go by automobile.
'The senator's train will make a
two hour stop in Columbus in the
evening, but no address is sched
uled. It 1s due at Rochester. N. Y.,
at 4:30 a- m. tomorrow and will
leave there for Buffalo at S p. Bl
atter an afternoon meeting.
- Invades Teaaessee.
On Board ' Governor Coolldge't
Special Train, Oct - 20. Tennessee
was invaded today by Governor
Coolidge, Republican candidate tor
vice president A hia speaking tour
of southern states. -. Tonight . his
special train was scheduled to cross
Into North Carolina where a night
! meeting will be held at AshevHle.
A noon meeting was planned for
Knoxvllle today, to be addressed by
Governor Coolidge, Governor Low
den of Illinois, Governor Morrow of
Kentucky and Job -Hedges ot New
York. . It was also planned to give
rear platform speeches at Taie-
wall thia mnrnlrff ana at IfnrHa.
town ann Newnart. Tb ' Uiia aftJ
The pedal train crossed iato
Tennessee eayly today from Mid -
dlesboro. Ky.. whera two larae ral-
lies were held last night In conclud
ing a two-day campaign through
the mountains of Kentucky. -
New ; Tork.-olumbia, U. per-
mltted Mdward HajdJhg, 1J take . mg previously, the sta ements sld. lea. refiased to say what world se
the eatrance eavaUnatloBa because -t hope It kills you. This is what rise was referred to. r, ,
T1' " ! Hardlna rv been dreading alnce I was 14 i Arnold Rothstetn, New York
made the .ktghest grade ea iMorC;yews old." Lonls Beaaett is alley-! gambler, was esvected to be heard
5 Wa-I?bU WH8 his ; ,4 to haT, auted, leaning over the i from today. Word waa received
rreaamaashtp. v f . . ' body of hla brother, foUowtng the . from Rothrelae attorney la New
Oevasd. Patro'tmaa Mason 'fatal shot i I York that he waa writing Replogle
Nicholas new bat first head knowl- j ; LouU Beaaett waa arrested early laT regard to the summoning ef
age ex new aoia-va taeayeperate.
Four w them took bja hadfe. watch
end 7S cexOa. . r (
-.'- -. 1
Negotiations to , Settle
Walkout of Miners
. Thought Assured.
; London, Oct. 20. (United Press.)
Great Britain's coal strike be
Camo more serious todav.
Minor disturbances were report
ed trom different quarters; rumors
of sympathetic strikes began to
spread and the nation gradually
felt the effect of a lessened supply
of fuel
' There were three meetings to
day with a possible effect on the
strike. These were the meetings
with -the parliamentary committee
of the. trades union congress, the
railway men's delegates and the
transport workers' executives.
The railway men and transport
gotiatlons opened by the debate in
ithe house of commons yesterday,
it was believed the railway and
transport workers will postpone
strike decisions.
Railway service will be cut, be
ginning. Mondav. throwine
numbers of workers out of employ
Set Fire to Bufldlnp.
A small band of rioters late last;
night caused a disturbance in the j
oirmra, reumj lire 10 an unoccu-
pled building. The fire was con-
irouea quicaiy. An unorganized
procession of unemployed men
headed for the Jail to which White-
hall rioters had been sentenced to
60 days, was dispersed without dif-
Acuity. .
1 Before Parliament.
: The coal strike, a threatened
strike of transport workers and
difficulties ln Ireland, were before
parliament today.
result. Jup in the vicinity ot the shallow
Lloyd George last night In the grave. These, the police say, evi
house of commons asked that the dently jolted from his pocket as the
nation trust the government to 'car sped over the rough road.
handle the coal strike. He based
this on his offer to confer with thej
miners at any time if they were '
ready to talk of an impartial tri-
bunal to settle their wage de
mands, or if they were ready to ne
gotiate on the basis of increased
The press, commenting on par
liament's handling of the strike,
continued optimistic today, but
warned that the break in the dead
lock caused by the offer of "a way
j -mber, was only superficial.
Brace called for the immediate
grant of two shillings per day in
crease. This was to be followed by
rnnfersn-pa h-tarnon miners and
owners for a permanent settlement
and an agreement on production.
-Lloyd George's firmness in in
sisting on a oroduction basis for
any increase was a disappointment
to the miners.. .
May Strike Saturday.
; The problem was made more
complex by the threat of 150,000
transport workers to strike Satur
day If wage increases are
granted at once.
Adjourn Till Thursday.
T nntiMi r.M- A . TKa Mntinnal 1
Union of Raliwavmen th 1 execu-
Hve It the TraMoort WorL" and
the parliamentary committee of
the Trades Union coneress all held
meetings this morning to consider
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FraUddal Killing at Kansas Ciry
Alter WUd Drinking Boat
and Motor Side.
Kansas City, Mo.. Oct 20. (Unit-
I ed Press). Thomas Bennett 8,
Redale. -Kan.; resUurant man.
w lnd killed by his brother.
Louis Bennett 41. also a resUurant
man, as the result of a quarrel, it
was brought out today following world series ln addition to the one
statements by two witnesses to the in 11 between .Cincinnati and the
killing. . , (White Sox, according to evidence
Frank Magers' and Chauncey before the Cook county grand jury
Langdon, companions of the broth-, Investigating baseball scandals. . .
era on a motor car ride Sunday j The evidence, presented by wit
Bight both made etatements-to this nesses, was' that the plot failed,
effect to Chief of 'Detectives Robert Hartley Replogle. assistant a:ate1
Phalan Tka lurlv h.t haaai HHnk. ' attnrna-, Is 4-him Of th. InVtatiaa.
1 yeerday last after he had taaea
Tlwigaaa Bennett's body ton u.
idertaking aatoeUshmeat. .
Fire in Mine Takes Heavy
'. Toll Smoke Causes
Peklnsr. Oct. 21. An exnloalon
and fire in the Tnnr-Oinn rtnl min i
in Chi-Li province killed npward " 7,--,-ot
400 Chinese laborers on Thurs- j CALL RELATIVES
day last, but news of the accident'
reached here only today.. There
were 119 survivors.
An official report by the mining
company places the dead at 422.
The explosion occurred in next
to the lowest level, smoke causing
most of the deaths.
' '
e. i t w . ,
Slata Bank Hntogcr Led Denote
. STrrs
. t ' !
Pamiien K -T Dct ?ft Rarnnd
establishing to their satisfaction
that David S. Paul, the bank mes-
senger whose body was found last
Saturday buried in the Jersey Pines, '
had led a double life for several!
tl. V"" "u""!?- ..I, IT.
Camden and Burlington county au-!
t'horities said today they had made
out mi e progress towaru a so.u-
tion of the mystery surrounding his
death and the disappearance ot $40,-
000 he was taking to a Philadelphia
A number of persons. Including
three women, have been quesUoned
by Prosecutor Wolverton. One ot
these women admitted she wrote,
the unsigned love letter found in
Paul s pocket All the women were
absolved by the prosecutor of any
connection with the case
una DiiN-suim iipn. Belfast, Ireland, Oct 20. A stock
It is almost certain, the police' of revolvers, bombs, fuses and
say, that Paul's body was taken in telephone apparatus was discovered
an automobile to the pteee-where it DT tne police last night in & pri
was found. What was considered vate house ln the Ballynafeigh dls
an important piece of evidence was trict, which is mainly a unionist
found yesterday near the spot residential section. The raid of the
where the body was discovered. It place, followed the arrest of an
was a blood-stained shred of tape, armed man who had the address of
torn from the upholstery ot an auto- his house in his pocket
mobile seat Some papers, includ-!
ing an identification card contain '
ing Paul s name, also were picked
Indian Girl Adopted by White Fam
ily Reverts to Type and
Camps in Yard.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct 20. (Unit
ed Press). Audrey Galloway, 13-
I year-OKI aaopiea aaugaier OI Cj. B,
. Galloway, today had been returned
to her home after an absence of
three days and four nighia.
Last night the barking of his dog ;
led Newton Wylder to investigate.!
Under a bench in the back yard j
Wylder found the girl asleep. A '
large bundle of clothing served as ;
a pillow and an extra coat as a cov-
erine- Sha lav unon the around. 1
; Beside her was a loaf of bread, a
i box of cookies and another box of
Sn Plained ghe sPnt the
! time from the disappearance in the
Sha amlained una had snent the
"woods." meaning a wooded 8cc -
tion near Forty-fifth street abd
i Gilham road, using the bench tor a
tent at nignt ir,tuiu b""-"""- - -
.... - .i V L. J. ..... iltlnM n. I : V. U .111
Galloway said today he adopted
the child, who Is quarter-blood In
dian, seven years ago at Lawton,
Okla. He at.ributed her action's to
"Indian instincts." .
Chicago Grand Jury Hears Evi
denee la Baseball Scandal .
BotbstefB Expected. .
Chicago, Oct 20. (United Press).
Gamblers plotted to - "fix"; a
itewpww Dexore ue grana
rand jury.
aaid. wa
tietaate.a. ale attorney,
not ln 'ew York.
Mayor Suffers Serious
Attack On 69th Day of
Hunger Strike.
London, Oct 20. Lord Mayor
Terence MacSwiney of Cork suf
fered a serious at'ack ot extreme
, deliriums shortly ' after 10 o'clock
this morning, the 69th day of his
.hunger strike, said a bulletin is-
by lriah Se,f.Dtermlna.
t:n ieas,ie ms a,ternon-
f "All. his relatives were summon-
ed to him," the bulletin added. ."The I
a tank, lnctorl until 19 n'xlnxb am) I
at 1 o'clock tha lord mavor had
gained his normal condition.- Ha
now ia quiet but not yet quite nor'
mal mentally."
Bishops Denounce Atrocities.
Dublin. Oct. 20.-(United Press).
Irish bishops, meeting at May
noth, near here, declared in a mani
festo today the "atrocities commit
ted in Ireland by the crown's forces
. ,0. h. T,n.h
: " ,
i Men have been tortured with bar-
oabeg nave been torn from
untieL raids aVimDrisonments
wl nout triaif burning of homes and
massacres ot civilians by soldiers
and maddeued by plundered
drJnk bent0n loot
Bsdd Revels Bombs.
Cox Demands That Senator Reveals
Identity of "Spokesman On
9-Day Tonr.
Enroute With Governor Cox,
Providence, HI., Oct 20 (L'nlted
Press.) Governor Cox declared to
day that he would demand that
Senator Harding reveal the identity
of the persons who gave him the
impression that France would lo3k
I-W . - . 1. U-...V.1!... AAA
V,ur uu u . -"
didate's proposal for a new assocla-
tion of nations.
Cox attacked the "French spokes
man" issue as vigorously as he
went after the "slush fund" issue
early In the campaign,
cox read the statement made !n
Marion in behalf of Harding by
judson C. Welliver, Republican
publicity director, who charged Cox
had deliberately sent Maurice De-
Lnkn a IVaiuh hnmnrtot to Mar-
j ion with the intention of having
: him see Harding and represent him-
I self as speaking for France. Welli-
I ver charged Dckobra never saw
I ver charSe Deo,r Deyer w
Harding and the Democratic candi -
oaies trap was lauure.
i rdiculed this statement 1 .be-
! "eve the American people and the
iuw wu "' "f"
ator Harding 'informally regarding
our relations," the governor said.
Cox faced a busy day of speak -
ing in Rhode Island, Massachusetts
and Connecticut. He had nine
speeches scheduled. .
Dawson, Y. T. Oct 20.-Ice elos-
ed the Yukon river here Sunday.
the earliest closing on record
perature. dropped to 10 de3fee,
low aero today. y
. Showers
probably tonight and
Continued mild tem-
Highest yesterday, 75;
last night' S3.
Wind velocity at 7 a. m., 4 miles
per hour. ,
Precipitation, none.
12 m. 7 p.m. 7 a m.
., a '. yester. Tester. today
Dry bulb temp... 75 . 6 ' 4
Wet bulb temp... 64 64 - 60
Relative humid.. .64 ,-. 83 - ,80
Blvr. Fereeas.
, A falling tendency In the Mis
slssippl will prevail from below
' Dubuque to Muscatine unless heavy
I rains occur." .
17 Injured Dead Badly
' . Mangled Virginia
: Wreck Kills 3.
'ew York, OetSO-Seven per
sobs are kaewa te have been'
UUed and at tout 17 InJireC
when a Chicago and Bet to .;
Ilmiied en the Sew Tork Cen '
tral railroad slde-swiped" the
Buffalo-Cleveland train, weet .
' boand, at the west end of the .
union station here today. Feu .,
the bedles takes from the "
wreck are those ef women.
' Ran Through Open Switch. .
The Chicago and Boston express
ran through an open switch not
far . from . the station and , side
re-,,w,Pd tn trin from Buffalo on
The third day coach '
from the engine was overturned,
and all the casualties are believed
to have occurred there. 5
The identified dead :
ALZAR CARLSON, 14, Stbeka,
' Among the injured were:
Burke Tokle, Brindwell, Iowa. -Mrs.
J. W. Seacord, Chicago.
Mrs. Flndlay Woods. GallaUn, UL
Ida C. Myers, Chicago.
Mrs. C. C. Slagg. Mark, Ind.
Rescue forces were quickly at
work and in a short time six bod
ies had been taken out
Dead Body Mangled.
- Parts of another body, rescue
workers said, were in plain sight,
but they had so far been unable to .
extricate it from tbe wreckage.
The dead In some instances were 1
badly managled. Fifteen ot the In
jured were removed to hospitals,
some of them, physicians stated, so
badly hurt that their recovery was .
So far as could be learned none
of the passengers on tbe east
bound train was hurt .
Three Kllleu la Bristol Wreck.
Bristol, Va., Oct 20. Several
persons are reported to have been
killed and many injured in a head
on collision between two passen
ger trains on the Norfolk ft West
ern railroad today at Rural Re
treat, 50 miles from here.
One of the trains. No. 14, waa
bound from Bristol to New York,
while the other, a local, was com
ing from Roanoke to Bristol. Aid
has been sent from this place.
Three Trainmen Killed.
Roanoke, Va., Oct. 20. Three
trainmen were ktfled, five others
injured and five or six passengers
shaken up in a head-on collision
between two Norfolk t Western
passenger trains early today at
Rural Retreat, Va., according to an
official announcement at the rail
way headquarters here today. The
trains met on a siding
Boy Xanlse Throws Iodine ia Eyes
After Attempt te Kill
Family. .
Salina, Kan.. Oct. 20.-(TJnlted
,preB8.)Harlan Hawk. l&-year-old
son of W..H. Hawk, last night con-
. feB.ei that he attempted to poison
hlB fatar he Was the par-
ty wno tnrew loame into am owji
Tlw Anf..i..n reyfAt the fact
that-he is either unbalanced or a
' "maniac. He told tr.e officers thit
!he has been trying to get bis father
j to put in electric lights for th"!.
years. , The . father refused. He
seemed to think poisoning the fam-
ily would rush the installation ot
ln".J '1h,t,i-.wlr ha
,n."n ., .rhn,? .fd tSlr- Lr5
lol(,.d rwr-w.r , h!. p.cket-
w Em
LtlUUII LLliUa.ll
Electrician Admits Flriag at Bfll
, aess Ageat I'arrell In ''
St Louis.
I St Louis, Mo.. Oot 20 Joha
Schraedel, an electrician, admitted.
according to police, that he fired
lone or the two shots that killed
John T. Farrell, business agent of
1th Electrical Workers' anion, last
aigbt Schraedel declared. . poMce
- isa v. enmitv exlated between the
business agent and himself 'and
i that he fired at
jlllUl h,
Var all a-la. a ia.
r '.. ' .v- . . . ' -.1 . " v . . , .. . .

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