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VftfjntlM'flMkt Fi
( CeadMate -Ceadeta, -
' '(Tictol t The Argus.)
v rg, IlL, Oct. 83. En
r ;at of .the candidacy of John
r irestdent of the Illinois
r ;ifl of Labor, Farmer-Labor
f iJsk lot torernor. to read In
y session oi mi jeuerauun
natl eonrention here. A number
4 (Natations of relatively minor
were each briefly discussed
l (BSD approfed by the assent-'
. hr fast and accurate ac-J
ja great volume of affairs rela
hZ to labor in this state were dis
pMt of in yesterday's two ses-
fajtter educational opportunities
hr (fes children of poor people was
-mi by the committee on schools.
ZSk gave a lengthy report Sug
mjjim, later rooted into resolu
ntrt the convention, were made
life improvements to be made in
l Kate puoiic acuuui aysuiui.
aiM remuneration for teachers.
imd ea a m'nimum wage of $2,009
nr year was one of the expedients
mated by vote. State-furnisUng
A tot books and uniformity of text
ipik( were two other important in
wetlons urged, while several otoV
gMWlations were adopted on sim
ayaad lees Important subjects and
lumber of recommendations along
tfct HB( line were put on the rec
ttfe . iik Increased Compensation.
":. Tks convention gave a good deal
attention to the proposal of in
OMSlng the rate of compensation
iUod bly the workmen's compen
atioa act of Illinois, and ' finally
nttd to advocate a minimum rate
If SIS per week with a f 10,000 ben
efit death.
Structural iron workers, postal
Berks, women in the metal pollsh
Bf Wastry, railroad men, miners
Hi street carmen each benefited as
imps theoretically under the
Mil of other resolutions enacted.
As 1-min street car system was
'met the Industrial nrarticcn mhi.
fssaald by the convention. ..
I Cuorsements made at the labor
Wting during the last week Indi
an that the state legislature will
t .OK n i . !. .
Oe warisrs 'eoss-aCr asiM
wfil be erged as a asaesare la the
lira, nun i ' r..b .- i.tf
drea of Wyoming. UL, arrived here
"w w view h the MMM of
Iubm Miller for Mfetml day.
. tTM McMlchaei Arthnr MUlec.
Rohert If 111m- h Rn,.uii kii,.
and t J. Patterson enjoyed a. day
of fishing r near Albany. 111.. W
former home of the BraueQ hroth-
William W IVlMnaii ha
the Plunkett property here south of
wio iMinmi croning. . ,
' Mm Hazel KlnfM ift ni4v
to spend several days at Refnhold
Zwlcker'a. ....
Washlnston. Oct ' u .arta
week's work in convention here,
members of the American Bankers'
association numbering several thou-
and, went on AA Azcurafnn . tiulsv
Several thousand of them west to
Baltimore and Annapolis as guests
of a Baltimore financial house. The
trip was to include a tour nf th
harbor from launches, and a visit to
uib utii academy at Annapolis,
where Governor Ritchie of Mary
land was expected to speak. .
.: General No. 552.'
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons interesttd that the council of
the city of Rock Wand, 111 , having
ordered the construction of a C-inch
watennain on - Forty-third street
from Eighteenth avenue to Twen
tieth avenue, and the ordinance for
the same being on file In the office
of the city clerk of gald city, and
said city having applied to- the
county court of Rock Island coun
ty, Illinois, for an assessment of
the cost of said improvement, ac
cording to frontage, said r assess
ment being payable in 10 InsUll
ments, each bearing interest at the
rate of 5 per cent per annum, and
an assessment therefor having been
made and returned to said court,
the final hearing thereon will be
bad on the 2nd day of November,
A. D. 1920, at the hour of 9 o'clock
a. m or as soon thereafter as the
business of the court will permit
All persons desiring may file ob
jections in said court, before said
day and may appear on the hear
ing and make their defense.
Dated at Rock Island, 111., Oct
19, 1920.
Officer Appointed to Make Assess
J"lf 'iS
hahfe rfehentty . filrw
em far
-- The writer, Iryearold prod-
lgy. who has Jwar entered Co
- ltmbia . nnlversity equipped
v with a knowledge of 12 lan
guages and with a better fund
of ' general InformatiAi -than
moat college graduates possess
, was asked by the United Press
to tell In his own' way how- he
acquired his unusual educa
tion. His parents, hy the way,
' said today they considered him
only normal, while most other
. children are subnormal, owing
to a faulty educational system.
' By Edwatu.Eechle Hara,' Jr.
(Written for the United Press.)
New York, Oct. 22. What I have
done la caused entirely by two
things. The first is Horace Mann.
From 'the kindergarten' until the
Wesent day I. have had 'the good
fortune of being in' contact with
1 remarkably good teachers. Al
ready, while still in . kindergarten,
the project method was impressed
upon me. For instance, we were
all asked to walk like bears, and
that afternoon found me in front
of the bears' den in the zoo. If
we were studying birds, esquimos
or Indians, ! was down at the Nat
ural History museum. During all
these years of elementary work I
spent two days a week, at the Met
ropolitan Museum of Art At 6 I
waa admitted as a regular student
in the roof school of Horace Mann.
For several years I worked among
the clouds. ' Sometimes the tem
perature was 6 degrees below zero.
To this fact of working out of doors
I attribute the ability to complete
several grades in one year. - .
When the teacher called for. au
tomobile clippings I went to De
troit and Ford's factory was open
to me. When we were studying the
stockyards I went to Chicago, but
in the sixth grade I was made des
perate. - We were to make a boat
that year. I had visions of failure.
But I could learn how it was done.
I went to Pittsburgh and saw the
tuquesne steel plant
When we studied the beginning
of the revolution I took charge of
the troops with- Washington under
the Elm in Cambridge, visaing
Longfellow's house at the' same
time. I Joined the minute men at
Lexjta kd Concord. I eaw the
elfry tower where Pert
hung ct Ms lantern. I ;
ker JEW, Where battle wa towht
on the ftjurtrersary of my birth. Of
coure L-faad previously stood on
Plymouth Rock. - . t
Thraa Mnnta time t went into
Virginia, visiting Jamestown. When
we studied the Crvll war i weni
down to Richmond and waa thewa
how it held a strong position on
Its plateau.;. I saw the place where
the Monitor and the Merrimachad
their engagement . Finally there
came that great visit to Gettysburg,
which I shall always remember.
CMcs! 1 went three times to
Washington, .eaw both houses of
congress In session and shook
hands with President Wilson when
he was not speaking to ether peo
ple. I went to our state legislature
Just in time to see both senators
and assemblymen rushing for the
quarter of five train. I visited the
board of estlmatea and Apportion
ments, the board of alderman and
even helped to install Mayor Hy
land. - '
During my high , school course,
which occupied the full four years,
there wasn't. time for many Jour
neys, but when we were talking
about the Panama canal at school
I' went unto Troy and saw a ship
go through the locks, -which are
only four feet lower than, those at
Panama. . But the greatest trip of
sail was -my Journey to Denver in
11918 to" see the great eclipse. Oh,
how good it was even to atand on
the, ooservatory. grounds, and what
'feelings came over me when the
! sun was blotted out . '
The-two great factors helping me
in dome what little I have done
i were Horace Mann school and ihe
; applying of . the project method
which I learned there.
t' ....
T ' "
"i ' ... i ".
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321 Nineteenth SL Rock Island, III.
A 1 1
. - lia i
.-,3 J
tr i
" T t
me aft Itlie Coal
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alike with
'HB . " ; -. Ob. "o other feetfes . '
ratal ' - . Hfwwin 7 r Jkw
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..... . . c - ii nr fwjiii in k tcvw mm ynmruiiiWimmimfiHm u k ih
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