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;ti:st c?
-T ptcMet Agate Efty
f Ot second time wltMn the
y Eftf Smolorchnck wu found
y by Jury In circuit court
jrtV of burgtary '."ind larceny.
. mi tried writer 1n .the week
MUectioii with the theft of
:; tjfgnpti from a freight car In
Burlington yard! and wu
., guilty. The trial concluded
' sight was oik another lndict
! which involved the theft of
' , iswbtle tires from the railroad
; jdcen a later date. In each in-
sees 8am Elashik stood trial
m with Smolorcbuck. Elashik
W found njt guilty In the first
ltaess.ce- La1 int tne J" foun,,
Hp guilty of receiving stolen
jsods.' v
v The Jot went out 5 o'clock
Mtterday a'ternoon and returned
tTr.30 o'clock last night ;
There will be no jury work next
'viiek, Judge W. T. Church having
?4ilgntea the period as one in
fcich to hear motions, for new
Qlalf ani for disposing of other
Mesrt matters.
I Pock lalaad Buetinr the Bubl
UeacWl crisis?
-' AaWrfcu standards are ' esdan
gered by the present tow salaries of
teacher. Rock Island la paying
bar elementary school teachers
IUM a, year which rank .. her
second among 2t cities of from SO.
Otv to IMJM In the Great Lakes
district Rock Island plana an in
crease in 120 of 30 per cent which
compares favorably with thejefforts
of other cities. , It must be remem
bered, moreover, that the salaries of
teacners of all grades were very
low before the war and the present
increase does not actually raise the
directly ansa the salaries paid. As
the salary decrease, these stand
ards are lowered, - As salaries rise,
the city paying then Is enabled to
compete swccesefally with neigh
boring cities and attract better tal
ent to its schools.
The salaries paid . to teachers
throughout the country ara much
too low; v The best : talent la no
longer being attracted to the teach
ing profession. There is danger of
attracting our teachers from alaas
lacking - ; in education, i High
salaries will help teachers already
employed ' to further arenaration
and training. To spend more money
tor icacners: salaries ana raise tne
S WV ' . . m -
aalariea to th iiinn tf itiHuu or tescner is an invest
trade. Hock Island ticnntirr I nt la our children. It Is an ex-
teachers rank 20 in this group as
regards their preparation and three
in point of experience.
Rock Island is paying hotter sal
presstott of confidence in the chil
dren's pbsibftitles... To neglect this
vital problem Is to invite national
IV P. Claxton, United States com-
AfiewM to ha nnh!i arhnnl tA&hnra I
than the average American city but j ""toner of; education, states that
nvrth.iA. muT otiw t&rhr , the nation begins the school year
have had less than the standard I wth a shortage of 89,000
preparation. -It would seem that aqwiy tramea elemenury ana
only -ty careful and intelligent high school teachers. Some ,000
study of the situation can she find the-teachers now employed are
the reason- for this situation and J " presseu
as the
for Chamber ml
Uoa with' th httg TfcOOlS WaS
then eeaaiasd. Ittadades tt secj
mane ee i iiimiw"
and tt BBrhUaftdeata of Schools.
Out of tats campaign, It Is believed, -win
com a earefnUr considered '
program, supported aw Informed-" .
public, far meetlag the menace Trl-Clty Symphway Oreheetra Wera-
which how confronu the country.
"The committee ha sent to school
saverJatenderits and chambers of
commerce the second inauiry as to
how school children are to oe
honaed. This is Intended' to in-
er stm CmIum to Sett
. Tkkats.
wiq be made to women of Rock Is- Ji 1 1 ,-!
land at :M Monday morning ty I ' AT ITTiTTf mTTOOL
Heegy. president of th Cen- UyV
traf Trust A:- kavinra bank. T:, I i iV
Of the eltitensbip , L.m ,
.laarW wfllS heW.it' tl I
Art iiUBgen'a(Brw v..
ing. . v .; S
f A straw wt wUI. b wf 'l
Vi-.'l, ' w vw wu ilX
1 be Issued Ho- thigh school stalest oft ),
i of the Rock Is- dyi Nov. X, ' - r ' . 5
' Return from the Symphony or
chestr. ' ticket drive in Rock Island ! veDoud
fiwpm Ik. miMIk mmm M IB Pun- mTB HOC aVaUSJM. tmt. Mill K.SIII- I mt Kia Vnm. Inl.-
dluons of school buildings ana me anae uest. u ca airman xor kock
need of bettering these conditions, island announced this morning that
A third inquiry will follow concern-.; the reports from the workers were
log the educational program of in- quit encouraging. Because only a
dividual cities, including the health ' small number of workers were
of school children and the best man- available, the work of canvassing
ner. of aafeguardinr it ana wna the city -has not been compleied.
T'.: .'J" " 1 :S3 P I ' Report irs I
.The -meeting will be to 1-;,:
Sira' h h iwiiw,f A a9 meeting W . befori - iheV 05LT TWO "DlT?$sftTit
ttti class, will speak on ojMollBe-Rock.tolaa : uateOns.KU &;-'
rument and Prhlrlw. mfe
, ' ' r' ,of the Moliae team will address th, ut of XI joted ;dryt. Iaraft,,
f)LITEB BOUl BTROX BEAD. iRock.Island .assembly .whU,Cap-' eietflons. it mi6tolrUiJ'y.
JLong Beach, Hf; Oct' z3.-01i-
provide for a maximum return onj"0 servicer despite their lack of
Utter Mrs. H. Ungeranthurst was
rjjj. Grandma Drinkwater .revived
" after ,being away from school for
; fH years. Mandy Blossom had suc
I teeded in chafing her young son
left of the meeting, and Mrs. Ida
'bandy, or rather R. E. Mc&owan,
Hi called the session to order,
(ti Parent Teachers' association
' OKlded to adopt the resolution to
', itcrease the teachers' salaries,
' sjbace tbey ars paid too much for
watt they know,
j' Old Man Gloom introduc9d the
'tpolution at the meeting held last
i WMiing in th&sym of LongfpRow
school because the teachers are
1 said too much for what they know.
;Mri Ungeranthurst couldn't .wait
isntil the resolution was adopted so
i that she might introduce a resolution
.tail refreshments- be served. ' Sara
j Teapenny protested the resolution.
:"lnally E. C. Fisher, superintend
i'st of schools, -was called from the
audience to fettle the argument
i After a 10 minute debate in favor
t and then 10 minutes against the
"rwolution, Mr. Fisher took his seat,
mi the meetins agreed to adopt
t Be resolution.
i lThe burlesque on 'the Parent
.lfcachers' association given by the
i den of the Longfellow district at-
f traded a full house. About $100 was
! fluared to pay for the turnfture in
I'jhs rest room. The program was a
.ticcess from beginning to end, and
; brought down laughs at each" sen-
: trace. The sketch was written by
R. E McGowan, editor' of "The
t Tombstone of the The Argus." The
ftirtwas: ''-t"
h Mrs. -Ida W.'Lundy It. E. Mc-
Mrs. H. Ungeranthurst J. F. Wit
Letts B. Gay Harry Ellis,
Gloom Morris Jones.
Pep-John Day.
Mrs. De Haven Love Edward
Washburn. . ' ,
' Mr. S. Turner Seeks M. R.
1 ' Mandy Blossom Roy Dalley. .
f8ara Ten penny If C. Hogberg.
uH r i - .l . , i , mil.
Mrs. Happy Eliah Johnson.
Swan Swan son Carl Anderson.
. -J .,'V'.'.
Mrs. Drinkwater George Bar
tholomew. ' Other numbers on the program
re selections . by Day's -orches
tra, talk by Morris Jones, songs by
uw men s quartet, ana a SKeicn on
"The Wandering Jew.
the money invested.
An alarming situation has been
revealed by a nation wide survey
conducted by the American city
bureau for the national committee
for Chamber of Commerce coopera
tion with the public schools. This
survey, relating to the salaries,
training and experience of teachers
In urban public . schools, which is
the first of a aerie's to follow .en
ables every city to know the exact
truth about its own schools and
compare them with the schools of
other cities throughout the country.
It is obvious that ability to secure
and bold teachers having adequate
public education la costing our .Those who have the tickets to sell
cities and how the rising cost is to will continue their efforts until all
b met. This nation-wide turvey: the precincts have been canvassed
will place before the public the ad until the season's tickets have
most comprehensive and authorita-bean sold. '
Uve data on the -subject -.yet as-j Anyone wishing to purchase Uck
semhled. jets who has not yet been visited by
Dr. George P. Strayer. Teachers ja represenUtive is asked to notify
college. Columbia University, chair- the chairman. Miss Gest and she
maa of the national committee. In u, gee ft tlcket u KOtten o
US! ot Jth' ,tV" .1 Mld'' the persons. She can be reached by,
What we need throughout the na- caning r. i 114 !
tion is better undersUndlng of the , ,t toM cn suggested that those
r-"""' LT!t , tT... , wh0 do not care to attend all of toe
Jul assembling V the facts. These , fritmj.and
inquiries are intended to serve Just !,, , ) t.
Uia, Henke of Rock Island will One hundred and thirty voted -wr
speaa 10 jtouu. - . : t , -'jana Bf javorea :rirrTioBr- m :y
. Tn ' junior-senior - Hallowe'en censes, f? v v ' 5 . - s . 1 u
this purpose. The, American peo-
system. THat they 'bar. ilJJi.
to go each night
, ,. '"S ' icneis, bo mai some 01
.v-lv. . . j " i.w :them will get to go each
each will get to attend some of the
1 . , ara ., . . I . . a a. 1, . . , .11. U 1 1 wvaavl Wt All DUUiC tSDCO e St. I VI UU
1 Trainings' n air-a ra rvii mail omr ni rioiiawsi in rna miniir ar.niioi ... . -
' fewer graduates from teachers' col
leges and normal schools throuah-
out the country in the present year they should is not due to any laek '. "
1920 than in 1914. It is estimatediof faith, but, ratberK because 01 " tC.J T L V . K .
that 1200,000,000 is required to in-lack of information. If "uperln-. 0' than" one ticket in a family
crease teachers' salaries through- tendents of schools make available ! nisbbors Pbaslny them and
out the United States and S2.500.-l the facts with regard to the pre-!80me members of the. family will
ftftO Ann tn nmiM. nmur u-hnnl iiint aitimf inn anil If pkunhMI Of "" "1 caul Biurai.
buildings for the boys and girls of .commerce undertake theobligaUon
the country.
These inquiries as to teachers'
salaries and school conditions are
the result of a conference of a
group of superintendents of schools
and secretaries of chambers of com
merce, held in Cleveland. Feb. 24,
1920, at the invitation of the Amer-
training and experience depends lean city bureau. The committee.
to earry tnese iacts to the public,
we shall have an informed public
The American people, 'when, they
com to a full realisation of .the
present emergency, can . certainly
be counted upon to provide the sup
port necessary for the maintenance
and -development - of. our public
school system." y
Explanation of the banking prop
osition which will appear on the
(little ballot at the election Nov. 2
1 1 Mrs. f
Anyone rtartin a HTtnn .
wount in the First Trust and
Sirinn Bank with a drponit of
HO (Kl or over, will be (inn
a JlixS Premo Camera, a
"7 efficient litt'e marhine.
whiph takes sood pieturea. You
, ill do well to avail yourself
ot this opportunity, and brine
the camera to us for loading and -instructions.
We shall be onjr
too ilait to help you. '; -
W. 'ind H.. t,,apn
rt and Brnu !.. Havenamrt.
M Air 1 -,1, , B .uk I
"The Store for Everybody
That's our prseistatit effort; by showing a spirit
of service in dealing with you; by selling you bettei merchan
dise that will be a 'continuous satistaction. AVe are succeed
ing in that endeavor.'
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3 'to? that congh. Bill. My
asiicr gives it tome when I get
lco:U and yon dont bear we
Nat. I
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Syfaf ITCH. BCIKalA.
" iw
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r aa the throat and cheat an ail. fat
t 4-fwl,M mora uiehly than -a (arra.
r-L01 Druciiat for our an oU jm
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atf '
aw w
- - t -f

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