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, t sf,i M
T&ltlM, tke OttdaM
' '' 'f pedai'b Th inw.) :
Joasjngtoa, IU., S.ov;4. TIM
U tat rata of 40 coots on the
;Ifwl dollar , valaatlon wilt aot
. lacreased this" year, aid
MMMat far state parposee
J bo levied at the aeeUnf of tbe
.J board at iU meeting, to be
tcU la lariat Held next month..
' Tha badget division of tb state;
f Wtmsnt of finance U engaged In
dag tha budget at provided for
U tko administrative coda, which
l to be submitted to Governor
twvaea 'Jaa. 1. Omar Wright, dl-
t factor of fl nance, aavs tkat 75 par
' coat oft the appropriation! to be
Etae by the next geaarai assembly
fcav bean practically agreed upon
between, tha flnaaea department
aad the baada of tha various state
' aottvltlei. - , , '
vtaovernor Lowden has insisted
4 tkat appropriation requests must
fct kept; to the minimum aad that
; oaob Item must bo c.vrfl! on
eldeKi) in Its relation to the nec
eaaary aeedi ot the aUte," Direc
tor Wrttht said.
. - 'a Owa Jadgmeat
' "While the new badget will pro
; Tie for moderate aalary adjust
ments and the growing needs of
the state, and while the total ap
propriations to bw recommended to
tha ant legislature will doubtless
exceed those of two years ago, the
dar BRrvtahma last
aaade offaaHUea aw ante SM gal-
loas of wiae, bat It snuat be excla
alvair for fasfly maa, And aennls-
laioti mast Brat bo obtained of tha
Jodarai cMieaKir.
' ... m . . mm
gar of other fermentable eobataaea
may bo added to. increase tbe alco
holic content, but this doaa not pro
blbit the addition or sagar h
Urn of drinking tbe wfao to order
to make it palatable, permission u
aot graatod under this exemption
order for the following:
U, -? -r
Chicago, IU.-2Tbere la a' decrease
of II 5aeoBeaae8.'44 probationers
sad 1ft aasoclated"workera la the
Methodist Episcopal chnrch, ae-
eoraiag to a ewemeni unn vj
Dr. -Daniel W. Howell, correepood
ing aecretary of tha general dea
coneaa board of the Methodist
Episcopal chorea. This decrease
waa partially explained by the large
nambere of yoang women who are
gotag oat aa miaaiooariea to foreign
Lands and aa community workers in
home missions in the states.
Dr. Howell reported to the cen-
:eaarr coaaervatlon committee In
Chicago that there are SI deaconess
homes with property vaiseo ac .
111,(3. These deaconess homes
employ 82 -deaconesses, 5 proba
tioners and 107 associated workers.
There are U hoapitala, of which the
property value la tAJUtJll. and
which employ S7 deaconesses, 18
probationers and 373 workers.
There are nine deaconess training
. (l) Wises made by one person for
tbe vae of another. -(2)
Wines produced by a single
person unless be is the head of a
(I) Wines produced by a married
man living apart from m lemuy.
' 14) Wines made by a partnering.
or wines produced at a winery own-
ad and Operated ny several neaas oi
families Jointly.
(6) Wines furnished farm hands
or boarders. ' '
JarksonvlUe Wouac Sj Taalaa
Has Freed Her of KheumaUna
and ladJgtetieB.
"I really thonabt my time for
this world waa abort, but 1 believe
Tanlac saved my life and I'll praise
it to my dying day," waa the en
thusiastic statement made recently
by Mrs. Lucy Gribble, 715 N. Main
street, Jacksonville, 111.
I suffered from chronic Indlaes-
eicallant cash condition of tbe state tion and at timaa bad such acute
treasury will more than take care ! attacks I thought I would surely
of the increase.
- "Last year the state Ux rate was
40 eeijtB on the $100. This was a
redaction of SO per cent from tbe
prsrloBS year and 15 per cent from
Art amount axed two yeara ago.
. Bat 14 cents of tha last year's rate
want Into the general revenue fund,
need tor general state purposes,
WhUa S3 cents went to the common
acheok and University of IHinois
funds and Z cents to the new water
way fand.
- "Anyway, further reduction ' this
year must necessarily coma out ot
the revenue fund, but with a cash
balance la the revenue fund in tbe
state ! treasury : of approximately
fit ,000,000 and with no abnormal
appropriation needs of the state for
-the next biennlum, it will 'be pos
sible to reduce still further tbe rate
for general state purposes and yet
leave excellent workinit balance in
the triasary.' , ,'
BprtacOeld. ' , 111. AppUcationa
haade of families for permis-
to make wine, free of tax. are
being received by Internal revenue
roUactora. coordlng to J. L. Pick
eftng, collector of thia district. Un-
dte. My digestion was ao poor it
aaemed that everything I ate lay
heavy on my stomach and ferment
ed. I would become ao choked up
and get so hot and feverish some
times it seemed aa though I was
smothering. It waa difficult for
me to breathe and I had fearful
pains In my stomach. ,
"I had rheumatism so bad in my
arms, neck and shoulders that I
was in pain every time I moved.
Then the rheumatism spread to my
legs, .and my whole body at times
waa racked with pain, and I could
hardly use my arms at alhMy kid
neys became disordered, add finally
my nerves broke down and I was
Just getting worse all the time in
spite of everything I could do.
. "But it was a happy day for me
when I began taking Tanlac for it
Just seemed to be made especially
for me. I Improved steadily until
my recovery was complete, and I
have enjoyed Just splendid health
ever since. I am perfectly well in
every respect, eat JuBt fine, and
never have a touch of rheumatism,
1 am net a bit nervous, sleep sound
ly and Just feel-as happy aa I did
when I was a school girl. There
will alwaye be a warm spot in my
heart for Tanlac."
Tanlae-is sold in Rock Island by
Carl EL Schlegel drug stores and
the leading druggist in every city.
schools, of which tha property
value Is SCMJ74. and employ .40
daacoaasaea aV probationera and SI
associated workers. There are five 7(, and employ 17 &,
deaconess, educational acnooia, oi prooauoaer and 30
which the property value la 1380,-1 era. ,
ITS not a bit of trouble to
X hiave plenty of good things to
eat on hand all the time, when you
use Calumet Baking Powder.
It never allows baking
trouble. Youdon't'dread',tobake.
There is nothing to worry about and
that really is the hardest part of it
Mix up a batch of biscuits
or; the finest kind of cake it's all
the same. There is never but vnt re
sultthe sweetest and most palatable
of foods. -
There is not as'much "worry
over baking costs either. Because
Calumet costs less1 when you buy it
the price is moderate. - ,
Going to Southern California? Of course you'll go
the most comfortable way via the Los Angeles
Limited. New equipment all Pullman dining car
all the way. Also barber and valet, and the comfy
club observation car. Exclusively first class.
Leavea North Western Terminal, Chicago, 7:00 P. M. Omaha $30 A. M.
Arrives Bait Lake City 1:15 P.M. (2nd day). Los Angeles 1:30 P. M. (3rd day). -
Or, here's a splendid morning train the Continental Limited, ' c
Leaves North Weeiara Terminal, Chicaeo, JO-JO A. M. Omaha
1:23 A. M. Arrivea Salt Lake City 8O0 A. M. (second day).
Los Angelee 9:30 A. M. (third day). Pullman, observation, stand
1 ardairfi tourist sleepers, coaches and dining car.
For information ask
' Tear local ticket scent
Go. R. Biermn. Qn1 Aft.
U. P Srstam, SS B. Washington St Chlcafe
ilWg distil
It costs you less when you
use it because you don't use as
much of it it has more than the
ordinary leavening strength. -
You get more out of the flour,
sugar, eggs, shortening, etc, be
cause there are no failures no waste.
The most critical of baking
powder judges gave it highest
awards, World's Pure Food Exposi
tion, Chicago, Paris Exposition, Paris,
The largest selling brand in
the world.
A pound can of Calumet contains full
16 oz.' Some baking powders come in
12 oz. cans instead of 16 oz. cans. Be
sure you get a pound when you want it
4 cops of pastry
flour, 3 level ttt
spoons Calumet
Baking Ponder,
tea&poon of salt, 1
cup of sugar,2cm,
beaten together, i
tablespoons oi melt
ed butter. 1 cap at
milk. Then mail
the regular wiy,
si r " ' '
Starting Nov. 27 and Endinq Dec. 24. Sate in pi chord of oar Factoro
. . Superintendent
i VS? Karment in our entire stock will be on sale. Absolutely nothing reserved as we must reduce our stock of high class merchandise,
r M a5ackward seasor finds us overloaded, with racks upon racks of high quality clothes, which we offer to the public at a great sacrifice.
The Beautiful Feature of This Sale
is, that you may charge your purchase. If you have never known
the delight in trading on a real dignified charge account plan,
come in and start your account with us during this MAMMOTH.
SALE. ' -
You may pay for any purchase in convenient weekly, semi
weekly or monthly payments. No red tape, no references required
to open your account during this sale.
' , i . sh rrr wr' if3
: ; o4p fwwfn '
; J 'y if
.. s LL
Men's Overcoats
These overcoats include fine Ker
seys, Meltons and ;Broad Cloth
novelties and other distinguished
coating, in single and double
breasted style. Long coats, short
coats, and ciats of all kinds.
Men's Suits
Our men's department is just over
flowing with the finest selections of
suits in the Tri-Cities. Our assort
ment includes the finest fabrics in
all desirable colors and patterns.
The greatest reductions in this de
partment ever heard of. YOUE
Silk and wool dresses Suits, coats, in handsome broadcloth, silvertone
and mixtures. A large selection of fashionable models with and without
fur collars. Here's an opportunity for every woman and miss to possess a
handsome dress, suit or coat, at almost your own price.
stock, everything is first class, and. up to date. Not a price in our entire
store will be changed. When you select your purchase the discount will
be taken from the original price, for this is no FAKE sale.
REMEMBER, any article you choose, can be yours on a dignified charge
account . , -
Whether you purchase or not, don't fail to get a souvenir we have one for
every lady. . '
; ' f I h v
eft twr(r 9fl n
I firail "II i m
fi Ji'th Bifnl FA I m
vs Ml ! I
:l WSi I 1
1806 Second Ave Rock Island III
v J18 E. Second St, Davenport 924 Fifteenth Ave East Molina"

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