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The Rock Island Argus and daily union. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1920-1923, November 26, 1920, Image 4

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, " 4 s'. V.- . - ,- v - fAv ; ' . - w ;
ri Cr C "KfatcV.irja" kaa
aacttps af ta eaaatry taat aatw
i :
tan (tta( M t3w rala MtM-
loat coBaldaraato by aoMlag graa
for a bJgfcer ajarket. . It to said
taat aalte a few bmb started ws
X i
-rcsl U start tke work. Tke
whole grata S
S AlrfcSB
ttre Is A wUa
C"a Dud NSmOs taa ataa at
r aaarkeLT Tke average tenser
it Is aC2atad wtta taa luteals
.irCamt aaaeelado ta art la
hear C aelalac sraia bat to ta
Urer at foratlaUog a autrkat sye-
ica wwek will atatsiaa taa a
" al oaarate ta traaaaaatr aai da-
Vm ara
taa tow pricM
easstis ta
Mln tUi
af IT taa
a aua.
tkk wet it
i nr
fM, flMM ct tktt
aeM atrcaa tta HltaaH
taial assssf sting). TOa
ttst - at-. isa
of taa exaeat
Ma. la tke sasaattM taa imoou
mlnsireial aaailinna
hnaif eeeaeratiTe elevatare as
taa drat logical step la aaaarketlng
Thar ara away Canaan ia tkls
Oae age to hold cora nr 12 and
taat aoga.rf tkaa wai am kar
rled ta aurket with tnelr graia ba
fhm eara drosed ender the $1
aiark. Others vara art as fortu
aata and tkay ara still balding tbalr
grata. . ,
ranaara deetare ttay eaaartpro
daee aad seQ corn for less tksa $1
and stake a aroflt oa their labor
aad teaariateetsaeat.
After this data I will art ta re
apoaalbla tor aay dsbu eoatracUd
by my wife, Lilltoa E. Anderson.
718-U Street A. Motine, lit
Not.22.UW. . (AdT.)
fesUag atoat
of grata aad taw
ak aaattBMBt to there ta awe
at errsalsod taldlagr Bach
tar at the. execatrre aoanatttae of
taa miaou Agrtealtaiai aaeocla
) Uaa vaa aakad to umr this -'Uoa
far Us district. The aakwera
iadtoatad that ttara is a wtala lot
of eaanlaiat aad that tanaaf
being hard hit by artoos which do
'a ear tor the coat af aradaettaa.
Tba,asaJorlty of fanaera, tbe oora
attttae members said, are ,1a taror
of 'warktag oat a aragraai Cor the
t atara which will tire termera aeo
nonle) Justice rather tbaa blindly
boldtog tor a set prtoe wtthoat tall
'Jatoaaatlon oa markets aad a ma
chine ta carry oat tbe plan.
I Tha Illinois Agrlcttltaral saso
clatloa adrisas Its members to mar
ket their present grain crop accord
ing to their bestjudgaeat, aad to
stead by tha farmers' grain mar
ketmsr aommittae of IT. which rep-
r nests all tarmars orgaaiaatlOBa of
tha Buddie weet graia growing seo-
Uoa aad to bow fonanletiag a mar
ketlag program. Lettara from tke
sauatailas of tha middle west state
fans bareaos show no holding ae-
tkw has been taken, bat that all
ara determined to balld Cor the fu-
; tars..'" .
Aboat a year ago tha Illinois Ag-
reeoltaral saaodatlon seat a wire
ta tha farm aareaa ofleea adrlalng
farmers not to be stampeded by
falling prices Into rushing corn to
market, bat to await a sacer mar-
an. Tata eroaea a ewna ox riai-t
cnls from the board of trade spec-1
, alatera and oommlaaioB men. Ever
0 0
are I II - . f.-- ii
f la gtwd whererer yoo need pnre m2k.
1 M"fc freah from the cow is no better.
In fact, that is what GOOD LUCK
' Milk fa, redooed to ie consistency of
thick cream. Sterilized and sealed in
air tight germ proof tins, bearing the
name "Jelka" that has grown to be
synonym for quality. : , N
If yon. enjoy food things, or have a
' hobby foe the beat, ask your dealer
today for GOOD LUCK Milk.
r JOHN F. JEkKE CO., Huntley, lit.
; Davenport, Iowa "
' Saturday h The First Day of
iii -
1 h.-4t III l IJeurv aarnuaj
Q I If I. I VvJ
! I : Ail
u 1 1 iek a iff 'i
i f , U ! f" I aaaaai - - - -
.1 TTJ.hl.ll,.
. ii a .
Now aww t rat all fry riinif fventa AnmyoardriTe
S I .B B -W t a a 7
w reauee me gnat r f rntamy . it haa ttw. nitfpm hwtotore
a t t e a at .... .
ireaa of rrtwwmrat mmn mnrt imim fn warf Fn, th wwk
Qs sftal MWilaatial atatWWsJSl ttttmtmA I aJawwaaw
jiou do not nafld
aj tha moner to tak aHwanfay . . fttrf open an accoagt.
BeagtiMter Coats
aadAI Esa
Ur uma tarn.
KeeaaffanapDWafesxrthacdiart of phenoninelt
Stamtog eoaU in streigM aae aad wrap effects, developed
of soft nca bama. soedoe Iwoadclotlu, dor and aber.
tea, all naart and becemiaf.Tk worlcnamlup in all mesa
avtsseau are of very sapariar naboe and aB coat; ara tasd
mrosgWwkk fancy attx and peHidec7gne- ; - .
Fur Specials!"
SeaJJPhish Coatees 3M5 up
w Coal .125.00 up
feftful Fox Starts . . ..1-...18JBB op
Rank and ntchXhokm IStttm
VF 8ata- . 1 . 195S up
Men! Here is Your Winter
Aad Yom 5om $10 to $15 Eoufy!
went We have taken JLL
tsaaiat lawsam, Uktara,
Men's AD.Wooi Suit 3095 up
Sola of Doys' OWonts
A .. ...
No red tape,
trouUa Mcca
No axtn ckargw fas tha
It Is Not Tod Early To
Order Your Christmas
M j
Vletrola IX 75
Don't be one of the disappointed
ones this Christmas. . For tjie
past ten years the, demand for
r genuine Victrolas during the hol
iday season nas iar exceeuea me
supply, and hundreds have been
unable to secure one of these
wonderful musical instruments
for their Christmas enjoyment.
Place your order now and avoid
later disappointment. For. a
small'deposit down we will re
serve the Victrola you select and
deliver it at Christmas time. Bal
ance can be paid in agreeable
monthly payments.
Vletrela IV 4i
Order Your Victrola Tomorrow At Baas'
Victrola IV
wftk reoerd
Victrola IX
with S reotrd
Victrola X
wttfc 10 recent
Victrola XI
wltt M retard
- aeieatieas
Victrola XIV
wHk 116 la
Victrola XVI
with f la
TlotroU 33
Six Popular Victor Records
Hear them at Baa tomorrow
Tripoli .' . Terrell-Robyn
I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time Harrison
No. 18693 86a v
I'd Love to Fall Asleep and Wake Up in
. ' My Mammy's Arms Peerless Quartet
V Tired of Me . . .... . ... V. ... . . . . . . .... .Henry Bun-
No. 1869t-83c
Whbpcring Whiteman's Orchestra
v Japanese Sandman Whiteman's Orchestra
NO. 18690 5o
Land of the Long Ago . . Edward Johnson
No. 6489511.25 .
' Maids of Cadiz ........... . GalliXurci
No. 64885-11.25
In the Moonlight ?........... Caruso-De Gogorza
No. 8908312.00
Selecting your records in this beautiful Victrola store
will prove a delightful pleasure.
Vletrola XVI
Mbsic Shop
Fkaae K. I. ttOO Oaraar Ittk Street aad Srd Areaaa Bork Islaad, TO.
. ; The Most Beautiful Victrola
' - Store in America
A Can of G. Ws
s jomt is
eqcivslstit to tH tinies its weight ia
rocsted be&n coffee!
You use all of G. Washington's Coffee.
There is no waste. Dissolves instantly in
hot water. No coffee pot needed. Always
delicious, pure. heakhfuL coonomicaL
Measure-the cost by the cup not by the size of the can.
Every can guaranteed to give satisfaction. ,
Recipe booklet free. . Send 10c for special trial size.
M aaw -
G. Wiskiegniii Sales Ca, lac, SU BMa Aw a. New Vesfc Cay
Add a liberal lump of Purity
.. Nut Margarin to your hot
vegetables just before you
serve them. It gives them a
delicious rich flavor that will '
delight you. All good grocers
sell Purity. '
Save Five Purity Coupons and
- get one pound of Purity FREE
Distributed br
US C Fiwat St, PBTeaport
11. - ' ,
J ait Say
rh-m fat
Cath or
All the News AH the
The Argus
V. ; . , . . ; .1311-1013 CtcAfe-i
1 N.
jvjii )( on ivv
p ai. ar

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