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TAIIE5 COOLIBCE'S i '. . I . 1 . .
- - - i
Combination Seh
I I'-,
J StwsS ! Basket
Vb WM sat Cfcs Ma
fr Keck Istod. -
t.tu minutes to plwfly oil
rts'fce nurM, especially far a
devtt-dof; marine'.
J 'tatat a mtn 8ereeat Carl
akn, In chirr of th marina I
1$ ' recruiting offie opened!
Jtwtir at the Chamber of Com-
jsrc rooms. And Corporal Frank
. 'U. assistant to Haaptman on the
' m tkia city, touches for tba
i ont; but be tailed to aay
aatnar he thought the brata but
t a and teWtine braid, or lust the
' 'Storing routine Insignia on his
' anaer collar really tamed the
k tor him. . i
r?" c.,. How Cmm! ,
TTk sergeant with the help of
Carporal Price was hard at work at
4M Chicago headquarters on Wed
gasday afternoon packing the odds
Ml ends for their trip to Rock Is
Igad'to establish a station here. Ev
erything was about ready and train
time was but 18 minutes . distaut
i IV i I I k ta A(tf1a j
if avis nauiiiuau iHiacu ( (
f Nothing could be foind of the A. ,
jr, u. u. corpora t. train uuie un i
gloss without anvi return. In des- J
peration the sergeant burnea to we
station lest lie. too, should mi ,h" '
IT.. -
7 Just as tne una PuumU
9Ut of the shed, the corporal daubed
down the platform and swung
(board the train. , -
He looked Just the same. But out
of wind, and' out of single lone
fmneness into the double-tree of
wedded happiness, the corporal bad
gped his way in 18 minutes.
A Tba wedding ring let Sergeant
JIaaptman In on the, secret and the
worpora! was forced to tell the de
tails of bis bustling adventure of
wedlock to Miss Nora Moris, 122 S.
Wood street.
- Mhfrks! Sergeant Is Tool
It's kind of a shame, too, because
Sergeant Hauptman has been mar
ried only r.ince Nov. 20, and he too
has hardly lost any of the charm of
that bachelorhood lends to the gilt
f bis regalia. v
I Like Budwelser? Phone R. 1. 338.
It I. Clean Towel Service. Phone
K I. 2433.
Trl-Otty Towel Supply company.
Davenport 934.
All the news all its time The
I ' in thg giving of a thoughtfully selected
imM L iU i. e :i.v;
pi escm, me cusi ui wnicn is wunin your
means, than in the spending of many
times the amount upon yourself
. ' -
Shop here unhurriedly and be
sure of pleasing.
Presents for Everyone of
227 Eighteenth
lf' ' 4 -
V5t- ?-A
K0MJTS raCKnie CO,
bfe 5- w ii . 1. A -
Channing Cos. J l xN iff"
Channlng Cox, Republican, Is the !
new governor-elect of r Masea- J ta-iit-V
"""" 7 - . ll I III H
hnutii and nence will Eieu miu i -. irn I I
Sovernor Coolidges omce Jan. ibi SjJ
.,k.. rviiM.i stena nut tn line nil i 1 la r-"-
place as vice president March 4. C la p
wnv.i r . ait 1 -1 !
"California Syrup of Figs
Child's Best Laxative
1 Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California
on the package, then you are sure
your child is having the best and
most harmless physic for the stom
ach, liver and bowels. Children
love its fruity lasts. ' Full directions
on each bottle. You must say "California.''
the family
Gillette Safety Razor outfits, all styles that
v sell regularly at $5.00 on aale at ........ .
Gem, Ever Ready, Penn and other
makes of rators
Combs, Hair Brushes,
Clothes Brushes; Hand
ments, all
Tins of 12 -
Botle of 24
Bottles of 100
Patent Remetie.
11.25 Pierce's Favorite Prescription ....98e
US Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery I8e
$1.10 S. a S. Blood Remedy ..89c
$1.00 Wampole's Extract Cod Liver Oil . .83c
$1.00 Wine of Cardui 89c
$1.00 Tanlac ......89c
$1.00 Peruna 89e
$1.25 Lydia Pinkham's Blood "urifler ...95c
$1.40 Sal Hepatica . $1.1
$1.10 "Nuxated Iron -...91e
60c Turpo Ointment ...89c
30c Turpo Ointment -19c
25c Glycerine and Rose Water 17c
f?'50c Mulsified Cocoanut Oil 39c
S3e Ozol Disinfectant .. ... 15c
25c Hill's Cascara Quinine 19c
50c Drake's Croup Remedy Sic
25c Cascara Sagrada Extract . - -...lie
75c Palm Olive Shampoo 59c
25c Pure Double Distilled Witch Harel..l8c
50c Wild Root Shampoo . 31c
25c Blue Jay Bunion Plasters 14c
$1.00 Mentholatum .. ;.. ......S9e
Rubber Goods.
$3.00 Combination Water Bottle and
Syringe.full 2 quart capacity, red
rubber ;...$1.98
$2.50 quality line red rubber water
bottle ... ". $1.29
2.50 Everybody's Combination Water
Bottle and Syringe -...$149
$2.00 Everybody's Hot Water Bottle 98c
$2.00 Red Rubber Fountain Syringe 98c
$2.50 Revolving Spray Douche $LS9
$1.50 De Vilbiss Atomizers - 98c
60c Household Rubber Gloves ......49c
, - Talcums.
30c Pompeian Fragrance 24c
30c Colgate's Florient and Cba Ming .21c
25c Williams' Violet, Carnation and Lilac 17C
25c Colgate's Violet, Rose, Tinted and
Eclat 17c
30c Vivadou Mamis Talcum 19c
25c Vaatine's Baby Talcum . ..19c
25 0FF
Hair Orna
XSS Ecll w? Dental Creams-
, I I 25c Vantine's Baby Talcum ,.19c 60c P bee P """41e sewwrs -
1WwH Another Sale of 20c and 25c j:
fS 1 - Pirn a xr p m i ;c fes)
u .av i Ai y--me m i
Standard makes of known priceand quality. Young and McCombs
cut the price and the saving is yours. Read the list carefully and
keep for future reference. . , ) '
. V. Creams. . k
60c Pompeian Day Cream .47c
75c Pompeian Masage Cream 19c
60c Mavis Cold Cream ...... Ale
50c Colgate's Cold or Mirage Cream ....S9e
75c Graham's Skin Pure ........
91.50 Graham's Beauty Saerat ILK
60c Sempre Giovine . . .47c
25c Creme de Meridor 17e
50c Smpray Vanishing Cream tie
35c Creme LiAme 27e
50c Daggett and Ramsdell ream ...... $9e
.$1.50 Ayer's Face Cream 11.15
$1.50 Luxuria Cream ..... .IMS
$1.50 Ayer's Skin and Tissue Cream . . .IL1S
50c Armand's Cold Cream S9e
$1.00 Amami Skin Cream 79c
75c Luxuria Cream 69c
60c Garden of Allah Cream -45c
60c Marinello Creams
60c Pond's Cold Cream ......
60c Pond's Vanishing Cream
35c Cutex Cold Cream ......
25c Lusor Vanishing Cream '
. 25c Mavis Cold Cream
Toilet Waters.
$4.00 Mary Garden Toilet Water ...... 92J8.-
$2.50 Fiance Toilet Water ...MM
$2.00 DJerkiss Toilet Water $LS9
$1.25 Baldwin's Blue Beauty Rose Toilet
Water ... 99e
$1.25 Mavis Toilet Water ...98c
$1.00 Hudnut's Rose, Gardenia and Sweet
Orchid V- . . .79e
$1.00 Colgate's Imperial Lilac 79e
$1.00 Jap Rose Toilet Water SSe
$1.50 Garden Fragrance Toilet Water $1.15
$1.50 Ben Hur Toilet Water ILK
Shaving Creams.
50c Menaen's Shaving Cream '. . . .S9c
35c Johnson's Shaving Cream ........ '..28e
35c William's Shaving Cream -28c
35c Colgate's Shaving Cream .28c
35c Palmolive Shaving Cream .28c
25c Daggett and, Ramsell Cream 17e
35c Colgate's Shaving Powder 27e
35c William's Shaving Powder ........ 27e
35c Hall Mark Shaving Cream 2e
35c William's Shaving Stick ;:.2J.
35c Colgate's Shaving Stick'...'....... 27e
pOc Rouge 39c.
E0c Rouge, including Dorin, Djerkiss, Bine
Orchid, Pompeian Bloom, Chantilly, Armand,
Luxor, Sempray, Fiancee, Garden Gragrance,
Frivole, Mavis, LVAme, Ambre Elite,..,. $9c
12c; 3 for 35c
The same size and quality that we have sold so many of in previous
sales. Don't pay 20c and 25c each. . Buy them in our new Candy
None to
65c Boxed Chocolates 49c.
Spoehr's Friendship Sweets, half pound of assorted highest grade chocolates In a hand
' some gift box.
5c Charms, 3
Charms, pure fruit tablets in 11 luscious flavors.
jellies. Reid's fruit drops In 6 different flavors.
mere than packaffs te a cmsteaier, S far 10c.
rn rs c
Face Powders.
$2.50 Armand's Complexion Powder. .IL99
$1.50 Armand's Rose IL9
$1.50 Plver's Asurea, La' Trafle and
Floramye $LS9
$1.00' Armand's Cold Cream, Steven's Bine
Orchid and Ambre Elite, Wood worth's
Fiancee, Palm Olive and Jardln de
Lilac r 59e
75c Armand's Anabelle, Harriet Hubbard
Ay res, Graham's gpsmeo, Ayer's Ayer
istocrat, Jergen's Enstaska, Amami
Sylvia ... ... :...:-59e
65c DJerkise, all ahades, face powder ..'tic
COc Mavis. Pompeian, Dame Nature, La
' May, Marinello, Lady Mary and As the
Petals ... 49c
50c Chantilly. Armand's Bouquet Luxor,
Freeman's, Pussy Willow, Gordon's
Lorayne, Sempray, Three Flowers, Gar
den Fragrance, Jardln dejtose .'. S9e
$1.00 Ben Hur Perfhme, boxed, each ...79c
$1.50 Ben Hur Perfume, boxed ...$L19
$1.75 Garden Fragrance Perfume . .$1.45
$2.50 Hudnut's Perfume, satin lined box $148
$1.25 Garden of Allah, satin lined box . .9Hc
$1.50 Maris Perfume, 1 oz package ...$1.19
$1.00 Hudnut's Perfume, satin lined box $L49
$1.25 Woodvorth Perfumes, assorted
odors ., 98e
$2.00 Djerkiss Perfume, boxed $1.49
60c Wood worth Perfumes, assorted odors 49c
$1.50 Jergen's Perfumes - $1.15
75c Baldwin Perfumes 59c
75c Maris Perfume, holiday box S9c
$1.00 Jergen's Royal Perfumes 79c
25c Jergen's Assorted Perfume 21e
50c "Mother Goose" Kiddie Toilet Water 59c
$9.00 Bcudoir Lamps .l&aQ
$1.00 Kewpie Talcum Dolls 69c
50c Smelling Salts, assorted odors S5c
$1.00 Mignon Perfume Spray 69c
-40c Pot Pourrri "Rose Jars" 29c
60c Cutex Manicure Seta SSe
$2.25 Mavis Manicure Sets, fancy box . .11.79
$1.50 Cutex Manicure Sets $1.19
60c Amour's Baby Sets, Stork Soap and
Talcum S9c
26c Stork Incense Burners 15c
$2.50 Hughes's Ideal Hair Brashes, No.
- 66, In holiday box $1.99
S2.00 Military Brush Sets $L59
$1.00 White Han-
dealers, as this is less than wholesale
for 10c
AIM Charms in caramels and fruit
Tkia efer to far SotaFfny e&ly. Ret
" Toilet Articles, :
$7 J0 Fiancee 2 piece set
satin bog ...f4aj
$2.50 Three Flowers I pfc,
set, satin liked box ... $fcu
$2.50 Garden Fragrance,! :
piece set, fancy box..$jj
$2.25 Mavis 3 piece set,
holiday box uj.
$9.00 Fiancee 3 piece set
saun iinea box fj
$6.00 Garden Fragrance
3 piece set, satin lined
$4.00 Fiancee 2 piece set,
fancy box
$3.25 Djerkiss S piece set,
satin lined box ......tfjj
$6.50 Djerkiss 3 piece let
satin lined box fyj
$9.00 Djerkiss 6 piece set
satin lined box j
$2.50 Hudnuts 3 piece set
satin box anja,
$2.50 Hudnuts 2-piece set.
Talc Powder and Toilet
Water fj
$7.50 Doris 4 piece set, , '
satin lined box -$J8
$7.50 Mavis 6 piece set,
satin lined box tilt
$6.00 Garden of Allah '
4 piece set Uq
Deal 1 Toilet Soaps,
5 for 25c
An extraordinary offer, On
deal to a customer in the fol
lowing combination:
1 cake Creme Oil Soap
1 cake Olive Oil Pure Cu
tile 1 cake Carlton's Velvolein
1 cake Jap Rose Soap
1 cake Carlton's Bath Soap
5 Cakes for 25c
Deal 2-Toilet Soaps,
' aai a A P
o tor toe
1 combination to a cus
tomer: 1 ccke Palmolive Soap ;;
1 cake Pure Olive Castile
1 cake Cushion Square
1 cake Peets' Hardwater Caa-
1 cake Carlton's Velvoleins
5 Cakes at 5c each
Chantilly Face Pow
der and Talcum, both
for 45c
60c box of Chantilly Face
Powder and a 25c can of
Chantilly Talcum, 75c werta
for 45c.
Woodbury's Facial Soap, 25c bar, 18c
Jap Rose Soap, 2 for 15c.
Kirk's Jap Rose Toilet and Bath Soap, Standard
sise bars, 2 for 15c. Not more than 4 to a customer at
this price.
Creme Oil Soap, 3 for 20c.
... . , i ...... .
ureme uu is an extra nne pure soap ana pruu.- -
smooth creamy lather. It will not harm the B
tender skin. 3 for 20c Limit, 6 to a customer.
Qlive Oil Castile, 2 for 15c
Bocabelli pore olive oil. Imported caitile soap. TM1
retails regular
ly at 15c
cake. Fortait
gale, we of
not more than
4 to a custoa
er at f eto
(or 15c
site Listerine .
site Listerine
1 I fJULJc4ml Cm j
Sift i

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