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JrSii fiW3 Ptf Pa.)
f i ( irtctfcwi as
I V -Vf - hal 'to sua
eK m Us ess while his
1 fcM aot recovered R foil
v.tast wu the purpose of his
" 1 tit tnsUmt spoke, lit head
He did set stud with
ljsbs erecUeee which has w
I caanetertsed his -nestings
ioti Bi the White house. Hit
IWeci tmrMd downward. Hia
'WM 'Mt strong bat it waa
Ida eallers haard and under
wot? --sokes. The oc.
I called for formality and Mr.
a woke la a lat ton laying
j a MM ceaBmanloate a message
.;reSBth aeit day.- Ha need
ward ."cmsaualeate" and did
t My whether ha would eend his
'"age to be read' by a clerk or
-mA read It himself. '
.JLH day Monday th prealdent felt
..posed to go to congress In per
. Hla physicians and advisers
are against it And the trnth is
List aot antll on boar and a baif
retere congress tan on Tuesday
lid the president yield. He hoped
aop-f "i neve not so sues iwb pwk ;.,-- tw ia
tM tuftM Af MMmnmadaMaaa. "T - .. -
to t- . i
to. -2. , I t t- ; see
i i ar !2ih2m
a m n at it wlJ'I Jitu at ire cjsi' " - -fcil-
b -,tn -are .. jr-1 of Wor t-ltso hat ft sum.
aVaUiKaioTartaora'p.wiai ' "or lis. the doorway id ftowfaward la
arwixs .
;rntdpfftiKrwith Illinois city
hla opponents this, personal pare-, ..i et Hotel DoU va
M tn soax-aaaa fiannat-ybMia aaa aaaawn u wnuo . tetiaiaea atoaa oone ta ts. w. wu-
i taoaaneat hapafalaoaa which the nilatater aiaga and plays ae- soa and raaaiy eatardsyaad Baa-
F ". r-T,acompai:nBent oa m kbiiot.. a WKrvoay. ar, bom pot btw;
... w L,k i.ia wei-lrata aaado roada vary bad for aatoa.
aeotleain. ai aoutht to utter a coo
fesaioa of faith, of the faith ia
fwhlch I waa bred and .which it Is
my solemn purpose to sUndj by
anUl my last fighting day. i I bo
llove this to be the faith of Amer
ica, the faith of the future, and of
all the Tictories which await na
tional action la the days to come,
whether In America or elsewhere."
- His Taledktory.
The foregoing is Woodrow WU-
son's valedictory to congress. Ha
may send other messages, he may
issue other statements but it was
Rub Hum of Mascatine. Iowa, baa
been assisting -Arthur tuaqulst
through forn haskteg the past week
or ao. V "'- - -'
. . Raymond Martin, who .baa been
aeeiatiag Sully KllsworUl of; Ata
llaaa, Iowa.v the past year, baa
oome borne with hla 'parenta, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Martia. -
Mrs. Ellen Morrow took dinner
with her sister, Mrs. hVJ. Baher,
Sunday to help her remember bar
birthday. . .
Several young people from here
went to Buffalo Prairie Friday ever
meant to ha hi. unnrer to the elec- j to attend , dancing VT. brA
tion returns of last NoTember. He!"e rain, hept the orchestra from
clinga etill to the conviction thatje0"11 m, ,,Ci K
his cause will be vindicated. He I Miss HenrietU Saddorig who
rit KMin and Min to htaiteachea achool near HaxeSell. Ill,
friends an epigram which be first
used eight years ago in the politi
cal campaign : "1 would rather fail
in a cause that I know some day
will triumph than to triumph in. a
cause that I knew some day will
spent from Friday until
with Mrs. Clara Schmidt.
No meeting waa held at the M. E.
church Friday night on account of
' the rain. Rev. Bowman started re
vival meetings Wednesday evening
! with a large congregation. Special
audience waa p reseat Sunday eve
nlng Thrmeetits will be held in
definitely. The imutater wiebee to
announce that Swaduy-oehool 'Will
bo held hare every Sunday mom-float week ja CWoaejet ; t
Ine at 10. At Plato Blu at thar- Hermu" LalhtICtrad 3
same boar and preachtng at Pin
Blaff in the afteraooo aad reguiar
services at the city church at 7
o'clock everr aiaht.
eat Rldu eburefer Buufav.
-.- Aanst Fateraea hatvbuUt
dltkm to his boms, j xv- i
X B. Cook and daoiarsj spent
very tapreaaivo way. wniea waa
Bkk la -
the program. i home la lm Monday evening, irom
t fete titUi wm eiTen air. i wio:ow, m re ini
thoroughly sjiereciated by
dies:, M th the' I
"aad'rug placed lax time for
the aMettag.
i. .- te -, A.. A -A A. kk.
vBUS. IIS TUUCVCI rtiurawi w m
Ktfcaell haviuf
i .in., .I.,, . I,. .
husband, Mr. and Mrs. n "
ton. v,
Mrs. John Carstensoa tow.
to be. seriously !U with J
uon oi oiseases at h.
curtnias ast 1 days srkh her daughter and I Brie. ,
ftaiaa" LafteUlCtrastd YamllrtL
nra ouinu naif mrwiujBWj
Sandy' Coyuey waa a -vtty Vfcltor
SUAday morBing. y. r - i
Dewey Baker vlaitad friends aearH it Hastht held sifter eerrlces
Muscatine Saturday aad Sunday,
The daadnK cfasb wUl have their
fragular dance Saturday evening.
iw 11 at A.rcomaaatt"Mii- TUa
alz piece Jazz orclwatra will be j
music. ''tyr.if:K:iiyhriA
Mias Mildred Kraagef who- Hves
west of Illiaoia City, visited .Sunday
with tie Misses Helen aad Osrtruds
Morehead. . - s : - ,
(Special Correspdbdence.)
"Miss Millie Wilson waa a city
visitor Saturday. v f
The Misses Margaret Daxon, Mary
Carotbers, Eva and Ruth Wange
lin viaited Tindal achool one after
noon recently. . " ' i
Mrs. Maty Adams of Moline, who
visited a couple of weeka at the
horn of her daughter. Mrs. Sandy
Bine-man, ia South Bowling, has
returned home. :' -
Frank Cromptoa and Lewis Hoff
man have a shredding outat and
shredded corn for Charles Peterson
of Black Hawk townshiprPriday.
Rev. Henry H. Senna of McCor
Amid all the excitement of too' "-. consisting of piano, corne.imick seminary of Chicago, waa en-
The stotp thkt
keeps the
cost of living.
,, down.
If it isn't riffht
tell 'US. '
WeMI make
it riiht.
SanU CUtu Tickets
' Beery day. new, unt'l
Ctirlatajas eve, every tarto
mm buy lag ever tit any-,
where In ear stere will be
! s pretty UMU "Santa
Osus" ticket, free.
When Sanla Claus comes
to eur jtere. whieh will be
tra days er ae before Christ-:
mas, he wiC a dwlr
able little present, free, far
eseh child yrhe brings him
one of these "Santa Claus'
tickets. ' '
All Day and
"Hour". Specials
Saturday: More Bargains; Better Bargains v
and Bigger Bargains
f Hundreds of good bargains here; hundreds of them. You
can save more money by shopping here Saturday, among these
bargains, than if you were working for Henry Ford.
Come in. '""Join the crowds. They'll all be here for these
Fisk 'and Loosley bargains. Just you come and see.
Candy Department, All
Jelly beans, 15c lb.
Fancy mixed candies,
25c lb.
v Chocolate creams,
25c lb.
Pink mints, 20c lb.
Peanut brittle, 20c lb.
tn the Ready-to-Wear
L pomitiveiy from
25 to and includ
ing 50 reductions
in women's ' late
1920 coats of all
In the .InfanU' De
partment 25 reduc
tions on coats for chil
dren; every good style
and material possible.
No restrictions; one
fourth off.
25 off on all Cozy
wraps, knit, sets and
gingham dresses.. -
From 28 to 50
off on babies' rompers
and creepers. ,
In the Millinery;
trimmed hats and sail
ors at from one-third to
one-half off.
On Third Floor 10
off on ftll furniture and
beddincr until Christ
mas; and so on. Come
in. Get your share bf
this feast of unusually
worth-while chances.
2:30 to 3:30, Hosiery:
Ladies' - black (or
brown) Dependon fash
ioned silk lisle stock
ings, all sizes; were
$1.00; two pairs to each
at 59c pair. .
These Ready-trimmed Hats Will Go Fast at These Mark-down Prices;
3 to 4, Wash Goods: T
Any of our 35c Red
Seal or York dress and
nurse stripe ginghams,
10 yards to each at 25c
yard. ' :
At 12.50.
0 Rtady Trimmed bata up to
16.00, cboire for SS.S0 each.
AI S3.&0
23 rfady to-wear hata. have born
tu fT.S0, choice for S3.&0 earh.
At S4.S0.
15 pretty hata, ready trimmed to
aell at up to 10.00, going now
at $1.50 each.
At SS.S0
Thia next lot of 24 hata hare
been great value at up to $12.50,
now, choice $3.50 each.
At S6.S0.
The next lot, -18 aplendid hats,
in latest styles, at up-to $15.00,
are cut now to $1-30 esch.
This lot, 9 hats, , would have
Mid anywhere else st op to f 17.50 :
yous choice, now for $7.50. ' '
4 to 5, Infants' Knit
Any infant!' knit un
derwear, all sorts, for
this one hour, one
fourth off.
- Now we take sll the hsts that have 'been up to
S9U.0A. It'a a abanie to do it, but we aar, far these.
At $9.50.
Here's where we finish up. Any tat over $20.00,
oo matter: what the previous cost, goes tor Sf .40.
There are thirty-two pretty trimmed hats for children up to 12 years. We
marked them "close" at $2.25, $3.00, $5.50, $6.50 and up to $9.50. We
will sell them now for half price.
, 1 l -
10 to 11, Brassieres:
Ladies' ' pink mesh
confiners, two to each at
25c apiece.
Toyland Items for Saturday's
Shoppers: .
: "Cbriata-as Cbime" rollr for tte baby, 58c.
Iesble Friction Readstrr ; adjustable front T.lieels,
tar. v . ' ' i
, No. S33 Ixcootive Pull Toy : S1.4S.
' ; Ovtrlaail Flyer, Eugice and two coachea ; 10 sec
titns track, $tM. '
Child'a China tea ae! ; 21-piece; blue bird pst
tera, SX7.
: Child's decorated tia tea sot; 1.1 'piece aril tra;;
Tie. ' V- - i ''f " V
' "Paa-Cce, tie Funny Dancer" 'spring, toy, 80c.
Doll carriages of liber with hood; rubber tires;
well lined; SS.T5. ,
Children's folding black boards; illustraiive roll
tep. $t.ia , ''
,'Qaksa of "Three Blind Mice," 28c.
( Checker boards, good ones; $1.49.
1 Child's - KItchea Cabiuets, with 10 piece coohing
set !.:. - .. .1 ' .;f; .-...',
ChilS'a Toy piano, 12 keys, S2.S0.
Game of "Tea PinOwldium sise. tae.'-
r Mtle girls' ..Jaandrvjt ; tub, bolrd : wringer
basket : clotte tine end clothea pins; $XSO.
. kMake m Delly Walk" Doll Walkers: Sl.00
let alas. .,-
iliMhiac' Uoaaey' :Tey. 26e. '
i larger 3B-ieh jointej dolls; sleeping eje. Curl?
bair. Ss.oa. "
Groceries, Saturday: ,
Fresh sweet potatoes, extra fine, 10
lbs. for 49c. d
Best granulated sugar, 3 lbs. for 25c
with other groceries over $IM. ; ;
Young Chickens, dressed and drawn,
35c lb.
Fresh Baltimore Oysters, solid pack,
69c at. v
Milk Bread, home made style, 2 loaves
to each for 15c: . V
3o4, Music Dept. :
Any Columbia - rec
ord, one-fourth off.
2 to 3 o'Clock: Shoes:
Boys good heavy
$3.50 school shoes, one
pair to each for $2.39.
'African Java 'Co!fec,
3 lbs. for SSe. r:
Bromsngelon. assorted
flavors, 10 pkg.
Ked Onions, T lbs. for
25c. "-r ; - - X r-
Jonatlisa apples, 3 lbs.
for 2Sc.
Mixed nuts, SSe P. .
New filberts, 2 lbs. for
46t. " .
Fresh dates, 2 W for
Seeded Kaiaina, 2're
Black nop corn, 2 lb,
for SSe.
L'needa BUcuit, 3 pig.
for S5c.
Sandwich meat, a'iced,
4Sc lb.
Best 8ugar cured Ba
con, sliced. 40c lb.,
Freab Tiskilws cheese,
ase ia. ..
Mustard Sardines, 3
csna for SSe. '
Orated pineapple, iS
eeats ran., -:
Apple cider, lit gal
lea. Pink Sainton. 2 bsif
ponnd cans for 2Se. , ;
Red KbeniM, 5e
can. '-,:f..v-n'-.
rfo-Ko Bntterine'JSe
Pickles, S6c doaen.
... Queef? Olivea, 45c jar.
3 to 4, Ladies' Muslin
Gowns: v
.' 1 ., A
Ladies' slip-on mus
lin night gowns, nicely
embroidered, worth
$1.50; two to each at
8Sc apiece. '
Third Floor: Table Oil
From 2 to 3, a yard-
Luidlialf Uble oil
cfcsUi, any color, f or 53c
Vasaiaaara whe paii tse a jaH far
it tahsa ail sssU sat raataraar'a
aa'aaas' haee a fefaaaL :
4 to 5, Cut
10c star -cut
water glasses,' 6
to each at 6c
apiece; 6 for
fee .
9:30 to 10:30; Muslin:
Genuine "Ivanhoe"
soft finish yard-wide,
bleached muslin, 10
yards or less, at 12c
10:30 to 11. Curtein
Goodsr .
.Figured curtain swiss
(like CT. N't) were
65c in August, 5 yards
to each at 20c yard.
4 to 5, Furnace Glowes:
Men's white flannel
furnace gloves, all sizes,
2 pairs to each at 9c pr.
8aaAay at PtaaaaatRlasa eharch
tha coapecatiOB - voted toi have
Bnsdar schaert mni chares aerrleca
froth IS a- a, ta U a... tnsfead of
tha v&fterBaaa. as Drevlouslsr. Tha
dlsTsraiiC clsssaa -'of - the Saaday j
aebaasl-ara ciewtaaHas for. thai high-J
eat araraae her daaa'each Sunday :
lor St period lasting ipweek;s,tbs j
wiaarag class to be banquet ea By
the other claaaea. ; . .
GeorgeVIPhardt and William Wil
aoa ahlppsSVa caaload of hogs from
Taylor Ridga to Chicago today.
- flus Vennnllen was a city visitor
Saturday, -.j- ' , -
Mr. aad Mrs. Fraak Miller and lit
tle soa and Mrs. Thomas wtlhite of
Milan were Sunday afternoon
callers at the home of Mrs. W. E.
Paterman. 'v . , ,
Miss Abbey , Doonan visited tha
last of lUe week with relatives in
Rural township.
Miss Mary Grnake of Rock Island
visited the weak and with Jer
mother, Mrs. 8. Oroske.
olates and DELTAXUT carries with
ft the guarantee that all ingredients
which go in to the manufacture at
same are strictly pure, and whole
some. ., . '
- - a
Souvenir Saturday
For the Ladies
A pairwi beautiful Shoe Buckles given to each lady making a pur
chase of $1.00 or more from our new stock of Jewelry, Ivory or
Toilet Goods. - '
Just received a wonderful as
sortment of 35c, 60c and 5e
boxes, special Saturday, 21c.
Scout-Box and Folding Al
bums and other photo sup
plies. Bring your films for
development by an expert.
Prices for balance of week '
Candy Kisses (five flavors,)'
lb. .; jg.
Yankee Peanut Brittle, lb. 18a
Alpine brand fancy assorted
chocolates in a lb boxes.
French Burnt Peanuts, lb. Me
Our line of fancy boxes, 13
off. .
Perfumes in beautiful Xmas
packages. Toilet water; Mavis
sets, DJerkis Naets, Jergen'a
Doris acta at bargain prices.
We insist that our pircee on
these goods are the lowest in
the tri -cities.
Complete line in sets sad
single pieces. Manicure seu,
This is truly a broad state
ment and to convir-.-e we ask
V. you to visit our store. .
' See the many Holiday Sugges
tions in our 55 feet of window
15.90 to $35.00.
Watches, chains, clocks, pint,
beads, sutoir cords, enft links
and snaps, brooches, cameos,
vanity cases, pen knives, back
combs, tuck combs All low
Many popular brands of Cigars in boxes of 50 15 to 29 off the reg
ular box price , , .
(Special Correspondence.)
The regular meeting of the Erie
Womajsn club held Tuesday after
noon, was well attended, and ,was
of great interest to all. Another
pleasant surprise was given : the
ladies upon entering, when they
found ibe room had been -fitted up
with new window shade's and lace
curtains, and a new rug on the floor,
the work of the house committee,
assisted by the president and R. U.
Burchell. It was announced by the
president that the furnishinga had
been loaned for the day by Mr.
Burchell, with the privilege of buy
ing them if the members were ao
disposed. Upon its being put to a
vote, the ladies were unanimoua in
the decision to purchase them. With
the new piano purchased previous
to the last meeting, the room is now
a homelike and pleasant place to
meet. During the business meet-
I ing, three new members, Hesdamea
E. M. Seely, Violet Cross and Myr
tle Joslin. were received. Another
.' ;;-partment committee was added
to the club. In the appointment of a
uower committee composed of
Mesdames Mary Mauer, Emma Pot-
i ter and Ada Francis. It was "bible !
day, and a sacred program .was;
given', opening with a vocal sofo by i
Mrs. Vallie Pfundstein, accompan-J
led by Miss Jennie Matthews as j
pianist In response to roll call, ',
scripture verses were given by the
members, followed by another se
lection by Mrs. Pfundstein. ' Rev.
Clara Babcock, who was the speak-
er for the afternoon, gave a "Pea- j SgSlj&aaj&aa
Vi 1
To top off your Sunday Dinner take home a quart of our home made
Ice Cream, pint 30c, quart 60c
Cor. 7th Ave. said 12th St
Phone R. 1. 606
- December 10, 1920
To our Customers and the general Public: ,
The purpose of this letter le to advise you of our 25 DISCOUNT
SALE which goes into effect Saturday Doc. iith and continues through
out the month. . r
This sale is fqr a two-fold purpose, 1st, because of the down
ward tendency in prless of rswwaol and woolen fabrics, and 2nd, to
make a clean up of the merchandise we now have on hand so as to carry
over into the new year little, if any, of our present etock.
A peculiar condition exists at this time., the general public
look with suspicion on many of sales now running, but Gately customers
who are familiar with our policy have confidonce in any and every
etatemtnt we mske.
Every garment was purchased at the lowest price level, making
our regular prises beyond question the lowest, then deduct thwrsfrom
the additional 25 DISCOUNT. You can feel assured this prices repre
sents a aubatantial' saving and'prlces as low as these for equal
qaalitles will not be quoted again this year. This sale means much
at this time when everyone is planning to give a uaeful gift for the
coming Christmas, what lemore appfopriate than wssring sppsrel as a
Christmas g7ft? .' .:-.,(' .,
It is a wall known fact that Gately prices are based on a rea
sonable profit, our buying power,. the ability to purchase in the Isrgest
' possible quantities, even to tsking over the entire outputs of well
known factories enables the Gately organisation to sell st ths
lowest possioie prless. )
Do notmiss this sale, it msans a savings that you are surs to
appreciate.' . , . .... . . s
. Our charge account service is at your disposal, as usual.
p. s.
l( 307-309 Twentieth Street,
Specisl for(Saturday We hsvs sslected Forty Ladles Cloth
costs, alzss 13 to 38, to eell while the supply last st $14.75.
'j. ;

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