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v., JUt..wJ,i;
t M.' Kaa sat 1
caaa to avarr way. ttto 7" 'kawt bS
" ,""w. .h thai
tiM ' no iwv
I jf L- uul Am af Mil. '
fpBTdlac to . tat . reports ' of
rimt Mmd id tk
.Hfriaaay ttrtf polaut ",B iL1'
(S) aa4 first alaca Im iaat H. Tfc
Malta won M points for pU aftaf
loi tl atost mtmav.. tkU Mag oa
Mrs. Balmer's pi. Mrs. W. A. Mc
LMghlin woa rpotatt 'or her
cImi for Mcond btst pic. Tht
Adclpbiaoi cleared bout $1 or
Hi. whlel tbey pUn toewni orer
to the Sudar acbool offlcer to
bar Cartatmaa candy lor tht Wd
dlaa. , v
several hundred
Carlo C
Mr. ad Mra. IW parktasoa
and aoa f twar Colsm .rUited a
?iw day. tost week wltk reUtlTea
la thia tleiaity. ; i ' 4
Mr. aad Mra. J. E. Pearson en
tertained Ti siting ralatiraa at their
homo Snaday. j
Soadat keep on fealtae; dia-j
tressed after eating, nor belching, i
nor Mnarieaeina nausea . between
meals. ' Hood's SarsaparUla
Caapbell. county crop
ome very aterestiag
erxTVlaona can be nude in the
ftflcka of virions grains and "the
'. vvraa wage acale of the years of
and 120. The report are
(.tor the months of November both
(ryaara. Last year's corn crop was
. described as one of "unusual pro
', aortkms." aad this year's, which
.Is almost completed, as one of the
f largest ever produced in the conn-
'try. Price comparisons are as fol-
' i. - 1919.
Corn ...11.25
Wheat 2.10
; Oats .65
Barley 110
vRye ................ 1.20
..Potatoes (Irish) .... 150
i Apples , I SO
Hay (loose, ton) ....20 00
t .Hay (baled, ton) ....22.00
$uaar .
CbJckensdive weight) . .zz
bees, (dozen) 65
The average price or larm isoor
the mon.h when hired by tne
fjimr ) imui im Hme, wins
'nr mnrth with board and S70
without board. The average rate
paid throueh the barveft time per
day was about $3.50 last year and
i tbls year with board, and 4
both years without board. The av
erse wages for work otner tnan
harvest was S3 both years with
board and S4 last year and $3.50
this year without board.
.After wlaaing several "unarea strengthens the stom-
pointa in apali during the wNk. JS'Sdh.r TgeSfv. organs for
Take Hood's.
of their
a . i. .i.ki . mm members
.!.. 9nnriT the vounc married i proper
aeople's class took a good lead over
tne aauiis wiw t wnT -1 ' "
noiats. Although this brought the , ;
SSds which is captained by Mrs. Send your money awar from home
amnion "up 2380. they will for Inferior candies when you can
HbSnSva W work haVd. U the buy MEADOWBROOK Mi k Choc
775 Qeorre Pease olates and DEI.TA.VCT, that you
is captain of the Blues. Some peo- know are right and
pie have wondered if such a con-1 home.
made at
.40 i
' 1.25 1
5 -
- ' (Special Correspondence.)
.j Mr. and Mrs. Fred McLaughlin
retarned home Thursday evening
ffOis ChlcApo, where they vicitej at
; the stock chow. "
., W. H. Nesbltt, Clare Close and
: Frank D. Greenwood relumed
home Friday from Chicago, where
jtbey had been with several car
loads of livestock.
; Mrs. M. Morford and four chil
dren come he latter part of the
week from their home in Brook
Held, Mo., for a visit at the W. A.
Lafferty home, Mrs. Lafferty being
quite poorly at this time,
i Roy McLaughlin and family of
'; Alexis spent Sunday with Burgess
The members of the young mar
ried people's Sunday school class
of the local church held a very de
lightful and social party at the 1.
E. Cameron home last Thursday
evening. This won them 200 points
In the membership contest.
' A number from here are planning
on attending the NorwooQ bazar
next Thursday.
The pie sociable held by the
Adelphian Sunday xrhopl class o.'
the local church in connection with
the membership contest was a sue-
Two hundred overcoats, all
' colors . . . . . .$8, $10 and $12
Special for one week . . . $10, $12 and $15
PANTS-(Closing Out 2,000 Pairs)
Blue Serge, $8 seller .$3.95
All Wool Pants, all colors, $ 1 0 value $4.95
Big line of all mixtures, good to match
coats . . $3.95 and $4.50
Work Pants $2.50 Khaki Pants $1.79
Work Coats $2.50
R. I. Tailoring & Clothing Store
1922 Third Avenue Rock Island
(Three Doors West of Twentieth Street)
Mothers Big Sisters or Guardians
mrx vai wa
If you will bring you little girl over here to-morrow
we will give her a Jointed Bisque
Baby Doll absolutely free. All you have to
do is go to our Bundle or Wrapping Dept.
and one of our employees will give her one No strings on this and
no purchase necessary Just come and get it and come early A
week from tomorow we will give away Rubber Balls to your little
boys Remember that. .
That will please and surprise you that will pay you well for shop
ping at this store tomorrow.
Ladles' heary winter coats, spe-
T S15.95
Misses' winter coats, ages 3. 4,
and 6, QC
Saturday : . . 0fO
ladies' silk georgette blouses at
$3.95, 4.75 QP QP
and vfOUO
Ladies'i coverall dresses or
aprons, , (51 OK
9Sc and ' iDLvUO
Ladies' pure silk
thread stockings
Ladies' black silk fibre
Babies' and little girls'
velvet caps
Boys' and misses' cotton stock
ings, 35c. , ; AA
3 pairs for ..... .... D1.UU
Ladies' white and colored em
broidered handkerchiefs
Misses all silk Japanese
handkerchiefs ...
Ladies' crepe Silk
handkerchiefs ... .....
Box stationery, a won
derful bargain
Men's heavy wool
worksocks, pair .......
Warners fl.00, $4.50 and $5.00
corsets Q Q
for ... B5U
Ladies' wool and silk dresses
Ladies' ribbed cashmere stock
ings rtj
per pair (DliMU
Ladies' black and brown QP.
cotton stockings ....... mOC
Children's combination
underwear at
Ladies' combination
underwear at
Ladies' flannel night
gowns, special .....
.Boys' natural combi
nation suits
Plush Teddy
Baby dolls with
jersey suits
Big boy and girl dressed dolls,
60c, 75c
Remember this store sells for less Sells for cash Delivers nothing Makes
no alterations This big saving in. operating expenses is given to our patrons-
In the price we charge -do you catch the point -If
you have not favored us with a visit do so tomorrow It will pay you
And please us whether buying or shopping. ' ' .
Lowest Wholesale
- , . . ... ... ' V
. 1
Price Levels
w flKSr 's rh;4
i at i ii .z
MANUFACTURERS are so tremendously lowering prices now on the
season's end surplus stocks that we find by keeping close to the market
we can effect wonderful economies for you. Our excelent business
of the past few months has left our stock in such healthy condition that we
can grasp these opportunities. Both clothing and holiday goods are offered
here, now, at wonderful money saving.
' ' . From Kart Schaffner & Marx and Granert & RothschiJd we purchased these fine
f l"7"PrfOlfl I S overcoats and at very remarkable concessions. To these we have added all the
V- VX VVfU ty remaining overcoats from our regular stock and lowered. the prices to an equal
basis so that now you are offered $50, $65, $75 values tje) C O 1 13 A A
. ........ ODj ipOO illlU tJ)Hb4:
respectively at
Up to $75 suits of Hart Schaf
fner & Marx make, in very
choice models and fabrics for
men and young men,
now at
Up to $65 suits of Hart Schaf
fner & Marx make, in very
choice models and fabrics for
men and young men,
now at
Qriorio1 PurhaCsa aif rPrnCaarc In men's and yunS men's styles. Worsteds, serges,
upCClal 1 UrCIltdoC OI I lClUoCla cheviots, cassimeres, flannels and tweeds are included
in all waist measurements and leg lengths. Our low purchase price enables us to offer these trousers at saving on each
pair from $2 to $!. '
x JLj
Holiday Goods At Lower Prices
Shirt Sale
what you save.
Offers splendid chances for savings on
gifts to men. The makers' sacrifice of
Eagle Silk Shirts
25 dozen in this lot of heavy
crepe de chine in handsome
bargains at
White Silk Shirts
With brocade patterns. The
richest and handsomest
white silk shirts made. Real
Sale of Xmas Neckwear Sale of
- x-ffar- x a
sa (vbw
Mtwr y 'aw
a. i v BBBBhw J r j. .aasr.-ir .- 1 a lai im w ax aar. w m
y t i 11 Ml I - 1 ' -. w mm . BBB9 lill' -maasw v.r
saw - ii n n t taavirr wt sbk . aw i a si a it wi i l iv m
n i hi itin Hi m w C4 i fi ini i i rr k
vw iiaa ilia mn f I l in imu i w i
II SI HI IK W7 , " VJ I I 11 Ml t
ii k vMiaijvsr x n i m j i in i i n x
pront is
Irf three groups :
$5.00 values .... .$3.50
$8.00 values. $5.60
$10.50 and $11 values $7.60,
Wonderful holiday designs, the richest productions
from Wilson Bros., producers of America's finest
scarves. These are in fine imported and domestic
silks in new patterns and latest shapes.
Fine Knit Scarves, $5.00 values at ......... .$3.50
Fine Silk Scarves, $4.50 values at .......... '. . $3.50
Fine Silk Scarves, $2 values at $1.50 and ... . .$1.25
Fine Silk Scarves, $1.50 values at .$1.00
Hosiery makes most acceptable holiday
gifts. Here are chances to put greater
value in the gift than the same money
Would ordinarily buy. .
Imported wool hose, silk mixture
and clocked effects, $2 values
at $1.25 and $1.50
$1.25 Interwoven hose now . . . . . $100
75c Interwoven lisle hose now ... !.60c
Bath Robes of Rosenwald
and Wiel make new
models and trimming
treatments of belts, cords
and tassels at $6.50 to $15
Belt Bucklees. Initialed in
plain silver and gold inlay
at'. ..50c to $8.50
All $3
Cotton Unionauits.
grades now reduced to
$2.25. 20 on all other
Mufflers in fancy sils, knitted effects
and accordion weavesfi striking colors
at ........ , . .$2.00 to $15.00
Likly Luggage. Suit cases for meft in
all leathers. Also ladies' bags in patent
leather and seal. Suit cases $3.50 to $28
Bags $10 to $50
Savings In the Boys Section
You can be both practical and economical in your gift for a boy if
you want to take advantage of the great savings now offered here
in hnvfi' lcniMrer suits Ymi Pan tiaouro lmraatriniaA
choice of any
in boys' knicker suits. You can secure unrestricted 1 A A
r boys' suits now in our stock at.......vlwUU
Boys' Mackinaws. In good warm all
wool cloths of very smart patternings.
Up to date norfolk belted and pleat
models at $13.50 to $14.50
Boys Jersey Sweaters. In new modejs and very
smart shades... Made of warm, practical yarns arid
very splendid values at ... ; ... . . . . . $4.50 to $5.50
Bo ys' Overcoats. Your unrestricted choice 25 off
tmm . - m r u i i
. y-mmnw .-.i
"V.. t
II 3-1 I 5 East Secosd SL
o Davenport, la.
i i
-. , :, . .. , I., .. -
- . j

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