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W7. AUm, IM FhVS BA.
af is parfWts wirtif il Ksawa Q ttf
draw, (tot awed his aadakeg, -
Use otbsr sr, Wat
food. Ha fr a ss -V a toe, M
heed was weak,' ao-sasil a baaatlfal win,
iMttKMuUkr those who had heard ab
lie la .attar, flats tut k Mfr esi
sweetly Mlw Mtki last sight be held Wa
brokaa ltearted rf to his kraut . to M
Ut days tbe aV tassgbts ware eoastaatly
of bit Brother. Of mm he low her. Srar
oa lorn Bit mother.. Wbea he t aweitlag
death aa ka4 gdeaty ot Um ta recall hia moth
er aad what sb had dona (or him la e years
tram bebylrood on.
But the alght that ha weat forth with tha
gang that took tha Mfa ot another la forgot hia
motbar. That waa the time ha should have ra
mscabered Kipling's "Mother Mm11 . If ha
had he wosld tonight he singing to his mother
Jaataad of ateepiag ia an assassin's grava.
Wmm nw in daak : ' T
wm en wa mm m I i- w
Um wma it ai MM num"
; After fats vindication la Greece, tla aaid
Constantins had to order a larger crows.
If any weary monarch seek a haven, there's
Tacaat place at Lucerne.
Ia tha epidemic of songs about "Blue,"
there'll he nothing ao soal-randing aa the San-day-law
' One wonders whether Livy or basketball is
now engaging the attention of the football
! Jut wktn it looked Mke a lively winter on
toe Brat page,' they began to talk about peace
la Ireland.
Tha Tiee r presidentelect took snuff at a
recent Scota banquet, proving, to the world
that his Job'a a an-aaay ona. v ,
. Tha Kaatucky man who married hia mother-in-law
ia all right if his first wife didn't hare
a grandma lirtng. :v
Tha country is aa prosperous aa It aver waa.
The fault lies with the people. A few of them
hare cold feet That's all.1. ;" )
About' tha happiest people you'll encounter
these days ara the ones who hare completed
their Christina shopping.
. More Police Needed.
Chief of Police Tom Cox is asking for the
strengthening of his department by tha addi
tion of Ave men aa a precaution against whats
ha ana sua aa a possible "crime wave in this lo
cality daring the winter. Other cities are suf
fering from unusual activities of criminals, and
Rack Island haa had several robberies in' the
past few weeks that have led tha head of the
Crilce department to a aaspfcion that the city
ill not be aa free of such annoyances the
present winter aa it has been ia the past and
vary properly he haa sounded f ho warning that
should he expected of bim to prepare against
recurrence of these depredations.
Where property and life are imperiled mon
ey ahonld not b considered, and the city com
mJaaion should not lose any time in heeding
tha warning of the chief and providing him
with all the additional protection that he be
lieves necessary to insure cltlzeae .against the
burglar and the footpad.
Crooks, following the lines of least resist
ance, infest those communities where they
don't meet so many policemen. Only three of
ficers patrol the, streets of Rock Island at
night You know the area of the city. Then
you realize how much territory each patrol
man has under his eye during your sleeping
hours. The eity commission should provide
the financial' assistance that will supply the
added police protection that the chief saya the
community should have.
, Massachusetts supreme court require wom
en lawyera to appear before the bench hatlesg
This ruling was undoubtedly taken from that
famous law book. Toque on Lld-leton.
A bomb waa thrown iutartbe Rumanian en--ate
the other day and tha explosion caused the
death of two officials. Before the recent war
this would have been an exciting piaee of news.
Mayor Bill Thompson wants the Tribune and
Dally News & pay I1O.0Q0.000 each for libeling
the city of Chicago. And only a few weeks ago
the mayor appointed a new police chief in an
effort to stem one of the worst epidemic of
crime in tha history of that community. . .
Just punishment for the landlord In Chicago
who refused to rent a list to a man with a wife
and four children and obliged the latter to
seek shelter In a police station would be to turn
the offender's home over to the outcast family
and send him to Jail for six months.
He Forgot Hit Song.
Nicholas Yiani, a former church choir boy,
was banged on hia ISth birthday yes'tarday in
tha Cook county jail on a conviction of murder.
The night before hia execution he held his
mother In bis arms and sang to her at her re
quest Kipling's "Mother o' Mine," just aa he
had sung it to her In their little home in the
days before h wandered from the influence
- r For hundreds of years people have poked
fun at lawyers. 1 And the lawyers seem to like
it. ; They poke fun at themselves. They laugh
with anybody that laughs at them.
And some very sharp people have said some
very witty things about Mr. Blackstone's well
known disciples, and the judicial process. For
instance Charles Maeklin in bis play, "Love a
H Mode," in 1759, makes one of his character
say: "The law is a sort of hocus-pocus aeienee
that smiles in yer face while it picks yer
pocket; and the glorious uncertainty of it is
(i mair use to the professors than the justice
of it
It was Lord Brougham who defined a law
yejr as "a learned gentlentan who rescues your
estate from your enemies, and keeps it to him
self." But Lord Brougham had no monopoly
of that thought, for the same idea has been
expressed in almost every civilized land. So
that, after all, if it may be said, lawyers must
be about the same the world over! The Ger
mans have it: "Lawsuits make the parties bare,
the lawyera fat." And again: "The suit is
eaded," says the lawyer, "for neither party
has anything left." The Italian puts it: "A
lean agreement is better than a fat lawsuit."
And the Scotch: "Law's costly; take a pint
and "gree."
Lawyers and their clients may smile at the
Danish idea: "Virtue in'the middle, said the
"devil, when seated between two lawyers."
Lawyers love to tell this story of a woman
who asked an attorney for the requisite for
oing to law: "Why, it dependa upon a num
ber of circumstances. In the first place," he
aaid, "you must have good cause; secondly, a
good attorney; thirdly, good counsel; forthly,
good evidence;, fifthly, a good Judge; and lastly,
good luck."
Lawyers are a likeable lot, at that. They
ar the Sunny Jims of the court rooms, a very
human part of this workday world. And the
world could hardly get along without them.
Yestreen I thoaght myself a boy
A hoy, of coarse, "grown ta!l"
Bnt still a youngster, full of Joy
And troubled not at all
That Fortune's smiles through all the years
Had been ao faint and rare;
.Nor had I fostered foolish fears
Because of graying hatov
The world had been my soft-boik?tcgg " :.
To crack, or to Ignore; , y
I'd always flung a wicked leg
Upon a ballroom floor. i
I ne'er bad breathed a single sigh
For "vanished youth, alas!";
I'd let ; oil Tempos fugit by, '
- Nor turned to watch him pass.
Today I'm like a rusted hinge
That will not play its part:
Today I'm SURE I felt a twinga
Cf pain around my heart!
Today I've hardly strength to hold
And quaff this bitter cup:
Today I KNOW that I've' grown old-
For daughter's hair is up!
A READER asks the "Information Bureau'
what is meant by "tweedledum and tweedledee"
and the following reply is made: "This is an
old' expression employed to denote the fact
that there is no appreciable difference between
two unimportant points. Much ado about noth
ing conveys much the same idea."
THE reader gets all the information he
asked for, of course. But a moment's consul
tation with our friend Noah would have given
bim a better and more concrete reply. Thua:
"Two things practically alike; a phrase coined
by John Byrom in his satire 'On the Feuds
Between Handel and Bononcini," .
This Should Get a Else Oat of the Clergy.
(From "My Son" by Corra Harris Satl Eve.
There waa another reason why I did
not want Peter to be a preacher. Thirty
years ago, when William and I were
young, the best men mentally and spirit
ually entered the ministry. They had
great virtues and great gifts. They had
dignity and influence. They inspired
reverence. And many of them became
national figures in the church of God.
Now. we all know it is too often the
seconds who enter the ministry, ordinary
men whose sacred olF.ces do not exalt or
change their quality. They Irequently
become prominent, but they do not be- -come
great. Their eloquence is like any
other eloquence. Their hearts do not
burn, their lips have not been touched
with the holy fire. They lack some awful,
quality of the spirit which the old preach-
ers bad and which they have not. It is
not for me to judge them, bu I have
wondered if they did not lack the cour
age of that sublime thing which we call
faith. They have been tamed by some
thing which is not the Holy Ghost The
.young preacher may" be af dull honest
man or he may be sensationalist, but
he does not speak the same things nor
with the same authority preachers of an
older day had. The very pulpit where j
these men stood has been effaced. It is
becoming more and more of a rostrum.
Gosh! If it's that serious why not raise
hia wages?
New, What Dion SupAw This Compositor
Was "H-h-m-in About!
(From the Peoria Star).
William B. Hunt and Mrs. Luella L.
Bennett were united giermraniabeuu
xh h hm in marriage last evening by Rev.
K. A. Zimmerman at the parsonage of
St Paul's Evangelical church.
FOR SALE Fine surrey mare, lady broke,
sound, weight 1.300, splendid worker. Broke
single and double and to saddle. Call H. D.
Ferris, 3911 Blue. 385 NV Academy St-5-Gales-burg
Republican Register.
Reason for selling? "Lady broke." '
SALESMAN for high-class artificial limbs;
man with leg off; excellent opportunity. J. T.
A H. Apgar, 262 West Twenty-third St. New
York Tribune. ' "
Wonder if ft's worth toeing a leg? Just our
luck to have both of ours!
WHEN the Sunday blue law cornea in you
may be deprived of this colyum on Mondays,
Won'tcha be tickled? R. E. M'G.
Although the degeneration . or
opacity c-t the itDs ot eye call
ed" cataract occurs more frequent
ly la advanced ago than in child
hood and infancy, old age u not a
causes Age is never a caase of any
giKui. uhh in u vine nyvouy
die of "old age." The only authen
tic instance of ultimate dissolution
from general debility is tas one
reported by onr late medical col
league, Dr. O. W. Holmes, the fa
mous one boss shay.
Poor lens material is handed
down from parent Aa child in some,
families; cataract ia sometlmes-in
berited. , '
"Certain systemic diseases which
interfere seriously with the general
nutrition of the body, particularly
diabetes and nephritis ( Bright "s
disease), seem to predispose to
cataract in elderly patients.
Men whose work demands ex-
posure of the eyes to the intense
heat and light of farnances, or to
j the glare or blinding flashes of the
j electric arc or of short circuits are
j notably subject to cataract,
i Injuries of the eyes, at any age,
may be responsible tor cataract as
a complication or sequel.
Prolonged eyestrain is now con
sidered by oculists one of the fac
tors of cataract They rata the
general decrease in 'the frequency
of cataracts in America since cities
and towns have had better artificial
illuminatioin as evidence against
eyestrain. . In cities and towns a
large share of the people do much
of their work by artificial light
And right here is the place to re
mark that the illumination of
reeding or work in too many.
homes is well, maybe very pretty
in tha eyes of. the beholder, but
nevertheless abominable for toe
eyes pf the worker. Why do so
many housewives go in for red,
green and blue fireworks instead of
considering bow to obtain the most
satisfactory illumination tor ine
least money?
Glasses fitted by guesswork prob
ably contribute towards changes
within the eyes which favor the
development of cataract in later
years. It is rarely possible to .it
glasses accurately, in the case ot
a person under the age of forty
years, without first placing the
"accommodation" (Involuntary fo
cusing effort) at rest by means of
As I said in the preceding article
on cataract the condition may be
well advanced before a casual ob
server would notice anything un
usual in the appearance ot the vic
tim's eyes. An early diagnosis is
to be made only by examination
with the optbalmoecope, an instra-
r rcacric nasmn 5 t-ener
The Vfce Presidential Problem.
Washington,, D.'-C Dec S. The gambler. Dot It is obvious thu r.:
1 m li. 14-, I ru&nv eond men a- 1
.Not Bll opaciuss or uimm "r iu oumuuib chftncM of W(T".
hates which appear on or in tuejwjCn tn.
eyeball are cataracts. nuewi,
growths or opacities of the covering
membrane ot the eye are often mis
taken tor cataracts. '
Rolls Are Fatge.
I have tried your somersaults
faithfully for a long time, but 1
president, 01 we presidential chair. EvvT:
United States may live, brings tthat Roosevelt, the livest ocAmm
mind again the peculiarities of that the vice presidency ever had t
position which John Adams de- put there to get him out of the
scribed as "the most insignificant and that he resisted this fom l.r
ofliee that ever the . mind of man j retirement with all his aiighu th.
ceived." " (tends to defeat its own niirIr
- -a.
TO. visa atreMMatnr.al Mi air f In.twhlfh i if nrr.v!HA .j. .
assc v ivw mfsivmMH 1 w mi &upiinaraH.
""r ?."Vv7 rJn"cM th. Jokerofonr system of gov-icessor to the president uTZ
. eminent, nr. Hryce says in nisi 01s aeaw in Atnce. 1
me ons 011. ... - 1 , w u.i , , .. ... .
vowPI)Whal.mr wtade VOU "wuuutcui" w vj- .v, .u u would be if
thfWk thfr-onu TmiAamv I have!6- tha vice president Is "aut the secretary of state sucalrtth.
. " Ul IIMvl.
.n.dnT,, fnf ' re' d" not become president his Job furthermore he is a member ?
yZVmwmt9notmMtSL U is two cabinet and in close touch
,125 !..! that he is grandiloquently referred , policies, of the admtaiC
n. tow wuum, iiwwiii . ..n...j
win send
self-addressed envelope, but let the
tetter show, that you are over 19
years of age, and what your he:ght
and wsight are, otherwise 1 cannot
send such Instruction.
The Great Silence.
Once more Dr. Brady begs to re
mind readers that lettcra addressed
improperly, as "citiy" or "local.
to in the public print as the "sec- j chosen because he agrees with thtn
ond highest executive officer in the : and therefore is presuinaMy quajT
United States government," but he lied to carry them out. Tat i rite
is not really an executive officer ; president is not even a member of
at all. i He execntes nothing. The j the cabinet, and he might cherish
only occupation which has been pro-,1 views opposed to those of the ore.
vided for him is that of presiding ! ident without ever having u revi
Asa that a Aft fit a onI i nrtJs rf slln. th A farf a vif-a nrADii
STSSSAu nTay w72u ESS. ""J6 2fcL.i:zV
itis ,uc.ul UuiJcs.
- ,
that communications not properly
signed, receive no attention, while
loose stamps are promptly donated
to the Salvation Army.
, Dry Dan drsff.
Please recommend some good
remedy for a condition of dry,
itichy ' dandruff and falling
(Miss E. H. S.) .
ANSWER Shampoo your
hair once a week, using any good
toilet soap, or if the bajr is dark,
liquid tar soaprand rinsing repeat
edly first with warm then with
colder water. Once a day rub well
into the scalp about a teaspoonful
Of this lotioin:
Salicylic acid 44 grains
Rcsorcin 40 grains
Castor oil 1 dram
Alcohol 4 ounces
(Tb)s may be scented with a
drop or two of any perfume desir
ed. Or any good toilet water
(sufficiently alcoholic) may be sub
stituted tor the alcohol. Very light
or gray hair is sometimes stained
yellowish by rcsorcin.)
Nonrishing Feeds.
Kindly advise me which foods
president of the senate has none of 1 But in recent years certain dotisa
the power which belong to the have devolved upon the vice pr
speaker of the bouse. He has no con-! ident, and have given him an occu
lts! over the course ot legislation, ! pation which is necessary ir not im
he appoints no committeemen. In j portant He has become, espeaailr
fact, ho does very tittle except rap: during the administration which ij
on bis1 impressive rostrum with a Just drawing to an end. a enn
na.j little mallet and say, "The gentle- j social representative ot the ores
"injaii from Arkansas has the floor." Mdent taking onerous burdens of tn
own ! And then he is stating a fact rather tertaining and being enteruiwd
w-.o.wm. - . .. v. .... v.mci cieco-
very little to sav as to who shall i tive, much as the wifn or a h.,..
occupy the floor or how long. jman of affairs represents him
The absolute superfluity of -the .teas and receptions. "Offictal eater
vice president as a part pf the gov-! for the administration" is the wit
ernment ia sufficiently proved by the ! Vice President Marshall is said
fact that during 35 years, in all, of once to have described himself,
the nation's history, there has been j Commissions from minor conn
no vice president. He has either! tries, deputations of Latin-Amerim
died or resigned on account of ill journalists and politicians, v isiting
health or succeeded to the pres-1 oriental princes, are amon; H9
idency. And the wheels of sovern- guests to whom the vice president
ment turned just as well without a ' must function as host All of ticrn
vice president want to see the president c'J
1. IKfinvJ Pf, a'itnm I cniirea htlt .anjuiall. ainM . I, ' V
AH AWOWSW k W0.vn. ' , . . , uuf v. ..... oiulo U1D Wr
The vice president can be re-1 elevated the United States into the
garded only as a man held in re- position of the first money power of
serve in case something happens to ' the world, the number of such visi;-
the president and doomed in thejing individuals and delegations
meantime to a futile existence on an ; makes it impossible for the oret-
will be most nourishng and most .1 inadequate salary. The absurdity , ident, to see any considerable part
easily assimilated by my son, five ir me tnmg, or course, lies in t tie, 01 mem. ' were is a place where u
' - . . . . . .. .1 (hit ika frnm am t . Auk i acoieisnr nKAilnnr it. VA11 j .
y6iLr8 OlQ WHO ll&S JrOtl aieeaSe t- .uo nsuuna U. uui wuBir.wowisnn r"wom ia icon; UVBUCa.
tution should hare provided no ade-! He is also, needed to aJdmg coo-
nnala AAnnnaHAn fr at wknoitlrtn orvc c Cm nf th'.u aA f Vi 1 nnA
L. : -i- l 1 1 1 i : f m it. . m '
nuii a ouviuuiiy cauis lvt a Dip nmn, ; ciciies iur uie yrevenuoo 01 bo-ana-
if it is to be other tUan a source of ;so, the various organ igations of
(Founr of Inter Chun World MovemMU
. and Chirmn Federal Council o(
CboKhM ol iwrin.)
of the spine. (Mrs. A. P. R.)
ANSWER I do not know which
foods are deemed easily assimilat
ari Rnt 1 will sind vnn sueees-
ttons for feedine normal children , danger. 1 Daughters and Sons, and all of
if you will send a stamped, self- For, while the vice president innumerable other aggregations
addressed envelope. The diet 1 amounts to precisely nothing if the j which convene, orate and resolve. It
would be the same, I suppose, fc president lives, he becomes the most ; is important that the good will ot
a Cttllu W1U1 vUOerCUIOSlS OI trie iuiiksuuii ui&u ui lUO UJUUU, IL me j uwbb wi.ua suuuiu ue wuu iot mo
nrpsiflpnr nipa Ani if trrwumtinro. siriminiKirnrinn Knmennp rAnrMnt.
be taken as a guide there is just ing the administrations must get up
about one chance in six that the before them, and say all the proper
president will die or be killed, and ' things from "Ladies and Geatle
the vice president be called upon to men" to "I thank you."
serve. He should then, by all j Someone, too. must appease the
"" means, be a man of presidential social voracity of the wives of polH-
It will earn the right to lead the; caliber. But seldom has be beeniicaily important millionaires ho
way not by manifesting a spirit of such a man. This means no dlsre- jown houses in Washington aad want
arrogsffee and racial pride. There spect to vice presidents, past, pres- i to do "official society." Hence "the
ia only one kind of leadership the ent or prospective. No doubt some j vice president and Mrs. Domegoood
world will stand for today, and that of them have been, are, or will be' were the guests last evening of Mr.
great men. But it is obvious that a ' ana Mrs, Greene-Smythers of New
job which means four years or per- j York and Newport, who have opened
haps eight years of futile waiting, 1 their Washington house for ihs
When God made the earth, did He
mean mean it to be a white man's is the leadsrship of service.
world or ajellow man's world or a j , If white men can render our
Hrnm nun's wnrM? whose world cftmmos humanity the largest serv-
was it to be' Of course He meant ice, tbey may lead. Otherwise they I five chances out of six, is not calcu-1 month of January," as the society
all races that are on the earth to must ultimately fall in behind. jlated to -draw men of energy and : column relate,
ho hpro bnt what race did He mean i They will not serve mankind by ' ambition. The ambitious man es- Thus the vice president has been
tn hp on ton? Is a wnite skin a policies mat are seinsn. jesuswas ." "
sufficient mark to entitle a rayefe to proclaiming tho prof oundest states-
. v
By Elwiaa Resattot St breath
Stmt, Lowell.
(Copyright, 1920, by The "Wheeler
Syndicate, lac.) -
ominous maases of purplish black
thunder clouds streaked every now
and then with flashes of chain light
ning. Though the storm was still
at some distance from the quiet
' lake, everyone was scurrying In to
the landing, for it gave promise of
being a severe one.
The group of girls at the boat
house were casting frequentglaaces
at the approaching darkness in the
heavens. To be sure, they ara pre-;
tested that they were not frighten
ed, but their laughter grew rather
hysterical, and there were little
gasps of awe whenever a louder
rumble of the Hearing thunder
echoed from afar.
Only one of them stood slleatly
apart. She aeemed to be gasina va
cantly but over tbe expanss of wa
ter. The tiny puckering ' frown
gathering between her glorious
blue-black eyes, the' slight stiffen
ing of her lithesome .figure, the
clenching of her hamf about her
handkerchief, betrayed to the close
observer her efforts to conceal her
intense anxisty. Nor was her ai-,
lence unnoticed by the girls. i
- wny. uiia:- enea Munei Brown,
. a tiny blonde. "Surely yoq are not
frightened by the storm!" .
Alta slowly shook her head. - The
girls whispered covetly to xne an
other, for they know that it was aot
the fright of tbe storm that troubled '
Alta. Indeed, she was the bravest
trlrl An that whftl lttlra 'amS tk
gloried that she belonged to their
"bachelor camp." Alta gave aa
alga at ewtartag tato a convarsa
ttos; hat tha girta woaM aet atop
teasing. It was not natural for her
to be silent.
"Pie! Alt Winston!" said Muriel
in mock Indignation. She seemed
to be leader of the group. "Think-
ri have watched the lake since he
went out I msde him promise not
to go far, for some vague forebod
ing troubled me," she spoke as if
to herself. "It is all my fault It
ing of Mr. Hilton? You are a fine I would kill Helen if anything should
bachelor girl. 1 suppose it is quit ! happen. There is ealy one thing
natural to be so aaiious for one's for me to do," and she started for
future borther-in-.law, Isn't it, 1 the landing. Muriel had only dimly
girls?" i grasped the meaning ot her words.
They Joined In her merry peal ot "Alta Wins ton!" she cried, seis
laughter. Strangely Alta did not ' lag her by the hands. "You won't
participate in their fun. The storm go out on that lake in this storm,
was quits nesr now, and ons by It Is madnses it's worse it s
one they sped timorously from the death!"
bathhouse to their camp. Only , MnHer .ffort to in w .
manship when He said: "Bear se
. i j -
in mind the endowed with a function in life.
parable about the father who bad and the president relieved of a bur-
two sons. One of them went to sea ' den. But the vice president jets
. ..! f.v v and the other became vire nrMidont 'onlv 112 000 a vear And ho is au-
and for the future progress of the j National isolation and selfishness j or them was ever heard of , posed to entertain as well as a
race that the five hundred and fifty j belong to the dark age. The na-
million white people, nearly iour-, tion tnai mints oniy oi useu iu-
day is doomed.
That race, be it white or black.
fifths of whom are in Europe, con'
tinitA to dominate world affairs? Or
should the scepter pass into me be it yellow, brown, or rea, may
hands of some of the one billion lead the march that is able and
one hundred fifty millions of the. willing to face the greatest perils
races of color whom we are in the j and carry the heaviest loads. It is
habit of classifying as "weaker peo-; no longer a boudoir world. Human
iPB"v ity is on the march. "Whosoever
" ' . ..' I , .1 .L!.., V.
If the white race is to maintain or you win oe me cmeicrx. du.u mr
its leadership, it must deserve it- servant of all.
lrJl W
y 1 MRT.El
llllst J 1
again. tertained. Hence the movement to
ir a man of bieh ability takes tbe bund him a house. He needs it a
vice presidency, he may be regaxded ! movement to buy him a few grocer-
as a martyr to the cause, or else a ies would also be appreciated.
Argus Inf ormation Bureau
(Aar iwlw mm ct the smwot nr vnmUmm bj wrltia; Th Aran tafm
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Muriel remained with Alta. ' She
wsa troubled by the girl's seeming
moodiness. ,
"I am sorry" the , began, half
apologetically, putting her arm
aroand AlU's waist, "hat I dldat
msan to he rude, Alta. Really this
Is getting so serious. I never knew
you to he so smlttsn with any tal
low like this, and we do hate to lose
"Please dont jest. Muriel." Alta
Interposed. "Why wont yon girls
take me seriously. Ton have often
heard me speak of Harry. You
know hs Is engaged to Helen. . He
has often teased me about ear
'bachelor camp,' and I invited him
up while Helen was away on her
vacation. Now he le ent alone en
that lake" her voice broke aa a
warning rumble announced the he
ginning et the storm. He doesnt
know about the drop at the mill sp
at the other end. After all, he Is
like a brother and " . K
"Ton silly girl," ' interrupted
Marlel, though her heart sank in
wardly. "He will' be in any
moment Oh!" she started at a fear
ful crash ot thunder. "Come back
frosa that door. Alta. It ta aaagar
oaa is) stand near it!"
futile. With a quiet smile she
thrust th little blond from her
sad in tries was down on the land
ing and late her motor boat Muriel
gasped I dismsy and her tacs went
as whits as her sailor dress. . She
stopped to the head of tha landing.
As sh did, a vivid flash ot light
ning lighted tha Whols ot ths dark
ening lake. v8hs saw Alta's hair
stroamlag hack aver bar shoulders
as she sped eat lata the dark mass,
eoaamlaglad et water aad tha heav
ens. Tha rain beat down upon her
aad tho thunder pealed.
Marie! swayed against ths railiag
for a momnnt, then rashad to tell
ths heatmea et whs-had happened.
. -
It did sot tako long for Muriel to
spread the aews, area taaaga ths
storm was at Its height: hat luckily
both storm aad peril proved to be
not as great as aaa seen tnreat
eaed. . .
In less than three-qnartsrs of aa
hoar the beathoase waa thronged
with people. Though 'th waters of
the lake were still tossing wildly,
many ware ataitigf ont after the
brave girl waa a cry west ap that
her asoaor heat had beet heard. -
la the meantime, Muriel was sur
rounded by a bevy of anxious ques
"Just to think." she kept saying.
"Her bravery was in vain, for Harrv
Hilfsn had already put in at' on
! of tbe other camps, where they mis
took bim for one of their new mem
bers who is missing. . He is right
her now, while poor Alta is Drob-
ably drowned." . I
A loud cheer proved that she was
mistaken about Alta's danger, for
that young lady had already reach
ed tbe landing. It was hard to dis
tinguish her in the darkness, but as
the lantern shone upon her its light
disclosed a rather bedraggled but
Joyful Alta. .
. "I've got-hlm!" she smiled weak
ly. ; "He was Just drifting to the
drop when he capaised. It was hard
work but " .... . .
" She stopped abruptly. There be
fore her with . the lantern stood
Harry Hilton. Amared, she watch
ed him shift his light upon the un
conscious form they were lifting
from the boat Then she turned
quickly to hide bar embarrassment,
tor bis face was i strange one. He
was the missing camper.
noar Mrs. Thomtison: I am a but my parents object -Do
yonne girl who needs a little ad- think it would be right for me to . creased?
vice. Please tell me whether I did go? I have had plans of going
right or wrong in this case: since a little boy and I think I have
Sunday evening I walked home f ? D tnink 1 am
alone, as I live right in the down-:100 ""Vnr-n vwur trttt v
Q. Where is tha oldest university fashion. This number is halt as
14 the world? D. S. many as the total loss throngh ac-
A. El-Ashar, translated the Re'-lcidents in factories, railroads and
splendent, a university situated in ' mine combined.
Cairo, Egypt, whose history can be q How is tbe namB -Blasco Iba
traced back to 970, is probably the ! ne, pronounced? J- P. 0.
oldest universitJr in the world. , "j- Tae name is pronouno
Q. When was the salary of the , Blas'-ko Ee-bah-nyath.
you president of the United States in- j q was gold used for when
D. H. N. I firBt discovered?
town district , A young man walked
J. H. S.
A. The salary of the first presi-; , a rh rnld mined by the in
dent of tbe United States waa fl-edcjents waa useu for practically the
by the congress ot 1789, at $26,000; igllme purpose8 as today, with the
March 3, 1875, it waa raised to 150,- j exception of coinage. The B'-'
000 by act of congress; March 4. i Wa used larsev for decorative
I J . v. . LI. I 1 GAT o n n A 9CAfWh AAtiA . 1 -1 .n ir.T
... -j ,1,1 m that he was ,UB uul iroo - w " purposes in temples anu
YS iXto-Wa at a 80clal center Yo f0r U8e 0f the P"?11 f0Iipersonal adornment. In Xw
.in.n?p 11 he was a couW P"hehly do your bit to teach traveling expenses, and the second t Jtatne3 of t!jC emi)erors were very
r.- otners tnmgs you know jn exenange session oi ine ouin congrws, iui,
stranger in this town My motner fQr gopd y(JU wfm ,flxed tne of the pre8WelU at
brought me up witn ins iaea inai v-.. i. . .wnn. I t7K non sithnnt rhmvin, th mm
young man or girl who walks ; tne genattiyeness. A boy need never f given for traveling expenses.
-w Ti b a wallflower. Once you learn to q. Kindly inform me whether a
never amounted to very much. I !Ha ft r.n k iriar6 riuire ' ... v .
atrietl, :decent in dress etc and . Tbey wl be glad to do ed ,n Vtectric ligltTnd'er
nv n uy u"r",r , , . so, because a girl finds herself a
social center with all girls. 1 re- wajifower lf Bhe is not asked to
fiieerf tn arrant tha hov a offer, and j
:rr ---v: .-- -v - - . .,aBuqe.
plant is affected by the electricity.
often made entirely of gold.
Q. is the top lever on voting b
chines always Republican? If
why? M. J- S-
A. Tha Republican national cos
mittee says that the top lever of
vntinir marhine is not necesssnl
tut. vdn. a mattir
Does the electricity in a neraon's Jki.k orraneed he-
- 1 -all, I IB . LI..-. (. I .
aSiJH. TJT 5- hy persojS-ZS of
M K- i tween the manufacturers of Uie m
, . , a,- k.b n j r-w " - - - a. weaM-aio vai i icu u area avua gtva rk nA
evening, and I spoke baclt and h0 would Rlldly tead, you to play j employed are frequently affected ! "I""'
he left He might have been a and who wonld so Intro- by the electricity. The amount of '2?" 7
nice young man, and my gin inenaa duce giris y you want to
ten me i was ioonu, um. i may uo ieara to dsnca you eoald either at
on the safe side anyway. My repu-. tend a class or get a friend to
Ution is ons thing that I am living ; teeh you.
for. I am a stenographer in town. - As for going on the stage, you
n EIGHTEEN IN FEBRUARY. too young to do so without the
you did tne rigni tnmg. t ne consent of your parents. Since you
About 10 o'clock thdt night
Muriel Interrupted ths rubber band
ot whist at the "Bachelor Camp."
"Girls," she saM, slamming the
door by way of announcing the Im
BOrtance Of her annearanpa "Th.
doctor said that Alta's camper need-)
electricity in a persbn's body will
not affect a watch appreciably.
Q. How many members has the
T. M. C. A.? H. C
A. According
of this organization
bersbip of 729,438.
Q. At what age did Mary Pick-
ford appear on the stage; and with
! , ... , . ,, , was i DDuoa picture cuuipuny aiu
1 ?1 5f yo.f ''II fref ? f2Uow in she start? G. C. H.
i uirwuuu w uwu cuuuBiiig. I A. At the age of 5 year Miss
Dear Mrs. Thompson: I am aj
young man 18 years of age. I have , Dtir Mrs. Thompson: I am
no friends. Other boys I know go ' rirl 14 years of age. My mother i Toronto, Canada. She made her
out with girle and enjoy them- objects to my walking home from; screen debut with Biograph, under
selves, I am invited to dances, town with hoys once in a while. , th direction of Griffith-
parties and card parties, but I can't ; Please advise me what to do. Q. Which earthquake or eruption
or town desiring ths s
chine. .
Q. When was America first M
as a term applied to the
western world? ai?i
n i m....a o raw
to the 1919 report I --rapher and mathematician V
tion it has a mem-' ,.,. ,ha ,mfl in this sens is "
Stranger should have waited Until j have longed ta do so since you
he could find a way to be Intro- .were a child, tbe care si does not
duced. Never "pick up" with a Mtm t be a whim. When you are t coiT,
cr.nr whn iirmti vnn. ... win v. f- rn n wul moiioii picture company
bus LUQ,a ww hw jl 7 wia wsa a saw -vr w aaa
j the direction of your own choosing.
! Wflrfnrti Vklatrcul tnvnil norti with
the Valentine Stock company of
dance or play cards. I would like
to ao to a social center aad tsarn
dancing.' but I don't know it they
Q. How many different
A. "A" has spproximEtely1"
sound values, as in lane. '
father, water, want, ask.
data (last a). .
Q. What Is a kaolin?
A. This Is a soft clay; et
ble but usually low pltsticlW-"'l
Ing to a pure whl e coic. (rf
oi nign ron "-.tin
use of kaolin Is for the rnssw
MISS X. : since 1900 has resulted in the U.,.. nr whit earthenware tP"
Tour position Is a difficult ona. j greatest loss of life? L. W. K. . -.iin l (i also need for !ll
It Will unralv ha Hnhuniiliii tn A. Ths rtkniialre nf RIkIIv mil with v.rvinl SBJOn
enroll pnpils at all times. How ! get rid of a boy who catchea up Calabria, in 1908, caused the larg- 0f qUarx. feldspar and bal el-
could I gee acquainted with some: with yon and walks along. I can- est number of deaths, this bain' a Dirt ths 30 tyrants rule
mil mum ni n.r . nn., M n n . Tk- ' rlrl.T .. . n.t awb w . a ? navwi tn... w.,,!.. K. ' In ,,.,.,.. Ar I ... , r. r -11 n .af ii:d '
. - i... wvc, ; 1 .C . .wv .. v .. ; v . umu uv . , ,,,,,, . ihiuugi u. i . V. iwb,, lu. ; in uitcr., ui v.-.
it. Rpemn as loanu no zin wouin m nix KRt0.mnAnvin vnn tr vnn . ornnrinn .ir unnt p.iw in muz nnin its.r., nn "
: - t ' - ' - - . - -r- . . . . - . - . ..... . . ,igi,
eu a Bursa, ao sne remained to fill pay any attention te-me. ir am walk straight home and do not second place, when the total was i a. These men. appoint ; fc
the position. I guess we have lost Invited any place like a dance ori loUer on the way. Of course you 10.000. j of the city of Athens by their v J(
her this time all right. Do you party, I think I wouldn't enjoy my- f should never wait around so that a i Q. How manv peopV are killed tan conquerors, at the close f
knew, I sm going to make an addi-!se!f and would only be a wll-:bey eaa walk with you. Probably by automobiles each year? O. R. I Pelopnnnes.an war. in w
usa w ins ruies ot tne camp. ' No t flower, as they say. i the only thing for you to do is to A. The ntiona ssietv coundl i were Athenians, out .
membiir ran nnrlcr Mmiiti.. I k... VmA .v..m. Wf .. th.t .n.. w,h.. lu. ... . ' .u-. : i a ah i u- r -hn favored aa 014"
go fishing during a thunderstorm."? lag oa ths sUge. I would like ta,, anyoa to walk with you. ' sons a year jaqpt death in . this rather than a democracy
I ' . .. . ' - -

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