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j i I ' 1
i vyatk, Dee- 1- Testimony
. Ijmm in New York and
iiasr dtles have been driven
"sttt itwctnral fteel erecting
I . k. th Iron League the
I rZi Kradort' Association tu
i.. Bani fttureti. Meal
.- im .
--7--.- n-rm A Vntlitr eom-
1 U
liters the Joint legislative
s hwfU Mid
f Mmimir. one of the
Wl"" ,
(BUtrncUon companies ta
Q CBsd States, be declared,
pat tar any eteel for it own
ZZm. and the compear had
:jreei to quit erecting about
jetf ef-
jjjyn sppeals to the Bethle
i Iteil company for steel bad
2 fnUleu. the witneu told of a
JSHtaee with Eugene Grace,
Zlat ot the company, and
SZZTlehwab at which he was
that he was "getting in
2 with the iteel manufacturers
. .... k. hirpil union man.
Tnyrett said that Mr. Grace had
jgmea. we ere um smug w ei
fellows build up an organise
Sta ef anion men to refuse to han
4ti aer iteel made under non-union
"Mr. Schwab said," the witness
gUti, "yon are getting in bad with
Steel nsnnfacturers because you
tra leading in tbe movement eup
ortlBf union erection as against
tat Isatae's 'open shop' policy."
reduce wages
Ctttei ids Woolen Maanfactnrtrs
Ctatinoe Lowering Process
, HDaj Shot Down Reported.
I -Yf ' '
XeaVers Ge On Katieas ef Black
Bread as BetttuuU leep to
- CeTeruBent Begvla
Berlin.' Dec. 14. The members
of the reichatag went on rations of
black bread without butter and cof
fee without sugar or milk today
when the managers and employes
of the reichstag restaurant refused
to aerve the forbidden foods, in
view ot the government's apparent
intention to continue raiding ho
tels to compel them to obey the
rationing regulations."
The proprietors hare closed the
restaurants in virtually all the
principal hostel ries as a protest
against the government insisting
on obedience to these regulations.
(Special Correraondenee.)
Mlsa and Donald McCnlloagh
left on Friday to visit several dan
at the home of E. E. Carmkhael ot
Colona, I1L
Mr. and Mrs. Otto C. Kain were
nock Island passengers on Satur
day afternoon.
Several from here attended the
box social and program given at
Bowling Center school on Saturday
evening with Julia Hintermeiater
as teacher.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Hofer and
enwghter Margaret ad Caseaf be.
Iowa, visited several days with rel
atrvee and Meade sera.
Mrs. John Etuteldt and two sons
tested Saturday evening at Can
tea Franck's home.
Miss Haxel Einfeldt, who has
been assisting Mrs. Dewey Zeigter
of Illinois City with housework,
visited Saturday night and Sunday
with friends hare.
Mrs, Robert Miller returned
home Th rasday from an extended
visit with relatives in Kansas and
Kread Mrs. August r. Man
ama ik taadey at Betnaold
Iwteker'e le ta pNemftio.
Mr. and Mm, John Baker as
sou Kenaeth saeM Suaday at Her
man Hofer s.
Prances Wakefield, who is em
ployed at Foeter Amstreors Of
Preemption, spent Sunday at home.
No Bpworth leegwe eerviees were
held at the M. E. church Sunday
evening, due to the tact that there
was no power.
Galveston. Texas. Dee. 14.
ftTuned Frem)--twf bf
- ' . . ..m
sjllMBMlrl r-J
Moeit of aha Muxsjky-ti ankle,
.t rMM AbL. renortad at
w- m m1 . i
Worth yesterday ay Ottawa aoi
ta held here awalUsg arriwif
Mrs. Hammm from Canada.
. Hamsstll wan mad dyttt
JZTrf n.Mn. His hot
was taaattmed last night krtp
lice circular from tanaoa. c
marks of violence were found at
cause of bis death has not bee
determined. An Inquest will I
held today.' -
Pawtacket, R. I.. Dec. 14. The
Urtlse company, employing about
UN eBDloyes In cotton and woolen
auihrlure. the Kavlp Rlosrh.
ertea, 1,250 operatives, and Glen-
lyea vje works, employing 500, an
aoeaced wage reductions effective
M Dec. 20. This amount was not
i Mrs. Marshall bidding Mrs. Harding good-bye after the lunchecn.
During the 2-day stay of President-elect and Mrs. Harding In
Washington recently on their return from Panama. Mrs. Harding was
the honored guest at two social affairs- Mrs. Thomas R. Marshall, wife
ot Vice President Marshall, entertained the new executive's wife at
luncheon thj second day. Wives of about forty senators attended the
affair, given in the senate office building.
(Special Correspondence.)
The Sherrard Ugh school has se
cured tbe classic stories in a six
reel production for the Educational
show Wednesday evening, Dec. 13.
The proceeds from these shows are
turned into the public school fund
and this, fund will be used to en
large their library and secure pic
tures for the school rooms.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nichols of
Silvis were calling on Sherrard
friends Sunday afternoon.
Professor Cade of the Sherrard
high school was called to Road-
bouse, 111., by the death ot his
mother, who died at that place Sat
urday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Piper of To
ronto, Iowa, are visiting at the
Thomas Powell and Ernest Trego
Dr. Toder was a business caller
in Rock Island Monday.
Miss Emma Ranson of Alexis
visited at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Guy Sayre, Sunday.
Mrs. D. C. Miller will entertain
the United Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
at her home Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Irwin visit
ed Sunday at the home of the tat
ter's sister, Mrs. Leon Tomlinson,
east of Cable.,
Mrs. C. V. Funk and Miss Anna
Punk were Rock Island shoppers
Thomas McGonigle ot East Mo
line was a caller in Sbrrard Sun
day afternoon.
Ludwig Becker, director of the
Tri-City Symphony orchestra, is
greatly pleased with tbe splendid
support given the organisation this
year. Ee has expressed himself on
numerous occasions to this effect
and last evening commented on the
larger audiences at the two sets of
concerts this year, which are much
larger than those of last season.
Last evening's concert at Augus
tana college was greatly enjoyed as
was the same program given on
Sunday afternoon. Some were so
impressed with the Sunday concert
that tbey heard the same program
at Augustana college last evening,
Madam Hanna Butler, soprano, who
has a large circle of friends
in the tri-cities made many
more admirers with her singing.
Among the audience was a group
of people from Orion, Madam But
ler's old home, who came to hear
the singer of which the community
is justly proud. Madam Butler re
ceived a beautiful bouquet of pink
roses following her first number.
The next concerts will be given
on Jan. 16 and 17.
New York, Dec. 14. The Amerl
can Sugar Refining company an
nounced today another reduction
of VlC per pound for One grann
Iated. Quotations of other refiners.
remaining unchanged, ranged from
814c to 8c.
Ten Dav Shnf Ttnwn
i lUacliester, N. H., Dec. 14. The j
awwas luanuiacmnng company i
toby announced a 10-day shut
ton beginning on Dec. 22, and a
site reduction of 22Va percent. The
ll" employ 13,600 persons.
(Speciail Correspondence.)
Paul Bock, son of Max Bock, and
JUi Flora Johnson, daughter of
If. and Mrs. Martin Johnson, were
awrM last Saturday evening at
4ki parsonage of tbe Evangelical
utheran church in Molina at
Jw o'clock, by the -pastor. Rev.
tO. Morland, tbe ring ceremony
ffl Used. The bride's dress was
0 brown satin with embroidered
W overskirt The only relative
went was the bride's mother.
njr win live at the Bock home
ttat, the bride having to move
nly across the street.
Lilt WIMklr tK.M MBMAM
tt our popular painter, William
witehead, had been married. All
aubt about the matter was remov
al when he admitted his marriage
Bitnrday, Nov. 27, in Daveu
Wt The bride was Mrs. Loretta
Qaoweth, of East Moline. For
e present they will make their
Jwe with the groom's mother,
II. e. Whitehead, removing
nter to on of the tri-cities.
.hart Canedy. of Rock Island,
JWW his daughter, Mrs. D. Broad-
nd family Sunday.
Jb. and Mri. Albert Willis have
visiting at Eph. Willis'. From
they will go to Anderson, Ind.,
Jjilt relatives of Mrs. Willis.
. Inez Clans has a position
New York store in Mollno.
- Puii r., -i . .
1 wuncrv vieiieu rciauves
re Sunday. ,
Jonathan Bible class gave
ri"anent at Community
U Friday evening for the pur
EJ ef raising funds to pay tbe
? of fitting up the hall. C.
McNabney briefly explained tbe
" for which tbe ball was prc
. Recitations were given by
I" ""well and Joseph Miller.
wet was sung by Misses Ethel
""nge and Jennie Whitehead.
S Nettie Winans and Miss
ZuTi Gr"ige each sang a
Ice cream and other refresh
J8 were sold and a guitar and
ZT r awarded by a voting
in which Miss Stella Miller
2d 225 votes and Miss Nettie
Swift4' Tb net r0ceipU were
ljgwwd Mohr, who started to
suta vrecentlT- has returned,
Rt chanted his plans.
Sale of Women's Coats
Important to the Women
Pequiring Stylish Stout Garments
" tw Um sad Wmm
AlForibcrg'i Walk
Over Boot Shop
BkMe t. mm amt Wwa
A Forsberg'. Walk
0 Boot Shop
Sfc SV
Facts About Candy
- Talking again about SERVICE. When you open a package
of Whitman's chocolates from any of our stores, you will find the
name of the maker on the bottom of every piece. There is an
other interesting mark on each piece which, if you know it, will
help you to ehjoy eating chocolates. On the top of each piece is
a little design or symbol, which taken in connection with the size
and shape of the piece, will tell you wThat the center is.
As you get acquainted with Whitman's chocolates, if yon will
notice the "twist" of the chocolate finish on top of your favorite
pieces you will soon be able to pick out a Pecan Caramel, a Brazil
Nut, Honey White Nougat, or whatever appeals to your taste.
You will always know Bitter Sweets by the darker color of
the chocolates, and Milk Chocolates by their light shade. Learn
the language of chocolates from a package of Whitman's and you
can soon name all the thirty-five kinds of centers in the sixty-one
pieces of candy in a pound of SUPER EXTRA chocolates.
In the SAMPLER of course there is a guide to the contents
inside the lid, but then of course the SAMPLER is in a class all
f The mott beautiful group of stores of their kind in America, 1
At ten convenient locations in the tri-cities
Sizes Up to $5
A Special
Group at a
Special Price
Here are women's coats very materially reduced in
price. Fabrics and styles are such we know you will
appreciate the values offered.
Heather Mixtures, Vel
ours, Broadcloths, Fur
tex Cloth and Silver-tone.
Navy, Brown, Oxford,
Taupe, Mulberry,
French Blue, Green and
Quite a few of the coats have collars of fur, others of
self material. Lined to the waist and full lined with
sol satin. ' ,
"'; '- t -
i - - - " f 3
i w
& V 1
Women's and Misses' Suits
at Half of the Price Marked.
Reduced Prices are
$17.50 "4112.50
The above suit prices are just half of the prices
marked on our splendid assortment of suits. When
one considers the quality these suits contain they are
remarkable values. There is a lot of satisfaction in
obtaining a garment that will hold its shape indefi
nitely, garments foremost in the fashion center, and
lastly garments at greater reductions than at any
previous apparel occasion.
Women requiring the larger sizes will find a satisfy
ing choice of stylish stouts, as well as the miss and
Uie mature woman. Sizes range from 14 on up to 50.
Silvertone, Broadcleth, Tinsel
Cane, Radio Twill, Veloar A
Laine, Duvetyae, leaeb Bloom,
Serge. Tricotine and plain and
cheeked Velouis.
User ef the soits have collar
of Far. Squirrel, Australian
Oppenran, Seal Sable ssd
Ursver, while others are smart
ly trimmed in silk braids and
Woman's and Misses Coats,
an Extraordinary Value at
(Sizes From 15 to 51)
Coats fashioned of fabrics that will give satisfactory
service. Styled to meet with the approval of the most
critical. A splendid utility coat.
Consisting of Novelties,
Velours, Zibelines,
Army Cloth, Broad
cloth Mixtures.
Tan, Navy, Brown. Ox
ford, Green and Blade
Some of the collars are trimmed with plush, while
others have collars of self material. Pan, and
lined with sol satins.

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