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and E
rltwrwEack Cash stakM
ETteMge X. Brews,
Funeral erviees for Elbridge M.
Brown. Moline Civil war veteran,
were bold it 2 p. a yesterday
Knox chapel, Moline, b Km. J. T.
pJdds officiating. Member! of
Graham post, O. A. It, held services
at the chapel. There was a large
display of. flower and many friends
attended. Pallbearers were Fred
Wells, Edward Wells. Clarence
Wells, Axel Nordstrom, Smith
Blackmail and Frank Richer. In
terment was in BiTersMe cemetery.
riMth claimed Ben Benson,
pioneer resident of Moline, at s
p. m. Saturday, in his home, 1(36
Nlneteenut avenue. He had been
ill only a few days.
Funeral services will be held at
2:3C p. m. tomorrow at the home,
Rer. C O. Morland officiating. Iu
ter&in i will be In Riverside ceme
tery. : ; ' ,
Mr. Benson, a native of Sweden,
AMftSraaJ Clerk and Carriers
Pressed Into Serriee Predict
Reeeri for Week.
Nww Tort, Dec. 20 There were
occs sternal rallies in the stock mar
ket today, daring the morning, but
the trend in the mala was again
downward. Minor or obscure in-
Mollne underwent its first Christmas-
postal rush today, necessitat
ing the temporary employment of
additional clerks and carriers to
prevent congestion at the post
office, according to Postmaster C.
V. Gould, who announced that in
coming and outgoing holiday mails
had reached their annual strides.
Extra Htm Hired.
"We took on several extra men
this moraine and there will be need
.. I.-, Mn. is isifi Hi ram for others later in tne wees, me
to this country SO years ago and ' postmaster explained. "Today we
settled in Moline. Twenty-nine have three new clerks sorting mail
rears he had been employed by inside. Extra delivery trucks ana
"j& la believed by the Moline
to hare been an amateur at
t to burglarixe the Bledsoe
jettoaory shop, 1114 Seventh
is, ocenrred Saturday Bight
a woman's creams scared off
--ofgd-be thief before he could
Jt the store for the day's re-
Surprises Thlet
hum Bledsoe heard the in.
. while she was In the cellar
' aag the furnace Are tor the
JX. Before going below, she took
precaution to seclude her cash
I a revolver beneath a bedroom
law. ' Rushing upsUIrs, Mrs.
sdsee acoosted the burglar, who, Deere & Company; and for the last
discovered had entered the flve yearg Dad been retired on a
- through one of the bed room pension. He was also a member of
U lows; . thn First Lutheran church of Mo-
Ihe man ran into the store in the i line. Mr. Benson leaves a widow,
Chicago, Dec Z0. Traders press
ed the selling side of the wheal
market today owing to a bank fail
ure In London. The fact that the
British made no wheat purchases I dastries sad specialties registered
nr.- k. mmlrA Mfan.tJ .. OXtremS lOSSOS Of 2 tO SlmOSt S
a bearish factor. On the other P"" annus, nun
hand, bulls put emphasis on reports lost about as much. Interna
that rural holders southwest con- tional Paper, American Car. Beet
tinned to minimise sales. Opening I Sugar and Famous Players reftect
quotations whichc varied from lc ed liquidatlag sales, and ahippings
decline to c advance, with March ana sieeas receivea . mue support,
$1.63 to $1.(4. and May $1.58 to losing 1 to S points. United States
$1.59. were followed by a material Steel approximated its recent low
setback all around. price, but rails were dull at slight
SnhmaiMmtiT. m. lihanl nwinrttan chances, exceotin Chlcaco and
in the risible supply total helped 1 Northwestern, which fell 1 points.
Tne suppiy or can money at i per
cent was In excess of demand. '
flreat of the building and was
t&Ct to ransack the cash register
; Whan Mrs. Bledsoe ran outside
ereasning for help. The burglar
took fright and left the cash regis
ter -open and escaped through the
Window he had entered.
f - Makes Getaway.
Krsv Bledsoe's screams attracted
eeval r neighbors. The police
eould find no trace of the burglar
and-gave up the trail after Mrs.
bledeeev reported that she had in
curred no loss.
The' police believe that the rob
ber Tiad premeditated the burglary
of the day's receipts and that be
had hidden outside until Mrs. Bled
soe had gone into the cellar to at
tend the are. That the thief is
two sons. Leonard Benson of Ely
ria, Ohio, and Carl Benson oi mis
citiy, and one stepdaughter, Mrs.
A. J. Shoan of Washington.
county vkr
111 spell tests
j Aledo Personal
Mrs. Charles Retherford of Joy
returned to her home Saturday
evening after visiting for a few
days at the Arthur Nesbrtt home
iiu Aledo. - " '
Miss Pearl Murray of Joy was an
I Aledo visitor Saturday. , v
I Mr. and Mrs. Lester Perry - of
Stade.t of Claneer Bural Seheel Aledo vlsite.! wl ."
0UMVU V VI nw wwas
Will Be Mercer RepreseaUtive
la State Contest.
to bring about a rally, c to lc
net higher with March 1.64. to
1.64. and May, 161 to 1.11.':
Offerings were small, and there
was persistant buying, especially j
on the part of a large elevator in
terest . The close was firm. c to
lUc net higher with May 73c to
Chicago Futures
Tickets for the Zal Groto musi
cal comedy. "The Houseboat on
the Sticks," which will be present
ed in Moline high school auditor
ium, Jan. 6, 7 and 8 are selling rap
idly. Tickets are on sale at the And
erson drug store, 1221 Fifth ave-
drivers have also been pressed Into
temnorarv service. '
Postmaster Gould averred inai
no serious congestion of mail is
No Serious Delay.
"Much of the additional work im
posed by the Christmas season is
accomplished adequately by the
regular inside and outside staff,"
he explained. "We have learned
that it is far better policy to let
the clerks and carriers put in all
possible overtime work, because
they are more familiar with the
handling of excess mail in emer
gencies." The volume of holiday mail did
not begin to show evidences of the
coming season until late last week,
postal authorities reported. It was
predicted that the mails of late in
the week will exceed any previous
Dec. 20, 1920.
Wheat Own Hlarh. Low. Close
owbw oemsnn mnoe me corn March ....1.63 1.64 1.60 1.64
market relatively firm. After open- May 18 1.62 .1.55 1.61
iiib i -c on 10 ygc advance, m-i con
cluding May at 72c to 73c, the j May
market hardened all around, and. 'July ....
then reacted somewhat. - I Oats-
strength of May
Oats reflected the
nne: the Jericho arue store, wi
youUg In crime is attributed to the Fifteenth street, and the Service
fact that he could have intimidated Tire store, 1309 Fifth avenue. Date
Che woman easily and escaped with for exchanging tickets for seat res
ervations will be announced in a
few days.
Members of the Grotto who are
selling tickets are asked to report
to Arnold Johnson not later than
Dec. 27, or to attend the Grotto
meeting to be held that day.
several hundreds of dollars before
she could have summoned aid,
Thirteen hateful davs of wed
lock. According to her bill for di
vorce, convinced Mrs. Muriel Ho
lub that her marriage to William
Holub had been a mistake. Muriel
and William were marriel Nov. 13,
last, and 13 days later Muriel con
cluded that Nov. 13 bad been her
nlucky (wedding) day. Cruelty
furnished grounds for the divorce,
which was granted Mrs. Holub by
Judge G. O. Diets in Moline city
court on Saturday afternoon.
. Two' other decrees were signed
at the same time. Jesse Fret 1 3 was
treed from his former wife, Ethel.
Dotertlon was charged. A similar
charge broke the bonds of George
and Hattie Carstens in favor of
the former.
. F. B. McCullum of Rock Island,
will be arraigned in Moline police
court tonight in answer to a charge
c: driving an automobile while he
was under the influence of liquor.
McCullum . was arrested last
night aftsr colliding with a car
owned and onerated by J. S. Perry
of Silvia on First avenue between
Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets.
No one was injured.
Bail was procured by McCullum
soon aftsr his arrest and his re
lease signed. Several witnesses
have been summoned for tonight's
corn, starting unchanged to c
higher, May 49c to 49c,end con
tinuing close to the initial range.
Weakness - in the hog market
tended to weigh down provisions.
Liberty Bonds. -
New York, Dec 20. Prices of
Liberty bonds at noon today were:
3s, 90.00; first 4s, 85.10; second
4s, 84.50; first 4s, 84.90; second
4s, 84.48; third 4s, 87.10;
fourth 4s, 84.98; Victory 3s,
95.00; Victory 4s, 95.02.
Weather Forecast
A call was received at the cen
tral fire station at 5:25 Saturday
afternoon from the building at 525
Fifteenth street, owned by the Van
Wonlerghem estate. A blaze on
the roof of the building was quick
ly extinguished by the use of three
tubes of chemicals.
A similar call was received Sun
day morning at 10:40 from the res
idence of J. F. Green, 2124 Sixth
avenue, and at 3:03 p. m.. the fire
department was again called out to
extinguish a roof blaze at the home
of H. R. Cox, 1843 Fifteenth street
The fourth call within the last 48
hours came at 8 this morning when
a truck from station No. 1 carried
the firemen and chemicals neces
sary to nip another budding shin
gle fire at the residence of Oscar
Hammerquist, 412 Eighth street
ILLINOIS: Snow in north and
rain or snow in south portion to
night and probably Tuesday;
warmer tonight
MISSOURI: Rain or snow in
north, and rain in south portion
tonight and Tuesday; warmer to
WISCONSIN: ' Cloudy tonight
and Tuesday with light snow;
somewhat warmer in east portion
IOWA: Snow tonight and Tues
day; slightly warmer in extreme
east portion tonight; cooler in west
portion Tuesday.
INDIANA: Snow in north and
central and snow or rain In south
portions late tonight and Tuesday;
slowly rising temperature.
July .....
Jan. Lard
Jon. ....
Jan. ....
22.00 22.60 22.00 22.60
' Ethel Jones, a student of the
Glancey rural school in Eliza town
ship, was a winner in the county
, Mrs. Hattie Brown of Keithsburg,
who has been caring- for William
Leahigh during Is recent illness, re-
tii-nari hninft Sutnrnav evenmc. Mr.
li'Wahivh ronnrted much better.
spelling contest which was held in
the college auditorium last saiur
day morning.
Ethel., who is a
Charles Woodward, the boy
Mrs. Charles Johnson and daugh
ter Eva of Jor were visitors in
Aledo Saturday.
Mrs. Gid Jackson of New Boston
neighbor of wasm Aieoo aaiuraay uigm near eas
the boy who sao met. nor uaugmei . aim rcnuc, j
Methodists Asked te Make Ah . (
Whit. rt,i. m I
" vi rnfnsi h
" Be Given Friday Sight,
Children in the Methodist an.
day school voted yesterday to m.
up their usual Christmas tn?
wnich was to hare been oiitniS
won both the county and
spelling contest last year, spelled
4CA m M,,utl, A 1 ina Martin.
a student of the Union School m : lege at Nashville, Tenn.
Eliza, and Marie Zwicker of Pre
emption, the winners of the second
and third places, both went - down
thn aamn vrnrA TI10V v.r. 11T1-
able to spell "tocsin," meaning an j Macomb, arrived in Aledo last Sat
alarm bell. juroay mguu
at the program 1-Tiday night,
donate the money to the .tarn?
children of central Euros urn I?
iar east . .
In pl icing the proposition befm
eiwho returned home for the Christ-j .-J J
NOte Wkw 3J"t ,a ! pastor of the ctardTZSa &
irtin. I student In the Ward Belmont col-. h , rIasao. , " -
day school classes of the cODdttJoi
a small amount of money covl
m ttujug iui litem. - r or ill 0m
Miss Esther Hudson of Joy visit
ed with friends in Aledo Saturday.
BUSS IMina oraucui, wuu i Biu- hil , . nraviHsH .itk 1':
dent in the state normal college at can be provided .with
good meal a day for the rem&litv
rxt (ha ninta rpi. ,.U;)J. .
County Superintendent of Schools!?" -at once to forego the usual ui
Miss Braucht will
Justin Washburn of Rock. Island!
county pronounced the words to the "Sfn "elr Tity lol 4- i wno had 80 litUe
vouthful soellers. First 100 words i eachJ?S near Sioux City. Iowa, re A genewl a1 ia
vi lo i and send the money to the boy ud '
Mable Gilmore, wjio is 1 .... hn
Chicago Produce
All the news all the time The
Argus. '
Blackhawk Hotel Co.
Miller Hotel Co.
Total Issue $1,200,000. Valuation of Security $3,803,030
Borrowers, Blackhawk Hotel Co. and Miller Hotel Co.
Maturities ; Serial 1 to 10 years.
Denominations $100, $500, $1,000. !
The bonds are secured by a direct closed First Mortgage on
the Blackhawk Hotel (the land owned in fee and building) and
by a Collateral Trust Indenture made by the Miller Hotel Com
pany covering their leasehold interests together with the furni
ture, fixtures and personal property in the Blackhawk Hotel
and the New Davenport Hotel of Davenport, and the Fort Des
Moines and Savery Hotels of Des Moines.
Ia addlOon the bonds ar. an condition ally guarantee)! aa tn prompt pay
ment of principal and Interest by Dick R. Lane, H. a KahU Thorn aa J. Walih.
William F. MUler and J. Reed Lane, officers of the Blackhawk Hotel and th
Miller Hotel Company ; the combined wealth of the guarantors beina many times
the total asawnt of this bond issue.
Nat earn trig's of the comhmed hotel properties upon the completion
f the remain mg four stories of the Blackhawk Hotel estimated to be
at least tttS.MW per annum after deducting Federal Income Taxes and
other charge. This Is nearly five times the greatest annual Interest
charges oa the bonds.
The proceeds from th. sale of these bonds will be nsed to pay off
the astatine encumbrance on the Blackhawk Hotel and to pay part of
the east of constructing, equipping, and furnishing the remaining teur
storles of th. Blackhawk Hotel.
Wewer before kaa we been able to offer sodi a wan secured first
Mortgage Bond Ism. bearing f interest. Tou owe it to yourself to
timsel lasts this unparalleled opportunity. CAIX. WRITE. OR PHONE.
Under ear 8TSTEKATIC nrTESTMEXT ri.AW, ytt eaa bay
See toads .a Partial naysMBU aa receive tatemt oa year pay.
SMBls. aik fer beeUet "gysteasOc Investment.'
SasoswaMrw tm C C. cM alCa.
. Aperican Em&Ct Hortgaffe CsaUins, Oilcago
r" Jf nmt fa wiliisssi saaswssiiew tftgumtit aw cBswfg' faNrssrs
i -
. DECEMBER 90, 1930.
Crsamery extras .......
Standards ............
Firsts 38
Seconds 33
Ordinaries .... ........36
Firsts ...... ,...64
Fowls ...21
Ducks ........ ........
Geese ......
Springs ....
Turkeys . .............
Roosters .............
Receipts. 51 cars.
Wisconsin, Minnesota.. . 1.351.45
Peoria Livestock.
Peoria, 111., Dec. 20. Hogs: Re
ceipts, 800; opened 15c higher; ad
vance lost later; top $9.00; lights.
lS.50B9.Ov: mediums. S8.65B9.0O:
heavies, $8.659.00; packing, $8.00
Cattle: Receipts, 150; dull and
Horses and Mules.
East St Louis, 111., Dec. 20.
Horses: good to choice drafts, $140
200; eastern chunks, $1000150;
choice southerns, $60100.
Mules: sales insufficient to quote
youthful spellers. First 100 words
were given , and those who missed
one or more were eliminated from
the race. Then 25 words were pro
nounced and Anally 10.
Every township in the county was
represented in the contest The
work started at 10:30 in the morn
ing and lasted until 4 o'clock in
the afternoon with cne and a half
hours off for naon
turned to
Aledo last Saturday
being made by
jthe Methodist churches througsout
i the United States to make im.
Aledo high school walked away
I with both games in the double
header played last Saturday mgm
the United States to make uui
Christmas a wiine Christmas. Tin
collection next Sunday will be 111
in answering the appeal (or iamh
to help care for the children h
central Europe and the near out
County Treasurer C. A Freiwktj
besn appointed by the county n-
pervisors to take charge of the cot-
A gold medal was given Ethel as SSTuf'Sr wr?ieK tr.butions donated by the cititen
first prize. The medal for second .w"" windao, . The first ;cr Mercer ?cunty to the relief fun.
11 is uuyej luui a lrse sum mil
be sent from Mercer county to hat
the suffering in Europe throtijhott -
the winter.
. ... . . ... 1 icaui a, -" .mww. .
piace, wnicn was awaroea Alice f defeated the first
Marin, was silver and the third f NeVinogor by a score
place medal won by Mane Zwicker -g t 14 j tn curtain ralsing
each contestant received
inose wno nad won nrst place m chooi New Windsor
team was defeated 13 to 11. Both
Pm-" trams of the Aledo and New Wind-
the township contest - received a
blue and white pin,, those who re
ceived second place were awarded
a maroon and white pin and the
the New Windsor teams put up a
rood fia-ht and proved themselves
' m ha ram, insprs as well as clean
l pins given to the winners of third -i-ver This victory makes Aledo
I .IBM DAM hwilBM A wllJI. V - . I t , I 1 1 i 1 1 . .J
winner or every gams pisyeu su juue, pieaucu jumj uu uu
far this season. The Seaton nigit S100 ana costs oy juage w. I.
school having been beaten in a church
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, Dec. 20. Cattle, receipts
18,000; very little doing early;
some she-stock to outsiders; strong
to 25c higher; packers bidding
steary; bulls weak, other classes
mostly steady; bidding around 8.50
on good vealsrs, about 50c lower;
best steers in liberal proportion.
Hogs, receipts 50,000; market
mostly 10c lower than Saturday's
average; top 9.35; one load; prac
tical top 9.30; bulk 9.009.15; pigs
steady to 10c lower; bulk 90 to 130
pound pigs 9.259.40.
Sheep, receipts 24,000; fat classes
steady; lamb top 10.15; good ewes
s.uu; prime yearnngs k.qo; no
feeder Jambs sold early; looks
Chicago Potatoes.
Chicago, Dec. 20. Potatoes dull:
receipts 51 cars; Northern Whites
sacked 1.351.45 per hundred
weight; bulk 1.451.55 per hun
dred weight; Minnesota and North
Dakota Red River Ohios sacked
1.60 per hundred weight
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City, Md., Dec. 20. Cat
tle, receipts 11,000; fairly active;
very uneven; most killing cattle
and calves around steady; medium
priced selling best; bulk fat steers
7.25Q8.25; bulk cows 4.0005.50;
good and choice veals 8.759.50;
stockers and feeders strong.
Hogs, receipts 8,500; closing ac
tive, 10c to 15c higher; bulk of
sales 8.608.85; shippers top 8.95;
good and choice pigs 8.5008.75.
Sheep, receipts 8,600; fat lambs
around with Thursday's average;
Colorado . pea fed lambs 10.00;
sheep mostly 25c lower; bulk ewes
maize, 1.10
Kansas City Cash Grain
Kansas City, Mo, Dec. 20. Cash
wheat: unchanged; No. 1 hard, 1.70
1.75; No. 2, 1.671.74; No. 1 red.
l.soipn.ao; no. z, 1.9301.94.
Corn: lc to 3c lower: No. 2 mixed
6364c; No. 2 white, 66c; No 3
"'i yeuow. c; NO. 3, B5C
uats: uncnangad; No. 2 white.
ja.. m i . .pa..
Rye: 1.49.
Kaffir and milo
Hay: unchanged.
Receipts: wheat 462 cars.
New York, Dec. 20. Bar silver
domestic, MM; foreign, 62; Mexi
can dollars. .474. -
St. . T". - MA. ....
vww, uw. v. au taxes on
luxuries (Janaaa, excepting alco
holic liquors, confectionery and
playing cards, have been abolished
by the Dominion government
All th. news alt tc. Cms The
Chicago Cash Grain.
Chicago, Dec. 20. Wheat: No.
2 red, 2.00; No. 3 red, 2.00; No. 2
hard, 1.751.75.
Corn:1 No. 3 mixed, 6S68e;
No. 4 mixed,' 66 67c; No. 5 mix
ed, 6465c;-No. 2 yellow. 77
77c; .No. 3 yellow, 7374c;
No. 4 yellow, 7071c; No. 5
yellow, 6869Vic; No. 2 white, 71 Vz
78c; No. 4 white, C7K68c;
No. 5 white, 64c.
Oats: No. 2 white, 4848c;
No. 3 .white, 4748c; No. 4
white, 4747c. ,
Rye: No. 2, 1.55.
Barley: 7292c.
Timothy seed: 5.5006.50.
Clover seed: 15.00020.00.
Pork:- NjminaL
Lard: 11:87.
Peoria Grain. .
Peoria, HI., Dec. 20. Corn: Re
ceipts, 65 cars; mostly unchanged;
No. 3 yellow, 70c; . No. 4 yellow,
68071c; No. 5 yellow, 66c No. 6
yellow, 63c; No. 2 mixed, 70c. .
Oats: ' Receipts, 7 cars; no sales.
Dlace were brown and white. I
Charles woodward, the state win
ner, last year spelled 450 words
correctly. He failed on the word
sauerkraut." He competed against
37 spellers from the 102 counties in
Miss Olive Hays, teacher of the
Glancey school,' which has pro
duced both the county winners,
cannot be given too much credit
for her interest in the work. Super
intendent of Schools G. E. Piatt
also deserves a great deal of credit
for his untiring efforts in making
the county contests a success.
George Noble, the 17 year oil
Joy youth, charged with assault
and battery by Floyd Crapnell n
Joy, whose son. Earl Crapnell, w
severely beaten in an attack Its!
in court last Saturd.
game with the Aledo basket tossers
by a score ot 84 to l anu tne woou
hull team by a score of 48 to 14.
A game has been scheduled with
Brown's Business College for early
in January
Beginning Monday, Dec. 20, 1920,
the stores of Aledo will be open
evenings, fdr five evenings up to
and including Friday night, the
nieht before Christmas. All the
As the county has provided no i stores! indu'dina groceries and
funds for the contests the schools meat markets will be closed all
have each donated a sum to be used 'day Christmas day, Saturday, Dec.
for that purpose. This fund will 25th. . - - : -
be used to help defray the candi-i RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSO.
date's expenses to Springfield on.
Dec. 29. 1920. when aha will rrfn-"
pete in the state contest
Noble was one ot the five bovi
tried earlier in the week for coji-
spiracy and who were found "lot .
guilty" by the Jury. Both esM
were the result of a fight last Jim ,
at an entertainment ai tne row.
roy church.
Last night saw the first Saabr
night movie in Sherrard. The optn
house there has been rented for li
indays by Emil Mueller of i
rard, who plans to show a piettN
every Sunday n!gbt at the nswl
prices. This is the second Sandy
movie in Mercer county, Keitto
burg having been showing Hum oa
Sunday night for some time.
At 8 o'clock yesterday morning
the fire company was called to the
home of Franda McAdam on East
Seventh street, where a fire, appar
ently caused by sparks falling on
the roof, burned a 6-foot hale.
Again at 10:30 o'clock the com
pany was called to the farm
bureau office on South College ave
nue, where a fire of unknown or
igin had started... Little damage
was done by the latter fire, the
company arriving before, the fire
had gained any headway.
"Red" George Hill, who was ar
rested at Keokuk on a charge of
child abandonment and brought to
Aledo in connection with the
murdertof Robert Swearingen, was
released last Saturday by Sheriff
Fleming, following the confession
of Thomas E. Pruett Hill was
sent back to Keokuk, unaccompan
ied, but on his . word of honor.
Sheriff Fleming received a letter
from him this morning, stating
that he had arrived at the county
jail in Keokuk. He inquired if any
work could he found in Aledo and
stated that he would like to come
here and bring his ' wife. Hill
claimed that he was in Aledo on
the night of . the murder, but that
he bad no connection with either
the poker players or the hold-up
men. , He is by trade a molder and
when is able to find work earns
from $7 to $15 a day.
Sick members of the Presbyter
ian church of Aledo' were visited
yesterday by members from the G.
T. C. club, who presented them
with potted plants as gifts from
the society. This, is a yearly cus
tom ot the society and many who
woeld otherwise be forgotten are
remembered by the girls.
The Mercer county Dorock
Breeders' association met at. the
Merchant's hotel in Aledo at 10:20
this morning for the annual meet
ing and election of officers for the
coming year. Dinner was served at
the hotel at noon. President L S.
Gilmore 1 rssidisc at the meet-
A number of teachers and parents
were on hand Saturday to witness
the spelling contest ..
Those who represented the town
ship at the contest were:
North Henderson Ruby Swan
son, Vinnie Carlson, Evelyn Carl
son. . '
Richland Grove Clarence Funk,
Esther Carlson, Elmer Wilson.
Ohio Grove Edward Sharer,
Alice Cabeen, Donna Olin.
Abingdon Lyle Armstrong,
Verne Allsup, Kenneth Greer.
Keithsburg Mona Tanner, Car
men Keim, Elizabeth Seiver.
Rivoli Theodore Nelson, Bernice
Flack, Paul Peterson.
Greene Helen Terry, Hazel Rob
bins, Mable Lilliman.
Mercer Anna Ruse, Romena
Wells, Mildred Drake.
Millersburg Phyllis Fullerton,
Beatrice Retherford. Carl Field.
New Boston Ben Carroll, Irma
Reifeil, Clair Field.
Perryton Fern Lemon, Ruth
Bongyne, Verda Gorman.
Eliza Ethel Jones, Alice Mar
tin, Verne Holmes.
Preemption Marie Zwicker.
Duncan Leona Bivens, Leota
Lenz, Clarence Thomas.
Sues Gerald Stephenson, Ber
nice Lafferty, Grace Smiley.
te:j SIGN UP.
- Due to weather conditions nni.
10 boys and girls from Burgess!
and vicinity signed up last Satur-I
day for membership in the Burgess '
boys' and girls' pig club, which is!
being organized by Assistant Farm 1
Adviser A. R. Kemp and S. S. Mor-j
gan of Burgess. Today was to!
have been the date when the mem-:
bership lists were closed, . but in
order that all the children who'
signified their intention of joining'
the club, may enter, Mr. Kemp has I
exienaea me time indefinitely.
The car of apples ordered by the
farm bureau for Aledo and Mercer j
township arrived in Aledo last Sat-1
urday and will be distributed to-'
morrow. Only those who already!
have their orders iri will be able
to obtain any of the apples, as !
there will be no extra apples fori
sale. They are mostly of the1
ureening variety, with a few other
varieties mixed in. . ,.
Funeral services for John Hnc-hea
of Joy, who died last Wednesday!
afternnnn nt t ha iUi,.MSnA u r c. , '
following aa operation for appen-j
uicius, were neia last Saturday aft
ernoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Kreuger at Muscatine. Mr.
Hughes was 42 years old and is sur
vived by his widow and a daughter,
Florence, 13 years of age.- He Is
also survived by his mother. Mrs.
C. A. Smith of Aledo, and hia fa
ther. Scott Hughes, of Peoria; a
brother, Ira H. Hughes, of Aledo.
and two sisters, Mrs. John Nylin of
Keithsburg and Mrs. Anna Novak
of , Chicago. Interment was made
ia Utm Muaratina cemetery.
2207 Fourth Ave. Phone R. 1. 988
Sugar (best granulated) per lb -9k
Powdered Sugarrper lb 15c
Eggs (not delivered) per dozen 59c
Good Luck Oleo, 3 lbs $1.00
Best Creamery Butter, per lb , . . 52c
Crisco, per lb. . 25c
Lard (pure leaf) per lb. 19$C
Shortening (comp. lard), lb
49 lb. sackCeresota Flour $2.59
49 lb. sack Jersey Cream Flour .... $2.49
49 lb. Pillsbury Best, Gold Medal or
Goldrim Flour $2.69
I lb. can Calumet Baking Powder . . . 29c
Walnuts ( 1 920 crop, No. 1 soft
shell) per lb 35c
Mixed Nuts, per lb. 29C
Chocolate Drops, per lb.
Fresh Prunes,
per lb
Blue Ribbon Peaches,
per pkg.
Dried Apricots, .
per lb '
Dromidary Dates, , .
per pkg
Del Monte Seedless
Raisins, per pkg. . .
Bulk) Seeded
Raisins, per lb. ...
2 pkgs. Mince
Meat ....... ...
2 pkgs. Jello or
Jiffy Jell
Orange Peel,
2 cans Pumpkin
No. 3 cans
3 cans Sliced
Pineapple ...
3 large cans
Apricots ....
3 large cans
Peaches ....
3 large cans Green
Gage Plums
3 cans Peas. Corn or Toma
toes, standard
brands .......
:. 23c
Campbell's Soups,
per can
.2 bottles Catsup
(18c eize)
Golden Rod
3 lbs. best
Peaberry Coffee
Gun Powder or Japan
Tea, per lb
Bulk Cocoa (good
grade) per lb
lb. can Hersliey's
Rice, ;
per lb. '.
4 lbs. Navy
Large pkg. Roxane
Cake ilour ....
3 bars Palmolive or
Crenie Oil Soap
3 cans Kitchen
10 bars Kirk's Flake
12 bars Lenox
Potatoes, per peck 35c, per bushel . . $1.35
ribs. Sweet Potatoes (Virginias) . . . 25c
3 nice Grape Fruit 25c
Cabbage, per lb. . . . . ... . . . ...... 3c
v Cetef Letter TowtoMy Parsnip, Carrot, BoUbftgvs M
i-mipfju rfosoijUMe snots.

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