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-1 A n
tedonMUtat of the
rsna at the .Day
attattai wtoaaais
Ifu eatiraty ittw th
whkh 'haa heea ftrca before
) flab vooMt aad wu iboroath-f-Jnyn
r flat tarn aaahor erf
.-ihara NMM. Madam Mirta
Standsfh, disease, aoatatad by
. Inaa Menke, composer
' 'aalet, wera the artists appear
? 1 tBUowlaf the harp number by
. M Loretta Murphy, who reepond
. after bar first two .numbm
. -h "Holy Night" Madam Stand
v Y delighted with her Ihterpretn
sm ot medieval legend and atory
agu which dated m far back aa
I- 'v Uth century. 8he appeared In
rceous costumes la each of her
groape, and wbs a beaatttul
rHctire lu the quaint lessons ot
a ago. The remarkable historic
''airt dramatic Interest of these leg
w'eada was greatly enhanced by the
"dbawSeal backgrounds built up from
wttKttBt musical themes as sung by
MX'''troub4ouri ot hundreds of
years ago. Madam Standisn has a
T- ingratiating stage presence,
w 1. her voice is a most oeaiUful
irament, either tor speafcing,
vBjtlng or singing soMy to the
aim of the quaint music,
following the prelude by MisS
.Trte, Madam Standisa appeared
In a handsome carmen velvet gown
of 11th century style, with the
quaint headdress and Bowing veil
if the time, and gave the legend of
'thO great St Nicolas as is told to
- every child in France. Her second
. . . . . .! 1 I
vanuer in mis group raa u iw
atfnce of Princess Anne, a histor-
' iiul lr.nri in rnmanrfi form of the
jTCfod of 1680. So vividly did she
postray her cnaracter mat uue
ld almost see the beautiful
faeces In her suffering and en-
&fciwf the clever trick on her royal
J 'father, gaining for husband the one
L fhe loved. Miss Menke gave splen
ic 1 interpreutioos of Debussy's
I .. rabesque In O" and Bortkie-J
a a a "Etude, roiiowing wnica
v -Amm St.nill.h v two nrettv
French stories. The first was one
ot bar favorites, "The'Town Crier's
Story," which tells of the duke ot
Guise, who was assassinated by or
der of Henry III for being "almost
greater than the king." She ap
peared in this number in a hand
some garb such as town criers
used before the advent of the news
papers. It was of purple and gold.
"La Marl Debarrasse de sa Fcmrae"
(A Story ot Married Life)" was a
clever number , as interpreted by
the entertainer. Following a group
of four MacDowall numbers, each
beautifully given by the pianist
') Madam Standisa appeared for her
last group In the quaint garb of
our grandmothers' day, with bro
caded skirt, lace mits and shawl
and tiny parasol. Madam Standlsh
wore earrings, cameo, shawl, and
carried an umbrella which belong
ed to her great-grandmother and
were heirlooms In her family. "Do
Honor to Your Birth," a song of
the time of Marie Antoinette (1790),
"The Keys of Canterbury" (Old
, English, 1SO0), and "The Bepre
' haun" (Old Irish, 1850). followed
by an encore, "Two Mice," conclud
ed the program.
m - ...In
Vhjutie board at the business ses
1 slon which preceded the program.
First was the enforcing of the rule
r I wklnh rati- fi- Ih, nrAMntollftn nf
membership cards at each meeting;
The second was the plan to Inves
tigate possible meeting places for
the club and secure bids for ren
tal. Endorsing of the Sheppard
Towner bill, appointment of Mrs.
H. W. Ward as chairman of the
thrift committee, decision to hold
an adjourned meeting of the board
to act on applications tor member
ship, and the suggestion that the
guest fee not apply to membership
fee were the other matters pre
sented. Mrs. H. S. Boltman, chairman of
the elty welfare department gave a
report of the work being done and
the plans for the Jan. 14 meeting.
Mra. Fred DeLong reported for the
study department, which holds its
next meeting on Dec. 27, when mod
ern French drama wiil be studied,
with Mrs. W. H. McConochie as
leader and Mrs. W. J. Sweeney in
charge ot the parliamentary law
drill. She asked for cooperation
from the members In giving maga
laa. for the Watertown hospital.
Any' club member having some can
leav them at the McKinley Hard
ware company, the Frazer coal of-
flea, or at the Battles residence on
Second avenue. Mrs. S. J. Nyquist,
.chairman of the music department,
vw a brief report, and Mrs. I. S.
White, chairman of the legislative
committee, read an explanation of
th Sheppard-Towner bill which is
to be presented to congress, and
the clnb approved the action of the
Mrs. wnuaa Paalaea read a let-
tar from the European relief coun
cil, of which Herbert floorer la
chairman, aaklng tor funds, and
Mra, Bass Bwltaer waa named by
the chair to taka- contributions
after the meeting. Mrs. H. W.
Ward, chairman of the thrift com
mittee, presented the . suggestion
that parents give thrift stamps as
Christmas gift, so aa to encourage
the habit ot thrift and saving la
th children. . -
Mr. W. J. Sweeney, president of
the club, expressed her Christmas
greeting for each member of the
club in a beautiful message in
which she brought out the mean
ing ot the word Christmas. She
told that it stands for peace and
Joy. and that Joy in the Christmas
season Includes peace - and love.
She expressed as her especial wish
tor each member that Joy and
peace and gladness come Into the
life of each one.
Fourteen new members were
taken in yesterday, making a total
of Ml new members this year, and
over 750 renewals, making the tltal
membership ot the club approxi
mately WOO. ...
Gives Birthday Party.
Miss Eleanor Hosette enterta'ned
12 of her friends at her home, J8J S
Fourth avenue, yesterday after
noon, In honor of her eleventh
birthday anniversary. The home
was decorated ' in the Christmas
decoration and there was a large
and brilliantly lighted Christmas
tree, around which, the boys and
girls gathered. Games and music
were enjoyed, and prizes were
awarded to Albrison Correll and
Jessia Hallwood in the peanut con
test. Nona Sindt and Harold John-
Mwy Parte ViU
Make Merry
in the Tri-Cfties
Oaaaaa, war played In;
which tin nrina want t Mlaa
Martha Cochran and Mlaa Pear!
WUkeaa. Dainty rfrsihmsata ware;
aerred fa U dining worn, decora-
tlons being is the Christmas ug
a tiny lighted Christmas tree, and
imviu waa m at uiu. mkv -
lighted candles. The hostess re
ceived many pretty gin aa rem em
bran cea of the occasion.
Give ChrMBa IVagiBm.
The auditorium ot th evangel
ical church ot Ptaea waa crowded
to its capacity last evening when
th Christmas program and enter
tainment tor the children ot the
Sunday school waa given. Th
program waa given aa previously
announced la The Argus and th
numbers wera Vary much enjoyed.
Th children wera presented with
gitta ot candy. Th offering
amounted to Stl.
Ixpect Stat Inspector. -'
Colonel Bracket circle, ladlea ot
the O. A. R., will hold an Important
meeting tomorrow afternoon in
Memorial halt There will be Im
portant business and the meeting
is consequently called for 1 o'clock.
The ladlea are expecting the state
inspector to be present
Discontinue T. W. C A. Causea.
There will be no Y. W. C. A.
i swimming classes or gymnasium
awa Kakart woa th nrbaa tor high i was served la
core. Mr, atom Allbrand and where cover
Will Roddig. eeeoad prlss, and Mra.
Will Reddlg aa jau rnnaari, tna
ooasolatioa prises. Other games
war aajoyed after the cards, and
at midnight a delicwuj luncheon
the diaiaa
rem laid tor
gueata. Th room waa awracnvsiy
decorated with the Christmas deco
rations, and streamer in the
Christmaa eotora war extended
from on and ot th root to tie
other, and from this a large Christ
mas hell waa suspended. Mr. Bah
aher raoetved many presents la re
membrance of the occasion.
Pattpen Cart Party.
Rock Island - chapter. No. 851. 1 Christmas.
Woman ot MoooefcaW ,
been snonanr!i . "a f
the flrat and tMMH
postpone th on.
morrow aftsrnnn
""V urBl anu thlN '."'- I
each month, but it has iZSh t
to postpone th oiT-?.a
- w
Th Trl-dUe will he busier with
parties, teas and dances this week
than they have been for many
years during the Christmas sea
ton. Both the younger and older
social aeta will be teaed. dined and
enjoy dancing parties. Many large
private affairs have been planned,
some being given In honor of young
people who are home for Christmas
While others are for older folks.
Starting the festivities is a tea
which Mrs. B. E. Jones and Miss
Pansy are giving this afternoon at
their home, 937 Twenty-third
street for the Tri-city younger
girls and matrons to be followed
br a dinner carty this evening.
Dr. and Mra. William F.. 8 peers ot
2431 Brady street Davenport, are
host and hostess this evening at a
dinner at the Davenport Outing
Mr and Mrs. Thomas Watson , classes between Christmas and
Griees of No. 14 McClellan Bouie-INew Year's, the classes having
vard, Davenport give a dancing j been discontinued during the boll
party tomorrow evsning at
Outing club and Wednesday everi
ing Miss Grace Murphy ana
Lawrence Murphy give a dance at
Rock Island arsenal Golf club.
The Tri-city Art league costume
ball Thursday evening at the
studio and Music Center will be an
affair in which probably all Tri
city people will be interested while
the Terrace Gardens in Davenport
open on the same evening - and
'many smaller parties win oe nem
j there. Mrs. W. G. Smith of Dav-
G t a tp. fill
son received prizes ln a Kne,8in8 1 Thursday afternoon at the Outing
contest. A dainty lunch WJs erv-;club foner dau5nter.in.,ttw, Mrs.
E. Gardner Smith of St Louis.
the days. The first swimming class ot
lege gymnislum will be held Tues
day, Jan. 4t and the first gymna
sium class will be held Jan. 7.
ed late in the afternoon. Miss
Hosette received many presants in
remembrance of the day. ,
Teaman.Oakman Wedding.
The marriage of Miss Mildred L.
Oakman, daughter of Mrs. Norma
Oakman, 2833 Eighth avenue, and
Samuel C. Yeaman, son of Mr. and
:Mrs. Charles C. Yeaman, 602
Thirtieth street, was quietly
solemnized at 2:30 yesterday after
noon at the parsonage of the First ! is dated for Tuesday, Dec. 2S at the
Saturday evening there will be a
SaDbeam Society Entertained.
Miss Mildred Johnson entertain
ed the Sunbeam society ot the Zion
Lutheran church at her home, 4425
Sixth avenue, Saturday afternoon,
About twenty girls were present
and spent an enjoyable afternoon,
a program of recitations and songs
being rendered. Mrs. E. T. Ander
son had hcrgeaof5H hrdlhrdlhrd
son had charge ot the program.
Mrs. Anderson, who is the leader,
was presented with a beautiful
Christmas party at the Rock Island hand mted late a chri8tma8
rlnh and on the same evening at r . , .
the Outing club there will be
dinner and children's party.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Richardson of
1802 East River Drive. Davenport,
entertain at a dance Monday even
ine. Dac 27 for their son David
x- BtMianlcAn Thft Tri-citV Pan-
Hellenic association The Dansant , changed by the members.
gift from the members in apprecia
tion of her splendid and faithful
work during the past year. Mra.
Emil Johnson served delicious re
freshments being assisted by Mrs
Arthur Nelson. . Games were play
ed and Christmas gifts were ex-
Baptist church. Rev. J. Clark
Oranger officiated, using the ring
ceremony. The bridal couple was
accompanied by Basil Fout of Rock
Island. Mr. Yeaman is employed
at the Gordon Van Tine Co. in Dav
enport, and the new home will be
in Davenport
Celebrate Silver Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Post of Big
Island, old residents of this local
ity, yesterday celebrated their 25thJ
wedding anniversary at the home.
Some 60 of the immediate relatives
enjoyed a delicious five course din
ner at 6 o'clock, Christmas deco
rations being used on the table.
Mr. and Mrs. Post were wedded
in Milan on Dec. 18, 1895, and they
have always made their home in
Milan or on Big Island. Six chil
dren were born to the union, Sid
ney, Miss Glenna, Edmund, George,
Russell and Lester, all at home.
Eighty-three handsome pieces of
silver - were received by the bride
and bridegroom of 25 years ago.
Norses' Association to Meet.
The Fifth District Nurses' asso
ciation will hold its regular meet
ing tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock
at St. Anthony's hospital. There
will be a Christmas program given
during the hours.
P. . 0. to Meet.
P. E. O. chapter B. It, will meet
Terrace Gardens. Mesdames L. b.
McCabe, C. J. Searle and J. L.
Vernon give a dance at the Rock
Island club
Sisterhood to Hold Sale.
The Tri-City Sisterhood of Tem
ple Emanuel. Davenport will hold
Wednesday evening, ! a home bake sale and bacar on
Wednesday, tree, zz, at iui t-asi
Second street Davenport Home
made breads, cakes and cookies
will be featured. The sale opens at
9 o'clock in the morning and will
continue during the entire day,
The proceeds go to the piano fund
for the temple.
Dinner-Thcatre Party.
Miss Anne Kuhnen of the Hotel
Blackhawk, Davenport, entertained
a company of friends at a charm
ingly appointed dinner Saturday
evening at the Blackhawk, follow
ed by a theatre party at the, Bur
tls for the Guy Bates 1ost per
formance of "The Masquerader.
The dinner was served in a private
dining room and there were cov
ers for 20 tn-city people.
Central W. C.' T. C
The central branch of the W. C.
T. U. will hold its regular meeting
tomorrow afternoon in the Y. W. C,
rw 9t for their sons and daugii
tars who have been away at school
and will be here for the holidays.
The Rock Island club dinner dancs
is scheduled for the same evening
and Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dorgan of
Davenport, entertain at a dancing
party for their daughter, Miss Irma
on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
Richard S. Hosford of Mollne give
a dinner preceding the dance to
be given by Mr. and Mrs. John
Deere Cady of Moline at the Golf
club for Miss Alice Skinner, a de
butant of this season.
Thursday afternoon, Dec. 30, the
Miuses Dorothy and Frances
Rhoads, of 1032 Twenty-first street,
are entertaining some 100 Tri-city
young women at a tea. Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. McCullough of Daven
port, give a dance at the Outing
club for ' their son, Harry, on
Thursday evening and New Year's
will be ushered In with a climax ot
narties. Eesides many private af
fairs, there win oe many larger i a. parlor. Mrs. k. u. uaira win
dances. Among those to be held in
Rock Island are the dance at the
Rock Island club, the Grotto danc
ing party and the one sponsored by
the Elks.
Celebrates Birthday.
Miss Emma Cameron, daughter of
tomorrow evening at 7:30 at the! Mr. and Mrs. Will Cameron of 1421
Fourth avenue, celebrated her 11th
birthday anniversary Saturday aft
ernoon when she entertained 17 of
her friends at an afternoon party at
home of Mrs. Jennie L. Martin, 940
Twenty-first street. All the mem
bers are urged to be in attendance
at this meeting.
be the leader. This is the meeting
which was announced for last week
by mistake.
tntertaln at Birthday Party.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Banscher en
tertained at their home, 602 Sixth
street Saturday evening, the occa
sion being Mr. Banscher's birthday
anunlversary. The evening was
spent with games of five hundred,
and prizes were awarded for high
score. Mrs. Louis Wendt and Her
Leather Goods
For Christmas
118 EioHiEDfmST, RockIslahpJu..
Christmas Coffee Sale
. Celebrate your Christmas right Drink our high grade
Columbia Blend Prime Extra Coffee
Two pounds Special Christmas package, sold for $1.10, now 70c
Purest Coffee Wonderful Aroma None Better. This great offer is made to make us
more customers. For convenience coffee will be on sale in the following stores:
Perry Kit?hen ,
vr.-d Jt fr.
' llrani ij,' Siuk.t
l'.iiiPti Itiirv
Miiliiif .KjrSi-f
U E. XUebs B.Jury
Ml Brady
317 Harrison
2W7 West Third
,...li2S Washington St
1HH W. Seventh Stmt
... S2W Cast Seventh St.
Bean's Market ...
F. W. Lorcntien .
E. Lorcni .......
WavOakey ......
M ninth Strcet
....142S Seventh Ave.
.112 Eleventh Street
2W9Fecrth Ave.
Columbia Coffee arid Tea House, Inc.
J.'.it.m u r t . Dttmpoit Iowa. ; TeJephaac Dav. SSU and We Deliver the CoCee at Tom
at Yr Door
If daaM, any a (Have
aWCWitatata. hWhihnt
at any time.
er Mereham.
7 . ,
Stare hears op to Cbrbtawt-f fc .
p. Phones for every -,
year cMvenfenee Call Mtllat Mas
Gifts of Silk Hosiery for Men,
Women and Children
Silk Hosiery that is different and yet con
forms to every requirement of .rood taste.
Women's and mens' silk hosiery in black,
white and the fashionable colors, also in
novelty designs; some with lace incrusta
tions, others with open work hand embroid
ered clocks and Italian silk ribbed hosiery.
As hosiery occupies a prominent place on
almost every Christmas gift list, wa can not
too strongly emphasize the need of choos
ing these gifts while assortmens are complete.
Weasen's aW ail hase. liile tap.
cordovan, cvaj, navy,
white and black, pair
Mea's extra qaalltv sllh hose,
qnard clothed and embreid- PA
ercd clocked, pair $1.75 sncW")U
Women's full fashioned blarb silk
hose, lisle top,
Womea'i estrs analitv fiber silk
hose, lisle top, eerdovan, dn if
white and black, pair ... 9.d
Women's full fashioned silb bou.
lisle top. black and
cordovan, pair
Women' thread Silk hose, fall leth
ionrd. lisle top, black, white, navy
and cordovan.
Women's silb hose, lisle top, black,
white and brown, $ 1 50
Women's thread silk nose, full fata-
teaed .all silk, black only.
Women' foil fashioned thread silk
bote, all silk, lavender and (
fold taps, pair . .
Women's all silk, foil fashioned
boss, black, cordovan, white, gray
and nsry, pair $4.00,
. S5.00 aad
W saiens' fancy knit silk bote m
stripes and lace patterns, colon f rar,
cordovan, fray and black,
pair, $3.00 and
thread silk
'bite, gray
Women's fiber silk
navy, eerdovan, (ray, black aad
white, lisle top,
pair ...
Infants' tine , silk hoes, white, lisht
blue, and pink, pair
SI M and
Women's flber silk hose, black, white,
era and cordovan,
Women' Ihie Italian silk
black, while and ronlovaa. plain
styles, clocked aad fancy Z AA
stripes, pair $O.UU
Men's thread silk boas, eaters, navy,
suede, cordovan and
Mack, all sites, pair .
Men's thread sllh- hose, seme are
full fashioned, all eoton,
e, lisht
lers, navy,
seme are
Royall Society Finished Pieces
for Gifts
Large assortment of hand embroidered, finished pieces, very attractive
gift articles.
Tin cushions
Scarfs, varlons size and kinds.
priced $5.50
Tenter pieces. IS to tt inches,
in diameter, priced'
mo to
$15.00 SirTr$8.oo
All Royal Society Finithed Pieces, One-Fifth 0.7 of the Regular Prices
Baby pillows, priced
$5.00 to
Child's dresses, .. (IAAA
priced $4.50 te . . . I V.W
Fancy pHlaws, d P AA
priced $;JM to ...
vjioves niways meet witn ravor
For "too many" can never be applied to them. You'll please a woman with a gift of gloves.
We're showing the newest French and American makes in all the newest shades to go with
the new suits and coats. You'll find good assortments at moderate pricings.
Glove Certificate if you do not know the
tize or kind desired. Glove Certificate is
taed for any amount; can be redeemed at
any time.
Tory desirable gloves for women and new variety of
styles, weal and far lined, plain styles and far trim,
brown, taope and Mack, priced according to kind and
style. $8.75, $.00, Se.71, $t .00 a 3 p A
and ... ........ ......? ..... w a ty.O v
Women's heavy onafity sllh
sieves, chemisette linlne.
my, brewa aad $21 AC
Mack, pair I.UO
Weearn's heavy aiDi : faunt
let toves, strap wrist, wbtte,
Zr..T..TT-.. $2.75
Women's leather ranntiet
a, $4.00
Others priced up to 91M pair
Women's French kid risers,
Rne leathers, fancy ttitrhin;.
blaea, white, tons and brown.
prices range pair
from $$.$ to
"... $4.25
Child lie' cape sieves, brown
aad tan, sites triple 0 to 7.
priced accord !( to d fft
sbe, frees UM to Pum)U
CWIdrea'e white silk cloves,
Women's fine kid clove, fan
cy, white. Mack, tau and taope
tery dressy.
Itoys' bncltshin taaatlet cleve
frinced cuff, all
sizes, pair
T:....... $4.75
itlet cleve
Children's .Jersey gauntlet
Cloves, brewa, gray and ma
roon, pair
$3c aad
French White Ivory Toilet Article:,
mmrm 1
1 hree Different Patterns
Hand mirrors hi variety of Oval and snunre trays, various Pnoto Frames,
$1.79 to
BSc to
Hair brushes with coed ana Fine aad
bristles, $1.35
Jewel Ci
......... . $8.00
combs, 23e to ..
Pewder boxes aad hair reeere-
Manicure articles,
29c to
aTto . ...$9.00 ... :6.00 .

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