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ehronle deration, taougii
stot aericus, attacked
V Desealuiers, founder aad
; nmer of Dssaulniers
-jmi nw mms u4
jjX Mt, MotlM, la a cul
j stroke Saturday afternoon
-icb ta failed to recover,
jilnlers died la his office
j baore 3 p. m.
: v SeCSBKsu,
who was on of
r ;M known men in hie profes-
. of Chicago, had been sub
' .SiaJden spells of indigestion.
: 1m taste attack of unusual se-
. . -j mSW upon uiiu at uia now
i nr. R. W. Oakley was sum-
. oat Administration of stimu
?d Era. a. rx
Of a
Cnoley ec (his city,
wff2aIaUmm SterWaeay of
Mt St. Marys eeUece. Bsssaltsbun,
aad Mn. Steve Miller, 113 Tenth
areaee, diutu Um holidays.. -
IterMrtJatca arrived Setardey
evening from Dubuqaa University
to speed two weeks with hit ner-
Sm 'JSLitJl J0" A Christmas spirit pervaded
Mr b4 m iTrT.. "Vl aoaa ataetinc of tba Kiweai
JZiZ? jT'TtZ it art at tfca T.KCA.
restertay attaraoaa to spend tha h. .. JTTSl'-JST
St merrv tha TnMiria la Hnk talaiul
Fwsd U Sead CXts s Bee
lalaad Bars at Gleawoed ataa-
aal TraialBf
Christmas holidays wXh Mr,
vena parents, Mr. aad Mrs. M. T.
Stevens, UZS Tenth avenue. Mr.
Stevens la eiigsged in tha Harvee
tar branch of tta Molina Plow eom
pany la Poughkeepste, N. T.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Frost, who
hare been visiting at tha home of
Sheriff John Malar presented tha
names of Ave Rock Islead hoys
wbo ara now at th Glenwood Maa
nai Training school far hoys at
Glenwood and asked Um Klwania
club to play Santa Claaa to these
sight. Tha WTtahoas aaai wfflT
a aoacan and a aortal
be bald after tha 1m-
,A business aeaalon
after tha Initiatory
A bus's sas session will ba
Ball from 7 til I o'clock, at which
tama caaaptains of tha membership
caapeiga teams will report. . ,
uasory wora.
WU1 be batd
TO PLAN 1701
Catena! W. T. Jatsea af Chicago te
Load Dbcassioa Set far Tamar
- - raw Maralac.
The annual cosier enca ia connec
tion with tha work of the north
west diTiston of the Mississippi
ttrer for the purpose of mapping
Mr aid Mrs HaVrr WirkrtTllr ' nn,!8ter, V motion, it tu
r:..wi Marr3r.w!ckrt1' r"; decided to tn U,. m. A
arenas JzZL Z2Z: I a Argus Santa Clara committee1?" Plan tb coming year wUl
arenue, hare gona Us Ftort Madison, ! j . 5 ".T l h. held in R-v T.und tnmnrmw
hoS: WaT sSLT J? 2 Around "tod.e Colonel endear of
bom. Mr.
married la
Moatrosa. Iowa, "laal
northwestern dirislon with
in Chicago, will be
LaJ la
Wama aal k, Wrlgat
HaasVOa lata Witntlm
fiimtag Arartai,
ha iragst M. Tha rm waa .
caliber aainata"s aaeV waa a part
of iha Del tba twa saam had lakaa
frooi tha Koeaig hoaa. Tha fallow
wwtt oarrksl tt ia baUerad to have
baaa anatatfMr with, tta aperatwa.
ar aaaaa aaaaUag prohabiy would
bara ocean ad about that time. As
waa tba two aten ware sesrened.
Taatr paajkaaa wara allad with loot.
Usr ware harrtod to Ua aolica '
staaoa. Taey wara ia caua before.
Ue resort waa telephoned to the
station from tha Koaaig home that
tha Tsstleaai had baaa bnrglartsed.
Oattlag a deacrtptioa of tha atoiaa
articles tha police fooad thai they
had recovered everything ea tha
two awn Just arrested. .
BaaK Ulaad lalaat.
Tha two ataa. both about M years
of age, gaa their aamaa as Harold
Ptaraoa, 711 Befaateenth street, aad
Edward White, 728 Thirteenth
street. Piarson hsa baaa ia troable
befora Ha ia tba one who earned
fao KoanfiV Ths two artielsa
an6oabtedty nOa lata tha poasea
slon of the two men in a pteriewa
burglary, tha police say.
Tha police are anxious to tad tha
owner of taese two artldea. Tha
riag'ia frafareal emblem that of
the r
t. a vtZz ' ti'rUs
is tta irTty at porao who
cUrTfc CU-W aalg Pca
MaaMotOa bar pet M alaoiaah-
jectto'IdMUeafJe-.:.'' '
showing again that members of his
atvan,- .
Ta- patient tor VT.", wa?1 i -iaT "-0" ' 7 7 consuYuUon. "okerslSpmenT i? om"alow
r bnt as Dr. OaUey wa Jj MJ? as, , to the ..die of the Y.im out of who are exacted ,th J
I m SB TT1TII"" ww w lowni
X Baaalniers to bis home, death,
caike tlctor.
U WJl Tear. lat St. AnthoaVa hoanttaL itu to by the men.
bora in! along rerr well, aceordina to word .T.". luJ voted mMt Jtly
Two bargiara wara captared at
I O'clock Sundar aiahl ha Bark la.
land poiice detective a few atfaatea
tier ua mea aaa pauad a job at
tha Precarick C. Koaaig home. 1S2
Pirtaenth street, aad tha entire
amount of loot was raeorerad. Tha
police beilere that either duo to ln
azperlaaea la baadllna aa aotoaiat
io rorolTar. or beaaaea while the tha automatic reroiTer.
aagaataa of the gun waa Piled tha ja .46 Smith Weston rerolrar la
caaaieer probably waa not loaded, n possession, aota guns aaa been
one of the bargiara waa unable to stolen from the Koeaig residence
carry out what seemed to have been 1 nd were the property of March
aa intention to tale a ooaaoa ia Koeaig, aaa of Mr. aad Mrs. Koaaig,
battling tha tw- detactrras, and both weapona had beea brought
Chief Tom Cox waa highly aUted Tnxum at
s I . tham eillMA At that waraa . .
in ! TniMriiinaF nwmw wnm wffaTaidb
a Dssaulniers was
rjstfelltr, Vt, June 6. 18L Ha
Ipraal the printing trade when a
a, kmnmlrr proficient la all
. haadM of general Job and- cewe
mMT tndes. He remorad to Mo
ShII Ull as a master of his trade
im hMtiat associated with tha
kat 1L Porter job and book print
er saaeem. then on the second
tjsr at the old Metropolitan block
a fliri arenas, opposite what is
tjt (fee Manufacturers' hotel,
later he went with the Porter
isMera to the Auditorium building,
waka later burned to tha ground.
Its Porters incurred so great a
ass that Mr. Desaulniera succeed
1 (baa in charge of the business,
astav several yean ha conducted
as Modal Print shop on Library
wens, now Third avenue A, Just
was of the Moline Dispatch office,
art bow occupied by the Moline
M Gazette.
Formed Corporation,
from there he moved into tha
CsttsB block, tha place of his death,
aa soon afterwanf, with tha ex-
i of his business, the corpo-
i of Desaulniera ft Co. was or-
iEdrla Read, has visited hen oa sev
eral ocasetoae.
T. A. Pender. SIS Twenty-aacoad
street, who underwent aa oaeratlon
at St. Anthony's hospital, is getting
along vary wan, according to word
from hospital authorities.
Twoyeara ago Oct. SO, 1918
Sr. sBd Mrs. Dssaulniers ex peri
Need a gnat sorrow. Influenza
aebed them of their lovely daugh
ter Frances, wbo was 27 years of
sn and who had her wardrobe
iady, and waa about to sail for
nsace ss a Red Cross nurse. The
deck waa a terrible one to both
knots, and one that is believed to.
am given Mr. Deeauiniers a per
aunt setback physically.
The SnrrlTors.
Mr. Desaulniera leavea his widow,
tb) was Miss Nellie Oakley, and to
Horn he waa married in Moline
tat 10, 1887..- He also leavea three
aaws, living la the east: Mrs. Em
Butterfly in Montpelier, Vt, and
Bm Hattle Desaulniera in Wal
aav Mass., and Miss Laara De-
aunlers ia Worcester, Mass. Mr.
Dsaalniers father, who lived here
br some time with his son. and is
Mil miiimmIumI k manv Iflln.
H, died only three years ago back
a the old home at Montpelier to
ftica he had returnod. He lived
bbt beyond 90 years of age.
R is not commonplace to say that
Sr. Desaulniera had tha respact and
eawffl of every one who knew him,
ad, after almost forty years in thia
et& practically every one knew
Ma. .He was a man of many
frauds and worthy of them alL He
a man who fulfilled every
Mte, who never betrayed a confl
eaes, and to whom many went for.
eansel and advice. In abort those
b knew him heat declare Um to
ana been a prince of a man.
The funeral ia to be held from
ae home. 1133 Fifteenth street at
M o'clock tomorrow (Tuesday)
fcteseon, the Rev. A. H. Musson
eaiseting the service.
M r a rof.t.wo .k thai are: j. u. Dushane. assistant en- k migni aa eau uiax ueiacaves
Monday noon luncheon an event Itfneer at St Paul; W. A. Thomp-1 Dennis Baanatt aad Karl Shannon,
which is eagerly looked forward i,on- assistant at La Crosse; S. Ed-'the officers who grabbed tha two
warns, assistant at uuouque; bob- aww-wa
ert Iakisch, asBi-tant at Alton; M them. They had been seeking oth-
Meggs, United States engineer at er prey, and in the territory they
tru..i. i r u m.t ...i.. went anourin? thnrv ovarlnoltad no
- wrB, aaatai- . .. . .. . . . " . . .hU.
ill Tha Rock is- ucwhs in ineir wora, wnicn u re-; - - . . . ' v
j;. ,sn k. : loonsiois ior uieir sioddidc two r -mu'-'"
bv Colonel Harrv Bnraesa. chief. imen on street, and almost on
and A. h. Richards and R. Monroe,
with the Rock Island Rotary dub
at the Y. W. C. A. on Jan. 4. to hear
Dr. G. W. White, who will lecture I ant at Wyanet,
on venereal diseases. The attend
ance prises at this noon's meeting
was won by E. R. Slater.
Other articlea taken aad an foaad
oa tha two prisoners, were a gold
watch aad fob, a cameo ring, a gar
net ring, a gold chain with lavalller
attached set with pearls, a pocket
book containing 132, one gold bar
pin, gold chain with knife attached,
one stickpin, one pocket-knife and
60 rounds of cartridges. The burg
lars gained entrance to the home
(Special to The Argus.)
Clinton, la., Dec 20. The four
Moline mea who abandoned the idea
of holding up a gambling house in
Watertown for a higher ambition
that of staging a daylight bank
robbery were this morning held
for trial at the Clinton, Iowa, po
lice court The men were arrested
in a Clinton garage Saturday
Herbert C. Kleyla, proprietor of
a taxicab una, was held on a
11,000 bond on a charge of carry
ing concealed weapons; R. South
ward is being held for violating
his parole from Pontiac; Louis
Leonard aad Robert Seatoa, age
20 years, and who confessed to the
Clinton police that they were plan
ning on a daylight bank robbery,
were charged with vagrancy and
given ten days in the Clinton coun
ty laiL
The quartet lert Moune at 7:39
last Friday evening after giving up
the idea of robbing a gambling
house in Watertotwn. They arriv
ed in Clinton at 2 o'clock in the
morning, after having machine
trouble at Hampton and Fulton.
They drove into a Clinton garage
and asked permission to sleep in
their car. They said they were on
their way to tha Savanna proving
grounds aad naa troanie wiin weir
machine. During the early morn
ing hours the night watchman
looking for stolen cars noticed the
Moline machine with a cardboard
date license. He found Leonard
in the machine. Three heavy re
volvers and a billy were taken from
the car. The other men were found
about the garage. The men could
not be held on any serious charge
as there waa insufficient evidence.
Kleyla was the only one with a
weapon on his person. According
to Iowa laws, no charge for carry
ing the weapons in the machine
could be held against the men.
Kleyia's mother is in Clinton today
trying to get bonds for her boy.
All the men, according to the Mo
line police, have records.
Paster Eugene Thompson Leading
Movement to Build Edttee
Plans are under way for the
erec.ion of a church for the col
ored folks of Rock Island, to re
place the edifice at Thirteenth
street and Fifth-and-a-half avenue,
which has been condemned. Re
cently the members voted to finance
the project leading to the erection
of a new edifice at an approximate
cost of eight or ten thousand dol
lars. It will be known as the Way
man Community Center church.
Already 300 colored people of
this city have pledged themselves
to support the movement
The parsonage has been moved
aad remodeled and the plan is to
raze the present building and erect
the new edifice on the present site.
Rev. Eugene Thompson, pastor of
the church and leader of the move
ment to build, is a graduate of the
Wilherforce university.
Miss Allyne N. Bart, formerly of
Rock Island and now of Omaha,
Neb., and who was one of the three
winners of the beauty contest con
ducted by the World-Herald of
the instant becoming aware that
they had caught two burglars with'
the goods.
Soaking Wadow Peeper.
A short time before the capture
waa made the two detectives had.
been called to the neighborhood to J
Koeaig had left home only a short
time before to go to a store in the
neighborhood. She was away only
a short time and on returning found
the house ransacked, v
The police are confident that the
two men pulled at least one other
burglary recently.
Before being taken to the station.
nunt a window peeper. They 1 aaa tha man um a - tn th
a auuvu imb mail on uie siren, wua. i ground. It wis later recovered, but
not part of the loot obtained
him to the home from which the i
complaint had come, but the fellow
Omaha, is appearing in a picture ; proved to te the wroaaj person-
being taken by the Chenoith Film The detectives had left their car
company. Miss Burt who is the narked a short distance awav and
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Burt , began a search through streets and
is visitlag with her grandparents, alleys for prowlers in general.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Morris, 1316 "Gumshoeing" along the north
Fourth avenue, this city. side of Ninth avenae between F.f-'
Recently the World-Herald con- taenth and Seventeenth atreata tha I
ducted a beauty contest in a movie 'officers noticed two men oa the)
wnicn wnicn- tney took, tne result ; south side of the avenue whose ac-.
of which gave Miss Burt a winning ; tions they did not like
place and later admission in the. Bennett and Shannon slowed up.
Omaha Movie club. It ia through 1 The two men on coming to the alley !
this club that the Chenoith picture I Btarted across the street They!
is being taken. ! were lauahina and talklne. Thev
Miss Burt attended the Rock Is- evidently bed not noticed the two
land high schooio until moving to!MHna .. ..r A tnl
Omaha about eix months ago and I .jigy. shannon pushed the muz-1
' . " 0 " tie 01 a revolver into tne ribs or'
contest and a frequent contributor i nna m.n .a o&nn-. t.wtA r
?Jn Annas "colyumr She will tba otner. IeUow draw a gun !
visit with relatives and friends m trnm ,. w . nrf
Rock Island for three weeks. 1 " ' " '
at the Koenig home. In addition
a gold bar pin waa found In their
possession that does not belong to
Coal For Sale
Per Ton
Phone B. L 4242
k 1
: zs.
J ft The Sappiy is Limited Be
y Coast Ksrly- Ptrst Come, C
ft 1 O O Places one of titete Seti
J A oe70 Of YCTJ3 KCX
Sale Starts Exactly 9 a. i
The Club Conditions
Come to ear stare and ask far a Oak
eabersaip oars pay UK task, aadwe
wQkdeUver the set descriaed adew,,T Xaea
raa will pay ILSt eaek week for flf weeks
at! lMb the total wholesale Clab aHoo af
tan Set, Is paid. The reralar ratafl Mtae of
a Set like this Is about IJW. . . ...f -v- .
The whole parpeae at tan l ias h roaaue
m Meads far tats stare aad toptaaeeaf
rstabUsked eastasMn. we are far
ta saaaw a aamser of Alasaiam
Sets at aa aaaswallT lew price aad taaoe wfU
be alstrihnted at this reatarkahr lev, cost
for adverlfsiag
The Sapaly
:-' PLAY AT Y. W. C. A.
A very unusual Christmas treat
store for the girls and boys of
k Island, the treat to be in the
J ot a Christmas play, "The
Jsie Star." to be given for them
f ke Girl Reserves of the T.- W.
. tomorrow evening at 7:30
x in the Y. W. C. A. gymnas
? Mrs. Faye Crist Wolfe is dl
twt the play, assisted by Miss
Wky Rogers, Y. W. C. A. physi
4ictor. The play waa writ
T Professor Jewel Toll of Cor
r4 oollege. Mount Vernon. Iowa,
aia Rogers witnessed the
rWal performance as given by
WUete students for boys and
m Mount eVrnon. The main.
2"ers will be taken by Leotta
Jley, Mabelle Hodgson, Miss
"Elwell. Howard Stephany and
M"",r" McKowu, and there are
"other unique and interesting
1 ' the biggest parts of the
ySn In the cast The affair
jt..:c; A. Christmas celebration.
? Mnilssion fee will be charged.
eTUily u for 8Town-upa as well
" wildren. but is especially plan
boys and girls.
the West
-imas Mason
ts i-ITSr 1 wul " onserveo
to h2 arf,tma Programa One
Su M7 " wmorrow evening
aZ.""1 '01 the members of the
T7 apartment cradle roll.
Te Broup and sewing classes,
a 25m oa Wednes
L" and will be for all
5? j mcluded tn Tuesday eve-
hrlIr0Up' The Programs are
a. nn aad raciUUons and
. be gifts and treats for
A special meeting of the local
post of the American Legion will
be held tomorrow evening. One of
the important business matters to
be brought up will be decision
upon the proposition to take over
the management of the Rock Is
land Independent football team. A
special committee appointed to in
vestigate the project will report
The stag event of Saturday night
was well attended by ex-service
men of Rock Island who had a
wonderful time with athletic con
tests and a vaudeville program.
Officers of the Moline lodge of
Elks will be in charge of the induc
tion of a class of 50 candidates of
the local lodge at the club rooms to-
Philip WeUeabaea,
Philip Welzenbacn, aged 43, died
at the Watertown hospital at 10
o'clock Saturday evening. He was
born in Davenport, June 28, 1877,
and had lived in Rock Island sev
eral years at 62714 Ninth street
He was formerly an employe of
the Rock Island arsenal.
Surviving is the widow. Funeral
services will be held at Wheelaa's
funeral home at 10 o'clock Tuesday
morning. Rev. P. H. Durkin will
officiate. Interment will be in Cal
vary cemetery.
Faneral of Mrs. Mary Berry.
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary
Berry were held at 2 Sunday after
noon at the Hodgson funeral par
lors. Rev, P. H. Durkin officiated.
Burial was in Calvary cemetery.
Funeral of Mrs. James Karooey.
The funeral services of Mrs.
James Maroney, who died in Blue
Island, UL, were held at 3 o'clock
this afternoon at St Joseph's
church, with Rev. P. H. Durkin of
ficiating. Interment was in Calvary
Mrs. iesse Uttea.
Mrs. Jesse Milton, aged 7s, after
an illnea of about two months, died
this morning at 2:30 o'clock at her
home, 2832 Sixth avenue. She was
horn in Ohio, March 1, 1844, and
lived in Kewanee for 15 years. She
had been a resident of Rock Island
for three years. She was married
Nov. 29. 1868.
Surviving is the husband a son,
Elmer of Rock Island; three daugh
ters, Margaret aad Mrs. Jean Bell
of Rock Island aad Mrs. N. B. Calla
han of Kewanee. One daughter pre-
aa kr in daath Alaa anrvtvln
are six grandchildren aad onej
great grandchild.
Funeral arrangements will be an
nounced later.
Morris Hanson and Etta Clayton
were fined 15 each oa charges of dis
orderly conduct by Magistrate D. J.
Cleland in police court thia morning.
The man and girl ware arrested at
3 o'clock this morning While stag
ing a fight at Fourth avenue aad
Phase MeL 37
Saw Playing
A Dance Bevaette
Topics of the Pay
Extra Added
Foarta Episode
Of thrilling serial
"Xing of the Cirrus
With Eddie Pole
Coming Thursday
Special thrjuaas
Order seats bow for
Christmas Day
skews 2:4a, 7 tit
aad l:
'Wt ill
1 " J3 .
The Set Consist of '
The following pieces of quality Bread Alum
iniua Ware (guaranteed for tweaty years).
One a Quart Tea Kettle, one 9 Cup Coffee
Ferrolntor, One Octagon Tea Pot, One &
Quart Preservingr Kettle, One Long Handle
fetirrlnar Spooa, Oae 9 Quart Double Boiler,
One 1 Quart Lipped Sauce Pan, One C Quart
Colonial Kettle.
We are closing out 37 sets tommunity biiverware
consisting of
6 each Knives and Forks
6 each Tea and Table Spoons
1 each Sugar Shell and Butter Knife.
26 pieces in Hardwood Chest, $16.98.
$1.98 cash and $1.00 for 15 weeks.
Black Hawk Furniture Co.
2029 Fourth Avenue
Sew lean Era
Palaee Faa Xigat
Two Sbows-SiU A
Cook and housemaid,
immediately. R. 1. 360.
ENDURING satisfaction, maximum enjoy
ment and fond remembrance mark the
gift of Jewelry at Christmas time. Jewelry isn't a trinket that
is bought today and forgotten tomorrow. It remains with the
recipient a life time, always carrying with it a constant appre
ciation of the donor.
One never makes a mistake in giving Jewelry, ,
especially if it comes from a store like ours,
which through SO years of confidence haa built for itself a moat
enviable reputation.
May wo show you our Holiday display?
Opea Evealngs far Tear Oavealtaee
J. Ramser's Sons
Opposite Harper Hotise
' XstsMattal im
Ccr. 7th Ave. and 12th SL
The Store That Sells ior Less.
Store will be open .evenings until 9 o'clock
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Ladies' gray flannel petticoats, each 79c
Red border Huck Towels, tonight 15c ;
Children's Hockey Caps, each 50c I
Men's cotton Slip-overs, $1.50 value 75cl
Men's $5.00 value Dress Shirts $3 00
Men's Neckties up to $2.25 value $1.25,
We have a full line of Mixed Nuts, Candies,
'Fruits and all other goodies that make Christmas
day a real happy occasion. ;
631 17th St 326 20th St 1325 3Cth St j
Specials For Tuesday
and Wednesday Only
S cans .
IS cans
SI. 48
It bars for
Sates, for

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