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4 -, ,
Nev Bantam Champion
Vl&zrd Vrm Trt i fa Rmt &tr'i :
" V i
-'-Ti OatcleiwdbyFale
f rVt tt
rrrs & - woru's an..
iinsexlv duuapUa
VkfT Inmerator. sal
-Sltt PrcM staSOwrespondent)
jiwYork, D. 23-BBJtH the
crow tt. iaCeWcr1n
SNsw Tort "bsrp' beamed this
jrsing. "4
Joseph Aloyfin Lynch, soldier.
Mek driver, model borne boy and
isldol of "Little Erin" on tbe
Mt side, ! tbe best boy In the
at US pounds.
E Jut M he won the champlon
e three years ago, Pete Her
ats. the olire-hued Italian bgot
rt, lost It last night on a de-
,eEre was nothing for the Judges
'to bat remote the purple robes
ft- teyelty from the broad, muscu-
- itomlders ot the New Orleans
Blmtira and drape them over
k thin: bony frame of a new
- " Jee la Vaster.
iljneh. out-stepped, out-boxed,
snVMsaTM and out-fought Her
s In IS rounds ot beautiful box-
before 15.000 wildly partisan
si that choked Madison Square
ism to the roof. -
I Irich led the fighting all the
W and in only two rounds did
(ft former champion earn any
ataf like a margin orer the new
Tbo rounds the first and eighth
l-fire even: two rounds the 10th
i 11th were Herman's; but the
'eg was nothing but Lynch, arms
id baads bouncing, off the cov
! iulian.
plermin emulated the example
1 1 turtle. Ha pulled himself in
haill a shell of glores and el
bjnand let Lynch blaze away at
(A Lynek Brks Thumb.
41 tbe second round. Lynch let
(faith a left that bounced off
nun's head with a thud. The
.tab of his left hand was broken
Mow. J
I Caw tbe cruel left jab That
Ik the neart out of Sharkey, in
lb kit fight. Lynch had to rely on
Ik right, and he made excellent
sat it.
Iks first two rounds were Just
Lynch seemed backward
taking the fight to Herman,
ire the third round, the roly-
M Bddle Mead, seeing fame and
atm ahead of him and . his
tvga: thumped Lynch on the
rfs and said: "You'll have .to go
4 te, Joe. He wont come out."
:- Lyaek -eta Him.
1 Troai then on Lynch did go get
Herman was on the defen
aaU the time.
t b) tat 10th round he started,
V abnost immediately stopped.
am looked tired and weary in
b) llth, ans Herman for the first
sm showed some ambition. He
nt Mood from the , pale, ghost-
Igara In front of him, and
the little crimson atream
k down Lynch'a. chin, the
.aailoa seemed to get courage.
!Wch csme back revired in the
a itiad and kept up hia lead.
-Mka knew be waa loaingi He
bate tried for a knockout.'
tlach was trying for the same
. m III) Pat waa IM lint r.
HtBaaTa his own Jaw.
FnumbJ Sears Vtm. -w
round ended both
wrei their feet Outside of the
cat on Lynch' lip and red
larkB on both bodies, neith
lMr showed , any scars from
Jt ware $74,881 from 13.S53 paid
"was. Herman received $37,
of which he had to pay
JTJa for taking the. title
J nam Him. Government taxes
tjl to V.488 and the state
W4. Prices of from $2 to
."re charged for admissions. -
with light spuria.
to thfl hpitii At rlnuA
"landing to i
Herman tent both hand!
Jrtbed left to the face and
""a right to the head. Her
wung right and loft to the
hoys were palpably
M were Just feeling each
They exchanged light
" ,and just before the bell
'aaiHon landed, lefts and
3J succession three
fta body. There was to
"one, and the round was
,,jvan, -,
j- JlamiTwo.
wu exchange ot body Wows
r25f' nard rtBt noolt
He landed another
J? Biased a left for the
5- tted lefts tithe
VfS? 1Ulont damage and
into a clinch. Lynch Jab-
to the nose, and the
te rally at close
A Playing for the body
, Wjch s round.
laaoed a hard left on the
rf,""? -Bthting Her
i V nt t the back of
and Lnoh j .i
the jaw. sending Her-
ropes. When they came
ring Lynch
f twice to tbe body
and swung his right to the ribs and
again to the head. Herman clinch
ed and Lynch aent a short right to
the head before the bell. Lynca's
round. -v
' Boaad Four. "
Lynch hooked his right twice to
the head and Herman was forced to
clinch. After the break Lynch shot
his right to the head again. Lynch
jabbed lefts to the face and hooked
bis right twice to the head. Her
man waa cautioned f or - holding.
Lynch swung his right high to the
head and drore right hard to the
body. The round was Xynch'g by a
largo margin. -
Bonn FIto.
Lynch planted two hard lefts on
the head, the second one stagger
ing Herman. - Herman fell short
for the body, Lynch landing left
and. right on the head. Lynch
hooked his right to the ear. Lynch
forced his man all over the ring
and had all the honors of the
round, during which , Herman
failed ;to land a solid blow. .
Roan Six.
Most of Herman's leada were
short, Lynch's height enabling .him
to land long lefts to the face and
head. At close quarters Herman
planted left and right to the body
and then Lynch landed four rights
on the head and a left on the body
without' a return. In the boxing
that ensued Herman prored to be
the cleverer and had the round by
more than a shade.
Ronnd Seren. " .
.Lynch , cut loose with two right
swings which Herman blocked.
Lynch hooked right to the head.
Herman stepped in. - but ', Lynch
drove him pack with left and right
to the face. They exchanged body
blows and were sparring at the
bell t Lynch's round.
round Elt-tat ,
Lynch popped a hard left to Her
man's nose and docked safely from
a right swing. Lynch Jabbed his
left -twice' to face and stepped
inside of Herman's leads. Lynch
missed fcvo right hooks for the
head and they exchanged body
blows. Herman misrfed several
blows and outboxed Lynch to the
end of tbe round. Herman's round.
Roand Jiine.
There waa a flurry of infighting
and then Lynch landed a hard right
uppercut to the jaw. The crowd
was then shouting for more ac
tion. Lynch hooked a hard left to
the Jaw and at cjose quarters Her
man sent his left and right to the
body. Lynch's round.
Round Tea.
Lynch Jabbed left and swung his
right to the head. Herman landed
a couple of his favorite body blows.
In an exchange of lefts Herman
Baltimore, Dec 23. Jack Dunn,
owner and manager of the Balti
more club of the International
league, ia considering making a
he claims are the efforts of certain
major league owners to snake bis
star players dissatisfied.
The Oriole leader asserts that
several fake stories have been sent
out recently in regard to trading
Pitcher Bentlpy and others of his
"TJ:? JS IfK t7ha a p'roV8
the big leagues. As Dunn puts it.
these stories nave the tendency to
cans dissatisfaction in his ranks.
As a matter of fact, Bentley haa
just signed a contract with Balti
more covering the next two years.
Pitcher Sol Newton of the Balti
more club of the International
league will be sold to some other
club in the circuit 4
- Milwaukee, Dec 23. Otto Wal
lace and Johnny Mendelsohn fought
10 rounds to a draw here. The
bout was fast from tbe first to the
last bell, with both boys working
bard for a knockout Mendelsohn
hit harder and cleaner, but Wal
lace's ability to mix it and gain an
edge on the Infighting gave him an
even break.', .. ' , ,
Cleveland. Ohio, Dec .23. Cart
Tremaine- of Cleveland and : Joe
Burman of , Chicago, bantamweight
boxers, hate been matched for a 10-4
round contest here Jan. 19. accord'
ing to an snnounceaient today.
drew blood from Lynch's month
with a still left hook. Herman
bored in and tried"' to follow up
with another blow to the taoa. but
waa short Lynch missed a right
swing, and Herman shot a right to
the jaw, following with right and
left to the wind at the MU. liar
man's round.
Roani Eleven.
They sparred at long range for
half a minute. Herman kept Mock
ing Lynch's left jabs and then ba-
ban forcing the pace. They ex
changed left hooka to the face.
Then Herman landed two lefts to
the, face and a right to the body.;
Herman was beating Lynch to the
punch and had the better , of he
Roand Twelve. j
Herman's defensive work waa
excellent, one of Lynok'a swings
going wild over his head.. Lynch
hooked left to face and landed a
corking right on jaw. forcing Her
man to the ropes, where he cov
ered up. : Lynch Jabbed left to the
face and hooked his ' righT three
times to the head while Herman
held his left glove. Lynch swung
two rights to the head. They were
sparring at the bell. Lynch's
Booaid Thirteen. 1
Lynch came up dancing and sent
left and right to face without a
return. Lynch swung his right to
the jaw, Herman clinching. Lynch
law, Herman clinching. Lynch
hooked his right three times to the
head and- Herman - hooked left to
face. Herman kept strictly on the
defensive until the bell rang.
Lynch s round.
Round Fourteen.
Lynch swung "his right to the
head and then landed a solid left
hook on the Jaw, following with two
short rights to the bead. Lynch
hooked a right to th4 head and then
brought the same glove hard on the
ribs. Lynch swung a rigfht to the
head, missed another, and then
forced Herman to the ropes in his
aggressiveness, landing a short
right hook to the ear. He kept Jab
bing bis left, the only return from
Herman - being half-arm rights to
the ribs. Lynch's ronnd.
Roani Fifteen.
They shook hands for the final
round and Lynch tapped a light
left to the face. They exchanged
lefts to the face.
Lynch tried to feint Herman in
to a lead, but Herman would not
go in. Lynch put left to the wind
and a light right to tbe head. Then
he hooked a right to the. head and
brought the glove down to the ribs.
Lynch hooked two lefts to the
head and they were mixing at the
bell Lynch's round and fight.
Sacramento, CaL. Dee. 21. Ohio
State university football tet
which will play the University of
California at Pasadena New Tear's
day, was received here yesterday
was a native of Ohio and was sorry
to see such, fine young men coins
to certain aeieat.
. The Ohio squad waa royally en
tertained at Berkeley. An automo
bile tour of Berkeley sad of the
campus of tbe University of Call-
ftvirio. an blI e.n AMtal
Francisco bay and aa automobile
ride around Ban Francisco were
among tbe features. Bay district
graduates ot Onto Stat tendered
the squad a banquet in Saa Fran
cisco last night "
The Ohio aquad will go to Palo
Alto today, where it will practice
in the forenoon and on Friday aft
ernoon on the gridiron of Leland
Stanford. Jr- university. The team
will leave for the south Friday
night .- . , -
'Pittsburgh. Pa., Dec. 23. Pete
Zivlc a member of the United
States boxing team at the Olympic
games, will torn professional here
on Christmas when he will meet
Patsy Young in a preliminary of
the Harry. Oreo-Jeff Smith boat
Zivlc. a bantamweight waa defeat
ed at the Olympic gamea in the
final bouts of his class.
Boston, Dec 23. It eosta a lot
to develop a football team. This
item rang the Harvard cash regis
ter tor jM.S47.si during the year
Just closed. That includes the trip
to the coast for the Oregon game.
Ths Crimson athletic fund shows a
deficit of HO,
Frazee, Red Sox Oirner,
Say No Peace Till
" Thetv '
New Tork, Dae. 22. Charactari
sating aa deliberate fialaahoodi
statements credited to Baa John
eon reaatrve to the election ot 41
rectors of the Amerieaa League.
Harry H. Fraaea, pr sealant of the
Boston club yesterday In a letter
to air. Johnson inrttad hba to re
sign aa president of the league and
aociaron. there- can! be no- peace
wnue Doth reman a (he Ameri
can League. - .,-.,. ,
The statements eredfted to Mr.
Johnson and to which Mr. Frasee
took exception were: The league
har always resorted to the ballot
instead or nsinsr the anal rotation
method of the election ef the board
of directors when it waa found the
rotation method would bring an nn-
aeeiraftie member to the board.
and ,"it waa the sentiment that two
members be not bronrht Into the
directorate, as they . attempted to
wreck the American League." '
Tee Sanlt far Beth,
"I . had hosed that on had
learned something in the past two
years,- Mr. rraxee's letter contin
ued, "and since the agreement of
peace was reached In Chicago
nave retrained from m-in. any
comment. - but upon this uncalled
for attack upon Mr. Comiskey and
myself, I think it is about tune for
yon to stop making threats and
prove some of the many mislead'
ing statements and assertions (hat
you have made, regardless of the
attitude of anybody else In the Am
erican League. I want you to
I know that from this time on there
can -be no peace as far aa I am
concerned, while yon and I remain
in the American League.
ir you hare any, sense or Justice
or realization of the harm you have
caused baseball, or had one spark
of manhood, or any regard, for the
game which has made you possible,
yos would tender your resignation
as president of the American league
before causing any further harm.
la rites, cenerenee. :
If you wish to go into any dis
cussion, either privately .-or pub
licly, of our relations since my con
nection with the American League
in 1916, I wilt he pleased to meet
yon at any. time or place yon men
tion. But, in theN . meantime, ' I
strongly advise you to .eliminate
any further attacks Upon the Bo:
ton American League baseball club,
or me personally. . , -
Chicago, Dec 23. Wrestling was
Iplsced under control of a city ath-
the council passed an ordinance
creating the commission to regulele-
the sport. .
New York. Dec 23. Aftsr Benny
Leonard saw Jack Dempsey hit BUI
Brennan he told the champion he
wouldn't take one . of his punches
for1 all the money in the world.
Some bouquet .that was.
Chicago. Dec 23. One ot the tips
coaches are receiving from football
fans ia to urge tbe National Colle
giate Athletic association to adopt
a resolution against the continu
ance in play of injured or ill play-"
era. ' . .. . . .
Boston, Dec 23. Tim Callahan,
Yale football captain, who la go
ing across the pond to attend Ox
ford university, may take up the
English game of Rugby.. He says
he'U try it if he baa time. Tim
will return next. September.
Ann Arbor, Mich, Dec. 23. Mich
igan will have a tough Job filling
Carl Johnson's place when the
track season opens. ' Coach Far
rail is already acouting for mater
ial among last yearn freshman
ranks to find athletes good Jump
ers and sprinters.
Pueblo, Colo.. Dec 23. Bob Me
Graw, New York Yankee pitcher,
doesnt spend the winter resting.
He's just organised the first pro
fessional basketball team in Pu
eblo and is planning a campaign
among Colorado colleges.
Akron, Ohio, Dec 23. By joining
the newly organised Ohio boxing
board, Akron expects to get into
the ring game with both feet To
ledo, Cincinnati, Columbus and
other Buckeye- cities have cast
their lota with the state body.
St Paul, Dec 23. Jack Hen
dricks thinks that Goldie Repp Is
the sweetest ball, player that ever
came up from the minors. And
Hendricks says GoldJe is Just the
ticket to take Larry Doyle's place
on the Giant infield. - , - . - v
Witchhazel gold Camphor
- Relieve Eysj Strain!
.- w v n
Common wltchhaxet camphor,
hydraatla, etc aa mixed in Lavop
tik eye wash, produce quick results
when used for eye strain. One cus
tomer was greatly astonished at the
restful feeling produced, by a aingle
application. A young man reports
that both he and hla mother were
greatly helped by Lswopttk. We.
guarantee a small bottle to hetp
ANY CASH weak, strained or in
named eyes. A. J. Rless,. druggist
180 Second avenue, and Sehlegel's
drug stores. Rock Island and Dar
enport (Ad.) - i - ' " -
All tb news sa tu
SS csr wraS7r
J5fX IT kCy
Mr neoMr . T
Whiter. tier&SMnnt.
It's only been done once in mod
ern ring history the "comeback."
Stanley Ketcbel retrieved his lost
middleweight laurels from Billy
Papke twb months after bis ghast
ly beating at the hands of the "Illi
nois Thunderbolt' The greatest
champions of the ring, humbled to
the state of an "ex," have endeav
ored vainly to remove tbe leveling
little pref& . But Ketcbel alone
"donbleeslased the ancient tra
dition of the Queensberry arena.
Now.jess Willard wiU have a
fling si it.- He meets hkv conquer
or. Jack Dempsey, in a return bout
in hfadlson Square garden on , St
Patrick's day. - ''?'. x-
His chances for success - are
about 10 to 3, We should say. He
has more handicaps to overcome
than any other "ex" that ever tried
a "cpmeback," But every "come
back" - seems to have one asset
sandwiched in. -among bis budget
of liabilities. That's what lends
interest and speculation to every
attempt of this nature. -' V . : -
- Chief Handicaps. '
Jess chief handicaps are his age
(somewhere near 40. we think), his
past and present flstie inactivity,
and the demoralization which nec
essarily attenda a defeat
When he meets Dempsey next
March, Willard will have entered
the rinjr but four times in six
years. He was an idle, lasy cham-
v C-anclea. .
H-eUy. .
" IUigeetien.
S-arprises. . - .
T-ta (try).
, A-bei. ... '
He's handsome to look at he's
graceful and fair,
He'e htrilt like an athlete sad
. wears 'heavy bain '
His clothes are the beet the pro-
ducer can buy,'
He'a always attractive to feminine
-. . eye. "
He puts in hU time making love to
.-. some dame.
Who is dainty and pretty and has
a French name;
The film always ends with the pair
In a 'clinch.
And the rascal gets PAH) tor it
oh, what a cinch:
Now I can see why actors hare to
draw eaah -Before
theyll fall over a cliff with
.'.. a crash.
And it doesnt take brains for a
.- fellow ta see'
That a man should be paid ere he
fractures hla knee
la a drre from a window. It's worth
:.' a axest deal . .... .- ' '
To take all the chances In that
sort of reel:
But why should he draw a big aal-
arv check - -
For letting a girl throw her firms
-roruw nia necKi
New rm not an actor, bat this-1
know well:
In that and-of-the-film staff ray
-' worn would be- swsll.
rm gocsl in a porch swing; rm
Ttrr sanek there .
In makinc the girls say, "Stop
massona? v hafr!"
Sa It gets my angora to see on the
4f etety ywrng noil nbatXttf; ealm
pion. He defended his title but
once,- with Koran in a no-dedsion
bout And he had been champion
tour years when his next. oppon
6nt Dempsey, laid him low. In
activity whipped the greatest flulr
livan, Corbett, Fltzsimmons and
Jeffries. It whipped. Willard. in a
large sense, too.
And now, inactive even" aa an
"ex-champion," he ; is again to
tackle Dempsey, one of the busiest
ring champions the sport ever
knew! Jess has some- pugilistic
pride, they say. Perhaps he would
rather turn the tables on Dempsey
to satisfy his conceit than be pres
ident And then again there ia a
rumor that oil speculation has re
duced him financially. Whatever it
is, Jess is at it again, facing with
ering odds.
Twe Kays ef Heee,
But one ray of hope ..for htm
glimmers through the murk of the
Toledo disaster.- Perhapa two. In
the third round, dased and bleeding
and thoroughly beaten, he managed
to land a lucky uppercut on the in
coming Dempsey. It hurt and tem
porarily dased Jack. But Jess waa
too helpless to press his advan
tage... Dempsey recovered quickly
and renewed his savage battering.
The question is: "What if Jess bad
struck the blow when strong?
With redoubled power in it would
Dempsey have gone down?"
: Walter Monaghan. who trained
In the arms of soma clothes-horse
who's drawing a fee.
Just give me the Job and 111 do
his work FREE!
Seme -folks east feet down te
brass tacks wilkout a hnsaraer.
One tench ef ranter makes the
whole world chin. ----- -1
About this time ef year the eeal
snaa should be brought to see the
error ef ais weighs.
A professor and aU these tUags
tacked onto his name Just to shew
he get there by degrees. -
Leve is said te be blind. WelL ft
certainly manes spectacles of sesse
persons. -
The triangle of apple pie, about
half the sise of first baae, one could
buy for a nickek
The blackboard bill ot tare that
featured nothing but five and ten-
cent attractions.
The Invitation that used to be
seen in small restaurant windows:
-All Yon Can Eat 2fi Cents."
The bottle ef wine that went
with a table d'hote dinner. .
The grocer who, when yon paid
your monthly bin, gave yu a
sack of mixed candy.
The amiable, old-fashioned mer
chant, who,, when yon happened to
be a few cents short of the pur
chase price, need to ssy, "Never
mind, that's close enough."
The apple-cheeked hired girl who
enjoyed doing the cooking, general
housework, washing and ironing-
tor a? a wessv-
And When your father forgot he
waa once a boy and sent. you., to
bed nnngry Decease you eame hot
late to supper.
And when yon believed there was
a nanta Clans. -An'
everythin, ,
Old Grandpa Bel gwlwts t
. tSjl.,- .- --
it nays whs. g. was nm
V. .
Wlllarf tor the eon test bad this
to. any while watching Dempsey
train the other day:
ft think Willard has a chance in
another test with Dempsey. He
trained properly and waa in cemdi
Uon at Toledo. No doubt about
that Bat he didn't have the right
mental attitude. He had no con-
centration. His mind waa not -on
the light. He was thinking always
of the fortune to be made in the
movies after his victory.
Tee Heavy Xenial Leads.
"He underestimated Dempsey. I
think. But for all that he w
nervoua about' the outcome. The
fact that his wife waa to see him
light for the first time worried him.
He wanted to make a good show
ing for her sake, of course. These
two mental burdens went with him
in the ring. This time Willard'
will not be bothered that way. He
realises he is meeting a great fight
er, and it should change his tac
tics entirely.
"He knows that he cannot take'
Dempseys punches in the first ter
rible storm. But if he can avoid
them and stick it out who knows
what might happen?
body blows didn't hurt Jess much.
although there is an impression
they brought about his finish. Tbe
first punch on the head, a g rasing
swing on the Jaw, took all the fight
Out of him."
1 asei te smoke, and chew, as
lad drink whew I was dry;
I felt that when my work waa.
Ikftia RIGHT tk play.
vTa CSD v I a to ae
Bat leek at YOU today f .
(From the Pessimistl)
The. endless worry.
The hot noisy stores. ' '
The glittering baubles. 1
The postage dne. '
The stocking In the elevator.
The gift that must be paid back.
The llth-hoar scramble to buv
gifts. - m
Tbe shivering dark of. the early
morn. -
The boob who thinks he can
down in red cot:on. -
The raucous tooting ot children's
horns. ? , .
The guess that it'a for do-funny.
The 15th calendar. - . - -
The bored thank you. : . '
Tbe gaudy cards.
The strings of stale popcorn.
The mush under the mistletoe. .
The ill-fitting yellow gloves that
must be worn. ,
Tbe biting wind. , "
The same old hymns. - ,
, y-The tarnished ttnaeL' ,
Thn fkrfiim!f ctnfllncin
The Indigestion. v
(From the Optimist)
The anticipation.
The good-natured crowds. '
The gey holly wreaths.
Tbe mysterious bog. . . -The
rosy, smiling children.
The snowy tissue paper.
The merry red ribbon.
Tbe bulging stocking.
Jolly Old Nick. . . - -'
The delighted shrieks sad laueh.
tor. - i
The little girl and her new doll. .
rne sugar plums.
Ths biasing log. -'
The letter from a long-ago Mend.
The browning fragrance froa tbe
kltehen. , f .
The happy faces, young and old.
The wearing ot the new muffler.
The etar-Ht snow. -
The beautiful "Holy Night" -
The soft glimmer of candles.
The woodsy-smelling evergreen!
The. dream ot "Peace; on amrta.
Can wTOTmaat Kara,-; . .
Kx Sk les4s Wlif Plfw It
wKtAr bassjeaess .
Laks, N. T.. Dec 21-
Christy Mathewson Ja fighting i
"pitcher's battle" with death--an
winning; -I
. Time waa, not so long ago, the
the famous ba- all star. nUilets
eoltUrr and champion of deai -sports
abed to etep out on tbe dla
Bond and battle backed by th
cheers, of thousands. : ; ' . v .
Today he is making Ma fight wit!
only his doctor, his wife and UttH
son beside him to' cheer him on.
five months ago Mathewson ami
taken eTown with tuberculosis. Ht
came here to fight his way back U
JlfeH as Expete4.n
, While a whole world fall of lov
ers ef clean sport ia pulling foi
him; his doctor, E., N. Packard -gives
out this statement:
"Christy is getting along as wel
as can be expected."
Matty's ' wife and 10-year-oM
Matty Junior are full ot confidence
Says Mrs. Mathewson:
l mere is noining 10 ui reporci
i that my husband la sinking rapidly
Nor is he recovering rapidly. II
will be a long and hard fight But
we are all confident Christy wil
win eventually.
"Two weeks ago he did not fed
quite np to hla usual condition, but
he Is coming along nicely now."
No visitors are allowed to set
Matty "If I let one in. therell m
hundreds trying to see hint" aayi
Dr. Packard. .
One of Mathewson's lanes hai
collapsed, but the other is funo
tioning all right He doesnt havi
much to say, but he'a aU opUaa
"Give my New Tear's aTeetinn
to all my friends.'' he request
Dr. Packard.
The sick star gets a deal el
pleasure out of bavins- his son rani
to hint particularly baseball art
cres. .
BasekaO Career. ' " -Mathewson's
baseball . eareei
started In 18N with (he Keyatom
academy, aa pitcher. In ISM hi
pitched for Bucknefl aniversttyr
then went to the Norfolk team ol
the Virginia league and Joined tht
New York National league in ltOO
For IS seasons he was a Giant stai
and earned the title of the moat
dependable pitcher - of the team
He became an idol to the baseball
- In IMC Matty waa traded to thi
Cincinnati team, of which he wai
made manager. During the wat
he enlisted in the chemical divis
ion of the army and won a cap
tain's commission. On his ratnri
from France Matty became eoacli
of the New York Giants!
Springfield, 111. A complete rec
ord of every man who served in
the world war and in the Mesieas
i Border service is being compiled by
the war record division of the Illi
nois Adjutant General's office.
Official records of Illinois sen
who served in the Civil War, com
piled by tbe Adjutant General ta
ISM, embrace eight volumes,
Spanish American war records, five
volumes and the Mexican and Black
Hawk ware, one volume.
The present task hsa reached a
point ot progress which enables
Adjutant General Frank 8. Dickson
to say that the finished product will
require for the National Guard,
when called into federal aerrlee,
two' volumes; tbe 33rd Division,
firs , volumes; Mexican Border
service, two volumes; Marine
Corps, one volume; Navy, four vol
umes, sad the army service, 43
volumes, of approximately - 701
pages each.
' Aft the news all the time
Argus. ...
Shoe Factory -
-of , 1
J. poy,' High Cut
Shoes with Buckles
11 to 13 $4.35
Sizes 1 to 5, $4X5
Second At,

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