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Th Big Store on tb Corner
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11 CTiTN W X
Here's an easy solution to the gift problem.
Buy a Young & McCombs Merchandise Bond or a
Glove Bond. These are redeemable in , gloves or
merchandise for their face value at any time.
$1.50 Fountain Pens, $1 .00
. The popular Kraker self-filling
fountain pens, with either clip or
ring. "An unusual value;
.... Toys 25 Discount .
All toys, dolls, sleds, games,
ornaments, toy books, wheel toys,"
etc., at one-fourth off.
, ' , House Slippers, 98c
Black felt house slippers for '
women. These have padded insole
and chrome tanned soft leather
outsole, $1.50 values 98c.
Every woman likes new gloves
and all prices on leather gloves
have been reduced.
All $2.00 gloves ........... $1.50
All $2.25 gloves : . . .$1.75
All $2.50 gloves $2.00
All $2.75 gloves ........ ; . $2.25
All $3.00 gloves ......... . .$2.50
All $3.50, $3.75 gloves $3.00.
All $4.00 gloves .$3.25
All $4.50 gloves. .....$3.75
Women's $4.50 Hose, $2.89
Women's full fashioned, full
length, pure thread silk hose with
elastic hem top, silk and linen high
spliced heels and toes, in black and
white. $4.50 values $2.89.
Women's $3.50 Hose, $1.98
. Women's full fashioned pure
thread silk boot hose with silk lisle
garter welt, reinforced heels and
toes, all colors.
Women's $2.00 Hose, $1.39
Women's silk and , fibre hose
with flare lisle tops, linen heels and
toes, all colors, $2.00. values $1.39.
Women's $2.00 Wool Hose,' $1.49
Women's sport wool hose with
hem tops, double heel and, toes in
the new heather shades. v
Women's $1.50 Hose, 79c
Women's silk and fibre . hose,
fancy drop stitch and lace patterns
in all of the new color combina
tions, also fine silk lisle hose, 79c,
$1.00 Toilet Waters, 79c
4 ounce bottle in a gift box.
Rose, Crab Apple and Lilac.
50c Boxed Perfumes, 39c'
Baldwin's and Jergen's fancy ;
boxed perfumes in assorted popular
odors. ' ' '
Boys' Linen Hdkfs., 49c .
Regular 59c quality, all pure linen hand
kerchiefs for bovs. These are hemstitched and
of excellent quality.
Tonight and tomorrow-and Christmas shopping will be over. If you have not yet selected your Christmas gifts, . you will
. have to make your decision quickly. No matter what kind of presents you wish to make you will find something appropriate at
Young and McCombs.
30c Week-End Sets, 19c
Amami Sylvia week-end sets
containing Amami shampoo, bath
crystals, talcum, hand cream, face
powder and skin cream, six artieles
in a gift box for 19c " " 7
, Djer Kiss Vegetale', 98c -
Imported eau Vegetale with
the irresistable Djer Kiss odor,: 98c
the standard size battle. 7 ;
49c Linen Initial Hdkfs.', 39c
t Women's all pure linen hand
kerchiefs with monogram or Long
fellow initials. An excellent value
at 39c each. t
. 15c Sport Handkerchiefs, 10c "
Women's sport handkerchiefs
in French block and stripe patterns.
Assorted patterns and color combi
nations. '
15c Jap Silk Hdkfs., 10c 1
Women's. Jap silk handker
chiefs in many patterns and combi
nation colorings, 15c values for 1 0c
each..; . , . , ; -.v.. .
Crepe de Chine Hdkfs., 25c
Plain colors with embroidered
corners, white and colors with
block printed borders in contrast,
plaids, checks and French block
prints. Dozens of patterns and
colors to choose from:
Silk Jersey Bloomers, $5.95
All silk jersey bloomers in as
sorted colors with elastic at waist
and knee, long or short length.'
These are regular $6.75 values. r, v.-v
Petticoats, $6.75
. Beautiful silk jersey petticoats
with plaited messaline flounce and
in assorted colors. These are petti
coats that sold regularly for $11.50.
Fancy Boxed Chocolates, 20 Off
AlpinerIsis, Pal of Mine, Candy
Craft, Colonial, Spoehr's and other
brands. All at 20 discount
Peter's Chocolate Bars, 6c
Peter's milk chocolates and al
mond bars. Gainer's sweet milk
and almond bars. You know what
others ask. -Our price is but 6c
each. -. .
: rsc i itL.Si' Aiu - ...... - r
nil Bta
Many articles have been reduced
. Pound Box Chocolates, 59c
Vernon assorted chocolates in a
neat gift box. These are made to
sell at $1.00 the box. Buy a pound
box now at 59c. ;
10c Candy Bars, 5c
Peanut' bars,' cocoanut bars,
fudge bars, cream bars, etc. The V
10c kind for 5c ,
Pecan Rolls, 10c
. Banquet pecan rolls 10c each. A
size smaller than the large roll we -are1
selling at 2 for 25c.
5c Charms, 3 for 10c
k Charms, the handy fruit candy
in tablet form, JL1 luscious flavors,
3pkgs. for 10c. .
Dove Undennuslins
-Dove undermuslin in the finest
' nainsook and white and pink ba
tiste, many handsome hand em
broidered styles, regular $5 gowns
for $3.35; $3.50 gowns for $2.19.
Corduroy Bath Robes, $5.95
Women's corduroy bath robes,
, with round collar and all afound
- girdle in cherry and copen, regular
- $9.00 values.
Embroidered Kimonas, $8.95
Handsome embroidered silk
' crepe kimonas in shades of blue.
These have large wing sieves and
"a girdle. Our regular $10.50 to
; $12.50 values. ; ''J "
Crepe Kimonas, $5.95
Beautiful serpentine crepe ki
mojias in floral , patterns with
shirred ribbon trim on collar, cuffs '
and pockets, regular $9.50 values.
. ' Men's 75c Ties, 50c
; Each in a holly box. Silkfour-
- in-hand ties in a host of desirable
patterns and colorings. Box and
tie for 50c. . , ' ' ,
Men's $10 Ties, 98c
All silk four-in-hands with wide
.flowing ends. New and staple col
orings in a wide range of patterns,
$1.50 values. "
idJSEL fin
for a final clean-up of gift merchandise.
Boxed Linen Hdkfs., 98c ,
Women's all pure linen j hand
kerchiefs, two in a handsome gift
box. Embroidered in colors and in
assorted patterns. A $1.25 box -for
, .Boxed Handkerchiefs, 39c " '
- Women's handkerchiefs, hem-'
stitched and with colored or white
embroidered design in . the corner
of each, two in a box, per box, 39c.
Boxed Handkerchiefs, 59c
Real Unweave handkerchiefs
for women. They are embroidered
in grey, white or colors, two in a
gift box, per box, 59c.
Boxed Handkerchiefs, 75c
Three in a fancy Christmas box.
Linweave handkerchiefs for wom
en. These are hemstitched and
are embroidered in white, grey or
colors, per box, 75c. .
Handkerchiefs, per box, 89c
Women's handkerchiefs of ex
cellent quality linweave. Beauti
fully embroidered in white, grey or
colors, three in a box for 89c.
Boxed Handkerchiefs, 98c
Fine embroidered handker
chiefs for women. White and col
ored embroidery on best quality
linweave fabric, 3 in a box for 98c. ,
Boxed Handkerchiefs, $1.25
Three in .a lithographed gift
box. " Colored embroidery on sheer,
shamrock finish fabric. Tri-tone
embroidered designs, per box.
Women's Initial Hdkfs., 29c .
Excellent quality linen finished
cambric handkerchiefs, with neat
embroidered initials.
Children's Furs, One-third Off
Any child's fur set consisting of
scarf and muff in coney ermine or
other furs. Values that range
from $5.50 to $16.50 less a discount
of 33 1-3. ; ,
Silk Taffeta Blouses, $9.95
We are showing several new
models In surplice and overblouses
' in navy taffeta: Some of these are
hand embroidered.
& JO
While selections are not as complete, the ;
late shopper has the advantage of reductions ,
now in force in many lines of "gifty" goods. t
These reduced prices are made in ah effort to
clear out all goods of a "gift" nature.
Silk Underwear
$5.00 silk chemise $2.39
$6.00 silk chemise . : $3.45
$6.50 silk chemise .$3.95
$8.54 crepe de chine chemise
and bloomers $4.95
$9.50 finest quality wash satin ,
i and jersey silk suits and
phemise .$5.95
Men's Initial Hdkfs., 29c
Men's cambric handkerchiefs,
hemstitched, embroidered , initials
in assorted designs. These are
specially priced at 29c each.
- Men's Linen Hdkfs., 59c
All pure linen full size hand
kerchiefs for men. These are hem
stitched and of excellent quality,
59c each.
Men's Linen Hdkfs., 69c
Full size, all pure linen .hand
kerchiefs for men. These are hem
stitched and have 4 inch hem,
special at 69c each.
. Men's 15c Hdkfs., 10c
Men's cotton handkerchiefs,
hemstitched and full size. This
handkerchief at 10c is an excep-
tional value.
Colored Border Hdkfs., 59c
Men's handkerchiefs with
fast color and corded borders.
These are hemstitched and are of.
extra fine quality. Assorted color
ings. , .
Georgette Blouses, $3.95
, A new selection of tuck-in
and over-blouses in dainty colored
georgette. These 2re blouses that
sell regularly at $7.50. ..
Georgette Blouses, $7.95
One table of georgette and tri
dolette blouses in beaded and yarn
embroidered models. All ' new
colors are shown in this lot Reg
ular $16.50 values for $7.95.
' Auto Shawls, Price d ' '
Large auto shawls with rolled
collar in assorted colors, full
'length, regular $16.50 to $22.50"
values at one-half price. . A ;
.. Motor Scarfs, lz Price ( "
Brushed wooL motor scarfs in
0 fancy striped patterns and assorted
i t colors. Values from $4.75 to $7.50
; now one-half price. v
Tuxedo Wool Sweaters, $5.S5
Women's tuxedo style wool sweaters in
shades of copen, old rose and bright combk
nations; Regular $16.50 value. -
.. . ' - '. ' '
St. V
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